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Name: Le Ngoc Tuong Vi (Vicky) Class: SUD 10


Quality of Portakabin and services provision

Portakabin is a member of the Shepherd Group, one of the leading private family-owned businesses in the UK. Portakabin has been producing modular buildings that can be constructed quickly and simply. These are buildings which are manufactured in one place and then transported to another to provide unique solutions to the accommodation needs of its customers. The mission of Portakabin is To provide peace of mind for our customers across Europe through quality buildings and services" so quality is one of top level objectives for the company. Portakabin is a leader in building with 17% of the UK market for modular buildings by innovates and develops their products to meet the varying needs of a wide range of different customers. Customers like a life blood of Portakabin, they usually want products with good quality and low price. However, Portakabin provide products with high levels of quality at premium prices. For this reason, Portakabin should provide service quality levels consistent with customer satisfaction and the organizations objectives. The basic concept of the total quality management philosophy is continuous process of improvement. It means that there is no acceptable quality level because the customers needs values and expectation are constantly changing and becoming more demanding. Therefore, Portakabin uses a Quality Management System. The purpose of this is to make sure that every aspect of what the company does is designed to give customers what they want. About performance, Portakabin ensure that their products and services is ready for the customers use at the time if sale. If customers choose to hire or buy Portakabins building, the company promises that customers project will be completed on time and on budget. Furthermore, when customers work with Portakabin, they are assured of the highest standards of customer service, as set out in our unique Customer Charter. Building was construct by Portakabin has many features or attributes of product or service. For example, the brand new Ultima Building System gives customer more structural and aesthetic flexibility than any other modular technology on the market. Portakabin Ultima Building use

insulation materials that have zero ozone depletion potential (ODP) and a low global warming potential (GWP), enables customers to achieve significant savings in carbon emissions and running costs.1 An emphasis on customer service is a method for Portakabin to give the customer added value. The company never stops looking for and finding ways to serve their customers better, even if their customers are not complaining. Portakabin will take on the customer's project from start to finish with their services. The company introduces their products and give advises insider guide to modular construction for customers by FREE RIBA-approved CPD seminars. Portakabin provides project-management services, Architectural services, Free surveys, Visit Portakabin for customer while they build customers project. A warranty forces Portakabin has to focus on the characteristics of product and service quality and is a guarantee of customer satisfactions. The service customers receive from Portakabin does not end once customers building is installed. The company wants to ensure that customers Portakabin building continues to provide optimum performance for life, for this reason they offer a range of maintenance, reconfiguration, refurbishment, relocation and repair services by Customer support. With socioeconomic development, the living standards of people are more and more increase. Customers are willing to pay higher price to obtain value. Costumers are constantly evaluating Portakabins products and services against those of their competitors to determine who provides the greatest value. For instance, Portakabin building range is divided into self-contained 'portable' buildings that are delivered ready for immediate use, and 'modular' building systems that use individual building modules to create larger buildings of any size. Portakabin buildings can be erected almost anywhere in the world. Portakabin is able to deliver the same high quality buildings across the globe because it closely monitors processes and standards during production at the Portakabin site. Portakabin is able to deliver value to customers by manufacturing products that exactly meet customer requirements.


About reputation, Portakabin buildings can be erected almost anywhere in the world. Portakabin is able to deliver the same high quality buildings across the globe because it closely monitors processes and standards during production. Portakabin is able to deliver value to customers by manufacturing products that exactly meet customer requirements.


Quality Management

Quality is a top level objective for the company therefore Portakabin uses a Quality Management System. Quality Management System provides guidance for the continual improvement efforts including the quality and reliability of our products, processes and services, customer satisfaction. In Portakabin internal environment, the company not only wants to make customer satisfaction by to improve and develop their products but also wants to make their employees satisfaction. Joining a member of Portakabin, people are in an international work environment-friendly, creative and dynamic. Portakabin motivate their employees by rewards for employees dedication and skills. Forexample, in return for employee commitment, skills and expertise, they will enjoy a rewarding career with a well-established, stable employer that prides itself on looking after its people. In 2010, Portakabin achieved a top Dun and Bradstreet credit score rating of 1, putting it in the top 15% of UK companies. As a member of the Shepherd Group, Portakabin is part of one of the leading private family-owned businesses in the UK, employing around 3,300 people.2 Everyone who works for Portakabin is encouraged to suggest ways of improving production. New ideas bubble up from employees at every stage. An employee in stores may have a good idea about how to manage stock more effectively. The company focuses on inspiring and engaging their employees, so the employees that are eager to help Portakabin maintain and build on company success. Portakabin employees will be offered relevant high-quality training and development opportunities, providing them with new skills and opening up new opportunities. Everyone is therefore working to improve quality and give better value to customers.


Portakabin develop their range of buildings around its own market research, which discovers customers' precise needs. The company knows how important it is to offer optional extras, such as high quality carpeting, fitted furnishings and climate control systems to provide a quality working environment. Moreover, Portakabin being able to offer not only the building but also gives the customer a quality 'one-stop-shop' service. The other source of quality control is external such as national building requirements and standards, ISO, etc. ISO is the International organization for standardization. It is the largest developer and publisher of international standards operating with a framework of 162 countries co-ordinated by a central secretariat in Geneva, Switzerland. Portakabin is approved to meet the International Standards ISO 9001 and ISO14001. In order to gain these awards, the company must prove their achievements to International Standards Organizations. Being accredited to International Standards tells customers that an organization meets the tough guidelines set by awarding bodies. The ISO9000 family focuses on what the organisation does to fulfil the customers quality requirements and applicable regulatory requirements while aiming to enhance customer satisfaction and achieve continual improvement of its performance in pursuit of these objectives.3 Meeting ISO 9001 shows that Portakabin has a Quality Management System which among other things ensures that: Portakabin has a documented set of procedures for all key processes in the business and that these processes are checked for efficiency. The group's Quality Systems Manager (QSM) is responsible for ensuring that Portakabin has in place systems that guarantee quality throughout the Group. The QSM has created an electronic system that all PCs throughout the whole company can access to manage quality. One of the system's key features is the 1-page Quality Manual that defines the requirements of the Quality Management System. This is easy to communicate both within the organization and also to customers.


Portakabin outputs are checked for defects and put right where necessary. The company also offers key services such as Total Solutions - a planning and project management service for customers wanting to hire modular buildings. Portakabin also offers a wide range of support services to clients for whom a modular building is part of a larger plan. If requested, Portakabin will take on the customer's project from start to finish. This includes managing planning applications, project management and providing health and safety advice, as well as providing access for the disabled.

ISO 14000 is worth mentioning as it is concerned with Environmental Management. Its aims are to minimize harmful effects on the environment caused by its activities, and to achieve continual improvement of its environmental performance.4 Meeting ISO 14001 shows that Portakabin also has a well-organized environmental management system. An environmental management system helps an organization to reduce its impact on the environment and minimize pollution. The emphasis on quality can be illustrated by the Portakabin Lilliput products. Lilliput Childrens Centres are designed to be child-focused. 5They meet the tough safety and care standards that have been created to protect children: The Childrens Centres provide a resource for the whole community. They can be built in half the time it takes to build using traditional methods. Multi-functional rooms can be used as kitchens, crche facilities, and training rooms as well as nurseries. This contrasts with the much slower process of traditional building with bricks and mortar. These buildings take far longer to construct and building work may be delayed, for example, by poor weather.

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