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By Mr. Earle

Newsletter Date Volume 1, Issue 1

May 2013

The RHS Latin Honor Society http://rhslatin.doodlekit.com

Officers: Noah Grant et Jestin Johnson (co-Augusti), Mariah Thornton (Caesar), Alexis Weston (Censor), and Sean Reilly (Centurion)


Officers for next year announcement This year in review and a look ahead Guest speaker, Matt Barker, on underwater archaeology Medusa Mythology winners

Here we are, at our final meeting for the 2012-13 school year, at the end of all things. Im really proud of all that has been accomplished this year. Our movie marathons and Mr. Julius Caesar continue to get better and better, and our performance at Regionals could not have been betterseriously. State Forum was our best to date, and all the members came together in splendid fashion under the Ultimate Knot Master, Alexis Weston. We had a very successful Oreo Pudding Cup sale recently, and even managed to get a two-page color spread in the Yearbook. Id call that a really good year. Now is the time to announce the officers for 2013-14, and begin thinking about what we can do for next year to be even better. Have a great summer!

Latin State Forum

By Guy Earle
Over the past six years we entered the top 20 at States, and have slowly been moving up the ladder every year. Last year we ranked 12th, and this year we moved up to the 11th spot, despite the fact that there are more schools attending States than ever. The goal for next year: to be in the top 10. Our Creative program is strong, but we need to make it stronger. Newsome squeaked in an old rule and brought 10 more students, simply for the purpose of participating in Olympica. That said, we will match them next year with our own dedicated team. While Certamen has never been a focus for RHS, it cant be overlooked that Newsome earned more overall points in Academic testing due to their studying for Certamen tests. So, next year were going to schedule study sessions for academics as well. In other words, its time for RHS to take a top 10 spot and be the #1 school in Hillsborough County. then

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The Forum

Latin State Forum

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Oreo Pudding The Forum3 and a Yearbook Page

Well guys, we did it! The Oreo pudding cup fundraiser was a success thanks to everybody's

State Latin Forum Results

Latin State Forum Results
Robinson High School
We had 24 students attend Forum this year, and got our highest place to date (11th), against all the public and private schools in Florida. Atkins, Nigel: 3 Maps Bailey, Joanna: 5th Maps Bolden, Tyler: 2nd Sculpture and Pottery Dixon, Madison: 4th Illustrated Booklet and 10th Customs Grant, Nick: 4th Maps and 4th Myth II Grant, Noah: 1st Maps and 8th Empire Adv. Harden, Tanner: 2nd Sculpture and Pottery Holtzman, Sarah: 6th Myth Adv. Johnson, Jestin: 3rd Misc. Johnson, Mary: 3rd Mosaics and 8th Myth II Jurski, Chandler: 7th Dramatic Interpretation and 9th Customs I Pena, Katsi: 5th Illustrated Booklet and 8th Customs II Ramos-Edwards, Amy: 6th Drawings and 8th Customs I Reilly, Sean: 3rd Dramatic Interpretation Rice, Alex: 1st Mosaics and 6th Greek Literature II Shuey, David: 5th Models and 6th Hellenic I Sinclair, Madison: 3rd Games Thornton, Mariah: 4th Textiles Weston, Alexis: 4th Painting Wright, Stephanie: 4th Maps and 6th Vocabulary I Zirkel, Grace: 3rd Maps and 8th Latin Literature II

hard work. Thank you to everybody who worked their butts off making them everyday, and thank you to everybody who sold or bought some during the three day time span. We managed to raise $537 dollars in total so that also means that our yearbook spread is covered too. Good job guys!

Other School Awards

1st Club t-shirt design 4th Club Webpage 2nd Impromptu Art (Amy Edwards) 1st Scavenger Hunt 7th Mystery Test (Nick Grant) 2nd Catapult 7th Quatuuor Square 3rd Marathon (Nick Grant), 2nd Marathon (Noah Grant) and 7th (Jestin Johnson) 8th Pipio Twitter Contest

Overall Sweepstakes

5th Ludi-Olympika 3rd Creative 11th Overall 3rd FSU Creative Essay (Mary Johnson) Honorable Mention FSU Creative Essay (Alexis Weston)

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The Forum Mr. Julius Caesar

Hail, Caesar! (by Noah Grant) Our 3rd annual Mr. Julius Caesar contest has finally come to a close. The contestants, Nick Grant, Mary Johnson, and Madison Sinclair, battled it out for the title by taking the stage and testing their knowledge of the ancient world. It was a grand event and our largest audience to date, with half the auditorium being filled in. The contestants put up a great show, and after a long battle between Nick and Mary, the newest Mr. Julius Caesar was crowned. Congratulations to our newest Caesar (and my brother) Nick Grant! Venit, Vidit, Vicit! By Guy Earle There are going to be some changes to the format for Mr. Julius Caesar, starting next year. Multiple-choice tests Full list of topics at the start of the year.

Medusa Mythology Exam

We had multiple winners at various levels for the Medusa Mythology Exam, which will be announced at this meeting. Their names havent been listed here, so those persons can be surprised. It was your typical academic test at a national level, but despite that we had a really good showing of students willing to take this optional test. As for the National Roman Civilization Exam, they had a computer glitch issue, and as a result many schools missed out this yearRHS included. Theyve issued a return check, and as soon as it comes in, all those participants will get reimbursed.

Grab Your Paintbrush

Within the next three weeks, Id like to paint the front wall of the classroom like the wall from Pompeii below. We have administrative approval, and watch for a date after school to get together and make this happen.

See the bulletin board at the start of next year for more details.

--Mr. Earle

Reminder: Italy and Croatia for 2014

Its really time to reserve a spot for the 2014 trip and put a deposit down, because Explorica begins reserving hotels over the summer. As soon as we come back in August, we begin planning in earnest for this awesome trip. Call 1-888-310-7120, and have them look up my tour by its name Italy and Croatia or by Earle2560.

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