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INTERNAL GUIDE Name- Miss Parul Joshi Designation- Asst.Prof Dehradun

EXTERNAL GUIDE Name- Mr. Bhutani Company Name -Amar Ujala Location Dehradun



BATCH 2009-12

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT The last two months with AMAR UJALA has been full of learning and sense of contribution toward the organization. I would like to thank AMARUJALA for giving me an opportunity of learning and contributing through this project. I would like to thanks all the people who knowingly and unknowingly supported me in my endeavour. As the student of ITM COLLEGE DEHRADUN, I would first of all like to express my gratitude to Mr.Bhutani for assigning me such a topic STUDY OF CONSUMER BUYING BEHAVIOUR to work upon inAMAR UJALA. During the actual project work, Miss Parul Goel (Project Guide) has been a source of inspiration through her constant guidance; personal interest; encouragement and help. I convey my sincere thanks to her in project .I am also grateful to her for responding confidence in my abilities and giving me the freedom to work on my project. The project couldnt have been completed without timely and vital help of other office staff. Special thanks to Mr. Jaypal for their invaluable guidance, keen interest,co-operation, inspiration and of coursemoral support through my project session.



This is to certify that ROHITMALI an B.B.A student of ITM College Dehradun has undergone a summer internship in AMAR UJALA.Under the title STUDY OF CONSUMER BUYING BEHAVIOUR OF AMAR UJALA AT DEHRADUN.He has successfully completed his project work in partial fulfilment for the award of BACHELORS OF BUSINESS

ADMINISTRATION. This report is the record of the students own effort your able supervision and guidance.

Miss. Parul Goel (Internal Guide) Date: ....................... Place: Dehradun


This is to declare that the project STUDY OF CONSUMER BUYING BEHAVIOUR is entirely genuine work done by me without copying any material from any available source. It is authentic effort put in by me.



Objective of the study..................................................................7 Introduction................................................................................8 Research Methodology..............................................................41 Analysis.........................................................................44 Finding......................................................56 Recommendations..........................................................58 Conclusion...............................................................64 Bibliography or References....................................................65

OBJECTIVE OF STUDY Understand the development of the marketing concept. Define customer value, satisfaction, and retention. Exploring the link between marketing and Customer orientation. Identify the major factors that influence a consumers purchase decision and behavior.


The foundation of AMAR UJALA was laid down by: Late Shri Dori Lal Agarwal and Late Shri Murari Lal Maheswari on 18th of April 1948, In Agra

AmarUjala was launched on the 18th of April 1948 from Agra, as a 4page newspaper with a circulation of 2576 copies with an objective of promoting social awakening and introducing a feeling of responsibility among the citizens of a recently independent India. In keeping with these objectives that the publishers had set for themselves, the kind of news published was basically revolving around political and social issues and crime.

Starting from that modest beginning, 20 years later Amar Ujala achieved a circulation of 20,000 copies and was servicing over 14districts in Western Uttar Pradesh. Growing slowly, but steadily, the turn of the century saw Amar Ujala as one of the top 3 dailies of India. Not only has the newspaper shed the barriers of EASTERN Uttarakhand and spread itself across the entire state, but has also ventured into other neighbouring states.

Today, Amar Ujala has a staggering circulation of over1,600,00 copies and a readership of over 3 million inUttar Pradesh andUttaranchalalone.Additionally Amar Ujala is now also a leading newspaper in Chandigarh, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir. Currently Amar Ujala publishes a16 page daily issue with more color pages in every edition. In addition to this, Amar Ujalaalso has in offering for readersthree color magazines,namely:









In addition to this Amar ujala also publishes AMAR UJALA YUWAN, which is been targeted for youth is a weekly newspaper price is Re 5/- news paper.

Not ever deviating from the objectives with which the newspaper was originally started, even today Amar Ujala continues to be a completely unbiased newspaper with a thrust on political and current events and developments in all fields across the nation and beyond. Over the years, a lot has changed in Amar Ujala. Using the latest state of the art technology and equipment, Amar Ujala is now being printed from 18 editions.

Also in keeping with today's fast paced life, all printing centers are connected by latest technology to enhance speed of news dissemination. Also in keeping with today's fast paced life, all printing centersare connected by V-sat technology to enhance speed of news dissemination.To ensure quality of material and content, Amar Ujalahas a regular membership with AFP and AP.The latest photographs arethere fore part of every edition. Amar Ujala has grown dramatically and has evolved with the changing times. The newspaper is known for some ground breaking journal even in today's cut throat competition; Amar Ujala is still selling Authenticity, Honesty and Trust.

The group is now headed by Mr. Ashok Agarwal, ChiefEditor who provides the able guidance to the whole organization. In the year 2008 Amar Ujala has completed 60 glorious years of success. The noteworthy performance of the organization in the last sixty years is due to the dedication and cooperation of the members of Amar Ujala by which this group is continuously working towards serving the society.


Some Important Journalists writing for Amar Ujala

1. Shashi Shekhar: Group Editor, Amar Ujala. 2. Dr.Alok Puranik: Teaches Commerce at Delhi University. 3. Prof. Pushpesh Pant: Prof. International Diplomacy, JNU. 4. Devendra Sharma: Expert on Agriculture and Food police Analyst. 5. Harvansh Dikshit: Reader in Law, Moradabad. 6. Rajnath Singh Surya: Ex MP and Senior Journalist. 7. Prof. Batrohi: Eminent writer and Director, Mahadevi Verma SrijanPeeth, Nainital. 8. Subhash Dhuliya: Professor and Head, Communications Deptt, IGNOU. 9. Kumar Prashant: Senior Journalist and Sarvoday Activist. 10.SundarLal Bahuguna: Famous Chipko Leader and Environmentalist. 11.G i r i r a j Ki s h o r : Emi n e n t No v e l i s t a n d f o r me r p r o f e s s o r , I I T, Kanpur. 12.U p e n d r a P r a s a d :S r . E c o n o mi c J ou r n a l i s t a n d Ex . R e s i d e n t Editor Nav Bharat Times, Patna.


With their hard work and motivation, Amar Ujala has expanded further and started its next publication from different cities accordingly:




Today AMAR UJALA is one of the leading Hindi news-paper in UTTRAKHAND with the opening of new publishing centres in subsequent years it has reached in every part of the state and is continuously stretching its arms to cover more and more area. It has its business offices in: MUMBAI NEW DELHI BANGALORE CALCUTTA AGRA MEERUT INDORE JAIPUR LUCKNOW BAREILLY



REPRESENTATIVE OFFICES OF Amar Ujala are located at




Amar ujala , Dehradun covers these places: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Dehradun Uttarkashi Rudraprayag Kotdwar Haridwar Roorkee Vikasnagar Tehri

Amar Ujala contains the news for the various tastes of individuals as political,sports, financial, career and has exorbitant local news. With the fast changing trends of publication, Amar Ujala has also changed its style and started performing various promotional activities to cope the competition. After dominating the Western Uttar Pradesh now it is emerging as a leader in Central Uttar Pradesh and also extending in Eastern Uttarakhand.


Department-Wise Description of AMAR UJALA, Dehradun


The basic need of departmentation arises because of specialization of work and the limitation on the number of subordinate that can be directly controlled by the head of the department. Amar Ujala follows the most prevalent basic of departmentation in newspaper i.e. departmentation on functional basis. The various basic departments functioning at Amar Ujala Bareilly areas follow: Personnel & HRM Department Accounts Department Advertising Department Circulation Department Editorial newspaper Department Production &Administration Department


All of these departments are headed by very qualified and experienced managers. All the above departments perform their work individually as well as in coordination and cooperation with each other to bring out the best results possible. Heads of the Department, Dehradun

1. Personnel & HRM department. 2. Accounts Department. 3. Advertising Department. 4.Circulation Department. 5. Editorial News Department. 6. Production Department.


Personnel & HRM department

May you have all the assets, money, infrastructure, machines, procedures but these are the people who make the organization working.

Of all the factors of production, man is by far the most important factor. In fact the success of every business enterprise is dependent on its human element. The personnel and HRM department is concerned with the managerial and operative function a view to attaining the organizational goals effectively , efficiently and economically and meeting the social and individual goals.

In AMAR Ujala, this department performs all those activities which helps the management in getting and consolidating the work done in best possible manner from the persons at different hierarchical levels and from different departments to make sure that all the work done separately by them should be in organizations benefit. Thus it considers all the problems of people at work i.e. economical, social, psychological and political problems.

Functions performed by the department: Recruitment and maintenance of the employees, training arrangement, job analysis and job description, grievance handling, disciplinary action and employees welfare. A square is best fit in a square pack only not in a circle

I.e. the right person at right place to do right work with right power in a right manner and in minimum time.


Is the best possible way of an organization to grow and develop and to ensure that all the inputs are optimally utilized .This department conducts following welfare schemes for Amar Ujala employees: Employee Provident Fund

Employee Family Pension Scheme

Employee Group Insurance Scheme

Payment of Gratuity

Loan Schemes

Medical Facilities

Leave Allowance Along with this , department also holds responsibility to see that the efficiency is maintained in the organization and each department understands the close relationship it has with all the other departments and also each department performs their work individually as well as work in coordination with other departments for the best results.


Accounts Department

Accounts Department is the core of any business organization. This department presents systematic, classified and summarized facts for the information about organizational financial status and current position. Its main responsibility is to provide facts for the organizations management body on timely basis so that they can take timely decisions. In Amar Ujala this department collects financial records, classify them, calculate them, summarize them and present them in are required form to the management on timely and regular basis so asto make the decisions of management more effective and efficient. Functions Performed by the Department: Recording of transactions, regularly. Determining of actual cost of the assets of the organization. Classification of data, transformation of data into valuable information. Making information more reliable, more precise, accurate, and timely as brief as needed. Budgeting and forecasting. At Amar Ujala, dehradun this department keeps records of following details: Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet. Office and Administrative Department Expenses. Building Maintenance and service Expenses. Additional Expenses. General Expenses. Advertising Expenses. Advertising revenue and Circulation Expenses. Payrolls and Salaries


Advertising Department
This department is the life blood of any newspaper like AMARUJALA. At present when tempo of our thinking and way of our life in general becomes faster, technological, economic and social values are changing, the advertising department of Amar Ujala is serving the society as well as the organization by providing more effectiveservices and increasing the advertising volume. the cost of one copy of Amar Ujala newspaper starting from collecting of news, then editing, after that printing, transporting to the agencies to hawker and then to final customer i.e. reader comes to be approx Rs. 10/- .But due to tough competition any newspaper cannot charge that much from its customers and without profit any organization cannot run for long. So all the differences between charged money and cost price plus profit of shareholders plus salary of employees all comes from these advertisements. This departmen5t has smoothly organized sales staff because it has to maintain contacts with local merchants, merchants, dealers, business firms and service institution as their perspective customers. To accomplish the above objectives, a team effort is being done under the very effective supervision, energetic and result oriented sales force has been continuously working to maintain contacts with different types of perspective and potential advertiser. Equal importance is given to a big as well as small advertiser.


Functions Performed by the Department

1. Receiving advertisement from local, nationals and international advertisers either directly or through some representatives agencies.

2. Scheduling of advertisements at different specified space in the news paper on due dates.

3. Issuing bill to the advertisers either directly or through the advertising agencies.

4. Calculation of commissions and discounts at the time of actual receiving of payments.

5. Maintaining the full records of revenue received, publication of advertisement and issuing reminder in case of delays. From the above description we can conclude that this department of Amar Ujala

performs its job inside as well as outside the organization in the market.


Circulation Department
Circulation is the backbone of any newspaper industry. Without it the newspaper will not get advertisements and without advertisements it would be difficult for any newspaper to survive. To perform its main functions like selling, delivering and collecting duties effectively, the circulation division is split into several units. The largest is the group that handles the city circulation. To make Amar Ujalas welcome daily news paper in every home is at ask that requires careful supervision and circulation, sufficient staff and hard work. In Amar Ujala hundred of carriers and employees are used for distribution, while many serve as sales person. For the purpose of extending influence of newspaper, as far as possible into the surrounding, towns Amar Ujala, Bareilly has good circulation division to obtain subscribers in other towns too. AmarUjala, Bareilly contains different Daks, which covers five districts of Rohilkhand Region. These regions are:

i. ii. iii. iv. v. vi. vii. viii.

Dehradun Uttarkashi Rudraprayag Kotdwar Haridwar Roorkee Vikasnagar Tehri


To achieve the objective News Paper must be their way while the news is still fresh Several taxis and three-wheelers are used by Amar Ujala. The distribution channel adopted by Amar Ujalas Circulation Department in local is:






Functions Performed by the Department

Different functions performed by this department are: Dispatching of newspaper deciding about mode of distribution and transportation. Finding the cheapest and fastest mode of transportation but must be a reliable and daily service provider. Deciding about commission of hawkers and agents. Evaluation of working of newspapers circulation agencies etc.

This department also has a field force to help in touch with the change in subscribers habit, taste and requirements.


Editorial News Department

All reading material (i.e. everything except advertising) is assembled in the editorial department. Amar Ujalas Editorial news department consists of five sub departments which are as follows:

1. News Room All general news are either prepared or processed in newsroom. It is a place for writing news by reporters. The international, national and state news is brought in by wire for editing either by hand or through electronic editing terminal e.g. Cathode Ray Tube (CRT), Video Display Terminal (VDT), fax System and computers. This room is a busy place from early in the day until press time, the intensity increases as the deadline for copy approaches.

2. Copy Desk Located in the news room but almost a separate division is the copy desk, where the stories turned in by reporters and checked by the city editor, are examined by experienced copy readers. These experienced persons eliminate unnecessary and inappropriate words and phrases, correct spellings and punctuations, check facts, indicate paragraph and write headlines.

3. Editorial Room It is the section where editor of the editorial pages and the editorial writers handle the material that goes on the editorial page including feature stories, book reviews and letters from readers. They write the editorial comments reflecting the newspapers opinion on important issues.


4. Picture Division

Amar Ujala dehradun has a good staff of photographers who either receive assignments from the editor or use their own wisdom to take photographs of important events. This section works closely with the news room. It has sufficient space for dark room.


Amar Ujala, Bareilly has a very rich library. It is full of old documents, cassettes, floppies, encyclopaedias of different fields, up to date dictionary, reference magazines and trade journals. The library contains material that is considered dead copy but may be used again to background or fill out current stories. It also has file of other newspapers, which are competitors. Besides above there are different national and international news agencies such as UNI, PTI, Bhasha and Varta which transmits news to Amar Ujala. Other sources of news are local bureau and reporters.



Production can be called the core activity of business

This is true in case of Amar Ujala too. If production is stopped then there will be no use of purchase, sales and other departments. Production Department of Amar Ujala is concerned with the production of newspaper. At Amar Ujala, dehradun, newer Cold Type or photo Type process is used. Its main sections are:

1. Data Processing / Plate Composing The addition of computer to newspaper operations has necessitated the development of an entirely new section Data Processing Section. This section also deals with the composing of the processed matter. Composing is done on terminals feeding directly into the computer. Advertisements are composed and assembled by similar means and duplicated in photo proofs or the equivalent for the advertiser to approve. Different softwares used here are: Windows Ventura Gem PageMaker Akshar, etc.


2. Camera

In this department negative of the composed material are prepared and with the help of latest camera positives are made.

3. Plate Making

The page of which negative has been prepared is then transferred on a plate make- up of aluminium by applying a chemical on it and passing it through the various steps. The number of pages per plate is determined by the size of the press.

4. Press Work / Machine Room In this section a multi speed Web Offset Printing machine with brand name ORIENT SUPER is installed and its capacity of printing is 30,000 copies per hour. The machine is used for black & white as well as colour printing plate. Griming machine and Weighing machine are also installed here. From the above description we can conclude that this department works around the clock to achieve the production target.
















Old and reputed firm V Satellite Link Strong Distribution Network Unbiased Editorial Reporting Efficient Advertisement Department Best in Local News Two - Supplements in a Week Good Printing Quality Latest and Cost Efficient Production Techniques Client Servicing Performs various promotional activities Time To Time Brand loyal Customers and Advertisers


Limited International News Faces Political Differences Limited Business News Inappropriate Employment and Carrier Information


Scope for market expansion in the WESTERN, & EASTERN UTTAR PRADESH. Can also receive more local advertisements. Circulation activities can be increased. Give more attention to dissatisfied and unhappy customers so that, they can become brand loyal. CENTRAL


Vast competition in publishing styles, techniques and procedures. Launching of other newspaper from different parts of Uttarakhand can make competition tough.



The study of individuals, groups, or organizations and the processes they use to select, secure, and dispose of products, services, experiences, or ideas to satisfy needs and the impacts that these processes have on the consumer and society. It blends elements from psychology, sociology, social anthropology and economics. It attempts to understand the buyer decision making process, both individually and in groups. It studies characteristics of individual consumers such as demographics and behavioural variables in an attempt to understand people's wants. It also tries to assess influences on the consumer from groups such as family, friends, reference groups, and society in general. Customer behaviour study is based on consumer buying behaviour, with the customer playing the three distinct roles of user, payer and buyer. Research has shown that consumer behaviour is difficult to predict, even for experts in the field. Relationship marketing is an influential asset for customer behaviour analysis as it has a keen interest in the re-discovery of the true meaning of marketing through the re-affirmation of the importance of the customer or buyer. A greater importance is also placed on consumer retention, customer relationship management, personalisation, customisation and one-to-one marketing. Social functions can be categorized into social choice and welfare functions. Each method for vote counting is assumed as social function but if Arrows possibility theorem is used for a social function, social welfare function is achieved. Some specifications of the social functions are decisiveness, neutrality, anonymity, monotonicity , unanimity, homogeneity and weak and strong Pareto optimality. No social choice function meets these requirements in an ordinal scale simultaneously. The most important characteristic of a social function is identification of the interactive effect of alternatives and creating a logical relation with the ranks. Marketing provides services in order to satisfy customers. With that in mind, the productive system is considered from its beginning at the production level, to the end of the cycle, the consumer.



The job of marketer is to meet and satisfy target customers needs and wants but knowing customer" is not a simple task. Understanding the buying behaviour of the target market for its company products is the essential task for the marketing dept. The job of the marketers is to think customer and to guide the company into developing offers, which are meaningful and attractive to target customers and creating solutions that deliver satisfaction to the customers, profits to customer and benefits to the stakeholders.

CONSUMER BUYING ROLES In the consumer buying there are different buying roles; i.e. Initiator: -- A Person who first suggest the idea of buying. Influencer: - A Person who influence the buying decision. Decider: - A Person who takes decisions regarding buying Buyer: - A Person who actually buys the products. User: - A Person who is the user of the product.



There is a great difference between the purchasing of a computer and a car. Buying decisions making varies with the type of buying decision. The types of buying behavior divided are separately divided as per of consumer and business buying. TYPES OF CONSUMER BUYING BEHAVIOR This is to be extensively divided in four types: 1. Complex Buying Behavior: -- when the consumer are highly involved in the purchase and aware of significant differences among brands. 2. Dissonance Reducing Buying Behavior: -- when the consumer are highly involved in the purchase but sees little differences among brands. 3. Habitual Buying Behavior: -- when the consumer are low involved in the purchase but sees absence of aware of differences among brands. 4. Variety Seeking Buying Behavior: -- when the consumer are low involved in the purchase but sees significant of differences among brands.


Buyer decision processes

Buyer decision processes are the decision making processes undertaken by consumers in regard to a potential market transaction before, during, and after the purchase of a product or service. More generally, decision making is the cognitive process of selecting a course of action from among multiple alternatives. Common examples include shopping and deciding what to eat. Decision making is said to be a psychological construct. This means that although we can never "see" a decision, we can infer from observable behaviour that a decision has been made. Therefore we conclude that a psychological event that we call "decision making" has occurred. It is a construction that imputes commitment to action. That is, based on observable actions, we assume that people have made a commitment to effect the action. In general there are three ways of analysing consumer buying decisions. They are:

Economic models - These models are largely quantitative and are based on the assumptions of rationality and near perfect knowledge. The consumer is seen to maximize their utility. See consumer theory. Game theory can also be used in some circumstances.

Psychological models - These models concentrate on psychological and cognitive processes such as motivation and need recognition. They are qualitative rather than quantitative and build on sociological factors like cultural influences and family influences.

Consumer behaviour models - These are practical models used by marketers. They typically blend both economic and psychological models.

There are 5 stages which a consumer often goes through when he/she around their Purchase. These stages also exist because of normal human psychology. These 5 stages are :

Problem/Need Recognition- This is in general the first stage in which the consumer recognizes that what essentially is the problem or need and hence accordingly a consumer can identify the product or kind of product which would be required by the consumer. Page text.[1]

Information Search- In information search, the consumer searches about the product which would satisfy the need which has been recognized by the consumer in the stage previous to this one.[1] Evaluation of Alternatives - In this stage, the consumer evaluates the different alternatives which the consumer comes across, when the consumer was searching for information. Generally in the information search the consumer comes across quite a few products and thus now the consumer has to evaluate and understand which product would be properly suited for the consumer.[1]

Purchase-After the consumer has evaluated all the options and would be having the intention to buy any product, there could be now only two things which might just change the decision of the 37

consumer of buying the product that is what the other peers of the consumer think of the product and any unforeseen circumstances. Unforeseen circumstances for example in this case could be financial losses which led to not buying of the product.[1]

Post Purchase Behavior-After the purchase the consumer might just go through post purchase dissonance in which the consumer feels that buying the other product would be better. But a company should really take care of it, taking care of post purchase dissonance doesn't only spread good words for the product but also increases the chance of frequent repurchase.[1]

Nobel laureate Herbert A. Simon sees economic decision making as a vain attempt to be rational. He claims (in 1947 and 1957) that if a complete analysis is to be done, a decision will be immensely complex. He also says that peoples' information processing ability is very limited. The assumption of a perfectly rational economic actor is unrealistic. Often we are influenced by emotional and non-rational considerations. When we try to be rational we are at best only partially successful.



A research is a careful investigation or enquiry, especially through search for new facts in any branch of knowledge. It is a systemized effort to gain more knowledge. Research methodology is a way to systematically solve the research problem. It includes not only the research methods, but also the logic behind the methods The methods of research used in this project were as follows:Analytical Research Applied Research ANALYTICAL RESEARCH In analytical research the researcher has to use the facts already available, and analyse these to make the critical evaluation of the material. In this project I have used many raw data from the various sources and analysed it for underlying trends. APPLIED RESEARCH Applied Research aims at finding a solution for an immediate problem. Research aimed at certain conclusions (say a solution)facing a concrete social or business problem is an example of applied research. Thus the central aim of applied research is to find a solution for some pressing practical problem. In this project, in the last section, by means of assumptions I have found the feasibility of a project that organization means to undertake. the analysis of the trends followed by the mutual funds was ANALYTICAL RESEARCH.

OBJECTIVE OF RESEAECH METHODOLOGY It intends, verifies or correct knowledge. It enables us to have a better understanding of the world. It aids in purposive planning. Research initiates, formulates, deflects and clarifies theories. METHODS OF DATA COLLECTION Data is primarily of two kinds. 1.Primary data. INTERVIEWING It is the most commonly used method of data collection. It is is two ways purposive communication between interviewer and the respondent aimed at obtaining and recording information pertinent to the subject matter of the study. 2.Secondary data Secondary data may be defined as a data that has been collected earlier for some purpose Other than the purpose of the present study. any data that is available to the prior commencement of the research project is secondary data and it is called historic data. USES OF SECONDARY DATA It acts as a reference for the present study. The secondary data can be the useful benchmark on which the finding of the study can be tasted.


At times it may be the only source of data. SOURCES OF SECONDARY DATA 1.Published sources 2.Unpublishedsource

DATA COLLECTION METHODS CAN BE CLASSIFIED AS FOLLOWS Observations Interviewing Experimentation Simulations Projective techniques IN THIS PROJECTS THE TWO METHODS OF COLLECTION WERE USED 1.Interviewing 2.Published source of data in the form of fact sheets RESEARCH DESIGN Type of Research-Descriptive Nature of Research-Quantitative Type of Question-Closed Ended Type of Questionnaire-Structured Type of Analysis-Statistical Analysis

Analysis and Interpretation

1. Which newspaper do you read?

Newspaper Percentage of respondent



Amar ujala






45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Dainik jagran Amar ujala Hindustan Other Percentage of respondent

Interpretation 30%respondent for Dainik jagran,40%forAmarujala,20%hindustan,10%for other


Q2.No. of Respondent
Gender Male Female Percentage of respondent 60 40

Percentage of respondent
70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Male Female Percentage of respondent

INTERPRETATION 60% respondent male and 40% is female


Q. 3. Do the Amar Ujala content have a good printing quality ?

Quality yes N0 Percentage of respondent 40 60

Percentage of respondent
70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 yes N0 Percentage of respondent

INTERPRETATION 40% respondent agree and 60%disagree


Q4 How long you are buying Amar Ujala?

No of years Less than 6 months 6 month to 1 year 1 year to 3 year 3 year to above

Percentage of respondent 10 18 39 33

Percentage of respondent
45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Less than 6 6 month to 1 year to 3 3 year to months 1 year year above Percentage of respondent


Q5If there is a nice newspaper with good design with good quality but it is a new brand you never heard about it, will you buy it? Subscriber Yes No Percentage of respondent 44 56

Percentage of respondent
60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Yes No Percentage of respondent


Q6 Does Amar Ujala have sufficient information ?


100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 YES NO % OF RESPONDENT


Q7. Who take decision to subscribe newspaper in your family ?


45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0



Q8. Most preferred advertisements category

Advertisement CLASSIFIED DISPLAY FINANCIAL POLITICAL Percentage of respondent 45 15 25 15

Percentage of respondent

Percentage of respondent


Q9. Is it easily available to you?

Customer Yes No Percentage of respondent 97 3

Percentage of respondent
80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Yes No Percentage of respondent



Q10 Are you satisfied with the price of newspaper?

Customer Yes No Percentage of respondent 92 8

Percentage of respondent
100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Yes No

Percentage of respondent


Q11.Are you satisfied with schemes/offer provided?

Customer Percentage of respondent





Percentage of respondent
90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Yes No Percentage of respondent


Q12.If your friend recommends you to buy a new newspaper, Will you buy?
Friend Yes No Percentage of respondent 70 30

Percentage of respondent
80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Yes No Percentage of respondent


From the above data analysis and interpretation, following observations can be made:

Amar Ujala is the most preferred newspaper and dominates in the market. While subscribing a newspaper the customer lay much emphasis on the quality of newspaper than any other feature. Majority of customers are brand loyal and they do not change their preferences easily. Once a paper is subscribed in their family they prefer to continue for years to come. Supplements play a vital role in making preference towards a newspaper and the most preferred supplement is that of films.

news at the first instance than any other news in a local newspaper. give much emphasis on educational message which will be helpful in developing the minds of the people of our country.

of pages and price of the newspaper. They also dont like ads contained in the newspaper especially the lottery section.

to its vast coverage it has been found that the best way for sales promotion is by giving the ads on T.V.



First Amar Ujala has to establish its image as an unbiased neutral newspaper hence to overcome the political differences faced by it. Should increase news about new marketing strategies. Should increase news about Technological development. Company should give gifts like T-shirts, begs, caps etc. to the daily Amar Ujala readers and subscribers to promote its sales. The newspaper should have to increase international news so that customers wont move towards English newspaper. scientific inventions.


In the Statutory Supplement i.e. of films a new column should be added that provide information about top ten Hindi film songs and top ten films.

More information regarding style and patterns of recent modelling and fashion. The editorial section should be impressive. Sale and purchase news such as classified should be more. Articles on customer queries regarding legal issues and help should be included The information of the different cities should be included in the newspaper like monuments and major personalities of the city. Most respondents demand for employment and career related information. List of general household items, services and goods and their availability in the city should be published on regular weekly basis along with price range.

Should increase news about Medical development. In the newspaper various results of Engineering, Medical exams different U.P.S.C. exams should be provided to increase its demand. newspaper should give the advertisements on T.V. from the channel of uttrakhand in between various entertainment programs because it covers whole area of Uttar Pradesh and also costs lower than the national channel. Should give news about the history of the day. Should increase news about career opportunities. A separate column should be there in the newspaper where continued stories with pictures shall be printed so that interest can be generated to children like Phantom, Garth, Tarzan etc. The company should launch various type of competition from time to time to increase its sales.

In the inferior places where the newspapers could not reach on the same day should reach there on next day at low price. urs and gossips should be avoided and news must not seem to be biased and prejudiced. The first page of the newspaper should be designed in an attractive way than other newspapers by using picture sand columns so that the customers who are buying news paper from the book stalls can be impressed from its first sight. The company should have to make more efforts to create awareness about its four supplements in the inferior areas of cities so that people who do not subscribe Amar Ujala may come to know about the features covered by these supplements .It may lead them to change their preferences. Besides the suggestions mentioned above some respondent shave also suggested to add up some new features for their subscribed newspaper, which can be discussed as follows:


Problems related with welfare of society and corruption and their solution be given. Children and young generation column should be added. Hindi used in a newspaper should be easy so that it can be under stood by everyone. The newspapers should always stimuli ideas and add more place in columns for social development in all spheres of Indian society in the form of poems, comments and articles irrespective of their status. Sometimes news is printed in different manner to fill the space. This should be avoided because this will deteriorate the image of the newspaper in the eyes of the readers. Due to several adverse circumstances one may feel a lot of ailments. Therefore wide coverage is certain to benefit of maximum number of readers. Weekly in the newspaper the interviews of the famous personalities of the city and their views and opinion should be printed so that an idea can

be generated which will be helpful in the development of the city. Should not charge extra price for supplement. From the above report it can be concluded that Amar Ujala is the dominating newspaper in western parts of Uttar Pradesh and by taking above mentioned suggestions from respondents it can enhance its dominance in Eastern and northern part of Uttar Pradesh also .Amar Ujala had already given much emphasis on some points but other points should also be considered and relevant features should be included in the newspaper.



First Amar Ujala has to establish its image as an unbiased neutral newspaper hence to overcome the political differences faced by it.

Majority of customers are brand loyal and they do not change their preferences easily. Once a paper is subscribed in their family they prefer to continue for years to come.

As the modern age is the age of competition the newspaper should release a new supplement in which the relevant information regarding employment should be contained for e.g. carriers in Hindustan Times, Ascent in Times of India.


C.R. Kothari Philip kotler

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