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The Windmill


Margaret Goldston

Smoothly twirling

Bourbon Street Blues* *

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Student and Teacher see page 20.

Leisurely with swing eighth notes*

Margaret Goldston

l i : -

F A / C

T I -

*Play each pair of eighth notes in a long-short jazzy rhythm. **In memory of my grandfather, Charles W. Stumpf. Charles Stumpf operated a music store at the 200 block of Bourbon Street, New Orleans, LA, from 1895-1923. He was a cornet player and band leader.

dtuuent and leacher see page 21.

Waltzing Seorita
Gently swaying
Margaret Goldston



LH lightly

D. C. al Coda

Student and Teacher see page 21.

Bongo Beats
South America

Margaret Goldston


a tempo

Student and Teacher see page 22.

Dancing Boots
Western USA
Margaret Goldston

Student a n d Teacher see page 23.

Mischievously Margaret Goldston

Student and Teacher see page 23.

AII-Amerlcan Ragtime Band

Texarkana, Texas, USA*
Margaret Goldston


*Scott Joplin, the most famous composer of ragtime music, was born in Texarkana, Texas.