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Individual Reflection I was given a coursework for Teaching Reading Skills and Vocabulary for the Primary Classroom

(TSL3106) to be completed in a period of time. This task was needed to be carried out individually and also in group. The task required me to do some reading, present the ideas in graphic, organisers, writing a lesson plan and implement it. Through the process of completing this coursework, I learnt a lot of things about reading, lesson planning on reading and teaching reading in classroom. There were a lot of things that need to be completed for this coursework. The first thing that I need to do for the task was to read and select articles on reading. After reading and selecting the articles, I need to present the information in graphic organizers. From the reading that I made, there was a lot of additional information that I can gain as the knowledge for a future teacher. I was able to do some reading on definition, aims, purposes and approaches to teach reading and vocabulary. All of the information that I required through this coursework will help me in teaching reading later. Apart from that, I also need to prepare a 60 minutes lesson based on the KSSR English Language Curriculum Specifications that have to be carried out in group. There were so many things that need to be considered in planning a lesson such as the objectives, year, content and activities. Through this task, I learnt that lesson planning was not an easy thing to do. Lesson plans can be considered as the guidance for teachers in carrying out the lesson of the day. If teachers take this matter for granted, the lesson will not be effective and pupils might not learn anything from it. After planning the lesson, I need to implement it with my group members by carrying out a macro teaching. The implementation need to be prepared well so that when we present it in the class, the teaching and learning process will be carried out smoothly. The process gave me a new and different experience as I can learn to carry out a lesson plan in the class and see whether it worked or not. I realised that theory alone was not enough because we must implement it to know our strengths and weaknesses in handling a classroom and carrying out a lesson. In conclusion, I have to gain as many input and knowledge as possible to prepare myself for the future. Through this coursework, I learnt the beauty of teachers job and the importance of other aspects of education. I also learnt that reading is not just to read written words but to get the real meaning from it.