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Fancoil Thermostat

User's Guide

Programmable 5+1+1 D, 4-program-periods(events) Wake( P 1 ), Leave( P 2 ),Return ( P 3 ),Sleep ( P 4 ) per day. With Key-Lock function to lock out outer 4 keys data-input function. Provides 1H1C/2H1C/2H2C plus Auto-Changeover.


Refer the model you have purchased to model number described on top of each of wiring-guide to proceed wiring.

Non-Programmable, provides 1H1C/2H1C/2H2C plus Auto-Changeover.

Start installation Suggestion to thermostat location----------------------- ---2 How to open top housing------3 Wiring guide-------------------- 4 To operate thermostat Function keys descriptions---5 (Programmable models) Function keys descriptions---6 (non-programmable) To adjust switching-differential (Hysteresis)--------------------- 7 Start programming thermostat Clock adjustment----------------- ------8 To set program-periods (events) for Weekday, Saturday and Sunday------------------------------ 9 How to operate OVERRIDE function---------------------------------- 10 Filter replacement Reminder (In programmable models only)------11 Product available for option Model Description & Specification ------------------------------------12 C/F ~ 12-24H ~ E-G Selection------13 Product pictures------------------------14


THERMOSTAT LOCATION Proper location of the thermostat is very important to ensure a comfortable temperature. Observe the following general rules for best results.

1. The thermostat should be on the inside wall of a room in which heating is installed, approx. 5 ft. (1.5m) above the floor. 2. Avoid areas that exhibit unusual heating or cooling conditions such as in direct sunlight, near a fireplace, stove, door, window, or stairway. 3. Be aware of furnishings which may block airflow or alter temperature such as; sofas, chairs, bookcases, track lighting, lamps, stereo components, television sets. 4. Hot water pipes in the wall, a stove, refrigerator, or fireplace on the other side of a prospective wall may affect the accuracy of your thermostat. 5. Locating the thermostat in a damp area will cause corrosion, and shorten the life of the thermostat. 6. Do not install where air circulation is poor (ie. In a corner, or an alcove, or behind an open door). 7. All construction work and painting should be complete before installing unit. 8. This thermostat does not require leveling.


Disconnect power supply prior to starting installation & wiring thermostat.

Start Installation
How to open top housing
1. Using hand to take off front CAP.

3. Insert flat-head screw-driver at position shown in picture.


2. To loosen screw with "+" screwdriver and take them off. ( one at top, another at lower)

4. Pushing to direction as shown in picture to open thermostat, and to begin wiring.

Function keys description

Works on both programmable & non-programmable models

To adjust Switching-Differential (Hysteresis)

Press to change display on LCD between two modes. mode-A Indicating alternates among "actual room temperature, temperature setpoint and time of day" mode-B actual temperature only. Press to cut off relay output. Press again to resume operation Wake: ( P 1) To set 1st program-period of day

1.Point Rotary-Switch to " RUN "

2.Press both and together for 8 seconds. Return:( P 3) 3.Then, using either or to set desired switching-diferential. To set 3rd program-period 4.Wait 5 seconds, thermostats shall automatic memorize new setting and starts to execute. of day
Sleep: ( P 4) *Position slide-switch at " RUN ", for non-programmable model to set 4th program-period of day.

To increase or decrease. Filter replacement reminder. Run: Start to run programs Hold: Temperature setpoint permanent maintains at Time: Set time of day Sun: Set programs for Sunday Sat: set programs for Saturday

Start programming thermostat ---For programmable models


Leave: ( P 2) To set 2nd program-period of day

OK: To confirm setting and to continue next setting Key Lock: Outer 4 function keys data-input disabled, upon program-period in executing. Day: Set current date


During setting program-periods (events) into thermostat , if by any chance users did not input any setting for more than 10 minutes, thermostat shall activate its protective mechanism by cu- off relay output and shall send message of" Err" onto LCD display to remind users. Upon reading " Err" message; to point Rotary-Switch to " Run " and then rotate switch back to it previous position, to retrieve programming.

Clock adjustment - To set thermostat clock to current Day & Time

1.F irst to p oint Rotary-Switch to " Day " 2.Using or to set desired Day of Week.

Mo-Fr: Set programs for weekdays

3.Then, point Rotary-Switch to " Time ". 4.Again, to use or to set desired Hour & Minute of Day.

Press to change display on LCD between two modes. mode-A Indicating changing between "actual room temperature and temperature setpoint. mode-B actual temperature only. Press to cut off relay output. press again to resume operation

System-Switch cannot be placed at "OFF" while setting program-periods (evenst)

To increase or decrease RUN: To set thermostat to operate Key Lock: Set thermostat to operate with outer 4 function keys data-input disabled

To Set program-periods (Events) Setting begins from weekdays " Mo-Fr " and then " Sat " and " Sun ". Setting sequence as positions arranged on "Rotary-Switch"
1.Point Rotary-Switch to " Mo - Fr " 2.Pressing Wake button to set 1st-program-period ( P 1 ) of Weekday. 3.Using or to set desired time for P 1. 4.Pressing OK button to set desired temperature setpoint for P 1. 5.Again, using either or to set desired temperature. Pressing OK button in this setting mode, display on LCD shall alternate between time-setting & temperature setting. 6.Pressing Leave button to set 2nd-program-period ( P 2 ) of Weekday. 7.Follow setting procedure " 3 to 5 " as above to complete setting for P 2 . 8.Pressing Return button to set 3rd-program-period ( P 3 ) of Weekday. 9.Follow setting procedure " 3 to 5 " as above to complete setting for P 3 . 10.Pressing Sleep button to set 4th-program-period ( P 4 ) of Weekday. 11.Follow setting procedure " 3 to 5 " as above to complete setting for P 4 . 12.After finished entire Weekday's program-period setting, point Rotary-Switch to " Sat " and " Sun " respectively. To complete program-period setting for " Saturday " & " Sunday ". 13.Repeating programs setting procedure that is stated in preceding description, to finish setting "Time & Temperature" setpoint in each program-period (event) for Saturday & Sunday, to user's own preference.

How to operate OVERRIDE function


Filter Replacement Reminder

This Fancoil thermostat is equipped with an unique function, which is designed to counting the time that Filter has been in use and to remind users to replace Filter, in order to keep HVAC system in best possible condition all the time.


Upon set duration is being reached, on thermostat LCD top-left and bottom-left,there shall be two flashing words Temporary Overrride " Service " & " Filter " keeps to appear to remind users the time 1.Upon Rotary-Switch is being pointed to " RUN " ,program-period (Event) for Filter replacement. is in executing, To press either or to change temperature setting. This reminder-function requires to reset to "0" after filter replaced. 2.Wait 5 seconds, thermostat shall memorize and start to execute A.To set desired duration for Reminder function this new setting command until next program-period(event) comes to 1.Point Rotary-Switch to " RUN ". execute. 3.To point Rotary-Switch away from position " RUN " and then point it back 2. Pressing Filter button to choose " Set Filter " to " RUN ", this temporary override shall be called off, after its executing. (Check on the bottom right of LCD display) 3.Pressing and hold OK button for 5 seconds. 4.When read flashing " SET" appears on LCD, Permanent on HOLD Override to press or to set desired duration. Each pressing stands for 1.To point Rotary-Switch to " Hold ". 100 Hours for this reminder-function's executing time. 2.Pressing either or buttons to 5.Wait 8 seconds after setting finished, thermostat shall automatic obtain desired temperature setting. memorize this reminder-function and begin to operate. 3.Wait 5 seconds, thermostat shall B.To reset Reminder function to "0" after filter replaced memorize this new setting and 1.Point Rotary-Switch to " RUN ". start to execute this override command 2. Pressing Filter button to choose " Actual Filter " until users to call it off. (Check on the bottom left & right of LCD display) 4.To point Rotary-Switch away from position " Hold " shall call off 3.Pressing and hold OK button for 5 seconds. this override. 4.When read flashing " Filter" appears on LCD, to press OK button again to erase recorded time. 5.Wait 8 seconds after this "reset to '0 ' " setting finished, thermostat shall automatic memorize this reset command and begin to restart counting the time-in-use for the newly replaced filter.

This thermostat is able to provide two temperature Override functions 1. Temporary Override Temperature setpoint shall temporary maintain at setting until next program-period executing. 2. Permanent on HOLD Temperature setpoint shall permanent maintain at setting until users to call off this overrride.

Model Description
1st Sector 3 digits Max. 2nd Sector Model Number. 5 digits Max. 3rd Sector. Description to details of models available. 6 digits Max.

12 13

1 2 8 9 P
Thermostat Floor-Heating Thermostat

F: With Fan-Speed Control X: Without Fan-Speed-Control A: Auto-Changeover X: Without Numbers of Cool-System X: 0 Number of Heat-System X: 0 L: With Backlight X: Without Backlight B: Battery-powered 1: 110 Vac 2: 230 Vac 3: 24 Vac 4: 12 V

* * At 3rd sector, If trail digits are consecutive "X", all "X" shall be omitted

DIMENSIONS L 132.5 X W 85 X H 27.6 mm

TEMPERATURE DISPLAY RANGE 0~50C / 32~122F. Smallest readable scale 0.1 C/F

TEMPERATURE CONTROL RANGE MAXIMUM RELAY CONTACT LOAD 5 to 35C / 40~95F 2A TEMPERATURE ADJUSTING SCALE POWER SUPPLY 0.5 C / 1.0 F 24 Vac by Factory-Preset TEMPERATURE DISPLAY Celsius or Fahrenheit Selectable by changing jumper on PCB. Factory-Preset Fahrenheit. PROGRAMMING PERIODS(EVENTS) (For TH-1289P only) 5+1+1 D Monday ~ Friday in same programming block. TIME DISPLAY(For TH-1289P only) Saturday & Sunday independently 24 hour 12 Hour format selectable setting. by changing jumper on PCB. 4 program-periods (events) in a day. Factory-Preset 12H format. Program-period adjustment scale SWITCHING DIFFERENTIAL 15 minutes. (HYSTERESIS) SYSTEM SWITCH 0.5/1.0/1.5/2.0 C Cool-Off-Heat / Cool-Off-heat-EM. HT/ or 1.0/2.0/3.0/4.0 F Cool-Off-Heat-Auto (illustration on the Factory-Preset 1.0C /2.0F right) Backlight (Optional) FAN SWITCH Turned on for 10 seconds after On/Auto pressing any functional keys. E/G mode Selectable by changing jumper on PCB. Factory preset E.

Fan & System Switches 2H1C

Fan & System Switches 1H1C/2H2C

Fan & System Switches 1H1C/2H2C +Auto

C/F ~ 12-24H ~ E-G Selection

These three parameters is selectable to users upon installing thermostat. These 3 jumper located on PCB at the back of upper housing.

Left 2-pin jumpered

Right 2-pin jumpered

Left 2-pin jumpered

Right 2-pin jumpered

Left 2-pin jumpered

Right 2-pin jumpered


Product Pictures


1H1C / 2H2C


1H1C / 2H2C + AUTO