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Spelling Activities

Term 2, 2013 The following activities are to be completed for homework each week. All students must complete the activities using their own list words. Remember each week there is a different activity.

Week 1 2 3 4


Activities Alphabetical Order Place the list words in alphabetical order. This will help with your dictionary skills. Synonyms Choose ten of your spelling words and write at least one synonym for each. Try not to use the thesaurus, choose words you know and understand. Extra Words Look at your spelling list carefully and see if you can find another word within the word. For e.g. Wheat heat eat. Sentences Choose six spelling words and write an interesting sentence. Try not to start your sentence with I or My. Game Time Write out your whole spelling list twice on separate pieces of paper for each word. Make sure you cut out each paper the same size. Then play memory, go fish or snap with a parent, sibling or friend. Dictionary Meanings Find five words from your list and write out the definitions of these words using a dictionary. Try to find words that you are unfamiliar with or unsure of their meaning. Complex Sentences Write out five sentences using your spelling words however include more than one list word in your sentence. Challenge yourself and see if you can write an interesting sentence using 4 list words in the one sentence. Missing Vowels Choose ten of your spelling words and write them without the vowels. See if you can recognize the words without the vowels. Remember vowels are a, e, i, o, and u. Grammar Draw up a table with three columns and eleven rows. In each column write verb, noun and adjective. Place the first ten spelling words in the correct column. If you are unsure what a verb, noun or adjective is, look it up in the dictionary. Game Time Using all your spelling words, create a crossword. Make sure you have the clues written on the side of your spelling book.

Spelling List
Stage 3, Term 2, Week 6 Group 1 Fern Bird Hurt Herd Worm Fir Learn Them Group 2 nurse herb pearl work learner turtle heard doctor Group 3 furnish thirty stirred stern country search Italy holiday Extension confer persevere passport luggage communications emergency location affirmative

Stage 3, Term 2, Week 6 Monday X 3 6 9 8 3 9 7 4 12 5 11 2 10 1 6

Tuesday X 3 6 9 4 7 12 5 10 3 1 6 9 8 11 2

Wednesday X 3 6 9 5 11 2 7 9 12 4 1 6 3 10

Thursday Write out your 3, 6 and 9 timetables in order from 0-12. Time yourself. 3x 6x 9x




Homework Grid Term 2

Reading (each night) Choose your favourite book. Read out loud to a family member Look up words in the dictionary that you are unfamiliar with. Budgeting Pretend you have a $20 budget to make a meal for the family Cut out supermarket advertisements that come to under $20.00 Housework Clean out your sock draw Clean out under your bed Place your dirty clothes in the washing machine then hang them on the clothes line

Physical Activity Play backyard tennis with a friend or sibling Play backyard cricket with the family Practice catches or kicks with mum or dad.

Weekend sport See if you can identity 3 things that helped your team do well. Work out 3 things that your team can improve on

Current events Watch the news or read the newspaper and discuss what you heard to the class Write it down so you dont forget

Cooking Write out a recipe for an easy meal or dessert and upload it to your student page on weebly. You can also include photos.

Computer Practice typing on your computer. You can type out your news piece on a word document.

Dance/gymnastics Listen to your favourite song and work out a quick dance routine. You can work with a friend if you like