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Reckitt Benckiser plc is a British multinational consumer goods company headquartered in Slough, United Kingdom. Formed in December 1999 from the merger of Reckitt & Colman plc and Benckiser N.V. It has operations in over 60 countries and its products are sold in over 180 countries Decision to launch, 1932, by the name of PCMX. It was launched in 1933 in US as Dettol, the germicide Launched in India in 1936 Turnover: 1991- 30 Cr, 2007- 400 Cr. As the world's leading brand of antiseptics and a trusted champion of family health, Dettol products offer a high standard of germ kill and are recommended by healthcare professionals for their proven ability to keep families healthy. The brand has stayed contemporary through the launch of new products and offered consumers a breadth of products across categories that can help protect them from germs. These include bar soaps, hand sanitizers, liquid hand washes, shower gels and antibacterial wipes.


Political There was time when soap industries were under the restriction of raj but after the declaring a new PM Rao government there has been greater competition between the organized sector and unorganized sector. The political Environment in India is changing day by day and they were entertaining new entrants by giving concession on sales tax and they were also giving some incentives to open their soap industries in India all this will adversely affected the sales of the LUX soap industry. Economic In India soap cost very high as compared to the countries like Indonesia. For E.G. in Indonesia soap cost 5 INR for 100 gms of a pack but in India it cost 15 INR so for that reason consumers are slightly move to buy the cheap soap because consumers always have rational thinking for the buying behavior. The soap producers are also playing lobbying with agencies of government to reduce their production cost. Social It is the main factor when since it comes under the premium soap category. With the increase in education and income of the peoples their need for the personal care has also increases. Thus these types of personal care products are targeted to the particular peoples only. However, there has been growing trend in India for adopting western culture of peoples it will very difficult for the LUX soap to survive in this competitive market because new entrants are entering with substitute product like body wash and face wash for all this reason sales of LUX soap has affected sharply. In addition, Change in the consumers habits for buying a particular product will also be affected.

Dettol soap segmentation for family life cycle is no segmentation at all. Its a product for the whole family. Everyone from a kid to the grandfather can use the antiseptic liquid for various purposes.

Psychographic Segmentation:
Dettol has segmented our modern days lifestyle which is more outdoors, unhygienic, and bacterial. So for the hygiene seeking consumer , Dettol has come up with the antiseptic liquid for laundry, wounds and cuts, and house cleaning.

Behavioural Segmentation:
It had targeted both the brand and category users with its Aapka Dettol KyaKya Karta Hai campaign. It appeals to the customers who expect a solution with very effective antiseptic properties for cleaning wounds, laundry, and house cleaning. They have various packings for different types of consumers on the basis of quantity consumed, ranging from 50ml to 500 ml.

They targeted first aid use in households in urban areas. They are targeting literate people. Many hospitals and clinics use it for secondary purpose in semi-urban areas and small towns. Mothers use it for washing households clothes. Product specialization Single product type for all markets. Single type of antiseptic liquid for all markets like: household, laundry, hospitals, etc. Its of a very universal nature, so targeting is done keeping in mind the entire section of consumers irrespective of their markets.

Tag line- Always Stay Protected Dettol covers whole segments in terms of age, gender, and geographical area Packaging green and white associated with Hospitals and clinics. Has 83% share in market. The second characteristic is its amber gold colour. The third is the clouding effect that appears when it is added to water. Dettols packaging is distinct in its very own way. The green & white colours are associated with hospitals. THE 4Ps OF MARKETING FOR DETTOL: PRODUCT When we start talking about the products of Dettol, the first thing that strikes a chord in our mind is that Dettol means secure and we are 100% sure about that. Dettol, earlier they entered the soap market only with one soap and that is the Dettol Original. Dettol soaps always come with a recommendation from IMA- Indian Medical Association. This sign of the recommendation of IMA makes Dettol more secure and safer. And the diversification of dettol's products into the four categories, original, skincare, cool and fresh have in-fact, increased the customer base of the company because each one of its product is quality-wise different and caters the needs of different people in a much diversified country like India where preferences differs vividly. PRICE: Pricing is one area where Dettol has been consistent. All their brand products had a very good premium pricing strategy, which led them into fierce price wars with other able competitors like lifebuoy and savlon and others. Actually the heavy competition in the sector forced Dettol to reduce their prices. Now almost they are on the same page with the other competitors' pricing. And if the market share in this industry should be studied, itll be impossible to miss out the influence of pricing in market capitalization. FMCG market is generally a very price sensitive market and the effects of increase or decrease in pricing will directly affect the presence of a firm in the market.

PLACE: Place in marketing refers to the market and the market conditions. As far as Dettol is considered, it has a very strong influence in the market. In the initial days the target customers of Dettol were only the people who require antiseptic soap as necessity. Later on they developed themselves into a company who is ready to deliver products to almost all range of customers in the industry itself. The diversification of products helped them in increasing their customer base heavily. And it has been observed that the sale of Dettol is kind of dependent on market conditions. Say, when there is a change in weather, in rainy and winter seasons, people start buying more of Dettol product. Since Dettol is safely into FMCG sector, the effect of economy on the product is comparatively less. PROMOTION: Promotion is a marketing term which refers to advertising and endorsement of the product. Dettol's advertisements have been always emphasizing only on cleanliness and safety. And the tag line of Dettol is something which every person who has seen TV will recognize- Be 100% sure. And all the Dettol ads released so far have never been caught in slandering which steps on other brands to endorse their own brand. And moreover, the Dettol initiatives like Mother's day(skincare), Each day is a global hand wash day have captured the attention of viewers and customers and have also ensured the customers that Dettol is something which everybody can trust at anytime.

Dettol soap is a versatile product, which has many uses for protecting your family from germs Use with bathing water for a completely germ-free bath. Use with mopping water to disinfect floors completely. Use in washing laundry to disinfect your clothes.

For first aid and personal care uses, Dettol Antiseptic Liquid must always be used diluted with water. Available in a wide range of sizes from 50 ml to 500 ml. For detailed usage instructions see back label of product.

DETTOL INGREDIENTS Ingredients Water Isopropyl Alcohol PinusPalustris Oil RicinusCommunis (Castor) Seed Oil Chloroxylenol Sodium Hydroxide Caramel PRODUCT LEVELS: Function Diluents Solvent Other None None pH Adjuster None

Core Benefit: Dettol soap acts as an Antiseptic Solution to consumers for hygienic purposes. Basic Product: Dettol Antiseptic Liquid mainly comes in pockets and is Blue, orange in colour. Expected Product: Dettol Antiseptic Liquid is supposed to provide antiseptic relief to consumers. The consumers await the burning sensation when applied on cuts. Potential Product: Dettol can come up with various new products such as antiseptic shampoos, oils and antiperspirant deodorants as well.


During an introduction phase of product life cycle , there are many costs involved in order to introduce the product into the market, expense involved in promotional activities, high operational costs etc. Due to this in majority of cases during introduction phase products tend to contribute negligibly towards profits.

Costs are very high. Technology is unproven and not standardized. Demand has to be created.

The Growth Stage is characterized by rapid growth in sales and profits. Profits rise due to an increase in output (economies of scale)and possibly better price. Public awareness increases. Competition begins to increase with a few new players in establishing market. Increased competition leads to price decreases. Introduction of new distribution channels.

The Maturity Stage is the time when most profit is earned by the market as a whole. Costs are lowered as a result of production volumes increasing and experience curve effect. Sales volume peaks and market saturation is reached. Increase in competitors entering the market. Prices tend to drop due to the proliferation of competing products. Brand differentiation and feature diversification is emphasized to maintain or increase market share.

Costs become counter-optimal. Sales volume decline. Prices, profitability diminish. Profit becomes more a challenge of production/distribution efficiency than increased sales. Investment and capital practically cease. Returns decline. Products tend to lose their brand power and become commodities.


Dettol - Market Share

100% 80% 60% 40% 20% 0% Antiseptic Soap Liquid soap Product Segments

% Market share

Soap Dettol Savlon Medimix Quantity Price Quantity Price Quantity 75g 16 75g 12 75g 125g 24.5 125g 17 125g Liquid Soap Dettol Fem Quantity Price Quantity 250ml 55 250ml Shaving Cream Dettol Old Spice Palmolive Quantity Price Quantity Price Quantity 30g 24.5 30g 19.5 30g 70g 37.5 70g 36 70g

Price 16 26

Price 55

Price 22 37


Television is the primary medium for advertising for Dettol soap. When it comes to advertising, dettol prefers TV because of their philosophy that; HEALTH AND HYGIENE ALWAYS COMES FIRST. Thus TV is the best media, as you can show how Dettol soap keeps you hygienically clean and protected and gives you daylong protection from body odors. The next priority of DETTOL SOAP is Print media. with the launch of any new Dettol product e.g. new soaps etc appear in almost all the leading newspapers around the country. CONSUMER PROMOTION Dettol soap also provides additional support by giving away various consumer promotions to provide the consumer with the extra value benefit. The

consumer promotion introduced by Dettol soap was that on a purchase of three soaps the consumer will get a saving of Rs 19. The consumer promotion is as under.

Dettol Soap is a major consumer able item and there is a huge demand and potential in this market particularly the anti bacterial segment. The anti bacterial market segment has grown year on year by more than 7 % percent due to increased consumer awareness and education on the benefits of antibacterial soaps. As a result, the pie is growing bigger every year. Some uncontrollable situational factors that are faced by the Reckitt Benckiser Pakistan and Dettol soap are as follows. Demand: Although the demand for Reckitt Benckiser products is very high but when we talk about the demand of the Dettol soap the demand is growing in the antibacterial category. The market share of Dettol soap is more than 10 % in Pakistan out of the Rs 11 billion soap market. Social and Cultural factors: The company has to be very careful in the implementation of its promotional campaigns, since the social cultural environment of Pakistan is very conservative and any suggestive advertisements usually face a lot of negative reaction on the part of the consumer. SWOT ANALYSIS:

The brand is Germ-Kill heritage Strong and adds worthiness Excellent for treating skin irritations Loyal follows Original

Shape is not user friendly No Awareness of Variants No perceived as a dynamics Communication not engaging

Leverage the powerful brand equity associated with the Dettol Brand to make Dettol Soap an everyday use proposition.

Other main players in the antibacterial soap category (Safeguard and Lifebuoy) have positioned their brands for everyday use against bacteria Dettol soap positioning lacksthat desired everyday benefit and experience



Geographic Pricing

Premium Pricing

Discount and Allowances

Price v/s non price competition Dettol soap is priced at retail price of Rs. 38.00 (115 gms) and Rs. 26.00 (70 gms) which is at a premium of Rs 3 and Rs. 2 to its competition (Safeguard and Lifebuoy).

Discounts and allowances RB give a special trade offer on Dettol Soap of 2% during the summer season so as to push to product into retail and an additional discount of 4 % to wholesalers to maximize improved distribution when demand (consumer pull) is maximum. In addition, for the months of June to August special consumer promotion pack of three Dettol Soaps (in one package) with a Rs. 19 price off on a purchase of three soap bars. Geographic pricing strategy Dettol soap followsuniform delivering pricing (the same delivering price quoted to all buyers regardless of their location)







Overall, radio is the most commonly used and accessible source of information. Television (TV) accessibility is limited to urban areas. Health centers and community health workers are the most trusted channel of communication on issues to do with hygiene or health. Places of worship, market days, and informal womens group meetings are prime areas to capture the mothers attention. Access to media for children in rural areas is often limited to radio programs. Urban kids have greater access to TV. But childrens exposure to any communication through radio and TV is limited to weekends and holidays. Teachers are the most trusted channels of communication in the school context.

There is need for a community- and school-focused campaign. A schoolbased campaign should consider the following: Soap used in the school should be in liquid form. The project should partner with other stakeholders who can prepare dispensers that minimize soap wastage. Practical Action is in the process of developing dispensers that are designed for hand washing in school. Several other related programs are ongoing in schools. Teachers also relate to hand washing as part of hygiene. In schools children are also taught hand washing as part of the concept of hygiene. Therefore, the HWWS campaign cannot work in isolation; it requires to be integrated into the whole concept of hygiene in school and existing related programs, such as deforming. The campaign should adopt an integrated approach to incorporate the Ministry of Education, teachers, and parents. This will ensure that soap is incorporated in the school budgets or a provision is made where the parents can be encouraged to contribute. The parents would support this behavior at home. The communication program should be based on aspiration messages to connect with children and use peer group education.

Dettol tops the overall ranking followed by Lifebuoy & Chandrika as most effective in the antibacterial properties. It is surprising that Dettol and Palmolive, who have a large consumer base, did not perform up to the mark because they did not contain TCN. Curiously enough, they declared on their label to be effective in removing the germs. But as we discussed they did not "Kill" the germs, which might make them safer for their environment. To conclude Fem is the best value for money as being one of the top performers as well as lowest priced as compared to others.