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Magnetism Test

1) A magnet attracts to: a) b) c) d) All Metals Wood Iron Gold

2) The five steps of the Scientific Method in order: a) b) c) d) Purpose, Experiment, Hypothesis, Conclusion, Analysis Purpose, Hypothesis, Experiment, Analysis, Conclusion Question, Guess, Analysis, Experiment, Conclusion Experiment, Question, Guess, Analysis, Conclusion

3) Which is an example of a temporary magnet? a) b) c) d) Bar Magnet A paperclip touching a magnet A circle magnet All of the above

4) The magnetic field of the Earth is ________ than the magnetic field of a horseshoe magnet. a) b) c) d) stronger weaker same none of these

5) What shapes are magnets? a) b) c) d) horseshoe circle rectangle all of these

6) Which 2 of these metals is a magnet NOT attracted to? a) b) c) d) steel iron copper aluminum

7) What or the names of the magnetic poles? a) b) c) d) East and West Left and Right North and South Top and Bottom

8) Opposite poles of a magnet ________. a) b) c) d) repel attract electricity magnetic field

9) Pick the 2 things magnets can stick to: a) b) c) d) pennies soda cans scissors paperclip

10) The push of a magnet is _______ to the pull of a magnet. a) b) c) d) stronger weaker equal none of these

11) What material does a magnet attract? a) b) c) d) iron cookies copper aluminum

12) True or False In the Scientific Method the purpose is what you are trying to find out. 13) True or False Poles of a magnet that are alike attract. 14) True or False 2 magnets will ALWAYS attract. 15) True or False Magnets can be used to make electricity. 16) True or False The magnetic field of a magnet is invisible. 17) True or False The ends of the magnets are the weakest. 18) True or False Conclusion is the first step in the Scientific Method. 19) True or False The magnets when they were floating on the pencil they were repelling. 20) True or False The north pole of a magnet will repel the south pole of another magnet.

Write the letter of the matching definition in the blank provided next to the word. A) To pull toward B) Force caused by magnetic fields around a magnet C) The space in which magnetic forces act D) To push away from E) The ends of a magnet F) An object that sticks or is attracted to iron G) Magnet made from an object that is touching a magnet H) Always has a magnetic field (cannot be turned on and off)

___ 21) Magnet ___ 22) Magnetic Force ___ 23) Magnetic Poles ___ 24) Magnetic Field ___ 25) Attract ___ 26) Repel ___ 27) Temporary Magnet ___ 28) Permanent Magnet