Revised News Release: Award Recipients’ Names Listed on Page Two

News Release #13-008 (Revised) May 10, 2013

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Watertown, New York ----- As part of its National Nurses’ Week celebration activities, Samaritan Medical Center and its Medical Staff hosted a reception and award presentation to recognize outstanding achievements by nursing professionals. Physicians, employees and Trustees from Samaritan were invited to nominate nurses based on their outstanding contributions to the professional practice of nursing in the areas of: quality and safety, education and mentorship, leadership, excellence in nursing practice, innovation/leading change, and Rookie of the Year. “We have an incredibly gifted, committed, wonderful nursing staff at Samaritan, and National Nurses’ Week seemed like the ideal time to celebrate their service to our patients and residents,” states Dr. Collins Kellogg, Jr., Internal Medicine, SMC Department of Medicine. “As physicians, we work side by side with our nurses and witness their dedication each day. Any opportunity to strengthen fellowship and teamwork among doctors and nurses will ultimately be to the benefit of our patients.” A total of 63 nurses were nominated for awards in six different categories. Eight nurses were chosen by the selection committee as the 2013 recipients. The award categories are as follows (award descriptions on next page): Leadership Award Education & Mentorship Innovation & Leading Change Quality & Safety Excellence in Nursing Practice (SMC, SKH, Family Health Centers) Rookie of the Year The 2013 recipients were announced at an awards reception on Thursday, May 9th at Samaritan Summit Village. ###

2013 Nurse Recognition Award Recipients
Leadership Award – One who consistently promotes the mission and vision of Samaritan; demonstrates commitment to organizational goals, priorities and strategies; promotes a culture in which employees are positive, challenged and involved; works collaboratively with other departments within the organization, and; positively promotes Samaritan within the community. Recipient: Bonnie Trudeau, RN, Oncology Nurse Navigator, 22 Years Education & Mentorship – One who actively shapes and promotes the career of a nurse; participates in mentorship of students or orientation of new graduates, nurses, nursing assistants, and other members of the healthcare team in supporting the provision of exceptional patient care; role models behaviors of exemplary nursing practice in an effort to improve patient care, and; advances own professional development and encourages peers. Recipient: Gerald Chamberlain, RN, Progressive Care Unit, 22 Years Innovation & Leading Change – One who participates in advocacy for change of policy/procedure/standard on an organizational or unit level; introduces innovative ideas in patient care; is viewed as a formal or informal leader by staff; actively participates in the successful implementation of a new program/procedures, and; works collaboratively with other departments within the organization. Recipient: Jeff Jones, RN,23 Years Quality & Safety – One who leads and encourages shared decision-making when dealing with issues of quality, cost and patients/staff satisfaction; promotes patients and staff safety first in all activities, and; demonstrates a strong sense of inquiry and participates in/promotes evidence-based nursing practice and quality outcomes. Recipient: Theresa Quintin, RN, Healthcare Resource Management, 35 Years Excellence in Nursing Practice (SMC, SKH, Family Health Centers) – One who provides direct patient care at least 50% of the time; promotes flexibility and adaptability to situations; provides a positive work environment; serves as a role model to staff; utilizes current research and professional literature in practice; promotes change in the healthcare environment for improvement of healthcare; collaborates with nursing colleagues and other health-related professionals to facilitate quality care, and; promotes a professional image of nursing. Recipients: Bobbie Bragger, RN, 5-Pratt Medical/Surgical Unit, 40 Years Karen Jobson, RN, Emergency Department, 22 Years Ann Millard, RN, SKH 5th Floor, 22 Years Rookie of the Year - Rookie of the Year – One who has entered into practice within the past two years; consistently demonstrates excellence in his/her professional practice as a new nurse; demonstrates responsibility for own professional development, and; displays strong interpersonal relationships and communication skills. Recipient: Wendy Casler, RN, Inpatient Mental Health, 2 Years

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