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Panch Tatwa Theory to find out the Sex of a Child or Birth time Rectification Mathod.

In this world, various things possess 2,3,4,5 senses. Human body is made up of 5 tatwas. On every week day, that days Tatwa rise with sunrise in aroham order lasting 1 hour each cycle. This cycle follows from one sunrise to the next sunrise. Tatwa Prithvi Appu (Water) Tejo (Fire) Vayu Akash Week Day Wednesday Monday, Friday Sunday, Tuesday Thursday Saturday Duration 6 minutes 12 Minutes 18 Minutes 24 Minutes 30 Minutes Sex of the child Male Female Male Female Male

For a male child, MD, AD and PD lords all should tally to male tatwa. Similarly for a female child, all dasha should tally to female tatwa. In case of mixture of male and female tatwas, eunuchs and plants are born. Exceptions: 1. 2. Mid point of Akash and mid point of Vayu shall produce child of opposite sex. During culminating time (Sandhi) of aroham to avroham and vice versa, sex of the child will be same as the tatwa but his/ her nature will be opposite (Trans sexual). 3. MD, AD and PD lords if of dissimilar tatwa, plants, creepers etc. will be born. Example : Date of birth : 01/07/1961, Time of Birth : 1335 Hrs. Day of Birth : Saturday. Sunrise : 05:28 Am In this case, day of birth being Saturday, first tatwa at the time of sunrise will be Akash tatwa for first 30 minutes. Difference between time of birth and sunrise is 13:35 05:28 = 08:07 Hrs.

This implies that two cycles of Aroham and Avroham each respectively will be completed in six hours and one aroham cycle will be completed in another 1 hour. That is (6 hours + 1 Hour = 7 ) and for the rest 37 minutes Avaroham Cycle will start at 12:58 Hrs & will continue from Vayu. Vayu will continue up to 12:58 + 24 Minutes = 13:22 Hrs Tejo will continue up to 13:22 Hrs + 18 Minutes = 13:40 Hrs. This means Tejo Tatwa MD will running at the time of Birth For Tejo MD, time duration for various ADs will be as under:1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Tejo 3.6 Minutes ( 18 * 18 /90) or ( Time period of Tatwa * Time period of Tatwa / Total time ) i.e. 13:22 to 13:25:56 Hrs) Appu 2.4 Minutes (18*12/90) i.e. 13:25:36 to 13:28 Hrs Prithvi 1.2 Minutes (18*6/90) i.e 13:28 to 13:29:12 Hrs. Akash 6 Minutes (18*30/90) i.e. 13:29:12 to 13:35:12 Hrs. Vayu 4.8 Minutes (18*24/90)

In the present example, time of birth is 13 minutes away from start of Tejo AD. Akash Ad will be running from 13:29:12 to 13:35:12. so at the time of birth, akash tatwa will be the AD lord, which is again male tatwa. In MD of Tejo and AD of Akash Tatwa, time duration of various PDs will be as under :1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Akash 2 minutes(18*30*30)/(90*90) i.e. 13:29:12 to 13:31:12 Hrs Vayu 1.6 Minutes( 18*30*24)/(90*90) i.e. 13:31:12 to 13:32:48 Hrs. Tejo 1.2 Minutes (18*30*18)/(90*90) i.e. 13:32:48 to 13:34 Hrs Appu 0.8 Minutes (18*30*12)/(90*90) i.e. 13:34 to 13:34:48 Hrs. Prithvi 0.4 Minutes (18*30*06)/(90*90) i.e. 13:34:48 to 13:35:12 Hrs.

In the present example, time of birth is 5 minutes 48 away from the start of Akash AD. In this case, PD of Prithvi will be running which is male tatwa. Hence, time of birth indicates MD, AD, PD of all of male tatwas. So time of birth is likely to be correct as the native is male. S. Ganesh

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