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INTRODUCTION ............................................................................................................................... 3 EFEECTS OF TECHNOLOGY AND ITS INFLUENCE TO THE SOCIETY .................................................. 4 GOVERNMENT AS AN ENTREPRENEUR, REGULATOR, PLANNER AND PROMOTER ........................ 6 REFERENCES .................................................................................................................................... 8


This assignment consists of two (2) questions. The author has tried to explain the effects of technology in the society as well as the influences of technology to the society. The author has also explained the roles of Government as entrepreneur, regulator, planner and promoter in Business firms.


Technology is all the knowledge, products, processes, tools, methods and systems employed in the creation of goods and providing services. Practically, it helps humans to perform their tasks easily by implementing the technology in doing the tasks. For example: lifting of loads by means of cranes, writing by means of typing using a typewriter or a computer instead of using handwriting and so on. Technology has a great impact on the society where it has a lot of effects including positive and negative effects. These effects vary from time to time depending on the nature and advancement of the technology. Technology also has a very huge influence in the society in-terms of social culture. The following are among the effects and influences of technology in the society. POSITIVE EFFECTS DECREASE IN HUMAN WORKLOAD Technology has widely decreased the mans workload. It has contributed a lot in making the jobs and several works much easier by introducing respective machines and electronic devices on a particular work. It has also helped to reduce daily household works, hence, makes life easier. For example: introduction and the use of robotics in manufacturing industries makes production much easier than using human labor. The use of rice cooker, microwave oven, vacuum cleaners for household works. And many other technological implications. EASY TRANSPORTATION Technology has also contributed a lot in making transportation very easy. Transportation methods have been improved from time to time and made transportation not only possible but also much easier. For example: introduction of cars, trains, motorcycles. These vehicles have made transportation very easy and time saving. Space travel has become possible by means of spaceships. All these are the results of technology. COMMUNICATION Another benefit we get from technology is better and cheaper communication. Communication has become much easier by introduction of the internet and other telecommunication systems. There are several ways of communication nowadays. Example of current communication means are: telecommunications which include mobile phone, also internet communications like chat, email, skype, facebook, internet video calls and so on.

NEGATIVE EFFECTS LAZINESS Apart from these benefits, technology also has a lot of negative effects to the society. One of these effects includes laziness. Society has become highly dependent on technology. Every job and every task now is done by means of technology which result in laziness. Also, people spend a lot of time on their computers, televisions, watching movies, playing games and surfing the internet instead of doing productive works. INFLUENCES There are a lot of influences resulted by technology in the society. Through technology, now various cultures are expressed easily by means of media and the internet. Youths tend to copy unpleasant cultures which result to inappropriate behavior to the society. The youths also get access to inappropriate materials like pornography and so on. Hence, technology influences to negative effects to the society. Technology can also influence in development through technological competitions between individuals, companies and the nations at large. CONCLUSION Therefore, technology has both positive and negative effects on the society. It also influences the society towards positive as well negative directions like how mentioned above.


Government plays important roles as an entrepreneur, regulator, planner and promoter. The following are the impacts of Government on firms in Malaysia. Government as an entrepreneur. Entrepreneur is a body or person who undertakes innovations, organises, manages and assume the risks of a business or enterprise. So, instead of a person to take all the risks to start and manage a new business, now the government does that for him or the enterprise. For example, Malaysian government has established a project to deal with entrepreneurship in order to minimise the risks to the new businessmen and new enterprises. Government as a regulator Malaysian Government also plays an important role as regulator. One of the important roles where the Government plays on Malaysian firms is the regulation of prices. In order the customers to benefit from the quality goods and products, the price of the products must be affordable. It is the governments role to regulate affordable prices for the enterprises and business organisations so that both the public and the organisations benefit. For example, the government sets the breads prices to not exceed a certain price so that all Malaysian citizens benefit from pure and nice bread products. Malaysian Government also has to ensure the availability of products and services to the public. In order to do that, the government has to play an important role to regulate rules and laws which will suite both the public and the organisations. The government has to sit with the private sectors which provide public services and talk on their demands so that the sectors benefit from their business and to maintain the services. For example, the government has to ensure that public transport is available at all times and at affordable prices, to do so is by negotiating with the public transport organisations in order to meet their demands and agreement between them and the government. Government as a planner Government also act as important planner in organisations, the government has to plan on policies for energy use and consumption, communication, transport and so on. The government has to make policies and laws for the firms to follow in their business operations in order to maintain stability of the countrys economy as well as the environment. For example, Government plans to keep up with the environmental changes like global warming, to do so, it has to come up with laws and rules which will continue to benefit the organisations but also will be environmental friendly. Government as a promoter Malaysian Government also acts as a promoter for business organisations. This is done through promoting certain quality products by recommending such products to be used by the citizens as they are healthy and of good quality. For example the government will provide such products to their members of the Parliament as a way to show their loyalty to such products. 6

Conclusion In this way, it is wide clear that the Government plays an important role as entrepreneur, planner, regulator, as well promoter as we have seen how its impact has affected some Malaysian firms.


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Other materials: Lecture notes.