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Annual Report pertaining to the Department of Cooperation for 2005-06 1.

Introduction :- The theory and concept of Cooperative dates back to 19th Century when the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) was first set up by thinkers of cooperative ideology. The year was 1895. In India, the British Rulers formally enforced the Co-operative Societies Act in the year 1904. This Act was further amended in 1912 which facilitated the cooperative society to indulge in lending of credit, deposit mobilization and in the process discourage exploitative private sector money lending system. The Cooperative Movement in Sikkim was introduced with the enactment of Cooperative Societies Act of 1955. After joining the Indian Union, the existing Act was replaced by the Sikkim State Cooperative Act 1978 and Sikkim State Cooperative Societies Rules 1981.

The functioning of Cooperation Department is best understood when referred to the Cooperative as an Institute. Cooperative Institution is based on the values of self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, equity and solidarity. It is ideology driven and value based voluntarily formed institution with a set of Internationally recognized and accepted seven Principles of Cooperation 2. As on March 2006, there are 574 Cooperatives registered in the State. This includes 5 Apex Federations, 166 MPCS, 87 CCS, 129 Dairy, 63 Farmers Service Cooperatives, 44 Marketing Cooperatives, 87 Consumer Cooperatives, 24 Industrial Cooperatives, 16 Labor Cooperatives, 1 Urban Bank, and 39 Other Cooperatives. The individual Share holding is 2 crores. As also the yearly business turnover under cooperative sector Rs. 43.00 Crores during the period.
Status of Cooperative Societies 1994-2006- Figure I
Sl. No. 1 2 Particulars No. of Cooperatives Membership Total Paid up capital (Rs. in Lakhs) Working Capital Business Turnover Reserves 2006 574 52300

3 4 5 6

1358.81 4302.88 43.00 crores 701.25

As also keeping in view the statement of the Government regarding 2005 as the Youth Revolutionary Year, the Department of Cooperation has designed a scheme to form viable and sustainable producers cooperatives mainly in the field of agriculture and allied activities and tourisms as well. The scheme will be jointly implemented by SIMFED and SISCO which is expected to establish a healthy business linkage between the Apex and Primary Village Cooperatives. Under this 14 Producers Cooperatives have already been registered so far by the districts.

4. A day-long Sammelan on Future Vision and Mission of Cooperatives in Sikkim was held in May 2005 to review and envisage the future mission of the cooperatives in the State. Eight good MPCS were given a cash prize of Rs. 1,00,000/- and five other cooperatives were awarded Rs. 3.40,000/- each. 5. As on March 2006, there are 44 Godowns with over 4000 MT capacity. 6. A large number of cooperative leadership development programmes are being organized yearly. As on March 2006, 2800 cooperatives education programmes have been conducted and 789 personnel from the cooperatives have been trained. 7. As on date about 1500 professionals / school dropouts etc. have been provided directly by the Cooperative Societies. graduates/ employment

8. With the declaration of the year 2006 as Skill Development Year by the Government, the Department has targeted training of 8000 persons under the Skill Development Programme. 9. The Sikkim State Cooperative Cadre was revised in 2005 and Cooperative strength was increased from 51 to 77.

10. Business Status (Turnover) of Cooperatives various types of cooperatives Sl. No. 1 2 3 4 5 Type of Cooperatives SIMFED DACS SCMU SCCS SISCO Bank Short Term Mid Term Recovery 6 7 Agri. Marketing Mar-06 2438.15 Lakhs 487.28 Lakhs 426.49 Lakhs 225.69 Lakhs 96.74 Lakhs 264.15 Lakhs 106.82 Lakhs 43.48 Lakhs

Consumer Goods distribution by primaries 1693.96 Lakhs

11. Financial Outlay and Expenditure during 2005-06 Sl. No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Items Allocation(in Expenditure(in Physical Achievement Rs. Lakhs) Rs. Lakhs) Cooperative Education 15.70 15.53 2850 persons educated Cooperative Training 5.00 3.55 823 persons trained Publicity and Information 7.00 7.00 62 Information & Publicity Credit Cooperatives 37.85 33.64 2 MPCS opened with 86 Members 818.66 MT of marketing and Supply & Marketing 25.00 25.00 1350.08 MT of Supply of Inputs 1 Consumer Cooperative was Consumer Cooperatives 0.40 0.20 opened. Membership have increased by 58 2 warehouse constructed with 200 Cooperative Warehousing 5.00 5.00 MT capacity 3 Primary Milk Cooperatives organized. Milk Collection 31.77 Lakh Lits, 28.66 Milk Distribution, Rs. 37.16 Lakhs worth Milk Product sold. 0.33 45.11 96.98 23 Other cooperatives opened with 465 membership enrollment

Dairy Cooperatives


9 10 11 12

Cooperatives Law & Audit Other Cooperatives Direction and Administration NEC (Kumrek Poultry Project

0.5 42.10 99.45 50.82 290.82