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Guided Tour of Kamakura

Ocean, History, Natural Beauty - Kamakura has it all. Only 1 hour and 15 minutes away from ICS, this historical city is a must see for anyone in Japan (though I myself havent been yet x.x). Not only will you be exposed to a wonderful seaside environment ~ one of my friends who is an Image of Buddha enthusiast has agreed to show us around and teach us about it all! When: Term 3 or 4 (when weather is better) What: A guided tour of Kamakura & Lunch How Many: Up to four people. Not Included: Train-fare to meeting place (Itll be Campus though, so should be free) not included.

Fair Price: 4,ooo yen per person Offered By: Ariel

Source: Bugbog, http://www.bugbog.com/exotic_places/japan-travel-guide/kamakura-japan.html, accessed 10/29/2012

Prof. Kanno's Meal Series (1): Power Breakfast

Hiroshi Kanno
Effective business people do not waste time -- they breakfast! Prof. Hiroshi Kanno, ExManagement consultant and power-breakfaster, will take you to his favorite breakfast restaurant
You must be: An early bird who can catch the worm (i.e. eat breakfast) at 7:00 AM! Dressed appropriately for a power breakfast: in a suit Available dates: Anytime Limit: 4 Students Transportation not included

Estimated Value: 4,000 yen per person

Yamanashi Winery Tour

Have you ever tried Japanese local wine? None? Awful? Very likely. Japan is not a suitable place to grow grapes for wine. Even so, there are many dedicated wine makers who make amazing eorts to produce good wine. Join Shingos winery visits see their passions!. We will enjoy great wine and great spring landscape. Estimated value: 13,000yen Transportation, lunch and visits to three local wineries are included. Limit: 3 students.

Shingo Oue

.Day trip to Nagano .One-on-one or two-on-one lesson for beginners, depends on what you want .Most importantly, onsen after the pain! .Snowboard and boots can be rented .Bring your own clothing gear
Whistler, BC


Enjoy snowtanning!!

Date: TBD
Price includes a free personal lesson for the entire day, we will practise until you can stand or do more that, but be prepared to get bruises. free lunch! Excludes round trip train fare to nagano, lift ticket, rental gears, snow-wear. Max no. of participants: 2 Price: / per pax Auctioned by: Tom

Making a parody video of Gangnam Style in ICS

Alex Hong
The highest bidder will be Psy. Other bidders will be support dancing with Psy. If allowed by the ICS faculty, the resulting parody video will be posted in Youtube and also in various Korean internet communities. The purpose of this auction is 1) to have fun 2) and to promote our school to the world.

Estimated Value: 1000 Yen

Total time required : 1 day for lming When to lm : When we have time # of Participants : Up to 5 people

Spa or Fitness & Dinner at Park Hyatt

Kaz Ichijo

Enjoy Spa or Fitness (exercise) at Club on the Park at Park Hyatt Hotel, a cool 5-star hotel in Tokyo. Then have dinner at Girandole, a very delicious restaurant at the hotel; good food and wine with a spectacular view of downtown Tokyo! Available dates: Sometime in 2013 Limit: 2 Students Market Value: 20,000 yen per person

After Final Exam: NAMIE AMURO () In Concert

Hiroshi Kanno

Estimated value: 7,800 Yen/Person

Want to release stress and go wild right after your nal exams? Enjoy the Queen of Japanese Pop NAMIE AMURO (), live in concert. Tickets to her concerts always sell out within 10 minutes! When: Thursday Dec 20 or Friday Dec 21 (TBA) - Final exams end on Wed Dec 19 - Doors open: 4:00 PM -Concert Starts: 6:00 PM Where: Tokyo Dome - Approx. 10 minutes from ICS Transportation not included One person to bid for 3 tickets

TV Broadcasting Station Tour Sponsored by: Ken Yoshida

A major TV station studio (probably Nippon Television Network) Site tour at News Room and Variety Program Production Studio. High possibility to see celebrities but no guarantee After, Drinking at Shimbash ( Disney Land of a Japanese salary-man) Expected time: Early December Estimated Value: 3000 Yen

Two Nights stay at 5-Star Hotel in the heart of Tokyo Live like a (or next to the) King! Roll out of bed at 9:15 AND still make it to class on time! Special surprise in room.
When: Nov 20-21 Auctioned to 1 person, allowed to invite as many as the school allows to stay in 1 room for the period. Estimated Value: Priceless! You cannot value tacit knowledge creation! Pretty stella is less than 5 meters away! (1500 yen) Offered by: Alex (Siu)

Experiencing Korean Drinking-Culture for Businessmen Lee Have a great time with Korea food and beverage. You can learn how to make Korean Bomb Shots and also test your Durability
Date: 11/16(Fri), After Class Place: Korean Restaurant in Shiokubo (+@) [Date and Place negotiable] Warning: 1. Please check your physical condition before participation. 2. Dont try this at home.

Value: 3,500 yen per-person

Eric, Cheenu, Nanako

Visit a museum of one of the most impressive Japanese inventions Cupnoodles !!! (Children may also join!) Also explore the coasts and parks of Sakuragicho in the cherry blossom season!
Date: TBD - Cherry blossom season
(Mar-April 2013) Includes: Entrance fee for Museum
& Lunch No. of participants: 3-4

Estimated value: 2,500 yen/ person

Lunch on a sunny afternoon in Kamakura, shopping, a visit to the bamboo temple, other temples, and walk around the beaches Elly Inada
Join Elly for lovely lunch on a memorable sunny day in Kamakura Walk around alleys of Komachi street where you nd the best-kept secret hideaways of small authentic Japanese stores Shopping Visit Houkokuji (Bamboo Temple), enjoy green tea and the scenery, visit to other and other temples/shrines Walk around the beaches As an option, for those who would like to go out for dinner after the site seeing Elly will take you to an authentic German restaurant and enjoy some beer!

http://www.mapple.net/photos/ H0000026074.htm

Estimated Value: \3000

Includes: Lunch in Kamakura, and entrance fee for entering the Bamboo Temple Date: TBD, any sunny day Limit: 3-5 students

Prof. Kanno's Meal Series (2): Dinner at Ryotei

Hiroshi Kanno

What to be a power player?

Important business decisions are not made at the ofce, but at discrete traditional Japanese RYOTEI ( Experience ne cuisine and discuss some serious business (?!)
Requirements: you must look the part in "power" business attire forget all you know about operations management. you are NOT allowed to discuss it. Available Dates: Anytime Limit: 5 Students Transportation not included

Estimated value: 30,000 per person

An Antique Style Korean Butterfly Chest

An adorable green handmade antique style chest

approx. 70cm*50cm*30cm