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Push-Pull Factors" Please respond to the following:

Modern technological innovations, such as faster transportation and communication speeds, are helping to control migration to urban areas. Select a city of your choice and describe how push-pull factors affect the growth of the city.

Predict how the push-pull factors will play out in the next 10 years.

Answer There are a large number of social, political, economic reasons because of which people emigrate and leave their own city to go to a better place. The push factors are those factors which are associated with the area of the origin and whereas the pull factors are those which have been associated with the areas of the destination. The most important reason due to which the migration happens is the economic factor and it affects the economy of both the cities- the rural and the urban ones. These economic factors include the overpopulation and also the absence of the economic opportunity. Whereas the social and the physical reasons generally arise due to forced migration for example the fleeing of the people of Jews. In the coming years the people of India are willing to go more into the abroad countries since India is a developing country and the economic pull of the foreign countries is very good as compared to India and thus people are willing to go there for a better life.

"Urban Growth" Please respond to the following:

List the problems associated with unplanned urban growth in your city.

If you were a decision maker, which problem would you tackle first?

Give reasons for your priorities and describe how they will impact urban growth. Answer Urbanization refers to the changes in the economic, political and the social structures of a region and the rapid urban growth is actually responsible for many of the environmental, social changes in the environment and also its affects are strongly related to many factors. Since the government of the state has less money to spend on the basic upkeep of the cities, the cities have now become areas in which there is huge sprawling with serious poverty and environmental problems. I would first tackle the problem of poverty. I will tackle poverty since because of urbanization, it will impact the poor even more and if steps are not taken on time to combat it, it can widen the gap even further thus impacting the urban growth.

Q3 "Urban Decay" Please respond to the following:

Development of inner city areas is crucial for slowing down urban decay. Discuss how some large cities in the United States, such as New York, are working to stop urban decay.Choose whatever city you desire to answer above questions Please provide a short synopsis small paragraph for each issue thanks.

Answer Urban decay is the decline of the town or the city neighborhood when the demographics and the economy changes. And in the United States the government had started the policy of urban renewal and the building of large scale housing projects for the poor people and thus the renewal had demolished the entire neighborhood in a number of cities which caused an urban decay. Also in 1970 the state housing project had been totally demolished and destroyed and then rebuilt in an urban European style with retail and commercial parts too.