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Woman As Temptress Through a Jungian Lens

8/1/12 10:57 PM

Through a Jungian Lens

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Woman As Temptress
leave a comment I have been struggling with the SoFoBoMo project and now have three different versions of the book in some form or other. I actually finished one version using Booksmart which is a Blurb software template for a book. I have to say it went very well. Thirty-seven photos and poetic text for company, later I thought I was finished. One problem I cant save that product as a pdf though I can upload it for printing at Blurb. This version was sans the Jungian psychology explorations just poetic resonances to the photos themselves. The Jungian text version will be continued, just not as a SoFoBoMo project as I cant seem to find the photos using Saskatchewan scenes to fit all the concepts. Who would have thought that this would give rise to more than one book? Regardless, another page from the Jungian book now half done. Woman as Temptress Restriction of Consciousness Loss of Innocence It is difficult to be a saint, because even a patient and long-suffering nature will not readily endure such a high degree of differentiation and defends itself in its own way. The constant companion of sanctity is temptation, without which no true saint can live. (Jung, CW vol. 5, paragraph 436, 1956.) It is beyond strange that the feminine has now becomes the enemy. In conquering the negative aspect of mother and taking the feminine as a bride, that is, in accepting that the soul, anima, as a part of ones self, a man becomes confused and often angry. The psyche of a man is like an eagle, soaring in the heights of pure air, of thought, of pure light. The anima, by contrast, contains all of the earth, those aspects of life that are dark, moist, instinctual, and fecund the opposites. Where he was contained, even smothered, in a mothercomplex; man now fights being consumed by anima, by the feminine. It is more about fear of loss
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Woman As Temptress Through a Jungian Lens

8/1/12 10:57 PM

of control, of identity, of power than it is about wholeness. There is a struggle within as a man strives for perfection, almost for sainthood. As Campbell aptly expresses it: No longer can the hero rest in innocence with the goddess of the flesh; for she has become the queen of sin. (Campbell, Joseph, The Hero with a Thousand Faces, p.123, 1968) And in the inner world, dreams become filled with more darkness, disgust, disease, pornography, horrors and fear. All that is repressed, in the attempt to live as a pure person, becomes activated within. And, as one struggles to contain the filth that is associated with the feminine, eruptions appear in the outer world as anger. And there is little realisation that the cause of the anger is the stuff within; the mind blames the outer world and believes the causes are in the outer world, in others. Written by Robert G. Longpr May 14, 2009 at 4:24 pm Posted in Uncategorized Tagged with anima, Blurb, Booksmart, digital camera, feminine, Jungian psychology, loss of innocence, masculine, mother complex, Philosophy, photo blog, photography, poetry, psyche, SoFoBoMo, Sony DSC-H50, temptation, temptress

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