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inner faculties of man to the category of supernaturalism and mystery. Today this sham and prejudice are abolished.

People welcome truth with open arms. These unique truths, which had to he concealed and well guarded in the age of darkness, are now brought to light by the Rosicrucians, a world' wide fraternity of thinking men and women. Let them tell you about these rational laws of the universe, and how you may use them to expand your life.

Live a Thousand Lives

in O n e L ife tim e

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A Mental Time Machine

you l i k e to see events that took place centuries ago? Would you like to witness the outeome of certain events still to come? Would you like to watch distant events hap' pening at this moment? The mythical time machine which takes men backward or forward in time may never be a reality but within the province of man's own mind is the ability to witness events of the dis' tant past, and of the remte future. You have heard of people who have been transported back through time and who w*it' nessed past events with infinite detail. Many re' ports have been recorded of people who have had momentary flashes of events happening at the sam e m om ent thousands of miles away. It is no longer a strange or rare thing to hear of events yet to com e predicted with unerring accuracy.


The Future is NOW

Past, present, and future are all simply man' made divisions of the period during w'hich he is conscious. They are divisions of the duration of consciousness. In actuality they do not exist; there is always, only, the ever'present. Thus traveling into the past or into the future is not a matter of going anywhere in space or time. It is merely a process of tuning in, as it were, to those already existing elements of life of which we are unaware at the moment. You can extend your consciousness so that you can become a Citizen o f the universe. Your conscious nund does not need to be confined to just

the happenings of the short span of years in which you live, from the eradle to the grave. It can reach out into the past and incorprate into your present life the experiences of events that occurred centuries ago. Around you revolve myriad Cosmic forces and energies. Extending from you in every d i r e C ' tion your senses reach out to draw these pow' ers to the center of your being. Five of them seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting, and smelling are commonly known to you. However, to meas' ure all existence by them alone is like trying to judge a great orchestration by the notes played on a single instrument. From your mind radate other faculties of which you are not ordinarily aware. Only by their discovery and mastery can you increase your domain of intelligent living and accomplishment. Do not con fuse mere dreams with the faculty to extend your con' sciousness beyond the reaches of space and the borders of time. Your life is only as limited as you let fear and superstition make it.

Strange Phenom ena Explained

O n ce m en and wornen w ere reluctant to dis' cuss or admit strange phenomena in their lives. Experiences, happenings, and events which could not be explained by present knowledge were left untold unquestioned. Ignorance and prejudice ecclesiastical intolerances relegated the not' understood functions of the mind and of the