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My wife was sobbing in bed.

Last night, as I was sinking into sleep my dear wife Heidi began to cry. Then her cries
turned to sobs. I asked her what was wrong as I found something for her to wipe her

I thought I knew what she was crying about. She learned a couple days ago that she is not
pregnant and she was so hoping that she was.

But that was not it.

I thought it might be the pain of her current illness. (She had literally fainted from pain
yesterday morning).

But that was not it.

When she told me I realized I would never have guessed the cause. You see, on Sabbath I
had preached a sermon on the proper use of the imagination. And I had let Heidi study the
sermon notes (always much more informative than the sermon itself).

Last evening she practiced what she had heard and read. She imagined Jesus coming
back. She imagined the joy of meeting Him. She imagined seeing many of her loved ones
in heaven.

Then she saw Jesus. And He had something to say to her,

"Heidi, I always knew you were going to make it."

And when He said it, He did so (in Heidi's imagination) with the same love and
tenderness that Jesus had in his expression when looking at Peter in the judgment hall.

It broke her heart.

And that is why she was sobbing. She was overwhelmed by the kindness of her Savior.

I slept well. Amen.


The Prophet Gene Prewitt; Beautiful Youth; The Covenants; The Epistle: What a

Last Sabbath Eugene Prewitt shared with Heidi and another man some revelations,
dreams, and visions. These he sincerely believes are from heaven and are revelations of
impending judgments on America. What has been revealed to him and his friends? (I am
not making this up)

December 14, 2008 Nuclear strike against US (not by Al Qaeda, but by

Russia). Four nuclear missiles hit mainland US. First detonates in Lexington, KY. Bush's
missile-defense system successfully repels six of ten warheads.
Unknown near future: 10 – 20 ft tsunami strikes Vancouver.
2000+ ft tsunami overthrows Seattle and coastal
Washington (and many miles inland)
Solemn earthquakes strike Chicago and Spokane

Now I should add that this prophet Eugene Prewitt is not the one pictured on this blog
page. Earlier this year I did a Google-search for my own name. I found a man with my
name that lived in Colville WA and decided to try to visit him. Last Sabbath Heidi and I
borrowed a car from Tony and Sylvia Evert and drove 45 minutes to his home.

You will be hard-pressed to find such a sincere man elsewhere. He has donated his own
property and home to a prophet-friend of his. He and his wife Laura are as sweet and
hospitable a couple as you could meet. They are in their 70's, but do not look it.

While in their home we discussed how to tell a true prophet from a false one. We will
continue that line of study later. Pray for both Eugene Prewitts. And regardless of whether
you share the man's confidence in above mentioned visions—GET OUT OF THE BIG
CITIES. That counsel was given by a prophet we have had time to test. She indicated that
judgments will be coming on America's big cities—and on the sea-port cities in

During the last two weeks Heidi and I have made the acquaintance of several more
members of the 144,000. We don't know which youth will be part of that special core of
faithful souls, but we are sure that some of the ones we have met among the Young
Disciple Counselors and among the canvassers in Georgia will qualify.

One church in England has split—with a large number of persons leaving the Seventh-
day Adventist Church over a changed understanding of the Old and New Covenants.

Do you understand the covenants? I am studying them now…the document I am writing

as part of my own study is over 20 pages long…and I am learning SO much. Should I
give a peek into what lies ahead?

Well, I won't be joining the Englanders in their exit strategy. The New Covenant requires
the development of a church just like the SDA church in belief structure. But there are
exciting and fascinating facts waiting to be unearthed in regard to the covenants. Did you
know that the covenant made with Abraham was the New Covenant? Why aren't we

Ask me for a shorter version of the study and I will send it to you.
What about Epistles? I have received several precious notes and letters lately from
faithful friends of yesteryear. (Joe Kim, if you read this far, thank you for your note.
Heidi and I look forward to spending time with you somewhere this side of glory)

And Heidi and I wrote an epistle to our precious Arkadelphia church-plant family. We
detailed the blessings and power that have attended the giving of the everlasting gospel in
our travels this summer.

They wept. That is what Ms. Veronica Jenkins said in her letter of reply. Church's are still
touched to hear of the missionary journeys of their own flesh and blood. Maybe you
should write an epistle.

Be faithful,