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World Zomi Congress Condemns Myanmar, China Exploiting Natural Resources in Zogam

World Zomi Congress (WZC) executive committee meeting held on Sunday, 04/28/2013 strongly condemns the partnership between Myanmar's quasi-military regime and communist China mining nickel deposits in Zogam, currently known as Chin State of north-west Myanmar.
According to the 1947 Panglong Agreement 2, 5, and 7, including defense and foreign affairs of Zogam is to be in the hands of the Zomi, the indigenous people of Zogam (Chin State) and not the parliament of Myanmar. The said Agreement empowers the Zomi to govern themselves and look after their own internal and external affairs. Also, the UN Declaration on The Rights of Indigenous People, Article 25-27 re-affirms the rights of indigenous people on land and land use.

Therefore, the indigenous people called Zomi cannot allow and accept the Myanmar and China, or any private corporation to mine and export the nickel deposits found on Gullu Mual (or any other natural resources found within Zogam for that matter) until and unless the Zomi can enjoy their democratic rights and have a say in the affairs directly or indirectly concerning their land and its natural resources.
We, herewith, call the immediate stopping of the Gullu Project exploiting the natural resources of Zogam and therefore, exploiting the Zomi indigenous people. World Zomi Congress will endeavor to fight against this evil collaboration with the help of the Zomi indigenous communities with all peaceful means available under international law. World Zomi Congress also calls on the international community to safeguard the rights of the Zomi indigenous people of Myanmar who have long been suffering religious persecution, economic exploitation and political exclusion. For and on behalf of the Zomi indigenous people, Executive Committee, World Zomi Congress, Zogam. Contact: Pu Zo Khup - +1 (330) 745 4538; Pu Zogam Mang - +1 (808) 799 2460