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Joshua Chandler Christine Germaine English 1102 April,13 2013

Chemtrails(Draft 1) Do you recall when you were younger looking up at the sky and seeing white trials lag behind the back of a jet? If you did these were called contrails. Now as you have grown up over the years and proceeded to take on this similar action have you noticed that these trials have begin to remain in the sky for long periods of time rather than dissipating? If you have these are not contrails but chemtrails. Chemtrails are a part of a global engineering project set out to cut down out global warming, basically creating the ozone 2.0. Sounds great right? Well what if you knew that these chemtrails contained harmful aerosols and chemicals, which are detrimental to a humans health. And that in the future the chemtrails could possibly damage ones respiratory and nervous system? Would this still be deemed as a great idea to benefit the earth as whole? Most peoples response would be a solid no, but not everyones opinion is the same. Chemtrails are made from different variations of aluminum oxide and barium oxide, which are two of the most toxic chemicals in the world. Now imagine breathing this is in everyday with your normal oxygen and nitrogen thinking everything to be normal, because the altitudes these chemicals are set at, theres no way the human senses came possibly distinguish between the two. Inhalation of aluminum and barium can cause various diseases such as cancer, heart failure, kidney failure and many others. Also, psychological problems such

as anxiety, depression, and many others. Does this sound like a typical commercial explaining a product that may benefit you, but could possibly have many side effects that are extreme risks to your body? They sound pretty similar. The only difference is that they dont tell you these things. This paper will serve as a device to illuminate the cause and many effects of the geoengineering project known as chemtrails.

As I previously stated in the paragraph above, chemtrails are usually correlated with contrails, which are made from natural gases, not chemicals. The chemtrail project began in the early 2000s to create an artificial ozone layer. After many discrepancies scientist such as John P. Holdren stated that emissions from aircraft are creating artificial clouds to block out the sun (Watson). According to scientist this occurs because once an aircraft reaches an elevation of 25,000 feet, when the temperature is 30 degrees below this causes water vapor to emit from the engine which causes crystalline structures to form as clouds, such as contrails(Watson). Also others have researched the effects chemtrails have on sunlight due to the amount of time chemtrails remain in the atmosphere. An expert on clouds by the name of Professor Keith Shine specified that the quantity of time these trails remain in the air could reduce sunlight by an estimate of 10%(Watson). If these chemtrails were identical to contrails as many scientist claim, the airtime in the atmosphere would be equivalent. With winds exceeding over 30 mph contrails dispapte instantly, and even without the assistance of wind they would disappear within a matter of ten minutes. A study was done in 2009 by the Met office, which found out that high level winds did not disperse these contrails which stretched over a radius of 20,000 miles (Watson). This raises many questions to why this is occurring and the

only explanation many scientists have come to realize is the difference in chemicals within chemtrails and contrails.

What happened did you run out of things to say? You're on the right track. Just remember what we said in class about the different aspects of the argument that you were going to look at.