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5th May 2013, the day Malaysia will hold their 13th General Election, a day where most

citizen are looking forward to a possible change of government for the very first time in the history of the country for more than half a century. Throughout the day, we witness a lot of frauds, happenings, violence and even miracles taking places all over in Malaysia.

In this general election which is the 13th, we see a few changes done by our Election Commission (known as Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya) including the most questionable indelible inking system. Under the new system, all voters are to have their fingers inked with the indelible ink which was supposed to remain for at least a week even if it is washed with soap or detergent. However, even before the election day itself when the army force are to go for advance voting, there are several early voters who stood out and claim that the ink actually comes off after a washes or two with some ordinary soap or detergent. As a cover, the Election Commission actually stood out to clarify that it is simply because the ink wasnt shaken thoroughly before being used. The ink actually cost the taxpayers millions but during the Election Day, most voters came to the realization that the ink was removable anyway. Hours later the voting session started, only we see the Election Commission stood out to admit the faulty of the supposedly-indelible-ink being worn off easily due to the its halal status that affected its concentration. This is hilarious! If it wasnt indelible since the very first day then just admit it, why wait until the deciding day where there are photos showing foreign-IC-holders actually went voting with different identities for more than once?

As mentioned above, there were foreign-IC-holders who actually voted. With foreign-IC-holders, I refer them as foreigners (better known as Bangla) who possibly came in to Malaysia from various countries including Bangladesh, Indonesia, Myanmar and many more. They were granted Identity Cards and even share the unique status of bumiputras along with the Malays, Orang Asli and the some of the East Malaysias ethnic groups. It is hard to explain about this unique status to those who arent from Malaysia but it basically means they have certain (not all) advantage at certain occasion. This is a serious issue where those who are voting to decide the fate of the country no longer lies on solely the citizen of the country but also the imported-voters. While many people decided to stay at polling station after casting their ballot to make sure all such people are to be revoked the rights of voting, I would as well express my sympathy to the foreign voters for being humiliated at public for not being able to speak proper Malay or singing the nation anthem of Malaysia. They were brought in and promised a better life here but was then manipulated by certain irresponsible politicians for their political goal. While there were a lot of local voters who insist of staying back to contribute as an extra pair of eyes to prevent foreigners showing up voting, there were some foreign votes who was brought to the polling station by bus even with the escort of the Police and Federal Reserve Unit. In that occasion, the Police and FRU were unable to provide a legitimate explanation on the situation and eventually broke out fighting with the locals. How come the Police and FRU are protecting the foreigners by fighting locals instead of being another way round?

Even from days before until the election day itself, we witness voters from all over Malaysia or even the world decided to fly back to their hometown to cast their ballot which will decide the faith of the country. The percentage of voters turn-out recorded a history high of 85% beating the 1964 General Election of 78.9%. However, there were claims stating that the amount of voters turn-out was given a bigger amount by the Election Commission to cover up their illegal usage of phantom voters voting. The phantom voters are found in the voters name list where there were large numbers of voters with over 100 years old was supposed to cast their ballot as well. Most of these phantom voters are either inexistence or had passed away. The reason behind the existence of phantom voters is because the Election Commission does not have the unified system with the national registry department where voters are to report death to both units. However, most people only done so to the national registry department. This is also the reason where voters are supposed to register themselves after they reach the age of 21 to gain their rights to vote. There are also many voters who have to travel a long way over Malaysia to cast their ballot since they had not changed their address at the registry of the Election Commission.

While I was closely monitoring and updating real-time voting results from the official Election Commission source, I was surprised to realized that in most (not all) occasion, the opposition party (Pakatan Rakyat) wins by big margin in certain seats while the ruling party (Barisan Nasional) wins by close margin on others. It happened too much time to be coincidence where in most cases, there were photos or even video proofs all over Facebook of additional mystery votes forcing its way into the vote counting station. As to be more specify, the condition in Bentong where Dato Sri Liow Tiong Lai of MCA-BN was to face Wong Teck of DAP-PR was one of the close fight to be monitored. While Wong Teck was leading all along from the beginning of the vote counting with up to 4000+ votes of advantage (according to unofficial source), Dato Sri Liow Tiong Lai was then catch up to less than 1000 votes to differentiate both of them. At a certain range of time while the vote counting was taken place, a sudden trip of electricity took place. It was a surprise as when Tenaga Nasional Berhad (the national electricity provider) was questioned upon this issue, they declared that there were no cut of electricity happened at the place and the occasion will only be either internal short circuit or the consumer cut off. On the other hand, situation gets complicated as when Nurul Izzah was stopped from going into the polling station to keep an eye on the process while other candidates are allowed. During the vote counting session, it also sees a cab under the help of Police while being protested by the people, try to get into the vote counting station. When the boot of the cab was opened, it was seen that there is a bag of vote labeling 120 where that voting seat is actually P121 Lembah Pantai. This is another evidence of the unprofessional action shown by the Election Commission.

Throughout the day, we had seen too much joke to laugh at. At the same time, it as well shown that Malaysia still has a long way to go to become a real democratic country. While the opposition party (Pakatan Rakyat) had won a 50.10% of overall votes while the ruling party obtained 46.66%, the ruling party (Barisan Nasional) still managed to extend their 56 years of domination in the countrys politics with another term of 5 years by winning 133 seats over 89 seats of the opposition (Pakatan Rakyat). It was another notable point that no independent candidate had won any Parliamentary seat with most of them losing their deposit. I had not included any of the pre-election stories and situation as this article is mainly focusing on the day itself from voting to vote counting. It will be 5 years until the deciding day will come again. Shall Malaysians not regret of their decisions made on the polling day.

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