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The IELTS exams in the USA and Brazil were the same, according to M and N (thank you!).

Here are the questions and topics they collectively remembered: Listening test Section 1. A conversation between a man and a woman in regard to booking tickets for a concert. Section 2. About transportation service in a certain area, including its positive and negative points. Section 3,4. Dont remember. Reading test Passage 1. Description of ancient navigation techniques, a story on how the Pacific Islands were populated and different researches made in the 20th century. Questions: True / False / Not Given, filling in blanks, multiple choice. Passage 2. How noisy environment is affecting our lifestyle (8 paragraphs). Questions: True / False / Not Given. Passage 3. The effect of electronic gadgets on our lifestyle, including studies by several researchers. Questions: True / False / Not Given, filling in blanks. Writing test Writing task 1 (a report) We were given a chart describing Aeolic energy production in 4 countries: Denmark, Germany, US and India from 1985 to 2000 in 5-year intervals. Writing task 2 (an essay) Multi-cultural societies have more advantages than drawbacks. Do you agree or disagree? Support your opinion with examples. Speaking test 1 Interview - Do you work or study? - What is your job? - Please tell me about a place you have visited lately. Cue Card Describe a restaurant you used to have lunch in. Please say What does it look like? What kind of food do they serve? Whom did you go there with? Did he/she enjoy this place?

Speaking test 2 Interview - What is your name? - What should I call you?

Tell me about your home town. Did you study in school about your home town? Talk about your bad behavior, when you were a child. Do you like to receive books as a gift? Why? Do you hope to be a writer someday? Why?

Cue Card Describe an important meeting that you were late to. Please say - When did this happen? - Why were you late? - What was the importance of this meeting? Discussion Is it usual in your country to arrive on time? Why? Give me the usual reason for being late for people in your country. Are you always late? Why? Is it the same in government organizations?

The following update was sent by our kind friend H who took his IELTS exam in Malaysia. Unfortunately, H didnt remember the Listening or the Reading topics, but did a great job with Writing and Speaking: Writing Test Writing Task 1 (a report) We were given a line graph showing the number of CDs that were purchased at three different locations: in a supermarket, in a music store and on the internet. The task was to write a report that describes the trends of CD purchases based on the graph provided. Writing Task 2 (an essay) Some people think that the role of women in the military or police forces is very relevant and becoming more significant. Others argue the opposite. Do you agree or disagree? What is your opinion? Speaking test Interview What is your full name? What should I call you? Can I see your ID? Are you currently working or studying? What are your responsibilities at work? Do you enjoy doing your current job? Why? Are there any numbers that are meaningful to you? Why? Which is harder to remember, a set of numbers or your friends names? Why? What kind of numbers do you have to remember? How do people nowadays remember phone numbers or their friends names? Do you like flowers? Why do you like / dislike flowers? In your country, when do people give flowers to others? Is there any festival in your country involving the use of flowers?

Cue Card Talk about yourself trying to have a healthy lifestyle. Please say

- What prevents you from having a healthy lifestyle? - What are the disadvantages of not having a healthy lifestyle? - What can you do in order to improve your lifestyle? Discussion Is it hard to live in a healthy environment nowadays? Do you think most people in your country have a healthy lifestyle? How do you think we can influence others to have a healthy lifestyle? Who should be responsible for that? In 10 years, do you think people in your country will lead a healthier life? Will there be any improvements or significant changes to their lifestyle during that time?

Writing Task Writing Task 1 (a report) There was a line graph describing the number of people playing 4 types of sports, in years 1985, 1990, 1995, 2000 and 2005. Writing Task 2 (an essay) Everyone should stay in school until the age of eighteen. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Speaking test Interview Do you currently work or study? Did you have any hobby when you were younger? What is your hobby now? If you were rich now, what would you want to collect?

Cue Card Talk about an exciting message that you have received through email or phone, please say - who sent it to you, - what the message was about, - who you shared it with Follow up question: Do you send lots of emails to your friends? Discussion - Which way do you think is easier to communicate face to face communication or by electronic devices such as email? - Is there any difference in the methods of communication between younger people and the elderly? - Do you think that elderly should learn how to use electronic devices? Why? IELTS exam in Malaysia was shared by A (many thanks!) who remembered the following: Listening test Section 1. Telephone conversation between a woman and a travel agent booking for a beach holiday. Section 2. A tour guide explaining to the tourists in a museum. Section 3. A conversation between 2 students about their project on the amount of television watched by children. Section 4. A lecture about librarian course.

Reading test Passage 1. About climate and the wealth of the country. Passage 2. Issues related to working children. Passage 3. About English language sentences. Questions types: T/F/NG, Y/N/NG, sentence completion, filling in the blanks, multiple choice questions. Writing test Writing Task 1 (a report) We had 4 bar charts describing the number of hours worked by workers in Industrial sectors in 4 countries UK, Sweden, France and Sweden in 2002.

Writing Task 2 (an essay) Schools should concentrate more on academic subjects which could be more beneficial for the children in the future. They should concentrate less on less important subjects such as sports and music. Do you agree or disagree? Speaking test Interview Whats your name? Are you studying or working? Why did you choose your filed of work? Do you enjoy your work? What do you think about first impression at work? Is it important? How was your first day at work? Do you like to travel? What kind of holiday do you like? Could you describe to me your last vacation?

Cue card Describe an exciting news that you heard, either through the phone or e-mail, please say: - What was it? - Who did you tell? - Why was it exciting? Discussion Lets talk about communication. Do you think younger and older generation communicate differently? What are the advantages of modern day communication? What are the advantages of older days communication? How can the government convey news to the citizens? Advertising in general is it misleading? Do you think certain advertisements do not convey the truth about their products?

IELTS exams in Vietnam and Malaysia were shared by our friends H and A. According to them, the exams were the same, and here is what H and A collectively remembered: Listening test Section 1. Lifeguard application form. Questions: filling in 10 blanks, the questions were about the address, cell phone, expiration date on the certificate, current job, former job and relevant skills, preferred days and times to work, how he got to know about this job, the future job that he wants to get (a baseball coach) and so on. Section 2. Library Rules.

Questions: filling in the blanks. The missing information was about the rules in the new library, such as borrowing DVDs or CDs including fees, for how long people may borrow, how many units, how to book PCs and the opening times. Section 3. Dont remember. Section 4. Information about the ABI system (for teaching and evaluating students). Questions: multiple choice and labeling a chart that illustrates how the system works. Reading test Passage 1. Human development early, mid and late adolescence stages. Passage 2. New ways to overcome flood problems. Passage 3. Technological progress in Biorobotics. Writing test Writing task 1 (a report) Describe the maps that shows changes in a coastal town, Pentland, from 1950 to 2007. Compare and contrast where relevant. Writing task 2 (an essay) Scientists have reported that junk foods are detrimental to health. Some people believe that education is the answer to this problem, but others disagree. To what extent do you agree or disagree? The following IELTS exam was shared by our friends T from Vietnam and M from Australia. Listening test Section 1. A conversation about booking a room. Section 2. Telephone inquiry about volunteer work. Questions: filling in blanks, multiple choice. Section 3. A conversation between two students about their project. Section 4. Facts about bee fly. Reading test Passage1. About a tour to honey bees farm. Passage 2. Photography. Passage 3. Salinity levels in Australia. Writing test Writing task 1 (a report) There were two diagrams describing architectural plans for the town of Medway between 2000 and 2015, when it will host an international sports competition. The first diagram was showing shoe and furniture factory and a garage. All of them were located next the main road and wild grass was surrounding the area. There was also a railway nearby.

The second diagram, after changes were made: the railway was replaced by the subway. The main road was replaced by walkways leading directly to the swimming pool, station and the rest of the facilities. All these were built where shoes and furniture factory were located previously. The new flower gardens replaced wild grass. Writing task 2 (an essay) Countries should try to produce food for all their population needs locally and import as little as possible. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Speaking test Interview What is your name? Can I see your ID please? Where is your hometown? What is it famous for? Do you like to travel? Is it important for you to have holidays during the year?

Cue Card Talk about your best friend. Discussion Do you think technology has influenced friendship in some way?