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COMPANY PROFILE Welcome to Malappuram's Own Bank

MDCB was born soon after the Malappuram district was formed and has contributed immensely to the development of the district. The bank is governed by a democratically elected Board Of Directors by its member societies as per the Co operative Act. The bank is headed by the President who is selected from the Board of Directors. The bank also has a Vice President to aid the President and function in the absence of the President. The General Manager is in charge of the day to day activities of the bank and directs the bank to its goals. The General Manager in turn is assisted by three Deputy General Managers (DGM) viz. DGM (General), DGM (Loans and Advances), DGM (Planning and Development) of the bank in discharging his duty.

We are committed to the development of the district by bringing the banking services to the door step of the poorest of the district and to bring smiles of satisfaction on all with the spirit and philosophy of co operation.

MDCB : An Overview

The Malappuram Revenue District came into existence on 16th June 1969. On the first day of July 1970, the district was proud to have it own District Co operative Bank called THE MALAPPURAM DISTRICT CO OPERATIVE BANK LTD, No: 4329 (MDCB) with a few branches of the Kozhikode and Palakkad DCBs.

The Bank started functioning with a modest number of four branches and 163 member societies. Initially the Banks share capital was Rs. 32.40 lakhs, deposit Rs. 58.91 lakhs and loans and advances Rs. 201.55 lakhs.

MDCB functions as the central financing agency of the cooperative banking sector in Malappuram District. In addition to providing all kinds of agricultural and non agricultural loans to the member societies, the Bank also provides industrial loans, consumption loans, loans for construction of building, vehicle loans, gold loans, overdrafts and cash credits to the individuals and institutions.

Since its formation, the District Co-operative Bank has been able to play a vital role in the progress of the Malappuram District by proactively involving in the government sponsored schemes such as Kudumbashree, EMS Housing scheme, KESRU, etc.

The bank has also been able to accelerate the employment opportunities in the District by advancing loans to certain major projects such as hospitals, tourist hotels and other industries. The bank also provides financial assistance through its member societies, for increasing agricultural production and for creating more job opportunities.

Our banking efforts received a huge encouragement on 24/02/1997 when we got the RBI licence (RPCD.KL 81-C).

MDCB was the implementing agency of the Integrated Cooperative Development Project (ICDP) aimed at the overall development of the cooperative sector with in the District which was implemented from January 2000. The societies functioning in the four sectors viz. agriculture sector, agriculture allied sector, Rural Industrial sector and cooperative Banking sector were benefited heavily through the above project in improving their infrastructure.

The bank also contributes towards benevolent causes in the socio-cultural spheres of the District by donating to the Pain and Palliative clinics, Kidney Foundations, etc of this district for the treatment related expenditure of patients.

In addition to taking adequate steps for the development of the agricultural, industrial, and health care sectors of the district, steps are also afoot to equip the Bank with latest Information Technology tools so as to cater to the changing needs of the customer and banking industry. The bank is working ahead to complete the integration of all its branches under Core banking Solution (CBS) and to diversify to modern banking services in addition to the conventional services rendered by the bank.

In 2012, we are in the 32nd year of service and have achieved a business volume of more than ` 2500 crores with 46 branches spread across the district.


The bank offers various services that a financial institution gives. To the conventional services of Advances, Deposits, DD, Bills collection, Locker Facility, Sunday banking branches, etc. We have recently added two more services viz.

Money Transfer: The bank has tied up with Federal bank for extending the Money Transfer scheme FEDFAST through our branches. RTGS/NEFT: The bank offers RTGS/NEFT facility through its selected branches.

Loans and Advances ::

Loans to Societies

Cash Credit to Societies KCC Cash Credit to Weavers Societies Cash Credit to Societies Other purpose Cash Credit to Harijan Societies Cash Credit to Hospital Societies Cash Credit to Industrial Societies Cash Credit to Taxi drivers Societies Overdraft to Societies Cash Credit to Coir Societies Cash Credit to Motor Cycle Societies Cash Credit to Societies - Ordinary

Non Agricultural Mid Term LT Schematic

Loans to Individuals/Institutions

Gold Loan (3 to 12 months) Agricultural Gold Loan (1 year) General Purpose Mortgage Loans Consumption Loan/Personal Loans Housing Loan Vehicle Loan Daily Deposit Linked Loan Deposit Loan Educational Loan SRTO Loans Industrial Loans Vanitha Vikas Loan KESRU Loans EMS Bhavana Vaypa Shopping Complex Construction Loans Cash Credit to Individuals Overdrafts to Individuals Govt Sponsored Advances Micro finance loans

MDCB : Progress :: Amount in lakh Item Share Capital Reserves and other Funds Deposit Borrowings Loans and Advances Investment Working Capital Profit 19901991 258.75 849.02 4,111.45 1,798.32 3,839.49 887.36 5,384.57 0.71 2000-2001 460.48 2,313.66 24,936.48 1,140.21 12,688.22 25,553.55 36,604.88 39.76 2010-2011 585.07 2,192.30 1,20,998.54 19,884.70 1,01,541.64 39,203.64 1,42,621.33 52.78 2011-2012 661.59 3,838.42 1,46,636.83 16,316.18 1,07,123.00 55,754.45 1,64,191.50 164.11