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191st Infantry Brigade (United States)

191st Infantry Brigade (United States)

191st Infantry Brigade

Shoulder sleeve insignia Active Country Branch Role Size Garrison/HQ 2006 present United States U.S. Army Training Brigade Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington

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The 191st Infantry Brigade, was first formed as part of the United States Army Reserve's 96th Division. Seemingly in 1941-42, the brigade headquarters was inactivated as part of conversion of the 96th Division from a two-brigade, four-regiment division to a three-regiment 'triangular' division. The brigade headquarters personnel and assets apparently forme d the core of the divisional headquarters company.[1] Therefore the headquarters of the 191st Infantry Brigade did not see any World War II service. In December 2006, the 191st Brigade was activated using the personnel & assets of 4th Brigade, 91st Division (Training Support) and assumed the mission to train Army Reserve & National Guard units. In September 2012, elements of the 191st Infantry Brigade HQ deployed as an SFAT team to eastern Afghanistan in support of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM.

191st Infantry Brigade (United States)

The unit is composed of: Headquarters & Headquarters Company, 191st Infantry Brigade 1st Btn. 356th Regiment (LSB) 1st Btn. 357th Regiment (Infantry) 2nd Btn. 357th Regiment (Infantry) 2nd Btn. 358th Regiment (Armored) 3rd Btn. 358th Regiment (Field Artillery) 1st Btn. 364th Regiment (CS/CSS) 2nd Btn. 364th Regiment (CS/CSS) 3rd Btn. 364th Regiment (Engineers)

[1] See 96th Division article Combat Chronicle - probably official U.S. government data

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"The Brigade: A History, Its Organization and Employment in the US Army" (http://www-cgsc.army.mil/carl/ resources/csi/content.asp#brigade) Training Division (West) (http://www.carson.army.mil/units/div_west/#)

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Article Sources and Contributors

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