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Situation: True in the present (Type 0) If clause Simple presen t Result clause Simple present Examples If I have enough time, I watch TV every evening

Exercises: complete the sentences with the verbs in parentheses. 1. Situation: I usually write to my parents a letter every week. That is a true fact. In other words: If I (have) enough time, I (write) . my parents a letter every week.

2. Situation: True in the future (Type 1) If clause Result Examples clause Simple Will + simple If I have time, I will presen form watch TV later on t tonight

Situation: I may have enough time to write to my parents later tonight. I want to write them a letter tonight. Both of these things are true. In other words: If I (have) enough time, I (write) . my parents a letter later tonight.

2. In the following chart, look at the examples and complete the column. Underline/highlight/colour the verbs in the examples. 3.


If clause-Result

Examples a) If I dont eat breakfast, I always get hungry during class. b) Water freezes if the temperature reaches 0C Water will freeze if temperature reaches 0C. c) If I dont eat breakfast tomorrow morning, I will get hungry during class d) If it rains, we should stay home If it rains, I might decide to stay home. If it rains, we cant go. If it rains, were going to stay home e) If anyone calls, please take a message

True factual Simple presentideas simple present

Predictable fact or general truth

A particular situation in the future



A little more uncertai n

f) If anyone should call, please take a message

Exercise 1: True in the future (type 1) Finish the sentences:

1.If I go to the South this summer, I will visit 2.If I feel very hungry this evening, I will eat 3.If I have time next weekend, I will go to . 4.If I have to write a story for homework, I will write about .. 5.If you come to my home, you will see ..
2. Exercise 2. Finish the sentences

1.If I go away on holiday this year .. 2.If I lose all my money 3.If my friend . gets into trouble .. 4.If we finish early today . 5.If we dont get too much homework . 6.Ill eat my hat if 7.We will all be very happy if . 8.I will be rather disappointed if .. 9.Will you help me if .? 10. Will they go to the party if .?

Exercise 3: True in the present or future Answer the questions. Pay special attention to the verb forms in the result clauses. Work in pairs. 1. If it rains, what always happens?

2.If it rains, what will happen? 3.If it should rain tomorrow, what will you do or not do? 4.If its cold tomorrow, what are you going to wear to class? 5.Fish cant live out of water. If you take a fish out of water, what will happen? 6.If you take a fish out of water, what happens? 7.If I want to learn English faster, what should I do? 8.If you run up a hill, what does/will your heart do? 9.Tell me what to do, where to go, and what to expect if I visit Universidad
Homework: Write a questionnaire about life situations, as in the example. 1. If you see a drunk man in the street, what do you do? a) you skip him and run away b) you dont care about him c) you invite him a drink d) I let him invite me a drink 2. If you see a drunk man in the street, a) Do/Will you skip him and run away? No Yes

b) Do/Will you care about him? No c) Do/Will you invite him a drink? No

Yes Yes

What are the rules?

Conditional Type 0. To make a sentence with the conditional we use: If + ___________________, _______________ Conditional Type 1. To make a sentence with the conditional we use: If + ________, ___________