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I, Md.

Sazedul Ekab a student of Northern University Bangladesh (NUB), BBA program and doing my internship report on Evaluation of computerized banking services with a focus on Pubali Bank Ltd. basically Shewrapara Branch. Your feedback is so important in this issue. It will help in meeting its objectives and supporting the service properly. The purpose of this research is purely educational in nature and the identity and response of the client will be kept confidential. I would like to request you to few minutes to fill up this questionnaire which would be very helpful for my research work.

Please think carefully about all your experience and answer the following questions.

Answer the questions with your perception of computerized banking service of Pubali Bank Ltd. If you think there have any controversial questions or answers then you have all the rights to skip it.

Personal information Name: ... Profession: ... ... Age: Account type/s: ...

1. How long have you been using the Pubali Bank services? Ans. 2. the websites content is easily understandable. Ans. 3. The website gives you assistance if you face difficulty. Ans. 4. The website is simply to use and can be easily navigated. Ans. 5. You can easily download information from the website without any hassle. Ans. 6. Is Pubali Bank online banking better than manual banking? Ans. 7. The bank can give your desire information from any branch through online services? Ans. 8. How easiness of transferring money to any other branches of other bank? Ans. 9. How easiness of depositing and withdrawing money from any branch? Ans. 10. The bank uses modern looking computerized equipment. Ans. 11. Are any transactions quickly confirmed by online? Ans. 12. Bank has the ability of speedy and quick services. Ans. 13. Bank services are reliable for using online services.

Ans. 14. Do you think this bank needs sufficient number of ATM booths. Ans. 15. How much time the bank needs for account statement through sms/email services. Ans. 16. Bank has the willingness to help the clients. Ans. 17. Bank has the highly skilled and experienced employees on computer literacy. Ans. 18. The bank encourages on online banking activities and helps customers by a representave. Ans. 19. The bank does not disclose customer information account details. Ans. 20. The computerized banking services are more updated. Ans.