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ECC Tables: MM MODULE CYCLE: Purchase Requisition (PR) Request for Quotation (RFQ) (Vendor Evaluation) Purchase Order

(PO) Goods Receipt Note (GRN) Invoice Verification Data to FI Tables and important Fields. LFA1 vendor data (LIFNR) LFB1 -- Company Code Segment : Vendor Data (LIFNR, BUKRS) LFC1 -- FI Related Vendor Data (LIFNR, BELNR) LFM1 Pur. Orgn. Related Vendor Data (LIFNR, EKORG) MARA MARC MARD MAKT MBEW MVKE Material Material Material Material Master Master Master Master (MATNR) with Plant Data (MATNR, WERKS) with Storage Location Data (MATNR, LGORT, WERKS) Material Descriptions (MATNR, MATKL)

Material Valuation Data (MATNR, BWTAR) Material Master : Sales related Data MRP related Data( Header, Item) Material Batches (Header, Item) (MATNR, WERKS, LGORT, CHARG)


Pur. Req. Data( BANFN, BNFPO, BADAT, MATNR) Purchase Info. Record(General Data)(INFNR, MATNR, LIFNR) Purchase Info. Record (pur. Orgn. Data) (INFNR, EKORG) Vendor Evaluation Related Data



-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Apart from this there are lot of tables which begin with M & E , but we use the follo wing very often. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------EQUK Quota (Header)(QUNUM, MATNR) EQUP Quota (Item) (QUNUM, QUPOS, LIFNR) EKKO EKPO le. For RFQ it is A EKBE EKBZ EKET and for PO it is F PO History Data (EBELN, EBELP, BELNR, BLDAT, MATNR, VGABE) PO History with Delivery Costs(EBELN, BELNR, LIFNR, XBLNR) Schedule lines data of a PO(EBELN, EINDT, SLFDT) PO Data (Header) (EBELN, BSTYP, BSART) PO Data (Item) (EBELN, EBELP, MATNR) Pur. Req., RFQ and PO are differentiated by Doc Type (BSTYP) in EKKO tab


Vendor Confirmations Data (EBELN, EBTYP, EINDT, XBLNR)

T006 Basic Unit Of Measurements T024 Purchasing Groups T024E Purchase Organizations T134 Material Types T149D Valuation Types T156 Movement Types (BWARE) T163 Item Category s in Purchasing Documents(PSTYP) T163F Confirmation Texts (EBTYP, EBTXT) KONO, KONH STKO, STPO STPU, STPN, FVLK Pricing data BOM(Bill Of Material) related Data (Header & Item) STST, STZU BOM Related Tables

Delivery Types MM FI Related Data

--RKPF, RBKP, RSEG (Header & Item)

SALES & DISTRIBUTION MODULE RELATED TABLES : Cycle: Enquiry ? Quotation ? Sales Order ? Delivery(Picking, Packing, Post Goods Issue and Shipment) ? Billing ? Data to FI. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------TABLES and Important Fields : VBAK : Sales Document(Header Data) (VBELN) VBAP : Sales Document(Item Data) (VBELN, POSNR, MATNR, ARKTX, CHARG) Enquiry, Quotation, Sales Order are differentiated based on Doc. Type(VBTYP Field) in VBAK, VBAP Tables for Enquiry VBTYP = A, for Quotation r Order it is C .) LIKP : Delivery Table(Header Data) (VBELN, LFART, KUNNR, WADAT, INCOL) LIPS : Delivery Table(Item Data)(VBELN, POSNR, WERKS, LGORT, MATNR, VGBEL) (LIPS VBGELN = VBAK- VBELN, LIPS-VGPOS = VBAP-POSNR) VTTK : Shipment Table(Header Data) (TKNUM) VTTP : Shipment Table (Item Data)(TKNUM, TPNUM, VBELN) (VTTP VBELN = LIKP VBELN) VBRK : Billing Table(Header Data) (VBELN, FKART, BELNF) VBRP : Billing Table(Item Data) (VBELN, POSNR, FKIMG, NEWR, VGBEL, VGPOS) (VERP AUBEL = VBAK- VBELN, VBRP VBEL = LIKP VBELN) Apart from these tables there are lot of other tables which starts with use the following tables frequently. VBUK: All Sales Documents status & Admn. Data (Header) (VBELN, VBTYP) VBTYP = V , but we B & fo

C (Sales Order)

VBTYP = L (Delivery) VBTYP = M (Invoice) VBUP: Sales Documents status & Admin. Data(Item) (VBELN, POSNR) VBEP : Sales Document Schedule Lines Data (VBELN, POSNR, EDATU, WMENG) VBKD: To get sales related Business data like Payment terms etc.(VBELN, ZTERM) -VBFA: Sales Document flow data(VBELV, VBELN, POSNV, VBTYP) -VBPA: Partner functions Data(VBELN, PARVW, KUNNR, LIFNR) KNA1, KNB1, KNC1 : Customer Master Data and Other Partner s Data(KUNNR, NAME1,LAND 1) KNVK: Customer Master Contact Person(PARNR, KUNNR) KNVV: Customer Master Sales Data. LFA1, LFB1, LFC1: Vendor Master Data(To get Transporter data)(LIFNR, NAME1, ORT0 1) MARA, MARC, MARD : Material Master Data(Basic, Plant, St. Location Views) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------TVLKT: Delivery Type: Texts(LFART, VTEXT) TVKO: Sales Organizations(VKORG) TVKOV: Distribution Channels(VTWEG) TVTA: Divisions(SPART) TVKBZ: Sales Office(VKBUR) TVBVK: Sales Group(VKGRP) T077D: Customer Account Group(KTOKD) T001W: Plants(WERKS) T001L: Storage Locations(LGORT) TWLAD: To get address of Storage Location and Plant(LGORT, ADRNR) TVAU: Sales Document (Order) Types KONV: Condition Types (pricing) (KNUMV, KSCHL, KWETR) T685T: Condition Types Texts. ADRC: To get Addresses of Partners VBBE, VBBS: Sales Requirements Data VBKA: Sales Activities Data VBPV: Sales Document Product Proposal PP & PM Module AFKO: PP Order Header Data AFPO: PP Order Item Data AFVV: Order Operations Data Qty/Date/Values AFVC: Operations within an Order AFRU: Order Completion Confirmation CSLA: Activity Types Master Data CSLT: Activity Types Texts KAKO: Capacity Header Segment CRHD: Work Center Header Data AUFK: Order Master Data AFIH: Maintenance Order Header AUFM: Goods Movement For Order EQUI: Equipment Master Data EQKT: Equipment Texts ILOA: PM Object Location T024I: Maintenance Planner Groups T357: Plant Section IFLO: Functional Location Text IHSG: Permits in PM

IHGNS: Permit segment in PM T357G_T: Permit Text RESB: Reservation / Dependent requirement V_EQUI: View for Equipment description VIAUFKS: View for Order and Equipment Data CAVFVD: Work Center Text. VIQMEL: Notification Header View VIQMFEL: PM Notification View VIQMMA, VIQMSM : Views for Activities and Tasks FI/CO Module T001: Company Codes T002: Language Keys T003: FI Document Types T004: Chart Of Accounts T005: Country Keys T007A: Tax Keys T012: House Banks TKA01: Controlling Areas SKA1, SKB1: G/L Account Master data SKAT : G/L Accounts Texts KNBK: Customer Master(Bank Details) LFBK: Vendor Master (Bank Details) BKPF: Accounting Doc. Header -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------BSEG: Accounting Doc. Item(Cluster Table) BSIS: G/L Open Items BSAS: G/L Closed Items BSID: Customer Open Items(Account Receivables) BSAD: Customer Closed Items)(Account Receivables) BSIK: Vendor Open Items(Account Payables) BSAK: Vendor Closed Items(Account Payables) BKPF and BSEG Tables consists of data from BSIS, BSAS, BSID, BSAD, BSIK, and BSA K tables. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------BSET: Tax Information BSEC: One Time Vendor Records CSKS: Cost Center Master CSKT: Cost Center Texts CSSK: Cost Center/ Cost Element Relations CSKB: Cost Elements(KSTAR, KOKRS) GLPCA: EC-PCA: Actual Line Items GLPCT: EC-PCA: Totals Table COEP: Co-Object Line Items by Period


Co-Object Price Totals Cost Center- Activity Type Work Center- Cost Center Assignment Activity Types Master(LSTAR)

COSS: Cost Totals(OBJNR, KSTAR) COBL: Coding Block CEPC: Profit Center Master Data BNKA: Master Records of banks TBSL: Posting Keys KEKO: Product Costing Header Data ANLH: Main Asset Number ANLA, ANLB, ANLC : Segment Assets Masters