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A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary

John R. Clark Hall

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary

Table of Contents
A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary..................................................................................................................1 John R. Clark Hall...................................................................................................................................2 PREFACE TO THE SECOND EDITION ...............................................................................................5 LIST OF SIGNS AND ABBREVIATIONS WITH THEIR EXPLANATION......................................7 ADDITIONS AND CORRECTIONS...................................................................................................14 A .............................................................................................................................................................17 B.............................................................................................................................................................73 C...........................................................................................................................................................129 D ...........................................................................................................................................................161 E...........................................................................................................................................................182 F...........................................................................................................................................................212 G ...........................................................................................................................................................276 H ...........................................................................................................................................................308 I............................................................................................................................................................375 K ...........................................................................................................................................................385 L...........................................................................................................................................................386 M..........................................................................................................................................................414 N ...........................................................................................................................................................449 O ...........................................................................................................................................................466 P...........................................................................................................................................................496 Q ...........................................................................................................................................................504 R...........................................................................................................................................................505 S...........................................................................................................................................................523 T...........................................................................................................................................................611 ...........................................................................................................................................................642 U ...........................................................................................................................................................669 W..........................................................................................................................................................709 Y ...........................................................................................................................................................774

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary

John R. Clark Hall

Produced by Louise Hope, Zoran Stefanovic, the Germanic Lexicon Project, and the Online Distributed Proofreading Team.

[Transcriber's Note: This text is intended for users whose text readers cannot use the real (Unicode, UTF8) version of the file. Some compromises have been made, mainly in the spelling of Old English. Where possible, macrons (long marks) are shown with circumflex accents: Long is split up as , while long y is approximated with . (The dictionary rarely uses acute accents, and never for Old English.) The oe ligature (rare) is shown in brackets as [oe]. Greek words and letters (also rare) have been transliterated and are shown between +marks+. 2

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary The dagger and double dagger symbols have been replaced with and respectively; the + and symbols are as printed. Unless otherwise noted, words are spelled and alphabetized as in the original. The letter is alphabetized as ae. The letter (eth) is alphabetized separately after t. The letters j and v are not used; medial k occurs only once. When two words are otherwise identical, the one containing a macron is usually given second. Crossreferences are shown as printed. When there is an error or ambiguity, corrections are given in [[double brackets]] at the end of the entry or as a separate paragraph. Where possible, these standard wordings were used: under ms The referenced word is either a secondary entry or a parenthesized alternative spelling in the form ms (). headword spelled ms Minor difference, generally an added or omitted macron or a predictable vowel variation such as for . form of ms The referenced word is an inflected form. A few very common patterns such as adverbs in lce listed under adjectives in lic are not individually noted. redirected to ms The crossreferenced form leads to further crossreferences. To avoid empty crossreferences, a few entries, clearly identified, were restored from the first edition. In the original book, shorter entrieschiefly crossreferenceswere printed two or three to a line. They have been separated for this etext. All [single brackets], asterisks* and question marks? are in the original. In the body of the Dictionary, italics are shown conventionally with lines, while small capitals are marked as text. Boldface in headwords is unmarked; elsewhere it is shown as text. Superscript numerals (small superior figures") are shown with a caret; braces are used when necessary to avoid ambiguity. wron^1,2 strong verb, class 1 or 2 brnett (y^2) second syllable also spelled with y 234^1 page 234, line 1 Typographical errors are listed at the end of the etext. To avoid confusion with original brackets, anything added by the transcriber is shown in [[double brackets]]. The New English Dictionary (NED) is now known as the Oxford English Dictionary (OED).] ***** **** A CONCISE ANGLOSAXON DICTIONARY

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A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary All rights reserved

A CONCISE ANGLOSAXON DICTIONARY FOR THE USE OF STUDENTS by JOHN R. CLARK HALL, M.A., Ph.D. Second Edition Revised And Enlarged New York: The Macmillan Company 1916

Cambridge: Printed by John Clay, M.A. at the University Press

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary


The first edition of this dictionary having been exhausted, it has been extensively revised, and certain new features and alterations have been introduced into it. 1. The principle of arranging all words according to their actual spelling has been to a considerable extent abandoned. It was admittedly an unscientific one, and opened the door to a good many errors and inconsistencies. The head form in this edition may be either a normalised form or one which actually occurs. 2. Words beginning with ge have been distributed among the letters of the alphabet which follow that prefix, and the sign + has been employed instead of ge in order to make the break in alphabetical continuity as little apparent to the eye as possible. The sign has been used where a word occurs both with and without the prefix. 3. References to Cook's translation of Sievers' AngloSaxon Grammar , and to the Grammatical Introduction to Sweet's Reader have been taken out, as Wright's or Wyatt's Old English Grammar will have taken their place with most English students. 4. A new feature which, it is hoped, will prove widely useful, is the introduction of references to all, or nearly all, the headings in the New English Dictionary under which quotations from AngloSaxon texts are to be found. A vast mass of valuable information as to the etymology, meaning and occurrence of Old English words is contained in that Dictionary, but is to a very large extent overlooked because it is to be found under the head of words which are now obsolete, so that unless one happens to know what was the last form which they had in Middle English, one does not know how to get at it. This information will be made readily available by the references in the present work, which will form a practically complete index to the AngloSaxon material in the larger dictionary and will at the same time put the student on the track of interesting Middle English examples of the use of Old English words. Besides directing the reader (by means of quotation marks) to the heading in the New English Dictionary where the relevant matter may be found, an indication has been given of the texts from which quotations are made therein, when these do not exceed four or five[1]. [Footnote 1: As regards the letter W and some small parts of other letters which have not yet appeared in the NED, a reference has been given to its abridgement (The Concise Oxford Dictionary ).] 5. There have been many valuable contributions to AngloSaxon lexicography (by Napier, Swaen, Schltter, Frster, Wlfing and others) since the first edition of this Dictionary appeared, and these have been made use of, but (as before) unglossaried matter has not been systematically searched for words not hitherto recorded in AngloSaxon Dictionaries[2]. [Footnote 2: The part of the Supplement to 'BosworthToller' which has already appeared shows that Professor Toller is examining such matter with great care and thoroughness.] 6. The number of references to passages has been very largely increased. All words occurring only in poetical texts have been marked. If they occur more than once they bear the sign , if only once, a reference to the passage is generally given. If not they are marked . As regards prose texts, the rule has been only to give references to particular passages in the case of rare words,more especially +hapax legomena+. The references to AO, CP and which were given in the earlier edition have been retained, as a useful indication that the word occurs in Early West Saxon or Late West Saxon prose, as the case may be. 7. By various devices it has been found possible, while much increasing the amount of matter in the book, to add very slightly to the number of pages, and at the same time to reduce the number of columns on a page from three to two. Most of these devices are more or less mechanical, but one method of saving space may be mentioned. Certain compound words, descriptive of places, which, as far as I know, occur only in charters and 5

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary which may often be more correctly regarded as proper nouns, have not been separately inserted. Their meaning can however always be ascertained by referring to their components, and where the abbreviation Mdf is inserted the reader will understand that examples of words so compounded, or of the components, or of both, will be found in Birch's Cartularium Saxonicum, or in Earle's Land Charters, and that references to those examples are given in Middendorff's Altenglisches Flurnamenbuch. 8. In the List of Abbreviations, etc. at the commencement of the book, editions of texts which are furnished with a glossary have been specially indicated. J. R. C. H. January, 1916.

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary


Note 1. Where references are in italic type, quotations from the texts indicated will be found in the New English Dictionary, under the head of the English word which is distinguished in the article by quotation marks (see Preface). In references to special passages volumes have been marked off from pages by an inverted full stop, and lines or verses have been shown, where they follow other numerals, by small superior figures. Occasionally where lines have not been given, the mark has been inserted to show that the quotation is in the lower half of a page. Note 2. In the following list the number (1) after an edition of a text indicates that the edition is supplied with a complete referenced glossary or wordindex, (2) that it has a complete glossary, but without references and (3) that it has a partial glossary or wordindex. Note 3. Some of the abbreviations given below are used in combination. Examples: MtLR the Lindisfarne and Rushworth MSS of St Matthew; BJPs the Bosworth and the Junius Psalters; asf. accusative singular feminine. EK Early Kentish. ' ' Quotation marks are used to enclose the English words which should be looked up in the NED in order to find etymological information as to, and examples of the use of, the AngloSaxon words to which the articles in this Dictionary relate, see Note 1 above. If they enclose Latin words, they indicate the lemmata of AngloSaxon words in glosses or glossaries etc., or the Latin equivalent of such words in the Latin texts from which they are translated. The Latin is especially so given when the Ags. word seems to be merely a blindly mechanical and literal equivalent. * is prefixed or affixed to hypothetical forms. Normalised forms of Ags. words which actually exist are not usually so marked. See Note 1 above. + ge. indicates that the Ags. word to which it is prefixed is found both with and without the prefix ge. occurs in poetical texts only. occurs in a poetical text, and once only. This sign is used to indicate that the words which it follows, and its compounds, are to be found in the Dictionary under the heading given after it, thus meht==miht is equivalent to meht miht and meht miht. a. accusative. A Anglian, or, if followed by numerals, Anglia, Zeitschrift fr Englische Philologie, Halle, 1877 etc. AB Anglia Beiblatt. lfric. (References followed by numerals in parentheses refer to certain Homilies attributed to lfric in HL.) If followed by a book of the Bible the reference is to that book in lfric de vetere et novo Testamento (Bibl. der Ags. Prosa, vol. 1). Gr lfric's Grammatik und Glossar, ed. J. Zupitza, Berlin, 1880. H lfric's Homilies, ed. by B. Thorpe, London, 18446. (Quoted by vol., page and line.) L lfric's Metrical Lives of Saints, ed. W. W. Skeat (EETS), 18811900 (3). P lfric's Hirtenbriefe (lfric's Pastoral Letters), ed. B. Fehr, Hamburg, 1914 (Bibl. der Ags. Prosa, vol. 9). 7

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary AF Anglistische Forschungen, ed. J. Hoops, Heidelberg. Alm the poem on Alms, in Gr. An the poem of Andreas, in Gr; or ed. G. P. Krapp, Boston, U.S.A., 1905 (1). Andr the prose legend of St Andrew, in J. W. Bright's AngloSaxon Reader, London, 1892 (1). ANS Herrig's Archiv fr das Studium der neueren Sprachen, Brunswick, 18461914. AnT Analecta Anglosaxonica by B. Thorpe, London, 1846 (2). anv. anomalous verb. AO Alfred's translation of Orosius, ed. H. Sweet (EETS), 1883. (v. also Wfg.) Ap the poem of the Fate of the Apostles, in Gr; or included with Andreas in Krapp's edition (v. An). APs the Arundel Psalter, ed. G. Oess (AF vol. 30), Heidelberg, 1910. ApT AngloSaxon version of Apollonius of Tyre, ed. B. Thorpe, London, 1834. AS King Alfred's version of Augustine's Soliloquies, ed. H. L. Hargrove (Yale Studies in Old English), Boston, U.S.A., 1912 (1). See also Shr. Az the poem of Azarias, in Gr. B the poem of Beowulf, in Gr; also ed. A. J. Wyatt and R. W. Chambers, Cambridge, 1914 (1); or ed. W. J. Sedgefield, Manchester, 1912 (1); or ed. Harrison and Sharp, Boston, U.S.A., 1888 (1). Bas The Admonition of St Basil, ed. H. W. Norman, London, 1840. BB Bonner Beitrge zur Anglistik, ed. M. Trautmann. BC Cartularium Saxonicum, ed. W. de Gray Birch, London, 1883 etc., 3 vols. Bd Bede. BDS Beitrge zur Geschichte der deutschen Sprache, ed. E. Sievers, Leipzig, 18741914. BH the AngloSaxon version of Bede's Ecclesiastical History, 2 vols., ed. T. Miller (EETS), 18916. (Reference is usually made to the pages in vol. 1 as regards the various readings recorded in vol. 2not to the pages in the latter vol.) Bk Texte und Untersuchungen zur AE Literatur, etc., by R. Brotanek, Halle, 1913. Bl The Blickling Homilies, ed. R. Morris (EETS), 187480 (1). BlPs Blickling Glosses to the Psalms, at the end of Bl. Bo King Alfred's translation of Boethius, with the Metres of Boethius, ed. W. J. Sedgefield, Oxford, 1899 (1). BPs die AE Glossen im BosworthPsalter, ed. U. Lindelf (Mmoires de la Soc. nophilologique Helsingfors, tom. 5), 1909 (3). BR An AngloSaxon Reader, ed. J. W. Bright, New York, 1913 or London, 1910 (1). Br the poem of Brunanburh, in Gr or #Chr. BT An AngloSaxon Dictionary, by J. Bosworth and T. N. Toller, Oxford, 188298. BTSup. the Supplement to the above, Part I (AEOR), 1908. CC The Crawford Charters, ed. by A. S. Napier and W. H. Stevenson (Anecdota Oxoniensia), Oxford, 1895. CD the Codex Diplomaticus, ed. Kemble [[This citation occurs a few times in error for the author's normal form, KC.]] Chr Two of the Saxon Chronicles Parallel, ed. J. Earle and C. Plummer, Oxford, 1892 (1). The poetical passages are marked #Chr. CM the tract 'de Consuetudine Monachorum,' in Anglia, vol. 13, pp. 365454. Cos Altwestschsische Grammatik, by P. J. Cosijn, Haag, 1888. cp. compare. CP King Alfred's trans. of Gregory's Pastoral Care, ed. H. Sweet (EETS), London, 1871. Cp the Corpus Glossary, in OET, or in WW (cols. 154) or (if the numbers are followed by a letter), in A LatinAngloSaxon Glossary, ed. by J. H. Hessels, Cambridge, 1890 (1). CPs Der CambridgePsalter, ed. K. Wildhagen, Bibl. der Ags. Prosa, vol. 7, Hamburg, 1910. (CHy Cambridge Hymns in the same vol.) (3) Cr the poem of Crist, in Gr. 8

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary Cra the poem of Men's Crafts, in Gr. Creat the poem of the Creation, in Gr. Ct Charters, wills and other like documents, as contained in BC, CC, EC, KC and TC. d. dative. dp. dat. pl. ds. dat. singular; etc. Da the poem of Daniel, in Gr; or ed. T. W. Hunt (Exodus and Daniel), Boston, 1885. [[Sometimes writen Dan in body text]] DD the poem 'Be Dmes Dge' ('de die judici'), ed. J. R. Lumby (EETS), London, 1876 (1); or in Gr (vol. 2, pp. 250272). Deor the poem of Deor's Complaint, in Gr and Kl. DHy the Durham Hymnarium, ed. J. Stevenson (Surtees Society, vol. 23), London, 1851. (Gl, by H. W. Chapman, Yale Studies, No. 24, Boston, 1905.) Dom the poem 'Be Dmes Dge' from the Exeter Book, in Gr (Vol. 3, pp. 1714). DR the Durham Ritual, ed. T. Stevenson (Surtees Society), London, 1840. Lines of AngloSaxon only counted. [Gl by Uno Lindelf, Bonn, 1901 (BB vol. 9).] Du. Dutch. E Early. EC Land Charters and other Saxonic Documents, ed. John Earle, Oxford, 1888 (3). EETS Early English Text Society's Publications. EK Early Kentish. El the poem of Elene, in Gr; or ed. Kent, Boston, 1889. Ep the Epinal Gloss., in OET. EPs Eadwine's Canterbury Psalter, ed. F. Harsley, EETS, London, 1889. (EHy Hymns in the same vol.) Erf the Erfurt Gloss., in OET. ES Englische Studien, Heilbronn and Leipzig, 18761914. EWS Early West Saxon. Ex the poem of Exodus, in Gr or in Hunt's edition (v. Da). If followed by two kinds of numerals Exodus in lfric de vetere et novo Testamento in the Bibl. der Ags. Prosa, Vol. 1, Cassel, 1872. exc. except. f. feminine. fp. fem. plural. FAp the poem 'Fata Apostolorum,' in Gr. FBO Das Benediktiner Offizium, ed. E. Feiler (AF vol. 4), Heidelberg, 1901. Fin the poem of Finnsburg, in Gr, and most editions of Beowulf. FM The Furnivall Miscellany, Oxford, 1901. FT the poem 'A Father's Teachings,' in Gr. g. genitive. gs. gen. singular. gp. gen. pl.; etc. G the AngloSaxon Gospels, ed. W. W. Skeat, Cambridge, 187187. See also LG, NG, RG, WG. (Gl to WG by M. A. Harris, Yale Studies, vol. 6, Boston, 1899.) GD Die Dialoge Gregors den Grossen, ed. Hans Hecht (Bibl. der Ags. Prosa, vol. 5), Cassel, 19001907. Gen the poem of Genesis, in Gr. If followed by two kinds of numerals Genesis in lfric de vetere et novo testamento (Bibl. der Ags. Prosa, vol. 1, Cassel, 1872). Ger. German. GK Grein's Sprachschatz der Ags. Dichter, revised by Khler and Holthausen, Heidelberg, 1912. (A complete referenced glossary to Gr.) Gl Glossary. Used also as a comprehensive sign for all or any of the extant AngloSaxon glosses or glossaries: Cp, Ep, Erf, GPH, HGl, KGl, Ln, OEG, WW etc. Gn The Gnomic Verses in Gr. GnE those in the Exeter Book and GnC those in the Cotton MS. Separate edition also by B. C. Williams, New York, 1914 (1). GPH Prudentius Glosses, contributed by A. Holder to Germania, Vierteljahrsschrift fr deutsche Altertumskunde, vol. 11 (ns). 9

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary Gr Bibliothek der Angelschs. Poesie, ed. C. W. M. Grein and revised by R. P. Wlker, Cassel, 188398. Gu the poem of St Guthlac, in Gr. Guth the (prose) Life of St Guthlac, ed. C. W. Goodwin, London, 1848 (pp. 898), or ed. P. Gonser (AF vol. 27), Heidelberg, 1909 (pp. 100176). Hell the poem of Hell, in Gr. Hept The Heptateuchus, etc., AngloSaxonice, ed. Edw. Thwaites, Oxford, 1698. Hex The Hexameron of St Basil, ed. H. W. Norman, London, 1849. HGl Glosses in (Haupt's) Zeitschrift fr deutsches Altertum, vol. 9 (1853). HL Homilien und Heiligendleben, ed. B. Assmann, Bibl. der Ags. Prosa, vol. 3, Cassel, 1889. v. also and Shr, (3). Hu the poem 'The Husband's Message,' in Gr. Hy the collection of 'Hymns' at the end of most of the Ags. versions of the Psalms. v. the various Psalters (Ps). [The numbering of verses etc. usually follows that in Wildhagen's Cambridge Psalter (CPs).] i. instrumental (case). IM 'Indicia Monasterialia,' ed. F. Kluge, in Techmer's Internationale Zeitschrift fr allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft, vol. 2, Leipzig, 1885. intr. intransitive. JAW Eigentmlichkeiten des Anglischen Wortschatzes, by R. Jordan (AF vol. 17), Heidelberg, 1906 JGPh Journal of (English and) Germanic Philology, Urbana, Ill. Jn the Gospel of St John. v. G and NG (JnL Lindisfarne MS; JnR Rushworth MS, v. LG, RG). JPs der JuniusPsalter, ed. E. Brenner (AF vol. 23), Heidelberg, 1909 (JHy the Hymns in the same vol.). Jud the poem of Judith, in Gr, or ed. A. S. Cook, Boston, 1889 (1). Jul the poem of Juliana, in Gr. K Kentish. KC Codex Diplomaticus Aevi Saxonici, ed. J. M. Kemble, 6 vols., London, 183948. KGl Kentish Glosses to the Proverbs of Solomon ( WW 5588, or, if quoted by number, in Kl). Kl Angelschsisches Lesebuch, by F. Kluge, 3rd edition, Halle, 1902 (2). KlED F. Kluge's Etymologisches Wrterbuch, 7th edition, 1910, or J. F. Davis' translation, London, 1891. L. Latin. Lcd Leechdoms, Wortcunning and Starcraft of the AngloSaxons, ed. O. Cockayne, London, 3 vols., Rolls Series, 186466 (vol. 2, and pp. 180 of vol. 3 are referred to by the folio of the MS, so that the references may also be available for G. Leonhardi's edition of that part of the Lcd, in the Bibl. der Ags. Prosa, vol. 6) (3). Leas the poem 'Be manna lease,' in Gr. Leo Leo's Angelschsiches Glossar. Halle, 1877. [[Listing added by transcriber; used only in first edition.]] LG the Lindisfarne Gospels, in Skeat's ed. of the AngloSaxon Gospels (v. G). (Glossary by A. S. Cook, Halle, 1894.) LRG Lindisfarne and Rushworth Gospels. v. RG. Lieb. F. Liebermann (v. LL). Lk the Gospel of St Luke. v. G and NG (LkL Lindisfarne MS; LkR Rushworth MS; v. LG, RG). LL the AngloSaxon Laws, as contained in Liebermann, Schmid or Thorpe. If followed by numerals not in parentheses, or only partially in parentheses, the reference is to 'Die Gesetze der Angelsachsen,' by F. Liebermann, 2 vols., Halle, 190312 (1); if by numerals entirely in parentheses, to vol. 2 of 'Ancient Laws and Institutes,' by B. Thorpe, 2 vols., London, 1840 (3). Ln the Leiden Glossary, ed. J. H. Hessels, Cambridge, 1906 (1). Lor the Lorica Hymn, in Kleinere angelschsische Denkmler, by G. Leonhardi (Bibl. der Ags. Prosa, vol. 6), Hamburg, 1905. 10

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary LPs Der LambethPsalter, ed. U. Lindelf, Acta Soc. Sc. Fennicae, vol. 35, Helsingfors, 1909 (1). (LHy the Hymns in the same vol.) LWS Late West Saxon. LV Leofric's Vision, ed. A. S. Napier, in the Transactions of the Philological Society for 190710, pp. 180188. M Mercian. m. masculine. ms., mp., etc. masc. sing., masc. plur., etc. Ma the poem of the Battle of Maldon, in Gr, also in Br, Kl or Sweet's AngloSaxon Reader, Oxford. Mdf Altenglisches Flurnamenbuch, by H. Middendorff, Halle, 1902. [See Preface.] Men the Menologium, at the end of Chr. Met the Metres of Boethius; v. Bo. MF Festschrift fr L. Morsbach (Studien zur Eng. Philologie, vol. 50), Halle, 1913. MFH Homilies in MF, ed. Max Frster. MH An Old English Martyrology, ed. G. Herzfeld (EETS), London, 1900. See also Shr. MHG. Middle High German. [[Listing added by transcriber]] Mk the Gospel of St Mark; v. G and NG. (MkL Lindisfarne MS; MkR Rushworth MS of St Mark; v. LG, RG.) MLA Publications of the Modern Language Association of America, Baltimore. MLN Modern Language Notes, Baltimore, 18861914. Mod the poem 'Bi Manna Md,' in Gr. MP Modern Philology, Chicago, 19031914. Mt the Gospel of St Matthew; v. G and NG. (MtL Lindisfarne MS; MtR Rushworth MS of St Matthew; v. LG, RG.) n. nominative, or neuter, or note. (np., nap., etc. nom. plural, nom. and acc. plur., etc.) N Northumbrian. Nar Narratiunculae, ed. O. Cockayne, London, 1861. NC Contributions to Old English Lexicography by A. Napier, in the Philological Society's Transactions for 19031906, London (mostly late texts). NED the New English Dictionary, ed. Sir J. A. H. Murray and others, Oxford, 18881915. (See Preface, and Note 1.) neg. negative. NG the Northumbrian Gospels, contained in Skeat's edition (v. G, LG, RG). Nic the Gospel of Nicodemus, in Hept; or in MLA 13456541. (The references to passages are always to the latter edition.) NR The Legend of the Cross (Roodtree), ed. A. S. Napier, EETS, London, 1894. obl. oblique. occl. occasional, occasionally. OEG Old English Glosses, ed. A. Napier (Anecdota Oxoniensia), Oxford, 1900 (1). OET The Oldest English Texts, ed. H. Sweet, EETS, 1885 (1). OF. Old French. [[Rare, and always written OFr. in text]] OHG. Old High German. ON. Old Norse. OS. Old Saxon. p. page, or plural. Pa the poem of the Panther, in Gr. Part the poem of the Partridge, in Gr. Ph the poem of the Phoenix, in Gr or BR. pl. plural. PPs the Paris Psalter, ed. B. Thorpe, London, 1835. The prose portion (Psalms 150) also ed. Bright and Ramsay, Belles Lettres Series, Boston, 1907, and the remainder (verse portion) in Gr. Ps any one or more of the AngloSaxon Psalters. [NB. In the numbering of the Psalms, the 11

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary Authorised Version is usually one ahead of the MSS.] v. A, B, C, E, J, L, R, S and VPs; also Hy. [[The occasional form Pss was retained. It may be either an error for Ps or short for several Psalters. In the one OED reference, two Psalters are quoted.]] PST Philological Society's Transactions (v. also LV and NC). QF Mone, Quellen u. Forschungen zur Geschichte der teutschen Lit. u. Sprache, Aachen und Leipzig, 1830. RB der Benedictinregel, ed. A. Schrer, Bibl. der Ags. Prosa, vol. 2, Cassel, 18858 (3). RBL the AngloSaxon and Latin Rule of St Benet (Interlinear Glosses), ed. H. Logeman, EETS, London, 1888. Rd The Riddles of the Exeter Book, in Gr, or ed. F. Tupper Junr., Boston, 1910 (1). RG the Rushworth Gospels, in Skeat's ed. of the AngloSaxon Gospels (v. G). Mt (all), Mk 12^15 and Jn 18^13 are in a Mercian dialect, and are usually known as R^1; the rest (R^2) is in a Northumbrian dialect (v. also LG). Glossary to R^1 by Ernst Schulte, Bonn, 1904; to R^2 by U. Lindelf, Helsingfors, 1897. Rim the Riming Poem, in Gr [[Listing added by transcriber. The Riming Poem is included in Grein along with many other texts from its original source, the Exeter MS.]] Rood the poem 'Dream of the Rood,' in Gr. RPs der RegiusPsalter, ed. F. Roeder (Studien in Eng. Philologie, vol. 18), Halle, 1904. (RHy the Hymns in the same vol.) RSL Transactions of the Royal Society of Literature, London. Ruin the poem of the Ruin, in Gr. Run the Runepoem, in Gr. s. strong; also singular. sv. strong verb. swv. strongweak verb. Sat the poem 'Christ and Satan,' in Gr. sb. substantive. Sc Defensor's Liber Scintillarum, ed. E. Rhodes, EETS, London, 1889 (3). Seaf the poem of the Seafarer, in Gr. sg. singular. Shr the Shrine by O. Cockayne, London, 186470 [pp. 2933 and 46156 MH; pp. 3544 HL pp. 199207; pp. 163204 AS]. SHy Surtees Hymnarium DHy. SkED An Etymological English Dictionary by W. W. Skeat, Oxford, 1910. Sol the poem Solomon and Saturn, in Gr (if in italics, the reference is sometimes to the prose version, ed. J. M. Kemble). Soul the poem of the Soul, in Gr. SPs Psalterium Davidis LatinoSaxonicum, ed. J. Spelman, London, 1640. (Stowe MS, but includes marginal readings from APs, CPs and EPs.) Swt. The Student's Dictionary of AngloSaxon by H. Sweet, Oxford, 1897. TC Diplomatarium vi Saxonici, ed. B. Thorpe, London, 1865 (3). tr. transitive. usu. usual, usually. v. vide, or very. v.l. varia lectio. VPs the Vespasian Psalter, as contained in OET (1). [VHy Hymns at the end of the Psalter.] Glossary also by Conrad Grimm (AF, vol. 18), Heidelberg, 1906. V^2Ps PsalterGlosses in Cotton Vitellius E 18 (noted by Wildhagen in CPs). w. with. W (I) Wulfstan's Homilies, ed. A. Napier, Berlin, 1883. Glossary by L. H. Dodd, New York, 1908. (II) West Saxon. 12

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary Wa the poem of the Wanderer, in Gr. Wald the poem of Waldhere, in Gr. Wfg die Syntax in den Werken Alfreds, by J. E. Wlfing, Bonn, 18941901 (copious material, and indexes to words in AO, BH, Bo, CP, AS, PPs, etc.). WG West Saxon Gospels (v. G). Whale the poem of the Whale, in Gr. Wid the poem of Widsith, in Gr, or ed. R. F. Chambers, Cambridge, 1912. Wif the poem of 'the Wife's Complaint,' in Gr. WS West Saxon. Wt An Old English Grammar by J. and E. M. Wright, 2nd edition, Oxford, 1914. WW Old English Vocabularies, ed. by T. Wright and R. P. Wlker, London, 1884. Cols. 154 Cp; 5588 KGl; pp. 89103 Colloq. Monast. in NED. Wy the poem 'Be manna wyrdum' in Gr. ZDA Zeitschrift fr deutsches Altertum, Leipzig and Berlin, 18531914. ZDPh Zeitschrift fr deutsche Philologie, Halle, 18691914.


A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary


[Transcriber's Note: This section is included for completeness. All changes have been made in the text.] brytan...#SPs should be brtan...#EPs. cweorran: for SPs read ELPs. fest: for Ei read El. fgerefa: for LkL 12^42 read LkL 12^58. fterlan: add Gen 76. lmesfeoh: add LL. rendung: add RB. scwiga: for read . faran: add Da 6. gniend: possession should be possessor. gniendlc should be gniendlic. gryndan: add Men 111. hwylfan: add to roll to MP 1592. antemnere, antifonere (P 154^6) antefnere. sanian: add LV 57. spradan: for CSPs read EPs. stgnes: for SPs read EPs. tilian should be tillan. tlag: add EC 448^9. torgebld n. swelling caused by poison, Lcd 162b. ecgan: add oppress? (Tupper) Rd 1^2,7. ynnian: for VHy read DHy 8^10. warnian: read (APs) swrnian. +bearded having a beard, GD 279^14. besrgung: strike out sorrowing, VHy. besceawere: for VHy read DHy 24^15. besencan: add plunge into (fire), GD 317. began: add +bged bowed down, infirm, Nic 471^29. ble: add (+b. occurs at Guth 161^9). crc: add LV 74. cwme cwm +dal n. part, GD 311^11. dalmatice: omit ? and add GD 329^34. +drog II.: add gentle (horse), GD 78^12. ian should be ian. +fadung: add rule, dominion. fmne(n)dlic (GD) fmnhdlic frrning f. quick marching, GD 14^24. fsting f. read commendation, trust, guardianship, GD 239^15; LL 58[17]. fstnung: add exhortation, MkL p2^5: monument, MtL p5^4; Mk 5^5. fantbletsung f. consecration of water for baptism, P 188^12. 14

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary feohtling: add MP 1610. ferhtlic: add PPs 95^10. feriend: add Sol 80. flogettan: substitute to fly, flutter, Sc; GD 100^19. folclic: add worldly, secular, GD 209^13. fordmednes: add GD 345^3. forecweden aforesaid, GD 12; 344. forehs: add LV 33. forewtung should be forewitung. forltednes (GD 227^16) forltennes forrda? m. traitor, plotter, MP 1592. forsegenlic (GD 233^21) forsewenlic forfromung: for CSVPs read CVPs. forman: add NC 289. foron to profit ('proficere'), GD 200. fullfremed: addlce after adv. fullhl thoroughly well, GD 248^1. fyrdgestealla, fyrdgetrum: add . +gang: add passage (lapse) of time, GD 179^10. geadrung f. text, MtL p8^17. geancyme: delete second line of article. gearowyrdig: add Mod 51. godd: add . geondflwende ebbing and flowing, OEG 2363. geondlcan: add Ph 70. geondsendan: omit . gest: for gstread gst giestran: add Rd 41^44. glsft: add GD 10^16. glmung: for VHy read DHy; GD. godwebben: add GD 176^1. hftnednes: add GD 346^22. hftnedan should be +hftnedan. hlettan should be hlettan. healsiendlic,igendlic: for SPs 89^13 read APs 89^13: imploring, GD 17^23. hellegst: strike out . hellegeat: add MP 1610. hellestw f. infernal region, hell, GD 332^10. hwculic: add familiar, GD 32. hnep (GD 186^27) hnpp horsegn: add muleteer, GD 191^23. hrnes: add P 136^23. hselbox receptacle of the host, P 178^6. hwlsticce: add GD 254^24. +hyldelic secure, safe, GD 348^10. +ean: add compassionate, GD 216(). Additional references to the NED:bebod 'bibod'; belcan ' belouke'; cempa 'kemp'; cennan 'ken'; clipung ' cleping'; cnpp 'knap'; dihtere 'dighter'; draca ' drake'; dysgian 'dizzy'; fcne 'faken'; forhogian ' forhow'; forwiernan 'forwarn'; gafol 'gavel'; glaw ' glew'; heonon 'hen'; hlo 'lee'; hliehhan 'laugh '; hrof 'reof'; hryre 'rure'; huru 'hure'; ierre ' irre'; ltan 'lout'




A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary

a prep. [ on] on, at, in, to, for. I. (wa, ) adv. always, ever, at all, continuously, for ever, , AO, CP. on cnisse; butan ende world without end: at any time: in any degree. [ON. ei, ey] II. f. (unemphatic verbal prefix); I. orig. forth, away, but as a rule only intensitive in meaning. II. onIII. ym(b)IV. (I.) in pronouns and participles, and gives a sense of indefiniteness. V. lan onlan an ean b web bacan^6 to bake, H 2268^9. bdan to compel, restrain, ward off: exact, take toll : force out, extract. bligan bylgan bran to disclose, bring to light, DD 41. bre (W 274^24) bre [[headword spelled bre"]] brnan onbrnan abal (Gen 500) afol bannan^7 to summon, convoke, command: announce, proclaim. . t call out, assemble, Chr. ['abanne'] barian to lay bare, disclose. abbad, abbod, abbot abbud abbud (a, o) m. 'abbot,' BH, Chr; . [L. abbatem] abbuddm m. abbatial jurisdiction, BH. abbudesse f. abbess, Chr. abbudhd m. abbatial rank, dignity, LL. abbudlast f. lack of an abbot, BC 1155. abbudrce (o) n. abbey, abbacy, office or jurisdiction of an abbot (used even of a convent of nuns). batan^7 to beat, strike, break to pieces, make to fall, Cr. ['abeat'] bcd f. ABC, alphabet. bedecian (ee) to get by begging or asking, Bo 71^12. abedisse abbudesse bgan bgan belgan^3 to make angry, irritate, offend, Sol; , AO, CP: hurt, distress: be angry with. ['abelgen'] bodan^2 to order, proclaim, bid, command, direct: summon, call out: announce, relate, declare, present, offer, AO; . hl . to wish one good luck, greet, bid farewell to. ['abede'] beofian bifian bogan bgan beornan^3 to take fire, PPs 105^16. bowan (WW 217^46) bwan beran^4 to bear, carry: endure, suffer, Mt, Bo ; , CP: bear (a child), : take away, remove: reveal : (refl.) restrain oneself: do without, NC 268. berd,bered crafty, cunning. berendlic bearable. bernan (N) beornan berstan^3 to burst out, break out, , CP: break away, escape. t . break out. beecian bedecian bicgan bycgan bdan^1 to 'abide,' wait, remain, delay, remain behind, AO: survive: wait for, await, : expect, Mt 11^3. biddan^5 to ask for, request, require, demand, pray, pray to, pray for, : get by asking, obtain, , AO, CP: call out (an army). 17

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary bifian (eo) to tremble, quake, shake. bilg, bilh bylg biran beran biring byrging bisg, biseg bysg btan^1 to bite in pieces, tear to pieces, devour, gnaw, , AO: taste, partake of, consume. bit(e)rian to turn bitter, CP 341^24: embitter. bitt bit btt bt [[The first edition gives bit as a form of biddan", bt as a form of bdan or btan.]] blcian to become pale, grow faint: become tarnished, CP 135^2. blcan to bleach, whiten, BJPs 50^9. blcnes f. pallor, gloom, Lcd 1294. blcung f. pallor, HGl 518. blst inspired, furious. blwan^1 to blow, blow away, breathe upon, : puff up, swell, Lcd 93b. ['ablow'] blwnes,ung f. inflation, Lcd. blegned ulcerated, Lcd. blendan to blind, put out the eyes of, , CP: dazzle, deceive, delude, . ['ablend'] blred bare, uncovered, bald. [blre] [[headword spelled blere"]] blcan^1 to shine, glitter. blicgan blycgan blignes bylgnes blindan to make blind, Bl 151^4. blindian blendan blinnan^3 to cease, leave off, desist, , AO, CP. blinnednes f. cessation, interruption, A 5465. blinnendlce indefatigably, HGl 429^32. blinnendnes blinnednes blisian () blysian blissian to make glad, please, GD 335n. blongen bolgen, pp. of belgan. blycgan (i) to grow pale, : make afraid. blynnan blinnan blysian to blush. blysung f. blushing, shame, RB 133^11. bodian to announce, proclaim, LkR 12^3. bolgennes f. irritation, WW 230^19. borgian to be surety for, LL: (w. t) borrow. borian barian bracian to engrave, emboss. brdan I. to spread out, dilate: stretch out, . II. bake, Lcd 44a. braslian to crash, crackle, GD 236^12. brac pret. 3 sg. of brcan. brat pret. 3 sg. of brotan. brecan^4 to break, break to pieces, break down, conquer, capture, violate, destroy, , AO, CP: break away from. brdan^3 to move quickly, draw, unsheath, wench, pull out, Mt: withdraw, take away, draw back, free from, , AO. p broden drawn up, raised up: start up, awake. ['abraid '] bredwian to lay low, kill, B 2619. 18

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary brgan to alarm, terrify. bregdan brdan brotan^2 to destroy, kill. brotnes f. extermination, OET 182. broan^2 (intr.) to fail, decay, deteriorate, perish, be destroyed, Ma; . broen (pp.) degenerate, reprobate, Gr. (tr. and wk.) destroy. [v. 'brethe'] brerd onbryrd broennes f. baseness, cowardice, W. brcan^3 to eat, A 111^17. bryrd onbryrd brtan to destroy, EPs 36^9. bfan ( on) adv. above, Chr 1090#e. bgan^2 ( on) to bow, incline, bend, submit, do reverence, B, ChrL; : swerve, turn (to or from), deviate, CP: withdraw, retire: be bent or turned, turn one's self. ['abow'] bunden unimpeded. brod not inhabited, TC 162^28. btan,bten,bton. I. prep. acc. on, about, around, on the outside, round about, CP, ChrL, . II. adv. about, nearly, ChrC. [ onbtan; 'about'] bycgan to buy, pay for, requite: redeem: perform, execute. byffan to mutter, WW 447^24. bgan () to bend, deflect: subdue, bring low: convert. bgendlic v. un. bylg, bylig bylg byrgan,byrian to taste, eat. byrging (iri) f. taste. bysgian to busy, occupy, employ: engage in, undertake : take up, fill, GD. bysgung f. occupation: trouble. bwan (o) to rub off, polish, cleanse, purify. ac I. conj. but: but also, moreover, nevertheless, however : because, for (?): and (?), An 569. ac gif unless, except , Bl 151. [ Goth. ak] II. interrog. particle, why, wherefore, whether : in direct questions L. nonne, numquid. c f. gds. and np. c 'oak,' , Ct, Lcd; Mdf: () ship of oak: (w. nap. cas) name of the rune for a. [ OHG. eih] cgan cgan cglod 'serratus,' Nar 20^26. cnn cenn crran cirran calan^6 to become frostbitten, Lcd 2b. acan^6 to 'ache,' suffer pain, . acas, acase f. (NG) cs cbam m. oaktree. accent m. accent. [L.] accutian ? cunnian ccynn n. a kind of oak, WW 430^6. cdrenc m. oak drink, drink made from acorns?, WW. ace ece cealdian to become cold, , CP. ['acold'] capian to buy off, buy out. clan to cool off, still, quiet, Met. ['akele '] celma celma cen cen 19

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary cennan to bring forth, produce, renew, Bo, WG; : attribute to. ['akenne(d)'] cennedlic 'genuinus,' native, OEG. cennednes (WG; ),cennes (CP, NG; AO) f. birth. ['akenn(ed)nes'] cennend m. parent, DR 197^11. cennicge f. mother, DR. cenning f. birth, Bk 16. cocian (tr.) to choke: (intr.) burn out. cocung f. 'ruminatio,' WW 179^2. ceorfan^3 to cut off, hew down, AO, CP. onweg . to cut away. of . to cut off, AO. cosan^2 to choose, AO, CP. acer cer cerr cirr cgan to call, summon. cirran (e, y) (tr.) to turn, turn away or aside: (intr.) turn oneself, go, return. cirrednes v. onweg. [[headword spelled onwegcyrrednes"]] cl col clc glc clnsian to cleanse, purify, . claf n. oak leaf, Lcd. clofan^2 to cleave, EC 351^10. cleopian to call out, WW 378^5. +clian to frighten, excite. [col] clungen contracted, WW 239^37. [clingan] cmelu n. acorn meal, Lcd. cmistel f. mistletoe, Lcd. cn acn cnwan^1 to know, recognise, understand. cnyssan to drive out, expel, SPs 35^13. cofrian to recover, Lcd. ['acover'] col affrighted, dismayed. clian to grow cold, CP. colitus m. acolyte, LL [L.]. colmd fearful minded, timid. +colmdian to cast down, sadden, WW 209^16. [col] cordian to make terms, reconcile, Chr 1120. corenlic eligible, worthy of choice, CP 409^36. costnian to try, test, prove, CM, WW. crftan to think out, devise, AO 46^29. crammian to cram, WW 236^10. cropian to creep, crawl, . crimman^3 (y) to cram, stuff, WW. crind f. oak bark, Lcd. crummen pp. of crimman. acs x cs sc acse asce ctn m. oaktwig, Lcd. ctro n. oaktree, Wif 28^36. cucian () cwician cul col cuma () cumba 20

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary cuman^4 to come, come forth (from), : bear, bring: endure, withstand, : get to or from, reach, Gen. [' acome'] cumba m.,be fn. 'oakum,' hards, tow, Lcd, OEG, WW: ashes of oakum: parings, clippings. [cemban] cumendlic tolerable, : possible. cumendlcnes f. possibility. cunnan (NG) oncunnan cunnian to try, test, prove: experience, CP. cunnung f. experience, trial, GD. cusan to accuse, MtL 12^10 [L.]. cwacian to tremble. cwncan cwencan cweccan (tr.) to move, swing, shake, vibrate, Ma; : (intr.) quiver, . ['aquetch'] cwelan^4 to die, perish, , AO, CP. cwellan to kill, destroy, JnL; , AO, CP. ['aquell '] cwellednes (e^2) f. slaughter, EPs 43^22. cwencan to quench, extinguish, Mt; AO. ['aquench '] cweorna m. squirrel, Gl. ['aquerne'] cweorran^3 to guzzle, gorge, ELPs 77^71. cwern cweorna cwerren cworren pp. of cweorran. cwean^5 to say, speak out, declare, utter, express, answer, Gen: reject, banish, Gen 304. ['acweath'] cwician (tr.) to quicken, vivify, Ps: (intr.) revive, BH. ['aquick'] cwnan^1 to dwindle away, disappear, go out (of fire), BH, LPs. cwincan^3 to vanish, be extinguished or eclipsed. cwucian,cwycian cwician cwudu m. an oak wood, KC 6218^19. cwylan cwelan cwylman to kill, slay. cwylmian to be tormented, W 220^5. cwyncan cwencan cynned cenned pp. of cennan. cyrr cirr can to show, proclaim, reveal, announce, confirm, prove. d mn. heap, funeral pile, pyre: fire, flame. [OHG. eit] dlan to divide, separate. dadian to fail, decay, mortify, become torpid or callous, . dafian to became deaf, WW 179^25. dafung f. deafening, making deaf, Lcd. [v. ' adeave'] del I. dl. II. dela dela m. mud, dirt, filth, filthy place, . ['addle '] delfan^3 to delve, dig, excavate, , AO, CP. deliht filthy, WW. delsa m. sewer, sink, . dman to judge, try, deprive of or exclude from by a legal decision: try, afflict. deorcian to become dull, obscure, tarnished, CP: grow dark, W. derian to hurt, GD 219^19. adesa m., adese f. 'adze,' hatchet, BH, W. dexe exe dfaru f. ds.fre way or path to the funeral pile, B 3010. dfini n. limit? ashheap of a beacon? EC 354^5. dfr n. sacrificial fire, Ex 398. 21

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary +dgian +adgian dihtan to compose, write. dihtian to regulate, arrange, order, CP. dlegian,dl(i)gian () to destroy, blot out, annihilate, devastate, CP. dimmian to become dim or dull, to darken, obscure, CP. dl fn., dle f. disease, infirmity, sickness, AO, CP. dlg m. flame of the funeral pile, Ph 222. dlian to be diseased or ill, languish, : cause disease, DR. dlig sick, diseased, . dliga m. sick person dliht deliht dloma m. one crippled by fire, Gu 884. [lama?] dlsoc sick of a contagious disease, ES 39322. dlracu f. gs.rce force of disease. dlung f. illness, H 1122^31. dlwrig weary from illness, Gu 981. dn (for conj. v. dn) to take away, send away: cast out, expel, destroy: (w. preps. to, on, from, etc.) put, place, take, remove, set free, AO, CP. adosa adesa drdan ondrdan drfan to drive away, shut out, expel, AO, CP. ['adreve '] drnct drenced pp. of drencan. dragan^6 to draw (sword), HL 15^356. drfan drfan adreminte f. feverfew. drencan to submerge, immerse, drown, AO. ['adrench'] drogan^2 to act, perform, do, practise, : bear, suffer, endure, An; CP: pass time, live, . [' adree'] drogendlic bearable. drohan drogan dropan^2 to drip, drop, An. drosan^2 to fall to pieces, decline, vanish, fail. drfan^1 to drive, drive away, drive out, pursue, follow up, LL; , AO, CP: stake out (a ford): chase (metal), . [' adrive'] drgan drgan drincan^3 be drowned, extinguished, BH; AO. [' adrink'] drgian, drwian (Mt, ) to dry up. ['adroughe '] drgan () to become dry, dry up, wither, CP: dry, wipe dry. drysnan to extinguish, repress, NG. adsa adesa adulsa adelsa [[headword spelled delsa"]] dumbian to become dumb, keep silence, Mk; . [v. ' dumb' vb.] adn,dna,dne adv. down, downward, . [ ofdne] adne()stgan to descend, CPs. adnfeallan to fall down, EPs 144^14. adnweard adv. downwards, ChrL. ['adownward'] dstrigan andstrian dwscan () to put out, quench, extinguish, blot out, destroy, AO: suppress, , CP. dwelian to wander, stray. dwellan, pret. 3 sg.dwealde to seduce, lead astray: hinder, . dwscan dwscan dwnan^1 to dwindle or waste away. 22

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary ddan to destroy, mortify, kill, . ['adeaden '] dfan to overpower with sound. dylf dealf pret. of delfan. dlgian, dlegian dlegian dymman dimmian dysgian to make foolish, W 185^12. accented verbal prefix, (1) without; (2) . I. f. also w f. (and m. or n.? in NG) law (divine or human), custom, covenant, AO, CP; WG, NG. butan outlaw: (esp. in pl.) rite, ceremony: faith, religion. unrihte false religion. Crstes gospel: scriptures, revelation: marriage, : (lawful) wife. For some comps. v. w. [''] II. a I. III. interj. oh! alas! a I. a I. II. gp. of . al eal al interj. al ar ar eargian to become remiss, AO 212^20. bre ( LL) manifest, notorious, public, open, evident, clear. ['eber'] ebbian to ebb away, recede, Chr. bbung ( ebb) f. 'ebbing.' s . gulf, bay, WW 154 bebod n. injunction of the law, command, PPs 118^102. bc fp. books of the law, WW 439^15. bre bre besn fesn [[headword spelled fesn"]] bilg,bili(g) bylg blc blc blce lustreless, pale, pallid. bod m. business, : statute. boda m. messenger, preacher, Gu 909. brce wbrce [[headword spelled wbrce"]] breca wbreca brec f. sacrilege, LPs. brucol sacrilegious, GPH 402. bs f? firtree, . [L. abies] bylg n. bylg bylga m. anger, LPs 77^49. bylgan,byli(g)an to make angry, offend, . bylgnes f. anger, offence, . bylg,bylgu f. anger, AO. bylig bylg byl,bylyg bylg c I. f. c. II. (N) ac cambe f. cumbe [[under cumba"]] can ecan ccyrn cern ce ece ce ce ced eced cedwn n. wine mingled with myrrh, MkL 15^23. clan clan celma m. chilblain, OEG, WW. celmehte (ecil) having chilblains, OEG 1523. 23

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary cen I. a wood of oaks. II. oaken, WW 270^14. III. acen pp. of acan. cer nap. cras m. field, sown land, cultivated land, Mt ; , AO, CP; Mdf: a certain quantity of land, 'acre,' ; v. LL 2267: crop. cerceorl m. countryman, farmer, NC 268. ceren cern cerhege m. hedge of a field, KC 333^2. cermlum by acres, KC 698^5. cermann m. farmer, WW. ['acreman'] cern n. nut, mast of tree, (i^2): 'acorn,' WW. cernspranca m. 'ilex,' oak sapling? Gr 69^15. cersd n. seed enough for an acre? Chr 1124. certeoung f. tithe of the produce of the soil, W 310^24. certning f. fencing, EC 377^9. cerweorc n. fieldwork, GPH 391. ces x cest, ce pres. 2 and 3 sg. of acan. cilma celma cirn cern clca glca claw glaw cnsle degenerate, not noble, WW. +cnsliende degenerating, WW 218^12. crft m. knowledge of law or ordinances, religion. crftig learned in the law; as sb. lawyer, scribe, Pharisee. cras v. cer. cren cern cs f. 'axe,' pickaxe, hatchet, CP; Mt (x). cst, c pres. 2 and 3 sg. of acan. cumba cumba cur cer cyrf m. (wood)choppings, BH 224^15. d (NG) t d ed dderseax (WW) dreseax ddre, dr dre dre I. f. artery, vein, pulse, nerve, sinew, B; AO: pl. veins, kidneys: runlet of water, fountain, spring, stream. ['eddre'] II. adv. at once, directly, instantly, quickly : () fully, entirely. [OS. dro] dreseax (der) n. lancet, WW 410^10. dreweg m. artery, vein. drfan drfan dwist edwist fst fest fst wfst fdlldell (NG) ofdle fdne m. declivity, Gl. felle without skin, peeled, WW 190^31. fen efen fen () nm. 'even,' evening, eventide, B, MkL, Gu (fn). t fenes till evening: eve, RB. fencollatio the 'collatio' read before compline, NC 268. fendram m. evensong, RB. fengebed n. evening service, WW 129^34. 24

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary fengereord n. evening meal, supper (often used in pl. of one meal). fengereordian to sup, give supper to, CM 1030. fengereordung f. supper, NC 269. fengeweorc n. evening work, Lcd 70b. fengiefl,gifl n. evening repast, supper, AO, CP. fenglm,glma m.,glmung (omm, eom) f. gloaming, twilight. fengrom fierce at eve, B 2074. fenian fnian [[headword spelled fnian"]] fenlc n. evening sacrifice, evening prayer, PPs 140^3. fenlcan to grow towards evening, Lk 24^29. fenloht n. evening light, B 403. fenleo n. evening song. fenlic of the evening; adv.lce. fenlof n. lauds (service), CM 1035. fenmete m. supper. fenoffrung f. evening sacrifice, NC 269. fenrding f. reading (during the evening meal at a monastery), 'collatio,' CM. fenrepsung f. nightfall, . fenrest,rst f. evening rest. fensang m. 'evensong,' , RB. fensceop m. evening singer, bard, Rd 9^5. [scop] fenscma m. evening splendour, Gen 2448. fensprc f. evening talk, B 759. fensteorra m. the evening star, Hesperus, Bo; . [' evenstar'] fentd f.,tima m. eventide, . fennung f. evening service: evening repast, supper. fenowdm m. evening service or office, WW 129^34. fenung fnung fer fre fere f. name of a plant, Lcd. fes efes fesa ? m., fese (m.) f. fesn fesn, fesen f. relish, dainty, special pasturage, pannage; the charge for special pasturage, LL. fesne ? psen? fest mf. envy, hatred, malice, spite, CP; El, Ps: zeal, rivalry. ['evest'] fest wfst festful full of envy. festianigian to be or become envious. festig envious: zealous. festlce ofostlce [[under ofost"]] fgl f. superstition, OEG. fgerefa (groefa) 'exactor,' LkL 12^58. fgrynde n. abyss, PPs 35^6. fhynde ofhende fian (an?) to be in a miserable condition, Cr 1357 (or fnan? Gollancz). fisc (EC 291) efesc [[under efes"]] flst m. a wandering from the way? Ex 473. fnan (e) to carry out, do, perform, fulfil: cause: endure, suffer: (+) hold, sustain. [ON. efna] fne efne fnian to grow towards evening, . fnung f. 'evening,' sunset, . 25

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary fre adv. 'ever,' at any time, Sat, Mt: always, constantly, perpetually, Cr, RB; , CP: henceforth: ne .; . ne ( nfre) never; . t aldre for ever. . lc, W, Chr. . nig any at all, KC. freda m. what is taken or separated from, OEG (Napier). [f; *hreda (hreddan)]: tow, oakum (BT). fremmende pious, religious, Jul 648. fse I. efes. II. bs fsecgan to confute, ES 42^163. fst fest fsweorc n. pasturage, WW 410^12 ( *fesweorc). ft eft ftan adv. from behind, behind, in the rear, Ma. [' aft'] ftanweard adj. behind, in the rear, following, Rd 63^5. ftemest adj. last, hindmost, , AO. fter I. prep. (w. d., i. andchiefly N.a.) (local and temporal) after, along, behind, through, throughout, during: (causal) following, in consequence of, according to, for the purpose of: (object) after, about, in pursuit of, for. II. adv. after, then, afterwards, thereafter: thereupon, later, back ( in return). . on, m, isum; . m (on, an) e; afterwards, thereafter. ftera fterra fter f. the book Deuteronomy, . fterboren adj. 'afterborn,' posthumous, Gr. ftercwean^5 to speak after, repeat. ftercweendra lof praise from posterity: to renounce, abjure, Chr 1094. ftercyning m. later king, BH 140^24 B. fterealu n. small beer, WW 129^4. fterfilian fterfylgan [[under fterfolgan"]] fterfiligend fterfylgend fterfolgere m. follower, AO 142^23. fterfolgian,fylgan (AO) to follow after, succeed, pursue. fterfylgednes f. sequel, L 23b^365. fterfylgend m. follower, successor, AO,lce in succession. fterfylgendnes f. succession, SHy 11. fterfylgung (eft) f. pursuit. fterfylig fterfylg ftergenga,gengea m. follower, successor: descendant, . ftergengel m. successor, KC. ftergengnes f. succession, : posterity: inferiority. ftergyld n. further payment, LL. fterhe f? autumn drought, AO 102^7. fterhyrigan to imitate, BH. fterlan n. reward, recompense, restitution, retribution, Gen 76. fterlic second, WW 505^19. fterra (comp.) second, following, next, latter, lower, CP. fterrp ()rpe m. crupper. fterrdan^1 to ride after. fterrwan^7 to row after, ES 41^325. fterryne m. 'occursus,' CPs 18^7. ftersang m. (aftersong), matins, CM 449. ftersingallic (sanglic) of matins, CM 476. ftersingend m. succentor, WW 129^23. ftersona soon, afterwards, again, NG. ftersprc f. afterclaim, LL 398^7. ftersprecan^5 to claim, LL 226[9,4]. 26

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary fterspyrian to track out, search, inquire into, examine, CP. fterweard adj. after, following, further, behind, in the rear, later, . fterweardnes f. posterity, WW 464^18. fterwriten written afterwards, Lcd 69b. fterwyrcan to cause, effect. fteryld,yldo f. _advanced age, old age: after age, later time, BH. [ield(o)] fteweard fterweard ftewearde adv. behind. ftra fterra ftresta superl. last. ftum adv. after, MtR 24^21. ftyr fter fanc, fanca (o, u) m. insult, offence: grudge, displeasure, anger. fweard (CP)ward absent. fweardnes f. absence, Bo, GD. fwela f. decrease of wealth, Lcd 3170^13. fwendla (WW 223^1) fwyrdla fwerdelsa,wyrdelsa m. injury, damage, loss. fwyrdla, m. injury, damage, loss: fine for injury or loss. fwyr(u) ? f. degradation, disgrace, RB. fyllende fulfilling the law, pious, Cr 704. fyn fen fyrma fp. sweepings, rubbish. [feormian] g n. (nap. gru) 'egg,' Lcd, Lk, OET, Met. g eg gan gan ge ege gen gen gera (K) dp. of g. gerfelma f. eggskin, Lcd 20b. gergelu n. yolk of egg, Gl. [g, geolu] gflota m. seafarer, sailor, An 258. [eg] ggemang n. eggmixture, WW. ghw mf.,hwt, n. pron. each one, every one, everything, who or whatever . ghwt neut. anything. [g gi] ghwr everywhere, in every direction, Mk; : in every case, in every respect: anywhere. ['aywhere'] ghws (gs. of ghw) altogether, in every way, entirely, wholly, throughout, in general. ghwt v. ghw. ghwer (ger, er). I. pron. each or every one (of two or more), 'either,' both, AO, Mt (g). II. conj. ghwer (ge)...ge; ger...and both...and; as well...as. ghwanan,hwanon(e),hwannon,hwanum, from all parts, everywhere, on every side, in every way. ghwr,hwr ghwr ghwelc ghwilc ghweer ghwer ghwider on every side, in all directions: in any direction, anywhere. ghwilc adj. each, every, whosoever, whatsoever, all, every one, Bo, Met. . nra each. . er each other, Ma. ghwilces in every way. [v. 'each'] ghwonan,hwonon (CP),hwonene ghwanan ghwyder ghwider ghwylc ghwilc 27

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary gift f. (m? n?) restitution, repayment. gilde adv. receiving no 'wergild' as compensation, LL. gilt gylt glc glc glaw learned in the law. glca glca glm m. white of egg. [lm] gmang (WW 4^89) ggemang gmore f. root of the eye, socket? Lcd 398^5. [age] gnan sb. pl. awns, sweepings, chaff, Gl. [v. egenu] gnes gnes, v. gen. gnian gnian gru v. g. gsa egsa [[under egesa"]] gscill (y) f. eggshell, Lcd. ger ghwer gweard f. watch on the shore, B 241. [eg] gwern ghwr gwyrt f. dandelion, Lcd 158b. gylde gilde gylt m. sin, offence. [w, gylt] gype without skill or cunning (BT), PPs 106^10. hher (MkR 4^28) ar hw n. pallor, OEG 4897. hwe pallid: deformed. hwnes f. pallor, Lcd 1294^3. hlp m. breach of the peace, assault, LL. [cp. thlp] ht eaht ht I. f. (rare in sg.) possessions, goods, lands, wealth, cattle, Mk; AO: ownership, control. [gan: 'aught ' sb.] II. ht htan to persecute, LkL 21^12. htboren born in bondage, RB 11^20. hte hte pret. sg. of gan. hteland n. territory, BH 358^14. htemann m. tiller of the soil, serf, farmer, . hteswn m. swineherd who was a chattel on an estate, LL 449^7. htgesteald n. possession, Jul 115. htgestron n. possessions, Ph 506. tgeweald mn. power, control. htian eahtian +htle f. esteem, B 369. htowe (LkR 2^21) eahta htspd f. wealth, riches, LPs 103^24. htspdig rich. htwela m. wealth, riches. htwelig wealthy, rich, Jul 18. hwnne hwnne hwr,hwr hwr [[Printed on one line: hwnne, hwr,hwr hwnne, hwr]] hwyrfan hwierfan 28

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary hx cs ig g [[error for g?]] lprefix I. eal(l). II. el(e). l m. piercer, 'awl,' . l m. 'eel,' WW; Mdf. l al ldend m. legislator, SPs 9^21. lrende m. teacher of the law, instructor in religion, El 506. lte I. n. desert place. II. desert, empty, W 47^21. III. f. divorced woman. lten I. lten pp. of ltan. II. lte II. lagol lawgiving, GPH 397^363. lan to kindle, light, set on fire, burn, , CP. lrow (lrua) m. teacher of the law, Pharisee, NG. la eala lbeorht eallbeorht lbitu (Gl) ilfetu lc [lc, ylc (VPs); v. 'each'] I. (pron. subst.) any, all, every, each (one), , AO, CP. lc...rum the one...the other. II. (adj. pron.) each, Lcd: any, CP. lceald altogether cold, very cold. lcor elcor lcra elcra [[under elcora"]] lcrftig almighty, allpowerful. lcuht (AO) lcwuht n. everything. ld led [[headword spelled led"]] ld ield ldewuta (NG) ealdwita lecung leccung led m. gs. ldes fire, firebrand. . weccan to kindle a fire, Whale 21. [ON. eldr] ledfr n. flame of fire, Ph 366? ledloma m. firebrand, B 3125. legrdig greedy, L 18^213. [eall] legrne (RPs 127^3) eallgrne lelendisc elelendisc lemidde f. exact middle, . lenge I. lengthy, tedious, vexatious, CP. [' elenge'] II. weariness. lengnes f. tediousness, Sc, WW. lepe ? 'origanum,' wild marjoram, WW 299^19. [lene? BT] lepte f. 'eelpout,' burbot, WW. le pres. 3 sg. of alan. le, l led lewealdend eallwealdend lf mf. (pl. ielfe, ylfe) 'elf,' sprite, fairy, goblin, incubus, B, Lcd. lfdl f. nightmare, Lcd 123b. lfle ealfelo lfaru,fr f. whole army, host, Ex 66. lfcynn n. elfin race, Lcd 123a. lfer lfaru lfisc,fix m. eel, TC 242^11. lfitu ylfetu [[under ylfet (defined under ilfetu")]] lfremed,fremd, (el) strange, foreign, : (+) estranged, LPs 57^4: (w. fram) free, separated from, . 29

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary lfremeda (el) m. stranger, foreigner. lfremedung f. 'alienatio,' RHy 5^14. lfscene (^2^2) bright as an elf or fairy, beautiful, radiant. lfsiden f. elvish influence, nightmare, Lcd 120b. lfsogoa m. hiccough (thought to have been caused by elves), Lcd 124b. lfodlce elodiglce lfone f. nightshade, Lcd 123b. lfylce ( el) n. I. strange land. II. foreign band, enemy. lhyd f. eel receptacle? eelskin? (BT) LL 455^17. lic (of the law), legal, lawful, . adv.lce. lifn f. sustenance, Gl? (v. ES 42166) ling f. burning, : ardour. ling leng ll l, eal(l), el(l) lmes lmesse lmescer m. ground of which the yield was given as alms, firstfruits, A 113^69. lmesb n. gratuitous bath, W 171^2. lmesdd f. almsdeed, . lmesdnde giving alms, NC 269. lmesfeoh n. alms: Peter's pence, Romescot, LL ['almsfee'] lmesfull charitable. lmesgedl n. distribution of alms. lmesgeorn charitable, . lmesgifa (y^3) m. giver of alms, W 72^4. lmesgifu f. alms, charity, W 159^20. lmeshlf m. dole of bread, TC 474^23. lmeslc giving of alms, NC 269. lmesloht n. a light in church provided at the expense of a pious layman. lmeslic charitable: depending on alms, poor,lce, adv. charitably, OET. (Ct.) lmeslond m. land granted in frankalmoigne. [almes] lmesmann m. 'almsman,' bedesman, beggar, Lcd; . lmespening m. almspenny. lmesriht n. right of receiving alms. lmesse f. 'alms,' almsgiving, Da, Mt; , CP. [L. elemosyna] lmessylen (e^3) f. almsgiving. lmesweorc n. almsdeed, Bl 25^17. lmidde lemidde lmiehtig lmihtig lmihtig (ea^2, e^2) adj. 'almighty,' B, Ps, TC; AO, CP: m. the Almighty. lmihtignes f. omnipotence, AS 59^13. lmyrca m. one entirely black, Ethiopian, An 432. lmysse lmesse lnet n. eel net, BH. lpig nlpig [[under nlpe"]] lren adj. of an alder tree, KC 7316. ['aldern '] lreord elreord lsyndrig separately, LkR 2^3. ltwe (o, ) complete, entire, perfect, healthy, sound, true, , AO, CP: noted, . [Goth. twa].lce adv. lod (lied) elod lwalda,wealda ealwealda [[under eallwealda"]] 30

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary lwiht m. strange creature, monster [ *elwiht]; (in pl.) eallwihta mbern embren melle insipid, WW 429^30. melnes f. slackness, sloth, : weariness, disgust, WW. men, menne (AO) uninhabited, desolate, desert. menne solitude, AS 4^11 (v. Wfg 3). merge f. embers, ashes, dust, Lcd; . ['ember '] met mett metbed n. anthill, Lcd 121b. methwl f. leisure, . methyll m. anthill, CP 191^25. metian mtian metta m. leisure, rest, CP. [mt] mette f. 'emmet,' ant, Lcd, WW; . mettig (CP),m(e)tig () 'empty,' vacant, Bl, : unoccupied, without employment, : unmarried, CP. mettigian mtian minde n. forgetfulness, Lcd 1384. md dismayed, disheartened, , AO. mt mett mtian to 'empty,' : to be at leisure, have time for, , CP. mtignes f. emptiness, GD 35^17. ma m. 'ccum intestinum,' WW 160^11. mynde minde myrce excellent, WW 393^38. myrie merge mytte mette n n +n +en nbrece unbrece nd end ne (ne) once, at some time, , B: at any time : at once. ['ene'] ned ened nes adv. once. netre nwintre nett, netnes net [[under nett"]] nga nga ngancundes in a unique way? (BT), Lcd 162b. nge enge ngel engel nglisc Englisc nid ened nig adj. pron. and sb. 'any,' any one, Mk, Jn. nige inga somehow, anyhow. [n] nigge nage nigmon any one, some one, NG. niht wuht ninga nunga nlnan onlnan nlefan endlufon [[under endleofan"]] nlp nlp nlic one, 'only,' singular, solitary, Ps; Lk: unique, glorious, noble, splendid, excellent, Bo; , AO. adv.lce. 31

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary nlpig () nlpig [[under nlpe"]] nne (AO, CP) v. n. note useless, LL 254[3,34]. nrdnis nrdnes nyge nage nytte nette [[form of nett?]] pl ppel pled ppled ppel m. (nap. pplas, rarely ap(p)la, ppla) any kind of fruit, fruit in general: 'apple,' CP, Gen: apple of the eye, ball, anything round, Bo, CP, Sol. ppelbre fruitbearing: applebearing. ppelbearu m. orchard, PPs 78^2. ppelberende applebearing, DR 98^16. ppelcynn n. kind of apple, Lcd 67a. ppelcyrnel n. apple pip, WW 440^23. ppelft n. applevessel, ZDA 3115^401. ppelfealu appleyellow, bay, B 2165. ppelhs n. fruit storehouse, WW. ppelscealu f. applecore, WW 371^1. ppelscrad n. (only in pl.) appleparings, WW 118^1. ppeltrow n. 'appletree,' WW. ppeltn m. apple or fruit garden, orchard, , CP. ppelorn m. crabapple tree, BC 393. ppelwn n. cider, WW 430^9. ppled shaped like an apple, round, embossed, El. [' appled'] ppul apul ps sp, bs psen shameless, OEG 7^301. psenes f. disgrace. r I. adv. comp. ror; sup. rost, r(e)st 'ere,' before that, soon, formerly, beforehand, previously, already, lately, till; (comp.) sooner, earlier; (sup.) just now, first of all, OET, Jn, El: early, prematurely, Gu, Mk. on r; r issum previously, formerly, beforehand, CP. t r too soon. r oe fter sooner or later. hwonne r how soon? when? hwne r just before. on ealne rne mergen very early in the morning. ne r ne sian neither sooner nor later. r and si at all times. II. conj. 'ere,' before that, until, , AO, CP. r am(e) before, B. III. prep. (w. d.) before. IV. adj. only in comp. and sup. (rra, rest) q.v. V. f. r f. VI. n. r n. r I. early, former. II. intensitive prefix. ra I. m. scraper, strigil, Gl. II. rra rt m. excessive (or too early?) eating. rbe yrfe, ierfe rbeoht premeditated. rboren earlier born, firstborn (or ? two words), Gen 973. rc earc rce arce rcwide m. prophecy? Mod 4. rdd f. former deed. rdg m. (nap. rdagas) early day, early morn, dawn: in pl. former days, past times, AO. rda m. premature death, Ex 539. rdian eardian rdon rndon? from rnan (Grein), Ma 191. rdung eardung 32

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary re I. re. II. in comp.oared. rafe ( ^2) detected, TC 230^16. reldo 'anteritus,' WW 347^12. ren made of brass, brazen, , AO, CP: tinkling? [r; cp. Ger. ehern] rendbc f. message, letter. renddraca (AO, CP) rendraca rende n. 'errand,' message, BH, Gu; AO: mission, An, Chr: answer, news, tidings, . rendfst commissioned with an errand, L 26^221. rendgst m. angel, Gen 2296. rendgewrit n. written message, letter, , CP. rendian to go on an errand, carry a message, send word to, CP: intercede, BH; : (+)speed, succeed, W 238^9. ['ernde'] rendraca m. messenger, apostle, ambassador, angel, , AO: representative, substitute, proxy, BH 276^19. rendscip n. skiff, small boat. rendsecg m. messenger, Gen 658. rendsprc f. message, Rd 61^15. rendung f. errand: errandgoing, RB. [' ernding'] rendwraca (AO)wreca, (CP) rendraca rendwrit rendgewrit renscip rendscip rer ror rest I. adv. and superl. adj. first, at first, before all, , CP. , onne, sian . as soon as. . inga first of all. II. rist rfder m. forefather, B 2622. rfst rfst rfe ierfe, yrfe rgedn done before, CP. rgefremed before committed. rgelred previously instructed, MtL 14^8. rgenemned,gesd rnemned rgestron n. ancient treasure. rgeweorc n. ancient work, work of olden times. rgewinn n. former strife or trouble, old warfare, Cross 19. rgewyrht n. former work, deed of old. rgld very bright, Ex 293. rgd good from old times?, very good. rhwlum erewhile, formerly. rian erian rig (OET) earh riht n. code of law or faith. ring f. daybreak, early morning (A). risc arisc rist I. () mfn. rising, VPs: resurrection, awakening, Jn; CP. ['arist'] II. rest rlof? very dear, OEG 56^296. rlst rlast rlic() adj.;lce adv. 'early,' Jn. rlyft f. early morning air, WW 415^13. rm earm rmorgen (a^1, a^2, e^2) m. early morning, dawn, daybreak. rmorgenlic of early morning, DR. 33

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary rn n. dwelling, habitation, house, building, closet. rn ren rnan to 'run,' ride, gallop, BH: (+) to ride, run to, reach, gain by running or riding, AO: +iernan rndian rendian [[headword spelled rendian"]] rnemergen,merigen () rmorgen rnemergenlic matutinal, CM 277. rnemned aforementioned. rneweg m. road for riding on, racecourse. [iernan] rnian earnian rning f. 'running,' riding, racing, Bo, GD: flow of blood, MtL 9^20. (iorn) rn ern rnegen (?) m. houseofficer, Gl. rnung earnung ron rran [[form of rra"]] ror I. adv. earlier, before, beforehand, formerly, , AO: rather. II. prep. (w. d.) before. rost rest rra m. rre fn. adj. earlier, former, Bo, El; CP. on rran dg the day before yesterday. ['ere,' 'erer '] rror ror rs ears rsceaft f. old work, ancient building. rschen, rshen erschen rst rest rstf rstf ram,on,ame v. r. r yr rwacol early awake, . +rwe depraved, wicked, EPs 100^4. rwela m. ancient wealth, B 2747. rworuld f. ancient world, Cr 937. rynd rend [[headword spelled rende"]] ryr ror ryst I. rist. II. rest s n. food, meat, carrion: bait. [OHG. s] sc I. m. nap. ascas 'ash'tree, Gl, KC; Mdf: name of the rune for : () spear, lance: ship, . II. cs scre unshorn, untrimmed. [scieran] scan to demand (legally), LL 177. scapo (WW 273^36) sceapa scberend m.,bora m. spearbearer, soldier. scberende spearbearing, Gen 2041. sce asce sce f. asking, inquiry, search, LL: claim (to insurance money for theft of cattle), LL 175^2. ['ask' sb.] sceap (^1) n. remnant, patch. sceda fpl. refuse? WW 148^33. scegeswp n. cinders, ashes, TC 318^33. scen I. fm. vessel of ashwood, bucket, pail, bottle, cup. II. adj. made of ashwood, ashen, Lcd. scfealu ashyhued, WW 204^23. scgrg ashy gray, WW 204^24. schere m. naval force, Ma 69. scholt n. spear of ashwood, spearshaft, lance (v. also Mdf). scian csian [[under scian"]] scmann m. shipman, sailor, pirate. [sc] 34

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary scplega m. play of spears, battle, Jud 217. scrind f. bark of the ashtree, Lcd. scrf brave in battle. scstede m. place of battle, Mod 17; Mdf. scstederd f. cross marking a battlefield? Ct (BT). sctr m. glory in war, Gen 2069. scracu f. battle, Gen 2153. scrote,rotu f. a plant, ferula? vervain? sml smallness of the eye, Lcd. smogu np. slough (of snake) Lcd 88a. [smgan] scwert scwyrt scwiga m. (spear) warrior. scwlanc brave. scwyrt f. verbena, vervain. scyldian 'delinquere,' PPs. sellend (y^2) m. lawgiver. sil hsel slitend m. lawbreaker, LPs. sne esne sp spe I. spe I. f. aspentree, white poplar, Gl; Mdf. [' asp_^1'] II. bs spen adj. aspen. spreng, spring(e) spryng sprind (ps) f. aspen, bark, Lcd. ['asp'] springnes sprungenes [[headword spelled sprungennes"]] spryng nf. spring, fountain, CP. [a]: departure, Creat 77. st I. rest. II. st stnan stnan stan astan stel m. bookmarker, CP 9. [L. hastula] sul esol swpe sbpl. sweepings, rubbish. swic m. offence, stumblingblock, infamy, seduction, deceit. swica, swicend m. offender, deceiver, hypocrite, traitor. swice m. violation of God's laws (or? adultery), W 164^3. swician to offend, deceive, : apostatize, WW 342^12: desert, . swicnes f. stumblingblock, LPs 105^36. swicung f. offence, stumblingblock, : deceit, : sedition. swind idle, slothful, WW 422^13. [sw] syllend sellend t I. prep. (w. d. and, more rarely, a.) (local) 'at,' near, by, in, on, upon, with, before, next to, as far as, up to, into, toward: (temporal) at, at the time of, near, in, on, to, until: (causal) at, to, through: (source) from: (instrumental) by. t fawum wordum in few words, BH: in respect to, as to. II. adv. at, to, near. t nehstan, t siestan finally. tin composition at, to, from. t I. mfn. eatables, food, meat, flesh, Gu; , AO. t and wt food and drink, : the act of feeding, eating, PPs; MkL (). ['eat' sb.] II. pret. 3 sg. of etan. t te ta v. selfta. twian tewan etan^5 to eat, devour, AS 17^16; 37^5. tbon anv. to be present. 35

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary tberan^4 to carry to, bring, produce, show, Da: carry off, B. ['atbear'] tberstan^3 to break out, or away, escape from, . [' atburst'] tbrdan tbregdan tbrdendlic ablative, Gr 23^7. tbregdan,brdan^3 to take away, carry off, deprive of, snatch away, draw off, withdraw, Mt; : release, rescue, enlarge : prevent, L 31^126. ['atbraid'] tclifian to adhere, BJPs 101^6. tclan to adhere, OET 181. tdman to refuse, give judgment against, EC 202. tdn anv. to take away, deprive. te te taca (eth) m. 'appendix,' OEG 53^18. tacnes tcnes tealdod too old, (2^159). taw tew, tw tcan tcan tegr tgr [[under tgre"]] teglan to harm, PPs 88^19. tode pret. 3 sg. of *tgn he came. teorian teorian [[headword spelled torian"]] tow tew, tw tercyn atorcyn [[headword spelled torcyn"]] tere (^1) m. 'eater,' glutton, Prov; NG. tern I. (NG) viper. II. tren tw tew, tw tfstan ( o) to inflict on, afflict with: fasten to, drive into, impart to, CP 115^19: commit, entrust: marry to. tfstnian to fasten? entrust? AS 21^19. tfaran^6 to escape, Shr 14^23. tfeallan^7 to fall, fall out: fall away, fail, be reduced, LL; : happen. ['atfall'] tfele m. adhesion, PPs 72^23. tfeng m. attaching, distraint v. LL 2279. tfeohtan^2 to grope about. tfolan^3 to stick to: adhere, apply oneself to, continue in, CP. tfeorrian to take from, Sc 160^7. tferian to carry away, bear off. tflan tfolan tflon^2 to flee away, escape by flight, . [' atflee'] tflwan^7 to flow together, accumulate, SPs 61^10. tfn^7 to seize upon, lay claim to, LL. ['atfong '] tforan I. prep. w. d. before, in the presence of, in front of, close by, Jn; . ['atfore']. II. adv. beforehand (time). tfyligan,fylgan to adhere, cling to. tgdere (AO),gddre (CP),gdre,gderum adv. together, united, at the same time. [gadrian] tgre n.,gr m. spear, dart, javelin, Gl. tgangan^7 to go to, approach, Az 183. ['atgo'] tgeddre,gedre tgdere tgenumen removed, taken away, WW 529^39. tgiefa (eo, i) m. foodgiver, feeder. tgifan^5 to render, give, B 2878. tgldan^1 to slip away, disappear, OEG 7^132. 36

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary tgrpe seizing. . weoran seize, B 1268. thabban to retain, . thealdan^7 to keep back, Sc 109^18. thebban^6 to take away, take out, hold back, : exalt oneself, CP 113^13. thindan prep. w. d. behind, after, Chr; . [' athinden'] thlapan^7 to run away, flee, escape, W 162^5. thlp m. assault. [cp. hlp] thrnan^1 to touch, move, Mt; . ['atrine'] thrine m. touch. thw each, every one. thwre somewhat, HGl 421^37. thwega,hwga,hweg(u) adv. somewhat, tolerably, a little : how. thweorfan^3 to return, go back, B 2299. thwn adv. almost, nearly. thd 'eviscerata,' (skinned? BT), WW 392. tiernan^3 to run away, . ['atrin'] tewan (o; , a, o, , ) pret. sg.e(w)de, (tr.) to show, reveal, display, disclose, manifest, Mt (), CP: (intr.) show oneself, become visible, appear, Mt (). ['atew '] ting f. eating, Sc 170^45 (): pasture? Mdf. tinge (y^2) speechless, OEG 46^45. tis pres. 3 sg. of twesan, tbon. tw tew, tw tldan ( o) to drive away, . ['atlead'] tlic adj. eatable, WW, LkL (). tlicgan^5 to lie idle, Gr 2^22. ['atlie'] tlimpan^3 to fall away from, escape, be lost, . tltian to lurk, hide, . ['atlutien'] tnhstan () adv. at last. tnes f. edibility, WW 226^11. tniman^4 to take away, deprive of, Ex 414. tol etol ton pret. pl. of etan. tor tor torcynn torcynn [[headword spelled torcyn"]] tran trian treccan w. d. and a. to declare forfeit, deprive of, Lcd. tren poisoned, poisonous, MtL (ern). ['attern '] trenmd of venomous spirit, malignant (or? two words), GnE 163. trennes f. poisonous nature, Lcd 55a. trian to poison, AO: become poisonous. [' atter'] trig poisonous, Lcd; . ['attery'] trihte (y) I. adj. right at, near, present, at hand. II. adv. almost, nearly. tsacan^6 to deny, Lk; : renounce, Mk. ['atsake'] tsamne (, e, o) adv. united, together, at once, AO. tscotan^2 to escape, disappear, MF (Vesp. D xiv). tscfan^2 to shove away. tsittan^5 to sit by, remain, stay, Chr. ['atsit '] tslpan^7 to sleep beside, Lcd 83a. tsldan^1 to slip, glide, fall, . tsomne () tsamne tspornan^3 (u) to strike against, stumble, go wrong, CP: rebel (t). 37

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary tspornung f. offence, stumblingblock, misfortune, CM 230. tspringan^3 to rush forth, spurt out, B 1121. [' atspring'] tspringnes,sprung(en)nes f. defection. tspurnan tspornan tspyrning tspornung tst itst pres. 2 sg. of etan. tst ost tstl m. aid, assistance (GK); tsteall (BT), Gu 150. tstppan^6 to step up to, B 745. tstandan^6 to stand still, stand at, near, in or by, : remain, stand up: check, resist, : cease, Lk ; . ['atstand'] tstandend m. bystander, attendant, . tstandende standing by, GD 284^21. tsteall m. assistance, meeting with hostile intent (GK): station, camp station (BT), Wald 1^21. tstent v. tstandan. tstente v. tstyntan. tstillan to still, Lcd 25b. tstrengan to withhold wrongfully, LL 206. tstyntan to blunt, dull, weaken. tswerian^6 to deny on oath, LL. tswgan to keep silence about (be) GD 217^18. tswimman^3 to escape by swimming, swim out, Chr 918. ettan (yttan) to eat up. tter, ttor tor ttr tr tringan^3 to take away from, deprive of. tweaxan^1 to increase (Swt.). twegan^5 to bear away, carry off, B 1198. twela abundance of food, feast, Soul 123. twenian to wean from, LL 368. twesan anv. to be at hand. twesende at hand, imminent, WW. twindan^3 to escape, . ['atwind'] twist I. f. presence. II. edwist twtan^6 to reproach (with), censure, taunt, Met, Ps; CP. ['atwite'] twrencan to seize by fraud. tcan to add to, increase, BH. [ecan] tcnes f. increase, BH. tnan ontnan tynge tinge tys tis pres. 3 sg. of twesan. twan,wian tewan twednes f. showing, appearance, manifestation, revelation, GD. twigendlic demonstrative, Gr. twnes f. showing, manifestation, revelation: apparition, : Epiphany. twung f. manifestation, Epiphany, CM 531. an I. ()to make oath, swear. [] II. an el ele el el elboren of noble birth, distinguished, : freeborn, : inborn, natural. elborennes f. nobility of birth or nature, : inborn nature, OEG 4518. 38

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary elcund of noble birth. elcundnes f. nobleness, Bo 46^13. elcyning m. noble king (Christ), . eldugu f. noble retinue, Cr 1012. ele noble, aristocratic, excellent, famous, glorious , Ex, Gen ; , AO, CP: splendid, fine, costly, valuable: lusty, young: pleasant, sweetsmelling, Gen: (+) natural, congenial, suitable. ['athel'] elferingwyrt,fyrdingwyrt f. stitchwort (plant), Lcd. +elian to make noble or renowned, Hy. ['iathele '] elic ellic elic aelic eling m. man of royal blood, nobleman, chief, prince, AO, Chr (v. LL 2274): _king, Christ, God, Cr: _man, hero, saint ; in pl. men, people, Gen. ['atheling'] elinghd n. princely state, Lcd 3438^5. ellic noble, excellent. adv.lce. elnes f. nobility, excellence. elo elu elstenc m. sweet smell, Ph 195. eltungol n. noble star. elu fn. nobility, family, descent, origin, CP: nature : noble qualities, genius, talents, preeminence, Bo: produce, growth. ['athel'] m () m. air, breath, breathing, CP; Sat. (): vapour, B: blast, . ['ethem'] mian to fume, exhale, emit a smell. re dre reclic terrible, RPs 95^4. ret ryt rot n. disgust, weariness. [rotan] ryt I. troublesome, wearisome, disgusting. II. n. weariness, disgust, tediousness, . ryte ryt I. rytnes f. tedium, v. OEG 4582. ryttan to weary, . a (Bd, Deathsong) oe w I. . II. we wde without clothes, WW 230^38. wan to despise, scorn, Ps. wbrce despising the law, : adulterous, LL. wbreca (i, y) m. adulterer, LL (y). [' eaubruche_^2'] wbryce m. adultery, ; LL. ['eaubruche_^1'] wda, wdamann m. witness, compurgator, LL. we I. fn. married woman, : married people. II. lawful: married: born of the same marriage. welm wielm wenbror m. brother by the same marriage, WW 413^29. wne doubtful, uncertain. werd adj.? religious, or sb.? regular priest, ANS 128298. [cp. weweard] werdla fwyrdla weweard m. priest, Bl 161^27. wfst upright, pious, devout, religious, , CP: married, . wfsten n. legal or public fast. wfstlic lawful: religious, CP (f). adv.lce. wfstnes f. religion, piety. wicnes f. eternity, RPs 102^17 (v. p. 303). 39

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary wielm (e, i, y),wielme m. source, fount, spring, beginning, AO, CP. [ awylm] wintre nwintre wis wisc wisc I. nf. offence, shame, disgrace, dishonour, AO. [ Goth. aiwisks] II. disgraced, shameless, indecent. wiscberende disgraceful, shameful, WW 264^42. wisce wisc I. wiscferinend (Gl),firina (NG) m. shameless sinner, publican. wisclic disgraceful, infamous, OEG. wiscmd ashamed, abashed, cowed. wiscnes f. shameless conduct: reverence. wita m. counsellor, El 455. wlic legal, lawful. adv.lce. wnian to marry, . wnung f. wedlock, OEG. wul basket with a narrow neck for catching fish, WW 181^11. [? cawl, BT] wumboren lawfully born, LL 76. wung wnung wunge awunge [[under awunga"]] wyll m. stream, BC 1542. wylm,wylme wielm wyrdla fwyrdla wyrp m. throwing away: what is cast away: an abortion. [weorpan] wysc wisc x cs, eax xe asce xer f. axehead, Chr 1012#e. [r] xfaru f. 'apparatus,' naval expedition? ( sc? v. ES 37184), Gl. xian ascian [[headword spelled scian"]] xl eaxl xs cs fdan fdan fgan to depict, figure, BH. [fg] fgrian () to ornament, adorn, BH. flan,fllan fyllan II. fman to foam out, PPs 118^131. fran to frighten, PPs, Mk, Chr; AO, CP. ['afear,' 'afeared'] fst wfst fstan I. to fast, LL, W. II. to let out on hire, MkR 12^1. fstla interj. certainly! assuredly! . fstnian (e) to fix upon, fasten, make firm, confirm, AO: enter, inscribe, : build. fttian to fatten, anoint, APs 22^6; LPs 140^5. fandelic fandodlic [[under fandigendlic"]] fandian to try, test, prove, tempt, Lk, Lcd; , CP: find out, experience, . fandod (and fanden?) approved, excellent, . fandigendlic,odlic proved, approved, laudable. adv. odlce. fandung f. trial, . fangennes f. reception, acceptance. afara eafora faran to go out, depart, march, travel, , AO; Da 6. ['afare'] feallan^7 to fall down, fall in battle, Lk; CP: fall off, decay. ['afalle'] feallan fyllan 40

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary fdan to feed, nourish, bring up, maintain, support, ; AO: bring forth, produce. ['afede'] fgan to join, DR (oe). fehtan (DR) feohtan fellan fyllan felle felle feohtan^3 to fight, fight against, attack, AO: tear out, destroy. fon 'odisse,' PPs. feormian to cleanse, purge, purify. feormung f. scouring, cleansing, purging, Sc. feorran,feorrian (CP) fierran feorsian to remove, do away, expel, dispel, : go away. fer for afera eafora fran fran aferian to provide horses for team work (as service for a lord), v. ANS 10973f. ferian (Gl),ferran fierran ferscan to become fresh, Bo 86^20. fersian feorsian festnian (WW 49^8) fstnian afetigan hafetian fierran (eo, i, y) to remove, withdraw, depart: estrange from, take away, expel, drive away, CP. [feorr] fierrednes (y) f. removal, NC 270. fgen fried, Gl. filgan to pursue, Gen 14^15. findan^3 ( on) to find, find out, discover, detect, Jn; : experience, feel, . ['afind'] fir fierr, feor, fyr firan ( y) to remove, Lcd 1294n. flgen pp. of flan. flman fleman flan^6 to strip off, flay, GD. flgan (DR) flegan flman fleman flon^2,flogan to fly, flee away, Gu: fly from, escape. ['aflee'] flotan^2 to skim, Lcd. flan flegan flegan (, ) to put to flight, expel, (). [' afley'] fleman () to put to flight, expel, scatter, disperse, rout, Chr; CP: banish. ['afleme'] flgan flegan flgung f. attack? Lcd 1338^12. flung v. mete. flwan^7 to flow, flow away or from, pass away, AO, CP. flg, flh fleg flygennes f. attack (BT), Lcd 1366^7. flman fleman fgian wgian afol n. power, might, LL (304^22). fn ( on) to receive, take in, take, Mk, Ps: lay hold of, seize, MtR, Jul: hold up support. [' afong'] fondian fandian for bitter, acid, sour, sharp: dire, fierce severe, harsh, impetuous. [OHG. eivar, eibar] afora eafora forhtian to be frightened, take fright, wonder at, . 41

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary frfran,frfrian to comfort, console, make glad, CP. [frfor] fremdan,dian to alienate, : become alienated. freman (VPs) fremdan fremung f. alienation, VHy. froan^2 to froth, Lcd 45b. fron (ia, N) to deliver, free. afslg ofslg [[form of ofslan"]] after fter flian to become foul, putrefy, rot, be corrupt, defiled. afulic perverse. v. ES 42162. fulliend m. fuller, MkR 9^3. funde rare wk. pret. 3 sg. of findan. fundennes f. invention, device, discovery, . flan to foul, stain, defile, corrupt, CP; . [' afile'] fyllan I. (w. g. or d.) to fill, fill up, replenish, satisfy, ; AO: complete, fulfil. ['afill']. II. (y ie) to cause to fall, fell, beat down, overturn, subvert, demolish, abolish, Lk; : slay, kill. ['afelle'] fyndan findan fyr fierr fran to emasculate. fred (CP), frd pp. as sb. eunuch. fyrhtan to frighten, terrify, , AO. frida fred fyrran fierran fyrsian feorsian fsan (intr.) to hasten: inspire with longing, Bl : (tr.) urge, impel, excite: drive away. [fs] ga m. proprietor, owner, GD 230^11. glan to hinder, keep back, preoccupy, detain, hold back, retard, delay, AO: neglect, CP: profane. glwan to terrify, astonish, AO. galan^6 to sound forth, sing, chant. gald geald pret. 3 sg. of gieldan. glian to become slack, CP 65^18. gan I. (conj. Wt 546) to own, possess, have, obtain, An, Bo, Ma, Mt; AO, CP: give, give up, deliver, restore: have to pay, 'owe,' Mt, Lk: have to do, ANS 123417. . t find out, discover. II. pret. 3 sg. of ginnan (onginnan). gn (conj. v. gn) to go, go by, pass (of time), Mk. of . go away: occur, befal, : come forth, grow, Ps: approach: lose strength. ['ago'] gangan gn ge f. possessions, property. [ON. eiga] agan ongan gehwr hwr geldan I. _to punish. II. gieldan glwan glwan gman gman gen I. 'own,' proper, peculiar, BH, Sat, Mt; AO, CP, Chr, . . cyre freewill. gnes onces voluntarily, spontaneously : proper (gram.), Gr. II. n. property, LL: own country. III. pp. of gan. gn ongan agnbewendan to return. gncuman^4 to return, Lk 8^40. gend m. owner, possessor, master, lord. se . the Lord. gendfra I. m. lord, owner. II. f. mistress? Gen 2237. gendfro gendfra gendlce properly, as one's own: imperiously, CP 145^5. 42

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary genfriga,frige gendfra gngehweorfan^3 to return. gnhwyrfan to return. gniernan^3 to run against, meet. gnldan to lead back, WW 91^9. genlic own: owed, due, DR. gennama m. proper name, Gr 25^16. gennes f. property, . gnsendan to send back, Lk. genslaga m. slayer of oneself, suicide, . gnstandan^6 to press, urge, Lk. genung gnung gode ode pret. 3 sg. of gn. geolwian to become yellow. gomrian to mourn, grieve, GD. geornan gyrnan gotan^2 to pour out, pour forth, shed, MtL; CP: melt, found (of images): destroy: deprive (of), Jud 32. ['ageten'] gtan gtan giefan^5 (eo, i, y) to give, impart, deliver, give up, yield, relinquish, Mt (y): restore, return, repay, pay, AO. eft . give back, return. ['agive'] gieldan^3 (e, i, y) to pay, repay, compensate, yield, restore, reward, AO: offer oneself, offer up (as a sacrifice): perform (an office), (y): allow: to punish? Ph 408. gemelasian (i, y) to neglect, despise, CP. gmelasod neglectful, careless, NC 337. geta gta gifan (AO, CP) giefan gifian to bestow, grant, DR 124^19. gift gift gildan (CP) gieldan gilde gilde gilpan^3 to exult in (w. d.), Soul 165. giltan gyltan gmelasian (C) gemelasian gimmed set with precious stones, . ginnan onginnan gta m. prodigal, spendthrift, CP. gitan ongietan gtan I. to waste, destroy, Chr. ['aget'] II. gotan glchd m. state of misery, Rd 54^5. glc,lc n. trouble, distress, oppression, misery, grief. glca () m. wretch, monster, demon, fierce enemy. glccrft (c) m. evil art, An 1364. glcwf n. female monster, B 1259. gldan? to cause to slip. v. AB 19163. glca glca gldan^1 to glide, slip, stumble. agn angn gnere m. owner, Gr 110^19. gnes genes gmn. of gen adj. gnett n. interest, usury, LkL 19^23. gnettan to appropriate, Gl. 43

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary gnettung f. 'usurpatura'? Lk 19^23 (ES 42163). gnian to 'own,' Rd: claim: appropriate, usurp, Bo, Mt; CP: make over (to), . gndan^1 to rub off, WW 386^16. gniden I. f. rubbing, Gl? (v. A 31533). II. used, threadbare, WW 220^24. gniend (h) m. owner, possessor. gniendlic possessive, genitive (case), Gr. +gnod own, CP 262^23. gnung f. owning, ownership, possession: claim, declaration or proof of ownership. gotenes f. effusion, shedding. grafan^6 to curve, hew, sculpture, : engrave, inscribe, . grafenlic sculptured, ARSPs 105^19. grpian to grasp tightly, L 8^121. grtan (oe) to attack, LkLR 9^42. grimetian (y) to rage, GD. grsan^1 to quake, fear, LL. ['agrise'] grwen overgrown. gryndan to descend, Men 111. grsan grsan agu f. magpie, WW 132^11. Agustus m. August. gyf gief gyld gield, gild gylpan gilpan gyltan to offend, sin, do wrong, ; CP. ['aguilt '] gyltend m. debtor. gylting f. guilt, offence, DR. gyltnes f. guilt, NC 270. gman () to regard, contemplate, AS: heal, cure. gmelasian gemelasian gymmed gimmed agynnan onginnan gyrnan to desire, be eager for, GD 205^19 (eo). gytan ongietan ah (AO, CP) ac (conj. and adv.) h pres. 3 sg. of gan. h g habban to restrain: (refl.) abstain (fram): support. haccian to pick out, L 23^78. hbban hebban hldan hildan hafennes f. rising, lifting up: elevation, pride. halsian to implore. hangian to hang, LkL 23^39. htan to name, MtL 27^16. htian to become hot, WW 214^31. healdan^7 ( on) to hold, keep, DR, JnL. healtian to limp, crawl, LPs 17^46. heardian to be or become hard, grow hard or inured, CP: endure. heardung f. hardening, Lcd. hawan^7 to cut off, out or down, , CP: cut wood into planks. hebban^6 (occl. wk. pret. hefde and pp. hefed) (often w. p) to lift up, stir up, raise, exalt, erect, Lk; 44

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary CP: take away, remove: support, uphold: leaven. ['aheave '] hebbian ebbian hefednes hafennes hefegian (CP),hef(i)gian () to make heavy, oppress. held (VPs) hyld pp. of hyldan. hellian? to cover over, conceal, hide, OEG 5410. helpan^3 to help, support (w. g.). hnan to humble, LkL: accuse, NG. [henan; han] heolorian to weigh, consider, Gl. hran hran herian to praise, DR. hrian hrian herstan (BPs) hyrstan heten pp. of hatan. [[error for htan?]] hicgan hycgan henan v. hnan. hierdan (i, y) to make hard, harden, CP: encourage, animate. [heard] hean han hildan (, e, y) to bend, incline, : rest, lay down (tr. and intr.): turn away, avert: cast down, destroy. hirdan (CP) hierdan han han hladan^6 to draw out, lead out, draw forth, : exclude, Bk 18. hlca glca hlnan to set oneself up, Mod 53. hlnsian to become lean, . hlapan^7 to leap, spring up, AO. hlfan (oe) to pull out, DR 55^10. hlorian to sound, resound, GD. hlehhan^6 to laugh at, deride: laugh out, exult. hlinian,nan linnan hlocian to dig out, Gl, MtR 5^29. [? *locian, cp. lucan (BT) and v. ES 42165] hlwan to roar again, WW 492^11. hlttrian to cleanse, purify. hlyhhan hliehhan [[headword spelled hlehhan"]] hlttrian hlttrian hn gn hnopan^2 to pluck off, Gu 819. hnescian to become soft or effeminate, AO: weaken. [hnesce] hngan^1 to fall down: bow down. hogian to think out, be anxious about, GD. holan holian holian to hollow, scoop out, CP. t . to root out, pluck out: engrave, emboss. hn^7 to hang, suspend, crucify, MkLR; AO, CP. [' ahang'] hopian to hope for (t), Bl 17^23. hrcan to spit out, Lcd 9a. hrscian to shake off? (BT), LPs 108^13. hreddan to set free, save, rescue, recapture, AO; . ['aredde'] hredding f. salvation, deliverance, HL 9^281, EC 230. hrofian to become leprous, MH 174^12. hrosan^2 to rush: fall, fall down, : be destroyed. hrepian to treat, FBO 80^5. 45

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary hrran ( on) to move, shake, make to tremble, CP. hrnan^1 ( on) to touch, handle, Lk. ['arine '] hrisian (y) to shake, stir up, CP: shake off. ['arese'] hrnan hrnan hrran to cause to fall, destroy, Gl. hrysian hrisian ahse asce hsian scian aht eaht ht wiht ahta eahta hte, hton pret. 3 sg. and pl. of gan. htes ( g. of ht) of any account or value. htlce stoutly, manfully, Chr (E). hw pron. any one. hwnan to vex, grieve, afflict, Lcd; . ['awhene '] hwnne adv. when, whenever: at sometime, any time, RB: at all times. hwr (, ) anywhere, Bo, LL, : at any time, ever, in any way. ['owhere'] hwrgen anywhere: in any case. hwt n. anything. hwer (wer, er, or) I. pron. some one, something; any one: anything. II. adv. and conj. either, AO, CP. er...oe either...or, AO, LL. ['outher '] hwanon hwonan hwr hwr hwelfan hwylfan hweorfan^3 (tr.) to turn, turn away, convert: (intr.) turn aside, turn away, Gen: avert. ['ahwerf'] hwr hwr hwerfan hwierfan hwettan to whet, excite, kindle, AO: hold out to, provide : reject. hwider in any direction, from any source, . hwierfan to turn away, turn from, avert, CP. hwilc ghwilc hwistlian v. wistlian. hwtian to whiten, BJPs 50^9. hwonan from any source, anywhere. hwonne hwnne hwyder hwider hwylfan to cover over, submerge, subvert, : to roll to, MP 1592. up . pull up, loosen. hwyrfan hwierfan hycgan to think out, devise. hdan to hide, conceal. hyldan hildan hyldendlic enclitic, Gr 265^1. [hildan] hyltan to trip up, PPs 139^5. hran () to hire. hyrdan hierdan hyrdung f. hardening, Sc 232^19. hrian hran hyrstan ( ie) to roast, fry, Lcd 33b; BPs 101^4 (e). hyspan to reproach, LPs 101^9. han (e, ) to plunder, destroy, devour. [h] 46

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary dan ()? 'eliminare,' v. OEG 7^109n; BT. dlian,dlan,delian to be or make useless, frustrate, empty, annul, , CP: profane: be free from: deprive (of). [del] iernan^3 to run away, run out, go over: pass by, go. ean (, , ) to lay low, demolish, destroy, cast out. al eall, l l n. fire, burning, OEG 4389; 4470. [cp. lan] ldian to excuse, Bo 144^5. ldiendra 'excussorum,' BPs 126^4. lccan to catch, take, Chr 1123. ldan (tr.) to lead, lead away, carry off, withdraw, conduct, bring, : (intr.) be produced, grow, come forth. lnan to lend, : grant, lease. ['alene '] lr alor lran to teach, PPs 118^108. lson pret. pl. of lesan. ltan^7 to let go, give up, leave, lose, resign, lay aside, Jn; AO, CP: let, allow: release, pardon, forgive: deliver, . ['alet'] ltnes f. loss: remission (of sins). alan^6 to nourish, produce. [Goth. alan] langian (impers.) to affect with longing, Soul 154. ['along'] latian to grow sluggish or dull, Gl. ala I. eala (v. ealu). II. pres. 3 sg. of alan. lian^1 (Gl) to be hateful: hate: threaten. alb f. while garment, 'alb,' LL. [L.] ald (EWS, EK, A) eald ld dl lecgan to put, place, lay down, lay aside, give up, cease from, abandon, LL; , AO, CP. lecgende word, lecgendlic word deponent verb: put down, allay, suppress, abolish, conquer, destroy, overcome, refute, , LL: lay upon, inflict: diminish, lessen, withhold, . ['allay'] ld I. pp. of lecgan. II. ld pp. of ldan. lfan lefan lfednes f. infirmity, L 21^99. lfian to injure, maim; enfeeble, . pp. ill, . [lf] lenian (K) lynnan lodan^2 to spring up, grow. leofian lifian logan^2 to lie, deny, deceive, be false to, leave unfulfilled, , AO. lon^1 ( on) to lend, give up, DR. leonian lynnan loran to depart, flee away, VPs 51^7. leoian liian aler alor ls les lesan^5 to pick out, choose. let (Da 254) led ltan ltan lran lran alewe, al(u)we f. 'aloe,' Jn, Lcd. lwed ptc. feeble, weak, ill. [lf] alexandre f. horseparsley, Lcd. ['alexanders'] alfle (An 770) ealfelo 47

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary lft n. cooking vessel, cauldron. [lan] lgeweorc n. firemaking, tinder, Gl. algian ealgian alh ealh libban to live, pass one's life, AO. libbende everlasting. licgan^5 to be subdued, fail, cease, yield, perish, AO. lefan (, , ) to allow, give leave to, grant, AO, CP: hand over, yield up. lefedlic lawful, permissible. adv.lce (CP, ). lefednes () f. permission. lesan (, , ) to loosen, let loose, free, redeem, release, absolve, Mt (), AO, CP. ['alese'] lesednes,(e)nes (, ) f. redemption, ransom, MtWLR: remission (of sins), ERHy 9^77. lesend (, , ) m. liberator, deliverer, Redeemer, CP. lesendlic () loosing, liberating, BH. lesing,lesnes () lesednes lf n. eternal life, MFH 108^160. lfan lefan lifian libban lh (DR) imperat. sg. of lon. lhtan to lighten, relieve, alleviate, take off, take away: 'alight,' Gr: ( onlhtan) light up, . limpan^3 to occur, happen. linnan lynnan lsend lesend liian (eo) to detach, separate, Gen: set free. ['alithe'] all (strictly Anglian, but found in AO, CP) eal, eall almes lmes aln ealn alo ealu loccian to entice, AO. alor, al(e)r m. 'alder,' Gl, KC, Lcd; Mdf. alordrenc m. drink made of alder sap? Lcd 40a. alorholt nm. alderwood, WW. alorrind m. alderbark, Lcd 12b. alo ealu alr alor alsw ealsw alter, altar(e), altre m. 'altar,' ; CP. [L. altare] lcan^2 to pluck up, pull out, separate, take away. lutan^2 ( onl) to bend, incline, bend or bow down, . loten pp. submissive. aluwe, alwe alewe alwald eal(l)weald lybban libban lfan () lefan lfed I. lefed pp. of lefan. II. lfed pp. of lfian. lfed lefed lht onlht lyhtan lihtan [[headword spelled lhtan"]] lman to come forth, shew forth. lynnan,lynnian (e, eo, i) to deliver, let go, release, loosen, . ls les lran () to lather, Lcd. [laor] 48

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary am (NG) eom m m. reed or slay of a loom, Rd 36^8. mllian meallian mnsumian mnsumian mran I. to extol, GD 206^24. II. (usu. tmr(i)an) to exterminate, BH. mstan to feed with mast, fatten, feed up, CP. magian (hamacgian) to revive, be restored to health, Lcd 3184^21. man onman [[form of onmunan"]] mang prep. w. d. among, amongst: while, whilst, during. . m, issum meanwhile. [ gemang] [[listed as +mang"]] manian to exact, require, LL. mnsian mnsumian mnsung mnsumung mnsumian to excommunicate, anathematize, curse, proscribe, outlaw, BH; , AO. ['amanse'] mnsumung,sumnung f. excommunication, curse, . [' amansing'] marod disturbed, troubled, confounded. [cp. myrred] [[form of myrran?]] masian to amaze, confound. mwan^7 to cut down, PPs 101^4. mb (A 9265) m ambeht ambiht amber (e^1, o^1, ^2, o^2, u^2) mfn. vessel, pail, pitcher, tankard: cask, dry or liquid measure (? four bushels ). [L. amphora] ambiht (e^1, o^1, y^1, e^2) I. n. office, service : commission, command, message . II. m. attendant, messenger, officer. +ambihtan (embe) to minister, serve, NG. ambihtere (embe) m. servant, LkL 22^26. ambihthra obedient servant, Gu 571 (o^1). ambihths n. workshop, 'officina,' CM 1087. ambihtmann m. manservant. ambihtmecg (o^1, e^2, y^2) m. servant. ambihtnes,sumnes (emb) f. service, NG. ambihtscealc m. functionary, retainer. ambihtsecg sm. minister, Gen 582. ambihtsmi m. court smith or carpenter, LL 3[7]. ambihtegn (omb) m. attendant, servant. ambyht ambiht ambyre favourable, fair, AO. [and, byre] ambyrian (OEG 11^142) onbyrgan II. meallian () to become insipid, v. OEG 61^4. meareian to mark out, delineate, define, describe: destine, assign, appoint. amel m. sacred vessel, WW 348. [L.] melcan^3 to milk, Lcd. meldian to let out, make known, betray, , AO. ameos 'ammeos,' bishopweed, Lcd 71b. [Gk.] amerian hamorian merian to test, examine: purify, refine. merran mierran metan^5 to measure, estimate: mete out, assign, grant, bestow, . mtan to paint, depict, CP: adorn, . metendlic compendious, measurable, limited. adv.lce. 49

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary methwl methwl metsian to provision, Chr 1006#e. middan onmiddan midian to be foolish, RHy 6^6. mdlod unbridled, WW 226^38. mierran (e, i, y) to hinder, obstruct, prevent, delay, CP: mar, injure, disturb, scatter, consume, waste, spoil, destroy, Lk, Bo; AO, CP: lose. ['amar'] migdal m. almond, Lcd. [Gk.] md md molcen pp. of melcan. molsnian to decay, weaken, W 147^29. molten molten, L 5^234. amore f. a kind of bird, yellowhammer? [cp. emer] ampella,pulla m. flask, vessel. [L.] ampre I. 'varix,' tumour, swelling, Gl. ['amper'] II. f. dock, sorrel, Lcd. mundian to protect, defend, . myltan (tr.) to melt, . myrdrian (LL 348, 56#a) myrrian [[under myrran"]] myrgan to delight, cheer, Sol 240. myrian merian myrran (1) mierran; (2) (LL 348, 56#g,b) myrran myrran,myrrian to murder, kill, LL; Chr 1049#c. ['amurder'] an I. adv. and prep. on. II. pres. 1 sg. of unnan. anin composition represents (1) and; (2) un; (3) in; (4) on. n I. adj. strong mfn. (asm. nne, nne) 'one,' Mt, . in plur. each, every one, all. n and (fter) n one by one. nes hwt some single thing, a part, B: a, an: alone, sole, only; in this sense it is used also in the weak form (s na; h na, AO, CP) and with a pl.: singular, unique: single, each, every one, all (gp. nra): any. II. adv. (also wk. na) alone, only. on n continually, continuously, ever, in one, once for all, immediately. t n only that. ana heonu na v. n. nad, nd n. waste, desert, solitude. [Ger. einde] nglian to nail, Nar 4^25. anl onl anelian to degrade, Bo, Met. +nan to unite, BH 214^3. ananbam m. spindletree, Lcd 29b. anawyrm m. intestinal worm, Lcd 43b. anbrnes onbrnes [[under onbrning"]] anbestingan^3 to thrust in, insert, CP. anbid ( on) n. waiting, expectation, hope; AO, CP: interval, AO. anbidian (on) intr. to wait, stay: tr. w. g. wait for, expect. anbidstw (on) f. place of meeting, LL. anbidung m. waiting for, expectation: delay, OEG 3396. anbiht ambiht anbindan onbindan anbiscopod unbiscopod nboren ptc. onlybegotten. anbringelle onbringelle anbrce (El 1029) unbrce? anbrucol ( on) rugged, GPH 402. 50

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary anbryrd onbryrd nbend m. hermit, anchorite, Gu 59. anbgan (AO, CP) onbgan anbyhtscealc ambihtscealc nbme made of one trunk, dugout (ship), WW 181^33. anbyrdan (and) to strive against, resist, oppose, attack. anbyrdnes f. resistance, LL 214[14]. anbyrignes ( on) f. tasting, taste, WW. ncenned (^2),cend, onlybegotten, . ancer ancor anclow n.,clowe f. 'ankle,' Lcd, . ancnwan oncnwan ancor m. 'anchor,' B, Bo; CP. [L. ancora; from Gk.] ncor,cora m. anchorite, hermit, . [L. anachoreta; from Gk.] ancorbend (oncer) m. cable, B 1918. ncorlic like a hermit, WW 463^7. ncorlf n. solitary life, BH. ancorman m. man in charge of the anchor, WW 166^7. ancorrp m. anchor rope, cable. ancorsetl n. prow of a ship. ncorsetl n. hermitage, . ncorsetla m. hermit, . ncorstw f. solitary place, BH 424^12. ancorstreng (ancer) m. cable. ancra ancor ncra (a^1?) m. anchorite, hermit, monk, WW; . [' anchor'] ancsum angsum ancuman^4 to arrive, Gen 1884. ncummum one by one, singly, NG. ncyn adj. only, A 2358; LPs 21^21. and conj. 'and,' but. gelce and... like as if... AO. and an, on, ond(opposition, negation. Ger. ent): and occasionally a. anda m. grudge, enmity, envy, anger, vexation, Mt; : zeal, , CP: injury, mischief: fear, horror, NG. [' ande,' 'onde'] ndge for one day, lasting a day. andt andet ndaga m. appointed day, . ndagian to fix a day for appearance: adjourn, EC 163. andb anb, onb andbcnian to make signs to, WW. andbita m. feast (of unleavened bread). andclow anclow andcwean 'contradicere, frustrari,' HGl 491. andcwiss f. answer, Gu 992. andcnes f. evidence, BH 158^5. andd and, ond ande ende andages () eye to eye, in the face, openly? B 1935. andaw arrogant, ostentatious, Sc. andefn,efen f. measure, quantity, amount, AO: capacity, nature, CP. andelbr,bre reversed, OEG. 51

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary andergilde at little cost? (BT). andet andett andetla m. declaration, confession, LL 18[22]. andetnes (ondCP) f. confession, : thanksgiving, praise. andetta m. one who confesses. a. bon to acknowledge. andettan to confess, acknowledge, , CP: give thanks or praise: promise, vow. [and, htan] andettend,ere m. confessor. andettian andettan andettung m. confession, profession, CP. andfang m. acceptance. andfangol 'susceptor,' LPs 45^12. ndfealdlce nfealdlce andfeax bald, W 46^1. andfeng (on) m. seizing, receiving, taking, , RB: defence: defender: attack, assault: revenue, means, Lk 14^28, Bk 10: illegal occupation of (land). andfenga m. receiver, defender, undertaker, Ps. andfenge I. acceptable, agreeable, approved, fit, suitable , , CP: that can receive : taken . II. m. undertaker: receptacle. andfengend m. defender, Ps: receiver. gafoles a. tax collector. andfengestw f. receptacle, WW 213^43. andfengnes f. acceptance, receiving: receptacle: acceptableness, W 253^21. andfex andfeax andgelman andlman andget andgit [[under andgiet"]] andgete adj. plain, manifest. [andgiete] [[under andgiet"]] andgiet (ond; e, i, y) n., andgiete f. understanding, intellect, Mt; , CP: knowledge, perception, CP: sense, meaning, , CP: one of the five senses: plan, purpose. ['angit '] andgiet andgit andgitful intelligent, sensible. andgitfullic intelligible, clear. adv.lce. andgitlas foolish, senseless, . andgitlast f. want of understanding, . andgitlic andgitfullic andgitol intelligent, sensible. andgittcen (ie^2) n. sensible token, sign. andgyt andgiet andgyt andgit [[Printed on one line: andgyt andgiet,git]] andhafod n. heading, unploughed headland of a field, EC. andhetan, andhettan andettan andhweorfan^3 to move against, blow against, B 548. [or ? onhweorfan] andian to be envious or jealous. andig envious, jealous, OEG. andlman andlman andlang (o^1, o^2) I. adj. entire, continuous, extended. andlangne dg, niht all day (night) long, An, Gu. ['along '] II. prep. w. g. 'along,' by the side of, , Chr, KC; AO. andlangcempa (anl) soldier fighting in line, WW 450^18. andlata (Cr 1436) andwlita andlan n. retribution, retaliation. andleofen (ie, i, y) f.,leofa m. sustenance, nourishment, food : money, wages. [libban] 52

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary andlcnes onlcnes andliefen (AO, CP), andlifen andleofen andlman (^2, u^2) m. pl. utensils, implements, vessels. andlong andlang andlyfen andleofen andmitta anmitta andreceft? n. wine or oil press, WW 123^37. andriesne ondrysne andrysen,drysn ondrys(e)n andrysno f. respect, reverence: etiquette. andsaca m. adversary: denier, apostate. andsacian to dispute, deny, CP. andsc m. denial, oath of purgation, El, LL: refusal: strife, resistance. ['andsech'] andste adj. hateful, odious, repugnant, : hostile. ['andsete'] andslyht m. blow. andspeornan^3 to stumble against, NG. andspyrnes f. offence, MtR 16^23. ndstreces nstreces andsumnes,sundnes ( on) f. purity, chastity, virginity. v. OEG 1696. andswarian to 'answer,' Lk; , CP. andswaru f. 'answer,' reply, B, Jn; CP. andswerian (VPs),sworian andswarian andsn ansen andtimber,tymber ontimber andracian onracian andrce onrce andung f. jealousy, LPs 77^58. andstrian 'detestari,' MtR 26^74. andstrung f. 'abominatio,' MtR 24^15. andwscan dwscan andwt moist. andward andweard andweal onweal andweard (+ at AS 63^14) present, actual, existing, , CP: opposite to. andweardian to present, bring before one. (+andweardian also andwyrdian.) andweardlic present, actual. adv.lce. andweardnes f. presence, CP: present time. andwendednes onwendednes andweorc n. matter, substance, material, CP: cause. andwerd andweard,wyrd andwg m. resistance, Gu 147. andwille nwille andwirdan andwyrdan andws expert, skilful, Jul 244. andwsnes f. experience, WW 20^5. andwist f. support? station? An 1542. andwlata andwlita +andwlatod 'frontosus,' OEG 8^365. andwlita (a, eo) m. face, forehead, countenance, form, B, MtR; AO, CP. ['anleth'] andwlite n. andwlita andwliteful 'vultuosus,' GPH 393. 53

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary andwr hostile, enraged, Pa 17. andwurd,wyrd andweard [[under andwurd"]] andwyrdan,wyrdian (e, i) to answer, , Mt; AO, CP: (+an) 'conspirare,' WW 209^42. ['andwurde'] andwyrde n. answer, AO. andwyrding f. 'conspiratio,' WW 373^11. andde pret. of andn (ondn). andytt andett ne (1) ne, (2) heonu. nage,(a)gede (L) 'oneeyed,' blind of one eye. necge adj. having one edge, . +ned v. nian. nge, ngede nage nhst nhst [[headword spelled anihst"]] nemnan to announce, declare, Gu. ['aname'] nerian to deliver, rescue, LPs 24^15; EPs 49^22. nes nes nescian hnescian nett mn., netnes f. solitude, seclusion, CP. anf onf nfeald,fald,fealdlic single, unmixed, singular, unique, superior, ; CP: simple, modest, honest, sincere, Mt; CP: fixed, invariable. . gerecednes or sprc prose. ['afald'] adv.lce. nfealdnes f. unity, concord, AO: simplicity, CP. anfealt f. anvil, OEG 11^67 and n. [cp. anfilte] [[under anfilt"]] anfeng andfeng nfte onefooted, Rd 59^1. anfilt (),filte (Gl), n. 'anvil.' anfindan onfindan nfloga m. lonely flier, Seaf 62. anfn (AO) onfn anforht fearful, Cross 117. nforltan^7 to let go, lose, relinquish, abandon, surrender, CP: omit, neglect. nforltnes f. loss, desertion, Bl 85^31: intermission. anforngean in front of, MF (Vesp. D xiv). anga (o) m. stimulus, sting, goad, CP. nga (, ) sole, only: solitary. angbrost n. tightness of the chest, asthma, Lcd. ange enge angeald pret. 3 sg. of angildan. angan ongan angel I. m. 'angle,' hook, fishhook, Bo, MtL (ongul). II. m. engel Angel n. Anglen, a district in Schleswig, from which the Angles came, AO. Angelcynn n. the English people: England, AO. ngeld ngilde angelic like, similar, Bo 44^18. angeltwicce fm. a certain worm used as bait, earthworm? WW, Lcd. ['angletwitch'] Angeleod f. the English people: England. ngenga I. solitary, isolated, . II. m. solitary goer, isolated one, B. angerd ungerd ngetrum n. illustrious company, Ex 334. angeweald onweald angian to be in anguish, RPs 60^3; 142^4. 54

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary angien anginn angil angel I. angildan ongieldan ngilde (e, y) I. n. single payment or rate of compensation for damage, LL: the fixed price at which cattle and other goods were received as currency, LL. ['angild'] II. adj. to be compensated for. III. adv. simply, only, LL. ngildes ngilde III. anginn n. beginning, ; AO, CP: intention, design, enterprise, undertaking, CP: action, onset, attack: rising (of sun). ['angin'] anginnan (AO) onginnan angitan ongietan angitful andgitful Angle mp. the Angles or English (who came from Anglen; v. Angel, Engle). angmd sad, sorrowful. angmdnes f. sadness, sorrow, W 188^6. angngl m. corn, 'agnail,' Lcd 30b. angnere (on) m. corner of the eye, WW 423^34. angnes f. anxiety, uneasiness, trouble, pain, anguish, fear. angol angel, ongol angrisla (y) m. terror, Bl 203^7. angrislic (y^2) grisly, terrible. adv.(en)lce. angset,seta m. eruption, pustule, carbuncle, WW. angsum narrow, hard, difficult. angsumian to vex, afflict, . angsumlic troublesome, anxious, painful. adv.lce . angsumnes f. pain, : sorrow, trouble: difficulty, perplexity. ngum nigum dat. of nig. ngyld, ngylde ngilde angyn onginn angytan ongietan anh onh nhaga (o^2) m. solitary being, recluse. anhende ( on) on hand, requiring attention, AO 88^24. nhende onehanded, lame, weak, . nhwe 'uniformis,' OEG 1046. anhoga m. care, anxiety, Gu 970. nhoga nhaga nhorn, nhorna m. unicorn, Ps. nhrdlce nrdlce nhundwintre a hundred years old. nhdig resolute, firm, constant, stubborn, brave. nhyrne I. onehorned, having one horn. II. m. unicorn. nhyrned,e(n)de having one horn, Ps. +nian to unite, BH 214. ['one' vb.] ndan (, ) to restrain, repel: force. t a. expel, drive out. [ned] nig nig nge,gge nage anihst last, in the last place. niman^4 (y) to take, GD: take away or from, deprive of, Mt (y); CP. ['anim'] ninga nunga nirian to cast down, Chr 675#e. 55

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary anl andl, onl anlc anlc nlcan to unite, . nlaga acting alone, WW 491^23. anlang andlang nlp(NG) nlp anlc m. respect, regard. nlegere consorting with one man, WW 171^15. nlp nlp nlic only, unique: solitary: catholic: beautiful. [cp. nlic] nlepig nlpig [[under nlpe"]] nlpe (CP),lpig (Chr),lpie (n; , ) I. adj. single, separate, solitary, private, individual, special, PPs 13^2, BH, MtR. ['anlepi'] II. adv. alone, only, severally. nlpnes f. loneliness. nlpum (p) singly, MtR 26^22. nlp nlp nmde n. unanimity, concord, PPs 54^13. anmdla m. pomp, glory: pride, presumption, arrogance: courage. [md] +anmettan to encourage, AO. [md] anmitta m. weight, balance, scales, Gl. [and, mitta] anmd steadfast, resolute, eager, bold, brave, fierce, proud, CP. adv.lce. nmd of one mind, unanimous, El; . ['anmod'] adv.lce. anmdnes f. steadfastness, resolution, Lcd 3170^22. nmdnes f. unity, unanimity, CP. ann pres. 3 sg. of unnan. anna heonu nne (AO, CP) v. n. nnes f. oneness, unity, BH; : agreement, covenant, Chr: solitude, Gu. ['annesse'] nnihte adv. one day old, Lcd. anoa anda np m. narrow path. anpolle f. () ampella anr onr nrd of one mind, unanimous: constant, firm, persevering, resolute, . ['anred'] nrdlic constant, resolute: undoubting, Bl 13^13. adv.lce unanimously: resolutely, persistently, constantly, earnestly, : definitely, decidedly. nrdnes f. unanimity, agreement: constancy, firmness, diligence, AO; . ['anrednesse'] nreces (Chr 1010#cde) nstreces nrd nrd ans ands, ons, uns anscatan (Cp),scotan (Erf) onscotan nseld m. lonely dwelling, hermitage, Gu 1214. nsetl n. hermitage, RB 135^9. ansetla m. anchorite, hermit, GD, RB. ansen I. (on; , , ) fn. countenance, face, CP, Lk : form, figure, presence: view, aspect, sight, thing seen, AO: surface. ['onsene'] II. f. lack, want. anspel n. conjecture. anspilde salutary, Lcd 11b. nsprce speaking as one, PPs 40^7. nstandende ptc. standing alone, RB 9^7. as sb. hermit, . nstapa m. lonely wanderer, Pa 15. 56

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary nstelede onestalked, having one stem, Lcd. nstg f. narrow path? Gl. nstonde nstandende nstrc (?) resolute, determined, CP. nstreces (?) at one stretch, continuously, continually, Chr 894#a. ansund sound, whole, entire, perfect, healthy, (on). ansundnes,sumnes f. soundness, wholeness, integrity. nsunu m. only son. nswge harmonious, accordant. ansn ansen ant and, ont, unt Antecrist m. Antichrist. [L.] antefn m. antiphon, 'anthem,' BH; . antefnere m. book of antiphons, antiphonary, CM. antemnere, antifonere (P 154^6) antefnere. ntd f. similar time (i.e. the corresponding time of a following day)? B 219. antre f. radish, Lcd. num alone, solely, . anunder onunder anung f. zeal, NG. nunga at once, forthwith: entirely, altogether, throughout, by all means, uninterruptedly, B: necessarily, certainly. anw andw, onw, unw nwedd n. security, pledge, TC 201^16. nwg n. single combat, duel, , AO. nwglce in single combat, WW 512^21. nwiht wuht nwille I. adj. wilful, obstinate, CP, WW; . [' onwill'] II. adv. wilfully, obstinately. nwillce obstinately, CP. nwilnes f. selfwill, obstinacy, persistence, CP. mid nwilnesse wantonly, wilfully. nwintre adj. one year old, yearling. nwte n. single fine, LL 64, 31, 1. anwlh (Dan 585) onwealg? nwuht wuht nwunung f. solitary abode, RB 134^12. nwylnes nwilnes anxsum angsum ndan ndan anhst anhst [[headword spelled anihst"]] nyman niman anwan onwan apa m. 'ape,' Gl, Lcd. pcan to seduce, lead astray. pran to avert, pervert. parian to discover, apprehend, EC 164. apelder apuldor pinsian to weigh, estimate, ponder, recount, CP. [L. pensare] pinsung f. weighing, OEG 1757. apl appel plantian to plant, . platod plated with metal? resplendent? OEG. [v. 'plate'] 57

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary pluccian to pluck off, Gr 170^14. apostata m. apostate, LL (322^14). apostol (Chr), apostel m. 'apostle,' MtR: disciple, H 1^520. [L. apostolus; from Gk.] apostolhd m. apostleship. apostolic apostolic, BH; . ['apostly'] appel, apple ppel Aprelis m. April, Men 56. priccan to prick, W 146^21. aprotane f. southernwood, wormwood, Lcd 22a. [L. abrotonum; from Gk.] apulder, apuldor fm. appletree. apuldorrind f. bark of appletree, Lcd. apuldortn m. appleorchard, WW (e^3). apuldre, apuldur apulder pullian to pull, Lcd 1362^10. pundrian? to measure out, requite? El 580 (GK). pyffan to exhale, breathe out, Gl. pyndrian to weigh, HGl 512^78? (BT). ptan to put out (eyes), NC 338. r m. I. messenger, servant, herald, apostle, angel. [Got. airus] II. f. 'oar,' Chr, Gn. III. f. honour, worth, dignity, glory, respect, reverence, BH, Gen, JnLR, Ph; AO, CP: grace, favour, prosperity, benefit, help, B: mercy, pity, An: landed property, possessions, revenue, , AO: ecclesiastical living, benefice: ownership, LL: privilege, LL, 76, 42, 2. ['are,' 'ore'] IV. n. ore, brass, copper, , AO, CP. V. (NG) r racsian rsian rcan wv. to reach, get at, Chr: hold forth, reach out, : get (a thing for a person), , Gr. [' areach'] rd I. () m. welfare, LL 184n. II. prepared?, resolute? Wa 5; GnE 192? III. nrd rda (Bo 46^22) roda? v. rod. rdan^1 (but usu. wk.) to appoint, prepare: arrange, settle, decide, BH: guess, prophesy, interpret, utter, Lk, Bo, Da, CP: read, read out, read to (any one), CP. [' aread'] rdnes f. condition, stipulation, BH. rfan to set free, unwrap, WW. rfnan,ian to carry out, accomplish: endure, suffer, , AO: keep in mind, ponder, . [fnan] rfniendlic endurable, possible. rman to raise, elevate (oneself), : () rise, stand up. rpsan (*rf) to intercept, Gl. rran to lift up, raise, set up, create, establish, Chr, An, Jn: build, erect, Jn: rear (swine), LL 449: spread, disseminate: disturb, upset. p . bring up, raise up, exalt. ['arear'] rrend m. one who arouses. rrnes f. raising, elevation, AO. rsan to rush, H 140^13. rfian to unravel, disentangle, CP. rsian to lay open, search out, test, detect, discover: reprove, correct, CP. rsod skilled. rbld n. oarblade, . arblast m. crossbow, Chr 1079#d. [OFr. arbaleste] arc mf. (also earc, earce) ark, coffer, chest, box, . [L. arca] arce (, e) m. archiepiscopal pallium. arcebisceop (^1, e^1, y^3, eo^4) m. 'archbishop,' CP, Chr, KC. arcebiscopdm m. post of archbishop. arcebiscophd (eo) m. post of archbishop, BH 49^23. arcebiscoprce n. post of archbishop, Chr. arcebiscopstl m. archiepiscopal see. arcedacon m. 'archdeacon,' WW. 58

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary arcehd (e) m. post of archbishop. arcerce n. archbishopric. arcestl (^1) m. archiepiscopal see, Chr. rcrftig respected, honourable, Da 551. rdde merciful, Bl 131^2. rdagas mp. festival days, WW 206^31. ardlic arodlic re f. r III. rafian to separate, divide, Ex 290. reccan to spread out, put forth, stretch out: lift up, erect, build up: say, relate, declare, speak out, explain, expound, translate, MtR; CP: astonish: adorn? deck? Rim 10. ['arecche'] rcelasian to be negligent, A 9102^68. ared arod rd I. rd I. II. (strong) pret. 3 sg. of rdan. reddan hreddan rdian to make ready, devise, provide, arrange, carry out, CP: find, find one's way, reach: find out, understand. [rde] rdnes rdnes rfnan rfnan [[headword spelled rfnan"]] rencan to make proud, exalt, A 11117^32? (BT). rendan to tear off, Lcd 101a. rodian to redden, blush, BPs. rosan hrosan rran rran rtan to cheer, gladden, . [rot] [[main entry spelled rot"]] arewe arwe rfst respected, honest, pious, virtuous, , CP: merciful, gracious, compassionate, : respectful. rfstlic pious. adv.lce. rfstnes f. virtue, honour, grace, goodness, piety: pity, mercy, . rft nap.fatu, n. brazen vessel, . rfest rfst rful respected, venerable: favourable, kind, merciful : respectful. adv.lce graciously, . arg (NG) earg argang earsgang rgeblond m. tumult of the sea, An 383. argentille f. argentilla (plant), Gl. [L.] rgotere m. brassfounder, AO 54^20. rgesweorf n. brass filings, Lcd 30b. rgeweorc n. brasswork, WW 398^24. rgifa m. giver of benefits, Cra 11. arhlce earhlce [[under earglic"]] rhwt eager for glory, #Chr 937#a. rian to honour, respect, , CP: endow: regard, care for, favour, be merciful to, spare, pardon, ; CP. [' are'] rdan^1 to ride, AO 118^33. riddan hreddan rigend mf. benefactor, benefactress. riht 'aright,' properly, LL. rman to number, count, enumerate, CP; AO: relate. ['arime'] rinnan^3 to run out, pass away, Sol 479. rsan I. (sv^1) to 'arise,' get up, CP, , MtL: rise, Mk: spring from, originate: spring up, ascend, El. II. 59

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary +rsan I. rist rist rlas dishonourable, base, impious, wicked, , CP: cruel, Jul 4. [Ger. ehrlos] adv.lce . rlasnes f. wickedness, BH, Bo. rlast f. disgraceful deed, Met. rlic honourable: fitting, agreeable, proper, AO: delicious. rlce adv. I. honourably, becomingly, graciously, kindly, pleasantly, mercifully, CP. II. (N) rlce rloc n. 'oarlock,' rowlock, WW 288^6. arm earm armelu 'harmala,' wild rue, Lcd. rmorgen rmorgen arn pret. 3 sg. of iernan. arnian earnian +arnung +earnung arod I. quick, bold, ready, CP. II. m? a kind of plant, arum? rod pp. of rian. arodlic quick. adv.lce quickly: vigorously, , CP. arodnes f. spirit, boldness, CP 41^17. arodscipe m. energy, dexterity, CP. aron (NG) used as pres. pl. of wesan. rspe f. verdigris. [spe] rscamu f. shame, modesty, PPs 68^19. rsmi m. coppersmith. rstf m. (often in pl.) support, assistance, kindness, benefit, grace. art, ar (NG) eart, pres. 2 sg. of wesan. regn m. servant, BH 378^11. ring n. a thing of value, LkR 21^1. arud arod rung f. honour, respect, reverence, AO: pardon. runnen urnen, pp. of rinnan. arwe (rew, ruw) f. 'arrow,' LL, Chr. rwela m. watery realm, An 855. [ar] rweor,weore honourable, venerable, revering, pious, CP. adv.weore. rweorful honourable, (u^2). rweorian to honour, reverence, worship, extol. rweorlic venerable, honourable. adv.lce honourably, reverentially, solemnly, kindly, . ['arworthly'] rweornes f. reverence, honour, CP. rweorung f. honour. Ps. rwesa respected, RB 115^20. rwiere rweor rwie f. oarthong, rowlock, . arwunga, arwunge (A) earwunga rwur,wyr rweor ryddan,rydran,rytran to strip, plunder, Gl, WW. rderian to blush, BRPs 69^4. rpan to tear off, strip, Rd 76^7. r f. wave of the sea, An 532. [ar] sadian to satiate, surfeit, MF (Vesp. D xiv). scgan secgan sgdnes onsgednes slan to bind, fetter, ensnare. 60

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary sndan sendan asal, asald (NG) esol snian to droop, flag, Gu 1148, LV 57. swan^7 to sow, sow with, . asca (NG) m. asce scacan sceacan scdan scadan sccan sceacan scfen pp. of sceafan. scre scre [[headword spelled scre"]] scafan sceafan scamelic shameful, HGl 500. scamian (ea) to feel shame, Ps, Cr. ['ashame'] ascas nap. of sc. ascbacen (ax) baked on ashes, GD 86^30. asce (, cs, x) f. (burnt) 'ash,' Lcd: dust (of the ground), MtL. sceacan^6 (a) to shake off, remove, Mt: depart, flee, desert, forsake, : shake, brandish. [' ashake'] scadan^7 () to separate, hold aloof or asunder, exclude, CP: make clear, cleanse, purify. sceafan (a) to shave off, Lcd. scealian to peel off, WW. sceamian scamian scearpan scirpan scellan scillan, scilian [[both under scilian"]] scofan scfan sceon onscun sceortian scortian scotan^2 to shoot, shoot out, , AO: drop out, fall, : lance (surgery), L 20^63: eviscerate, OEG 46^47. sceppan scieppan sceran sciran scerian scirian scerpan (VPs) scirpan scian (cs, hs, x) to 'ask,' inquire, seek for, demand, , KC, WG, etc.; CP: call, summon, B, Gen: (+) learn by inquiry, discover, hear of, Chr: () announce. sciendlic (x) interrogative, Gr 260^14. scieppan^6 to make, create, Ex: appoint, determine, assign, AO. ['ashape'] scihhan scyhhan ascildan to protect, DR. scilian to separate, divide, v. OEG 1367n.; FM 100. scmian to shine, Lcd 2232. scnan^1 to flash or shine forth, beam, radiate, be clear, GD. sciran to cut off, cut away. scirian to cut off, separate, divide, remove, : set free, deprive of: arrange, destine. scirigendlic disjunctive, Gr 259^14 (y^2). scirpan to sharpen, make acute, CP. scortian (eo) to become short, fail, : pass away, elapse. scradian to prune, lop. screncan to displace, trip up, cause to stumble, CP. ['aschrench'] screpan^5 to scrape, clear away. scrincan^3 to shrink up. scrdnian (tn) to investigate, examine. 61

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary scfan^2 to drive out, remove, expel, banish, : push (away), give up (to). ascun onscun scung f. 'asking,' questioning, inquiring, question, Met, Bo ; , CP. scyhhan to scare away, reject, RPs 50^13. scylfan to destroy, GPH 393^49. scylian, scyllan scilian scyndan to separate, part (from): drive away (from), . scyr scir scran to make clear, . [scr] sealcan (Gen 2167) seolcan sarian to wither, dry up, Lcd; CP. ['asear'] scan to seek out, select: search out, examine, explore : seek for, require, ask, PPs: search through, penetrate. ['aseek'] secgan I. to say out, express, tell, utter, narrate, explain, announce, AO. II. onsecgan secgendlic utterable, . sdan ([oe]) to satiate, Gl. [sd] segendnes f. an offering, Nar 24^17. sellan to give up, hand over, deliver: expel, banish. sencan to sink, immerse, OEG 829. sendan to send away, send off, send, give up, Mt; . ['asend'] sengan (Jul 313) secgan seolcan^3 to become slack, remiss, relaxed, weak, , CP. son I. sv^5 to look upon, behold, HL 16^255. II. sv^1 to strain, Lcd. seonod relaxed, WW 228^25. [seonu] [[under seono"]] soan^2 to seethe, boil, CP: refine, purify: examine. sowan to sew, Cp 421#p (io). setnes f. institute, law, LL. asettan onsettan settan to set, put, place, fix, establish, appoint, set up or in, erect, build, plant, AO, Mt; : transport oneself over, cross (the sea, etc.): take away, LL 11[12]. s or sas . to perform a journey, travel. san to affirm, confirm, . [s] scan I. sv^1 to sigh, Sc. II. to wean, CPs 130^2. siftan to sift, Lcd 13b. sgan^1 to sink, sink down, decline, fall down, Chr; CP. ['asye'] sincan^3 to sink down, fall to pieces, . singan^3 to sing out, sing, deliver (a speech), compose (verse), BH. sittan^5 to dwell together, settle, El: apprehend, fear: run aground. t a. starve out. ['asit'] slacian to become slack, decline, diminish, , CP: grow tired: make slack, loosen, relax, dissolve. slacigendlic remissive, Gr 228^5. slccan to slacken, loosen, WW. slcian slacian slpan^7 () to slumber, dream: be paralysed, Lcd. slwan to blunt, weaken, make dull, OEG 18b, 65. slpan slpan slwian to become sluggish, be torpid, CP. [slw] slan^6 to strike, beat, cut, : erect: make way : paralyse. of . strike off, behead, MtL; AO. [' aslay'] slpen slopen pret. opt. 3 pl. of slpan. sldan^1 to slide, slip, fall, Ps; , CP. ['aslide '] slding f. slipping, GPH 388^62. sltan^1 () to slit, cleave, cut off, destroy, CP. slpan^2 to slip off, escape, disappear (of), Ps. [' aslip'] 62

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary sltan sltan smagan to consider, examine, investigate, devise, elicit, treat of, think, : look for, demand. smagung f. scrutiny, consideration. sman smagan smirian,wan to smear, anoint. smiian to do smith's work, fashion, forge, fabricate, . smorian to smother, strangle, AO, CP. smorung f. choking, suffocation, Lcd 18a. smgan smagan snsan (^2) to spit, impale, stab, LL 68, 36. [' asnese'] asnan^1 to cut off, Lcd. soden (WW 20^44) pp. of soan. solcen (pp. of seolcan) sluggish, idle, indifferent, dissolute, . solcennes f. sleepiness, sloth, laziness, W; . [' aswolkeness'] solian to become dirty, A 2374. spanan^6 to allure, seduce, persuade, urge, insinuate, AO. spannan^7 to unbind, unclasp, GD 214^24. sparian to preserve, GD 159^24. speaft (JnL 9^6) speoft spdan to survive, escape, An 1628. spelian to be substitute for, represent, take the place of, LL, RB. . fram be exempt from. spendan to spend (money), expend, distribute, squander, consume, AO; . ['aspend'] speoft pret. 3 sg. spit out, JnR 9^6. [v. speoft] sperian spyrian aspide m. asp, adder, serpent, viper, Ps; . [' aspide'] spillan to destroy, JnL 12^10. spinnan^3 to spin, WW. spirian spyrian spwan^1 () to spew up, vomit, , CP. spltan ?_to split. v. ES 49156. spornan to cast down, EPs 145^7. [spurnan] spradan to stretch out, extend, EPs 35^11. sprecan to speak out, speak, PPs. sprengan to cause to spring, fling out, L 8^213. sprettan spryttan sprindlad ripped up, Lcd 80b. springan^3 (y) to spring up or forth, break forth, spread, ; AO: arise, originate, be born, : dwindle, diminish, fail, cease. sprungen dead. ['aspring'] springung f. failing, VPs 141^4. spritan spryttan sproten pp. of sprtan. sprungennes,sprungnes f. failing, exhaustion, death: eclipse. sprtan^2 ( o) to sprout forth, PPs 140^9. spryngan springan spryttan^1 (e, i) to sprout out, bring forth, . spylian to wash oneself, Bo 115^7. spyrgend m. tracker, investigator, VHy. spyrging f. 'adinventio,' WW 513^15. spyrian (i) to track, trace out, investigate, explore, discover. spwan spwan assa m. heass, Mt, Jn, ; CP. ['ass'] 63

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary assen f. sheass. assmyre f. sheass, . st f. kiln, WW 185^30; A 9265. ['oast'] stgan to go up, embark, MkR 6^32. stlan to lay to one's charge, LL (264^15). stnan^1 to adorn with precious stones. strfan (MtR) styrfan standan^6 to stand up, stand forth, rise up, arise, B ; : continue, endure, Lk; CP. ['astand'] standennes f. perseverance, L 23b^272: existence, subsistence. stapan stpan stellan I. to set forth, set, put, afford, supply, display, appoint , AO, CP: set up, establish, confirm, institute, ordain, undertake, start, AO; : undergo, . II. to fly off, rush. stemnian to build. stemped engraved, stamped, WW 203^27. stencan to scatter, GD 42^33. stopan stpan steorfan^3 to die, MH 62^27. stp stp sterian styrian asterion 'asterion,' pellitory, Lcd 1164. stfian to become stiff, . stfician stfecian stgan^1 to proceed, go, : (usu. w. p, nier, etc.) rise, mount, ascend, descend, Jn; , CP: be puffed up, AO 264^8. ['astye'] stgend m. rider. stigian to ascend, mount. stgnes f. ascent, EPs 103^4. stihtan to determine on, decree, Chr 998. stihting (OEG) tihting [[redirected to tyhting"]] stillian to still, quiet, MF (Vesp. D xiv). stingan^3 to bore out, pierce out, Chr: stab. stintan styntan stirian styrian stian to become hard, dry tip, wither: grow up, come of age, TC 203^20. stondnes standennes strlian to cast forth, RPs 75^9. streccan to stretch out, stretch forth, extend, lay low, : prostrate oneself, bow down, CP. ['astretch'] stregdan to sprinkle. stregdnes? f. sprinkling, DR. strenged (made strong), malleable, WW. strenan (o, ) to beget. strogden pp. of stregdan. strowenes f. length, HGl 443. strnan strenan stundian to take upon oneself, . stfecian to suppress, eradicate, CP. styllan stellan styltan to be astonished, LkLR. styntan (i) to blunt, repress, restrain, stop, overcome, Gl. ['astint'] stpan (, a, o) to deprive, bereave, GD. stpte orphans. [stop] [[Printed as shown, but reference may be to stop as word 64

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary element.]] stp(ed)nes (^2) f. privation, bereavement. stran to guide, control, AS 9^16. styrfan (, e) to kill, destroy, Cr, Mt (e). [' asterve'] styrian to stir up, excite, move, move forward, raise, Jn, Mk; : be roused, become angry, . styred weoran be or become anxious, . ['astir'] styriendlic v. un. [[under unstyriende"]] styrigend m. 'ventilator,' GPH 393^78. styrred starry, Sc. styrung f. motion, Lcd. scan^2sgan to suck, suck out, drain. sundran,sundron onsundran sundrian syndrian [[under syndran"]] srian to be or become sour, WW. swman to roam, wander about: pine, grieve, . swrn swarn swtan to burst out in perspiration, MH 20^12. swmian to die away, Gen 376: cease. swpan^7 (but pp. swpen) to sweep away, remove, clean, CP. swrcan to languish, LPs 38^12. swrcian to confound, BSPs 70^24. swrnian to be confounded, Ps. swrnung f. shame, confusion, LPs 43^16. swaian to investigate, OEG 5^11. sweartian to turn livid, become ashy or black, CP. swebban to lull, soothe, set at rest: put to death, destroy, Jud. ['asweve'] swellan^3 to swell, CP. sweltan^3 to die, Chr. swencan to afflict, DR. swengan to swing off, shake off, cast forth. sweorcan^3 to droop, . sweorfan^3 to file off, polish, GPH. swpa swpe swerian^6 to swear, PPs. swcan^1 to desert, abandon, betray, deceive, Mt: offend, irritate, provoke. ['aswike'] swician to offend. swicung f. scandal, offence. swfan^1 to wander, stray, WW. swind swind swindan^3 to become weak, shrink, fade away, perish, decay, dissolve, Bo; , CP. ['aswind'] swingan^3 to scourge, DR. swgan^7 to cover over, choke, CP 411^17. sworettan to sigh, grieve, GD. swornian (NC 271) swarnian [[headword spelled swrnian"]] swundennes f. idleness, BH 160^25. synderlic remote, OEG 2514. syndran,rian to separate, divide, disjoin, sever, CP, : distinguish, except. ['asunder'] syndrung f. division, WW. at t tfran (CP 467^19) tefran tsan to wear out, injure, strike, smite, : wound, CP 296^18. 65

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary atwian tewan te () f. 'oats,' Lcd: wild oats, tares, Gl, WW. teallan tellan tfran tefran ategr tgr [[under tgre"]] atel atol tellan to reckon up, count, Bo; AO. . wi balance against: tell, enumerate, CP: explain, interpret. [' atell'] temian to tame, subdue, render quiet, CP. tendan to set on fire, kindle, inflame, Chr: trouble, perplex, A 8312^48. ['atend'] tending f. incentive, Sc 221^17. ton^2 to draw up, out, off or from, remove, pull out, lead out, draw, B, BH; AO, CP. p . draw up, move away: protract, : move, journey, roam: deal with, dispose of, apply, use, Mt; , CP. ['atee'] torian to fail, become exhausted, weary, cease, Ps; : be defective, Gr. ['atire'] tori(g)endlic transitory, perishable, : failing: defective, Gr. torodnes f. cessation, exhaustion, HL 3^495; BPs 118^53. torung f. failing, weariness, . towan ewan [[headword spelled oewan"]] ter tor tran^4 to tear away, CP 359^20. teriendlic teoriendlic [[headword spelled toriendlic"]] terima (tr) oatbran, Lcd 3292. tertnum dp. with poisoned twigs (or?tearum with poison drops) B 1460. teshwn adv. at all, CM 987. [wiht] athd (Gl) thd tdrian to grow weak, GD 59^26 (ydd). tefran (, , , ) to draw, depict, CP. atewan ewan [[headword spelled oewan"]] tiht tyht tillan to touch, reach. timbran,ian to erect, build, AO, CP. timplian to provide with spikes, NC 271. twan ewan [[headword spelled oewan"]] tlag m. oatfield?, EC 448^9. atol I. dire, terrible, ugly, deformed, repulsive, unchaste, B. ['atel'] II. n. horror, evil. atolic, atollic dire, terrible, deformed, repulsive, . adv. lce. atoliende disfiguring, WW 220^26. tor, t(to)r, () n. poison, venom, Lcd; AO, CP: gall, Gl. ['atter'] torbre poisonous, H 172^22. torberende poisonous, venomous. torcoppe f. spider, Lcd. ['attercop'] torcrft (ttor) m. art of poisoning, W. torcyn () n. poison, Sol 219. tordrinca m. poisonous draught, MH. torgebld n. swelling caused by poison, Lcd 162b. torle f. plant used as antidote to poison, betonica? Lcd, WW. ['atterlothe'] torlic poisonlike, bitter, WW. ['atterlich'] torsceaa m. poisonous enemy. torspere n. poisoned spear, Rd 18^9. torigen (tt) f. taking of poison, Lcd 14^5. tr tor 66

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary trahtnian to treat, discuss. tredan^5 to extract, extort, LL. treddan to search out, examine, investigate, PPs. trendlian to roll, Met 5^17. [v. 'trendle'] tres gs. of tor. atrum n. ink, A 1328^15. [L. atramentum] atter, attor tor attres gs. of attor, tor. [[under atter"]] attrum atrum atul atol tur tor twonian to cause doubt, A 8333^6. tyddrian tdrian tdran to beget, create, El 1279. [tdor] tfran tefran tyhtan (i) to entice, allure, incite: be attentive: produce, Rd 51^3: stretch, extend, turn. tyhting (i) f. intention, aim: instigation, OEG 2^304. tymbran timbran tnan I. to shut off, exclude. [tn] II. ontnan tyndan tendan trian torian atwan oewan m. 'oath,' B, Mt; AO. aamans m. adamant, CP 271^2. [L.] bryce m. perjury, W 164^7. ecgan to take food, consume?: oppress? (Tupper) Rd 1^2,7. egeht geht egen distended, WW. encan to think out, devise, contrive, invent, AO: intend. enenes f. extension, VHy. ennan,enian to stretch out, extend, draw out, expand, AO: apply (the mind) CP: prostrate. enung f. extension, distension. odan edan ostrian (, e, ) to become dark, obscured, eclipsed, Bo; CP, VPs. ['athester'] er hwer erscan to thresh out, L 31^1217. strian ostrian wan wan exe f. lizard, OET. fultum m. confirmation (confirmers) of an oath, LL. geht (e) n. promise on oath, oath, WW. iddan to thrust, push, OEG 50^3. edan to separate, CP. ierran to clean, CP. estrian (CP) ostrian indan^3 to swell, puff up, inflate, increase, CP: melt, pass away. (cp. indan) indung f. swelling, Lcd 93a. strian,isrigan (CP) ostrian l (VPs) dl loga m. perjurer, Cr 165. 67

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary ol dl ollan to hold out, endure, suffer, . olware mp. citizens, GnE 201. or hwer rcian to dread: frighten. rstan to twist out, wrest out, Gl. rwan^7 to curl, twist, twine, . ratian to weary, be irksome: force away, CP 293^10. rotan^2 (pers. and impers.) to tire of, weary, be tiresome to, displease, disgust, , AO, CP. rescan erscan retan to weary, , AO (); Bo. ringan^3 to crowd or press out: rush forth, break out. t . emboss. rstian to be bold, presume, GD 70^30. rotennes f. wearisomeness, WW 409^22. rotsum irksome, WW 510^12. rwian to suffer, Lcd 68b. roxen pp. of erscan. runten (pp. of *rintan) swollen, Rd 38^2. (or ? arten) rten pp. (of *rtan) swollen, Lcd. ryccan to press, oppress. rn to rob? drive out? Gl, (ES 43331). rysemian,rysman (AO) to suffocate, smother. [' athrysm'] rytnes f. weariness. stf m. oath, CPs 104^9. swara m? swaru swaring swerung swaru f. oathswearing, oath, . swerian? to vow with an oath, WW 387^9. swerung f. oathswearing, Chr, RSPs 104^9. swyrd (eo) n. oathswearing, EPs 104^9 (^1); B 2064. um m. soninlaw, ; AO: brotherinlaw. [' odam'] umswerian mp. soninlaw and fatherinlaw, B 84. undennes f. swelling, tumour, Lcd: contumacy, WW 87^17. wnan to diminish, soften, Lcd. wan^6 to wash, wash off, cleanse, baptize, anoint, , CP. wedd n. promise on oath, WW 115^16. weran^4 to stir up, churn, Lcd. wnan to vanish, NC 338. wtan^1 to disappoint, SPs 131^11. wyre worthy of credit. v. LL 2376. an wan ylgian to bear up, ARSPs. n wan ynnian (i) to make thin, DHy 8^10. strian () estrian tan I. to sound, blow (a horn). II. to expel, WW 19^12. wan to drive away, AO: press out or into, squeeze out. uht wiht uer hwer w wa 68

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary wacan^6 (on) to awake, : arise, originate, spring forth, be born. ['awake(n)'] wacian to awake, . wcian to grow weak, decline, fall, belittle, , CP: fall away, lapse, desist from, abstain, . wacnian wcnian wc wec wcan to weaken, weary. wcnian,nan (on; a, e) to awaken, revive, : arise, originate, spring from, AO. ['awake(n)'] wgan to deceive: destroy, annul, make nugatory, . wlan to roll, roll from: harass, afflict, NG. wltan wyltan wmmian wemman wnd wend, onwend wnian wenian [[under wennan"]] wrd pp. of wierdan. wrged wierged wrian to avoid, DR 39^13. wscan wascan wstan wstan wandian to fear, hesitate, Gr 162^2. wanian to diminish, lessen. wannian to become livid or black and blue, GD 20^32 (v. NC 332). wansian to diminish, KC 4243^6. wr hwr wrnian (APs) swrnian [[Entry before author's correction: wrnian to be confounded, SPs.]] wascan^6 () to wash, bathe, immerse, Lcd. weallan^7 to well up, flow out, break forth, issue, swarm, CP: be hot, burn. weardian to guard, defend. weaxan^6 to grow, grow up, arise, come forth, CP. web web wec wc weccan to awake, rouse, incite, excite, Mk, Lk; , CP: raise up, beget. ['awecche'] wecenes () f. incitement, GD 199^7. wecgan to undermine, shake, move, . wdan to be or become mad, rage, ; AO. ['awede '; wd] wefan^5 to weave, weave together, . weg ( on) 'away,' forth, out, Chr, Mt; CP. wegan^5 to lift up, carry away: weigh, weigh out, : estimate, consider. ['aweigh'] wegworpnes f. abortion, LL (154^34). wegcuman^4 to escape, . wegade went away, JnL 4^50 [v. 'away'; ode] wegflon^2 to fly or flee away, OEG 2169. weggn to go away, BH 326^10. weggewtan^1 to depart, AO 74^26. weggewitenes f. departure, : aberration (of mind), JPs 115^11. wehtnes f. arousing, BH 422^20. awel m. hook, fork, Gl. wellan wyllan wemman to disfigure, corrupt. wemmendnes f. corruption. 69

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary wnan to consider. wendan ( on) to avert, turn aside, remove, upset, Ps : change, exchange, alter, pervert, ; CP: translate, , CP: turn from, go, depart, Ps; AO: return: subdue. ['awend'] wendedlic wendendlic wendednes f. change, alteration, . wendendlic that can be changed, changeable, . wendendlcnes f. mutability, . wendennes f. change, OEG 191. wending f. subversion, change, ES 39322. wennan,ian to disaccustom, wean. wodian to root out, extirpate. weorpan^3 to throw, throw away, cast down, cast out, cast aside, degrade, depose, Mt; , AO, CP. worpen divorced, rejected, destroyed, apostate. of, t . to throw out. [' awarp'] weorpnes worpennes weoran^3 to pass away, vanish, become worthless, Mt; (NG) +weoran. ['aworth'] weosung f. 'subsistentia,' WW 516^4. wer hwr werdan wierdan werde (^2) m. worthless fellow, WW 111^29. werg wierg, weri werian I. to defend, AO: hinder, restrain, Chr : protect, cover, surround, enclose: ward off from oneself, spurn from oneself. II. to wear, wear out (clothes), RB. werpan weorpan wescnes (VPs) wiscnes wstan to lay waste, ravage, destroy, AO; . [' awest'] wst(ed)nes f. desolation, destruction. wstend m. devastator, W 200^19. wexen weaxen pp. of weaxan. +wian (AS 42^9) +awian wdlian to profane, defile. wierdan (e, y) to spoil, injure, hurt, corrupt, seduce, destroy, kill, CP. wierding (y) f. corruption, blemish, HGl 421^57. wiergan,ian (, e, i, y) I. to curse, damn, denounce, outlaw, , Mt, CP; VPs. s wier(ge)da fiend, devil. ['awarie '] II. wyrgan wiht I. n. 'aught,' anything, something, Ps. II. adv. at all, by any means. t hte at all. III. good, of value, . wildian to become wild, , LL. willan wyllan wille (WW) nwille II. windan^3 to wind, bend, plait: slip from, withdraw, escape, CP: become relaxed? W 148^3. windwian (y) to winnow, blow away, disperse, Ps. winnan^3 to labour, strive, JnL: gain, overcome, endure, Da. ['awin'] wirgan I. wyrgan. II. wyrgian wirgnes wyrgednes wisc wisc wisnian to become dry, wither. wistlian to hiss, W 147^37. [hwistlian] wlacian to be or become lukewarm. wltan to befoul, make loathsome, defile, . wlancian to exult, to be proud, OEG 1159. wlencan to make proud, enrich, DR 59^1. 70

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary wlyspian to 'lisp,' MLN 4279 (NC 338). wo (wa) woffian to become proud, insolent: rave, be delirious, insane, . wgian to woo, . wh (crookedly), wrongfully, unjustly, LL. [ on wh] wol wel wolfigan woffian wonian (DR) wanian wor for wordennes f. degeneration, WW 87^21. worpednes (EPs 21^7) worpennes worpenlic worthy of condemnation, CP. adv.lce vilely. worpennes,worpnes f. rejection, what is cast away: exposure (of children). wrnan to make wanton, Lcd 54b. wrstan to wrest from, extort, WW 397^37. wrecan^5 to thrust out, drive away: strike, pierce: utter, sing, relate, recite: punish, avenge, LL, ChrL. ['awreak'] wreccan to arouse, awake, . wregennes onwrigenes [[under onwrigennes"]] wron^1,2 ( on) to disclose, discover, reveal: cover, NG. wreian to support, uphold, CP. wrdian to originate, spring from. wrigenes onwrigennes wringan^3 to wring, squeeze out, . writ n. a writing. wrtan^1 to write, write down, describe, compose, CP; , AO, Chr: mark, inscribe, draw, carve, copy. [' awrite'] wran^1 I. to turn, wind, bind up, bind, wreathe. II. onwran awrygenes onwrigenes [[under onwrigennes"]] wer, wor hwer wuht wiht wul wel wuldrian to glorify (N). wundrian to wonder, wonder at, admire. wunian to remain, continue, BH. wunigende ptc. continual. wurtwalian,warian wyrtwalian wuran weoran wyht wiht wylian to roll, . wyllan to bring into commotion, boil, . wylm wielm wyltan, wylwan to roll, roll away, : harass, DR (). wyndwian windwian wyrcan to do. wyrd() wierd wyrdla fwyrdla wyrdnes hurt, harm, destruction, : defilement. wyrg wierg wyrgan (i, ie) to strangle, suffocate, AO (i), . [' aworry'] wyrgedlic, wyrgendlic detestable, shameful, abominable. 71

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary wyrgednes f. wickedness, : curse, cursing. [wearg] wyrgodnes wyrgednes wyrigende accursed, . wyrigung f. a curse, . wyrn (Men 101) hwrgen [[headword spelled hwrgen"]] wyrpan ( ie) to recover (from illness), H 1534^28. wyrtlian wyrtwalian wyrtwalian to root out, CP. wyrung f. stain, aspersion, HGl 421. ax asc, ox x sc axe cs dan (OEG 8^108) dan dlian dlian yldan to delay, GD 21^22. [ieldan] yrnan iernan tan to drive out. [t] yttan ettan


A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary

b nafn. and am. of bgen both. bacv. bc. bacan^6 to 'bake,' . bacas nap. of bc II. bacca m. ridge, BC (bacce f. Mdf). bacu nap. of bc I. bd I. f. forced contribution, impost, pledge, LL: expectation. [bdan] II. () pret. 3 sg. of bdan. bdere v. nedb. bdian to take a pledge or fine, LL. b ba, be, bea bc I. n. 'back,' Bo, MtL, Ps; CP. on b. backwards, behind, 'aback.' on b. settan, ltan to neglect. ofer b. backwards, back. under b. behind, backwards, back. ofer b. bgan to turn back, flee. clne b. habban to be straightforward, honest, LL 128[5]. II. mfn. beck, brook. v. ES 29411. bcbord n. left side of a ship, larboard, AO. bce bc II. bce bce bcen bacen bcere I. m. 'baker,' . II. bzere bcering m. gridiron, WW. bcern n. bakery, bakehouse, . bcestre fm. baker, . ['baxter'] bce, bc, pres. 3 sg. of bacan. bcistre bcestre bcling, bclinga (on) adv. backwards, behind. on b. gewend having one's back turned, . bcslitol adj. backbiting, W 72^16. bcearm m. rectum; pl. bowels, entrails, . +bcu np. back parts, LPs. bd I. pret. 3 sg. of biddan. II. bed bdan to urge on, impel, CP: solicit, require: afflict, oppress. bdan to defile, EPs 78^1. bdd bedd bddg 'epiphania,' DR. bddel m. effeminate person, hermaphrodite, WW. [v. 'bad '] bddryda bedrida bdend m. inciter, WW. bdewg n. drinking vessel. [wge] bdling m. effeminate or impure male person, WW. [' badling'] bdon pret. pl. of biddan. bdryda bedrida bdzere bzere bfta, bftan (Mt; ) beftan bftansittende idle, Gr 52^2. bftian (ea^1, a^2) v. handb. bg bag bgen bgen bh bag bl n. fire, flame, B: funeral pyre, bonfire. ['bale'] 73

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary blblys,blyse,blse f. blaze of a fire, funereal blaze. blc I. m. pride, arrogance. II. m. covering, cloud? Ex 73. blcan to cry out. +blcan to root up, CPs 79^14. bldan bieldan bldo (CP), bldu bieldo blegsa m. terror of fire, Ex 121. blfr n. 'balefire,' funeral or sacrificial fire, B. blg, blig (NG) belg blstede m. place of a funeral pile, B 3097. blracu f. (ds.rce) violence of fire, Ph 270. blwudu m. wood for a funeral pile, B 3112. blwylm m. flames of a funeralfire, Jul 336. bm bm (v. bgen) bnd bend +bne? bones, NC 292. bnen made of bone, . br I. gsmn. bares 'bare,' uncovered, Bo: naked, unclothed, Gen. II. pret. 3 sg. of beran. br I. f. 'bier,' El; : handbarrow, litter, bed, BH, JnR. [beran] II. a pasture? KC (BT). III. br (AB 14233). +bran to behave, conduct oneself, CP: fare, B 2824: 'exultare,' PPs. ['ibere'] brbr barbarous, EPs 113^1. brdisc m. tray, WW. [beran] bre bere pres. 1 sing. of beran. bre bere bre suffix (from beran); forms derivatives from substantives, as in cwealmbre. [Ger.bar] bre br +bre n. manner, behaviour, El: gesture, cry: action. ['ibere'; beran] brft barefoot. brhtm (A) bearhtm brlic I. adj. of barley, KC 679^10. II. open, clear, public. adv.lce. brmann m. bearer, porter, . ['berman'] brn berern brnan (e) to cause to burn, kindle, burn, consume, Sol ; AO, VPs. [v. 'burn'] brnelc (e) n. burntoffering, PPs. +brnes f. bearing, manner, WW 529^13. brnett (y^2) n. burning, burn, cautery, : arson, LL. brning f. burning: burnt offering, BPs 50^18. brnsen n. brandingiron, OEG 7^113. brnnes, brnes f. burning. bro bearu bron pret. pl. of beran. brs m. a fish, perch, Gl. [Ger. barsch] +brscipe (LkL) +borscipe brst pret. 3 sg. of berstan. brstl brastl brsynnig m. notoriously wicked person, publican, NG. +bru v. +bre. brwe bearwe bst mn.? inner bark of trees, 'bast,' , OET. bsten made of bast. 74

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary bstere bzere btan I. to bait, hunt, worry, . [v. 'bait']: (BT) make fast? (Sedgef. III). II. to beat against the wind? Bo 144^31. [ON. beita] III. to furnish with a bit or bridle, saddle, curb. +bte, +btel n. bit, bridle, pl. trappings, BH. btera, bttra betera btung () f. beating (against the wind?) (BT), cable (Sedgef.), Bo 144^31. b n. nap. bau 'bath,' action of bathing, Lcd: laver, AO: liquid in which one bathes, medicinal spring, BH, KC. ganotes b. gannet's bath (i.e. the sea), B. bcere m. bather. bere bzere bern n. bathhouse, NC 272. bft n. bathingtub, LL 455[17]. bhs n. bathingplace, . bian baian bsealf f. bathingsalve, Lcd. bstede m., bstw f. bathingplace, WW. bweg m. sea. bzere m. baptiser, baptist. [ L. baptista] bal beal balc, balca m. bank, ridge, Bo, WW. ['balk'] ballce (NG) bealdlce balsam,samum n. 'balsam,' balm, BH. balsme f. bergamot, Lcd 390^23. balsminte f. balsammint, watermint, WW 136^6. balzam n., balzame f. balsam bm dmfn. of bgen. +ban +bann bn n. 'bone,' tusk, Jn, , Gl; AO, CP: the bone of a limb. bana (o) m. killer, slayer, murderer, B; Chr: the devil: (f.) murderess, A 10155. ['bane'] bnbeorge f. legarmour, greaves, WW. bnbryce m. fracture of a bone, Lcd. bncofa m. the bodily frame. bancoa m.,cou f. baneful disease. band pret. 3 sg. of bindan. bnece in pain in the thigh, Lcd. bnft n. nap.fatu body, corpse. bnfg adorned with bonework (deer antlers?), B 781. bangr (o) m. murdering spear, B 2031. bngeberg n. bnbeorge bngebrec n. fracture of a bone, An 1439. bnhelm m. helmet, shield? Fin 30 (v. also brhelm). bnhring m. vertebra, joint. bnhs n. body, chest, breast. bnhses weard the mind, Ex 523. bnlas boneless, Rd 46^3. bnloca m. joint, limb. +bann n. proclamation, summons, command, , CP: indiction (cycle of 15 years). bannan^7 to summon, command, proclaim. b. t call out, Chr. bannend m. summoner, Gl. +banngar (gr) n. indiction, year of the indiction. bannuc m. a sort of cake, OEG. bnrift (y) n. leggings, legarmour, greaves, Gl, WW (rist). 75

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary bnsealf f. salve for pain in the bones, Lcd 138b. bnsele m. (bonehouse), body. bnwrc m. pain in the bones, WW 200^12. banweorc n. homicide, murder, LL 244, 32, 4#d. bnwyrt f. violet? small knapweed? Lcd. br () m. 'boar,' Gr. bara, bare wk. forms of br, adj. barda m. beaked ship, WW 289^12. brhelm m. helmet with the image of a boar? Fin 30 (v. also bnhelm). barian to lay bare, uncover: depopulate, W 310^5. [br I.] barice bearrige barm bearm barn I. pret. 3 sg. of biernan. II. bearn barrige bearrige brspere n. boar spear. brsprot m. boar spear. barstlung brastlung bar m. barque, 'dromo,' WW 181^29. bara barda baru napn. of br adj. basilisca m. basilisk, PPs 90^13. basing m. cloak, . bsnian to await, expect. bsnung f. expectation (N). bastard m. bastard, Chr 1066#d. [OFr.] basu (e, ea, eo) gsmn. baswes purple, scarlet, crimson. baswa stn topaz. basuhwen purple. +baswian to stain red, ES 33177. bt I. fm. 'boat', ship, vessel, Chr. II. pret. 3 sg. of btan. batian to batten, fatten, CP 173^20: heal: grow better, . btswegen m. boatman, EC 254. batt bat, cudgel, club, OEG 18b18. btw bt btweard m. ship's watchman, B 1900. ba b baian to wash, lave, 'bathe' (tr. and intr.), give baths (to others), Lcd; , AO. bau v. b. beprefix. 1. specializes the meaning of a tr. vb. (as in behn, besettan). 2. makes an intr. vb. transitive (beswcan, beencan). 3. is privative (bedlan, belan). 4. does not alter the meaning (becuman). be prep. w. d. and instr. (of place) 'by,' near, in, on, upon, with, along, at, to. be eallum altogether. be fullan in full: (of time) in, about, by, before, while, during: for, because of, in consideration of, by, by means of, through, in conformity with, in comparison with: about, concerning, in reference to: on penalty of. be wihte in any respect . be fullan in excess . be sumum dle partly . be nfealdum single . be twfealdum twofold. be fullan fully, perfectly. be m mstan at the most. be m (n) e because, as, according as, how. be noran, san to the north, south of.... be ftan beftan bacen () n. 'beacon,' sign, token, phenomenon, portent, apparition, JnL (): standard, banner, B. bacenfr n. beacon fire, lighthouse, OET 180^7 (). bacenstn m. stone on which to light a beacon fire, WW. bacn becn, bcn bead bed bad I. pret. 3 sg. of bodan. II. (NG) bod 76

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary beado beadu beadowig bdewg beadu f. gds. beaduwe, beadowe war, battle, fighting, strife. beaducf bold in battle, Rd 1^11. beaducrft m. skill in war, An 219. beaducrftig warlike. beaducwealm m. violent death, An 1704. beadufolm f. battlehand, B 990. beadugrma m. warmask, helmet, B 2257. beaduhrgl n. coat of mail. beadulc n. warplay, battle. beaduloma m. (battlelight), sword, B 1523. beadumgen n. battle strength, force, Ex 329. beadumce m. battlesword, B 1454. beadurs m. rush of battle, Ma 111. beadurinc m. warrior, soldier. beadurf strong in battle, renowned in war. beadurn f. secret of a quarrel, B 501. beaduscearp keen in battle (sword), B 2704. beaduscrd n. coat of mail, B 453; 2660? beadusearo n. war equipment, Ex 572. beaduserce f. coat of mail, B 2755. beadurat m. warband, army, El 31. beaduwpen n. weapon of war. beaduwang m. battlefield. beaduweorc n. work of battle, warlike operation. beaduwrad (o^2) m. fighting company, Lcd 125b. beftan I. adv. after, hereafter, afterwards, behind, AO ; CP (bi). ['baft'] II. prep. w. d. after, behind. bewnian to join in marriage, marry, Chr 1052#d. [w] beaftan to lament, MtL 11^17. [ behafetian; ' beft'] bag I. (, ) m. ring (as ornament or as money), coil, bracelet, collar, crown, garland, ; CP. ['bee'; bgan] II. pret. 3 sg. of bgan. baggifa,gyfa m. ringgiver, lord, king, generous chief. baggifu (bah) f. ringgiving. baghord (h) n. ringhoard. baghroden diademed, adorned with rings or armlets. baghyrne (h) f. corner of the eye, WW 156^41. bagian () to crown. bagsel n.,sele m. hall in which rings are distributed. bagegu (h) f. receiving of rings, B 2176. bagwse n. round shape, GD 343^15. bagwria (h) m. armlet, B 2018. bah I. bag. II. pret. 3 sg. of bgan. beh bag behsian to ask advice, Bl 199^29; 205^28. bealan bealun bealcan, bealcettan to 'belch,' utter, bring up, splutter out, give forth, emit, Ps; : come forth. beald (a) 'bold,' brave, confident, strong, Ps; AO, CP: impudent. bealde adv. boldly, courageously, confidently: without hesitation, immediately. bealdian to be bold, B 2177. ['bold'] bealdlce 'boldly,' Jul. 77

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary bealdnes (a) f. boldness. bealdor m. lord, master, hero. bealdwyrde bold of speech, . beale bealu bealg, bealh pret. 3 sg. of belgan. beallucas mp. 'testiculi,' Gl. ['ballock'] bealo bealu bealo bealu bealu I. gs. b(e)al(u)wes n. 'bale,' harm, injury, destruction, ruin, evil, mischief, Sat, Ps, Chr: wickedness, malice: a noxious thing, . II. adj. baleful, deadly, dangerous, wicked, evil. bealubend m. pernicious bond, W 178^2. bealubenn f. mortal wound, Ex 238. bealublonden pernicious, GnE 198. bealuclomm mf. oppressive bond, Hell 65. bealucrft m. magic art, Met 26^75. bealucwealm m. violent death, B 2265. bealudd f. evil deed, sin. bealuful 'baleful,' dire, wicked, cruel, Cr. bealufs prone to sin, Rim 50. bealuhycgende ,hdig meditating mischief. bealuinwit n. deceit, treachery, PPs 54^24. bealulas harmless, innocent, Chr, Gn. ['baleless '] bealun m. malice, wickedness. bealurp m. oppressive fetter, Cr 365. bealusearu n. wicked machination, Jul 473. bealus m. hurt, adversity: death. bealusorg f. dire sorrow, Ph 409. bealuspell n. baleful message, Ex 510. bealuonc m. evil thought, Jul 469. bealuwes, bealwes v. bealu. bam I. m. tree, KC, Rd: 'beam,' rafter, piece of wood, Chr, Mt; CP, Mdf: cross, gallows, Cr: () ship, Rd: column, pillar: sunbeam, Chr, Ps: metal girder, AO. II. (NG) bme bamere (Mt) bmere bamsceadu f. shade of a tree. bamtelg m. wooddye, carbonaceous ink. bamweg m. road made with logs, BC 1417. bamwer m. wooden weir? BC 2242. ban (e) f. 'bean,' pea, legume, Lcd; Mdf. banbelgas,coddas (Lk) mp. beanpods, husks or cods. [v. 'cod'] bancynn n. a kind of bean, WW 205^3. banen adj. of beans, Lcd 1282^9. banlag f. land where beans grow, KC 5265. [v. ' bean'] banmelu n. bean meal, Lcd 31b. bansd n. bean seed. banscalu f. beanpod, OEG 608. bar (NG) bor bearce () f. barking, Gl. beard m. 'beard,' VPs; . +bearded having a beard, GD 279^14. beardlas beardless, youthful. bearg I. m. 'barrow' pig, hog, Mt (e), Rd. II. pret. 3 sg. of beorgan. 78

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary bearh bearg I. and II. bearht beorht bearhtm I. (br, e, eo, y) m. brightness, flash: twinkling (of an eye), instant. II. breahtm bearhtme adv. instantly. bearhtmhwt swift as the twinkling of an eye, momentary, Az 107 (br). bearhtmhwl f. moment, twinkling of an eye, point of time, GD. bearm I. (a) m. lap, bosom, breast, Lk: middle, inside: () possession. II. emotion, excitement? PPs 118. III. beorma bearmcl n. apron. bearmrgl n. apron. [hrgl] bearmtag yeastbox, LL 455[17]. bearn I. (a, eo) n. child, son, descendant, offspring, issue, B, Mt, TC; AO, CP. loda b. children of men. ['bairn '] II. barn pret. 3 sg. of biernan. III. pret. 3 sg. of beiernan. IV. berern bearnan (N) biernan bearncennicge mother, DR. bearnaca (CP, ),acen (CP),eacnod,acnigende () pregnant. bearnende (NG) biernende ptc. of biernan. bearngebyrda fp. childbearing, B 946. bearngestron n. procreation of children, Rd 21^27. bearnlas childless, . bearnlast (^2) f. childlessness. bearnlufe affection (for a child), adoption, BH 454^11. bearnmyrra m.,myrre f. murderer or murderess of a child. bearntam m. offspring, posterity, AO: procreation of children, HL. ['bairnteam'] bearo bearu bearrige f? 'braugina,' 'baruina,' Gl. bears brs barscipe borscipe bearu gs. bearwes m. grove, wood, BH; CP; Mdf. [berwe] bearug bearg bearuns m. woody shore, Rd 58^5. bearwe () f. basket, wheelbarrow, LL 455^15. bearwes v. bearu. beasu basu I. +bat n. scourging, . batan^7 pret. bot and (rarely) beoft (ES 3828) to 'beat,' strike, thrust, dash, Bo, Bl, Ps: hurt, injure, Da 265: tramp, tread, B. batere m. beater, boxer, . baw m. gadfly, WW. bebaian to bathe, wash (tr. intr. and refl.). bebodan^2 to offer, commit, entrust , CP: bid, enjoin, instruct, command, require , , Lk ; AO, CP: announce, proclaim. ['bibede'] bebodend m. commander, master, CP. bebodendlic commanding, imperative, Gr. bebeorgan^3 to be on one's guard, defend, protect, B. ['bibergh'] beber (WW 11^14) befer beberan^4 to carry to, supply with. bebindan^3 to bind about, bind fast, . bebirgan,birigan bebyrgan bebtan (bib) to bite, Cp 251#m. beblwan to blow upon. 79

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary bebod n. command, injunction, order, decree , Mt ; , AO, CP. bebodu the (ten) commandments . ['bibod'] beboddg m. appointed day, A 11102^67. bebodian wv. bebodan bebodrden f. command, authority, LPs 118^110. bebrdan to spread, cover, MH 44^19. bebrecan^4 to break to pieces, Sol 295. bebregdan^3 to pretend, LkL 20^20. bebrcan^2 to practise: consume (food). bebgan^2 to flow round, surround, enclose: turn from, shun, avoid, El: reach, extend. ['bibugh'] bebycgan (A) to sell. bebycgung f. selling, WW. bebyrdan to fringe, border, WW 375^41. bebyrgan (AO)byrian I. to raise a mound to, bury, inter, . ['bebury'] II. bebeorgan bebyrgednes,byrig(ed)nes f. burial, burying. bebyrig bebyrg bebyrwan (?bwan, BT) to rub over, GD 318^3. bec bc bc v. bc. becfian to ornament, WW 137^22. +bcan to make over in writing, grant by charter, EC 202. becc bc II. becca m. pick, mattock, WW; . ['beck'; and v. Indog. Forschungen 24] beccen m. buyer, WW (KGl) 75^36. [ bycgend] bece m. bc II. bce (oe) f. 'beech' (tree), Gl. (v. also bc.) becapian^1 to sell, : buy, . becefed becfed, pp. of becfian. bcen I. 'beechen,' made of beechwood, Lcd, WW. II. (NG) bacen beceorfan^3 to cut, cut off, separate, . hafde b. to behead. beceorian to murmur at, complain of. becowan^2 to gnaw in pieces, Soul 111. becpan I. to take notice of, LPs. II. becpan bece pres. 3 sg. of bacan. becdan to complain of, H 2470^6. becierran (e, y) to turn, turn round, pass by, avoid, Met ; CP: wind, twist: pervert, Chr: give up, betray. ['bicharre'] beclman to plaster over, poultice, Lcd. beclnsian to cleanse, SPs 18^14. beclemman to bind, enclose, Sol 71. beclencan to hold fast, LPs 104^18. beclsung beclsung beclingan^3 enclose, bind, El 696. beclip (CP) beclyp pres. 3 sg. of beclyppan. beclsung beclsung beclypian (eo) to accuse, challenge, sue at law, LL. ['beclepe'] beclyppan to clasp, embrace, encompass, hold, . beclypping f. embrace, OEG. beclsan to close, shut up, enclose, confine, imprison, . [clse] [[under cls"]] beclsung f. enclosure, cell, OEG 1522: period, syllogism, OEG. 80

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary bcn bac(e)n becnwan^7 to know, RB. becnedan^5 to knead up, Lcd 93a. bcnydlic bcnendlic [[redirected to bcnendlic"]] becnyttan to knit, tie, bind, , CP. becola? m.,e? f. spectre, WW 530^33. bcrding bcrding becropan^2 to creep into, crawl, AO: be hidden, . becst pres. 2 sg. of bacan. bctrow bctrow becuman^4 to happen, befall, : come, approach, arrive, enter, meet with, fall in with, B; , AO, CP: happen, befall, Bo, : (impers.) befit, MkL 14^31. [' become'] bcun (NG) bacan [[under bcnan"]] becwelan^4 to die, LL 400 (1). becwean^5 to say: speak to, address, exhort, admonish, blame, Ps: 'bequeath,' leave by will, KC; . becweere m. interpreter, translator, EHy 16 (proem.). becwyddod bespoken, deposited, WW 115^39. becwylman? to torment (BT). becyme m. event, result, BH 372^19. becpan to sell. becyrran becierran bed I. n. prayer, supplication, , CP: religious ordinance, service, . II. bedd. III. bd pret. 3 sg. of biddan. bedlan to deprive, strip, bereave of, rob, : release, free from. ['bedeal'] bdan bodan +bdan +bdan bedbr () f. portable bed, NG. +bedbigen f. payment for prayers, LL 258 (51). [bycgan] bedbolster m. bolster, pillow, WW 124^20. bedbr n. bedchamber, HGl 481. bedcleofa (e, i, y) m. bedroom, chamber: lair, Ps. bedcofa m.,cofe f. bedchamber. bedd n. 'bed,' couch, restingplace, Jn, KC; CP: gardenbed, plot, Lcd; Mdf. +bedda f. consort, wife, B. ['ibedde'] beddagas mpl. rogation days. beddcl m. bedcovering; pl. bedclothes. beddclyfa bedcleofa beddgemna m. cohabitation, CP 99^25. beddian to make a 'bed,' WW: provide one with a bed, LL. bedding f. 'bedding,' bedcovering, LPs, WW; : bed. beddraf bedraf beddreda (i, y) bedreda beddrest f. bed. beddstw f. bed, BH 410^12. bedaglian (dahl) bedglian bedecian to beg, , CP. bedglian bedglian bedlan bedlan bedelfan^3 to dig round, Lk: bury, Rood; AO. ['bedelve'] bedelfung f. digging round, WW 149^11. beden pp. of biddan. 81

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary bedpan (VPs) bedpan bedeppan bedyppan bedfelt mn. bedcovering, RB 91^16. bedgerid n. (ant's) nest, Lcd 118a. +bedgiht f. evening, WW 117^8. bedhs n. chapel, oratory, . +bedian to pray, worship, BH 408^29. bedcian to surround with a dyke, embank, fortify, Chr 1016#e. bedidrian bedydrian bedeglan bedglian bedglian (dhl; a, , e) to conceal, hide, obscure, keep secret, : be concealed, lie hid. bedgling f. secret place, RPs 80^8. beding bedding bedolan (K) bedeglan bedpan (, ) to dip, immerse: anoint, CPs 140^5. +bedmann m. worshipper, priest. bedn to shut, PPs 147^2. ['bedo'] bedol bedul bedrden f. prayer, intercession, . bedragan v. pp. bedrg. bedraf n. bedclothes, bedding, . bedreda (i, y) m. (and adj.) 'bedridden' (man), . bedrf bedraf bedrosan^2 to overcome, deceive? Gen 528, 823: deprive of, bereave, despoil. bedrest beddrest bedrida bedreda bedrfan^1 to drive, beat, strike, assail, AO: follow up, pursue: surround, cover. bedrincan^3 to drink up, absorb, Lcd. bedrp n. compulsory service rendered to a landowner at harvest time, LL. ['bedrip'] bedrg beguiled, Gen 602. bedrgian to dry up, Lcd 1336^4. bedryda bedreda bedrpan to moisten, GPH 391^18. +bedscipe m. cohabitation, wedlock. +bedstw f. place of prayer, oratory. bedstraw n. straw for bedding, L 31^572. bedtd f. bedtime, WW 176^2. +bedtd time of prayer, MH 126^18. bedegn,en, m. chamberservant, chamberlain, WW. bedu f. asking, prayer, CP. [Goth. bida] bedfan^2 immerse, submerge, drown, . ['bedove '] bedul suppliant, WW 180^12. bedwhrift n. bedcurtain, Ct. bedydrian to conceal from, : deceive, . bedfan to immerse, GD 73^24; CPs 68^16. bedglan bedeglan bedpan bedpan bedyppan (e), to dip, immerse, , Mt. ['bedip '] bedyrnan to conceal. [dierne] beastan to the east of, AO, Chr. beastannoran to the northeast of, AO. 82

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary beebbian to leave aground by the ebb tide, strand, Chr 897#a. beefesian to cut off the hair, L 33^84. beerf beyrf befdman befman beflon pret. 3 pl. of befolan. befstan to fasten, fix, ground, establish, make safe, put in safe keeping, , CP: apply, utilize: commend, entrust to, , CP. befstnian (ea) to fix, : pledge, betroth. befttian to fatten, anoint, LPs 140^5. befman,mian to encircle, . befaran^6 to go, go round or among, traverse, encompass, surround, AO: come upon, surprise, catch, LL 230, 13, 1. befealdan^7 to fold, roll up, envelop, clasp, surround, involve, cover, , CP: attach. befeallan I. (sv^7) to fall, Mt, CP; : deprive of, bereave of: fall to, be assigned to: 'befall,' Gr. II. befyllan befeastnian (NG) befstan befgan to join, L 23^425. befelgan befylgan befellan befyllan befelrd hefeldrd (HGl 489) befeohtan^3 to take by fighting, Rd 4^32. ['befight '] befolan^3 to put away, bury: deliver, grant, consign, entrust to, Ps: betake oneself to, apply oneself, devote oneself to, persist, persevere, CP: importune: put up with, be pleased with. ['bifele'] befeolhan befolan befon to deprive of property, OEG 3157. befer (eo, y) m. 'beaver,' Gr (eo); Mdf. befran to surround, : come upon, overtake, pass by: go about: fall among, NG. befician to deceive, LL (320^24). beflan beflan befilgan befylgan befiod (HGl 480) pp. of befon. beflan^6 to peel, skin, flay, WW. beflagen flsc entrails. ['beflay'] beflogan^2 to fly upon, BH. ['befly'] beflon^2 (w. a.) to flee from, flee, escape, avoid, Ps ; CP. ['beflee'] beflwan^7 to flow round, over, Wif. ['beflow'] befn^7 to surround, clasp, include, envelop, encase, clothe, Bl; , AO, CP: comprehend, seize, attach (at law), lay hold of, catch, ensnare, Gen: contain, receive, conceive : explain, CP. wordum b. tell, relate. on b. have to do with, engage in. ['befong'] befor befer beforan I. prep. +a+. (w. d.) (local) 'before,' in front of, in the presence of: (temporal) before, prior to, sooner than. +b+. (w. a.) before. II. adv. (local) before, in front: (temporal) before, formerly, in former times, earlier, sooner: at hand, openly. beforhtian to dread, 23b^525. beftian to cut off one's feet, 25^117. befrogan to free, liberate, Ps. befrnan,frignan^3 to question, ask, learn, . befrnung f. inquiry, investigation, OEG 2309. befrnan befrnan beftan beftan befullan entirely, completely, perfectly, CP 5^20. beflan () to befoul, defile, Lcd; . ['befile '] 83

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary befylgan to follow after, pursue, persevere with, Lcd. befyllan I. to fell, lay low, strike down: () take by killing, bereave, rob. [feallan] II. to fill up. [full] bg bag bga gmfn. of bgen. begalan^6 to sing incantations over, enchant, Lcd; . ['bigale'] begn to go over, traverse, : get to, come by, fall into: go to, visit, care for, cultivate, AO: occupy, , BH, Lcd: surround, Chr. tan b. besiege : practise, do, engage in, perform, attend to, be diligent about, , CP: honour, serve, worship: profess. on borh b. pledge oneself, CP. ['bego'] bgan began begang m. _way, course, circuit, extent: district, region: business, undertaking, practice, exercise, service, reverence, worship : cultivation, GD. [ bgeng] beganga bgenga begangan begn begangol (bigeong) m.? cultivator, LkR: worship, DR. begnnes,gangnes f. 'calend,' celebration. begbam m. bramble, thornbush. bge bgen bgea bga bgean began begat I. m. attainment, : acquisitions, property, . II. pret. 3 sg. of begotan. begm begm begmen (KGl) begmen bgen nm. (but where one thing is m. and the other f. or n., the nom. is b, b), nf. b, nn. b; gmfn. bg(e)a, bgra; dimfn. bm, bm; am. b; af. b; an. b both. v. also bt. ['bo'] begenga bgenga begomerian to lament, W 75^15. begeondan (AO, CP), begeonde,geonan, prep. w. a. d.; and adv. 'beyond,' on the other side, , Chr, Jn. begeotan begietan begotan^2 to pour over or upon, anoint, infuse, flood (with), sprinkle, cover with fluid, Chr; . ['bigeten'; Ger. begiessen] beger n. berry, Gl. beget begeat pret. 3 sg. of begietan. begeten pp. of (1) begotan, (2) begietan. bgian bagian begiellan^3 to sing, celebrate, Seaf 24. begietan^5 (e, i, y) to get, find, acquire, attain, receive, take, seize, AO, CP: happen: beget. begietend (e) m. one who gets, WW 214^25. begman () to look after, take care of: do service, attend: take heed, observe. begmen f. attention, observation. begming f. invention, device: observance: care, regard, OEG (). begnan^1 to open the mouth wide, swallow. beginnan^3 to 'begin,' ; AO, CP: attempt, undertake, : attack, AO. begir beger begirdan begyrdan begitan (AO, CP) begietan begleddian to befoul, pollute, : stain, dye, . begldan^1 to leave, desert, PPs 56^1. begnagan^6 to gnaw. begneor? attentive, BH 370^2 (? *becneord, BT). begndan^1 to rub thoroughly, Lcd 50a. begnornian to mourn for, B 3179. 84

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary begong begang bgra gmfn. of bgen. begrtan begrtan begrafan^5 to bury, El 835. ['begrave'] begrtan to lament, PPs 77^63. begrindan^3 to grind, polish, sharpen: deprive of, rob. begrpan^1 to grip, seize: chide, Ps. [' begripe'] begriwen ptc. steeped in, . begroren overwhelmed, Sat 52. begrornian begnornian begrynian to ensnare, entrap. [grn] begm begm begyrdan to gird, clothe, : surround, fortify, CP. begytan begietan bh bag, bah behabban to include, hold, surround, comprehend, contain, AO, CP: detain, withhold. behdian to unfrock (a priest), LL. behfednes f. restraint, temperance. behpsian to fasten a door, L 31^214. behs f. promise, vow, Chr 1093. [v. 'behest'] behttian to scalp, : make bald. behaldan behealdan behamelian to mutilate, hamstring, : strip naked? behammen 'clavatus,' (of shoe) patched (BT), studded with nails (Napier), GD 37^13. beht n. promise, vow, : threat. behtan^7 (often w. d. pers.) to promise, vow, pledge oneself, ; CP: threaten. ['behight'] behtland n. promised land, GD 204^12. behwian to see clearly, take care, consider, Mt. [' bihowe'] behafdian to 'behead,' Mt; , AO. behafdung f. beheading, . behafodlic capital (punishment), OEG 4042. behealdan^7 to hold, have, occupy, possess, guard, preserve, KC; CP: contain: keep, observe, consider, Bl, Ps ; AO, CP: to 'behold,' look at, gaze on, observe, see, Gen ; , CP: signify, : avail, effect: take care, beware, be cautious, CP: act, behave. behealdend m. beholder, spectator, BH 26^23. behealdennes f. observance, DR: continence, DR. behealdnes f. regard, observation, . behawan^7 to cut, chip, chop, beat, CP: cut off from, deprive of. behdan (KGl) behdan behfe,hf(e)lic suitable, proper, necessary, . behfnes f. convenience, utility. behelan^4 to cover over, hide. beheldan behealdan behelian to cover over, conceal, bury, CP. behelmian to cover over, Sol 104. behofian to lament. beheonan,heonon prep. (w. d.) and adv. on this side of, close by. behot,ht, pret. 3 sg. of behtan. behicgan behycgan behdan behdan behdiglce behdiglce 85

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary behienan (Chr) beheonan behildan to depart, EPs 138^19. behindan I. prep. (w. d., a.), adv. 'behind,' after, Chr, etc.; CP. behinon,hionan beheonan behring behrung behwian to dissimulate, RBL 16^7. behlmman behlemman behlnan to surround. behlf f. remainder, . [ *belf] behlapan^7 to leap upon, settle on, fix upon, devote oneself to, CP. behlehhan behlyhhan behlemman to dash together. behldan^1 to close, cover over, , AO. behliden beliden, pp. of belan. behlyhhan^6 (e) to deride, exult over, Gu. [' bilaugh'] behlan to rob, deprive of, Rd 15^10. behf n. behoof, profit: need, want, OEG 27^34. behfian (abs. and w. g.) to have need of, require, want, BH, Lcd; CP, : (impers.) it behoves, concerns, belongs, is needful or necessary, MtL, Jn. ['behove'] behflic necessary, MkL. ['behovely'] behogadnes f. practice, WW 427^37. behogian to care for, RB. ['bihogien'] behogod careful, prudent, DR. adv.lce. behn^7 to hang round, CP. ['behung'] behorsian to deprive of horses, Chr. behrosan^2 to fall: cover, shelter. behroren pp. divested of. behrowsian to rue, repent of, make amends, : compassionate, . ['bireusy'] behrowsung f. repentance, penitence, . [' bireusing'] behrowsungtd f. time of repentance, Septuagesima, . behrman to cover with hoarfrost, Wif 48. behringan to surround, CP. behrpan^7 to plague, importune, Lk 18^5. behrmian to besmirch, WW. behrmig sooty, MH 52^27. bh f. witness, sign, Jud 174. behwearf I. (eo) pret. 3 sg. of behweorfan. II. (EPs) behwearft behwearft m. exchange, LPs 43^13. behweolfan (A) behwylfan behweorfan^3 to turn, change, spread about: see to, arrange, prepare, treat, : bury, . behwerfan behwirfan behwirfan (e, y) to turn, change, convert, CP: exchange : prepare, instruct, exercise. behwon whence, BH. behwylfan to cover, vault over, Ex 426. behwyrfan () behwirfan behycgan to consider, bear in mind: confide, trust (on). behdan () to conceal, shelter, Mt; . ['behide '] behdednes,hdnes f. concealment, secret place. behdig careful, watchful, anxious, . adv.hdiglce, hdelce. behdignes f. solicitude, care, anxiety. [hygdig] v. MP 1393. behygd behd behyhtan to trust, W 48^8. 86

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary behyldan to flay, skin, AO. behylian to cover, veil, L 33^237. behpan () to surround, BH 188^14. [hpe] behpian to hang up, OEG 3322. behran to let on hire, WW. behrung f. letting, loan, WW. behelce sumptuously, WW 513^6. beiernan^3 (i, y) to run up to, over, or into, incur: occur to. beigbam begbam beinnan binnan beinsiglian to seal up, RHy 6^34. beirnan beiernan beiundane begeondan belcan^7 to inclose, Rd 61^7. beldian to excuse, clear, , AO, CP. beldiendlic apologetic, that can be excused, OEG. beldigend m. apologist, WW 332^2. beldung f. apology, excuse, WW. beldan to lead astray, RB. ['belead'] belfan to leave, spare: be left, remain, survive, Ps; . ['beleave'] belndan belandian belan to make hateful, pervert, W 47^7. belwa (),lwend, m. betrayer. belwan to betray, . belwung f. betrayal, treachery, . belf I. pret. 3 sg. of belfan. II. v. behlf. belandian to deprive of lands, Chr. belcedswora adj. having an inflated neck, Rd 79^1. [blc] belcentan, belcettan bealcettan [[under bealcan"]] beld, beldo bieldo +beldan I. to cover, bind (a book)? JnL p188^3. II. +bieldan belan^6 to censure, reprove: charge with: dissuade, forbid, prevent, CP. bel(NG) bel belecgan to cover, invest, surround, afflict, An; AO: attribute to, charge with, accuse. ['belay'] belfan belfan belendan belandian belene f. henbane. belogan^2 to deceive by lying, GD: (impers.) be mistaken. ['belie'] beleoran (A) to pass by, pass over. beleorendlic past, DR. belosan^2 to be deprived of, lose. belweda (LL 438^5) belwend [[under belwa"]] belewit bilewit belfls n. bellwether's fleece, LL 451 (14). belg (, i, y) m. bag, purse, leathern bottle, pair of bellows, pod, husk. [v. 'belly'] +belg m. anger: arrogance, RB 69^20. belgan^3 (intr., refl.) to be or become angry, CP, : (+) offend, provoke. belgnes f. injustice, MtL 20^13 (blig). +belh +belg belhring m. bellringing, RB. belhs bellhs 87

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary belibban to deprive of life. belicgan^5 to lie round, surround, hedge in, encompass, , AO. belfan^1 to remain over, be left, ; AO. ['belive '] belfend m. survivor, OEG. belfian belibban belig belg belman to glue together, Sc 96^19. belimp n. event, occurrence, affair. belimpan^3 to concern, regard, belong to, conduce to, Bo ; CP: happen, B; : become: (impers.) befit. ['belimp'] belisnian,listnian to castrate, . belisnod,listnod pp. as sbm. eunuch. ws b. 'stupratur,' HGl 507. belan^1 to deprive of. pp. beliden departed, dead, An 1087. bell belle bellan^3 to bellow, bark, grunt, roar, Rd. ['bell '] belle f. 'bell,' KC; , CP. bellhs n. 'bellhouse,' belfry, LL, WW. belltcen n. indication (sounding of the hour) by a bell, HL 11^65. belltd f. a canonical hour marked by the ringing of a bell. (cp. belltcen) belcian 'intendere,' RPs 44^5. belone belene belt m. 'belt,' girdle, WW. belcan^2 to lock, shut up, close, surround, enclose, embody, Bl, CP, Mt, VPs; AO: stop, impede, block up, choke, : preserve, protect: shut out, exclude, . ['belouke'] belune belene beltian to lie hid, GD 293^15. belfan () to believe, . pp. belfed having belief. belympan belimpan belyrtan (N) to deceive, cheat, MtL 2^16. ['belirt '] belytegian to allure, seduce, AO 112^26. [lytig] bemnan to 'bemoan,' bewail, mourn over, lament, . bemancian to maim, Lcd 3214^20. bmare bmere bme beme bemeldian to disclose, reveal, denounce. bmere bmere bemetan^5 to estimate, account, consider, AO. [' bemete'] beman^1 to hide, conceal, CP: lie hid. bemurcian,murcnian, to murmur at, grumble over, AO 48^17. bemurnan^3 (also wk.) to mourn, bewail, deplore, be sorry for : care for, take heed for. bemtian to change, exchange for, Gu 42. [L. mutare] bemyldan to bury, WW. [molde] ben benn bn I. f. () prayer, request, Lk; AO, CP: compulsory service, LL 447 (v. 2418, Fron.). ['bene'] II. pret. 3 sg. of bannan. bna m., bne f. suitor, petitioner, AO. benacian to lay bare. [nacod] benman () to take away, deprive of, rob of, , AO. [niman] benc f. 'bench,' B. bencian to make benches, LL 455 (13). bencsittend m. one who sits on a bench. bencswg m. benchrejoicing, sound of revelry, B 1161. 88

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary bencel n. benchboard, wainscotted space where benches stand, B. [v. 'theal'] bend mfn. (+b. MtL) bond, chain, fetter, BH, Bl, Mt, Ps ; CP: band, ribbon, ornament, chaplet, crown, WW. [' bend'] bndagas mpl. days of prayer, 'dies rogationum,' A 8329^26. bendan to bend (a bow), Ps: bind, fetter, Chr. ['bend'] bendfeorm bnfeorm beneah (pret. pres. vb.) pl. benugon, pret. benohte to have at one's disposal, possess, enjoy: require. beneced benacod pp. of benacian. benman benman benemnan to name: stipulate, settle, declare, asseverate. benotan^2 to deprive of, rob. beneoan (i, y) prep. w. d. 'beneath,' under, below. bnfeorm f. harvest feast? beanfeast? food required from a tenant? (BT), LL 452. bengeat n. woundgash, B 1121. bendan to compel? A 9110. beniman^4 to take, assume, obtain, AO: take away from, deprive of, bereave, rob, BH, Bo, Gen; AO, CP: contain : catch, apprehend. ['benim'] beniming f. deprival, WW (bi). benian beneoan bnlic (oe) that may be entreated, DR. adv.lce beseechingly, DR. benn f. wound, mortal injury. [bana] bnn pret. 3 sg. of bannan. benne f. reedgrass, BC (Mdf). bennian to wound. benohte v. beneah. benoran in the north, northwards (of). benoten pp. of benotan. benotian to use, consume, ChrB. ['benote'] bnrp n. compulsory service rendered to a landowner at harvest time, LL 448. [cp. bedrp] bnsian to pray, supplicate, BH. benst pres. 2 sg. of bannan. bntd f. prayer time, rogation days, Men 75. bntige, bnt(ig)e granting requests, gracious, LPs : obtaining requests, successful, Chr. ben pres. 3 sg. of bannan. benugon v. beneah. bnyr f. ploughing required from a tenant, LL 448 (5,2). benyan beneoan bo I. f. nap. bon; dp. bo(u)m 'bee,' Ps; . II. pres. 1 sg. of bon. bobrad n. honey with the comb. boce bce boceorl m. beemaster, beekeeper, LL 448[5]. bocere m. beekeeper, LL. [MHG. bkar] +beod +bed bod m. table, Mt: bowl, dish. ['beod'] bodrn n. refectory, diningroom, (ern). on boderne at table. beodan bidon pret. pl. of bdan. bodan^2 to command, decree, summon, , AO, CP. b. t call out (an army), banish: declare, inform, announce, proclaim, Gu, LL: threaten: offer, proffer, give, grant, surrender, , Gen; AO: (refl.) show oneself, behave: exact, collect. ['bid,' 'ibede'] bodbolle f. tablebowl, Gl. bodcl m. 'gausape,' tablecloth, carpet, Gr 34^8. 89

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary boddern bodrn boddian to do joiner's work, LL 455 (13). bodend m. preceptor, CM 967. bodendlic bebodendlic bodern () bodrn bodft n. tablevessel, cup, WW 204^25. bodfers n. grace at mealtime. bodgst m. tablecompanion, An 1090. bodgenat m. tablecompanion. bodgereordu np. feast, Gen 1518. bod(h)rgl n. tablecloth, WW 126^33. bodlfa fp. tableleavings, Bl 53^13. bodland n. land from which the table of monasteries, etc., was supplied, glebeland, Ct. bodls f. tableallowance, TC 474^6. bodraf n. tablecloth, TC 530^36. bodscat n.,scte m. tablenapkin, towel, WW 449^22. bodwyst f. a table with food on it, LPs 22^5. [wist] beofer beofor beofian bifian beofor (e, y) m. beaver. beoft redupl. pret. of batan; beoftadon is from a later wk. *beoftian (ES 3828). beofung bifung bogang m. swarm of bees, WW. +bogol () submissive, obedient: forgiving, . [bgan] bohta m. chief? prince? Ex 253? beolone belene bom I. dp. of bo I. II. bam. III. bo pres. 1 sg. of bon. bomder f. queenbee, OEG. bon I. anv. [conj. in full (WS and A) Wt 548] to be, exist, become, happen. b. ymbe to have to do with. b. of to be gone. (v. also eom, wesan.) II. nap. of bo I. bona gp. of bo I. bonbrad bobrad bonbro n. mead? (or? banbro ES 38302). bonnon pret. pl. of bannan. bor n. strong drink, 'beer,' mead, Lk (v. A 27495). [bow] +bor m. potcompanion, guest, . beora bearu beoran beran borbyden f. beerbarrel, LL 455 (17). beorc I. (e, i, y) f. birch, Mdf: name of the rune for b. II. () n. barking. beorcan^3 (tr.) to 'bark,' CP: (intr.) bark at, Lcd. beorce beorc beorcen (i, y) of birch. beorcragu (e^1) f. lichen from a birchtree, Lcd 99b. beorcrind (e^1) f. birchbark, Lcd 119b. beord (BH 392^27) bord bordrst(e) f. dregs of beer, Lcd. beorg m. mountain, hill, Lk, AO; Mdf: mound, tumulus, 'barrow,' burial place, , Lcd. +beorg n. protection, defence, refuge, W. beorglfen f. orcad. beorgan I. sv^3 (w. d.) to save, deliver, preserve, guard, defend, fortify, spare, An, Ps; AO, CP: (w. refl. 90

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary d.) beware of, avoid, guard against. ['bergh'] II. byrgan II. beorghli n. nap.hleou mountainheight, mountainslope. +beorglic fitting, profitable, LL, W: safe, prudent, . beorgseel n. mountain dwelling. [setl] beorgstede m. mound. beorh I. beorg. II. imperat. of beorgan. beorhlode (WW 178^41) burglode +beorhnes f. refuge, CPs 30^3. +beorhstw f. place of refuge, PPs 31^8. beorht (e, y) I. 'bright,' shining, brilliant, light, clear, Bo, El, Gu: clearsounding, loud, Cra: excellent, distinguished, remarkable, beautiful, magnificent, noble, glorious, PPs: pure, sublime, holy, divine. II. n. brightness, gleam, light. agan b. twinkling of an eye: sight. beorhtan bierhtan beorhtblwende brightblooming, Lcd 1404^9. beorhte brightly, brilliantly, splendidly: clearly, lucidly, distinctly, CP. beorhthwl (OEG) bearhtmhwl beorhtian to glisten, shine, BH, Ps: to sound clearly, B: to make bright, VPs. ['bright '] +beorhtian +beorhtnian beorhtlic brilliant, clear, shining, splendid. adv.lce, Mk; . ['brightly'] beorhtm bearhtm beorhtnes f. 'brightness,' clearness, splendour, beauty, JnL, Lk ; CP. beorhtnian (e) to grow bright, OEG 534: glorify. beorhtrodor m. shining heavens, Ex 94. beorhtte ( *beorgihte) pl. mountainous, AO 10^25. beorhtu bierhtu beorhtword (y^1) clearvoiced, Sat 238. borhyrde m. cellarer, butler, Cra 75. beorm bearm beorma m. 'barm,' yeast, leaven, Mt. +beormad leavened, MtR 13^33. beorn I. m. man: noble, hero, chief, prince, warrior, B, Ma: rich man, Run 12. ['berne'] II. barn pret. 3 sg. of biernan. III. bearn beornan (VPs) biernan beorncyning m. lord of heroes, B 2148. beorne byrne Beornice mp. Bernicians, inhabitants of part of Northumbria. beorning ( ie) f. incense, LkL 1^11. beornrat m. troop of men, Pa 50. beornwiga m. _warrior, hero. borscealc reveller, feaster, B 1240. borscipe, m. feast, banquet, revel, , CP. borsele m. beerhall, banqueting hall. borsetl n. alebench, Jul 687. beorswinig (NG) brsynnig boregu f. beerdrinking. beor fn? birth: the thing born. [[from first edition]] beorling (ie) v. hyseb. [[headword spelled hyseberling"]] beoror (e, o, u, y) n. childbearing, childbirth: what is born, foetus, offspring. beororcwelm m. abortion, WW 348^23. beoruh beorg beosmrian bismrian [[redirected to bismerian"]] 91

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary bost m. beestings, the first milk of a cow after calving, WW: swelling (of the ground)? v. Mdf. ['beest'] beosu basu bot I. n. boastful speech, boast, threat, , Gen. on b. boastfully: promise, vow, AO: command: peril, danger, Da 265. [ beht; 'beot,' 'ibeot '] II. pret. 3 sg. of batan. beotian botian botian to threaten, Jul: boast, vow, promise, AO. ['beoten'] botlic arrogant, exulting, boastful, threatening, . adv. lce. botmcg m. leader, Da 265. boton pret. pl. of batan. botung f. threatening. botword n. boast: threat. boof m. beethief, LL 54[9,2]. boum dp. of bo. bow n. barley, Gl. bowan bwan bowyrt f. beewort, sweet flag, Lcd. bepcan to deceive, cheat, seduce, Mt; . [' bipeche'] bepcend m. deceiver, . bepcestre f. whore, Gr 175^9. bepcung f. deception, OEG. beprwan () to wink, Bo, W. br (NG) br bera m. 'bear,' . berccan bereccan berdan to deprive, take by treachery, rob: betray, : deliberate on: get the better of. bersan to rush upon or into, , CP. beran (eo) to 'bear,' carry, bring, take away, carry out, extend, B; , AO, CP: bring forth, produce, Bl, Mt, Gen (and v. 'ibere'). berende fruitful. +boren born, own (by birth): (with p) set forth, open (a case), Chr 1052#e: wear, AO: endure, support, sustain, LL, Mt; CP. berascin n. bearskin, EC 250. +berbed vermiculated, DR 4^3. berbne,bne f. verbena, Lcd. berc beorc +berd +byrd +bre +bre bere m. barley, JnLR; . ['bear'] berern n. 'barn,' LkL. [bere, rn] berafere m. despoiler, OEG 46^36. berafian to 'bereave,' deprive of, take away, seize, rob, despoil, Bo; , AO. berafigend m. despoiler, robber. berebrytta m. barnkeeper, LL 451 (17). bercan to cause to smoke, smoke (tr.), Lcd 1106^16. bereccan to relate: excuse or justify oneself, CP. berecorn n. barleycorn. +bered crushed, WW: harassed, oppressed, NG. berfian (KGl) berafian bereflr m. barnfloor, threshingfloor, LkL. [v. ' bear'] beregafol n. rent paid in barley, LL 116 (59^1). [cp. gafolbre] beregrs n. barleygrass, fodder, WW 148^26. berehalm n. barley haulm, straw, Lcd 157a. bereland (ber) barley land, KC 3367^9. 92

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary beren I. of barley, . II. biren. III. berern berend m. bearer, carrier, Gl. berendan to peel, take off husk, Lcd. berende v. beran. berendlce with fecundity, DR 32^8. berendnes f. fertility, DR 108^11. berenhulu f. barleyhusk, Sc 95^19. bernian to bring about, Ex 147: ornament, mount (with silver), KC 6101^22. berocan^2 to fumigate, LL (164^5). berofan^2 to bereave, deprive, rob of. berotan^2 to bewail, Hell 6. berowsian behrowsian berere v. wterb. [[under wterberend"]] berern (NG) berern beresd n. barley, BH 366^27. beretn m. barleyinclosure, threshingfloor, barn, MtL ; . ['barton'] berewstm m. barleycrop, Lcd 1402^6. berewc f. barleyyard, demesne farm, TC. [' berewick'] berg (1) bearg, (2) beorg berg beri, byrg berh bearh pret. 3 sg. of beorgan. berht beorht berht beorht, bierht berhtm breahtm berian I. to make bare, clear, B 1239. [br] II. byrgan II. +berian +byrian bericge bearrige berdan^1 to ride round, surround, besiege, LL: overtake, seize, capture, occupy, Chr. ['beride'] berie f. 'berry,' Lcd: grape, . berig I. n. berry, RPs 77^47. II. byrig, ds. of burg. berigdrenc m. drink made of mulberries, WW 114^22. berige berie berigea byrga berindan,rindran to strip off bark, peel. berinnan^3 to run upon, run over, wet, bedew, Cr 1176. ['berun'] berland bereland bern berern bern brn, biern bernan (VPs) brnan bernhus n. barn, GD 68^22. [ beren] berfon (pret. pl. of *berafan or *berebban) despoiled, Gen 2078. berwan^7 to row round, Chr 897#a. berst byrst +berst n. bursting, eruption, W 186^7. berstan^3 intr. (tr. at Rd 2^8) to break, 'burst,' fail, fall, B, Lcd, Ma; , AO: break away from, escape: break to pieces, crash, resound. berthwl beorhthwl bertn beretn ber beor, byr +bru +bru bermod behrmod, pp. of behrmian. 93

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary berunnen pp. of berinnan. berwe ds. of bearu. berwinde f. 'bearbind,' navelwort, WW 300^19. berfan to deprive, Mod 63. [raf] berpan despoil of, strip, spoil, plunder, rob, . besgan to sink, GPH 388^85. besncan besencan bestian to lay wait for, AO 146^11. besrgian to lament, bewail, be sorry for, pity, . [srig] besrgung f. compassion, . [[Entry before author's corrections: besrgung f. sorrowing, VHy: compassion, .]] beswan^7 to sow, . bescad (bi) n. distinction. bescadan^7 to separate, discriminate: scatter, sprinkle over, Lcd 20b. besceadian (Sol 339) besceaduwian besceaduwian, to overshadow, RPs 139^8. ['beshade '] besceafan^6 to scrape thoroughly, Lcd 143b. bescan pret. 3 sg. of bescnan. besceatwyrpan 'despondi,' v. OEG 1^4555; 2^346; ES 42170. bescawere m. observer, DHy 24^15 bescawian to look round upon, survey, contemplate, consider, watch , , AO: look to, care for . bescawod cautious, careful, Lcd 3436^11. besceawiendlic contemplative, OEG 991. bescawodnes f. vision, sight. bescawung f. contemplation. besceddan besceadan [[headword spelled bescadan"]] bescencan to give to drink, Gu 596. besceofan bescfan besceoren (WW 217^24) bescoren pp. of bescieran. bescotan^2 to shoot into, plunge into, implant: happen, occur, AO. besceran,scerwan bescieran bescerian bescierian bescieran^4 to shear, shave, cut hair, give the tonsure, , AO. ['beshear'] bescierednes (y^2) f. deprivation, WW 351^13. bescierian to separate from, deprive of, Chr: defraud. bescnan^1 to shine upon, light up, illuminate, Rd; . ['beshine'] besciran bescieran bescirian bescierian besctan^1 to befoul, WW 507^28. bescradian to scrape off, clean off, ES 42171. bescrepan^5 to scrape, Lcd 101a. bescfan^2 to shove, impel, thrust down, hurl, throw, , AO: force, . besclan to look askance, Bo 121^30. [sceol] bescyr bescier bescan to beseech, beg urgently, MF (Vesp. D xiv). besecgan to announce, introduce: defend, excuse oneself : (w. on) accuse, . beselian besylian besellan to surround, cover (over): hand over. besema besma besencan to cause to sink, submerge, immerse, drown , Bl, Mt ; AO, CP: plunge into (fire), GD 317. 94

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary ['besench'] besendan to send, . besengan to singe, burn, AO. beson I. sv^5 (tr., intr. and refl.) to see, look, look round, behold, , Mk, Ps; AO: look after, go to see, visit: provide for. b. t look upon, have regard to, CP. ['besee '] II. sv^1 to suffuse, Cr 1088. besoan to boil down, Lcd. besowian (, ) to sew together, sew up, Ep. [' besew'] beserian,serwan besierwan besettan to put, place, set near, appoint, : own, keep, occupy: 'beset,' cover, surround with, adorn, B; CP, : besiege, invest, An: institute, set going. besdian to regulate the size of anything, RB 89^18. [sd] besierwan to ensnare, surprise, deceive, defraud, oppress, AO. [searu] besgan (on) to rush, v. OEG 4126. besilfran to silver, VPs 67^14. besincan^3 (intr.) to sink, AO. ['besink'] besingan^3 to sing of, bewail: sing charms, enchant, . besirwan (AO, CP) besierwan besittan^5 to sit round, surround, beset, besiege, Chr ; AO: hold council: occupy, possess. ['besit'] beswian besowian beslpan^7 to sleep, LL (284^3). beslan^6 to strike, beat, cut off, take away, deprive by violence, . beslpan to slip on, cover, impose, put on, clothe. besltan^1 to slit, tear. besma m. 'besom,' broom, rod, AO, Mt. besmagan to consider about, inquire into, L 23b^633. +bsmed curved, WW 515^9. [bsm] bsming f. curve, curvature, WW. [bsm] besmirwan to 'besmear,' WW. besmtan^1 to soil, defile, pollute, dishonour, Bl; , CP. ['besmit'] besmitenes f. soil, stain, defilement, degradation, dirtiness, . besmittian to defile. besmiian to work (in metal), forge, surround with forged work. besmocian to smoke, envelop with incense, ANS 843. besmyred besmirwed pp. of besmirwan. besndan to cut, mutilate. besnwian to cover with snow, WW. ['besnow'] besnyian,snyan to rob, deprive of. besolcen stupefied, dull, sluggish, inactive, slow, CP. besorg dear, beloved, . besorgian to regret: be anxious about, dread, shrink from, . besorh besorg besptan to spit upon, H 2248^24. bespanan^6 to lead astray, entice, incite, urge, persuade, AO. besparrian to bar, shut, Gl. bespirian bespyrigan besprecan^5 to speak about, AO: speak against, accuse of, Ps: claim at law, LL: complain. ['bespeak'] besprengan to besprinkle, Lcd. ['bespreng'] bespyrigan to track, trace, LL. best adv. (used as superl. of wel) best, most. besta, beste wk. forms of superl. adj. betst. bestlan () to lay a charge against, convict. 95

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary bestppan^6 to tread upon, step, go, enter, . bestandan^6 to stand round or about, beset, surround, : attend to, : beset, harass, Jn. ['bestand '] bestealcian to move stealthily, steal, 'stalk,' L 32^40. [stealc] bestefnod ptc. provided with a fringe, WW 375^41. bestelan^4 to move stealthily, steal away, steal upon, AO, LL; , CP: () deprive. ['besteal'] bestlan bestlan bestman bestman bestpan ( i) to deprive of (children), GD 76^18. bestingan^3 to thrust in, push, . bestrdan to bestrew, cover, BH 154^27 (b). bestrowian to 'bestrew,' besprinkle, . bestrean to bestrew, cover over. bestrcan^1 to make a stroke, Lcd 186b. [strca] [[headword spelled strica"]] bestrdan^1 to 'bestride,' mount, . bestrpan to strip, plunder, despoil. bestrdan^7 to spoil, plunder, rob. bestrpan bestrpan bestryan bestrean bestuddian to be careful for, trouble about, Kl 14^6. bestman (e) to bedew, wet, flood, B 486. [stam] bestyrian to heap up, BH. ['bestir'] bestyrman to agitate, Bo 9^11. besu basu bespan^2 to sup up, swallow, Lcd 113b. bestian to besmirch, GPH 403^26. besan be san beswlan to burn, singe, scorch, . beswpan beswpan beswtan to sweat, toil, Sc 111^14. beswpan^7 to clothe, cover over, veil, protect, CP: persuade, BH. ['beswape'] beswelgan to swallow up, EPs 106^27; 123^3. beswemman to make to bathe, Bo 115^8. beswencan to afflict, CPs 68^18. besweian to swathe, wrap up, wind round. beswic n. treachery, deceit, AO (b), CP: snare. beswica (b) m. deceiver. beswican^1 to deceive, seduce, betray, circumvent, frustrate, Bl, Mt; AO, CP: to overcome, supplant, AO. ['beswike '] beswcend m. deceiver, seducer, Gl. beswicenes f. deception: surrender. beswicfalle f. trap, Gl. beswician to escape, be free from, BH. beswicol deceitful, CP 238^16. (bi) beswcung f. deception, WW. beswincan^3 to toil, exert oneself, make with toil, Jn : till, plough, . beswuncen exhausted, tired out. [' beswink'] beswingan^3 to flog, scourge, beat, strike, ; CP. [' beswinge'] beswylian to drench, flood, Rood 23. [swilian] besyftan to sprinkle, L 23^165. [siftan] besylfran besilfran 96

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary besylian to sully, defile, stain, . besyrewian,i(a)n besierwan bet adv. better, Bo. ['bet'] bta v. ddb. betcnian to 'betoken,' designate. betcan (w. d.) to make over, give up to, impart, deliver, entrust, commend to, , Lk; AO, CP: appoint (for), set apart as, dedicate: show, point out, Lk: give orders, RB 130^4: pursue, hunt, WW 92^28. ['beteach'] btan to amend, repair, restore, cure, CP: make good, make amends, remedy, compensate, atone, pay 'bt' for an offence, , Mt, Lcd; AO, CP: attend to (fire or light), AO. urst b. quench thirst. [bt; 'beet' vb.] betast betst betboren of higher birth, LL. bte f. 'beet,' beetroot, Lcd. [L. beta] bte v. twib. btel (1) betl; (2) btol [[second reference ambiguous]] beteldan^3 to cover, hem in, surround: overload, oppress. betellan to speak about, answer, defend oneself (against a charge), exculpate oneself, Chr; . btend m. restorer, Ruin 28. +btendnes f. amendment, OEG 58^6. beton^1,2 to cover, surround, enclose, AO; , CP: dispose of, bestow, bequeath: impeach, accuse. ['betee '] betera 'better,' AO, Mk. followed by g. better in respect of.... btere v. ddb. [[under ddbta"]] beterian to 'better,' improve, CP: trim (lamp), GD. beterring f. improvement, . betest betst betinan betnan betihtlian to accuse, LL. betillan betyllan betimbran to construct, build, B. ['betimber'] betnan betnan bting btung btl betl betlic grand, excellent. btnes f. reparation, atonement, LL (264^16). betoce betonice betogenes f. accusation, LL. betolden pp. of beteldan. betonice f. 'betony,' Lcd. betost betst betr beter betrppan betreppan betredan^5 to tread upon, cover, CPs 138^10. betrendan to roll, ES 37180. betreppan to entrap, catch, Chr. ['betrap'] betrymman,trymian to enclose, surround, besiege. betst I. superl. adj. 'best,' first, AO, Chr, Cr; CP. as sb. people of position, WW, Chr. II. adv. in the best manner, most. betstboren bestborn, eldest. bett bet betuh,tuoxn (CP),tux betwux betuldon pret. pl. of beteldan. 97

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary +btung f. repair, maintenance, LL. betwnan betwonan betweoh, betweohs betwux betwonan, betwonum I. prep. w. g. d. a. between, among, amid, in the midst, Ps, Bl. II. adv. 'between,' BH: in the meantime, meanwhile: in turn, by turns, CM (twn). betweox, betweoxn, betwih(s) betwux betwn betwon betwnforltnes f. intermission, DR. betwux (, AO, CP) betwuht, betwix, betwux(t), betwisc prep. w. d. a. between, among, amongst, amidst, during. b. isum meanwhile. b. m e whilst. ['betwixt'] betwuxlegednes f. interjection, Gr 278^2. betwuxworpennes f. interjection, Gr 10^20. betwuxblinnes (twih) f. intermission, DR 12^3. betwuxfc (yx) internal, OEG 3861. betwuxgangan^7 (twih) to go between, VPs 28^7. betwuxgangende (twih) separating. betwuxgesett interposed. betwuxlicgan^5 (twih) to lie between, BH 72^10. betwuxsendan to send between. betwuxt,twyh,twyx(t) betwux bethtlian bethtlian [[headword spelled betihtlian"]] betyllan to allure, decoy, BH 358^4. betnan (, e) to hedge in, enclose, shut, bury, AO, CP: end, BH. [tn] betnung f. conclusion, OEG 3210. betyran to pitch, stain a dark colour. [teoru] betyrnan to turn round: prostrate oneself, RB. be I. bi pres. 3 sg. of bon. II. b bencan beencan bean beian beearfende needy, indigent, KGl 708. beearflic profitable, L 23b^242. beearfod needy, ES 8474^50. beeccan to cover, protect, cover over, conceal. been beung beencan to consider, remember, take thought for, take care of, care for, Gu: (refl.) reflect, 'bethink' oneself, Lk; : trust, confide in, entrust to, AO. beenian,ennan to cover, stretch on or upon, spread over. beodan to be joined (to), adhere (to), RB 134^20. beerscan to winnow, thrash, PPs 43^7. beettan to bathe, Lcd 390^15 (A 30397). beian to heat, warm, foment, Lcd; : cherish. ['beath'] berwan^7 to twist, GPH 391^16. beridian to circumvent, overcome, force, AO. beringan^3 to encircle, encompass: beset, oppress, burden. beryccan to press down, Cr 1446. berydian, beryan beridian bern to press, NC 273. beuncan (Rd 49^7) beencan beung f. bathing, bath, fomentation, cataplasm, Lcd; CP, . ['beathing'; b] beurfan swv. pres., 3 sg.earf, pl.urfon, pret.orfte. (w. g. or a.) to need, have need of, want, , CP. 98

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary bean beian bewan^6 to moisten, wet, LPs 6^7. bewyrian to deprave, WW 386^7. [weorh] ben to thrust, AO 158^6. beufan bufan betan btan bewacian to watch, guard, . bewadan^6 to emerge, Rd 88^24. bewfan to enfold, wrap round, cover over, clothe, , CP. bewgan to deceive, frustrate, BVPs. bewgnan to offer, proffer, B 1193. bewlan to oppress, afflict, An 1363. bewpnian to disarm, . bewrlan to pass by: be free from, DR. bewarenian to guard against, be on one's guard, CP. bewarian to keep watch, guard, preserve, ward off, CP. bewarnian bewarenian bewwan^7 to blow upon, Wa 76. (biwune biwwene) beweallan^7 to boil away, Lcd. bewealwian to wallow, Bo 115^9. beweardian to guard, protect: observe closely. beweaxan^7 to grow over, cover over, surround, . beweddendlic relating to marriage, OEG 1122. beweddian to betroth, marry, : give security. [' bewed'] beweddung f. betrothal, LL 442Ha. bewefan^5 to cover over, Lcd 3146^4. bewegan^5 to cover. bewled (^2) poisoned, polluted, ES 38^344. [wl] bewellan to knead, mix together. bewendan to turn, turn round, ; (refl.) Mt 9^22: turn one's attention, convert, . ['bewend'] bewenian to entertain, take care of, attend upon. beweorcan bewyrcan beweorpan^3 to cast, cast down, plunge, throw, , AO: beat, : surround. beweorian to adorn, DD 118. beweotian bewitian bewpan^7 to weep over, mourn, bewail, ; AO. [' beweep'] bewpendlic lamentable. bewpnian bewpnian bewerenes f. prohibition, BH 86^13. bewerian to guard, protect, defend, , AO: check, prevent, forbid, . bewerigend m. protector, . bewerung f. defence, fortification. bewestan prep. w. d. or adv. to the west of, Chr. [' bewest'] bewcian to encamp, Chr 894#w. bewindan^3 to wind round, clasp, entwine, envelop, encircle, surround, B, Mt; AO, CP: brandish (a sword). hafe b. bewail: turn, wind, revolve. bewindla (bi) m. hedge, border, BC (Mdf). bewitan swv., pres. 3 sg.wt, pret. 3 sg.wiste to keep, care for, watch over, superintend, administer, lead, guide, , AO. bewitian (eo) to observe, attend to, care for, administer: perform. bewltian to look at, behold, LPs 32^14. 99

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary bewltan^1 to look round, Gen 29^25. bewpen (pp. of bewpan) lamented: tearful, weeping. bewrecan^5 to drive: drive away, banish: drive round, beat round. bewrencan to deceive. bewron^1,2 to cover, hide, cover over, enwrap, protect, clothe, Sol, Met; CP. ['bewry'] bewreian to sustain, support, Rd 81^21. bewrtan^1 to record? Creat 19: score round. bewran^1 to bind, wind about, surround, envelop. bewrixlan,ian to change: exchange, sell, PPs. bewuna adj. indecl. accustomed, wont, AO. bewyddian beweddian bewled bewled bewyllan ( ie) to boil away, Lcd. bewylwian to roll down, roll together. bewp bewp pres. 3 sg. of bewpan. bewyrcan to work, construct, surround with, enclose, cover, B; AO, : work in, insert, adorn, Lcd. ['bework '] bewyrpan beweorpan beyrfeweardian to disinherit, A 13321. beyrnan beiernan bezera bzere bi, b (1) be (prep.); (2) f. bo biv. also be bad bod biblioce f. biblioeoco (AO) biblieca m. library: bible, . ['bibliotheca' (L.)] bbrad bobrad bicce, bice f. 'bitch,' Lcd, WW. biccen byccen bicgan () bycgan bicge bicce bcnan,ian (, a, e, ) to make a sign, 'beckon,' wink, nod, Lk; CP: signify: summon. [bacn] [[error for bacen?]] +bcnend (), bicni(g)end m. indicator, discloser: forefinger. bcnendlic, +bcni(g)endlic allegorical; (gram.) indicative, Gr 124^14. bcnol indicating, indicative, GPH 398^193. bcnung (a, ) f. beckoning, nodding: token, symbol, figure, : figurative speech. bcwide m. byword, proverb, fable, tale, . [' bequeath'] bd n. lingering, hesitation, delay, halt, Rd. [' bide'] bdan^1 (intr.) to stay, continue, live, remain, delay, AO, Ps: (tr. usu. w. g.) wait for, await, expect, Bl, Mt ; AO, CP: endure, experience, find: attain, obtain. [' bide'] biddan^5 to ask, entreat, pray, beseech, AO, Bl. b. and bodan, hlsian to beg and pray: order, command, require, AO, CP. ['bid'] +biddan^5 (often refl.) to beg, ask, pray, Bl, Mt; , CP: worship, , AO. ['ibid'] biddere m. petitioner. bidenft bydenft biderp bedrp bide (CP) pres. 3 sg. of biddan. bdfst firm, forced to stand out. bding f. abiding place, abode, Gu 180. bdsteall m. halt, stand. be bo pres. 1 sg. of bon. 100

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary becn bacen becn bcn began (, , ) to bend, turn, turn back, incline, Bo, Mk : depress, abase, humiliate: subject: persuade, convert : +bged bowed down, infirm, Nic 471^29. ['bey,' bgan] bieldan (, e, i, y) to encourage, excite, impel, exhort, confirm, CP, Ma; , AO. ['bield'; beald] bieldo (y^2) f. boldness, courage, arrogance, confidence, BH; CP. ['bield'] bielg belg bielw bilew beme (, i, ) f. trumpet, CP, WW: tablet, billet. ['beme'] ben ban bencoddas bancoddas [[under banbelgas"]] +bierde +byrde +bierhtan (e, y) to brighten, be or make bright, illuminate, enlighten, CP: make clear: celebrate. [beorht] bierhtu (e, eo, i, y) f. brightness, effulgence, brilliance, CP. [beorht] bierm bearm biernan^3 (ea, eo, i, y) to 'burn,' be on fire, give light, , Lk, Ex, VPs. bierste, bierst pres. 3 sg. of berstan. bier pres. 3 sg. of beran. biesen bisen biesgian bysgian [[redirected to bisgian"]] bieter biter betl (, , ) m. 'beetle,' mallet, hammer, CP, Jud (y). bietr biter be bo pres. pl. of bon. bfran to feed, ES 41^324. bifian to tremble, be moved, shake, quake, Bo, Ps; . ['bive'] bifigendlic (byfg) terrible, NC 274. bifung f. trembling, shaking, . bifung (eo^1) v. eorb. [[under eorbeofung"]] bfylce n. neighbouring people. [folc] big be big be, b, bycg bg beg bige byge +bgednes f. inflection, declension, case, Gr. bgegnes bgengnes bgels m. arch, vault, : inclination. +bgendlic inflectional, Gr 91^8. +bgendnes +bgednes bgeng f. practice, exercise, observance, worship, : cultivation, . ['bigeng'] bgenga m. inhabitant: cultivator, : worshipper, : benefactor. bgenge n. practice, worship. bgengere m. worker: worshipper. bgengestre f. handmaiden, attendant, worshipper, Gl. bgengnes, f. application, study. +bige +byge pres. 3 sg. of +bycgan. bging f. bending, WW 216^38. bigleaf(eo, i) bleof bgnes f. power of bending, bending. [began] +bgnes () f. frequented place, assembly? EPs 117^27. +big +bige 101

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary bgyrdel m. girdle, belt, purse, , Mt: treasury. ['bygirdle'] bigytan begietan bihianda (MtL 5^27) behindan bhst bhst pres. 2 sg. of bgan. +bih f. abode? Gu 346. [cp. byht] bil bill bilcettan bealcettan [[under bealcan"]] bildan bieldan +bilde bold, brave, . [beald] bile m. 'bill,' beak, trunk (of an elephant), WW: prow. ble ble blefa bleofa bilehwt bilewit bleofa (i^2) m., bleofen f. support, sustenance, food, nourishment, , WW: money, pay. ['bylive'; libban] bilofian to support, feed upon, Guth 34^7. bilewet bilewit bilewit innocent, pure, simple, sincere, honest , BH, Mt ; , CP: calm, gentle, merciful, gracious : plausible. [' bilewhit'], adv.lce. bilewitnes f. mildness, simplicity, innocence, purity, , CP. bilgesleht billgesliht bilgst, bilhst pres. 2 sg. of belgan. bilg pres. 3 sg. of belgan. bilherge billere blibb, blif bleof bilig belg biliw bilew bill n. 'bill,' chopper, battleaxe, falchion, sword, B, WW. billere m. 'bibulta' (plant), WW. billgesliht n. clashing of swords, battle, #Chr 937. billhete m. murderous hate, strife, An 78. +bilod having a bill or beak. [bile] bilsw n. (nap.swau) sword track, wound, Ex 329. bilw bilew blyht bliht bma (m.?), bme beme bin binn bnama m. pronoun, A 8313. +bind n. binding, fetter: costiveness. bindan sv^3 to tie, 'bind,' fetter, fasten, restrain, , Bl, Mt, Jn; AO, CP: adorn. binde f. headband? KC 6133. ['bind'] bindele,elle f. binding: bandage. bindere m. 'binder,' Rd 28^6. binding f. binding, OEG 324b. binn, binne f. 'bin,' basket, crib, manger, Bl, LkL. binnan I. prep. (w. d. a.) within, in, inside of, into. II. adv. inside, within, less than, during, whilst. ['bin'] binne binn bint pres. 3 sg. of bindan. bio beo, bi biosmrung bismrung [[redirected to bismerung"]] birce beorc, beorce bird (LkLR) bridd 102

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary +bird +byrd birele byrele biren f. shebear, OET (Ct). birg byrg birg, birh pres. 3 sg. of beorgan. birht bierht birig byrig birig byrg birihte (y) prep. w. d. near, beside, An 850. birihto bierhtu birle byrele birnan beornan birst, birste pres. 3 sg. of berstan. birst pres. 2 sg., bir(e) pres. 3 sg. of beran. biryhte birihte bisc n? m? wallet, MtR 10^10. [L. bisaccium] bsc contested, disputed, LL. bsc f. visit, Gu 188. bisceop (o^2) m. 'bishop,' CP: highpriest, chief priest (of the Jews), heathen priest, AO, MkL. bisceopcyn (o^2) n. episcopal (highpriestly) stock. bisceopdm m. episcopate, bishopric: excommunication. bisceopealder m. high priest, HL. bisceopfolgo m. episcopate, GD 65^31. bisceopgegyrelan mpl. episcopal robes, BH 90^2. bisceophd m. 'bishophood,' office of bishop, ordination as bishop, episcopate, bishopric, CPPs. bisceophdung f. episcopal ordination, L 31^286. bisceophm m. bishop's estate, EC 365. bisceophafodln (o^2) n. head ornament worn by bishops, WW 152^23. bisceophred (o) m. clergy subject to a bishop. bisceopian to confirm, LL. ['bishop'] bisceopland (o) n. episcopal or diocesan land, LL 173^10. bisceoplic 'bishoply,' episcopal, BH. bisceoprce n. 'bishopric,' diocese, province of a bishop, BH. bisceoprocc m. bishop's rochet, dalmatic, Lcd 3202^26. bisceoprd f. bishop's cross. bisceopscr,scr f. diocese: episcopate. bisceopseld,setl,sel n. bishop's seat or see, bishopric. bisceopseono m. synod of bishops, A 118^1. bisceopstl m. episcopal see, bishopric, KC. ['bishopstool '] bisceopsunu m. godson at a 'bishoping' or confirmation. bisceopnung f. office of a bishop, BH. bisceopung f. confirmation, . bisceopwte n. fine payable to a bishop? (BT), forced entertaining of a bishop? (Lieb: v. LL 2667). bisceopwyrt f. bishop'swort, betony, vervain, marshmallow. bisceopwyrtil (o^2) vervain, WW 134^41. biscep bisceop bisceran bescieran biscerian (i^2, y^2) bescierian biscop bisceop biscup bisceop bisegu bysgu [[redirected to bisgu"]] 103

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary bisen, bisene (y) fn. example, pattern, model, JnLR; , AO, CP: similitude, parable, parallel: rule, command, precept. ['bysen'] bsene (y) blind, MtL; NC 274; JAW 22. ['bisson '?] bisenian (ie, y) to give, set an example, instruct by example, Bo: follow an example or pattern, CP: express figuratively. ['byen' vb.] bisenung f. example, pattern, (y). bises m. the extra day intercalated in leap year, Men 32. [L. bissextus] bisgian to occupy, employ, , Bo; CP: trouble, afflict, Lcd, Met. ['busy'] bisgu, bisigu f. occupation, labour, CP, (yse): affliction, trouble. bisgung f. business, occupation, care, CP. bisig (y) 'busy,' occupied, diligent, Ma, Sol. bisignes f. 'business,' MtL (Cont. p. xx). bismr bismer bisme besma bismer (y) nmf. disgrace, scandal, shame, mockery, insult, reproach, scorn , AO, Bl ; CP: filthiness, defilement, (y). t bismere ignominiously, shamefully: blasphemy: infamous deed, AO. ['bismer'] bismerful infamous, disgraceful, ignominious, shameful, (y). bismerglow (y) n. shameful lust, . bismerian (y) to mock, revile, illtreat, blaspheme, Mk ; AO. ['bismer' vb.] bismeriend m. mocker, KGl 298. bismerlas blameless, Cr 1326 (y). bismerlo n. scurrilous song, Gl. bismerlic shameful, ignominious, contemptuous, AO: ridiculous, frivolous. adv.lce. bismernes f. pollution; insult; contemptibleness. bismersprc,spc f. blasphemy, G. bismerung (y) mockery, scorn: blasphemy: infamy, disrepute, AO. bismerword (^2) n. reproach, insult, LL 10^11. bismor bismer bism(o)r bismer bisn bisen +bisnere f. imitator, DR 45^7. bspell (big) n. example, proverb, : parable, fable, allegory, story, MtL; CP. ['byspel'] bspellbc (big) f. book of Proverbs, . bissextus, gen.te the intercalary day of leap year: leap year. [L.] bist pres. 2 sg. of bon. bst bdst, pres. 2 sg. of bdan. biswic beswic bit pres. 3 sg. of biddan. bt pres. 3 sg. of (1) bdan; (2) btan. bita m. I. 'bit,' morsel, piece, Jn; . II. biter, wild beast. btan^1 to 'bite,' tear, B, Rd; : cut, wound: (+) dash down, MkL 9^18. bite m. 'bite,' sting, AO, Lcd: swordcut, Ap, B : cancer. bitela m. 'beetle,' Gl. biter 'bitter,' sharp, cutting, Gu ; : stinging , PPs 117^12: exasperated, angry, embittered : painful, disastrous, virulent, cruel, B, Bl. adv.lce, Mt. bitere bitre biterian to be or become bitter, CP: make bitter. [' bitter' vb.] biternes f. 'bitterness,' grief, El; , CP. biterwyrde bitter in speech, . biterwyrtdrenc m. drink of bitter herbs, WW 114^18. btl betl 104

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary bitmlum piecemeal, bit by bit, Gr 239^10. bitol n. bridle. btol m. beetle (insect). [btan] [[from first edition]] bitor biter bitre bitterly, sharply, painfully, severely: very. bitres, bittres gsmn. of biter. bitst pres. 2 sg. of biddan. btst pres. 2 sg. of bdan and btan. bitt I. pres. 3 sg. of (1) biddan; (2) beodan. II. bytt btt pres. 3 sg. of btan. +bitt n. biting, gnashing, . bitter biter bittor biter bittre bitre bitula bitela bi pres. 3 sg. of bon. biwune v. bewwan. bwist fm. sustenance, food, provision, necessaries, Bo, . ['bewiste'] bword (u) n. proverb, household word: adverb, A 8313^7. bwyrde n. 'byword,' proverb, WW. bixen byxen bizant m. bezant (a gold coin). [L. byzanteum] blc I. () bright, shining, glittering, flashing, Rd : pale, pallid, wan, AO, CP. [blcan; 'bleak,' to 'bleach'] II. pret. 3 sg. of blcan. blac blc blcern n. lamp, candle, light, CP (). blchlor with pale cheeks. blcian to turn pale, . blcung f. a turning pale, pallor, . bladesian to flame, blaze, be hot: emit an odour, OEG 554. bladesnung (at) f. odour, WW 405^1. bladesung (at, t) f. shining, lightning, EPs 76^19. blc (a) I. 'black' dark, B, BH, . II. n. ink, LL, WW. ['bleck'] blc blc blcan to bleach, whiten. [blc] blcce f. black matter, OEG 652. blce n.? irritation of the skin, leprosy, Lcd. blcernleoht () n. lanternlight. blcfexede blackhaired, H 1456^16. [feax] blcgymm m. jet, BH 26^16. blchorn (e) n. inkhorn, IM 128^18. blco f. pallor, Lcd. blcpytt m. bleachingpit? EC 383. blcrustfel n. leprosy, Cp 103#b. bld n. (nap. bladu) 'blade,' WW: leaf, Gen. bld () I. m. blowing, blast: inspiration, : breath, spirit, : life, mind: glory, dignity, splendour : prosperity, riches, success. II. bld I. bldgende renowned, B 1013. bldbylig m. bellows, WW 241^33. blddg m. day of prosperity. bldderwrc m. pain in the bladder, Lcd. 105

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary blddre bldre bldfst glorious, prosperous. +bldfstnes f. provision, sustenance, L 23b^492. bldgifa m. giver of prosperity. bldhorn m. trumpet, . bldnes f. blossom, fruit, A 8311. [bld] bldre () f. blister, pimple, AO: 'bladder,' Lcd. [blwan] bldwela m. abundant riches, Cr 1392. blge f. gudgeon, bleak, WW. ['blay'] blgettan (a) to cry, GD 278^12. blhwen light blue. bls blst blsbelg (OET 28) blstbelg blse (a) f. firebrand, torch, lamp, , Jn. ['blaze '] blsere m. incendiary, LL. blshorn m. blowinghorn, trumpet, LL 194 (8). blst m. blowing, 'blast' (of wind), breeze, Ex: flame. blstan to blow, Andr 123^30: rush? (v. BT). blstbelg m. bellows, Gl. blstm m? flame, blaze, MFH 90^7. bltan to 'bleat,' Gr, Rd. bltesung bladesung blts blts blwen blhwen blwest, blwst pres. 2 sg., blw(e) pres. 3 sg. of blwan. blagettan blgettan blan pret. 3 sg. of blinnan. blanca m. (white?) horse, B. ['blonk'] bland n. blending, mixture, confusion, turmoil. blandan^7 to blend, mix, mingle, Rd. ['bland'] blandenfeax grizzlyhaired, greyhaired, old. [blandan] blann pret. 3 sg. of blinnan. blase blse blasere blsere blstbelg blstbelg blaster plaster blt livid, pale, wan, ghastly: low, hoarse (sound)? An 1279. [cp. blat] bltan to be livid, pale. [[from first edition]] blte lividly, pallidly, Met. blatesnung bladesnung bltian to be livid, pale, Gen 981 (GK). blwan^7 () (tr. or intr.) to 'blow,' breathe, Mt, Lk, Jn: be blown, sound: inflate: (+) kindle, inflame, WW 208^14: (+) spit, MkLR 7^33. blwend m. inspirer, H 2478^8. blwere m. 'blower,' CP. blwung f. 'blowing,' blast, : inflation. bleac blc blat miserable? Gu 963. ['blete']. adv. blate, B 2824. bla gentle, shy, cowardly, timid, Rd: slothful, inactive, effeminate, AO. ['blethe'; Ger. blde] blec blc blce blce 106

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary blca 'vitiligo,' WW 53^28. bled bld bld blt bld I. () f. shoot, branch, flower, blossom, leaf, foliage, fruit, Mt, Lcd; CP: harvest, crops. ['blede'; blwan] II. bld I. bldan to 'bleed,' let blood, Sol. bldhwt growing quickly or profusely? Rd 2^9. bldre bldre bledu f. dish, bowl, goblet, . blegen, blegne f. 'blain,' boil, blister, ulcer, Lcd. blencan to deceive, cheat, Mod. ['blench'] blnd (e) pret. 3 sg. of blandan. blendan,ian to blind, deprive of sight, Bo: deceive. ['blend'] blendnes f. blindness, DR 38^5. blent pres. 3 sg. of (1) blendan, (2) blandan. blo n. gs. blos, ds. blo, gp. blo(na), dip. blom, blo(w)um colour, Bo; CP: appearance, form, Sol. [' blee'] blobord n. coloured board, chessboard. blobrygd n? combination of colours, scintillation, Ph 292. [bregdan] blocrft m. art of embroidery, WW 354^9. +blod beautiful, Cr 909. bleodu bledu blofstnes f. 'delici,' RPs 138^11. blofg variegated, Gl. bloh blo blomete m. dainty food, GD 99^18. blona gp. of blo. blorad purple, WW. blostning f. tesselated pavement, WW 444^10. blot pret. 3 sg. of (1) bltan, (2) bltan. bleoum dip. of blo. blow pret. 3 sg. of (1) blwan, (2) blwan. blowum dp. of blo. blere, blerig bald, WW. blese blse blt pret. 3 sg. of (1) bltan, (2) bltan. bltan bltan bltsian to consecrate, ordain, Mt, JnL (oe): 'bless,' give thanks, adore, extol, Da, Ps, Lk: sign with the cross, : pronounce or make happy, . [bld] bltsingbc f. blessingbook, benedictional, EC 250. bltsingsealm m. the Benedicite, RB 36^18. bltst pres. 2 sg. of bltan. bltsung f. consecration, Chr: 'blessing,' benediction, Chr; : favour (of God), Bl, VPs. blw blow pret. 3 sg. of blwan. blw pres. 3 sg. of blwan. blcan^1 to glitter, shine, gleam, sparkle, dazzle, Sol : appear, Sol 144. ['blik'] bliccettan to glitter, quiver, Gl. bliccettung f. glittering, shining, VPs. blice m. exposure, LL 5[34]. blicgan blycgan blcian to shine, OEG 1499. 107

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary blc pres. 3 sg. of blcan. blds bliss blin imperat. of blinnan. blind 'blind,' Mk; CP, : dark, obscure, opaque, DD; : internal, not showing outwardly: unintelligent : not stinging, WW 322^29. adv.lce blindly, rashly, AO. blindboren born blind, JnL 9^32. +blinfellian to blind, blindfold, HL ^276. blindian v. ofb. blindnes f. blindness, . blinn n? cessation. blinnan^3 to cease, leave off, rest from, Mt; CP: lose, forfeit: be vacant (bishopric). ['blin'; be, linnan] blinnes f. cessation, intermission, LL. blis (CP) bliss blisa blysa bliscan blyscan blisgere m. incendiary. [blysige] bliss m. 'bliss,' merriment, happiness, Bl; CP: kindness, friendship, grace, favour, Met: cause of happiness, Ps. [ble] blissian (intr.) to be glad, rejoice, exult, CP, Lk; : (tr.) make happy, gladden, endow, _Hy: applaud, ANS 109306. ['bliss'] blissig joyful, RPs 112^9. blissigendlic exulting, H 1354^11. blissung f. exultation, EPs 64^13. bl ble ble I. 'blithe,' joyous, cheerful, pleasant, , AO, CP: gracious, welldisposed, friendly, kind , El : agreeable, willing: quiet, peaceful, gentle, Ps: (+b. occurs at Guth 161^9). II. adv. Ps. blelic gentle, pleasant, glad. adv.lce (Lk). [' blithely'] blemd glad, cheerful: wellwishing, friendly. blheort happy, joyful: gracious. +blian to make glad, RPs 91^4. blnes f. joy, gladness, pleasure, Lcd; AO. [' blitheness'] bls bliss blwum blo(w)um, dp. of blo. blod bold bld n. 'blood,' , G, Lcd; AO, CP: vein. blddolg,dolh n. bleeding wound, Lcd. blddryne m. bloodshed, AO 162^3. bldegesa m. bloody horror, Ex 477. +bldegian bldgian blden bloody, WW 217^35? bldfg bloodstained, bloody. bldgemang n. a bloodmixture, WW 220^7. bldgemenged bloodstained, W 182^11. bldgot bldgte [[headword spelled bldgyte"]] bldgotend m. shedder of blood, LPs 50^16. bldgotende bloody, LPs 5^8. bldgian to be bloodthirsty, WW 215^43: make bloody. bldgyte m. bloodshed, AO. bldhrcung f. spitting of blood, WW 113^6. bldhrow sanguinary, cruel, Ps. bldig 'bloody,' WW; AO. 108

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary bldigt bloodytoothed, B 2083. bldls,lswu f. bloodletting, bleeding. bldlstd f. time for bloodletting, Lcd 55a. bldltere m. bloodletter, WW. bldlas bloodless, Gr 56^14. bldorc,mna bltorc, etc. bldrad bloodred. bldrow bldhrow bldryne m. issue of blood, bloody flux: bursting of a bloodvessel, AO 288^27. bldsx (e) n. lancet, Gl. blodscawung f. supply of blood? (BT) Lcd 83a. bldseten something to stop bleeding, Lcd. bldsihte f. flowing of blood, Lcd 64a. bldigen f. tasting of blood, LL. bldwte n. bloodoffering, LPs 15^4. bldyrnende having an issue of blood, BH 78^16#b. blma m. lump of metal, mass, Gl. blon pret. 3 sg. of blinnan. blonca blanca blond bland blonn pret. 3 sg. of blinnan. blsa, blsma blstma [[under blstm"]] blstbre blstmbre blstm (), blstma mf. 'blossom,' flower, fruit, Bl, Lcd. blstmbre (),brende flowerbearing. blstmfrols m. floral festival, OEG 4720. blstmian to 'blossom,' bloom, BH. blt n. sacrifice, AO. [bld] blt bld bltan^7 (and ? wv) to sacrifice, kill for sacrifice, AO, CP. bltere m. sacrificer, GPH 398^99. bltmna m. month of sacrifice (8 Oct.8 Nov.), November. bltorc m. sacrificial vessel, GPH 397. bltspung f. spitting of blood, WW 113^7. bltung f. sacrifice, AO 102^16. blwan I. sv^7 to 'blow,' flower, flourish, blossom, Lcd. II. blwan blwendlic blooming, WW 240^28. blunnen pp., blunnon pret. pl. of blinnan. blycgan v. b. blys, blyss bliss blysa m. firebrand, torch, . blyscan 'rutilare,' HGl 434^75 (v. OEG 1196 and ' blush'). blyse f. blysa blysere blsere blysian to burn, blaze, PPs 17^8. blysige blyse blyssian () blissian ble ble blelce blelce b b, nafn. of bgen. bc I. fn. ds. and nap. bc 'beech'tree, WW; Mdf: beechnut, NC 274: 'book,' writing, Bible, Bl, Jn, CP ; 109

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary AO, . Crstes b. gospel: deed, charter, conveyance, LL. II. pret. 3 sg. of bacan. bcceras mpl. freehold lands. bcblc (e) n. ink, W 225^1. bcce bce bccest,cist(e) f. bookchest. bccrft m. learning, Bo. ['bookcraft'] bccrftig booklearned. bcere m. scholar, scribe, writer, . bcfell n. parchment, vellum, LL. ['bookfell'] bcfdder n. bookcase, WW 194^13. bcgesamnung f. library, WW 203^16. bcgestron n. library, BH. bchord n. library, WW. ['bookhoard'] bchs n. library, WW 185^35. bcian to grant by charter: supply with books. bclden n. literary Latin, learned language. bcland n. land held by written title, LL; , AO. v. LL 2323. ['bookland'] bclr f. booklore, learning. bcleden bclden bclic of or belonging to a book, : biblical, scriptural. b. stf 'ars liberalis,' HGl 503. bcon pret. pl. of bacan. bcrdere m. reader of books, WW 439^25. bcrding f. reading of books, WW. bcrad red colour used in illuminating manuscripts, vermilion, WW. bcrde f. reading of books, A 10143^101. bcriht n. right given by will or charter, LL 444 (1). bcscyld m. beechwood shield, TC 561^5. bcstf m. nap.stafas letter, character, El. [' bocstaff'; Ger. buchstabe] bcstigel f. beechwood stile, KC 570^25. bctcung,talu f. teaching or narrative, written in books, LL. bctrow n. beechtree, . bcweorc n. study of books, LL (314^18). bcwudu m. beechwood, Rd 41^106. bod (+ exc. N) n. command, message, precept, Bo, Hy; : preaching. ['bode,' 'ibod'; Ger. gebot] boda m. messenger, herald, apostle, angel, , CP: prophet. ['bode'; Ger. bote] bodan botm bode pret. of bgan. bodeg bodig boden pp. of bodan. bodere m. teacher, NG. bodian to tell, proclaim, announce, _Hy; AO, CP: preach, Mt; , CP: foretell, El: boast. ['bode '] bodiend m. proclaimer, teacher, preacher. bodig n. 'body,' trunk, frame, bodily presence, , BH, etc., CP: main part, Lcd. bodigendlic to be celebrated, L 7232. bodlc n. decree, ordinance, Chr 1129. bodscipe m. command: message. bodung f. message, recital, preaching, : interpretation : assertiveness, RB 136^22. bodungdg m. Annunciation Day, H 1200^26. bg m. arm, shoulder, ; CP: 'bough,' twig, branch, Mt; CP: offspring. [bgan] boga m. 'bow,' (weapon), Gn; : arch, arched place, vault, B: rainbow, : folded parchment. [cp. Ger. bogen] 110

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary bga bg bgan to boast, RB. boganet bogenett bogefdder m. quiver, WW 143^19. bogen I. name of a plant, Lcd. II. pp. of bgan. bogenett n. wicker basket with a narrow neck for catching fish, WW. bogetung f. curve, WW 355^15. bgh bg bgian I. (intr.) to dwell, : (tr.) to inhabit. II. bgan bogiht full of bends, MtL 7^14. bgincel n. small bough, OEG. bgung (bung) f. boastfulness, arrogance, display, . bh bg bhscyld m. shoulder shield, EC 226. bohte pret. 3 sg. of bycgan. bhtimber n. building timber, AS 1^3. [bgian, ES 42172] blan bgan bol? m. bole, trunk, Lcd 143a. bolca m. gangway of a ship. bold ( botl) n. house, dwellingplace, mansion, hall, castle, B: temple. ['bold'] boldgend m. homesteadowner. boldgestron (botl) household goods. boldgetl collection of houses: (political) district, county, province, GD. boldgetimbru npl. houses. boldweard (botl) m. housekeeper, steward, . boldwela m. wealth: splendid dwelling, paradise, heaven : village, Gen 1799. (botl) bolgen pp. of belgan. bolgenmd enraged. bolla m., bolle f. 'bowl,' cup, pot, beaker, measure, L, Jn, Lcd. bolster mn. 'bolster,' headpillow, cushion, B; CP. +bolstrian to support with pillows, prop up, A 8308. bolt m. 'bolt': crossbow for throwing bolts or arrows, WW. bolttimber n. building timber, AS 1^3. [botl; v. ES 42^172] bn I. f. ornament, Chr 1063#d. II. bgan bon ban bond band bnda m. householder, LL: freeman, plebeian; husband. ['bond'] bndeland n. land held by a bnda, Chr 777#e. [ON. bndi] bne bn +bnian to polish, burnish, TC. [Ger. bohnen] bonn bann bor borer, gimlet, Gl: lancet, scalpel, graving tool, Gl. [borian] bora m. ruler, Sat 500. [? rdbora] borcen pret. 3 sg. of beorcan. borcian to bark. bord n. 'board,' plank, , Gen: table, Ps: side of a ship, Gen: ship, El, Gn: shield, El. borda m. embroidery, ornament, Gl. bordcl m. tablecloth, OEG 56^22. bordgelc n. weapon, dart, Cr 769. bordhbbende shieldbearing, B 2895. bordhaga m. cover of shields, El 652. 111

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary bordhroa () m. shieldornament: phalanx. bordrand m. shield, B 2559. bordrima m. rim, edge. bordriig a stream running in a channel made of planks? (BT), EC 450^11. bordst n. seashore, An 442. bordaca m. shieldcovering, testudo, Gl: board for roofing, WW. bordweall m. wall of shields, phalanx: buckler, shield : side of ship, Rd 34^6. bordwudu m. shield, B 1243. boren pp. of beran. borettan to brandish, Gl. borg m. pledge, security, bail, debt, obligation, LL (v. 2331; 641); CP: bondsman: debtor. ['borrow' sb.] borgbryce m. breach of surety, LL. borgen pp. of beorgan. borggelda m. borrower: lender. borgian to 'borrow,' Mt, Ps: lend: be surety for, OEG 3812. borgiend m. lender, usurer. borgsorg (burg) f. trouble on account of lending or security, Rim 63. borgwedd n. pledge, WW 279^16. borh borg borhfst fast bound, HL 18^254. borhfstan to bind by pledge or surety. borhhand fm. security, surety (person), . borhlas without a pledge, without security, LL 230[5]. borian to bore, perforate. borlce very, extremely, fitly, excellently, A 8302, 307, 329. born barn, pret. 3 sg. of biernan. +borsnung +brosnung borsten pp. of berstan. boror beoror bsig m? n? stall, crib, LkLR. ['boosy'] bsm (CP), bsum m. 'bosom,' breast, womb, : surface, An: ship's hold, Gen. bsmig sinuous, OEG 8^2. bt f. help, relief, advantage, remedy, An, Da, Lcd; AO: compensation for an injury or wrong, LL (v. 2336): (peace) offering, recompense, amends, atonement, reformation, penance, repentance, Bl; CP. t bte to 'boot,' besides, moreover. [Ger. busse] btan btan btettan to improve, repair. botian to get better. botl (CP, ) bold btlas unpardonable, not to be atoned for by bt. botm m. 'bottom,' ground, foundation, B, WW: abyss, Gen. btwyre pardonable, that can be atoned for by bt. [cp. btlas] b bge pres. 3 sg. of bgan. boen mn? rosemary: darnel, : thyme, GPH 390. bung bgung box mn. boxtree, WW: 'box,' case, Mt. [L. buxus] boxtrow n. boxtree, Gr 20^19. braccas mp. breeches, Lcd 3198^28. [L.] bracce (Mdf) brc I. brachwl f. moment, A 8318. bracian v. b. 112

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary brd I. comp. brdra, brdra 'broad,' flat, open, extended, spacious, wide, Gen, Chr; , AO, CP: ample, copious, B ; El. II. n. breadth, Rim 13? brdx f. broad axe, Gl. brdbrim n. wide sea. brde far and wide, broadly, widely. brdelac n. leek, Gl. brdhand f. palm of the hand, WW 264^34. brdian to extend, reach, AO 234^10. brdlstx f. broad axe, Gl. brdlinga flatly, with the hand open. brdnes sf. breadth, greatness, extent, surface, : liberality. brdpanne brdepanne brc I. a strip of unfilled land? (BT), KC. II. pret. 3 sg. of brecan. brc I. () n. catarrh, cough. II. f. breaking, destruction, L 5^292. III. brc nap. of brc I. brcce breeches, OET. [L.] brccou f. falling sickness, epilepsy, WW 112^27. +brceo brc I. brcdrenc () cough medicine, WW 351^88. brclian to cackle, make a noise, GD 236^12. brcon pret. pl. of brecan. brcsoc epileptic, lunatic. brd I. f. breadth, width, AO. [brd] II. f. flesh, Ph 240. [OHG. brt] III. m. trick, fraud, deceit, craft. [ *brgd; 'braid'] IV. pret. 3 sg. of brdan, bregdan. V. pres. 3 sg. and pp. of brdan. brd brgd(bregd) brdan (e) I. to make broad, extend, spread, stretch out, BH; AO: be extended, rise, grow. ['brede'; brd] II. to roast, toast, bake, broil, cook, WW. ['brede'; Ger. braten] brde m. roast meat, WW. ['brede'; Ger. braten] brdels v. oferb. brdepanne f. fryingpan (v. WW 363#n#3). brding I. f. extension, Bo 46^6: bedding, bed, DR. II. f. roast meat, OEG 3760. brdingpanne brdepanne brdsen n. 'scalpellum,' Gl, WW. brdra v. brd. brdu, brdo f. breadth, width, extent, Ps. [' brede'] +brgd brd III. brgdan bregdan brgdboga m. deceitful bow, Cr 765. brgden (e) I. () deceitful, crafty, AO. adv.lce. [bregdan] II. fraud. brgdnes (d) f. fraud, cunning. brgdws crafty, Gu 58. [bregd] brgen (a, c) n. 'brain,' Lcd, Ps; , CP. brgenpanne f. brainpan, skull, OEG 2815. brgensoc brainsick, mad, OEG. brgn brgen brgnloca (brgn) m. brainhouse, head, Rd 72^21. brgpanne brgenpanne brhtm (A) breahtm brmbel, brmel brmel brme (NG) brme brr () brr brs n. 'brass,' bronze, . 113

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary brsen 'brazen,' of brass, LPs; . brsian to do work in brass, make of brass, Gr 215^17. brsne bresne br m. odour, scent, stink, exhalation, vapour, AO. ['breath'] brw (a) m. eyebrow, eyelid, BH, Lcd, Ps, WW; CP. ['bree'] bragen brgen brahtan brohton pret. pl. of bringan. brand () m. fire, flame, B; : 'brand,' torch, JnL, Da; : sword, B. brandht burning hot, ardent. brandhord (o^1) n? treasure exciting ardent desires (BT); care, anxiety (GK), Rim 46. brandren,sen n. firedog, trivet, grate, WW. [' brandise'] brandm (o^1) m. 'rubigo,' WW 44^14. brandrd (o^2, e^2) f. firedog, trivet, Gl. brandrida m. firegrate, WW 266^26. brandstfn (o^1) highprowed? An 504. [ brant?] brang pret. 3 sg. of bringan. brant (o) deep, steep, high, An, El. ['brant'] branwyrt f. whortleberry plant, WW 133^23. brasian brsian +brastl (sl) n. crackling (of flames), DD, W. brastlian (sl) to roar, rustle, crackle, . [' brastle'; Ger. prasseln] brastlung f. crackling, rustling, crashing, . bratt m. cloak, MtL 5^40. ['bratt'] brac pret. 3 sg. of brcan. brad n. bit, crumb, morsel: 'bread,' JnL. +breadian +bredian brag brw breahtm I. (bearhtm; , e, eo, y) m. cry, noise, revelry. II. bearhtm breahtmian (earht) to creak, resound. breahtmung f. 'convolatus,' WW 376^3. breahtumhwt bearhtmhwt breard brerd brat brot bra brittle, Lcd 1260^7. braw brw brawern n. brewhouse, WW 145^29. brc fp. breeches, Lcd, RB. ['breech'; v. ES 38345] +brec n. noise, sound, CP. brc brc I. brecan I. sv^4 to 'break,' shatter, burst, tear, B, Bl, Ps: curtail, injure, violate, destroy, oppress, B, Da, KC ; AO, CP: break into, rush into, storm, capture (city), Ma; CP: press, force: break or crash through, burst forth, spring out, An, Ph: subdue, tame, CP. II. to roar? Cr 951. [ON. braka] brchrgl n. breeches, PPs 108^28. brecmlum brytmlum brecnes f. breach, EPs. brec v. , eodorb. breca m. broken condition. mdes b. sorrow of heart, B 171. brecung f. 'breaking,' LkR. bred n. surface: board, plank, CP: tablet, . ['bred'] brd (1) brd, (2) brd, (3) brd III. brdan I. to produce, or cherish, a brood, . [' breed'] II. () bregdan. III. () brdan I. and II. 114

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary breden (i, y) of boards, wooden, . brdende deceitful, cunning, AO. [bregdan] brdettan brogdettan +bredian (ea) to regenerate, restore. brdi(ng)panne brdepanne brdsern brdsen bredweall m. wall of boards, palisade, ES 20148. bredwian (eo) to strike down, trample. +brfan to write down, A 8308^11. [cp. Ger. brief] brg (VPs) brw brega () brego brgan to alarm, frighten, terrify, Lk; , CP. [' bree'; brga] bregd brd III. +bregd I. n. movement, change, Ph 57. II. brd III. bregdan^3 (brd) to move quickly, pull, shake, swing, throw (wrestling), draw (sword), drag, B, Ma: bend, weave, 'braid,' knit, join together, Gr: change colour, vary, be transformed, Ex, Sol, Gu: bind, knot : (intr.) move, be pulled: flash, . up b. bring up (a charge): (+) scheme, feign, pretend: (+) draw breath, breathe. bregden brgden +bregdnes f. trouble, affliction, MF 162. +bregdstafas mp. learned arts, Sol 2. bregen brgen brgendlic terrible, RPs 46^3. brgh brw brgnes f. fear, terror. brego (eo) m. ruler, chief, king, Lord. b. engla, mancynnes God. bregorce n. kingdom, Gen 1633. bregorf majestic, mighty, B 1925. bregostl m. ruler's seat, throne: rule, dominion. bregoweard m. ruler, prince, lord. bregu brego breht breaht, beorht, bierht brehtniende bearhtmiende [[redirected to breahtmian"]] brman I. () to honour, extol. [brme] II. (oe) to rage, NG. brembel (), brember brmel brme (oe, ) I. adj. famous, glorious, noble, PPs; AO. ['breme'] II. adv. brmel () m. brier, 'bramble,' blackberry bush, , Lcd ; Mdf. [brm] brmelppel m. blackberry, Lcd. brmelberie f. blackberry, Lcd. brmelbrr m. bramblebrier. brmellaf n. brambleleaf, Lcd. brmelrind f. bramblebark, Lcd. brmelyrne f. bramblebush, . brmen brme I. brmendlic noted, OEG. brmer brmel brmlas nap. of brmel. bremman to rage, roar. [Ger. brummen] bremung f. roaring, WW 242^39. brenc pres. 3 sg. of brengan. brene bryne 115

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary brne pres. 3 sg. of *brnan to make or dye brown? (GK; BT reads brene berne pres. 3 sg. of bernan) Run 15. brengan (AO, CP) bringan brengnes f. oblation: (+) food, support, MkL 12^44. [*bringnes] brenting m. ship, B 2807. [brant] breo bre bro br brod (NG) brad breodian to cry out, Mod 28. breoht bearht, beorht brosa (o) m. gadfly, WW. ['breeze'] brost nmf. (usu. in pl.) 'breast,' bosom, B, Lk, Lcd; AO, CP: stomach, womb: mind, thought, disposition, Gen ; CP: 'ubertas,' CPs 35^9. brostbn n. 'breastbone,' WW 158. brostbeorg brostgebeorh brostbyden (e^2) f. breast, Gl. brostcearu f. heartcare, anxiety. brostcofa m. heart, affections. brostgebeorh m. bulwark, WW 466^14. brostgehygd ,hd fn. thought. brostgeanc m. mind, thought. brostgewdu np. corslet. brostgyrd f. sceptre? OEG 3303; 2^188. brosthord n. thought, mind. brostln n. stomacher, WW 407^8. brostloca m. mind, soul. brostnet n. coat of mail. brostnyrwet n. tightness of chest, Lcd 189b. brostrocc m. chestclothing, WW 151^39. brostsefa m. mind, heart. brosttoga m. chieftain, Sol 184. brosting n. region of the heart, Lcd 3146^18. brostwrc m. pain in the chest, Lcd. brostweall m. breastwork, rampart, WW 490^13. brostweorung f. breastornament. brostwylm (e^2) m. breastfountain, teat: emotion, sorrow. Breot Bryt brotan^2 to break in pieces, hew down, demolish, destroy, kill. Breotas Brittas [[redirected to Brytas (Bryt)]] Breoten, Breoton Briten [[redirected to Bryten"]] broton (1) bryten; (2) pret. pl. of bratan. [[redirected to brotan"]] broan^2 to decay, waste away, Lcd 63a. browan^2 to 'brew,' AO. browlc n. brewing, L 17^103. brr () f. 'brier,' bramble, Lcd, WW. brerd (ea, eo) m. brim, margin, border, surface, Jn, WW : shore, bank, . ['brerd'] brerdful brimfull, L 6^282. ['brerdful'] brrhlw m. brierhillock, EC 450^9. brryrne f. brierbush, KC 6221^13. brsan brsan 116

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary bresen brsen bresne () mighty, strong. brt pres. 3 sg. of brdan, bregdan. bret brit, bryt br br brer ds. of bror. brw (KGl) brw bric bryc brc brc brice pres. 3 sg. of brecan. bricst pres. 2 sg. of brecan. brid bridd brd brd bridd m. young 'bird,' chicken, Lk; , CP, Mdf. brdel, brdels () m. 'bridle,' rein, curb, restraint, Run; , CP. brdelshring m. bridlering, El 1194. brdelwangas mp. reins. briden breden brdgift brdgift brdgifu brdgifu brdlian to 'bridle,' curb, Bo; CP. briengan bringan brig brycg brg brw brigd n. change or play of colours, Pa 26. [bregdan] brigdils (Gl) brdels [[under brdel"]] brihtan bierhtan brihtlce beorhtlce brim nm. surf, flood, wave, sea, ocean, water, B: seaedge, shore. ['brim'] brimceald oceancold. brimclif n. cliff by the sea, B 222. brimfaro n. seashore (BT) Da 322 (or ? 2 words). brimfld m. flood, sea. brimfugol m. seabird, gull, Wa 47. brimgiest m. sailor, Rd 4^25. brimhengest m. (seahorse), ship. brimhlst f. seaproduce, (fish). brimld f. floodway, seaway. brimlend m. sailor: pirate. brimmann m. sailor: pirate. brimrd f. (searoad), sea. brimsa? gadfly? (v. NC 354). brimst n. seashore, An 496. brimstram m. current, sea: rapid, river. brimyssa m. ship. brimwsa m. seaking, captain, B 2930. brimwudu m. (seawood), ship. brimwylf f. (she)wolf of the sea or lake, B 1507. brimwylm m. ocean surge, seawave, B 1494. bring m. offering, CPs 50^20. bringan^3 (e, y) (and wv) to 'bring,' lead, bring forth, carry, adduce, produce, present, offer, B, Bo, JnL; 117

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary AO, CP. bringelle v. onb. brosa brosa brst, brtst, pres. 2 sg., brt pres. 3 sg. of bregdan. Brit Bryt brit bryt brw m. pottage, porridge, Gr, Lcd. ['bree'; Ger. brei] brwan to prepare food, cook. brwicce as thick as pottage, Lcd 190a. broc I. n. affliction, misery, care, toil, adversity, Bl, Bo; , AO, CP: disease, sickness, : fragment. [' broke'; brecan] II. n. use, benefit. III. a kind of locust ? WW. ['brock'] IV. brocc brc I. f. (? only in pl. brc, q.v.). II. m. 'brook,' torrent, Bo, WW; Mdf. brocc m. badger, Lcd. ['brock'] broccen of badger's skin, WW 152^1. brocchol n. badger's hole, EC 239^12. broccian to tremble, GD 156. brce brce brocen pp. of (1) brecan, (2) brcan. brocian to crush, hurt, afflict, molest, , AO, CP: blame. [broc] broclic full of hardship, W 248^1. brcminte f. brookmint, horsemint. brcsoc brcsoc brocung f. affliction, sickness, H 1472^7. brod shoot, sprout, LHy 6^3. brd f. 'brood,' : foetus: breeding, hatching. broddetan brogdettan broddian brdian brden pp. of brdan. brdenml n. damascened sword. brder bror brdet brogdet brdian to glitter, shine, OEG. brdig adj. broody, A 8309. brga m. terror, dread, danger, CP: prodigy. brogden pp. of bregdan. ['browden'] brogdenml brdenml brogdettan to shake, brandish: tremble, quake. brogdettung f. trembling, shaking: figment, pretence. brogn bough, bush, branch, NG (v. ES 38340 and JAW). broht 'viscellum,' WW 54^1. brht pp., brhton pret. pl. of bringan. brhra m. dire calamity, Gen 1813. [brga] brm m. 'broom,' brushwood, Lcd; Mdf. brmfsten n. enclosure of broom, WW 414^7. brmig broomy, Bl 207^27? bron bran brond brand, brant brord m. prick, point: blade (e.g., of grass or corn). brosnian to crumble, decay, fall to pieces, rot, wither, be corrupted, AO, CP. brosniendlic (), +brosnodlic (Bl, W) corruptible, perishable, transitory. brosnung f. decay, corruption, ruin, . 118

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary +brot n. fragment, G. [breotan] [[headword spelled brotan"]] Broten Bryten broten pp. of brotan. brotettan to burst forth, shoot, sprout? (Napier) brogdettan? (BT), v. OEG 1218n. bro n. 'broth,' Lcd. [browan] brar, brer bror brohund (WW 329^38; 548^19) rohund? bror m. ds. brer ' brother ,' Chr, Mt, Lk . nap. () bror, brru, Gen, Jn : fellowman , Ps : coreligionist, Mt: monk. brorbana m. fratricide (person), Gen 1526. brorcwealm m. fratricide (act), Gen 1030. brordohter f. niece, WW 173^30. brorgyld n. vengeance for brothers? Ex 199. brorlas brotherless, Rd 85^16. brorlic 'brotherly,' Gr. brorlcnes f. brotherliness, BH. brorlufu (er) love, DR. brorrden f. fellowship, brotherhood, : membership of a brotherhood. brorscipe m. brotherliness, love, MtL: (+) brotherhood, fraternity, AO. ['brothership'] brorsibb f. kinship of brothers: brotherly love. brorslaga m. brotherslayer. brorslege m. fratricide (act), CP. brorsunu m. brother's son, nephew. brorsybb brorsibb broornen,nenu f. midwife, . [beoror] brorwf n. brother's wife, sisterinlaw. brorwyrt (e^2) f. 'pulegium,' pennyroyal, WW 300^24. +brru,ra mp. brothers, brethren, Mt. [' ibrotheren'] brur bror +browen pp. of browan. br f. nap. br(w)a, gp. brna 'brow,' eyebrow, eyelid, eyelash, Rd, WW. brcan^2 to 'brook,' use, enjoy, possess, partake of, spend, B. brocen cyrtel a coat which has been worn, : eat, JnL; : execute an office: cohabit with. [Ger. brauchen] brcendlce serviceably, OEG 53^1. brcung f. function, occupation, BC 1154^13. brdon, brugdon pret. pl. of brdan, bregdan. brn 'brown,' dark, dusky, Bo, Ex: having metallic lustre, shining (v. NED). brna gp. of br. brnbasu,be(o)su brownishpurple, OEG. brnecg with gleaming blade. brnea m. itch, erysipelas, Lcd 18a. brnewyrt brnwyrt brnfg burnished? brownhued? B 2615. brungen pp., brungon pret. pl. of bringan. brnian to become brown, Lcd 106b. brunna burna [[under burn"]] brnwann dusky, An 1308. brnwyrt f. 'brownwort,' waterbetony, woodbetony, Lcd. bruon pret. pl. of broan. brwa nap. of br. bryce (i) I. m. 'breach' ('bruche'), fracture, breaking, (i), Gu, LL: fragment, OEG. [brecan] II. fragile, 119

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary brittle, worthless, fleeting. ['bryche'] III. m. use, enjoyment, service, exercise, advantage, gain, profit, fruit, (i), CP. [Ger. brauch] brce useful, profitable. [brcan] brycel v. hsb. bryce pres. 3 sg. of brecan. brycg f. 'bridge,' ; AO, Mdf. brycgbt (i) f. repairing of bridges, LL. brycggeweorc (i^1) n. work of building or repairing bridges. brycgian to 'bridge,' make a causeway, pave, An. brycgweard (i^1) m. keeper or defender of a bridge, Ma 85. brycgwyrcende 'pontifex'! DR 194^16. brcian,sian to use, enjoy, DR: profit, benefit. bryc pres. 3 sg. of brecan. brc pres. 3 sg. of brcan. brd I. (, ) f. 'bride,' betrothed or newlymarried woman, wife, consort, CP, . brdes wde wedding garment: () (young) woman. II. brygd bryd bred brd brd brdbedd n. bridal bed, . brdbletsung () f. marriage blessing, LL 72, 38, 1. brdboda m. paranymph, bridesman, OEG 18b71. brdbr n., brdcofa m. bridechamber, bedchamber. +bryddan to frighten, terrify, Sol 16. brde v. unb. brdeala, brdealo() n. brideale, marriagefeast, Chr. ['bridal'] brdelic brdlic brdgifta fpl. betrothal, espousals. brdgifu f. dowry: (pl.) espousals, . brdguma (, CP), brdiguma () m. 'bridegroom,' Jn: suitor. brdhlp n. ceremony on conducting a bride to her new home, bridal, wedding, Chr, MtL. ['bridelope'] +brdian to marry. brdlc n. bridal, wedded condition, ; (pl.) marriage ceremony, . ['bridelock'] brdlo n. epithalamium, OEG. brdlic bridal. b. gewrit Song of Solomon, WW 388^30. brdloca m. bridechamber, Bl. brdlp brdhlp brdlufe f. love of a bride, Jul 114. brdniht f. weddingnight, MH 14^28. brdrst f. bridal bed. brdraf n. wedding garment, MtL 22^11. brdsang m. epithalamium, WW. brding np. nuptials, Bl. ['brydthing'] brygc brycg brygd I. (bryd) m. drawing out, unsheathing, brandishing, LL. II. brd III. bryht beorht bryhtan bierhtan bryidan to seize property improperly held by another, LL. [ *brigdan? BT] brym, brymm brim brm brm bryne m. burning, conflagration, BH: fire, flame, heat, MtL; AO: inflammation, burn, scald, Lcd: torch: fervour, passion. ['brine,' 'brune'; beornan] 120

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary brne f. 'brine,' WW; . brynadl f. fever, WW 238^26. brynebrga m. fireterror, Az 161. brynegield (i^3) m. burntoffering. bryneht burning hot, Dom 51. bryneloma m. firegleam, flame, B 2313. brynenes f. hard, fiery trial, HGl 469. brynetar m. hot tear, Cr 152. brynewylm,welm m. wave of fire, flame, burning heat. bryngan bringan brynig fiery, burning. brynstn m. brimstone, NC 275. bryrd brerd bryrdan to urge on, incite, encourage, Met 13^3. [brord] bryrdnes f. incitement, instigation. brsan,ian to 'bruise,' crush, pound, BH, DD: season, Sc 20^20. +brsednes f. bruising, crushing, WW 211^23. brsewyrt f. daisy, soapwort, Lcd 1374. [' bruisewort'] brystmian brytsnian brt pres. 3 sg. of brotan. Bryt m. Briton: Breton. bryta brytta brytan bryttian brtan to crush, pound: (+) break up, destroy. brytednes v. forb. Bryten (e, eo, i, o) f. Britain. bryten (eo) spacious, roomy, Sat 687. brytencyning m. powerful king. brytengrnd m. broad earth, Cr 357. Brytenlond n. Britain: Wales. brytenrce (eo) n. I. spacious kingdom, Az 107. II. kingdom of Britain. Brytenwealda m. wielder of Britain, Bretwalda, chief king. brytenwongas mp. spacious plains, the world, Cr 380. brtest pres. 2 sg. of brotan. brytian bryttian Brytland,lond Brytenlond brytmlum piecemeal, OEG 1553n. brytnere m. steward, CP 459^11. brytnian (i) to divide, distribute, dispense, administer, B. ['britten'] brytnung f. distribution, WW 222^43. brtofta pl. espousals, WW 171^5. [brd, oft] Bryton Bryten, Briten [[both under Bryten"]] brytsen f. fragment, FM, G. brytsnian to parcel out, distribute, OEG 2195: (+) enjoy, possess, ES 8473^33. brtst pres. 2 sg. of brotan. Brytt Bryt brytta (e) m. dispenser, giver, author, governor, prince, lord. sinces b. treasuregiver, lord. [brotan] +bryttan +brtan bryttian (i) to divide, dispense, distribute, CP: rule over, possess, enjoy the use of. Bryttisc 'British,' Chr. Bryttwealas, Brytwalas mp. Britons of Wales. 121

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary Brytwylisc British, Welsh. bryen f. brewing, drink, Gu, Lcd. ['burthen'; bro] brwlc () browlc b I. n. nap. b dwelling. [Ger. bau] II. v. b, bgen. ban anv. (intr.) to stay, dwell, live, AO: (tr.) inhabit, occupy: cultivate. [Ger. bauen] bc, bucc m. belly, stomach, : pitcher, : beaver (of helmet)? ['bouk'; Ger. bauch] bucca m. 'buck,' hegoat, male deer, , Lcd; CP. budda m. beetle, WW 543^10. bde 3 sg., bdon pl. pret. of ban. budon pret. pl. of bodan. bend m. dweller, inhabitant. bufan (; AO, CP) I. prep. (w. d.) over, 'above': (w. a.) on, upon. II. adv. above, overhead, before. bufancweden,nemd,sprecen above mentioned, GD. bufon bufan bg b bgan I. (sv^2) to 'bow,' bow down, turn, bend, stoop, sink, , AO, Rood: submit, give way, , B, Chr: depart, flee, retire, , AO: join, go over to, : convert, . II. ban bh imperative of bgan. bian ban bul bula I. bula m. I. ornament. [L.] II. bull? EC 449^22. bulberende wearing an ornament, WW 195^37; OEG 8^318. bulentse f. a plant, Lcd 44b. bulgon pret. pl. of belgan. bulluc m. male calf, 'bullock,' Sc. bulot, bulut ragged robin, cuckooflower, Lcd. bn ban bund f? bundle, MtL 13^30. bnda bnda bunden pp., bundon pret. pl. of bindan. bundenheord with bounden tresses, B 3151. +bundennes f. obligation. bundenstefna adj. (ship) with an ornamented prow, B 1911. bune I. f. cup, beaker, drinking vessel. II. reed, cane ? WW 198^12. ['bun'] bnes f. dwelling, NC 292. br n. 'bower,' apartment, chamber, Gen, WW: storehouse, cottage, dwelling, KC; . [ban] br (usu. +; but br at LL 92, 6, 3) m. freeholder of the lowest class, peasant, farmer. ['gebur'] brbyrde (^2) of peasant birth, Ct. brcniht n. chamberlain, eunuch. brcot n. bedchamber, CP. burg (burh) f. (gds. and nap. byrig) any important dwelling within a walled enclosure, fort, castle, Chr, WW; CP: 'borough,' walled town, AO, Mt; . [v. Mdf] burgv. also burh. burggend m. cityowner, El 1175. burgat burggeat burgbryce m. breaking into a (fortified) dwelling, LL: penalty for that offence, LL. burgen byrgen brgerihta np. peasant's rights or dues, LL 446 (4). burgeteld n. pavilion, tent. burgfsten n. fortress, Gen 1680. burgfolc n. townspeople, B 2220. 122

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary burggeat n. castlegate. burghege m. fence of a 'burg,' Ct. burghli n. nap.hleou fortressheight (or ? beorghl). burglagu f. civil law, GPH 388. burglod,loda m. citizen, AO. burgloca m. fortified inclosure, walled town. burglond n. native city, Cr 51. burgon pret. pl. of beorgan. burgrced n. fortress, Ruin 22. burgrn f. sorceress; pl. fates, furies, Gl. burgsl n. nap.salu cityhall, house. burgsta (^2) m. denizen of a town, citizen, WW. burgscipe m. borough, WW 497^18. burgsele m. castlehall, house, Rim 30. burgsittende mpl. citydwellers. burgsorg borgsorg burgsteall m. citadel? city? WW 205^36. burgstede m. city, castle. burgtn m. city, Wif 31. ['boroughtown'] burgelu f. castle floor, Fin 30 (burh). [v. ' theal'] burgwaran,waru fp.,ware (AO, CP),waras, mp. inhabitants of a 'burg,' burghers, citizens. burgweall m. citywall, . burgweg m. road, street. burgwgend m. warrior, El 34. burh burg burhbiscop m. bishop of a city. burhbt f. liability for repair of the walls of a town or fortress, LL. burhealdor m. burgomaster, mayor, . burhgeard m. castle yard, EC 328. burhgeatsetl n. jurisdiction over those belonging to the 'burg'? seat in a court at the city gate? (BT; or ? two words, v. LL 456, 2). burhgemet n. measure used in a town, LL 477 (6). burhgemt n. town's meeting, LL. burhgerfa m. chief magistrate of a town, provost, mayor, WW. ['boroughreeve'] burhgeing f. town council, LL 228, 1, 2. burhmann m. citizen, WW. ['boroughman'] burhrdden f. citizenship, WW 441^10. burhrest f. chambercouch, IM 125^86. [? *brrest, ES 38347] burhriht n. town right, law in a town, LL 477 (6). burhrn,rne f. fury, sorceress, WW 245^16. burhscipe m. township, civil district. burhscr f. city limits, city, township, . burhsprc f. courtly speech, Gl. burhstaol m. foundation of the wall of a 'burg,' Lcd 1328^23. burhegn m. living in a 'burg'; or ? bregn burhwarumann m. burgess, BH 40^31. burhwealda m. burgess, BH 40^31#b. burhweard m. city defender. burhwela m. treasure of a city, B 3100. burhwelle f. spring that supplies a town? BT. burhwerod n. townsfolk. 123

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary burhwita m. town councillor. brland n. land occupied by peasants, EC 384. burn f., burna (CP) m., burne f. brook, small stream, Jn ; Mdf: spring or well water, CP, WW. ['burn'; Ger. brunnen] burnon pret. pl. of biernan. burnsele m. bathhouse, Ruin 22. burnstw f? bathingplace, KC. brraf n. tapestry, TC 530^36. brscipe burhscipe burston pret. pl. of berstan. bregn,n m. page, chamberlain. burre byrere buruh burg bst pres. 2 sg. of ban. bt m. a vessel, LL 455 (? bc; BT). bta (1) btan, (2) bt btan I. prep. w. d. and (rarely) a. out of, outside of, off, round about: except, without, all but, but only; besides, in addition to: in spite of. II. conj. (w. ind.) except, except that, but, only. b. t except: (w. subj.) unless, save that: (w. subst.) except, but, besides, if only, provided that. III. adv. without, outside, Chr. ['bout,' 'but'] bte (1) btan, (2) bt butere f. 'butter,' Lcd; . [L.] buterfloge,flge f. 'butterfly,' WW. butergeweor n. buttercurd, butter. +buterian to butter, Lcd 121a. buteric,uc butruc buterstoppa m. buttervessel, WW 280^25. bton btan butre butere butruc m. (leather) bottle, . butsecarl m. boatman, mariner, Chr. ['buscarl'] buttorfloge buterfloge buttuc m. end, small piece of land. bt (btwu, bta, bte) both (neuter). v. also bgen. butueoh (Chr) v. betwux. btun btan buturuc butruc btw bt bwan ban b b ban (N) ban byccen (i) of a goat, goat's, NC 275. bcera m. bocere bycgan (i) to 'buy,' pay for, acquire, Mt, Jn: redeem, ransom: procure, get done: sell, LL. [ Goth. bugjan] bycgend v. beccen. bcn bacn, becn byd bed, bid bd bd [[Printed on one line: byd, bd bed, bid, bd]] bydel m. 'beadle,' apparitor, warrant officer, Lk; : herald, forerunner, : preacher, . [bodan] 124

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary bydelcer m. land of a 'bydel,' KC 6152^29. byden f. measure, bushel: bucket, barrel, vat, tub. [ Low L. butina; Ger. btte] bydenbotm m. bottom of a vessel, WW 123^4. bydenft n. bushel, barrel. bdla m. worshipper, NG. bencg (DR) bing bend bend byffan v. b. byfgendlic bifigendlic byfian () bifian byfor beofor byg big bg b, b, bg [[Printed on one line: byg, bg big, b, b, bg]] bgan began byge (?; i) m. curve, bend, corner, angle, cone (of a helmet), AO, CP: traffic, commerce, LL 128, 5. bgel bogol bygen f. purchase, LL (328^11). bygendlic easily bent, flexible, BH. byge pres. 3 sg. of bycgan. bge pres. 3 sg. of ban. byht m. I. () bend, angle, corner, Ct: bay, 'bight.' [bgan] II. n? dwelling. [ban] bh pres. 3 sg. of bgan. bing b I. bl m? ble f? 'boil,' carbuncle, WW. bylcettan bealcettan [[under bealcan"]] byld f. constancy, confidence, boldness. [beald] bylda m. builder? householder? Cra 75. [bold] byldan I. to build, construct, KC. II. bieldan byldu, byldo bieldo ble bl byledbrost ( bylged?) puffbreasted, Rd 81^1. bylewit bilewit bylg belg bylgan to 'bellow,' MH. bylg pres. 3 sg. of belgan. bylig belg bliht (ly) ulcerous, Lcd 63b. bylwet, byl(y)wit bilewit bme () beme bmere (WW), bmesangere m. trumpeter, . ['bemer '] bmian to blow the trumpet, Ps, WW. ['beme'] bynd bind byndele, byndelle bindele bne cultivated, inhabited, occupied, AO. [ban] byrc beorc byrce beorce byrcholt n. birch wood, WW. byrc pres. 3 sg. of beorcan. byrd I. (i) f. birth (pl. w. sg. meaning). II. f. burden, GD 215^1. 125

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary +byrd I. fn.; +byrdo,u f. birth, Cr: descent, parentage, race, BH: nature, quality, rank, , AO: () fate. ['birde'; beran] II. burdened, MtR 11^28. III. +byrded +byrdan to beard, fringe, embroider. byrdan v. +edb. +byrdboda m. herald of a birth. +byrddg m. birthday, Mt 14^6. byrde of high rank, wellborn, noble, rich, AO. +byrde I. innate, natural. II. +byrd I. +byrdelce energetically, zealously, CP 160^19. byrden byren byrdicge f. embroideress, WW 262^18. byrdinenu byrinenu [[headword spelled byrnenu"]] byrding f. embroidering, WW 294^10. byrding v. hyseb. [[under hyseberling"]] byrdistre embroiderer (v. ANS 123418). +byrdlic (AS 5^13) +byredlic byrdling tortoise, OEG 23^21. byrdling v. in, frumb. byrdscype m. childbearing, Cr 182. +byrdtd f.,tma m. time of birth. +byrdu +byrd I. +byrdwiglere m. birthdiviner, astrologer. +byrdwtega m. astrologer. byre I. m. (nap. byras, byre) child, son, descendant: young man, youth. [beran] II. m. mound. III. () m. time, opportunity, : occurrence, AS 62^13. IV. m. strong wind, storm, GPH 400. bre n. stall, shed, hut, Gl. ['byre'] +byredlic suitable, fitting, convenient, congenial, DR. adv. lce. byrele mf. cupbearer, butler, steward, B. ['birle '] byrelian to give to drink, serve with drink, Gu. [' birle' vb.] +byrelic +byredlic byren I. (and byrene) f. shebear, . [bera] II. beren bren v. nahgeb. byres f. borer, graving tool, awl, chisel, Gl. [borian] byre I. bier pres. 3 sg. of beran. II. pres. 3 sg. of byrian I. byrg gds. and nap. of burg. byrgv. also byrig. +byrg I. (i) n. taste, DR 116^3. II. bon on gebyrge (w. d.) to help, protect. [beorgan] byrga m. security, surety, bail, one who gives bail, Gl. [Ger. brge] byrgan I. (i) to raise a mound, hide, 'bury,' inter, _Hy; AO. II. (e, eo) to taste, eat. III. beorgan byrgels (e, i) m. tomb, , Ct. ['buriels'] byrgelslo (e^1) n. epitaph, HGl 427. byrgelssang m. dirge: epitaph. byrgen (i, u) f. buryingplace, grave, sepulchre, El; , AO, CP: burial. ['burian'; beorgan] +byrgen f. caul? Lcd 185a. byrgend m. gravedigger, PPs 78^3. byrgenlo n. epitaph, BH 94^12. byrgensang m. dirge, OEG. byrgenstw f. buryingplace. byrgere m. corpsebearer, WW. ['burier'] byrgian byrgan byrging I. f. burial. II. f. taste. 126

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary byrglo n. dirge, epitaph, Gl. byrht beorht byrht beorht, bierht byrhtm breahtm byrian I. (impers.) to happen, pertain to, belong to, befit, , Mk, MtR; AO, CP. ['bir'; 'ibure'] II. byrgan I. and II. byric beorc byrig burg, and gds. of burg. byrig byrg, burh byrigberge f. mulberry, Lcd 86a. +byrigednes f. burial. byrignes I. f. burial, BH. ['buriness'] II. f. tasting, taste. brild v. nahgeb. byris byres byrisang (i) m. dirge, HGl 488^57. byrl byrel byrla m. trunk (of body), Lcd 58b. +byrman to ferment, leaven: swell up, be proud. [beorma] +byrmed n. leavened bread. byrnan () biernan byrne I. f. corslet, WW; CP. ['burne'] II. burne, burn. III. bryne [[II. under burn"]] byrnete f. barnacle, NC 275. byrnham,hama m. corslet. +byrnod corsleted, Gr 256^16. ['iburned'] byrnsweord n. flaming sword, Bl 109^34. byrnwiga m. corsleted warrior. byrnwgend,wiggend m. corsleted warrior. byrs, byrse byres byrst I. (e) m. loss, calamity, injury, damage, defect, . [berstan] II. n. (land)slip, KC 352^9 (v. also KC 5112^19 and Mdf). III. f. 'bristle,' Ep, Lcd; . ['brise,' 'brust '] IV. pres. 3 sg. of berstan. V. pres. 2 sg. of beran. +byrsted furnished with bristles, OEG 23^3. byrstful disastrous, Chr 1116. byrstig broken, rugged: afflicted. [berstan] +byrtd +byrdtd byr I. pres. 3 sg. of beran. II. beor byren f. 'burden,' load, weight, Bl, WW; , CP: charge, duty. [beran] byrenmlum a heap at a time, H 1526^22. byrenmte (^3) burdensome, KGl 1011 byrenstan m. millstone. byrenstrang strong at carrying burdens, H 1208^13. byrere I. m. bearer, supporter, . [beran] II. f. childbearer, mother. byrestre (e) f. female carrier, HGl 498^18. byrling (e) m. carrier, OEG 4922. byror beoror +byrtid +byrdtd byrnenu f. midwife, GPH 392. bysceop bisceop bysegu bysgu [[redirected to bisgu"]] bysen bisen bysig, bysg bisg 127

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary bysmer bismer bysmer bismr bysmerglow n. shameful lust, 23b^451. bysmor bismer bysmr bismr bysn bysen byst bist pres. 2 sg. of bon. bsting f. beestings, WW 129^2. [bost] byt I. bit pres. 3 sg. of biddan. II. bytt bt pres. 3 sg. of (1) bodan, (2) batan. btel, btl betl byter biter bytla bylda bytlan, bytlian to build, erect, , CP. [botl] +bytle n. building, dwelling, . bytlung f. building, . bytme f? keel: head of a dale. bytming f. hulk, keel of ship, . bytne bytme btst pres. 2 sg. of batan and bodan. bytt I. f. bottle, flagon, Mt, WW; : cask ['bit '] II. small piece of land, KC 385^11. III. pres. 3 sg. of biddan. bytte bytt I. byttehlid n. buttlid, WW 213^23. byttfylling f. filling of casks, LL 178, 8, 1. by bi pres. 3 sg. of bon. b pres. 3 sg. of ban. byme bytme bwan (o, ) to rub, brighten, furbish up, adorn. byxen made of boxwood, WW. [box]


A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary

cb cf cc cac cderbam cederbam cf ceaf cfertn cafortn cfester (cb) n. halter, Gl. [L. capistrum] cfian v. be, ofer, ymbc. [["oferccfian only in participle ofercfed"]] cfing f. hairornament, Gl. cfl m. halter, muzzle, WW. cg f., cga m. 'key' (lit. and fig.), Ex, LL, Rd: solution, explanation, CP. cgbora m. keybearer, jailor. cghiorde m. keeper of the keys, steward, WW. cgloca m. locked depository, LL 362, 76, 1. cglod v. c. ch ceah cl cel, ceal, ciel cl pres. 3 sg. of calan. cm cem cn cen, cyn cpehs cepehs cppe f. 'cap,' WW: cope, hood. [Lat. cappa] cpse f. box, NC 276. [L. capsa] cr car, cear, cer, cier crse (e) f. 'cress,' watercress, Lcd; Mdf. crsiht full of cress, KC 3121^18. crte carte cs cas pret. 3 sg. of cosan. cse cse cstel castel cster (NG) ceaster cf quick, active, prompt, : bold, brave. adv. cfe. cflic bold. adv.lce promptly: boldly, . caflwyrt cawlwyrt cfnes f. energy, H 2282^4. [[See separate entries for cawl II. and wyrt.]] cafortn (, ea^1, e^2) m. vestibule, court, courtyard, : hall, residence, . cfscipe m. alacrity, boldness. +cafstrian to bridle, curb, CP. [cfester] cahhetan ceahhetan cl cawl cl cawel [[Printed on one line: cl cawl, cawel]] calan^6 to grow cool or cold. calc I. m. shoe, sandal. [L. calceus] II. cealc calcatrippe coltetrppe 129

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary calcrond shod (of horses), GnE 143. cald (A) ceald clend m. the beginning of a month, AO: month, Men : () span of life. ['calends'] clendcwide m. tale of days, Sol 479. calf cealf calfur (VPs) nap. of cealf. calic m. 'chalice,' Lcd, Lk, Mt, VPs. [L. calicem] calla (ZDA 10345) v. hildec. calu (cal(e)win obl. cases) 'callow,' bare, bald, Rd. [ Ger. kahl] calwer cealer calwerclm,clympe curds? WW. cma m. muzzle, collar, bit, PPs 31^11. camb (o) m. 'comb,' crest, Ep, WW: honeycomb, LPs. cambiht combed, crested, WW. cambol cumbol camel m. 'camel,' Mt, Mk. cammoc (u^2) nm? 'cammock,' restharrow, Lcd, WW. camp (o) I. m. combat, battle, struggle, warfare, B, Rd. ['camp'] II. field, plain? EC 183^2. [L. campus] campdm m. military service, warfare, . campealdor m. commander, OEG 4433. campgefra m. fellowsoldier, Gl. camphd m. warfare, BH. campian (o) to strive, fight, Gu; . ['camp'] camplic military, . camprden f. war, warfare, An 4. campstede m. battlefield. campung f. fighting, warfare. campwpen (o^1) n. weapon, Rd 21^9. campweorod (e^2, ea^2, e^3) n. army, host. campwg (comp) n. battle, combat. campwsa m. director of public games, HGl 405. campwudu m. shield? El 51. can pres. 1 and 3 sg. of cunnan. cn m. germ, sprout? PPs 79^10. [OS. cnan] canc n. jeering, scorn, derision, Gl. canceler m. chancellor, Chr 1093. [Low L. canceliarium] cancer m. cancer, . [L.] cancerdl f. cancer, Lcd 41a. cancerwund f. cancerous wound. cancetan,ettan to cry out, mock, deride. cancetung f. boisterous laughter, WW 382^36. cancor cancer candel fn. lamp, lantern, 'candle,' WW; . [L. candela] candelbora m. acolyte. candelbryd (? bred; BT) flat candlestick, IM 120. candelloht n. 'candlelight,' RB. candelmsse f. 'candlemas,' the feast of the Purification, Chr. candelmssefen n. Candlemas eve. candelmssedg m. Candlemas day, NC 276. candelsntels m. candlesnuffers, WW 126^28. candelstf m. candlestick, Mt. ['candlestaff'] 130

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary candelsticca m. 'candlestick,' EC 250. candeltrow n. candelabrum, MtR 5^15. candeltwist m. pair of snuffers, Gl. candelweoce f. 'candlewick,' torch, WW. candelwyrt f. candlewort, WW 137^9. candol candel cann I. f. cognizance, averment, asseveration, clearance, LL. II. () pres. 3 sg. of cunnan. canne f. 'can,' cup, WW. canon m. canon, rule. canones bc canonical books. [ L. canon] canonic I. m. canon. II. canonical, . canoniclic canonical. cans canst pres. 2 sg. of cunnan. cantel m? n? buttress, support, A 8324^10. cantelcp m. cope, Chr 1070#e. cantercppe f. cope (vestment). cantere m. singer, CM 904. canterstf m. chanter's staff, EC 250. cantic (), canticsang m. canticle, song. [L.] cp v. cantelc. capellan m. chaplain, EC, Chr (late). [L.] capian to look. p c. to look up, lie on its back (of the moon), Lcd 3266^23. capiende 'supinus,' GPH 393a. capitel capitol capitelhs n. chapterhouse, IM 122^4. capitol,ul,ula m. chapter (cathedral or monastic): chapter (division of a book), lesson, LL: anthem. [v. 'chapitle'] capitolmsse f. early mass, first mass. +capitulod divided into chapters, LL (204^2). cappa cppe capun m. 'capon,' WW. [L. capnem] carbunculus m. carbuncle, CP. [L.] carcern (AO, CP),rn n. prison, jail. [L. carcer] carcernystru f. prison darkness, LL. carcernweard m. jailor, MH 24^15,19. crclife grclife care car carful (ea) anxious, sad, Gu, Soul: 'careful,' attentive, painstaking, Ps, WW: troublesome. adv.lce, LL. carfulnes f. care, anxiety: 'carefulness,' Lcd. cargealdor n. sorrowful song, Jul 618. cargst m. sad spirit, devil, Gu 365. carian to care for, be anxious. caricum dp. of sb. with dried figs, L 23b^661. [L. carica] carig (ea, e) sorrowful, anxious, Cr, Soul: grievous, DD. ['chary'] carl m. man. [ON. karl] carlas 'careless,' free from care, RB. carlasnes, carlast f. freedom from care, security, WW. ['carelessness'] carlfugol (ea^1, e^3) m. male bird, cock. carlce (ea) wretchedly. carlmann m. male, man, Chr. carr m. stone, rock, NG. [Celtic] carseld (ea) n. home of care, Seaf 5. 131

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary cars (ea) painful journey, B 2396. carsorg f. sad anxiety, Gen 1114. carte () f. paper for writing on, : document, deed. [L. charta] caru (ea) f. 'care,' concern, anxiety, sorrow, B, Lk; AO. carwylm (^2, e^2) m. welling sorrow. casebill n. club, GPH 394 (v. A 3166). cserdom m. imperial sway. Csere (Cser, JnL) m. Csar, emperor, Bo; , AO. ['Kaser'] csering f. coin with Csar's head on it, drachma, didrachma, NG. cserlic imperial, WW 427^40. csern f. empress, AO 266^14. cassuc m. hassock, sedge, Lcd. cassuclaf np. hassock or sedge leaves, Lcd 170a. castel I. m. 'castle,' fort, Chr. II. n. town, village, Mt, Mk, Lk. castelmann m. townsman, Chr. castelweall m. city wall, rampart. castelweorc n. castlebuilding, Chr 1137. castenere m. cabinet, chest, TC 531^7. casul m. overgarment, 'birrus,' cloak, WW. [' chasuble'] csus m. (grammatical) case, Gr. catt m., catte f. 'cat,' Gl; Mdf. caul [S 6#n#1] cawl I. and II. cawellaf n. cabbageleaf, Lcd. cawelsd n. cabbageseed, Lcd. cawelstela m. cabbagestalk, Lcd. cawelstoc (cl) m. cabbagestalk, Lcd 1378^8. cawelwurm m. caterpillar, WW 121^29. cawl I. (e, ea, eo) m. basket, AO. ['cawl'] II. m. 'cole' ('caul,' 'cawel'), kale, cabbage, Lcd. cac sm. basin, pitcher, jug, , CP: kettle, cauldron, LL 24; 104; 116. cacdl (o) f. jawache, Lcd 109a, 113a. cacbn n. 'cheekbone,' jaw, WW. cacbora m. yoke for buckets, Gl. ceace f. cake? (BT) WW 505^10? cace (, ei, o) f. 'cheek,' jaw, jawbone, Lcd, WW. ceacga m. broom, furze, BC, KC. ceacl ceafl ceaf (e) n. nap. ceafu 'chaff,' Mt, Lk, WW; , CP. ceaf caf, ceaf, cief ceaffinc m. chaffinch, ANS 76206. ceafl m. jaw, cheek, jawbone, cheekbone, , Whale. ['jowl'] ceafldl (cealf) f. disease of the jaws, Lcd 90b. ceafor (e) m. cock'chafer,' beetle, Ps, WW; . ceahhe f. daw, KC 348^26. ceahhetan to laugh loudly. ceahhetung f. laughter, jesting, . cealc (a) m. 'chalk,' lime, plaster, AO; Mdf: chalkstone, pebble, Ep, WW. +cealcian () to whiten, MtL 23^27. cealcstn m. limestone, chalk. ceald I. adj. 'cold' ('cheald'), cool, Mt, Jn; AO, CP. adv. cealde. II. n. coldness, cold. cealdheort cruel, An 138 (cald). cealdian to become cold, Rim. ['cold'] 132

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary cealdnes f. coldness, cold, . cealer m. pressed curds, jelly of curds or whey. [L. galmaria] cealerbrw m. pottage of curds, Lcd. cealf I. (, e) nm. (nap. cealfru) 'calf,' . II. ceafl +cealf (e) great with calf. cealfdl ceafldl cealfian to calve, . cealfloca m. calfpen. cealfre cealre, cealer cealfwyrt (a) 'eruca,' WW 136^17. ceallian to 'call,' shout, Ma 91. [ON. kalla] cealre cealer and das. of cealer. cealwa calwa [[form of calu"]] cap (, ) m. cattle, CP: purchase, sale, traffic, bargain, gain, B; CP: price, LL. dop c. high price. btan cape gratis: goods, possessions, property, Chr; AO: market, . ['cheap'] capcniht m. bought servant, slave, Gl. capdg m. marketday, WW. capadig? rich, wealthy, Gn 108. capealeel n. alehouse (v. BT). capgyld n. purchase money, market price: compensation, v. LL 2338. capian to bargain, trade, Mt: buy, Jn, Cr ; AO: endeavour to bribe, Da 739. ['cheap'; Ger. kaufen] capman m. 'chapman,' trader, BH, LL. capsceamul m. seat of custom or toll, treasury, G. capscip n. trading vessel, AO 116^4. capsetl (e^1) n. tollbooth, G. capstw f. marketplace, market, CP. capstrt (, ) f. marketplace. capung f. traffic, trade, LL. ['cheaping'] capunggemt n. market, WW 450^1. cear car cearcetung f. gnashing, grinding, W 200^18. cearcian to creak, gnash, . ['chark'] cearde cierde pret. 3 sg. of cierran. +cearfan to cut off, kill, NG. cearm cirm cearrige,ruce a vehicle? Gl. ceart wild common land, KC. cearwund badly wounded? LL 6[63]. cas I. cast. II. pret. 3 sg. of cosan. casega v. wlc. caslunger contentious, v. NC 276. cast (, ) f. strife, quarrelling, contention, WW: reproof. ceastel castel ceaster (, e) f. castle, fort, town, CP: _heaven, hell. ceastersc m. black hellebore, Lcd. ceasterbend m. citizen, B 768. ceastergewar ceasterwar ceasterherpa high road? (BT), KC 5217^1. ceasterhlid n. city gate, Cr 314. ceasterhof n. house in a city, An 1239. ceasterlod f. np.lode citizens, NC 276. 133

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary ceasternisc () urban, municipal, TC 244^13. ceasterstan,ste mp. citizens, TC. ceasterwaran mp.,ware,waru f. burghers, citizens. ceasterweall (e^1) m. city wall. ceasterwc f. village, Bl 69^35. ceasterwyrt f. black hellebore, Lcd. castful contentious. caw pret. 3 sg. of cowan. ceawl (MtL) cawl I. cce (VPs) cace ccel (coecil) cake, Gl. cde (VPs) cegde pret. 3 sg. of cegan. cedelc f. the herb mercury. ceder nmf. cedar. [L. cedrus] cederbam mn.,trow () n. cedartree. cedor ceder cdrisc of cedar, DR. cef () ceaf cef cf, ceaf, cif cgan (VHy), cgian cegan cehhettung ceahhetung cece (MtLR) cace ceig(N) cg ceir cry, clamour, DR. cel cawl clan () to cool, become cold, be cold, MH, VPs (oe): (+) quench (thirst), refresh. ['keel'] celc I. (M) m. chalice, cup. [ calic] II. cealc celde f. copious spring? [cp. Ger. quelle] celdre ceoldre cele (1) ceole; (2) ciele celendre f.,der n. 'coliander,' coriander, Lcd. celeonie,enie, cileonie f. celandine, swallowwort, Lcd. celf (A) cealf celic calic cling f. cooling, : cool place, . celis 'peditis,' footcovering, A 3745. celiwearte cielewearte cell m. (monastic) cell, Chr 1129. cellender n., cellendre f. celendre cellod (?) part. round? hollow? embossed? beaked? Fin 29; Ma 283. celmertmonn m. hireling, NG (v. ES 42172). clnes f. coolness, cool air, breeze, CP. [cl] celod v. cellod. celras ceallras, nap. of cealer. cemban () to comb, . ['kemb'] cemes f. shirt. [L. camisia] cempa () m. warrior, champion, Gl, Ma; , AO, CP. [camp] ['kemp'] cempestre f. female warrior, OEG. cn m. pinetorch, pine: name of the rune for c. [Ger. kien] cendlic cynlic cne bold, brave, fierce, CP, Lcd, Ma; , AO: powerful, VPs: learned, clever, Met 10^51. [' keen'; Ger. 134

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary khn] also adv. cenep m. moustache: bit (of a bridle). [ON. kanpr] cenlic cynlic cnlce boldly, . ['keenly'] cennan to conceive, bring forth: beget, create, produce, Mt, VPs; CP: nominate, choose out, : assign, attribute, give: declare, show oneself, clear oneself, make a declaration in court (v. LL 232; 279 'cennan,' 'Anefang'), B, LL, Ps. ['ken'] cennend m. parent, Bl. cennendlic genital. cennes f. produce, what is produced, EHy 6^22: childbirth : birthday. cennestre f. mother, . cenning f. procreation, CP: parturition, birth, : declaration in court (v. cennan). cenningstn (y^1) m. testingstone. cenningstow f. birthplace, . cenningtd f. time of bringing forth, . cennystre cennestre Cent, Centescr f. Kent. [L. Cantia] centaur m. centaur. centaurie f. centaury (plant). Centingas mp. inhabitants of Kent, Kentish men. Chr. Centisc Kentish. Centland,lond (AO) n. Kent. Centrce n. kingdom of Kent. Centware mp. inhabitants of Kent, Chr. cnu f. boldness, B 2696. co f. chough, jay, jackdaw, . coce (WW) cace cocian v. c. ceod? ceode? bag, pouch, CP, LL. ceodor ceder ceofl, ceol (NG) cawl I. col m. ship. ceolas mp. cold winds, cold, Az 103. [ciele?] ceolbor cilfor ceoldre cealre ceole (e) f. throat: gorge, chasm: beak of ship, Gl. [Ger. kehle] ceolor m. throat. colel n.,elu? f. deck of a ship, Hu 8. ceolwrc m. pain in the throat, Lcd 113a. ceorcing f. complaining, GPH 398. ceorfan^3 to cut, cut down, slay, Mk, ; LkL: carve, cut out, engrave: tear. ceorfx f. axe, AO 160^15. ceorfingsen n. branding iron, Sc. ceorfsx n. surgeon's knife, scalpel, . ceorian to murmur, complain, , AO. ceorig querulous, complaining, OEG. ceorl m. 'churl,' layman, peasant, husbandman, CP: freeman of the lowest class , LL ; AO, CP: man : husband, Jn, WW; CP: hero, noble man. ceorls ( ceorllas) unmarried (of women), LL 360, 73#b . ceorlboren lowborn, not noble, LL. ceorlfolc n. common people, . 135

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary ceorlian to marry (of the woman), LL, Mt; . [' churl'] ceorlic ceorllic ceorlisc (ie) of a 'ceorl,' 'churlish,' common, rustic, LL, WW. adv.lisce. ceorliscnes f. rudeness, vulgarity. ceorllic common, belonging to the people generally. adv. lce commonly, vulgarly. ceorlman m. freeman, LL 73; 463. ceorlstrang strong as a man, WW 108^18. ceorm cirm ceorran I. (sv^3) to creak, Lcd 160a. II. (+) cierran ceorung f. murmuring, . cosan^2 to 'choose,' ('icheose'), seek out, select, AO ; : decide, test: accept, approve, B, Gen. ceosel (i, y) m. gravel, sand, shingle, Ep, Mt; . [' chesil'] ceoselbre gravelly, shingly. ceoselstn m. sandstone, gravel, WW. ceoslen (OEG 7^161), ceoslig (4^40) gravelly. ceosol I. m? n? gullet, maw. II. ceosel cowan^2 to 'chew,' gnaw, , Soul: eat, consume, . ceowl (NG) cawl cowung (, ) f. 'chewing,' WW (). cp cap cp cap, cp [[Printed on one line: cp; cp cap; cap, cp]] cpan I. to 'keep,' guard, observe, attend, look out for, take heed, , Lcd, Ps: take, : avail oneself of, betake oneself to, take to, bear: seek after, desire, : meditate: regulate by: seize, . II. cpan cpnian to await eagerly, NC 276. cer cierr ceren I. (, y) n? new wine, sweet wine. [L. carenum] II. cyrn [[under cyrin"]] cerfelle,fille f. 'chervil,' Lcd, WW. [L. cerefolium] cerge carig cerlic cirlic cerm cirm cerr cierr cers crs cert ceart, cyrt certare charioteer, L 18^295. ceruphn cherubim, El 750. ces ceos cs cs, cs cs cas pret. 3 sg. of cosan. Csar (AO) Csere cester ceaster cestian cystian cte cte cetel, cetil citel can can cewl (NG) cawl chor, chora m. dance, choir (singers), CP: churchchoir (place). [L. chorus] chorglo n. dance, LPs. can sbpl. gills, Gl. [Ger. kieme] 136

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary cicel cycel cicen (y) n. 'chicken,' Mt, WW. cicene () cycene cicropisc cyclopean? WW 217^13. +cd n. altercation, CP, DR, GD. cdan (w. d. or wi) contend, quarrel, , WW: complain: 'chide,' blame, Mk; , CP. cdde I. pret. 3 sg. of cdan. II. cde pret. 3 sg. of can. cdung () f. chiding, rebuke, AO. ciefes cifes cegan (, , ) (tr.) to call, name, (i): call upon, invoke, summon, convene, CP: (intr.) call out. cield (o) f. cold. [ceald] ciele (e, i, y) m. coolness, cold, 'chill,' frost, Bl; AO, CP. [ceald] cielegicel (y^1) m. icicle. cielewearte (e^1, y^1) f. gooseskin, WW. cielewyrt (y) f. sorrel. cielf cealf cielle (i, y) f. firepan, lamp. [OHG. kella] cepa (e, i, y) m. merchant, trader, . cepe cpe cepehs (^1) n. storehouse, WW 186^11. cepemann (CP), cepmann (LL) m. merchant. cepeing (, ) np. goods, merchandise. ceplic () for sale, vendible, Sc 98^17. cepung (, , ) f. marketing, trading, CP: marketplace, market: merchandise: market dues. cierice cirice cierlisc ceorlisc cierm cirm cierr (e, i, y) m. turn, change, time, occasion, , CP, Lk, Lcd: affair, business. t sumum cierrc at some time, once. ['chare'] cierran (eo, i, y) (tr. and intr.) turn, change, Ps, Sat : (intr.) turn oneself, go, proceed, turn back, return, Mt ; : convert, be converted, CP: submit, Chr, W: make to submit, reduce. ['chare,' 'icherre'] +cierrednes (y) conversion, : entrance, admission, RB. cierring (e, y) f. conversion, NC 341. cese cse cest, ces pres. 3 sg. of cosan. cifes (ie, e, y) f. concubine, harlot, AO. [Ger. kebse] cifesboren adj. bastard, OEG 5042. cifesdm m. fornication, OEG 5042. cifesgemna m. fornication. cifeshd m. fornication, WW. cgan cegan +cgednes f. calling. +cgendlic calling, vocative, Gr 23^2. cgere (ei) one who calls, DR 194^1. +cgnes f. calling, invocation, entreaty: name, A 10143^79. cgung f. calling, invocation, NC 292. cild (y) (nap. cild, cildra,ru; gp.ra) n. 'child,' infant, Mt, Lcd, etc.; , AO, CP: a youth of gentle birth, KC. cildamssedg m. Childermas, Innocents' Day (Dec. 28). cildatrog cildtrog cildclas mp. swaddlingclothes. 137

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary cildcradol m. cradle, . cildfdende nursing, MtR 24^19. cildfstre,fstre f. nurse, LL. [v. 'foster '] cildgeogo f. childhood, L 30^320. cildgeong youthful, infant. cildhd m. 'childhood,' MkL. cildhama m. womb, : afterbirth. cildisc 'childish,' Gen. cildiugo cildgeogo cildlic childish, young, BH; . ['childly'] cildru v. cild. cildsung f. childishness, LL. cildtrog (cilt, cilda) m. cradle, Gl. cile (AO) ciele cilforlamb n. ewelamb, , WW. cilian to be cold. [ciele] cilic m. sackcloth of hair, NG. [L. cilicium] cille cyll cim cym cimbal, cimbala m. 'cymbal,' Lcd, VPs. [L. cymbalum] cimbalglwere m. cymbalplayer. cimbing f. commissure, joining, WW 15^5; 206^12. cimbren n. edgeiron? (joiningiron, clamp? BT), LL 455[15]. cimbstn m. base, pedestal, Sc 226^2. [v. 'chimb '] cin (1) cinn; (2) cynn n. cin cyn cnan^1 to gape, yawn, crack. cinbn n. chinbone, jawbone, . cinberg f. defence of the chin or cheek, cheekguard, Ex 175. [beorg] cincung f. boisterous laughter, WW 171^39. cind cynd cine I. f. sheet of parchment, folded, 'diploma,' . II. f. chink, fissure, cavern. cine cyn(e) cineht (io) chinky, cracked, WW 43^37. cing, cining cyning cinn I. n. 'chin,' WW. II. cynn n. cinnan to gape, yawn? Rim 52. cint m. front tooth, grinder, Gl. cinu f. chink, fissure, , Bo, WW. ['chine'] cio ceo co co cip cipp cp cap, cep, cp cpe (e) f. onion. [L. cepa] cpelac n. leek, WW 380^29. cipersealf f. hennaointment, WW 205^11. [L. cypros] cipp (y) m. log, trunk: coulter, ploughshare: weaver's beam, A 9263. cir cierr circ ciric circian to roar, Lcd 1390^11 (v. A 3156). circolwyrde m. computer, mathematician, A 8306. 138

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary circul m. circle: cycle, zodiac. [L. circulum] circuldl f. the shingles, Lcd. cirebald (An 171) cynebeald? ciricw nf. marriage to the church (as when one takes orders), LL. ciricbelle f. 'churchbell,' Lcd. ciricbc f. 'churchbook,' manual of the church services, W. ciricbt f. repair of churches. ciricbrc f.,bryce m. sacrilege, . ciricdor n.,duru churchdoor, LL. cirice (ie, y) f. 'church,' religious community, , BH, Mt; CP: church (building), temple, AO; CP, Mdf: congregation (nonChristian), Ps. ciricend m. an ecclesiastic. ciricfri mn. right of sanctuary: penalty for breach of the right, v. LL 2537. ciricfultum m. support from the church. ciricgang (y) m. going to church, LL 473[7]: churching, purification (of the B.V.M.), CM 484. ciricgemna (y) m. churchmembership, W 103^23. ciricgeorn zealous in churchgoing. ciricgeriht n. churchdue. ciricgri (y) n. churchpeace, right of sanctuary, LL: penalty for breach of the right, LL 263[3]; v. 2537. [' churchgrith'] cirichd m. an order of the church, LL. cirichlgung f. consecration of a church. cirichata m. churchtormentor, persecutor, W. ciricland (y) n. land of the church, GD. ciriclic ecclesiastical, BH, Chr. ['churchly'] ciricmrsung (y) f. dedication of a church, W 277^10. ciricmangung f. simony, LL. ciricmitta m. church measure (of ale), TC 144^33. ciricnod f. requirements of the church. ciricnytt f. church service, Cra 91. ciricragu f. churchlichen or moss, Lcd 51b. ciricrn (y^1) n. sacrilege, LL 254#k. [rn] ciricsang m. hymn: churchsinging. ciricsangere m. churchsinger, BH 466^17. ciricsceat m. 'churchscot,' churchdue at Martinmas, BH, W. ciricsceatweorc n. work connected with the grain given as churchscot, KC. ciricscn (y^1) f. churchprivilege, sanctuary, LL: territory of a church: attendance at church. cirictd f. servicetime, LL. cirictn m. churchyard, LL. ciricn m. minister of a church, LL. ciricnung f. churchduty or service. ciricing n. object belonging to a church, LL 381[27]. ciricingere m. priest, WW 155^29 (yrc). ciricwcce f. vigil, LL. ciricwd f. vestment, LL 258[51]. ciricwg m. wall of a church, LL. ciricwaru f. congregation, LL 400; 2539. ciricweard (e^2, y^2) m. churchwarden, sexton, . cirisbam m. cherrytree, Gl. [L. cerasum] cirlic I. (e, y) charlock. II. ciriclic cirlisc ceorlisc 139

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary cirm (e, ea, eo, ie, y) m. cry, shout, outcry, uproar, MtR, WW. ['chirm'] cirman (e, y) to cry, cry out, call, shriek, Gu, Jud. ['chirm'] cirnel (Gl) cyrnel cirps (y) curly. ['crisp'] cirpsian to crisp, curl. cirr cierr cs fastidious. [cosan] cse (, , ) m. 'cheese,' WW. [For compounds, v. also cs] cisel, cisil ceosel ciserppel m. dried fig, WW 367^2. [ ciris?, cherry (BT)] ciserbam, cisir cirisbam csnes f. fastidiousness. cist (e, y) I. f. 'chest,' casket, Gl, JnR: coffin, BH, Lk: rush basket, WW: horn (as receptacle?), WW. II. cyst I. cst pres. 3 sg. of cosan. ciste cist I. cistenbam m. chestnuttree, Gl. [L. castanea] cstmlum earnestly, OEG 4^32. [cast] citel m. 'kettle,' cauldron, Ep (e), Lcd (y). citelhrum (e^1) m. kettlesoot. citelian v. to tickle. citelung f. tickling, WW 278^6. ['kittling'] citere, citre (y) f. cithara, CJVPs. c m. seed, germ, shoot, : mote, CP. [' chithe'] cfst wellrooted, H 304^26. cwung cowung cl cla, clawu clbre (Gl) clfre clac clc, cleac clacu f. injury, W 86^10. +clded (MkL 5^15) pp. of +clian. cladersticca m. rattlestick, Gl. clclas harmless. cldur (ea) rattle, Gl. [clader] clferwyrt f. clover, Lcd. clfre f. 'clover' trefoil, Lcd, WW; Mdf. clg m. 'clay,' WW. clig 'clayey,' Ct. clman to smear, caulk, plaster, anoint, , Lcd. [' cleam'] clming f. blotting, smearing, Gr 256^4. clmman ( clem) to press, GD. clmnes f. torture, BH 290^2. clne (, ) I. 'clean,' CP, Lk, : pure, chaste, innocent, , Bl: clear, open, El, Lcd, Ps. on clnum felda in the open field (of battle), CP 227^25: honourable, true: acute, sagacious, intellectual. II. adv. clean, clearly, fully, purely, entirely, , Ct; AO, CP. clngeorn yearning after purity, celibate. clnheort pure in heart, . clnlic ('cleanly'), pure, Bo, Met: excellent. adv. lce clne clnnes f. (moral) 'cleanness,' purity, chastity, BH; , CP. clnsere (e) m. priest, CP 139^15; W 72^6. clnsian (sn) to 'cleanse,' purify, chasten, CP: clear out, purge, Lcd: (w a. and g.) justify, clear oneself. 140

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary clnsnian clnsian clnsung f. 'cleansing,' purifying, chastening, castigation, expiation, Mk; : purity, chastity. clnsungdg m. day for purging, Lcd 1330^8. clnsungdrenc (sn) m. purgative, MH 72^27. clppettan to palpitate. clppetung f. clapping; pulsation, pulse, . clppian (a^1) to clap, beat, throb. clsn clns cl cl clwea clewea clf pret. 3 sg. of clfan. clfre (Gl) clfre clm I. m. paste, mortar, mud, clay, , Lcd: poultice. ['cloam'] II. clam dp. of cla. clamb pret. 3 sg. of climban. clamm m. band, bond, fetter, chain, An, Bl, Rd: grip, grasp. [v. 'clam'] cln cln clang pret. 3 sg. of clingan. clappian clppian clsnian (VPs) clnsian cltacrop clte clte f. bur, burdock, clivers, Gl, Lcd. ['clote '; Ger. klette] clatrung i. clattering, noise. cl m. 'cloth,' 'clothes,' covering, sail, BH, Chr, Jn, Lcd; AO, CP. under Crstes clum in baptismal garments, Chr 688#e. +clian (clan) to 'clothe,' NG. clwoce f. wick of cloth, GPH 391. clauster clstor clwan^7 to claw, . clwian to scratch, 'claw,' Gr 170^11n. clawu f. nap. clawe 'claw,' , Gl, Ph: hoof, : hook, : (pl.) pincers? clwung f. griping pain, Lcd. clea cl, cleo cla clawu cleac f. steppingstone, KC 436. [Celtic] cleacian to hurry, . claf pret. 3 sg. of clofan. clm clm cln cln clencan v. bec. clengan to adhere, Rd 29^8. ['clenge'] cleo cli clo cle, cl clo cla, clawu cleofa (ea, i, y) m. cave, den: cell, chamber, cellar, , BH. ['cleve'] clofan^2 to 'cleave,' split, separate, A, Br, Ct, GPH. cleofian clifian cleofu nap. of clif. clofung f. 'cleaving,' WW. clone clowene, ds. of clowen, clewen. [[under clewen"]] cleop clip clep clp, cleop, clip 141

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary clerc cleric cleric (ec,oc; clerus, PPs 67^13) m. 'clerk' in holy orders, WW : clerk in minor orders , LL . [ L. clericus] clerichd m. condition of a (secular) clerk, clerical order, priesthood. clewea (^1) m. itch, CP 71^19. [clwan] clib clif clibbor clinging, Men 245. [clifian] +clibs (e; cleps; clsp, y) clamour, CP. clidren,rin f. clatter. cliepian clipian clewen, cliewen? (eo, io, i, y) n. sphere, ball, ball of thread or yarn, skein, , CP, Ph, WW: mass, group. ['clue '] clif n. (nap. cleofu, clifu) 'cliff,' rock, promontory, An, B, Ct ; , CP. clifa cleofa clifhtig clifihtig [[under clifig"]] clfan^1 to 'cleave,' adhere, , CP. clife f. 'clivers,' burdock, Lcd, WW. clifeht clifiht [[under clifig"]] clifer m. nap. clifras claw, . cliferfte clovenfooted, L 25^79. clifhlp,hlp m. a cliffleap, plunge to ruin? (BT), Gl. clifian (eo, y) to adhere, , CP. clifig, clifiht,ihtig steep, Gl. clifrv. clifer. clifrian to scarify, scratch, . clifrung f. clawing, talon, GPH 398. clifstn m. rock, WW 371^23. clifwyrt f. cliffwort, waterwort, foxglove, WW 134^3 and n. +cliht pp. of +*cliccan, clyccan. clm v. calwerc. [[under calwerclm"]] climban^3 (y) to 'climb,' Sol. climpre clympre clincig rough. clingan^3 to stick together, An: shrink, wither, pine, . ['cling'] clipian (e, eo, y) (tr. and intr.) to speak, cry out, call, Mt, Jn, Ps; CP: () summon, invoke, ; (w. d.) cry to, implore. ['clepe'] clipigendlic (y) vocalic, Gr 5: vocative (gram.), Gr 23. clipol sounding, vocal: vocalic. clipung (e, eo, y) f. cry, crying, clamour , MtR : () prayer , Ps : call, claim , Chr , 1129. clypunga kalends. ['cleping'] clipur m. bellclapper. cliroc cleric +clistre +clystre [[under clyster"]] clite f. coltsfoot, Lcd 146a. clia (eo, y) m. poultice. clan v. tc. clie f. burdock. cliwyrt f. 'rubea minor,' clivers, Lcd 173b. clwe, clwen clewen cloccettan to palpitate, Lcd. cloccian to cluck, make a noise, rumble, A 8309. 142

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary clodhamer m. fieldfare, WW 287^17. [v. 'clod,' and Mdf] clof cluf +clofa m. counterpart (of a document), CC 80. [clofan] clofe f. buckle, Gl. clofen pp. of clofan. clomm I. m. clamm. II. pret. 3 sg. of climban. clop m? rock? v. Mdf. clott lump, mass, HGl 488. ['clot'] clucge f. bell, BH 340^6. cld m. mass of stone, rock, , AO: hill, ES 3818. ['cloud'] cldig rocky, hilly, AO. ['cloudy'] clufeht (i^2) bulbous, Lcd. clufon pret. pl. of clofan. clufung, clufunge f. crowfoot: a vegetable poison, v. OEG 896. clufu f. clove (of garlic, etc.), bulb, tuber. [clofan] clufwyrt f. 'batrachion,' buttercup, Lcd. ['clovewort '] clugge clucge clumben pp. of climban. clumian, clummian to murmur, mumble, mutter. clungen pp. of clingan. cls, clse f. bar, bolt: enclosure: cell, prison. [L. clausum] cluster clyster clster clstor clstor n. lock, bar, barrier: enclosure, cloister, cell, prison. [L. claustrum] clstorcleofa m. prisoncell, An 1023. clstorloc n. prison, Gl. clt m. 'clout,' patch, cloth, Ep: piece of metal, plate, . +cltod 'clouted,' patched, . clyccan to 'clutch,' clench, IM, Sc. clyf clif clyf clif, cleof +clyfte adj. cleft, GPH 393. [clofan] clymmian to climb, ascend, Sol 414. clympe v. calwerc. [[under calwerclm"]] clympre m. lump of metal. clyne n. lump of metal. clynian I. to roll up, enfold, GPH. II. clynnan clynnan (intr.) to resound, ring, El 51: (tr.) knock, NG. clyp clip clypnes f. embrace, BH 238^3. clypp m., clypping f. embracing. clyppan to embrace, clasp: surround, enclose, VPs : grip, Gen: prize, honour, cherish, , MkLR (io), CP. ['clip'] clsan v. bec. [clse] [[under cls"]] +clysp +clibs clyster, +clystre n. 'cluster,' bunch, branch, , Cp, WW. clsung f. enclosure, apartment, : closing, period, conclusion of a sentence, clause. clya clia clwen clewen cnht (NG) cniht cnpling m. youth, . [cnapa] [[under cnafa"]] 143

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary cnpp (e) m. top, summit, , Lk: fibula, button, WW. ['knap'] +cnwe (w. g.) conscious of, acknowledging, : known, notorious, manifest, . cnw pres. 3 sg. of cnwan. cnafa, cnapa m. child, youth, , Sc: servant, , Mt, Ps. ['knape,' 'knave'] cnwan^7 (usu. +) to know, perceive, , B, Jul, OEG. cnwelcing f. acknowledgement, KC 4193^12. cnwlc (^2) knowledge, ES 42176. +cnwnes f. acknowledgement, EC 265^2. cna gp. of cno(w). cnearr m. small ship, galley (of the ships of the Northmen), #Chr. [ON. knorr] cnatian to argue, dispute. cnatung f. inquisition, investigation: dispute, debate. cnedan^5 to knead, Lcd, LkL. cneht cniht cno cnow cnodan cndan cneoht cniht +cneord eager, zealous, diligent. cneordlcan to be diligent, . cneordlic diligent, earnest, zealous, . adv.lce. cneordnes f. zeal, diligence, study, Gl. cnordnes +cnorenes +cnorenes,ednes f. generation, race. cnores cnoriss [[under cnorisn"]] cnorift n? napkin (BT). kneehose? (Kluge), Gl. cnorisbc f. Genesis, WW 414^29. cnorisn (Bl), cneoris(s), cneornis(s) f. generation, posterity, family, tribe, nation, race. cneorlcan cneordlcan cnow I. (o) n. 'knee,' AO, Bl, El, Mt: step in a pedigree, generation, . II. pret. 3 sg. of cnwan. cnowbgung f. kneeling, genuflection. cnowede,ade having big knees, WW. cnowgebed n. prayer on one's knees, . cnowholen m. 'kneeholly,' butcher's broom, Lcd. cnowian () to kneel, : know carnally, L 12^7. ['knee'] cnowlian to 'kneel,' LL. cnowmg m. nap.mgas,mgas kinsman, relation, ancestor. cnowrm n. progeny, family. cnowsibb f. generation, race (BDS 8527). cnowung f. kneeling, genuflection, CM. cnowwrc m. pain in the knees, Lcd. cnowwyrst f. kneejoint, WW. cnepp cnpp cnw cnow cndan^1 to beat, MtR 21^35. cnieht cniht cnf m. knife, WW. cniht (e, eo, ie, y) m. boy, youth, AO, Bl, LL: servant, attendant, retainer, disciple, warrior, Chr, Mt, Met : boyhood, Gr. ['knight'] cnihtcild (eo^1) n. male child, boy. cnihtgebeoror n. childbirth, childbearing, Bl. cnihtgeong youthful, El 640. 144

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary cnihthd m. puberty, 'youth,' boyhood, , Bo; AO: (male) virginity. ['knighthood'] cnihtiugo f. youth, A 8299. cnihtlas without an attendant, . cnihtlic boyish, childish, Guth. ['knightly'] cnihtawas mp. boyish ways, GD 111^9. cnihtwesende when a boy, as a youth. cnihtwse f. boyishness. cnissan cnyssan cntian to dispute, Sc 51^12. cnittan cnyttan cnocian cnucian cndan (o) to attribute to, assign to, load with, CP. cnoll m. 'knoll,' Ps; Mdf: summit, , Bo. cnop 'ballationes,' WW 8^28; 357^32. cnoppa v. wullc. +cnos n. collision, WW 376^2. [cnyssan] cnsl n. stock, progeny, kin, family: native country. cnossian to strike, hit upon, Seaf 8. cnotmlum 'strictim,' A 1335^201. cnotta m. 'knot,' fastening, : knotty point, puzzle, . cnucian to 'knock' (door), , Mt: beat, pound, IM, Lcd (o). cnian, cnwian to pound. +cnycc n. bond, DR. cnyccan pret. 3 sg. cnycte, cnyhte to tie. +cnycled bent, crooked, WW 458^33. cnyht cniht cnyll m. sound or signal of a bell, RB, WW. ['knell '] cnyllan to toll a bell: strike, knock, LkR, MtL. ['knell'] cnyllsian (LkL) cnyllan cnyrd cneord cnyssan to press, toss, strike, hew to pieces, dash, crash (together), beat, , AO, CP: overcome, overwhelm, oppress, CP. cnyssung f. striking, stroke, Gr. cnyttan to fasten, tie, bind, 'knit' ('iknit,' Mt, WW), , Lcd; CP. [cnotta] cnyttels m. string, sinew, OEG 2935. coc cocc cc m. 'cook,' , Ps; CP. [L. coquus] cocc m. cock, male bird, , Lcd, Mt; CP, Mdf. coccel m. 'cockle,' darnel, tares, Mt. cocer m. quiver, case, sheath: sword, spear. cocerfl f. 'framea,' APs 16^13. ccerpanne f. cookingpan, fryingpan. +ccnian (cca) to season food. ccnung f. seasoning, Lcd. cocor cocer ccormete m. seasoned food, WW 281^6. +ccsian to cook, roast, RPs 101^4. ccunung ccnung cocur () cocer codd m. 'cod,' husk, Lcd: bag, Mt: scrotum. coddppel m. quince, WW 411^15. 145

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary codic (coydic) 'lapsana,' charlock? A 3747. coe ce ce(N) c cofa m. closet, chamber: ark: cave, den. [' cove'] cofgodas mp. household gods, Gl. cofincel n. little chamber, WW. cofrian v. c. cohhetan to make a noise, cough? Jud 270. col n., nap. colu, cola 'coal,' live coal, , CP, Lcd, VPs. cl I. 'cool,' cold, B, Bo, Lcd: tranquil, calm. II. pret. 3 sg. of calan. colc v. den, wnc. clcwyld f. 'frigida pestis,' ague? WW 243^11. clian to 'cool,' grow cold, be cold, An, Gu, Lcd. coliandre f. coriander, Lcd. cll cl colla v. morgenc. collecta f. collect, CM, LL. +collenferhtan to make empty, exhaust. collenferh,fyrh,fer proud, elated, bold. [*cwellan ( to swell)?] colloncrog m. waterlily, nympha. colmse f. 'coalmouse,' titmouse, WW. clnes f. 'coolness,' Ps. colpytt m. (char)coal pit, Ct. colsweart coalblack, NC 277. colt m. 'colt,' . coltetrppe f. a plant, 'caltrop,' WW. coltgrg f? colt'sfoot, WW 136^18. coltrppe coltetrppe colrd,rd m. plumbline, Gl. columne f. column. cm pret. 3 sg. of cuman. coman (AO 70^24) cuman comb camb combol cumbol comta m. comet, #Chr 975. [L.] commuc cammoc cmon pret. pl. of cuman. comp camp con can pres. 1, 3 sg. of cunnan. condel candel conn cann pres. 1, 3 sg. of cunnan. consolde f. comfrey. [L.] const canst pres. 2 sg. of cunnan. consul m. consul, AO. [L.] coorte f. cohort, AO. [L.] cop copp cp m? 'ependytes,' cope, vestment. +cp proper, fitting, CP. copel unsteady, rocking? (BT), BC 3624. cpenere m. lover, CP. coper, copor n. 'copper,' Lcd. [L. cuprum] 146

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary copian to plunder, steal, WW 379^17. +cplic proper, fitting. adv.lce. copp I. m. top, summit, HGl. ['cop'] II. m. cup, NG. ['cop'] coppe v. torc. copped polled, lopped, pollard, Ct. cops (WW) cosp +cor n. decision. [cosan] corc m. increase? choice growth? Lcd 3212^9 (v. A 3156). cordewnere m. 'cordwainer,' shoemaker, EC. [OFr.] coren (pp. of cosan) chosen, elect, choice, fit, : precious, dear. corenbg m. crown, A 9172. [L. corona] corenes f. choice, election: (+) goodness. +corenlic elegant. adv.lce, WW. corenscipe m. election, excellence. corfen pp. of ceorfan. corflian to mince. [ceorfan] corn n. 'corn,' grain, Chr, CP; , AO: seed, berry, CP, Jn, Lcd; : a cornlike pimple, corn. cornsceda fp. chaff, WW 118^1. cornappla np. pomegranates, OEG. cornbre,berende cornbearing. corngebrot n. corn dropped in carrying to barn, LL 451[17]. corngeslig rich in corn, Lcd. corngesceot n. payment in corn, Ct. cornhs n. granary, WW 185^28. cornhwicce f. cornbin, . cornld f. leading of corn, LL 453[21,4]. cornsd n. a grain of corn, GD 253^1. corntoung f. tithe of corn, W. corntrow n. corneltree, WW. corntrog m. cornbin, WW 107^1. cornuc, cornuch cranoc cornwurma m. scarlet dye, Gl. corna m. crown. [L.] +cornian to crown, PPs 5^13. corsnd f. piece of consecrated bread which an accused person swallowed as a test of innocence, LL. coror , corer fn. troop, band, multitude, throng, retinue: pomp. corwurma cornwurma cos coss cosp m. fetter, bond, Bo. ['cops'] +cospende, +cosped fettered, LPs. coss m. 'kiss,' embrace, , Lk, WW. cossetung f. kissing, NG. cossian to 'kiss,' . cost I. m. option, choice, possibility: manner, way, DR: condition. s costes e on condition that. [' cost'; v. NC 341] II. () _tried, chosen, excellent. [cosan] III. m? costmary, tansy, Lcd. ['cost'] costere I. m? spade, shovel, WW 106^18. II. costnere costian (w. g. or a., also intr.) to tempt, try, prove, examine, AO, CP. [Ger. kosten] costigend m. tempter. costnere m. tempter, . +costnes f. proving, temptation, trial, BH 218^10. costnian costian 147

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary costnigend costigend costnungstw f. place of temptation. costung, costnung f. temptation, testing, trial, tribulation, Mt; , CP. ['costnung'] cot (AO) n. (nap. cotu); cote f. 'cot,' cottage, bedchamber, den, AO, Lk, Mt; Mdf. cotesetla cotsetla cotlf n. hamlet, village, manor, Chr: dwelling. ['cotlif'] cotsetla m. cottager, LL. ['cotsetla'] cott cot cottuc, cotuc m. mallow, Gl. coa m., coe f. cou coig diseased. colce ill, miserably, Met 25^36. con (AO) con pret. pl. of cunnan. cou f. disease, sickness, , Chr, Lcd. ['cothe '] +cow n. thing to be chewed, food, NC 292. cowen pp. of cowan. cr n? croaking, WW 208^10. crabba m. 'crab,' WW: Cancer (sign of the zodiac), Lcd. cracelung? 'crepacula,' OEG 56^249. crcettan crcettan cracian to resound, 'crack,' Ps. cradol, cradel m. 'cradle,' cot, WW. cradolcild n. child in the cradle, infant, W 158^14. cr crwe [[under crwa"]] crcettan to croak, GD 118^25. [cr] crcetung f. croaking. crf craf crft m. physical strength, might, courage , A, AO, Sol : science, skill, art, ability, talent, virtue, excellence, Bo ; , CP: trade, handicraft, calling, BH, CP, RB; : work or product of art, Hex: trick, fraud, deceit, Bl: machine, instrument. ['craft'] crfta crftiga crftan to exercise a craft, build: bring about, contrive, . crftelce crftlce +crftgian to strengthen, render powerful, AO. crftglaw skilful, wise, #Chr 975. crft(i)ca,t(e)ga crftiga crftig strong, powerful, AO: skilful, cunning, ingenious, Bl: learned, instructive, A 8321: knowing a craft, scientific: virtuous. ['crafty'] crftiga m. craftsman, artificer, workman, architect, , CP. crftiglce skilfully. crftlas artless, unskilful. crftlic artificial, A 8317: skilful. adv.lce. crftwyrc n. clever workmanship. crt n. nap. cratu, creatu cart, waggon, chariot, . crtehors n. carthorse, WW 108^24. crtwn m. chariot, AO. crtwsa m. charioteer, L 18^295. crw pres. 3 sg. of crwan. crafian () to 'crave,' ask, implore, demand, Chr, LL: summon, Lcd. crafing () f. claim, demand, TC 644. crammian to 'cram,' stuff, Gr. 148

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary crammingpohha m. 'viscarium,' NC. crampul m. cranepool. [ cran, pl] cran m. 'crane,' WW. crancstf m. weaving implement, crank, LL 455[15]. crang pret. 3 sg. of cringan. cranic m. record, chronicle. [L.] cranicwrtere m. chronicler, OEG 7^24. cranoc m. crane. [Ger. kranich] crs f. food, dainty, Nar 11^14. crat (WW 140^31) crt cratu v. crt. crwa m., crwe f. 'crow,' raven, Gl, Ps. crwan^7 to 'crow,' Mt; CP. crwanlac (crw) n. crowgarlic. crac crc crad pret. 3 sg. of crdan. creaft crft crap pret. 3 sg, of cropan. cras fine, elegant, NC 277. craslic dainty, rich. v. NC 277. crasnes f. elegance: presumption, elation, OEG 1108. creat crt Crcas mp. the 'Greeks,' AO, BH. Crce Crcas Crcisc Grecian, Greek, AO. crda m. creed, belief, confession of faith, . [L. credo] credic? a bowl, OEG 29^3. creft (AS) crft crencestre f. female weaver, spinster. [cranc] [[only in compound crancstf"]] cropan^2 (occly. refl.) to creep, crawl, , Bo; AO, CP. creopel crypel cropere m. cripple. ['creeper'] cropung f. 'creeping,' Gl. crow pret. 3 sg. of crwan. crepel crypel cressa m. (Gl), cresse f. crse cribb (y) f. 'crib,' stall, Cr 1426. cricc crycc crde pret. 3 sg. of crgan. crgan? to bubble up. v. OEG 7101. crimman^3 to cram, put in, insert: crumble. crinc 'cothurnus,' ZDA 33250^2. crincan cringan cring (gr) downfall, slaughter. El 115. cringan^3 to yield, fall (in battle), die. cringwracu (gr) f. torment, Jul 265. crippan cryppan crp pres. 3 sg of cropan. crisma m. chrism, holy oil: chrisomecloth: anointing. crismal m? n? chrismale, W 36^17. 149

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary crismhlgung f. consecration of the chrism. crismlsing (^2) f. chrismloosing, loosing of the chrismale, confirmation, Chr. crisp (BH) cirps ['crisp'] Crst m. anointed one, Christ, , CP. cristalla m. crystal, . cristallisc of crystal, A 4143. crstelml crstesml crstelmlbam m. tree surmounted by a cross? upright shaft of a cross? EC 385. crsten 'Christian,' AO, BH; . crstnan the English as opposed to the Danes, Chr 894. crsten m. crst(e)na f. 'Christian,' AO. crstendm m. 'Christendom,' the church, Christianity, AO; . crstenlic Christian, DR. crstenmann m. a Christian, MH 170^25. crstennes f. Christianity: Christian baptism, LL 412[1]; 413[13a]. crstesml (Chr),ml mn. (Christ's mark), the cross. wyrcan c. to make the sign of the cross. crstlic Christian, LL. crstmsse f. Christmas, Chr 1021#d. crstna crsten crstnere m. catechist. crstnes crstennes crstnian to anoint with chrism (as a catechumen), 'christen,' baptize, catechize, BH. crstnung f. christening, anointing with chrism or holy oil, W 33^16. cr crge (v. crgan)? crocc f., crocca m. 'crock,' pot, vessel, Lcd. crocchwer? m. earthen pot, OEG 4672. crced crged +crcod crooked, bent, NC 292. crocsceard n. potsherd, . crocwyrhta m. potter, Gr. +crod n. crowd, throng. croden pp. of crdan. croft m. croft, small field. crg m. crock, pitcher, vessel, Gl. crgcynn n. kind of vessel, winejar, WW 210^39. +crged (c) 'croceus, coccineus,' OEG 5204. croh m. saffron. crh I. m. shoot, twig, tendril. II. crg crohha crocca [[under crocc"]] croma cruma crompeht 'placenta,' a flat cake, ES 42174; A 3748. crong crang, pret. 3 sg. of cringan. crop cropp cropen pp. of cropan. croplac,lc n. garlic. cropp, croppa m. cluster, bunch: sprout, flower, berry, ear of corn, Ep, LkL, WW: 'crop' (of a bird), : kidney; pebble. croppiht clustered, Lcd 38b. crc m. cross, Lcd, LV 74. ['crouch'] crce f. pot, pitcher, Gl. cruceths n. torturechamber, Chr 1137. crdan^2 to press, hasten, drive. 150

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary cruft m? crufte f. crypt. [L.] cruma (o) m. 'crumb,' fragment, Mt, WW. crumb, crump crooked, bent, stooping, Gl. ['crump '; Ger. krumm] crumen (crumm) pp. of crimman. cruncon pret. pl. of crincan. crundel mn. ravine, Mdf. crungen pp. of cringan. crupon pret. pl. of cropan. crse f? cruse, A 3750. crsene, crsne f. fur coat, Gl. [cp. Ger. krschner] crybb cribb crycc f. 'crutch,' staff, BH; . cryccen made of clay, GPH 398. crde pres. 3 sg. of crdan. crymbing f. curvature, bend, inclination, WW 382^2. [crumb] +crymian, +crymman (tr.) to crumble. +crympan to curl. crypel I. m. 'cripple,' LkL. II. crippled. III. m. narrow passage, burrow, drain, OEG; v. Mdf. crypelgeat n. narrow opening in a wall or fence? BC 2399^1. crypelnes f. paralysis. crpe, crp pres. 3 sg. of cropan. cryppan to crook (finger), close (hand), bend. cryps cirps crysm crism crt crde pres. 3 sg. of crdan. c f. gs. c(e), c, cs; ds. c; nap. c, ce; gp. c(n)a, cna; dp. cm; 'cow,' , Lk, VPs; Mdf. cbutere f. butter, Lcd. [c] cbre m. cowbyre, cowshed, Ct. cuc cwic ccealf () n. calf, Erf, LL. ['cowcalf'] cuceler, cuce(le)re cucler(e) cucelere 'capo,' WW 380^25. cucler, cuculer, cuclere m. spoon, spoonful. [cp. L. cochlear] cuclerml n. spoonful, Lcd. cucu (, AO, CP) v. cwic. cucurbite f. gourd, Lcd 92a. [L.] cudele f. cuttlefish, WW 181^7. cudu () cwudu cage f. eye of a cow, LL 116#b#n. cuean cwean cufel f. 'cowl,' hood (v. NED 2 p. viii). cfel cfl cufle, cuffie cufel cugle, cug(e)le, cuhle f. cap, 'cowl,' hood, headcovering, RB (v. 'cowl'). chorn m. cow's horn, LL 116. chyrde m. cowherd. cle cugle culfer, cul(e)fre f. 'culver,' pigeon, dove, Gen, VPs, WW. culmille f. small centaury, Lcd 22a. culpan as. of *culpa? m. or *culpe? f. fault, sin, Cr 177. culpian to humble oneself, cringe, Bo 71^24. 151

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary culter m. 'coulter,' WW: dagger, knife, WW. [L. culter] culufre culfre [[under culfer"]] cm v. c. cuma mf. stranger, guest, , AO, CP. cumena hs, inn, wcung inn, guestchamber. cuman^4 to 'come,' approach, get to, attain, Lk, VPs; , AO, CP. c. p land, be born: () go, depart, , AO: come to oneself, recover: become: happen (also c. for): put: (+)come together, arrive, assemble, : () w. inf. of verbs of motion, forming a sort of periphrastic conjugation for such verbs. cm gangan he came. cm swimman he swam, etc. cumb I. m. valley, BC; Mdf. ['coomb'] II. m. liquid measure, BC. [v. 'comb'] cumbelgehnd cumbolgehnst [[under cumbolgebrec"]] cumbl (1) cumbol; (2) cumul cumbol n. sign, standard, banner. cumbolgebrec ,gehnst n. crash of banners, battle. cumbolhaga m. compact rank, phalanx, Jul 395. cumbolhete m. warlike hate, Jul 637. cumbolwga m. warrior. cumbor, cumbul cumbol cumen pp. of cuman. cumendre f. godmother. [*cumdre A 3752] cmeoluc f. cow's milk, Lcd 15a. Cumere?eras? np. Cumbrians, . cumfeorm f. entertainment for travellers, Ct. [cuma, feorm] cmicge f.migoa m. cow's urine, Lcd. cuml cumbl cumle hospitable. [cuma] cumlian to be a guest. cumlnes f. hospitality, : sojourn as guest. cummse f. a kind of bird, 'parra,' WW 260^19. cumpder m. godfather, Chr 894#a. [L. compater] cumul, cuml n. swelling, Lcd 160. cna v. c. cund cynd cund adjectival suffix denoting derivation, origin or likeness. (kind) as in deofolcund, godcund. cuneglsse f. hound's tongue, Lcd 41b. [L. cynoglossum] cunele, cunelle, cunille f. wild thyme. [Ger. quendel] cuning cyning cunnan pres. 1 and 3 sg. can(n), pl. cunnon; pret. ce, pp. c swv. to be or become acquainted with, be thoroughly conversant with, know, AO, B, Lcd; CP, : know how to, have power to, be able to, can, , CP: express (thanks), Chr 1092. [' can,' 'con'] cunnere m. tempter, NG. cunnian (w. g. or a.) to search into, try, test, seek for, explore, investigate, B, Bo, Sol; , CP: experience: have experience of, to make trial of. ['cun'] cunnung f. knowledge: trial, probation, experience. cuopel f? small boat, MtL. ['coble'] cuppe f. 'cup,' Lcd, WW; . curfon pret. pl. of ceorfan. curmealle (e, i) f. centaury. curnstn cweornstn curon pret. pl. of cosan. curs m. malediction, 'curse,' Ct, LL, Sc. cursian I. to 'curse,' Ps. II. to plait? MkR 15^17. 152

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary cursumbor incense, MtL 2^11. cursung f. 'cursing,' damnation, LkL: place of torment, MtL. cs v. c. csc chaste, modest, virtuous, Gen 618. [Ger. keusch] cscote (eo, u) f. 'cushat' dove, woodpigeon, Gl. cself f. cow's fat, suet, GPH 392. [sealf] csloppe,slyppe f. 'cowslip,' Lcd, WW. csnes csnes ctgl m. tail of a cow, LL 169[59#b]. c known, plain, manifest, certain, Da, Ps, Rd; , AO, CP: well known, usual: noted, excellent, famous, Ex: intimate, familiar, friendly, related. ['couth'] ca m. acquaintance, relative, CP. ce I. clearly, plainly. ['couth'] II. pret. 3 sg. of cunnan. celic clic cian to become known. cice clce clcan to make known: make friends with, L. clic known, certain, evident. adv.lce clearly, evidently, certainly, openly, BH; CP, : familiarly, kindly, affably, An, BH; : therefore, to be sure, hence. cnes f. acquaintance, knowledge. cnoma m. surname, NG. con pret. pl. of cunnan. cwearm warm from the cow (milk), Lcd 126a. cuwon pret. pl. of cowan. cwacian to 'quake,' tremble, chatter (of teeth), , AO, Cr, LkL, VPs. cwacung f. 'quaking,' trembling, , VPs; AO. cwc cwac cwdon pret. pl. of cwean. cwl pret. 3 sg., cwlon pret. pl., of cwelan. cwl cwal, cwiel, cwil cwman cwman cwn cwn cwrtern cweartern cw pret. 3 sg. of cwean. cwal cweal cwalstw (LL 556[10,2]) cwealmstw cwalu f. killing, murder, violent death, destruction, , CP. [cwelan] cwnian (tr. and intr.) to lament, bewail, deplore, mourn. [ Goth. kwainon] cwnig sad, sorrowful, El 377. cwnung f. lamentation, NC 279. cwartern cweartern cwatern the number four at dice, Gl. [L.] cwad n. dung, dirt, filth. [Ger. kot] cweaht pp. of cweccan. cweald pp. of cwellan. cwealm (e) mn. death, murder, slaughter: torment, pain : plague, pestilence, H; AO. ['qualm'; cwelan] +cwealmbran to torture. cwealmbre deadly, murderous, bloodthirsty, . cwealmbrnes (e) f. mortality, destruction, ruin, . cwealmbealu n. death, B 1940. cwealmberendlic (y^1) pestilent, deadly, NC 279. 153

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary cwealmcuma m. deathbringer, B 792. cwealmdror m. blood shed in death, Gen 985. +cwealmful (y^1) pernicious, HGl 428. cwealmnes f. pain, torment, BH. cwealmstede m. deathplace. cwealmstw f. place of execution, BH 38^6 (b). cwealmra m. deadly terror, Gen 2507. cwearn cweornstn cweartern (a, , e) n. prison, . cwearternlic of a prison. cweccan to shake, swing, move, vibrate, Mt, VPs; . ['quetch'; cwacian] cweccung f. moving, shaking, wagging. cwecesand m. quicksand, WW 357^6. +cwed n. declaration, WW 423^22. cweddian cwiddian cwedel cwedol cweden pp. of cwean. +cwedfsten f. appointed fast, A 1199; ES 43162. +cwednes f. name, HGl 441. cwedol talkative, eloquent. +cwedrden (i, y) f. agreement, AO: conspiracy. +cwedrdnes (y) f. agreement, covenant, NC 292. +cwedstw f. appointed place, place of meeting, GD 183^7. cwehte pret. sg. of cweccan. cwelan^4 to die, , CP. cweldeht corrupted, mortified, Lcd 47b. [ *cwildeht] cwelderde (^1)? evening rider? bat, Shr 29^8. [ON. kveld] cwellan to kill, murder, execute, CP; , AO. [' quell'] cwellend m. killer, slayer, GPH 400. cwellere m. murderer, executioner, BH, Mk; . [' queller'] cwelm cwealm (but v. MFH 106), cwielm cwelmere, cwelre cwellere cwman (w. d.) to gratify, please, satisfy, propitiate, , AO, CP: comply with, be obedient to, serve. ['queme '; 'iqueme'] cwme pleasant, agreeable, acceptable, NG, WG. [' iqueme'] cwme cwm cwmed cwm cwming f. pleasing, satisfaction, complaisance, CP. cwmlic pleasing, satisfying, DR. adv.lce graciously, kindly, humbly. cwmnes f. pleasure, satisfaction, mitigation. cwn () f. woman, Sc; : wife, consort, AO, Chr, Gen: 'queen,' empress, royal princess, , AO, Chr, Cr, VPs. [Goth. kwns] cwene f. woman, Rd, W: female serf, 'quean,' prostitute, AO. [Goth. kwin] cwenfugol henbird. cwnhirde m. eunuch, MtL 19^12. cwnlic womanly? queenly? B 1940. cweodu cwudu cweorn f. 'quern,' handmill, mill, MtL; CP. cweornbill 'lapidaria,' a stone chisel for dressing querns (BT), WW 438^18. cweornburna m. millstream, Ct. cweorne cweorn 154

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary cweornstn m. millstone, Mt. ['quernstone'] cweornt mp. molars, grinders, Gl. cweorra v. metec. cweorran v. c. cweor name of the rune for cw (q). cwern (NG) cweorn cwertern cweartern cwean^6 to say, speak, name, call, proclaim, summon, declare, Bl, VPs; , AO, CP: (+) order, give orders: c. (t) agree, settle, resolve: (+) consider, regard, L 1^117. c. on hwone assign to one. cwyst l sayest thou? ' numquid.' cwee g think you? ['quethe'] cwic [cuc, cucu (this last form is archaic, and has an occasional asm. cucone, cucune)] 'quick,' living, alive, BH, Bl, Bo, CP, Lcd ; AO. cwicht f. live stock, LL 60[18,1]. cwicbam m. aspen, juniper, Gl, Lcd. ['quickbeam '] cwicbeamen of aspen, Lcd. cwicbamrind f. aspen bark, Lcd. cwiccliende moving rapidly? tottering? OEG 2234. cwice fm. 'couch' ('quitch')grass, Gl, Lcd. cwicfr n. sulphur, LkR 17^29. cwichrrende living and moving, Creat 5. cwician to quicken, create, JnL: come to life, come to one's self, , Lcd. ['quick'] cwiclc n. a living sacrifice, NG. cwiclic living, vital, DR. adv.lce vigorously. cwiclifigende living. cwicrind cwicbamrind cwicseolfor n. 'quicksilver,' Lcd. cwicssl nf. hell torment, punishment, torture, . cwicsslen purgatorial, ApT 26. cwictrow n. aspen, WW. cwicu cwic +cwicung f. restoration to life, GD 218^17. cwicwelle living (of water), JnR. cwid cwed, cwud cwidbc f. Book of Proverbs, CP: book of homilies, MF (Vesp. D xiv). cwiddian (e, y) to talk, speak, say, discuss, report: make a claim against, LL 400[3,1]. cwiddung (y) f. speech, saying, report, . cwide (y) m. speech, saying, word, sentence, phrase, proverb, argument, proposal, discourse, homily, Bo; , CP: testament, will, enactment, decree, decision, judgment, TC; . ['quide'; cwean] +cwide n. sentence, decree, fate. cwidegiedd (i) n. speech, song, Wa 55. cwidelas speechless, (y): intestate, EC 212. cwielman (, e, i, y) to torment, afflict, mortify, destroy, kill, Bl, VPs; AO, CP. ['quelm'] For compounds v. cwylm. cwiferlce zealously, RB 122^2. cwild (y) mfn. destruction, death, pestilence, murrain. [cwelan] cwildbre deadly, dangerous, pestiferous. adv.brlce. cwildberendlic (y) deadly, NC 279. cwildefld nm. deluge, CPs 28^10. cwildful (y) deadly, OEG. cwildrf deadly, savage, Ex 166. cwilman cwielman 155

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary cwil pres. 3 sg. of cwelan. cwnan v. c. cwincan v. c. cwine cwene +cwis conspiracy, OEG 4955. cwisse v. unc. cwist pres. 2 sg. of cwean. cwi I. (also cwia) m. belly, womb. [Goth. kwius] II. pres. 3 sg. of cwean. cwan to bewail: accuse, LL. cwie cwide cwienlic natural, WW 412^30. cwnes f. complaint, lament, GD. cwist pres. 2 sg. of cwean. cwung (qu) f. complaint, WW 488^37. cwolen pp. of cwelan. cwolstan v. forc. cwm pret. 3 sg. of cuman. cwuc, cwucu cwic cwudu (eo, i) n. what is chewed, cud, : resin of trees. hwt c. chewing gum, mastic. cwyc cwic cwyd cwed, cwid, cwidd cwydele f. pustule, tumour, boil. cwyld cwild cwyldseten f. first hours of night, Gl. cwyldtd m. evening, WW. [ON. kveld] cwylla m. well, spring, KC 2265^30. [Ger. quelle] cwylm cwealm cwylm cwielm [[Printed on one line: cwylm cwealm, cwielm]] cwylmend m. tormentor, destroyer, GD. cwylmende excruciating, deadly. +cwylmful pernicious, HGl 428. cwylmian (intr.) to suffer: (tr.) torment, kill, crucify, . [cwealm] cwylming f. suffering, tribulation, : (metaph.) cross : death. cwylmnes f. pain, torment. cwylseten cwyldseten cwyltd cwyldtd cwyl pres. 3 sg. of cwelan. cwyne cwene cwyrn cweorn cwsan to squeeze, dash against, bruise, . cwyst pres. 2 sg. of cwean. cwy pres. 3 sg. of cwean. cwan cwan cwye cwide cwyst pres. 2 sg. of cwean. c v. c. cycel (i) m. small cake, Gl. cycen cicen cycene f. 'kitchen,' , WW. [L. coquina] 156

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary cycennung f. service in the kitchen, NC 279. cycgel m. 'cudgel,' BDS, CP. cdde pret. 3 sg. of can. cdung cdung ce I. v. c. II. co cf f. tub, vat, cask, bushel, . ['keeve'] cyfes ciefes cfl m. tub, bucket. cgan cegan cgling cling +cygd +cd +cgednes +cgednes cylcan 'ructare,' OEG 20^2. cyld (1) cild; (2) ceald cyldfaru f. carrying of children, . cyle ciele cylen f. 'kiln,' oven, Cp, WW. cyleenie celeonie cylew cylu cylin cylen cyll f. skin, leather bottle, flagon, vessel, censer, , AO, CP. cylle I. mf. cyll. II. cielle cyllfylling f. act of filling a bottle, GD 250^27. cyln cylen cylu spotted, speckled, WW 163^29. cym imperat. of cuman. cymbala cimbala [[under cimbal"]] cyme (i) m. coming, arrival, advent, approach, Bo, MtR ; AO, CP. ['come'] cme () comely, lovely, glorious, splendid. cymed n. germander, Lcd. cymen I. mn. 'cumin,' CP, Mt. [L.] II. pp. of cuman. III. (and cymin) cinimin [[Referenced word could not be identified.]] cmlic 'comely,' lovely, splendid, Ps. adv.lce, B. cmnes f. fastidiousness, daintiness, Gl. cymst pres. 2 sg., cym(e) pres. 3 sg. of cuman. cyn (1) cynn; (2) cinn cna gp. of c. cyncan as. of sb. small bundle, bunch? (BT) Lcd 258^22. cynd (usu.+) nf. nature, 'kind,' ('icunde') property, quality, Bl, Gu, Met: character, Bo: gender, Ph : (+) race, species, Bl, Bo, El: (+) origin, generation, birth, +_Hy: (+) offspring: (+) 'genitalia,' . +cyndbc f. book of Genesis. +cynde natural, native, innate, B, Bo, WW; , AO, CP: proper, fitting, Met: lawful, rightful, Chr, Met. ['kind,' 'icunde'] cyndelic 'kindly,' natural, innate, Bo, Lcd: generative, of generation, LL 7[64]: proper, suitable, Bo: lawful, BH. adv.lce, Bo. +cyndlim n. womb: pl. 'genitalia.' +cyndnes f. nation: produce, increase, RHy 6^22. +cyndo,u f. cynd cyne cine II. cne cne cynebnd m. diadem, NC 279. 157

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary cynebeald royally bold, very brave. cynebearn (a^3) n. royal child, Christ. cyneboren royally born, . cynebt f. king's compensation, LL. cynebotl n. palace, . cynecynn n. royal race, pedigree or family, , AO. cynedm (cyning, Da) m. royal dignity, kingly rule, government, Chr, Gl; AO: royal ordinance or law: 'kingdom' ('kindom'), royal possessions. cyneg cyning cynegeard,gerd cynegyrd cynegewdu np. royal robes, BH 32^25. cynegierela m. royal robe, Met 25^23 (e^3). cynegild n. king's compensation, LL 462. cynegd noble, wellborn, excellent. cynegold n. regal gold, crown. cynegyrd,ge(a)rd f. sceptre, . cynehd m. kingly honour, state, or dignity, CP. cynehm m. royal manor, EC. cynehelm,healm m. diadem, royal crown, : royal power. cynehelmian to crown, ZDA 2037. cynehlford m. liege lord, king. cynehof n. king's palace, GPH 391. cynelic I. kingly, royal, CP: public. adv.lce. II. cynlic cynelicnes f. kingliness, BH 194^34. cynemann m. royal personage, NG. cyneren cynren cynerce (cyning) n. rule, sovereignty, Chr, Ct; CP: region, nation, AO. ['kinrick,' 'kingrick'] cyneriht n. royal prerogative, EC 202^18. cynerf noble, renowned. cynescipe m. royalty, majesty, kingly power, . cynesetl n. throne, capital city, AO. cynestl m. throne, royal dwelling, city, , AO, CP. cynestrt f. public road, WW 71^6. cynerymlic very glorious, NC 279. cynerymm m. royal glory, majesty, power: kingly host, Da 706. cynewen [wden?] of royal purple, TC 538. cynewse f. state, commonwealth. cynewie f. royal diadem, Gl. cyneword n. fitting word, Rd 44^16. [cynn] cynewyre noble, kingly, A 8308, MF 157. cyng, cynig cyning cyning m. 'king,' ruler, Bo, Bl, Chr; , AO, CP: God, Christ, Bl, OET: () Satan. cyning cyne cyninge man entitled to take oath as a king's thane, LL 112[54#bh]. cyninge f. queen, Bl 13^1. cyningeswyrt f. marjoram, WW 301^17. cyningfeorm f. king's sustenance, provision for the king's household. cyninggenla m. great feud, El 610. cyninggereordu np. royal banquet, WW 411^28. cynlic fitting, proper, convenient, becoming, sufficient. adv.lce. cynn I. (i) n. kind, sort, rank, quality: family, generation, offspring, pedigree, kin, race, people, , Bl, CP, 158

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary Chr: gender, sex, , Lcd: propriety, etiquette. II. adj. becoming, proper, suitable, CP. +cynn +cynd cynn cenn cynnig noble, of good family, OEG. cynnreccenes f. genealogy, NG. cynren, cynrd (EPs) n. kindred, family, generation, posterity, stock, CP: kind, species. cynresu a generation, Mt (pref.). cynryn cynren co co cyp cypp cp cep cpa m. I. (also cpe) f. vessel, basket, Lk, OEG. [' kipe'] II. (, ) m. chapman, trader, merchant, . cpan () to traffic, buy, sell, barter. [Ger. kaufen] +cpe adj. for sale, . cpe cap, cepe cpedg m. market day, OEG. cpend m. one who sells, merchant. cypera m. spawning salmon, Met 19^12. cyperen () cypren cypp cipp cypren made of copper, copper, AO. [copor] [[under coper"]] cypresse f. cypress, Lcd 3118^21. [L.] cypsan cyspan cyr cer, cier, cir cyre m. choice, free will, . ['cure'] cyre m. oath sworn by an accused man and by other chosen persons. v. LL 2293. cyrelf n. state of dependence on a lord whom a person has chosen ?: person in such a state (v. BT and NC 279). cyren (1) ceren, (2) cyrn [[under cyrin"]] cyrf m. cutting, cutting off, : what is cut off. ['kerf'] cyrft cyrfet cyrfel m. little stake, peg, WW 126^18. cyrfet m. gourd. [Ger. krbis] cyrf pres. 3 sg. of ceorfan. cyrige v. wlc. cyrin, cyrn (e) f. 'churn,' WW. cyrnel (i) mn. (nap. cyrnlu) seed, 'kernel,' pip, , Lcd : (enlarged) gland, swelling, Lcd. [corn] +cyrnod, +cyrnlod granulated, rough, OEG. cyrps cirps cyrriol the Kyrie Eleeson, A 8320. cyrs crs, cris cyrstrow n. cherrytree, WW 138. [ciris; L.] +cyrtan to shorten. cyrtel m. (man's) tunic, coat, , AO: (woman's) gown, Ct. [' kirtle'] cyrten I. fair, comely, : intelligent. adv.lce (and cyrtelce) elegantly, neatly, fairly, well, exactly. II. ornament? WW 216^7. cyrtenes (e^1) f. elegance, beauty. cyrtenlcan (e^1) to beautify, make elegant, . cyr pres. 3 sg. of cyrran. [[redirected to cierran"]] cys cyse, ceos cs cs 159

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary [[Printed on one line: cys, cs cyse, ceos, cs]] cseft n. cheese vat, WW 379^27. csehwg n. whey, Lcd 119b. csft (LL 455^17) cseft csgerunn n. rennet. cysirbam cirisbam cslybb n. rennet, Lcd. ['cheeselip'] cyspan to fetter, bind. [cosp] cyssan to 'kiss,' , BH, Mt. [coss] cssticce n. piece of cheese. cyst I. fm. freewill, choice, election: (w. gp.) the best of anything, the choicest, : picked host: moral excellence, virtue, goodness, CP, : generosity, munificence, CP. [cosan] II. cist I. cst pres. 3 sg. of cosan. cystan to spend, lay out, get the value of, Chr 1124. cystbam cistenbam cystel ( cist) f. chestnuttree. cystelce cystiglce [[form of cystig"]] cystian (e) to put in a coffin, W. [cest] [[under cist"]] cystig charitable, liberal, generous, CP; : virtuous, good. ['custi'] adv.lce. cystignes, cystines f. liberality, bounty, goodness, : abundance. cystlas worthless, bad, Gen 1004. cystlic cystig cystnes cystignes cs ces pres. 3 sg. of cosan. cswucu f. the last week in which cheese was allowed to be eaten before Lent. cswyrhte f. (female) cheesemaker, LL 451[16]. cta m. 'kite,' bittern, Cp. cte () f. cottage, hut, cabin, : cell, cubicle, . cytel citel cytere citere cytwer m. weir for catching fish. c (1) c, (2) c can to proclaim, utter, make known, show forth, tell, relate, Cp, Cr, Jn; CP: prove, show, testify, confess, Mt, VPs: exercise, perform, practise, B: (+) confirm, LL: (+) make celebrated. wundor c. perform a miracle. [' kithe'; c] +cednes f. testimony, LPs 121^4. cere m. witness, martyr, . cig known: (+) knowing, aware of, DR. cing f. statement, narration, GD 86^14. clcan to become known. cling cing cnes f. testimony: testament (often of Old and New Test.), : knowledge, acquaintance. c, cu f. kinship, relationship: 'kith,' kinsfolk, fellowcountrymen, neighbours, Lk: acquaintance, friendship : () native land, home, Bo; AO, CP: knowledge, familiarity, , BH. cywes cyfes cw pres. 3 sg. of cowan. cwung cowung


A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary

d f. doe (female deer), . dd I. () f. (nap. dda, dde) 'deed,' action, transaction, event, , B, Bl, VPs. II. dad ddbana m. murderer, LL 266[23]. ddbta (),btere m. a penitent. ddbtan to atone for, make amends, be penitent, repent, . [ddbt] ddbtnes f. penitence. ddbt f. amends, atonement, repentance, penitence, Mt ; AO. ['deedbote'] ddbtlihting f. mitigation of penance. ddbtnes ddbtnes ddcne bold in deed, B 1645. ddfrom energetic, PPs 109^8. ddfruma m. doer of deeds (good or bad), worker. ddhata m. ravager, B 275. ddhwt energetic, bold. ddlata m. sluggard. ddlan n. recompense, Ex 263. ddlic active, Gr. ddon dydon pret. pl. of dn. ddrf bold in deeds, valiant. ddsca (Cr 257) dasca? ddweorc n. mighty work, Ex 575. df daf dftan to put in order, arrange, , CP. +dfte mild, gentle, meek, Mt. ['daft'; gedafen] +dftelce, +dftlce fitly, in moderation, in season, CP. dg m. gs. dges; nap. dagas day, lifetime, , Mt, Mk; AO, CP. andlangne d. all day long. dges, or on d. by day. t d., t dge today. d. r the day before. sume dge one day. ofer midne d. afternoon. on his dge in his time . dges and nihtes by day and by night . lange on d. far on, late in the day . emnihtes d. equinox. ealle dagas always, Mt: Last Day, Bl: name of the rune for d. dgcandel (o^2) f. sun. dgc open, clear as the day. dge f. (female) bread maker. dge dg dgehwelc daily. dgenlic of this day. dges adv. v. dg. dgesage,ge n. 'daisy,' Lcd, WW. +dge pres. 3 sg. dares? braves? W 220^28. dgfsten n. a day's fast. dgfeorm f. day's provision, EC 226^2. dghluttre adv. clearly, as day, Gu 665. dghryne dgryne dghwm adv. daily. dghwmlic of day, daily, . adv.lce, , AO. dghwl f. (pl.) days, lifetime, B 2726. dghwonlce dghwmlce dglang (o^2) lasting a day, Sol 501. 161

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary dglanges adv. during a day, . dglic dghwmlic dgml nm. horologe, dial. dgmlsplu f. gnomon of a dial, WW 126^31. dgmlscawere m. horoscopeobserver, astrologer, WW. dgmete m. breakfast, dinner, WW 267^13. dgol dgol dgrd (or ? dgred) (, CP)rd n. daybreak, dawn, Lk. ['dayred'] dgrdloma m. light of dawn, NC 280. dgrdlic belonging to morning, early. dgrdsang m. matins, RB, CM. dgrdwma m. dawn. dgrm n. number of days. dgrima m. dawn, daybreak, morning, . ['dayrim '] dgryne daily, of a day, WW 224^29. dgsang m. daily service, W 290^22. dgsceald m? (shield by day?) sun, Ex 79. dgsteorra m. 'daystar,' morning star, , Lcd. dgswsendo np. a day's food, LL (220^30). dgtd f. daytime, time, period. dgtdum by day, in the daytime. dgtma m. daytime, day, LPs 120^6. dgerlic of the day, of today, daily, present, . dgern f. interval of a day, Lcd. dgerne adj. for use by day, everyday, CM. dgwccan fp. daywatches, WW 110^24. dgweard m. daywatchman, WW 110^25. dgweorc n. work of a day, fixed or stated service, Ex : daytime. ['daywork'] dgweorung f. feast day, El 1234. dgwilla wished for day, Gen 2776. dgwine n? day's pay, Gl. dgwist f. food, meal, . dgwma dgrdwma dl I. nap. dalu n. 'dale,' valley, gorge, abyss, AO. II. pret. 3 sg. of delan. dl () mn. (p. dlas,e) portion, part, share, lot, Cp, Bl, Gu (), VPs; AO, CP: division, separation, (): quantity, amount, Lcd: region, district, AO. d. wintra a good number of years. be dle in part, partly. be healfum dle by half. be nigum dle at all, to any extent. be m dle to that extent. can be dle to make a partial or 'ex parte' statement. sume dle, be sumum dle partly: part of speech, word, Gr. ['deal'] dlan to divide, part, separate, share, Da; , CP: bestow, distribute, dispense, spend, hand over to, An, Mk: take part in, share with, Gen: be divided. hilde, earfoe dlan to fight, contend. ['deal'] +dledlce separately. dlend m. divider, Lk 12^4. dlere m. divider, distributor, WW: agent, negociator, : almsgiver, . ['dealer'] dling f. dividing, sharing, HGl 423. +dlland +dlland dllas deficient, unskilled: destitute of, without. dlmlum adv. by parts or pieces, . dlneom,nym dlnim dlnes f. sharing out. dlnimend m. sharer, participator, : participle, Gr. [Ger. teilnehmend] 162

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary dlnimendnes f. participation, BJPs 121^2. dlnimung f. participation, portion, share. dlnumelnes dlnimendnes dm dm dn den dp dop dre v. daru. drne dierne drst, drste (e) f. leaven, NG, DR: (pl.) dregs, refuse, Lcd (e), Ps. ['drast'] +drsted leavened, fermented, NG. d da dwig dawig +dafen I. n. what is fitting, GD 84^6. II. becoming, suitable, fit, proper. +dafenian (often impers.) to beseem, befit, be right, . +dafenlic fit, becoming, proper, suitable, right. adv.lce. dafenlcnes f. fit time, opportunity. +daflic +dafenlic dafn dafen +dafniendlic +dafenlic dg m? (dh) 'dough,' Lcd: mass of metal. dagas, dages v. dg. dagian to dawn, be day, BH; . ['daw'] dagung f. daybreak, dawn, BH. on dagunge at daybreak. dh dg dl dl +dal n. part, GD 311^11. dalc m. bracelet, brooch. dalf (NG) dealf pret. 3 sg. of delfan. dalisc (? for *dedalisc) 'dedaleus,' WW 221^3. +dlland n. land under joint ownership, common land divided into strips. v. LL 2443. dlmd f. meadowland held in common and apportioned between the holders, KC 3260^3. dalmatice f. dalmatic (vestment), ANS 8413; GD 329^34. dalu v. dl. dara, dare daro darian to lurk, be hidden, L 23^322. daro m. dart, spear, javelin. daroa lf those left by spears, survivors of a battle. darohbbende spearbearing, Jul 68. darolcende (e) mp. spearwarriors. darosceaft (deore) m. javelinshaft, Gen 1984. daru f. gds. dre injury, hurt, damage, calamity, . datrum m. (indecl.) date. da 'bloma,' mass of metal, WW 141^36. Davtic adj. of David (psalms). dacon dacon dad () 'dead,' , B, Mt; AO, CP: torpid, dull. d. bld congealed blood. dad da dadboren stillborn, Lcd 1206. dadian to die, JnL. ['dead'] dadlic subject to death, mortal, perishable, : causing death, 'deadly,' fatal, AO: about to die. adv.lce. dadrgel n. shroud, WW 37^6. [hrgl] dadspring m. ulcer, Lcd. 163

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary dadwylle barren, AO 26^16. daf I. 'deaf,' Mt, Jul; VPs: empty, barren, CP 411^20. II. pret. 3 sg. of dfan. dafian v. d. daflic dfelic dafu f. deafness, Lcd. deag dg dag I. hue, tinge, , WW: 'dye,' WW. II. pres. 3 sg. of dugan. dagan to discolour, dye, colour (Earle); to conceal oneself, hide (Leo). B 851. [[from first edition]] dagel d(e)gol daggede gouty, WW 161^31. [daw] dagian to 'dye,' OEG. dagol degol dagol dgol dagung f. 'dying,' colouring, . dagwyrmede gouty, WW 161^31. [daw] dah dag I. and II. dahl dgol deal deall dealf pret. 3 sg. of delfan. deall proud, exulting, bold, renowned. dear pres. 3 sg. of *durran. dearc deorc deare daro dearf I. pret. 3 sg. of deorfan. II. bold, NG. dearflic bold, presumptuous, NG. dearfscipe m. boldness, presumption, NG. dearnunga,unge (e^2, i^2) secretly, privately, insidiously, , AO, CP. dearo daro dearr pres. 3 sg. of *durran. dearste (VPs) drste [[under drst"]] da (o) m. 'death,' dying, An, Bo, Mt; CP: cause of death, Bl: in pl. 'manes,' ghosts. da dad(v. ES 39324). dabre deadly, CP. dabrlic (dad) deadly. dabacnigende boding death. dabam m. deathbringing tree, Gen 638. dabedd n. bed of death, grave. daberende fatal, deadly, CP. dabrnes f. deadliness, destructiveness, LkL 21^11. dacwalu f. deadly throe, agony: death by violence. dacwealm m. death by violence, B 1670. dacwylmende killed. dadg m. deathday. dadenu f. valley of death. dadrepe m. deathblow, Ex 495. dafge doomed to death, B 850. dafiren f. deadly sin, Cr 1207. dagedl n. separation of body and soul by death, Gu 936. dagodas mp. infernal deities, WW 447^19. +daian to kill. dalg m. deadly flame, Gr 983. 164

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary dalic 'deathly,' mortal, Bl: deadly: dead. dalicnes f. mortality, mortal state: deadliness. damgen n. deadly band, Gu 867. darced ( e^2) n. sepulchre, Ph 48. dars m. sudden death, An 997. daraf n. clothing taken from the dead, spoils, WW 397^22. darow murderous, fierce, An 1316. dasca,scufa m. deathshadow, spirit of death, devil. dascyld f. crime worthy of death, LL 130. dascyldig (LL), dadsynnig (NG) condemned to death. dasele m. deathhall, hell. daslege m. deathstroke, Rd 6^14. daspere n. deadly spear, Rd 4^53. dastede m. place of death, Ex 589. dasynnignes f. guiltiness of death, DR. danung f. exequies, last offices to the dead, funeral. dawang m. plain of death, An 1005. dawge n. deadly cup, Gu 964. [wge] dawrig dead, B 2125. dawc n. dwelling of death, B 1275. dawyrd f. fate, death, WW 408^23. daw mn. 'dew,' , CP, VPs. +daw dewy. dawdras m. fall of dew? Da 277. [drosan] dawig (, ) 'dewy,' Ex. dawigendlc? dewy, HGl 408. dawigfeera dewyfeathered. dawung f. dew, EHy 7^64. dawwyrm m. 'dewworm,' ringworm, tetter, Lcd. decan m. one who has charge of ten monks. dcan to smear, plaster. decanhd m. office of a 'decan.' decanon decan Decembris m. December. declnian to decline, Gr. declnigendlic subject to inflection, Gr. declnung f. declension, A 8313^5. dd I. (A) dd. II. dad dde (KGl) dyde pret. 3 sg. of dn. +dfe (doefe once, in NG) befitting, suitable, proper: meek, gentle, kindly. also adv. +dfelic fit, becoming, proper. adv.lce, BH. defen dafen dflic dfelic +dfnes f. mildness, gentleness, LPs 89^10. +deftlce +dftlce [[under dftelce"]] deg dg dg (NG) dag pres. 3 sg. of dugan. dg dag, deg, dg degn egn dehter ds. of dohtor. dehtnung (KGl) dihtnung 165

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary del dl dela nap. of delu. delan^4 to fall, decay? (Grein) to be arrogant, proud, boastful (Leo). Gen 23. [[from first edition]] dlan dlan +delf n. digging, excavation, , AO: what is dug, trench, quarry, canal, Mdf. delfan^3 to 'delve,' dig, dig out, burrow, , Bo, G; AO: bury. delfere m. digger, Bo 140^13. delfn dolphin, WW 293^13. [L.] delfsen n. spade, WW. delfung f. digging, WW 149^10. +delgian +telgian dell nm. dell, hollow, dale, BH; Mdf. delu f. teat, nipple, CP 405^1. [OHG. tili] dem demm dma m. judge, ruler, , CP. dman to 'deem' ('ideme'), consider, think, estimate, compute, , BH: judge, determine, decide, decree, sentence, condemn, BH, G, El; CP: assign: () praise, glorify: () tell, declare, FAp. dmedlic that may be judged, GD 336^20. dmend n. judge, arbiter. dmere m. judge, MtL (oe). ['deemer'] demm m. damage, injury, loss, misfortune, AO, CP. demman v. ford. dmon demon, devil, DR. den denn dn dn pp. of dn. Denalagu, f. the 'Dane law,' law for the part of England occupied by the Danes, LL. denbre,berende n. swinepasture, Mdf. dene denu Dene mp. the 'Danes,' Chr; AO. deneland () valley. Denemearc (^1, a^3, e^3) Denm, f. Denmark. dengan (ncg) to beat, strike, NC 281. denge dyncge Denisc 'Danish,' Chr. wk. nap. Deniscan the Danes. denn n. 'den,' lair, cave, ; WW: swinepasture, v. Mdf. dennian () to become slippery? #Chr 937. denstw f. place of pasture, BC 3144^21. denu f. valley, vale, dale, , Lk, VPs; Mdf. ['dean '] dof daf pret. 3 sg. of dfan. dofel, dofl dofol deofenian dafenian dofol mn. gs. dofles, nap. doflu, dofol, a 'devil,' demon, false god, B, Mt, VPs; AO: the devil, CP, Jn, Jul ; : diabolical person, JnLR. [L. diabolus] dofolcrft m. witchcraft, AO. dofolcund fiendish, Jud 61. dofoldd f. fiendish deed, Da 18. dofolgield (AO, CP),gild,geld (AO, VHy),gyld () n. devilworship, idolatry: idol, image of the devil, . dofolgielda (y^3) m. devilworshipper, idolater, H 170^23. dofolgieldhs n. idol temple, AO 284^9. dofolgtsung (dwl) f. unrighteous mammon, LkL 16^11. 166

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary dofollic devilish, diabolical, of the devil, . [' devilly'] adv.lce. dofolscn n. evil spirit, demon. dofolscpe m. idolatry, NC 286. dofolsoc possessed by devils, lunatic, . dofolsocnes f. demoniacal possession. dofolwtga m. wizard, magician, Da 128. doful dofol dog pret. 3 sg. of dagan. dohl, dogol degol don (A) to suck, JAW 19. dop I. 'deep,' profound, Ps: awful, mysterious, CP: () heinous, Gu, Jul: serious, solemn, earnest, Ex. d. cap high price, great price. II. n. depth, abyss, Ex, Mt: the deep, sea, Lk. dope adv. deeply, thoroughly, entirely, earnestly, solemnly, Ps. dophycgende dophdig deeply meditating, pensive. dopian to get deep, Lcd 125b. doplic deep, profound, thorough, fundamental, , CP: grievous. adv.lce 'deeply,' Bo, WW. dopnes f. depth, abyss, LPs, Nic: profundity, mystery, subtlety, . ['deepness'] dopancol contemplative, very thoughtful, W 248^7; A 8329. adv.lce. dor I. n. animal, beast (usu. wild), Lk, Met, WW; , CP: 'deer,' reindeer, AO. II. brave, bold, An, Sol : ferocious, B: grievous, severe, violent, Da, Sol. ['dear'] III. dore doran dran [[variant of drsian"]] dorboren of noble birth, LL 104[34,1]. deorc 'dark,' obscure, gloomy, B, Ps: sad, cheerless: sinister, wicked, Lk, Sat. adv. deorce. deorcegrg dark grey, WW. deorcful dark, gloomy, Sc. ['darkfull'] deorclce 'darkly,' horribly, foully, GPH 391^22. deorcnes f. 'darkness,' Sc 228^3. deorcung f. gloaming, twilight, . dorcynn n. race of animals, . dore I. 'dear,' beloved, Jul: precious, costly, valuable, Bo: noble, excellent. II. adv. dearly, at great cost, Met, WW. III. adv. fiercely, cruelly. [dor II.] doren of a wild animal. deoresceaft darosceaft deorf n. labour: difficulty, hardship, trouble, danger, . dorfald m. enclosure for wild beasts, WW 201^34. deorfan^3 to exert oneself, labour, : be in peril, perish, be wrecked, AO. ['derve'] dorfellen made of hides, WW 328^18. +deorflas free from trouble, Gl. +deorfnes f. trouble, tribulation, LPs 45^2. dorfri n. preservation of game, deerprotection, Chr 1086. +deorfsum troublesome, grievous, Chr 1103; 1005 (y). dorgat n. gate for animals, Ct. dorhege m. deerfence, LL. deorian (Chr) derian dorlic brave, renowned, B 585. dorlce 'dearly,' preciously, richly, El: sincerely, acceptably, AS 4^19. dorling (, ) m. 'darling,' favourite, minion, , Bo, CP: household god. dormd courageous, bold. dornett n. huntingnet, WW 183^12. deornunga dearnunga deorsterlce dyrstelce 167

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary dortn m. park, Gl. dorwiere (CP),wure (),wyre precious, dear, valuable, costly, Bl, Bo. ['dearworth'] dorwyrlic (eo^2, u^2) precious, valuable. adv.lce splendidly, : as a thing of value, . dorwyrnes (u^2) f. treasure. do (NG) da dpan dpan dpe dop deppan dyppan dr dor Dra, Dre mp. Deirans, inhabitants of Deira. derian (w. d.) to damage, injure, hurt, Bo; , AO, CP. ['dere'] deriendlic injurious, mischievous, noxious, hurtful, . drling (NG) dorling derne dierne derne dyrne dernegelegerscipe (derneleger) m. adultery, fornication, N. derneleger adulterous, NG. adv.ere licentiously, NG. dernunga (NG) dearnunga derodine m. scarlet dye, CP 83^25. derste (VPs) drste [[under drst"]] derung f. injury, GD. desig dysig dst v. dn. d I. 3 p. sg. pres. of dn. II. 'manipulus,' sheaf? EPs 125^6. +dian to kill, mortify, DR, NG. ding f. putting to death, DR 72^13. dean? to suck, LkR. dwig dawig dacon m. 'deacon,' minister, levite, , BH, Jn. dacongegyrela m. deacon's robe, BH 90^2. daconhd m. office of a deacon, . daconrocc m. dalmatic, CM 723. daconnung f. office of a deacon, BH 272^17. dan (A) don (A) dc mf. 'dike,' trench, ditch, moat, AO, BH, Chr; ; Mdf: an earthwork with a trench. dcere m. digger, . dcian to make a dyke or bank. dcsceard n. breach of a dike, LL 455[13]. dcung f. construction of a dike, WW. ['diking '] dcwalu f. bank of a ditch? KC 5334^28. dide, didon dyde, dydon (v. dn). diegan to die, NR 38. degel degol degellce (e, eo, i^1, o^2) secretly, AO, CP. degelnes f. privacy, secrecy, solitude, CP: hidingplace, recess, (): secret, secret thought, mystery, AO, CP; (). deglan,lian to hide, cover, conceal, hide oneself, CP. degle degol degol (, , a, o, , ) I. adj. secret, hidden, obscure, unknown, deep. [for compounds v. degel.] II. adv. secretly. III. n. concealment, obscurity, secrecy, mystery: hidden place, grave. degolful (^1) mysterious, Rd 80^14. 168

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary dielf dealf pret. 3 sg. of delfan. dielgian dilegian [[headword spelled dlegian"]] diend m. suckling, NG. [don] dere () 'dear,' beloved, Lk: precious, costly, AO : noble, excellent. diernan (e, y) to keep secret, hide, restrain, repress, AO; (y). ['dern'] dierne (, e, y) I. hidden, secret, obscure, remote, B, El, Lk; CP: deceitful, evil, magical, B, CP, Gen. [' dern'] II. (y) n. secret. dierne derne, dyrne derra comp. of dere, dore. dgan dagian +dgan (, ) to endure, survive, overcome. dgel degol (wk. dgla, dgle). dgel degel dgl degl dhl degel digner dnor dgol, dgul degol dgol degel [[Printed on one line: dgol, dgul, dgol degol, degel]] dihnian dihtnian diht n. arrangement, disposal, deliberation, purpose, : administration, office: direction, command, prescription, : conduct, : (+) piece of writing, composition, literary work. dihtan, dihtian to arrange, dispose, appoint, direct, dictate, impose, , G: compose, write, . ['dight'] dihtere m. informant, expositor, WW: steward, ( dihtnere): one who dictates, Guth. ['dighter '] dihtfstendg m. appointed fast. dihtig dyhtig dihtnere m. manager, steward, . dihtnian dihtian [[under dihtan"]] dihtnung,ung f. ordering, disposition. dile m. 'dill,' anise, Gl, Mt, Lcd; CP. dlegian to destroy, blot out, CP. ['dilghe'; Ger. tilgen] dilf pres. 3 sg. of delfan. dlgian (CP) dlegian dlignes f. annihilation, destruction, Gl. dill dile dim dimm dimhiw of dark colour. dimhof n.,hofe f. place of concealment, . dimhs n. prison, OEG. dimlic (y) dim, obscure, secret, hidden, . dimm 'dim' dark, gloomy, obscure, Bo, Gen, Sat: blurred, faint, MH: wicked: wretched, grievous. dimmian to be or become dim. dimnes (y) f. 'dimness,' darkness, obscurity, gloom, Lcd, VPs ; : evil: obscuration, moral obliquity, LL 476[14]: a dark place. dimsca m. darkness, sin? An 141. dincge dyncge dner dnor ding I. v. dung I. II. dung II. dingiung f. manuring, WW 104^8. dinig? (A 8450) dung 169

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary dnor m. a piece of money, Gr. [L. denarius] do do, dg dowl(NG) dofol dippan dyppan dirige dirge, 'vigilia,' CM. drling (CP) dorling dirn diern, dyrn dis dys disc m. 'dish,' plate, bowl, Gl, Mt. discberend m. dishbearer, seneschal, WW. discipul m. 'disciple,' scholar, BH, Mt. discipula female disciple, BH 236^34. discipulhd m. 'disciplehood,' BH. discegn,n m. dishservant, waiter, seneschal, steward, . disg, disig dysig dism (ism) m. 'vapor,' 'fumus,' ES 41324. disma m., disme f? musk? moss? OEG 46^4 (A 30123): ' cassia,' Ps 44^9 (y). distf m. 'distaff,' WW; . dwl dofol dob dof, dop dc m. bastard son, WW. docce f. 'dock,' sorrel, Lcd. docga m. 'dog,' GPH. dcincel n. bastard. defe v. +dfe. deg dg dema (NG) dma dere m. doer, worker, DR 198^6. doe da dofen pp. of dfan. dofian (dobian) to be doting, Gl. dofung f. stupidity, frenzy, madness, Gl. dger dgor dogga docga dogian to endure? Rd 1^9. dgor mn. (ds. dgor and dgore) day, AO, CP. dgorgerm,rm n. series of days, time, allotted time of life. dh dg dohtar, dohter dohtor dohte pret. 3 sg. of dugan. dohtig competent, good, valiant, 'doughty,' Chr. [dugan] dohtor f. gs. dohtor, ds. dohtor, dehter, nap. dohtor,tra,tru 'daughter,' Mt; , AO, CP: female descendant, Jn. dohtorsunu m. daughter's son, grandson, Chr 982#c. dohx dox dol I. adj. foolish, silly, CP: presumptuous. [ Goth. dwals; Ger. toll] II. n. folly, CP. dolc dalc dolcswau dolgswau [[under dolgsw"]] dolfen pp. of delfan. dolg (dolh) nm. wound, scar, cut, sore: boil, tumour, . dolgbenn f. wound, An 1399. 170

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary dolgbt f. fine or compensation for wounding, LL 62[23,2]. dolgian to wound, Rd. dolgilp m. idle boasting, B 509. dolgrne f. pellitory, Lcd 25a. dolgsealf f. poultice for a wound, Lcd. dolgslege m. wounding blow, An. dolgsw n., dolgswau f. scar, . dolh dolg dolhdrenc m. drink for a wound, antidote. dolhsmeltas mp. linen bandages, WW 107^33. dolhwund wounded. dollic audacious, rash, foolhardy, foolish. adv.lce, CP. dolmanus dulmunus dolsceaa m. fell destroyer, B 479. dolscipe m. folly, error, CP 387^34. dolsmeltas dolhsmeltas dolsprc f. silly talk, CP 385^6. dolwillen I. rash, bold, Jul 451. II. n. rashness, madness, Jul 202. dolwte n. pain of a wound? (BT), punishment of the wicked, pains of hell? (Tupper), Rd 27^17. dm m. 'doom,' judgment, ordeal, sentence, BH, JnL; , CP: decree, law, ordinance, custom, , VPs: justice, equity, VPs: opinion, advice: choice, option, freewill: condition: authority, supremacy, majesty, power, might , Jn ; AO: reputation, dignity, glory, honour, splendour , AO: court, tribunal, assembly : meaning, interpretation. dm masc. abstract suffix state, condition, power, etc., as in frodm. dmrn n. judgmenthall, tribunal. dmbc f. code of laws, statutebook, manual of justice, , LL. ['doombook'] dmdg m. 'doomsday,' judgmentday. dmadig mighty, renowned. dmere m. judge, Bo, LL; CP. ['doomer'] dmern () dmrn dmfst just, renowned, mighty. dmfstnes f. righteous judgment, LPs 100^1. dmgeorn ambitious: righteous. dmhs n. lawcourt, tribunal, Gl. dmhwt adj. eager for renown? strenuous in judgment? Cr 428. dmian to glorify, magnify. dmisc adj. of the day of judgment. dmlas inglorious, powerless. dmlic famous, glorious, praiseworthy: judicial, : canonical, CM 268. adv.lce. domne mf. lord, Chr: nun, abbess. [L.] dmsetl n. judgmentseat, tribunal, . dmsettend m. jurisconsult, WW 429^6. dmstw f. tribunal, W 148^31. dmweorung f. honour, glory. dn anv. pres. ptc. d(e)nde, pres. 2 sing. dst, 3 d, pret. sg. dyde, pl. dydon (, i), pp. dn to 'do' ('ido') make, act, perform, Gu, Met, Ps; , AO, CP: cause (often followed by the inf. with a passive sense or by t), CP, VPs. hig dydon rcu settan they caused kingdoms to be founded ( founded kingdoms), AO: put, place, take (from or to), CP, Mt, Ps. d. p put ashore. +d. up exhume: give, bestow, confer, Ps: consider, esteem: observe, keep: to avoid repetition of another verb, , Gen, Mk: (+) arrive at, Chr: (+) halt, encamp, cast anchor, Chr: (+) reduce, Chr. d. t herran hde promote, advance to a higher position. d. t nhte annul, make of none effect. d. t witanne cause to know. betre, furor d. prefer. +d. for manifest, 171

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary show forth. dnlic active. dopened,nid f. diver, waterfowl, moorhen, coot, Gl. dopfugel m. waterfowl, moorhen, Gl. doppa v. dfed. doppe v. fugold. [[headword spelled fugeldoppe"]] doppettan to plunge in, immerse, . dor n. (nap. doru, dor) door, gate: pass, Lcd, Ps. [v. 'door'] dora m. humblebee, Ep, Lcd, WW; . ['dor'] dorfen pp. of deorfan. dorste (, AO, CP) pret. 3 sg. of *durran. dorweard m. doorkeeper, N. dott m. head of a boil, Lcd. ['dot'] dung v. ond. dox darkhaired, dusky, Gl. doxian to turn dark, ES 43330. draca m. dragon, seamonster, B, MH, Ps: serpent, Pa, Ps: the devil: standard representing a dragon or serpent, GPH 392. ['drake'] drcentse,cente,conze f. dragonwort, Lcd. [L. dracontea] drce (N) draca drdan^7 to dread, fear. drf I. f. expulsion. II. drf drfan to drive, drive out. drfednes, drfnes f. trouble, distress. [ drfednes] drfend I. m. hunter, Cra 38. II. drfend +drg +drag drge f. drag net, WW. [drgan] [[headword spelled dragan"]] drge pres. 3 sg. of dragan. drgnett n. dragnet, WW. drh, drg pres. 3 sg. of dragan. drn drn drnc drinc drp pret. 3 sg. of drepan. drst drst drstig full of dregs, rubbishy, WW. [drste; ' drasty'] [[under drst"]] drt pres. 3 sg. of drdan. drf I. f. action of driving, Bl: 'drove,' herd, : company, band, W; . [drfan] II. pret. 3 sg. of drfan. III. drf dragan^6 to drag, 'draw,' JnL, CP: go. drgense drcentse drn () f. 'drone,' WW; . dranc pret. 3 sg. of drincan. drapa dropa dra dr drag, drah pret. 3 sg. of drogan. +drag () apparition, vision: troop, crowd, rabble: lamentation. drahnian () to 'drain,' strain out, Lcd. dreaht pp. of dreccan. dram m. joy, gladness, delight, ecstasy, mirth, rejoicing, Ct, Chr, Sat; AO: melody, music, song, . ['dream '] 172

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary dramcrft m. art of music. dramere m. musician, Bo 38^7. dramhbbende ,healdende happy, joyful. dramlas joyless, sad. dramlic joyous, musical, Gl. dramnes f. singing, LPs 136^3. drap pret. 3 sg. of dropan. drap(VPs) drop drariend inrushing tide? WW 225^12. drarung drorung dras pret. 3 sg. of drosan. drec drecc dreccan to vex, irritate, torment, oppress, afflict, , Gen, OET. ['dretch'] dreccednes (), dreccung (Sc) f. tribulation, affliction. ['dretching'] drd drd pret. 3 sg. of drdan. drfan to stir up, excite, disturb, trouble, vex, afflict, B, Jn; , CP. [drf; 'dreve'] +drfedlic oppressive, AO 38^14. drfednes f. tribulation, trouble, scandal. drfend () m. disturber, RB. dreflian to 'drivel,' WW. drfre m. disturber, RB 121^12. [drf] drfung f. disturbance, WW 109^2. drge drge drgan drgan drhnian (Mt) drahnian dreht pp. of dreccan. drm drm drme drme drenc m. 'drink,' drinking, draught, , Lcd; CP: drowning. [drincan; 'drench,' 'drunk'] drencan to give to drink, to ply with drink, make drunk, Ps; CP: submerge, drown, . ['drench'] drenccuppe f. drinkingcup, WW 329^19. drence drenc, drinc drencfld m. flood, deluge. drenchorn m. drinkinghorn, Ct. drenchs n. drinkinghouse, WW 186^25. dreng m. youth, warrior, Ma 149. ['dreng'; ON.] drocrft drcrft dreofon drifon pret. pl. of drfan. +drog I. n. keeping (shoes) in good condition, : usefulness? RB 123^6. t +d. gn to ease oneself, RB 32^22. II. sober, gentle (horse), GD 78^12. drogan^2 to lead a (certain) life, do, work, perform, fulfil, take part in, conduct, Gu, Ps; AO. wde d. wander: be busy, employed: experience, suffer, endure, sustain, tolerate, Ex; CP: to enjoy. ['dree,' 'idree'] +droglcan to put in order, regulate, arrange, attend to, . +droglce (h) discreetly, carefully: meekly, modestly, humbly. droh drog dropan^2 to drop. dropian (a) to drop, drip, trickle. dropung f. dropping, VPs (a). dror m. blood. [drosan] dreord pret. 3 sg. of drdan. drorfh bespattered with gore, B 485. 173

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary drorgian drorigian drorig adj. _bloody, bloodstained , B : cruel, grievous , Gu : sad, sorrowful : headlong ? [' dreary '] adv.lce sorrowfully, . ['drearily '] drorigfer sorrowful, Cr 1109. drorighlor sad of countenance, Wa 83. drorigian to be dreary, sad, . drorigmd sad in mind, Gen 2804. drorignes f. sadness, sorrow, GD; . ['dreariness '] drorilic, drorlic drorig drorsele m. dreary hall, Wif 50. drorung f. falling, distilling, dropping. [drosan] drosan^2 to fall, perish: become weak, fail. drep rep? +drep m. stroke, blow, An 1446. drepan^5 to strike, kill, overcome, B. ['drepe '] drepe (y) m. stroke, blow, violent death. +drettan to consume, PPs 70^12. dr dr drif I. () f. fever, MkR 1^31; ANS 84324. II. (+) driving, movement: what is driven, stubble. drfan^1 to 'drive,' force, hunt, follow up, pursue, , AO, CP: drive away, expel, Mk: practise, carry on, RB; : rush against, impel, drive forwards or backwards, Cr, KC: undergo. drgi, drg pres. 3 sg. of drogan. drh pres. 3 sg. of drogan. drm dram drinc 'drink,' beverage, Bo, Chr, G: draught, Mt : drinking, carousal. drincv. also drync, drenc. drinca (m.), drince (f.) drinc +drinca m. cupbearer, NC 293. drincan^1 to drink, , Lk; AO, CP. pp. druncen refreshed, elate (with drink), drunk. +drincan to swallow up, engulf, . drincere m. 'drinker,' drunkard, MtL. drorig drorig drisn f? false hair? hairy roots of plants? (BT) +drtan^1 'cacare,' Lcd 1364^9. ['drite'] drting f. 'egestio' (sc. ventris), A 8449. drf dirty, muddy, swampy, turbid, troubled, Lcd. [' drof'; drfan] drfe grievously, severely, Lcd 3286^11. +drfednes +drfednes drfig troubled. drflic troublesome, tormenting. drg pret. 3 sg. of dragan. droge f? excrement, Lcd 118b. drogen pp. of drogan. drgon pret. pl. of dragan. drh pret. 3 sg. of dragan. drohnian drohtnian [[under drohtian"]] droht I. m? n? condition of life. II. (?) pull, draught, WW 486^27. drohta m. mode of living, conduct: environment, society : condition, employment, vocation. drohtian (CP), drohtnian () to conduct oneself, behave, associate with, lead a life, live, continue . [drogan] droht(n)o drohta 174

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary drohtnung drohtung [[Printed on one line: droht(n)o,nung drohta,ung]] drohtung f. condition, way of life, reputation, conduct, CP. dronc dranc pret. 3 sg. of drincan. dropa m. a 'drop,' Az, Lk, VPs; AO, CP: gout? Lcd: humour, choler. +dropa m. a kind of date, OEG 474. dropen I. pp. of dropan. II. (B 2891) drepen pp. of drepan. dropfg,fh I. spotted, speckled, Lcd. II. starling, Gl. dropian to 'drop,' drip, trickle, Ps. dropmlum drop by drop, . droppetan,ian to drop, drip, distil. droppetung, drop(p)ung (Ps) f. 'dropping,' dripping, falling, . droren pp. of drosan. +drorenlic perishable, NC 293. drs, drsna () m., drsne (VPs) f. sediment, lees, dregs, dirt, earwax, WW. [drosan; 'dross'] drga drgo drgian to dry up, wither. [drge] drugon pret. pl. of drogan. drgo f., drgoa m. 'drought,' dryness, WW: dry ground, desert, LPs. [drge] drgung drgo druh m. dust? Soul 17. druncen I. fn. drunkenness. II. pp. of drincan. III. adj. 'drunken,' drunk, Sc; AO. druncenes druncennes druncengeorn hankering after drink, drunken. druncenhd m. drunkenness. druncenig drunken, LkL 12^45. druncenlwe 'inebrians,' CPs 22^5. druncennes f. 'drunkenness,' intoxication, AO, Lk; . druncenscipe m. drunkenness. druncenwillen drunken, CP 401^29. druncmennen n. drunken maidservant? Rd 13^1. druncnian to be drunk, : sink, drown, MtL. [' drunken'] druncning f. drinking, LPs 22^5. druncon pret. pl. of drincan. drupian dropian drupon pret. pl. of dropan. druron pret. pl. of drosan. drsian to droop, become sluggish, stagnant, turbid. [drosan] drt f. beloved one, DD 291. drw drg dr m. magician, sorcerer, , AO: sorcery. [Celt. dri] +drycned afflicted, AO 102^10. drcrft m. witchcraft, magic, sorcery, : magician's apparatus. drcrftig skilled in magic. drcrftiga m. sorcerer, GD 27^15. drecge dricge drfan (1) drfan; (2) drfan drg dr drgan () to 'dry,' dry up, rub dry, Bo, Jn; CP. drge () 'dry,' A, Bo, Mt: parched, withered, Lk. on drgum on dry land. t drgum to the dregs. 175

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary drgnes () f. dryness. drgscod dryshod, W 293^17. drhst pres. 2 sg. of drogan. dryht (i) f. ()multitude, army, company, body of retainers, nation, people, Ex: pl. men. ['dright'; drogan] +dryhta m. comrade. dryhtbealo dryhtenbealo [[headword spelled dryhtenbealu"]] dryhtbearn n. princely youth, B 2035. dryhtcwn f. noble queen, Wid 98. dryhtdm m. noble judgment, VPs. dryhtealdorman (NC),ealdor (WW) m. 'paranymphus,' bridesman. dryhten (i) m. ruler, king, lord, prince, , B: the Lord, God, Christ, CP. ['drightin'] dryhtenbag (drihtin) m. payment (to the king) for killing a freeman, LL. dryhtenbealu n. great misfortune. dryhtendm? m. rule, majesty, glory, An 1001. dryhtenhold (i) loyal, Gen 2282. dryhtenlic lordly: divine, of the Lord, . adv.lce. dryhtenweard m. lord, king, Da 535. dryhtfolc n. people, troop. dryhtges m. retainer, warrior, Fin 44. dryhtgestron n. princely treasure, Rd 18^3. dryhtguma m. _warrior, retainer, follower, man: bridesman. dryhtin dryhten dryhtlo n. national song, hymn, El 342. dryhtlic (i) lordly, noble, B, Gen. d. gebed the Lord's Prayer. ['drightlike']. adv.lce. dryhtmann m. bridesman, Gl. dryhtmm m. princely treasure, B 2483. dryhtn m. warrior's corpse, Ex 163. dryhtscipe m. lordship, rulership, dignity: virtue, valour, heroic deeds. dryhtsele m. princely hall. dryhtsibb f. peace, high alliance. +dryhtu 'elementa,' OEG. dryhtwmend,wmere (i) m. bridesman, OEG 1774. dryhtweras mp. men, chieftains. dryhtwuniende living among the people. dryhtwur (i) divine, . dryhtwura (i) m. theologian. drh pres. 3 sg. of drogan. dricge f. witch. drlic magic, magical. drman (; ) to sing aloud, rejoice, LPs. [' dream'] drmann m. sorcerer, magician, . drme (), +drmed melodious, harmonious, cheerful. drync m. 'drink' ('drunk'), potion, draught, drinking, Cp. dryncv. also drenc, drinc. dryncehorn (i) drinkinghorn. dryncelan (i) n. scotale, the ale given by a seller to a buyer on concluding a bargain (BT). v. LL 256. dryncft (i) n. drinking vessel. dryncgemet (i) n. a measure of drink, NC 287. +dryncnes f. immersion, baptism, L 23b, 723. dryncwrig drunk, WW 437^21. drpan to let drop, cause to fall in drops, , AO: moisten, . ['dripe'] 176

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary drype drepe dryre m. ceasing, decline: fall, deposit. [drosan] dryslic terrible, WW 191^28. drysmian to become obscure, gloomy. drysnan to extinguish, NG. [drosn] [[form of drs?]] +drysnian to vanish, disappear, LkL 24^31. dubbian to 'dub,' strike, knight (by striking with a sword), Chr 1085#e. dce f. 'duck,' Ct. dfan^2 to duck, 'dive,' Rd; : immerse, BH, Rd: (+) sink, be drowned, AO, CP. dfedoppa m. pelican, LPs. ['divedap'] dugan pres. 1, 3 dag, dah, pl. dugon, pret. dohte swv. (usu. impers.) to avail, be worth, be capable of, competent, or good for anything, MtL: thrive, be strong: be good, virtuous kind, B, Sat. ['dow'] duga,e,o dugu dugu fm. body of noble retainers, people, men, nobles, the nobility, Ex; AO: host, multitude, army: the heavenly host : strength, power : excellence, worth , Hy ; , AO: magnificence, valour, glory, majesty : assistance, gift: benefit, profit, wealth, prosperity, salvation, Cr: what is fit, or seemly, decorum. ['douth'] duguealdor m. chief man, president. dugugifu (a^2, e^2) f. munificence, Gl. dugulic authoritative, chief, noble, OEG. adv.lce. dugumiht f. supreme power. dugunmere m. 'municeps,' OEG 7^12. duhte dohte (v. dugan). dulfon pret. pl. of delfan. dulhrune dolgrune [[headword spelled dolgrne"]] dulmunus? m. a kind of warship, AO. dumb 'dumb,' silent, An, Mt; , CP. dumbian v. d. dumbnes f. dumbness, NC 282. dun dunn dn fm. nap. dna, dne 'down,' moor, height, hill, mountain, Bl, Chr, Mt ; ; Mdf. of dne down, downwards. dnlf,elf,ylf f. mountain elf. dne down, downwards. [dn] dnelfen f. mountain elf, WW 189^9. dnestgende descending, VPs 87^5. dunfealu duncoloured, WW. dung I. f. ds. dyng, ding prison, An 1272. II. f. ' dung,' WW. dungrg dark, dusky, WW 246^4. [dunn] dunh dimh dnhunig n. honey from downland, Lcd 132a. duniendlic (dunond) falling down, tottering, LPs 108^10 (BT). dnland n. downland, open country. dnlendisc mountainous. dnlic of a mountain, mountaindwelling, WW 376^6. dunn 'dun,' dingy brown, darkcoloured, Ct, WW. dunnian to obscure, darken, Bo. ['dun'] dunondlic v. duniendlic. Dnste mp. inhabitants of the mountains of Wales, LL. dnscrf n. nap.scrafu hillcave. dure duru durfon pret. pl. of deorfan. 177

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary durhere (durere) m. folding door, Gl. durran* (+ in NG) swv. pres. 1, 3 sg. dear(r), 2 dearst, pl. durron, subj. durre, dyrre, pret. sg. dorste (u, y), pl. dorston to 'dare,' venture, presume, , AO, BH, Bo, Met. durstodl n. doorpost, WW. duru (dure) f. gs. dura, ds. and nap. dura, duru 'door,' gate, wicket, B, G; CP, Chr. duruhaldend (e^2) doorkeeper, JnL 18^17. durustod (WW) durstodl duruegn m. doorkeeper, An 1092. durunen f. female doorkeeper. duruweard m. doorkeeper, , JnL (durweard). [' doorward'] dst () n. 'dust,' , Lcd; AO, CP. dstdrenc m. drink made from the pulverized seeds of herbs, Lcd. dstig dusty, OEG 15; 3^9. dstscawung f. (viewing of dust), visit to a grave, Bl 113^29. dstswerm m. dustlike swarm, OEG 23^52. ds dst dhamor m. papyrus, sedge, WW. dwl dwel +dwrian +wrian dws I. dull, foolish, stupid. II. m. clumsy impostor, L 23^696. dwscan to put out, extinguish, destroy. dwsian to become stupid, HL. dwslic foolish. adv.lce. +dwsmann m. fool, L 17^101. dwsnes f. stupidity, foolishness, . dwal dwol dwn pret. 3 sg. of dwnan. dwealde pret. 3 sg. of dwellan. dwel dwol dwelian to lead astray, deceive, . dwellan pret. sg. dwealde, pp. dweald to lead astray, hinder, prevent, deceive, Bo, Rd; : to be led astray, wander, err, , Mt. ['dwele,' 'dwell'] dwelsian to wander, LPs 118^110. +dweola, +dweolsa +dwola dweoligan dwellan dweorg (e, i) m. 'dwarf,' Gl. [Ger. zwerg] dweorgedwosle,d(w)os(t)le f. pennyroyal, fleabane, Gl, Lcd. dweorh dweorg dwild (y) n. error, heresy, Chr. ['dwild'] +dwildfterfolgung (dwel) f. heresy, A 8450; 13318. +dwildlic (y) deceptive? W 196^20. dwimor (mer) n. phantom, ghost, illusion, . +dwimorlic illusory, unreal. adv.lce. . dwnan^1 to waste away, languish, disappear, Lcd, WW. ['dwine'] +dwol heretical. dwola m. error, heresy, BH, MtLR: madman, deceiver, heretic, , Bl: 'nenia,' MtL p. 8^9. [' dwale'] +dwolbiscop m. heretical bishop. dwolcrft m. occult art, magic. dwolema dwolma +dwolen perverse, wrong, erroneous. +dwolfr n. a going astray, RHy 6^36. 178

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary +dwolgod m. false god, idol, image, W 106^30. dwolian to be led astray, err, wander, BH; CP. [' dwele'] dwollic foolish: erroneous, heretical, . adv.lce. dwolma m. chaos. dwolman m. heretic, , AO, CP. +dwolmist m. mist of error. +dwolsprc f. heretical talk. +dwolsum misleading, erroneous, . dwoling n. imposture, idol. dwolung f. foolishness, insanity, WW 390^31. dwomer dwimor dworgedwostle dweorgedwosle dwyld dwild dwylman v. fordwilman. dwymer,mor dwimor dwyrgedwysle dweorgedwosle dybbian to pay attention to, OEG 645. ddan ( ) to kill, LL. [dad] dyde pret. 3 sg., dydon pret. pl. of dn. dyder dydr dydrian to deceive, delude. dydrin m? yolk, Lcd. [Ger. dotter] dydrung ( i) f. delusion, illusion, . dfan ( ) to dip, immerse. dfing f. immersion, W 36^9. dfst pres. 2 sg. of dfan. dgel, dgl, dhl degol, deg(o)l dyht diht dyhtan dihtan dyhtig (o) 'doughty,' strong, B, Gen. [dugan] dyle dile +dylegian +dilegian [[headword spelled dlegian"]] dylsta m. festering matter, filth, mucus, Lcd. dylstiht mucous, Lcd 26a. dym dim dyn din dyn dyne dyncge f. dung, manure, litter: manured land, fallow land, OEG. [dung] dyne m. 'din,' noise, Sat, Sol. +dyngan (AO), dyngian (WW) to 'dung.' dynian to make a 'din,' sound, resound, B; : stream? ANS 118385. dnige f. a plant, Lcd 113b. [dn] dynn dyne dynnan dynian dynt m. 'dint,' blow, stroke, bruise, stripe, JnL; CP: thud. dp dop dpan I. to 'dip': baptize, MtR (): (+) anoint, EPs 140^5. II. to make greater, LL. dpe dop dyple double, A 8334^10. dyppan (e, i) to 'dip,' immerse, Lcd, Mk: baptize, MtR. dyr dor 179

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary dyre ds. of duru. dre adj. dere +dyre n. doorpost, . dyrfan to afflict, injure; imperil, endanger. v. ES 39342. [deorfan] dyrfing f? 'actio,' GPH 395. dyrf pres. 3 sg. of deorfan. dyrn diern, dern dyrneforlegen adulterous, LL (144^19). dyrnegeligre I. (ie, e) n. adultery, AO, CP. II. m. fornicator, DR 107^1. dyrngewrit n. apocryphal book, WW 347^38. dyrnhmende (i) fornicating, adulterous, WW 383^40. dyrnlce secretly, Lcd 3424^30. dyrnlicgan^5 to fornicate. dyrnmaga m. president at mysteries, GPH 397. dyrnunga dearnunga dyrodine derodine drra derra dyrre v. *durran. +drsian to praise, glorify, hold dear, prize, Jud 300. [dere] +dyrst f. tribulation, Hell 108. dyrste dorste pret. 3 sg. of *durran. +dyrstelce dyrstiglce [[form of dyrstig"]] dyrstig venturesome, presumptuous, daring, bold, CP. adv. lce. [*durran] +dyrstigian to dare, presume, BH 468^19. dyrstignes f. boldness, insolence, daring, presumption, arrogance, rashness, , CP. dyrstingpanne hyrstingpanne [[redirected to hierstingpanne under hierste"]] dyrstlcan to presume, dare, . +dyrstlcung f. courage, boldness, GD 71^19. dyrstnes dyrstignes dyru ds., dyrum dp. of duru. drwure,wyre dorwiere dys dis dyseg dysig dyseg dysg [[Printed on one line: dyseg dysig, dysg]] dyselic () dyslic dysgian to act foolishly, make mistakes, Bo; : blaspheme, G. ['dizzy'] dysgung f. folly, madness, Lcd 53b. dysian dysgian dysig (e, i) I. foolish, ignorant, stupid, Bl, Mt; , CP. ['dizzy'] II. n. foolishness, error, AO, CP. III. m. fool, VPs 91^6. dysigan dysgian dysigdm m. folly, ignorance. dysignes f. folly, madness, blasphemy, BH; , AO. [' dizziness'] dysigu dysig II. dyslic foolish, silly, stupid, , CP. adv.lce. dstig dusty, WW 517^23. [dst] dyttan to shut to, close, stop. d f. fuel, tinder, OEG 2^43; cp. 1655n. 180

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary dhomar,homer dhamor


A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary

ds. of a. a I. f. (usu. indecl. in sg., but with occl. gs. as; ds. e, , , ; nap. a, an; gp. a; dp. a(u)m, an) water, stream, river, Chr, Ps; , AO. ['ea'; Goth. ahwa] II. interj. v. al. ac I. adv. also, and, likewise, moreover, , AO, CP. ge...ge ac both...and also. n...n ac... neither...nor even... ac sw, ac swilce also, likewise, moreover, as if . ac gelce likewise . ac hwre however, nevertheless. ac on besides. II. prep. w. d. together with, in addition to, besides. [Ger. auch] aca m. addition, increase, reinforcement, advantage, profit, usury, excess, Chr; , AO, CP. t acan (w. d.) in addition to, besides, moreover, Bo. ['eke'] acan ecan acen increased, augmented: richly endowed, strong, great, vast, vigorous: pregnant. acencrftig huge, B 2280. acerse f. watercress, Lcd 35b. [a] acian to increase, CP. acnian to add, increase, be enlarged: become pregnant, conceive, bring forth, , CP. acniendlic adj. to be increased, OEG 1078. acnung f. increase, Gl: conception, bringing forth, . ad n. riches, prosperity, good fortune, happiness. ead ed aden (pp. of *adan) granted. eadesa adesa adfruma m. giver of prosperity. adga wk. form of adig. adgian adigan adgiefa m. giver of prosperity. adgiefu f. gift of prosperity. adhrig happy, blessed, triumphant. adig wealthy, prosperous, Cr: fortunate, happy, blessed, perfect, Gu, VPs; , CP. ['eadi'] adigan to count fortunate, call blessed, HL: enrich, make happy. adiglic prosperous, rich, happy, blessed. adv.lce. adignes f. happiness, prosperity, . eadlan edlan adlufu f. blessed love, Jul 104. admd, admd amd admtto amttu adnes f. inner peace, ease, joy, prosperity, Run: gentleness. ['eadness'; a] adocce f. waterlily. eador (1) geador, (2) eodor adorgeard m. inclosure of veins, body? (GK) An 1183 (or ? ealdor). eaduse (A 10143^90) adesa adwela m. prosperity, riches, happiness. v. a. e ea eafera eafora afisc m. riverfish. eafor I. mn? the obligation due from a tenant to the king to convey goods and messengers? (BT), Ct. II. (*) draughthorse, v. LL 257. III. eofor, eafor eofor eafora m. posterity, son, child; successor, heir. [cp. Goth. afar] 182

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary eafo n. power, strength, might. eafra eafora eaftra fterra agppel (a^2) m. apple of the eye, eyeball. agbrw m. eyelid, Lcd 1352. ['eyebree'] agduru f. window, MH. age () n. 'eye,' G, Lcd; AO, CP: aperture, hole, Lk. agce m. eyeache, Lcd. agflah m. albugo, a white spot in the eye, WW. aggebyrd f. nature of the eye? Ph 301. aggemearc (ah) n. limit of view, horizon, DD 148. aghring (ah, h) m. eyesocket, pupil, . aghyrl agyrel aghyll m. eyebrow, WW 415^22. aghyrne (hah) m. corner of the eye, WW 156^41. agmist (ah) m. dimness of the eyes, Lcd 11a. agor gor eagospind hagospind agsealf f. 'eyesalve,' WW. agsoung f. disease of the eye, cataract, WW 414^12. agsne visible to the eye. adv.snes, . agyrel n. eyehole, window, BH. ['eyethurl'] agwrc,wyrc,wrc m. pain of the eyes, Lcd. agwund f. wound in the eye, LL 20[47]. agwyrt f. eyewort, eyebright, Lcd. ah ag, a eaht (a, , e) f. assembly, council. e. besittan to hold a council: esteem, estimation, estimated value. aht ht eahta (a, , e) 'eight,' B, Chr; CP. eahtafeald eightfold, . eahtahyrnede eightcornered, 2496^33. eahtan I. to persecute, pursue. II. to estimate, appreciate. eahtanihte eight day's old (moon). eahtatoa 'eighteenth,' AO. eahtatene,tne 'eighteen,' Lk (eht). eahtatig eighty, AO. eahtawintre of eight years old, . eahtend m. persecutor, PPs 118^150. eahtoa (1) eahtatoa, (2) eahtoa eahtere m. appraiser, censor, Lcd. eahtea (AO) eahtoa eahtian (, e) to estimate, esteem, CP: consult about, consider, deliberate: watch over, : speak of with praise. [Ger. achten] +eahtiendlic estimable. ahtnes htnes eahtoa 'eighth,' Men; Chr. eahtung f. estimation, valuation, CP: deliberation, counsel. eal eall, l eala ealu al interj. alas! oh! lo! , AO, CP. [a II.] ald f. watery way, An 441. 183

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary aland n. island, Chr. eala v. ealu. ealbeorht eallbeorht alc lc eald (a) comp. ieldra, yldra; sup. ieldest, yldest 'old,' aged, ancient, antique, , B, CP; AO: experienced, tried: honoured, eminent, great. ieldstan men the chief men. ealda m. old man, RHy 6^25: the Devil. ealdbacen stale, LL (360^27). ealdc (AO), cu f. old home, former dwellingplace: old acquaintance, . ealddagas mp. former times, AO. ealddm m. age, AO. ealde ielde ealdefder m. grandfather. ealdemdor f. grandmother. ealder ealdor ealdfder m. forefather, . ['eldfather'] ealdfond () m. old foe, hereditary foe, the devil. ealdgecynd n. original nature. ealdgef m. ancient foe, AO 118^34. ealdgefra m. old comrade, AO 152^24. ealdgenat m. old comrade, Ma 310. ealdgenla m. old foe, Satan. ealdgeriht (a^1) n. ancient right, Ct. ealdgesegen f. ancient tradition, B 869. ealdges m. old comrade. ealdgestron n. ancient treasure, AO. ealdgeweorc n. oldstanding work, the world. ealdgewinn n. oldtime conflict, B 1781. ealdgewinna m. old enemy, B 1776. ealdgewyrht n. former deeds: deserts of former deeds? traditional usage? B 2657. ealdhettende mp. old foes, Jud 321. ealdhlford m. hereditary lord, AO, CP. ealdhrer? n. an old ox. ealdian (a) to grow old, Jn; . ['eld,' ' old'] ealdland n. land which has been long untilled? (BT), ancestral property? (Earle), EC 327^14. ealdlandrden f. established law of landed property, LL 448[4,6] (or ? two words, BT). ealdlic old, venerable, . ealdnes f. old age, . ['eldness,' 'oldness '] ealdor (a) I. m. elder, parent, BH, Gen. pl. ancestors: civil or religious authority, chief, leader, master, lord, prince, king , : source : primitive , Gr . [eald; ' alder '] II. n(f?) () life, vital part : () age, old age : eternity. on ealdre t ealdre for ever, always. wa t ealdre, t widan ealdre for ever and ever. [Ger. alter] ealdorapostol (a) m. chief apostle, BH 314^7. ealdorbana (a^1) m. lifedestroyer, Gen 1033. ealdorbealu n. lifebale, death. ealdorbiscop m. chief bishop, archbishop, : highpriest, . ealdorbold,botl n. palace, mansion, BH. ealdorburg f. metropolis. ealdorcearu (a^1) f. great sorrow, B 906. ealdordg m. day of life. ealdordma (a^1) m. chief judge, prince. ealdordeofol m. chief of the devils, NC 282. 184

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary ealdordm m. power, lordship, rule, dominion, authority, magistracy, PPs; , AO, CP: superiority, preeminence: beginning? Jul 190. ['alderdom'] ealdordmlic 'principalis,' EPs. ealdordmscipe? m. office of alderman, Chr 983#c. ealdordugu f. nobility, flower of the chiefs. ealdorfra (a^1) m. lord, chief, Da 46. ealdorgeard m. enclosure of life, body, An 1183? (or ? ador) ealdorgedl n. death. ealdorgesceaft f. state of life, Rd 40^23. ealdorgewinna m. deadly enemy. ealdorlang lifelong, eternal, #Chr 937#a. ealdorlas I. lifeless, dead, B 15. II. deprived of parents, orphaned: without a chief. ealdorlegu f. destiny: death. ealdorlic 'principalis,' chief, princely, excellent: authentic. adv.lce. ealdorlicnes f. authority, CP. ealdormann (o^3) [v. LL 2359] m. 'alderman,' ruler, prince, chief, nobleman of the highest rank, high civil or religious officer, chief officer of a shire, Chr; , AO, CP: as trans. of foreign titles, JnL, Mt. ealdorneru f. life's preservation, safety, refuge. ealdorscerd m. high priest. ealdorscipe m. seniority, headship, supremacy, sovereignty, . ealdorstl m. throne, Rim 23. ealdoregn m. chief attendant, retainer, distinguished courtier, chieftain. ealdorwisa (a^1) m. chief, Gen 1237. ealdo (aldaht,ot) vessel, Gl. ealdriht n. old right. EaldSeaxeSeaxan mp. OldSaxons, Continental Saxons, AO. ealdspell n. old saying, old story. ealdsprc f. proverb, byword, PPs 43^15. ealdung f. process of growing old, age, , AO. ealdur ealdor ealdwrig? accursed from old times, Ex 50. ealdwf n. old woman, . ealdwita m. venerable man, priest, sage: Pharisee. ealdwrtere m. writer on ancient history, OEG 5449. ales v. ealh. ealfara m. packhorse? A 4147^200 (v. NC 282, 342). ealfela very much. ealfelo baleful, dire, An 771 (lflo), Rd 24^9. ealgearo all ready, prepared. ealgian to protect, defend, . ealgodwebb n. 'holosericus,' allsilk cloth, WW 395^15. ealgodwebben allsilk, WW. ealh (a) m., gs. ales temple. ealhstede m. temple. alifer f. liverwort? Lcd. ['eileber'?] alend m. seafaring man, An 251. eall I. adj. (has no weak form) 'all,' every, entire, whole, universal, , Chr, Mt. pl. all men, . II. adv. fully, wholly, entirely, quite, Cr, GD, Gen. e. sw quite as, just as. e. sw micle sw as much as. mid e. mid eallum altogether, entirely. ealra swost especially, most of all. ealne weg (also contr. ealneg) always. ofer e. (neut.) everywhere, into all parts. III. n. all, everything. ealla gealla 185

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary eallbeorht allbright, resplendent. eallbyrnende burning all over, . eallcrftig (l) all powerful. ealldryge completely dry, . eallencten m. season of Lent, RB 66^5. eallenga eallunga ealles, ealle adv. (g. of eall) entirely, wholly, fully, quite. e. for swe altogether, utterly. eallgelaflic universally believed, catholic. eallgd allgood, . eallgrne allgreen, green. eallgylden allgolden, CP (l). eallhlig allholy, PPs 131^8. eallhwt entirely of white, Ct. eallic universal, catholic. eallinga eallunga eallren entirely of iron, B 2338. eallsig allicy, very cold. eallmgen n. utmost effort. eallmst (al, l) adv. nearly all, 'almost,' for the most part, , Chr. eallmiht f. omnipotence, PPs 135^12. eallmihtig lmihtig eallnacod entirely naked, Gen 871. eallneg ealneg eallnwe quite new, . eallnunge eallunga ealloffrung f. holocaust, WW 130^12 (eal). eallreord elreord eallrihte adv. just, exactly, RB 131^13. eallseolcen entirely made of silk, Gl. eallsw just as, even as, 'as,' as if, so as, likewise, , Mt. eallswilc just such, . ealltela adv. quite well, Gen 1905. eallunga adv. altogether, entirely, utterly, quite, indeed, , Mt; CP. ['allinge'] eallwealda I. allruling, almighty. II. m. God, the Almighty. eallwealdend m. ruler of all, . eallwealdende 'allwielding,' all ruling, . eallwihta fp. all creatures. eallwriten adj. holograph, WW 463^28. eallwundor n. marvel, Ex 578. ealm eallm ealmihtig lmihtig ealneg (AO, CP), ealneweg, ealnuweg, ealnig, ealning(a) always, quite, perpetually. ealnunga eallunga ealo ealu ealoffrung f. holocaust, WW 130^12. ealogeweorc n. brewing, AO 222^7. alond aland ealo (AO) v. ealu. ealowsa m. aletippler, Wy 49. ealsealf f. 'ambrosia,' an aromatic plant. ealsw eallsw 186

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary ealtawe ltwe ealu (ealo) m? n? gds. ealo (AO), eala; gp. ealea 'ale,' beer, Lcd; . [v. A 27495] ealubenc f. 'alebench,' B. ealuclyfa m. beercellar, OEG 4^42. ealuft n. alevat, Lcd 53b. ealugafol n. tax or tribute paid in ale, LL 448. ealugl drunk with ale, Gen 2408. ealuglnes f. drunkenness, NC 282. ealuhs (a^2) n. alehouse, LL 228[1,2]. ealumalt (alo) n. malt for brewing, Lcd 157a. ealuscerwen f. bitter drink? (BT), (alespilling), mortal panic? (Earle), B 770. ealuscop m. singer in alehouses, LL. ealuwge n. aleflagon, alecan. ealw eallw eam (VPs) eom (v. wesan) am I. m. uncle (usu. maternal; paternal uncle fdera), AO. ['eme'; Ger. oheim] II. dp. of a. +an yeaning, . anian to bring forth young (usu. lambs), Ps 77^71. ['ean'] afer m. riverbank, Met 19^22. eapel, eapl ppel eappul ppel ear 'occa,' harrow? OEG 2359 (v. A 3672). ar I. n. 'ear' (of corn), Mt; AO. II. m. wave, sea, ocean. III. m. earth: name of the rune for a. IV. r. V. are aracu f. river bed, KC 5122^15. earan earon earb earf arbld (^1) n. stalk, blade (of corn), straw. earc, earce (a, , e) f. chest, coffer, Rd: 'ark,' Mt, Ps; CP. [L.] arclnsend m. little finger, WW 265^1. earcnanstn eorcnanstn arcou f. 'parotis,' a tumour near the ears, WW 113^31. eard m. native place, country, region, dwellingplace, estate, cultivated ground, B; , AO, CP: earth, land: condition, fate, _Hy. ['erd'] eardbegenga m. inhabitant, LPs. eardbegengnes f. habitation, RLPs. eardcyo f. old acquaintance (eald?). eardeswrcca (LPs 118^19) eardwrecca eardfst settled, abiding, AO. eardgeard m. place of habitation, world. eardgyfu f. gift from one's native place. eardian tr. and intr. to inhabit, dwell, abide, live, AO, B; , CP. ['erde'] eardiend m. dweller, GD. eardiendlic habitable, BH 366^10. eardland n. native land, PPs 134^12. eardlufe f. dear home? B 693. eardrce n. habitation, Gu 825. eardstapa m. wanderer, Wa 6. eardstede m. habitation, Ph 195. eardung f. dwellingabode, tabernacle. eardungburg f. city of habitation. 187

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary eardunghs n. tabernacle, habitation. eardungstw f. habitation, dwellingplace, tabernacle, CP. eardweall m. landrampart, bulwark, B 1224? eardwc n. dwelling. eardwrecca m. exile, LL 51n5. eardwunung f. dwelling in one's own country, W 120^13. are n. 'ear,' Mt, Rd, VPs; , CP. [Goth. aus] arede having a handle, WW 122^39. arefinger m. little finger, WW. arelipprica arliprica earendel (eo) m. dayspring, dawn, ray of light. earfa earfo earfe f? tare. [L. ervum] earfed (1) earfo; (2) yrfe earfe earfo arfinger arefinger earfod earfo earfo I. n. hardship, labour, trouble, difficulty, suffering, torment, torture, AO, CP. [Ger. arbeit] II. adj. hard, difficult, troublesome, , Bo. ['arveth'] earfocierre (a) hard to convert, MH 112^20. earfocwide m. hard or dark saying, . earfocynn n. depraved race, PPs 77^10. earfodde difficult, CP 147^12. earfodg m. day of tribulation. earfoe I. (, CP) earfo. II. adv. with difficulty. earfofre difficult to pass through, AS 44^7. earfofynde hard to find, . [cp. afynde] earfohwe difficult to be seen. earfohwl f. hard time, Seaf 3. earfohylde evildisposed, obstinate, H 1400^1. earfoian to trouble, Ps. earfolre hard to teach, GD 110^19. earfolte hard to discharge, WW 113^20. earfolic difficult, full of hardship, . [' arvethlich'] adv.lce with difficulty, painfully, reluctantly, hardly, scarcely, Mt. ['arvethliche'] earfolicnes () earfones earfomcg m. sufferer. earfones f. difficulty, hardship, trouble, affliction, pain, misfortune, . ['arvethness'] earforecce hard to relate, W 22^14. earforihte hard to correct, NC 283. earforme hard to enumerate. earfoslig unhappy, unfortunate, Cra 8. earfos m. troublesome journey: misfortune. earfotcne difficult to be shown, Met 20^147. earforg f. sorrowful time, B 283. earfowylde hard to subdue, Lcd 3436^12. earg (earh) slothful, sluggish, Gn: cowardly, BH; AO: craven, vile, wretched, useless, MtL. [' argh'; Ger. arg] adv. earge. eargat earngat [[under earngap"]] argebland n. waveblend, surge. argespeca m. whisperer, privy councillor, WW 351^2. [ spreca] 188

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary eargfaru f. shower of arrows. eargian (i, y) to shun, fear, turn coward, : terrify. earglic slothful, shameful, bad, . adv.lce. eargnes (arog) f. licentiousness, MkR 8^38. argrund m. bottom of the sea, Az 40. eargscipe m. idleness, cowardice: profligacy. earh I. f. 'arrow,' LL; An. II. earg arhring m. 'earring,' . arisc (o) f. rush, reed, flag. [a] ar m. waterstream, Guth 20^5. arlppa m. external ear, WW. arliprica m. flap of the ear, external ear, NG. arlocc m. lock of hair over the ear, WW 152^30. earm (a) I. m. 'arm' (of the body, sea, etc.), AO, LkL : foreleg, : power, Jn. II. poor, wretched, pitiful, destitute, miserable, Mk; , CP. ['arm'; Ger. arm] earmbag,bah m. bracelet. earmcearig full of sorrows. earme adv. miserably, badly. earmella m. sleeve, RB 136^23. earmful wretched, miserable, Lcd 3440. earmgegirela m. bracelet, WW 386^13. earmheort humble, poor in spirit, CP 209^2: tenderhearted, merciful. earmhrad f. armornament, B 1194. earmian to pity, commiserate. earming m. poor wretch, . ['arming'] earmlic miserable, pitiable, mean, Met. adv.lce. [' armlich(e)'] earmscanca m. armbone, LL 82[55]. earmsceapen wretched, unfortunate, miserable. earmslfe f. sleeve, RBL 93^9. earmstoc m? sleeve, IM 128^110. earmstrang strong of arm, muscular, WW 158^7. earmsw strong of arm, muscular, WW 435^33. earmu f. misery, poverty, Bo. ['armthe'] earn I. m. eagle, El, Mt; . ['erne'] II. rn. III. arn (v. iernan) earnan (VPs) rnan earncynn n. eagle tribe. earngap (v. AB 19164),gat,got f. vulture, Gl. earnian (a) (w. g. a.) to 'earn,' merit, win: labour for, Bo, Gu. earningland n. land earned or made freehold ( bcland; BT), Ct. earnung f. merit, reward, consideration, pay, : labour. earo gearo earon (VPs) sindon pres. 3 pl. of eom (v. wesan). aron garum dp. of gar. earp dark, dusky, Rd 4^42. [ON. jarpr] earpa hearpa [[form of hearpe?]] arpltt m. box or blow on the ear, . arplttan to box the ears, . arpron,ring m. earring, . earre (N) ierre ears () m. posterior, fundament, buttocks, . [' arse'] earscripel,scrypel (eo^1, y^2) m. little finger, Gl. 189

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary arsealf f. earsalve, Lcd. earsendu np. buttocks, WW. earsgang (ars) m. privy: excrement: 'anus.' arslege m. a blow that strikes off an ear, LL 20[46]. earsling backwards, Ps. ['arselings'] earslra? m? buttocks, breech, . [lra] earsode 'tergosus,' WW. ['arsed'] arspinl f. earring, Gl. earserl n. 'anus,' WW 160^1. eart 2 sg. of eom pres. of wesan. ear I. yr. II. eart aran r am (v. r II.) eare (N) eore aryrel n. 'fistula, arteria,' earpassage? (BT), WW 238^29. [or earsyrel,erl?] earu gearu earun (VPs) earon arwrc n. earache, Lcd 14b. arwicga m. 'earwig,' Lcd, WW. earwunga for nothing, gratuitously: without a cause. as v. a. ease 'caucale,' an umbelliferous plant, wild carrot? WW 202^1. aspring spryng ast I. adj. comp. ast(er)ra, sup. astmest, astemest east, easterly. II. adv. eastwards, in an easterly direction, in the east, BH, Met; AO. ['east'] ast n. riverbank, seashore, Ma 63. astan, astane from the east, easterly, AO. ['east '] astannoran from the northeast, WW. astannoranwind m. northeast wind, WW 364^5. astansan from the southeast, WW 3^4. astansanwind m. southeast wind, WW 144^3. astanwind (e^2) m. 'east wind,' WW 143^36. astcyning m. eastern king, AO 148^35. astdl m. eastern quarter, the East, AO. aste f. the East. astemest (AO) v. ast. astende m. eastend, east quarter, AO. astene astane [[under astan"]] Eastengle mpl. the EastAnglians: East Anglia. asterfen m. Eastereve, BH. asterdg m. Easterday, Easter Sunday, day of the Passover, . on ran Easterdge on Easter Monday, Chr 1053#c. asterfsten n. Easterfast, Lent. asterfeorm f. feast of Easter, LL. asterfrolsdg m. the feast day of the Passover, Jn 13^1. astergewuna m. Easter custom, L 23b^643. asterlic belonging to Easter, Paschal, Lk. [' Easterly'] astermna m. Eastermonth, April. easterne east, 'eastern,' oriental, Gen, WW; . asterniht f. Eastereve, Hell 15; MP 1611. asterra v. ast. astersunnandg (tor) m. Easter Sunday. 190

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary astersymbel (tro) n. Passover. eastertd f. Eastertide, Paschal season, . asternung f. Passover, Mt 26^19. asterwucu f. Easterweek. aste ast asteweard (e^2) east, 'eastward,' Mt. astfolc n. eastern nation, WW 396^30. astgrsecg m. eastern ocean, AO 132^29. astgemre n. eastern confines, AO 132^29. asthealf f. east side, Chr 894#a. astland n. the East, : Esthonia, AO. [' Eastland'] astlang to the east, eastwards, extending east, Chr 893#a. astlode mp. Orientals, BH. astmest v. ast. astnor northeasterly, AO. astnorerne northeast. astnorwind m. northeast wind, Gl. astor aster astportic n. eastern porch, . astra v. ast. astre (usu. in pl. astron,an; gs.es in N.) f. 'Easter,' BH, WW: Passover, Bl, Mk: spring. astram m. stream, river, Da 385. +astrian to elapse (during Easter), W 208^24. astrce n. eastern kingdom, eastern country, empire: the east, , AO: East Anglia. astrihte due east, eastwards, AO 17^14 (y). astrihtes (st) due east. astro, astru astre astro aster astrodor m. eastern part of the sky, PPs 102^12. astron dp. of aster. [[headword spelled astre"]] asts f. east sea. EastSeaxan,Seaxe mpl. EastSaxons, people of Essex: Essex. astst n. east bank of a stream, Ct. asts southeastwards, AO. be astsan to the southeast. astsdl m. southeast part, BH 264^22. astslang from east to south, AO 22^17. astod f. an eastern people. astweard,werd east, 'eastward,' Ct, Mt. astweardes eastwards, . astweg m. path in or from the east. eata (N) eta imperat. of etan. eatan etan eatol atol a (, ) (1) ae, (2) e abede,bne easy to be entreated, Ps. abegate,gte easy to get. abylgnes f. irritability, NC 288. abylig (y^1, e^2) easily irritated, W 253^11. acnwe easy to recognise, Gr 147^8. adde () easy to do. ae (, o) I. easy, smooth, agreeable, kindly. II. adv. easily, lightly, soon, , AO, CP: willingly, readily, 191

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary . . mg perhaps, lest. III. n. an easy thing. aelic easy, possible, Mt: insignificant, scanty, slight, BH (); . ['eathly'] adv.lce (Lk ). aelicnes () f. easiness, WW 400^39. afre easy for travelling over, WW 146^29. afynde (, ) easy to find. ageorn () easily pleased, WW 218^16. agesne (e^1, y^1, ^3) easily seen, visible. agte,gate easy to obtain, prepared, ready, . ahrig adhrig ahylde contented, satisfied, RB. alce (^2),lcne easy to cure. alre (ad) capable of being taught, instructed. amdan,mdian to humble, humble oneself, prostrate oneself, adore. amde (1) amd, (2) amdu amdlce (ad) humbly. amdu,mdo (Chr) f. gentleness, humility, Ps : obedience, submission, reverence: goodwill. kindness, affability. ['edmede'] amdum humbly, kindly. amelte amylte amttu,mtto np. humility, weakness, impotency, CP. amd (CP),mde humbleminded, gentle, obedient, Ps : benevolent, friendly, affectionate, gracious. ['edmede'] amdian to humble or submit oneself, obey: (+) condescend: (+) adore, worship. amdig amd amdlic humble, respectful, CP. adv. humbly, meekly, CP: kindly. amdnes f. humility, meekness, condescension, Bo (ad). ['edmodness'] amylte easily digested, Lcd. anes f. easiness, lightness, facility, ease: gentleness. arde () easy to guess, ES 36326. awylte () easily turned, OEG 1151. aum dp. of a. aw (1) a; (2) ow V.; (3) (w). awan ewan awdnes f. 'ostensio,' disclosure, LL 412[3]. awenga (AO) awunga awesc awisc awfst wfst awian ewan awisclic manifest, open. adv.lce. awisfirina wiscfirina [[under wiscferinend"]] awl al awu owu awunga (CP, ), awunge (LG) adv. openly, plainly, publicly. [ewan] awyrt f. riverwort, burdock, Lcd. eax () I. f. axis, axle, axletree. II. cs eaxelgespann n. place where the two beams of a cross intersect, Rood 9. eaxl, eaxel f. shoulder, . eaxlcl m. scapular, . eaxle eaxl eaxlgestealla m. shouldercompanion, comrade, counsellor: competitor? (BT). eb ef, eof 192

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary b b ebba () m. 'ebb', low tide, Ma. ebbian to 'ebb,' Gen. ebbind (bind) 'tenacitas ventris,' Ln 33^6. [ON. abbendi] ebol(N) yfel Ebrisc (e, i) Hebrew, A, Jn. ['Hebreish'] c ac ca wk. m. form of ce adj. cambe cumbe [[under cumba"]] can ecan ccelic celic ece () m. 'ache,' pain, BH, Lcd; . [acan] ce perpetual, eternal, everlasting, OET, VPs; , CP. adv. eternally, ever, evermore. ['eche'] eced () mn. acid, vinegar, . [L. actum] eceddrenc m. acid drink, Lcd. ecedft n. vinegarvessel, Gl. celic eternal, everlasting. adv.lce VPs. [' echliche'] cen acen ecer cer cere gfs. of ce adj. ecg f. 'edge,' point, B, Lk; , CP; Mdf: () weapon, sword, battleaxe, B. ecgan to sharpen: harrow, Cp. ['edge'] ecgbana m. slayer with the sword, murderer. ecgheard hard of edge, An 1183. ecghete m. swordhatred, war. ecglst mf. sword's edge. ecgplega m. battle, Jud 246. ecgracu f. hot contest, B 596. ecgung f. harrowing, WW 104^12. ecgwl n. swordslaughter, Gen 2089. cilm(M) celm eclinga ( ecgl) on the edge, IM. cnes f. eternity, VPs. on cnesse for ever and ever. ['echeness'] cre dfs. of ce. cs, cslce (NG) verily. edprefix, denotes repetition, turning. d a +edbyrdan to regenerate, Soul 100. edclnes f. a becoming cool again, VPs 65^11 (oe). +edcennan to regenerate, create. edcenning f. regeneration. +edcegan (^2) to recall, LPs 101^25. edcierr (e, i, y) m. return, CP. +edcucoda (ea^1) m. man restored to life, . edcwic regenerate, restored to life, CM 499. edcwician (cwyc, cuc) to requicken, revive, . edcwide (e) m. relation, narrative, WW 43. edcynn edcenn edcyrr edcierr de owde eder eodor 193

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary edesc edisc +edfrolsian to regrant by charter, EC 197n. edgeong becoming or being young again. edgift f. restitution, TC 202^33. edgrwung f. growing again, WW 149^21. edgung edgeong edgyldan^2 ( ie) to remunerate, Sc 162^11. edgyldend m. remunerator, Sc 127^17. +edhwian to shape, conform, reform. edhwyrfan to return, retrace one's steps. +edhyrtan to refresh, recruit, GPH 390. +edhyspol? (+edyppol) 'recensendus,' GPH 396 (v. ES 3817). edhwyrft m. change, going back (to a former state of things), reverse. edisc m. enclosed pasture, park, Gl, Ps; Mdf. [v. ' eddish'] edischenn f. quail, VPs. ediscweard m. parkkeeper, gardener, Gl. ediung edgeong edlcan to repeat, renew, L. edlcung f. repetition, LL (416^42). edlht pp. of edlcan. edls edles +edlstan to repeat, ANS 846. edlan n. reward, retribution, recompense, requital, Bo ; , CP. ['edlen'] edlanian to reward, recompense. edlaniend m. rewarder. edlanung f. recompense, remuneration, retribution, Gl. edlc edlc edlesende reciprocal, relative, Gr. edlesendlic relative, reciprocal. adv.lce. edlesung (^2, y^2) f. relation, relating, Gr. edmle () n. religious festival, WW 45^9. edmltid f. festival time, TC 158^20. dmd amd ednow ednw ednwan adv. anew, again. ednwe I. renewed, new, . II. adv. anew, again, . ednwian (o) to renew, restore, reform, . ednwigend m. restorer, A 11115^9. ednwinga (o^2) anew, again. ednwung f. renewal, reparation, renovation, , CP. do (NG) owde edor eodor dr(A) dr edrec edroc edreccan to chew, ruminate, WW 533^38. [ eodorcan; cp. edrocian] edric edroc edrine edryne edring f. refuge? Soul 107. edroc m. gullet, Gl: rumination, Gl. edrocian to ruminate. edryne m. coming again, return, meeting, REPs 18^7. 194

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary edsceaft f. new creation, regeneration. edsih (etsith) f. looking again, respect, WW 43^33. +edstalian to restore, A 13366^15. edstaelian to reestablish, restore, . edstaelig renewed in strength. edstaeligend m. restorer, . edstaelung f. reestablishment, renewal, . edstaol edstael edingung f. reconciliation, WW 172^40. +edrwen 'retortus,' OEG 1062. dulfstf elstf edwalle,welle edwielle edwendan to return, RPs 77^39. edwenden,wend f. change, reversal, end. edwd edwt edwielle (a, e, i) f. eddy, vortex, whirlpool. edwihte? something, anything, Gen 1954. edwille edwielle edwinde,wind f. 'vortex,' whirlpool, Gl. edwist f. being, substance, : sustenance, food. +edwistian to feed, support, LPs 22^2. edwistlic existing, substantive, Gr 201^8. edwt n. reproach, shame, disgrace, scorn, abuse, Ps; AO, CP. ['edwit'] edwtan^1 to reproach, VPs. ['edwite'] edwtful disgraceful, Gl. adv.lce. edwtian edwtan edwtlf n. life of dishonour, B 2891. edwtscipe m. disgrace, shame, Wald 1^14. edwtsprc f. scorn. edwtspreca m. scoffer, Gu 418. edwtstf m. reproach, disgrace. edwylm m. whirlpool of fire, Whale 73. edwyrpan to amend, become better, recover, revive. edwyrping f. recovery, H 226^29. +edyppol v. +edhyspol. efe efen efen (fen, efn, emn) I. adj. 'even,' equal, like, level, AO: just, true, : calm, harmonious, equable, CP. on efen v. onemn. II. adv. evenly, , Ps: equally, Bo: exactly, just as, B, Cr: quite, fully, CP, Gen: namely, Gu, Met. efenoften L. con. fen n. fen efenele equally noble. efenmetan efenmetan efenapostol (efn(e)) m. fellowapostle. efenbehfe (efn) equally useful or needful, Met 12^7. efenbeorht equally bright. efenbisceop (cop) m. cobishop, BH 112^27. efenblissian to rejoice equally. efenble rejoicing with another, MH 28^8. efenboren of equal birth, LL (256^38). efenbrd as broad as long, ES 8477. 195

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary efenbyrde of equal birth, L 33^3. efenceasterwaran mp. fellowcitizens, BH 62^20; GD 205^1. efencempa m. fellowsoldier, . efencrsten (em) fellowChristian, LL. efencuman^4 to come together, agree. efendre equally dear, LL. efenadig equally blessed, Hy 8^21. efeneald contemporary, coeval, , Wid. ['evenold '] efeneardigende dwelling together, Cr 237. efence (efn) coeternal. adv. B. efenedwistlic consubstantial, . efenh f. neighbourhood? neighbouring district? Chr 894#a (v. BT Supp.). efenesne (efne) m. fellowservant, N. efenetan to eat as much as, Rd 41^63. efene just as easy, Met 20^167 (efn). efenfela (eo^3) num. adj. just so many, as many, AO (em). efenfrfran,frian 'consolare,' EPs 125^1. efengedlan (efn) to share alike, Ex 95. efengefon^6 to rejoice together, sympathise. efengelic like, coequal. efengelca m. equal, fellow. efengemcca (efn) m. companion, fellow, consort, CP. efengemyndig commemorative, Bl 101^1. efengespittan 'conspuere,' MkL 14^65. efengd (emn) equally good, Bo. efenhda m. an equal in rank, cobishop, GD 43^22. fenhlig equally holy, Bl 45^18. efenhafda m. fellow, comrade, NC 283. efenheafodling m. mate, fellow. efenhah equally high. efenhap m. band of comrades, WW 375^20. efenhemman? to fetter, EPs 145^7. efenheort concordant, harmonious. efenheort(e)?nes? concord, harmony, DR (fne). efenherenes f. praising together, CPs 32^1. efenherian to praise together, VPs 116^1. efenhloor n.,hlorung f. harmony, union of sounds or voices. efenhleorian to sing together, NC 283. efenhlte (^3) equal in rank, BH. efenhlytta,hleta m. sharer, partner, . efenee () just as easy, Met 20^167. efenlcan to be like: make like, match, imitate, . ['evenleche'] efenlcend m. imitator, . efenlcere m. imitator, OEG 1957. efenlcestre f. female imitator. efenlcung f. copying, imitation, . efenlang (em) equally long: prep. (w. d.)lange along. efenlste f. the herb mercury, Lcd. ['evenlesten '] efenlof (em) equally dear, AO. efenleornere m. fellowdisciple, OEG 56^264. efenlic even, equal, comparable to, of like age, Cr. ['evenly']. adv.lce equally, evenly, alike: patiently. 196

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary efenlca (efn) m. equal, Met 20^19. +efenlcian to make equal, BH 372^31: () 'complacere,' AV^2Ps 25^3. efenlcnes f. evenness, equality, CP, Ps. (em). [' evenliness'] efenling (efn) m. consort, fellow, EPs 44^8. efenmre (efn) equally famous, Met 10^32. efenmsseprost m. fellowpriest, GD 283^3. efenmedome (efn) equally worthy, MH 134^9. efenmetan^5 to assemble together, EPs 61^9: compare, VPs 48^21. efenmicel equally great. efenmid adj. middle, PPs 73^12. efenmihtig equally mighty, W 16^7. efenmdlce with equanimity, OEG 2978. efennah adv. equally near. efennh efenh efennes f. equity, justice: comparison. efenniht f.,nihte? n. equinox (23 Sep.). efenre (emn) equally fierce, AO 68^6. efenrce equally powerful, BH 416^9. efenscerd m. fellowpriest, A 117^4. efensre (emn) equally bitterly, CP 413^29. efensrgian to sorrow together with, commiserate, . efensrgung f. sympathy, GD 180^8. efensrig adj. (w. d.) equally sorry (with): compassionate. efenscearp equally sharp, PPs 63^3. efenscolere (emn) m. fellowpupil, AO 132^1. efenscyldig equally guilty, LL. efensorgian (efn) to be sorry for, GD 345^18. efenspdiglic consubstantial, BH. efensprc (efne) confabulation, LkL p11^11. efenstlian to prepare, make ready, execute, WW 208^26. [ *efenstaelian] efensung efesung efenswe (efn) just as much, CP. efentam (efne) m. conspiracy, JnL 9^22. efentwistlic consubstantial. efenegn (efne) m. fellowservant, NG. fennung f. supper. efenow,owa m. fellowservant, , CP.owen f. fellowservant (female), HL 18^256. efenrwian to compassionate, sympathise, CP (efn), (em). efenrwung f. compassion, Sc. efenwre agreeing, CM 32. efenunwemme equally inviolate, LL 250[14]. efenwge f. counterpoise, Gl. efenweaxan to grow together, Lcd. efenwel as well, LL (324^1). efenweor of equal rank: very worthy: equivalent. efenwerod np. comrades, WW 381^16. efenwesende contemporaneous, coexistent, Cr 350. efenwiht n. equal, fellow, associate. efenwrtan (emn) 'conscribere,' EPs 149^9. efenwyrcend m. cooperator, BH 464^25 (). efenwyrhta (em) m. fellowworker, . 197

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary efenwyre efenweor efenyrfeweard m. coheir, BH. [ierfe] efeostlce (Chr 1114#e) ofostlce [[form of ofost"]] efer eofor eferfearn eoforfearn fern (N) fen efes, efesc f. the 'eaves' (of a house), LPs: brim, brink, edge, border (of a forest), side, Chr. efesdrypa yfesdrype efesian to clip, shear, cut, Gr. ['evese'] efest (VPs) fest, ofost efestan efstan efestlce hurriedly, NG. efesung f. shearing, shaving, tonsure, Cp, WW. [' eavesing'] efeta (WW) m., efete () f. 'eft,' newt, lizard, . efgl (OEG 8^168) fgl efn efen efnan I. to make even, level, Rd 28^8: liken, compare, MtL. ['even'; ON. jafna] II. fnan efne I. adv. even, evenly, equally, exactly, indeed, precisely, only, just, alike, likewise, just now. e. sw even so, even as, just as if, when. e. sw ah even though. e. t next to. II. (, eo) interj. behold! truly! indeed! . [efen] III. f? alum, . [cp. lifne] IV.? () n. material, DR. [["lifne form of lifn?]] efne efen efnen interj. behold now, CLPs 7^15. efnes quite, exactly. efnettan (emn) to equal, emulate: make even, adjust: (+) compare. efnian efnan I. efol eoful efor eofor fre fre efsian efesian efstan to hasten, hurry, make haste, . [ofost] efstung f. hastening. eft adv. again, anew, a second time, , VPs; CP: then, thereupon, afterwards, hereafter, thereafter, Chr; : back, Chr: likewise, moreover, Mt. ['eft '] eftcenned born again, N. eftcenn(edn)es f. regeneration, N. eftrist () resurrection, NG. eftrsan^1 to rise again, VPs. eftbtung f. making whole, NG. eftboren born again, JnLR 3^5. eftbt f. restoration to health, NG. eftcerran eftcyrran eftcneoreso regeneration, DR. eftcuman^4 to come back. eftcyme m. return. eftcyme pres. 3 sg. of eftcuman. eftcynnes ( cen) f. regeneration, NG. eftcyrran to turn back, return, . eftedwtan^6 to reprove, MtL 21^42. efter fter eftern? evening, LkL 24^29. eftflwan^7 to flow back, HGl 418; 462. 198

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary eftflwung f. redundance, HGl 418^45. eftforgifnes f. 'remissio,' 'reconciliatio,' NG, DR. +eftgadrian to repeat, GD 277^1. eftgeafung f. remuneration, DR 59^1. eftgecgan to recall, BH 250^21. eftgecyrran eftcyrran eftgemyndgian to remember, DR. eftgemyndig remembering, NG, DR. eftgian to repeat, CP 421^10,11: (+) restore, strengthen. efthweorfan^3 to turn back, return. efthweorfende,hwyrfende recurring, . eftlan n. recompense, Cr 1100. eftlaniend m. rewarder, DR 89^15. eftlsing () f. redemption, NG. eftlcung f. 'respectus,' regard, DR 86^15. eftmyndig remembering, NG. eftnwung f. restoration, DR. eftonfnd? receiver, NG. eftreccan pres. 3 sg.reh 'subdere,' OEG 5167. eftryne m. 'occursus,' return, VPs 18^7. eftscogian to put one's shoes on again, CM 687. eftselenes,selnes,tselenes f. requital, NG, DR. eftsittan^5 'residere,' Gr 157^5. efts m. journey back, return. eftsgende turning back, retreating, WW 491^19. eftsna a second time, Mk: soon after, again, likewise, Mt. ['eftsoon'] eftspellung f. recapitulation, WW 491^24. eftercian? (rcan) 'recalcitrare,' LkL. (v. ' thrash'). eftingung f. reconciliation, DR 88^5. eftwyrd f. judgment day, resurrection day? (or ? adj. future, GK), Ex 539. eftyrn eftryne efulsung yfelsung g eg g g, ag, eg eg v. egleg. gan v. on. egcgung (WW 104^12) ecgung ege () m. 'awe,' fear, terror, dread, Ps, MtL; , AO, CP: overawing influence, : cause of fear, VPs. egean (WW 459^15) ecgan egeful 'awful,' inspiring or feeling awe, , Bo. egelf? f. survivors of a battle, Ex 370 (or ? gorlf, GK). egelas fearless, CP. ['aweless'] adv.lce, CP. egelasnes f. boldness, Bl 85^31. egelic terrible, SPs 75^7. egenu f. chaff, husk, WW 412^3. egesa m. awe, fear, horror, peril: monstrous thing, monster: horrible deed, W 281^4. [ege] egesful egeful egesfullic terrible. adv.lce. egesfulnes f. fearfulness, fear, JPs, LL. egesgrma m. terrormask, ghost. egesian^1 to frighten, terrify, AO, CP: threaten, OEG 2481. egesig (eisig) terrible, Sat 36. 199

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary egeslic awful, dreadful, terrible, threatening, CP. adv. lce. egesung f. threatening, terror. egeswn n. a kind of fish, v. NC 284. egee ege egegetgu npl. harrowing implements, LL 455[17]. egewylm m. terrible wave, PPs 106^24. +eggian to egg on, incite, MkL 15^11. ghw ghw egide I. ecgede pret. 3 sg. of ecgan. II. ege egile egle egis eges egie ege egl fn? mote, beard, awn, ear (of barley): claw, talon. [Ger. achel] egleg 'euge!' BRPs 69^4. eglan tr. (Jud, Lcd) and impers. (LL) to trouble, plague, molest, afflict, , CP. ['ail'] egle I. hideous, loathsome, troublesome, grievous, painful, . II. egl eglian eglan gnan v. on. [[under ongan"]] gnes f. fear, EPs 88^41. egnwirht 'merx,' EPs 126^3 ( gnwyrht? BT; genwyrht? ES 381). go (NG) age gor n? flood, high tide, WW 386^29; 474^4. gorhere m. flood, deluge. gorstram m. sea, ocean. egs eges gs ges, egs ege f. harrow, rake, Gl. egere m. harrower. Egyptisc Egyptian. eh eoh h ag, eg, g eher (NG) ar ehholoe hahholoe [[headword spelled hahholode"]] ehsl eaxl eht ht, eaht ehta eahta htan to attack, persecute, pursue, harass, , AO, CP: consider, judge, observe. [ht] ehtefeald eahtafeald htend m. persecutor, AO. htere m. persecutor, , CP. htian htan htnes f. persecution, , AO, CP. htre htere htung f. persecution, AO 274^10. ehtuwe (Rd 37^4) eahta ig eg eige ege eis eges el m. the letter l. el, ele(prefix) foreign, strange. l (1) l, (2) l 200

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary elan eglan elboga () elnboga lc (NG) lc elch eolh elcian to put off, delay, . elciend m. procrastinator, 12^166. elcor adv. else, elsewhere, otherwise, except, besides, BH. ['elchur'] elcora, elcra, elcran adv. else, otherwise. elcung (A) f. delay, . elcur elcor eld ield eldor ealdor ele m. oil, Lcd; , AO, CP. ['ele'; L.] ele el elebacen cooked in oil. elebam m. olivetree, : elder? privet? EC 379. elebamen of the olivetree, WW 128^7. elebamstybb m. stump of an elder, EC 190^27. elebearu m. olive grove, NG. eleberge f. olive. eleboga (WW) elnboga elebytt f. oilvessel, chrismatory, WW 432^25. electre elehtre eledrosna pl. dregs of oil, Lcd 1310. eleft n. oilvessel, ampulla, WW. ['elvat'] elegrofa m. oilvessel? OEG (v. BT). elehorn m. oilflask, WW 434^7. elehtre f. lupine. [L. electrum] elelaf n. oliveleaf? Lcd 102b. elelast f. lack of oil, GD 44^21. elelendisc strange, foreign. as sb. stranger, exile. elene eolone elesdrosna eledrosna elesealf f. oilsalve, nard, HGl 405. eleseocche f. oilstrainer, WW 154^12. elestybb m. elderstump. [ ellen] eletredde f. oil press, GD. eletrow n. olive. eletrowen of olive trees. eletwig n. oleaster, WW 460^28. le m. allodium, freehold, Gu 38. [ el] elewana m. lack of oil, GD 44^9. elfen f. nymph, spirit, WW 352^10. [ ielfen] elfetu ilfetu elfremed lfremed elh eolh elhygd f. distraction, ecstasy. ell el ell el ellrn (Cp), ellarn ellen II. and III. elland n. foreign country. ['eilland'] 201

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary elle ealle [[under ealles"]] ellefne (An) endleofan ellen I. nm. (always n. in ) zeal, strength, courage, B, Bo, Gu. on e. boldly. ['elne'] II. n. 'elder'tree, Lcd; Mdf. III. adj. of elderwood, Lcd. ellenahse f. elder ash, Lcd 121b. [ asce] ellencrft m. might, power, PPs 98^5. ellendd f. heroic deed. ellende I. adj. foreign, strange, exiled. II. n. foreign parts. ellenga eallunga ellengst m. powerful demon, B 86. ellengrfa m. eldergrove, BC 2469^27. ellenheard mighty, brave, bold. ellenhete m. jealousy, A 1198^26. ellenlca m. champion, combatant, WW. ellenlaf n. elderleaf, Lcd 122a. ellenlas wanting in courage, Jul. ['ellenlaes '] ellenlic brave, . adv.lce. ellenmru f. fame of courage. ellenrind f. elder bark, Lcd. ellenrf courageous, powerful, . ellensoc mortally wounded, B 2787. ellensprc f. strong speech, Gu 1128. ellenstubb,stybb m. elder stump, Ct. ellentn m. elder twig, Lcd 116b. ellentrow n. eldertree, Ct. ellenrste heroically bold, Jud 133. ellenweorc n. heroic deed. ellenwd I. f. zeal, PPs 68^9. II. furious, Jul 140: zealous, earnest, OEG 364. ellenwdian to emulate. ellenwdnes f. zeal. ellenwyrt f. elderwort, dwarfelder. ellenwyrttruma m. root of elder, Lcd 101a. elleoht n. elision of the letter l, OEG 5471. ellern ellen II. elles adv. in another manner, otherwise, Mt; , CP: 'else,' besides, Bl, Seaf; , CP: elsewhere, OEG 2^252. e. hwr, hwergen, hwider elsewhere. e. hwt anything else, otherwise. ellnung elnung ellor elsewhere, elsewhither, to some other place. e. londes in another land. ellorfs ready to depart. ellorgst ,gst m. alien spirit. ellors m. death, B 2451. ellreord, ellreordig elreord ellod elod elm m. 'elm,' elmtree, Lcd. [L. ulmus] elm lm elmboga elnboga elmrind f. elmbark, Lcd. eln f. forearm, 'ell' (a foot and a half to two feet), Mt, WW; , AO, CP. elnboga m. 'elbow,' WW (ele); CP. elne, elnes ds. and gs. of ellen. elngemet n. ellmeasure, Gen 1309. 202

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary elnian to emulate, be zealous: strengthen, comfort oneself: gain strength, Lcd. elnung f. comfort, consolation, L 23^525: emulation, zeal, . elone eolone elotr, elor (Gl) elehtre elpan(VPs), elpen elpend elpend (y^1) m. elephant, AO. elpendbnen (elpan, ylpen) of ivory. elpendbn n. ivory. elpendt m. ivory, WW 397^27. elpent elpend elra comp. adj. other, B 753. [*el; Goth. aljis] elreord,reordig of strange speech, barbarous. elreordignes f. barbarism, Gl. els masc. suffix for inanimate things, as in rcels, wfels. eltst () ieldest superl. of eald. elod f. strange people, foreign nation, (in pl.) foreigners, enemies: (pl.) all people, all nations, Cr 1084, 1337: exile, AO. elodgian,ian to live abroad, wander as a pilgrim: (+) make strange, disturb, Sc 106^19. elodgung elodung elodig foreign, strange, barbarous, hostile , Bo, Met (l); AO, CP: exiled . wk. form mp. elodian,odigan strangers, foreigners, pilgrims, proselytes. ['altheodi'] elodige (o) abroad, LkR 15^13. elodiglic (l) foreign, strange, born abroad. adv.lce. elodignes f. foreign travel or residence, pilgrimage, exile, AO. elodisc foreign, strange, Mt 27^7. elodung f. residence or travel abroad, BH 332^18. eld, eled, elod elod eluhtre elehtre elwiht lwiht em m? the letter m. em efen, emn, ym, ymb, ymbe m m emb ymb embe ymbe embeht (NG) ambiht embehtian ambihtan embiht ambiht embren (^1, i^2) n. bucket, pail, Gl. [Ger. eimer] emdenes, emdemes endemes emel ymel emer omer emleoht n. elision of m before vowels in scanning verse, OEG 5473. emn efen emne efne, efn emnet n. plain, AO 186^22. [efen] emtw (on) into two equal parts, in half, . en suffix I. diminutive (neut.) as in mgden (from mg). II. to form feminines (a) with mutation (gyden, from god). (b) without mutation (owen from ow). III. adjectival, with mutation, denoting material. n n end conj. and 203

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary +endadung f. finishing. ende m. 'end,' conclusion, Mt: boundary, border, limit, Ps; , AO, CP: quarter, direction: part, portion, division, AO: district, region, AO: species, kind, class : death. t (m) e. finally. endeberd,bird,bred endebyrd endebyrd f. order, Met 13^4. endebyrdan to put in order, arrange, ordain, dispose, . endebyrdend m. one who orders or arranges, OEG. endebyrdes in an orderly manner, regularly, properly. endebyrdian endebyrdan endebyrdlic ordinal, Gr 282^14. adv. ()lce in an orderly manner, in order, in succession, , CP. endebyrdnes f. order, succession, series, arrangement, method, rule , , CP: grade, degree, rank, condition, , CP. endedg m. last day, day of death. endedgor mn. last day, deathday. endefstend m. finisher, DR 27^15. endefurh f. endfurrow, Ct. endelf f. last remnant, last, B 2813. endelan n. final retribution. endelas,laslic () 'endless,' boundless, eternal, Bo. adv.lce, . endelasnes f. endlessness, infinity, eternity, Gr 116^10. endelf n. life's end, death, El 585. endemann m. man of the world's (supposed) final age, . endemes (, CP), endemest adv. equally, likewise, at the same time, together, unanimously : fully, entirely: in procession. endemest (nde) last, MF (Vesp. D xiv). endemestnes f. extremity (v. MF 157). endenhst,nxt (, ) extreme, final, last, . enderm m. number, Sat 12. endesta m. borderwatchman, B 241. endespc f. epilogue, CM 1166. endestf m. end, conclusion. endetma m. end of life, last hour. enderst (nde) f. end, destruction, GD 337^9. endian to 'end,' finish, : abolish, destroy, JnR, Ps; AO, CP: to come to an end, die, Gu; AO. endleofan (e^2, i^2, u^2, y^2; o^3) num. 'eleven,' , BH. endlifangilde entitled to elevenfold compensation, LL 3[1]; 470[7]. endlyfta,leofta,leofea 'eleventh,' Bl, Mt. endlyfte in the eleventh place, eleventhly, LL 182[11]. +endodlic finite, Bo 44^21. endung f. 'ending,' end, Mt; CP: (+) death. endwerc n. pain in the buttocks, Lcd 174a. [wrc] ened (^1, i^2) mf. drake, duck, Gl. ['ende'] enelac ynnelac netere nwintre nga nga enge I. (a, ) narrow, close, straitened, constrained: vexed, troubled, anxious: oppressive, severe, painful, cruel. II. (a, o) adv. sadly, anxiously. +enged troubled, anxious, WW 357^7. engel () m. 'angel,' messenger, Mt; , CP. [L. angelus] Engel Angel engelcund angelic, Gu 72. 204

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary engelcynn n. race or order of angels. engellic angelic, of angels, . engetrow hengetrow Englaland n. country of the Angles, 'England,' BH. Englan, Engle mp. the Angles (as opposed to the Saxons): the English generally. [Angel] englelic engellic Englisc 'English,' , LL; CP. on E. in (the) English (language), Gr, BH, Mt. Engliscmann m. 'Englishman,' LL. engu f. narrowness, confinement. enid ened nig nig nitre nwintre enlefan endlufon [[under endleofan"]] nlpig nlpe ennelac,lc ynnelac eno heonu ent m. giant, , AO. entcynn n. race of giants. entisc of a giant, B 2979. entse yndse nwintre nwintre eobor eofor eobot eofot oc goc ode I. pret. 3 sg. of gn. II. owde eodor m. hedge, boundary: limit, region, zone: inclosure, fold, dwelling, house: prince, lord. eodorbrec f.,brice m. breach of an inclosure, housebreaking, LL. eodorcan to chew, ruminate, BH 346^2. [ edrocian] eodorgong (eder) m. begging? (GK) robbery? (Liebermann), Cr 1676. eodorwr m. wire fence, Rd 18^2. eodur eodor eofel yfel eofer eofor eofera eafora eofermodig ofermodig [[headword spelled ofermdig"]] eofet eofot eofne efne eofole f? danewort, endive? Lcd. eofon heofon eofor (e^1, ea^1, e^2) m. boar, wild boar, Lcd, Ps: boarimage on a helmet. ['ever'] eofora eafora eoforcumbol n. boarimage on a helmet? boarshaped ensign ? El 76; 259. eoforfearn (e^1) n. a kind of fern, polypody, Lcd, WW. ['everfern'] eoforheafodsegn (ea^1) n. banner with a boar's head design? B 2152. eoforlc m. boarimage (on a helmet), B 303. eoforspere (u^2) n. boarspear, OEG 7^56. eoforsprot n. boarspear, Gl. eoforswn n. boar, Lcd 98b. eoforring m. (boarthrong), the constellation Orion. eoforrote f. carline thistle, Lcd. eofot n. crime, sin, guilt. 205

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary eofo eafo eoful(A) yfel eofur (VPs) eofor eofut (NG) eofot ogor gor eogo geogu eoh nm., gs. os warhorse, charger: name of the rune for e. [Goth. aihwa] oh [ w] m. yewtree: name of the rune for o. eola, eolc eolh eoldran ieldran [[form of ieldra?]] eolene eolone oles gs. of eolh. eolet n. voyage? (Cosijn), B 224. eolh m. [g. oles] elk. eolhsand (sang, HGl 431) n. amber, Gl. eolhsecg (eolhx, eolx, ilug) m. 'papyrus,' reed, sedge, Gl : name of a rune, Run 15. eolhstede ealhstede eolone f. elecampane. eolo eala (v. ealu) eolxsecg eolhsecg eom I. v. wesan. II. heom, him dp. of h, ho, hit eond geond eonde ? ende (but v. JAW 31) eonu heonu eor ear, ier or ar eorcnanstn, eorc(l)anstn m. precious stone. [Goth. airkns] ored (o^2) nf. troop, band, legion, company. [eoh, rd] oredcist (o^2, ie^3, e^3, y^3) f. troop, company. oredgeatwe fpl. military apparel, B 2866. oredgerd n. troop of horsemen, WW 229^1. oredhap m. troop, host, DD 113. oredmcg m. horseman, Rd 23^3. oredmann m. trooper, horseman, BH, WW. oredmenigu f. legion, Gd. oredrat m. troop, host, Rd 4^49. oredweorod,wered n. band, company, GD 71^6. eorl m. 'earl,' nobleman (origly. a Danish title the native 'ealdorman'), Ct, LL, Ma : () brave man, warrior, leader, chief, Cr, Gen, Rd: man. eorlcund noble, LL. eorldm m. earldom, rank of an earl, Chr. eorlgebyrd f. noble birth. eorlgestron n. treasure, wealth. eorlgewde n. armour, B 1442. eorlic (1) ierlic; (2) eorllic eorlisc of noble rank, LL 173. eorllic chivalrous, manly. eorlmgen n. band of noble warriors. eorlriht n. earl's right, LL 458[5]. eorlscipe m. manliness, courage. eorlweorod n. host of noble warriors, B 2893. 206

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary eormencynn (y^1) n. mankind. eormengrund n. wide world, B 859. eormenlf f. huge legacy, B 2234. eormenstrnd f. race, generation, Sol 329. eormenod (y^1) f. mighty people, Men 139. eorn georn eornes f. anger, Bl 123^8; HL. eornest eornost eornost f. earnestness, zeal, , CP. on eornost(e) in earnest, earnestly, truly: seriousness, W: battle. [' earnest'] eornoste (e^2) I. 'earnest,' zealous, serious, . II. adv. earnestly, seriously, courageously: fiercely. eornostlce I. adv. 'earnestly,' strictly, truly, in truth, indeed, Mt, LL. II. conj. therefore, but. eornust eornost orod ored eor eore, heor eorppel m. nap.ppla 'earthapple,' cucumber, : ' mandragora,' WW. eorrn (e^2) n. earthhouse, grave. eorbeofung (i^2) f. earthquake, AO. eorberge f. strawberry, WW 242^6. [berie; Ger. erdbeere] eorbgenga m. earthdweller, BH 268^31. eorbgennes f. agriculture, WW 144^21. eorbrycg f. bridge of poles covered with earth, BC 3223^21. eorbend ,bg(ig)end m. earthdweller, man, . eorburh eorbyrig eorbyfung eorbeofung eorbyrgen f. grave, NC 284. eorbyrig f. earthwork, mound, embankment, road. eorcafer m. cockchafer, WW 122^16. [ceafor] eorcenned,cend earthborn, Ps. eorcrft m. geometry, OEG 3119. eorcrypel,cryppel m. paralytic, palsied man, NG. eorcund, eorcundlic (CP) sprung from the earth, earthly. eorcyning m. earthly king, king of the country. eorcynn n. human race, Ex 370. eordenu f. valley, NC 284. eordraca m. dragon that lives in the earth. eordyne m. earthquake, Chr 1060. ['earthdin'] eore f. ground, soil, , B, LkL; AO, CP: 'earth,' mould, Gu: world, , B, Mt: country, land, district, Jn. eoren adj. of or in the earth, OEG 3312? eorern eorrn eorfst 'earthfast,' firm in the earth, . eorft n. earthly vessel, body, Soul 8. eorgealla,galla m. earthgall, lesser centaury. eorgebyrst,berst n. landslip, Ct. eorgemre n. boundary of the earth, PPs 21^25. eorgemet n. geometry, Gl. eorgesceaft f. earthly creature, Met 20^194. eorgrf n. hole in the earth, Rd 59^9. eorgrp f. earth's embrace, Ruin 6. eorhele m. a covering of the ground. eorhrrnes f. earthquake, Bl, NG. 207

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary eorhs n. cavedwelling, den. eorifig (y^2) n. ground ivy, Lcd 1212. eorlic 'earthly,' worldly, Bl, Mt; . adv.lce. eorling yrling eormgen n. earthly power, Rim 69. eormata [maa?] m. 'vermis,' worm, Gl. eormistel m. basil (plant), Lcd 33a. eornafela m. asparagus, Lcd. eornutu f. 'earthnut,' pignut, Ct. [hnutu] eorreced n. cavedwelling, B 2719. eorrest f. bed laid on the ground, WW 362^11. eorrce n. earthly kingdom, earth. eorrima m. a plant, Lcd 120a. eorscrf n. ds.scrafe cavedwelling, cavern, CP: sepulchre. eorsele m. cavedwelling. eorslihtes close to the ground, . eorstede m. earth, PPs 73^7. eorstirung eorstyrung [[under eorstyren"]] eorstyren (GD),styrennes (NG),styrung () f. earthquake. eortilia m. 'earthtiller,' husbandman, farmer, W 305^31. eortil f. 'earthtilth,' agriculture, WW. eortdor n. human race, PPs 117^22. eortyrewe f. earthtar, bitumen, AO 74^17. eoru (N) eore eorwstm f. fruit of the earth. eorwaran (CP),ware mpl.,waru fpl. earthdwellers, AO. ['earthware'] eorweall m. earthwall, mound. eorweard m. region of earth, B 2334. eorweg m. earth. eorwela m. wealth: fertility, AO. eorweorc n. work on the land. eorwerod n. inhabitants of earth, W 25^21; 203^5. eorwestm eorwstm eoryfig eorifig orwicga arwicga os gs. of eoh. eosel, eosol esol eosele f. sheass, Bl. ost ast eosul esol eotan (VPs) etan Eotas Eotenas eoten m. giant, monster, enemy. [ON. iotonn] Eotenas mpl. Jutes. eotend ( etend) voracious, gluttonous, WW 396^8; 523^6. eotenisc gigantic, B. ['etenish'] Eotolware mp. Italians, BH 108^11. oton ton pret. pl. of etan. eotonisc eotenisc eotonweard f. watch against monsters? B 668. oe (N) ae 208

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary ow I. dat. of g pers. pron. to you, you. II. interj. wo! alas! III. gw. IV. w. V. m. sheep. ow ow II. owan ewan owberge wberge owcig owocig owd f. sheepfold, : flock, herd, . owde n. flock (of sheep), herd, . owdescap n. sheep of the flock, PPs 64^14. owe I. gs. of owu. II. we owed owd owede owde owende (dat.) 'testiculis,' LL 64[25,1]. ower I. gp. of g pers. pron. (2nd pers.). II. possess. pron. your, yours. owerlendisc of your land, 'vestras,' Gr 94^1. owestre m. sheepfold. owian ewan owic acc. pl. of (v. g). [[under u"]] owistre owestre owocig of a ewe, ewe's, Lcd 16a. owod owd owode owde owohumele f. female hopplant, Lcd. owomeoluc f. ewe's milk, Lcd 70a. owu f. 'ewe,' , LL. owunga awunga epistol m. letter. epl, eppel ppel eppan yppan r (1) r, (2) r, (3) ar I. er r, ear, ier, yr r r, ar erce arce ercnastn (NG) eorcnanstn eretic heretical. [L.] erian, erigean to plough, , Bo, Lk; CP. ['ear '] erinaces pl. hedgehogs, PPs 103^17. eringland n. arable land, Ct. eriung f. ploughing, WW 104^6. ern () f. crop of corn, BH 44^23#c. ersc m? stubblefield, EC 282; 290. erschen f. quail, , WW. sa v. s. sceap sceap esl eaxl esne m. labourer, slave, servant, retainer: youth, man, CP. [Goth. asneis] esnecund of a labourer, WW 212^44. esnemon (^1) m. hireling, JnR 10^13. esnewyrhta m. mercenary, hireling. esnlce like a man, manfully, , CP. esol mf. ass, CP. [L. asellus] ess m. name of the letter s. 209

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary essian to waste away, RPs 118^139. st mf. favour, grace, bounty, kindness, love, An, B: harmony, consent: (in pl.) delicacies, WW; . [' eate'] stan (w. d.) to live luxuriously, W 190^17. stan astan ste gracious, liberal, B, Gen. ['este'] stelic kind, gracious, EPs 68^17: delicate, dainty (of food), MF (Vesp. D xiv). adv.lce, CP. stful gracious, devoted, devout, : fond of luxuries, WW 218^18,19. ['estfull'] adv.lce. stfulnes f. devotion, zeal, CP: luxury, lechery. stgeorn delicate, fond of luxuries, WW 218^18. stig gracious, liberal, Pa 16. stines f. benignity, EPs 64^12. stlic stelic stmete m. dainty, delicacy, luxury, . estre f. agent, as in wtegestre, prophetess. stum freely, willingly, gladly. esul esol esulcweorn f. millstone turned by an ass, CP 31^17. swic swic et I. t prep. II. pres. 3 sg. of etan. et t, ed t (NG) t etan^5 (ea, eo) to 'eat,' , AO, Jn: devour, consume, Jn; CP: (reflex.) provision oneself: (+) eat together. etelond n. pasture land, KC 295^14. etemest ytemest [[headword spelled temest"]] eten eoten etend m. eater, glutton. etenls f. pasture, LL 452[20]. etol (ettul) voracious. etonisc (B) eotenisc etsomne tsamne etst itst pres. 2 sg. of etan. ettan to graze, pasture land, AO 18^25. ettulnes f. greediness, gluttony, Sc 55^6. I. comp. adv. more easily. II. e , ed , a, , ecwide (Gl) edcwide e barren, waste, desolate. [Ger. de] el (oe, N) mn. gs. les country, native land, home, Lk, Met; CP. hwles . the sea, Chr 975#a: name of the rune for [oe]. ['ethel'] elboda m. land's apostle, native preacher, Gu 976. elcyning m. king of the land, Cr 997. eldram m. domestic joy, Gen 1607. eleard m. native dwelling. elfsten n. fortress. elland n. fatherland, country. ellas homeless, exiled. elmearc f. boundary of one's country, territory. elrce n. native country. elriht n. hereditary right. 210

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary elseld ,setl n. settlement. elstf (ul, yl) m. heir, successor. elstaol m. settlement. elstl m. hereditary seat, habitation: royal city, chief city. elstw f. dwellingplace. elturf f. (ds.tyrf) fatherland. elrymm m. glory of one's own land. elweard m. lord of the realm, man. elwynn f. joy of ownership. gung f. breath, breathing, inspiration: hard breathing, RB 68^3. ian to breathe, GD: smell. ['ethe'] r (N) dr, dre [[under ddre"]] ea (MtR) oe ung I. f. laying waste, destroying, Gl. [e, an] II. gung ewilte easily turned, OEG 1151. uw interj. woe! Gl. w w, aw, ow we owu ex, exe f. brain, Lcd (v. A 30129). ex eax exen v. oxa. exlistealla ? eaxlgestealla exorcista m. exorcist, L 31^141.


A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary

f v. fh I. faca gp. of fc. fcen n. nap. fcnu deceit, fraud, treachery, sin, evil, wickedness, crime, Mt, LL; , AO: blemish, fault (in an object), LL 114[56]; 398[9]. ['faken'] fcendd f. sin, crime, PPs 118^53. fcenful,fullic deceitful, crafty. fcengecwis f. conspiracy, WW. fcengeswipere n. deceit, PPs 82^3. fcenlas guileless: pure, NG. fcenlic deceitful, RB 95^12,15. adv.lce, . ['faken '] fcensearu n. treachery. fcenstafas mp. treachery, deceit, B 1018. fcentcen n. deceitful token, Cr 1566. facg m. plaice? loach? WW 180^32. fcian to try to obtain, get, AO 152^7. fcn fcen fcne fcne facum dp. of fc. fadian to arrange, dispose, guide, . fadiend m. manager, OEG 56^308. fadung f. arrangement, order, disposition, dispensation, rule, dominion, . fadur (A) fder fc (e) n. space of time, while, division, interval, Lk ; , CP: period of five years, lustrum, WW 431^16. ['fec'; Ger. fach] fccan feccan fcele (e^1) f. torch, WW. [Ger. fackel] fcenlce fcenlce fcful spacious, Sc 185^5. fcile (Gl) fcele fcne I. deceitful, treacherous, Ps: vile, worthless. II. adv. deceitfully, maliciously, disgracefully: () exceedingly. ['faken'] fcnig 'dolosus?' RPs 72^18 (or ? fcnigung ' dolus,' ES 3813). +fd orderly, wellconducted, LL: calm, composed, W 51^24. [fadian] fd fd fder (e^1) m. usu. indecl. in sg. 'father,' , VPs; AO, CP: male ancestor, LkL, Mt: the Father, God, Jn, Mt, VPs : (in pl.) parents , . eald f. grandfather . ridda, fowera f. etc. greatgrandfather, greatgreatgrandfather, etc. fdera (e^1) m. paternal uncle, AO. [cp. Ger. vetter] +fdera m. godfather (in his relation to the father), . [ Ger. gevatter] fderelo npl. patrimony: paternal kinship. fderen paternal. +fderen born of the same father, AO 114^14. fderenbror m. brother (from the same father). fderencnsl (fdren) n. father's kin, LL 54[9]. fderencynn n. father's kin. fderenhealf f. father's side, Chr 887#a. fderenmg m. paternal kinsman, Chr 887#e. 212

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary fderenmg f. paternal kindred, LL 392[3]. fderel m. fatherland, AO. fderfeoh n. dowry paid by the father of the bride, LL. fdergeard m. father's dwelling, Gen 1053. fdergestron n. patrimony, Gl. fderhwisc n? 'paterfamilias,' NG. fderingmg fderenmg fderland n. paternal land, inheritance, Chr 1101. fderlas fatherless, W. fderlic 'fatherly,' paternal, ancestral, El. adv.lce. +fdlic fit, suitable, proper. adv.lce: orderly, quietly: craftily, CPs 82^4. [fadian] fdern fderen fderslaga m. parricide, WW. fderswica m. traitor to one's father, L 19^224. fdm fm fdr fder +fdrian to have the same father, AO. ffne (LkR 1^29) fmne +fg beloved, B 915. [OHG. gifag] fgan v. f. fge 'fey,' doomed (to death), fated, destined, An, B, Ma: dead: unhappy, accursed, Cr: feeble, cowardly, Gu. [Ger. feige] fgen (w. g.) 'fain,' glad, joyful, rejoicing, B, Bo; AO. fgenian fgnian fgennes f. joy, NC 285. fger () I. 'fair,' lovely, beautiful, Bo, Gen; AO, CP: pleasant, agreeable, Ex: attractive, Gen; . II. f. beauty, Bo. fger fgr fgerlce splendidly, LkL 16^19. fgernes f. 'fairness,' beauty, LPs, Sc; . fgerwyrde smoothspeaking, FT 12. fgn fgen fgnes f. diversity, LPs 44^15. fgnian (a) (w. g. etc.) to rejoice, be glad, exult, Bo, Met: fawn, : applaud. ['fain'] fgnung f. rejoicing, ELSPs. +fgon pret. pl. of +fon. fgre () fairly, elegantly, beautifully, : pleasantly, softly, gently, kindly, Gen, Men: well, justly: early, LkR 24^1 (e). ['fair'] fgrian to become beautiful: adorn, decorate. fg? f. imminent death, An 284 (GK). fhan fgan II. fht feoht fh f. hostility, enmity, violence, revenge, vendetta, AO. [fh; cp. Ger. fehde] fhbt f. payment for engaging in a feud, LL 266[25]; 286[5,2d]. fhe, fho, fhu fh fl feal, fel, fyl flcan flcan fle I. faithful, trusty, good, Ps: dear, beloved. ['fele'] II. adv. truly, well, pleasantly. flsian to expiate, condition, cleanse, purify: (+) pass through. fman to 'foam,' MkL. [fm] fmhdlic fmnhdlic 213

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary fmig fmig fmnanhd fmnhd fmne () f. maid, virgin, bride, : (+) woman: virago. fmne(n)dlic (GD) fmnhdlic fmnhd m. virginity, maidenhood, AO. fmnhdesmon m. virgin, RB 136^24. fmnhdlic (OEG), fmn(en)lic maidenly, virginal. fn fen fr I. n. (? also f.) nap. faru () way, journey, passage, expedition, A, Lk. mannes f. highway, L 25^441: proceedings, life, : movable possessions, means of subsistence, HL: ark, ship. ['fare'] II. aspect? Met 31^4. fr () I. m. sudden danger, peril, B, Ex: sudden attack: marvel? Bl 199^24. ['fear'] II. ffer. III. fger fr far, fer, fear, feor, fier, for frprefix (1) sudden, fearful; (2) fr frrning f. quick marching, GD 14^24. fran to frighten, ; CP: raven, MtL 7^15 (). ['fear'] frbena m. peasant, smallholder? (Lieb.), LL 383[50]. frbifongen beset by dangers, B 2009. frbld (^1) m. sudden blast (of wind), Jul 649. frbryne m. scorching heat, Ex 72. frclamm () m. sudden seizure, Ex 119. frcou f. apoplexy, Lcd. frcwealm m. sudden pestilence. frcyle m. intense cold, Gen 43. frda m. sudden death, WW 351^19. frdryre m. sudden fall, Cra 48. fredlic () frlic freht frriht freld (a^1) nm. way, journey, passage, expedition, , AO, CP: retinue, company, AO: course of life, conduct, : progress, power of locomotion, : the Passover. freldfrols m. passover feast. frelt (AO, CP) freld frennes frnes fre pres. 3 sg. of faran. frfrg without passagemoney, Kl. frfyll (on) headlong, WW 426^8. frgripe m. sudden grip. frgryre m. awful horror. frhaga m. hedge of terrors, Gu 933. fringa () suddenly, unexpectedly, quickly, forthwith, by chance, Lk; , CP. ['feringe'] frlic sudden, unexpected, AO, WW; , CP. adv.lce, Lk. ['ferly'] frnes f. passage, traffic, BH, MtR. frn m. hostile attack, B 476. frrs m. sudden rush, LkL 8^33. frrsende (^1) 'repentia,' DR 125^16. frriht n. passagemoney, L 23b^352. frsceatt m. passagemoney, fare, Andr. frsceaa m. enemy, Ma 142. frscyte m. sudden shot, Cr 766. frsearo n. sudden artifice, Cr 770. frsa m. deep pit, WW 193^6. frslide m. sudden fall, PPs 114^8. 214

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary frspell n. dreadful tidings. frst pres. 2 sg. of faran. frstice m. sudden stitch (pain). frstylt m? amazement, LkL 5^26. frswge f. amazement, MkL 5^42 (). fr I. fer. II. pres. 3 sg. of faran. frunga, frunge () fringa fruntrymnes f. sudden sickness, Lcd 107b. frwundor n. terrible wonder, Ex 279. fs (a, ea) n. fringe, border, MtL. ['fas'] fsceaftnes fasceaftnes fsl n? seed, offspring, progeny. fsnian fstnian fst I. 'fast,' fixed, firm, secure, steadfast, strong, BH, Bo, Lcd: stiff, heavy, dense, Lcd; , AO, CP: made strong, fortified, BH; : religious, Christian (book). II. (Gu 192) fsten fstan to fasten, make firm, ratify, establish, MkL, LkL : entrust, commit: 'fast' ('ifast'), abstain from food, A, Bl, Lcd; CP: atone for (by fasting), Da 592. fste (e) 'fast,' firmly, securely, BH, Bo; : straitly, strictly: heavily (sleep). fsten n. fastness, stronghold, fortress, AO, CP: cloister, : () fast (abstinence from food) Bl, LL, Mt, VPs; CP: firmament, sky. ['fasten'] fstenbehfednes f. parsimony, WW 504^10. fstenbryce m. breach of fast, LL, W. fstendg m. fastday, RB, W. fstendc m. fortditch, moat, Ct. fstengangol fstgangol fstengeat n. castlegate, Jud 162. fstengeweorc n. liability for repair of the defences of a town. fstenlic,ernlic quadragesimal, DR. fstennes fstnes fstentd f. fast, LL. fstenwuce f. week of fasting, L 23b^111. fstermdor fstormdor fstern n. fast: Quadragesima, LG. fstes by chance, WW. fstgangol (o^2, e^3) steady, faithful, Cra 80. fsthafol retentive, tenacious, : sparing, miserly, CP. fsthafolnes f. economy, CP 453^28. fstheald firmly fixed, L 23^423. fsthdig constant, steadfast. fstian (ea) to commend, entrust, commit, LkL. fsting f. commendation, trust, guardianship, GD 239^15; LL 58[7]. fstingan fstnian fstingmann m. a kind of retainer, EC. fstlic firm, fixed, steadfast, resolute. adv.lce (+ in AS) fixedly, steadily, constantly, Bo: unceasingly, , Bl: verily, but, NG. ['fastly'] fstmd constant in mind, AO 288^17. fstnes f. firmness, massiveness, stability, Bo: 'fastness,' stronghold, : firmament, . fstnian to 'fasten,' fix, secure, bind, An: confirm, ratify, conclude (peace), Ma, OET: betroth. fstnung f. fastening, bond: security, safety: protection, shelter: ratification, pledge, engagement: exhortation, MkL p2^5: monument, MtL p5^4; Mk 5^5. fstrd firm, constant, steadfast, B, Bo; CP, . [' fastrede'] 215

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary fstrdlic constant, steadfast, Bo 20^21. adv.lce. fstrdnes f. constancy, fortitude, Bo. fststeall standing firmly. fs fst ft n. nap. fatu vat, vessel, jar, cup, , B, JnL; AO, CP: casket, El 1026. ['fat'] ft I. n. plate, beaten out metal (especially gold), gold ornament. II. ftt I. ftan to cram, put (in), load, CP. fted I. ornamented with gold. [cp. Goth. ftjan] II. ftt ftedhlor with cheek ornaments, B 1026. ftedsinc n. beaten gold, An 478. ftels, ftel m. vessel, AO, Lcd; : pouch, bag, sack, , CP. ['fetles'] ftelsian fetelsian ftelsian to put into a vessel. ftfyllere (e^2) m. cupbearer, GD. ftgold n. beaten gold, B 1921. fthengest m. riding horse, Rd 23^14. ftian fetian ftnes f. 'fatness,' Ps; , CP: the richest part of anything, Ps. +ftnian +fttian ftt I. () fat, fatted, , AO, Lk. II. fted fttian (+) to become fat, Ps: (+) anoint, Ps: fatten. ['fat'] +fttig fat, rich, CPs 19^4. fe fe felas 'histriones'? v. OEG 39^2. fer feer fm (e) mf. outstretched or encircling arms, embrace, grasp, An, Rd: protection: interior, bosom, lap, breast, womb : 'fathom,' cubit, , Cp, WW; : power, B, Cr: expanse, surface. fman, fmian to surround, envelop, clasp, embrace, An, B. ['fathom'] fmlic embracing, enclosing, WW 486^6. fmnes v. onf. fmrm n. fathom, cubit, Ph 29. fx feax fxnes feaxnes fxtlg? m. pomade, Cp 379#f? (v. AB 6163). fg I. variegated, spotted, dappled, stained, dyed, Lcd : shining, gleaming, Ps. ['faw'] II. fh I. fg fh fage f. (WW 94) facg fagen fgen fagen fgn fgettan to change colour, Lcd 3240^23. mid wordum f. speak evasively. fgetung f. change, H 2538^33. fgian to change, vary in colour: embroider, RB 137^8. fgnes f. scab, ulcer, eruption, : various colours, brilliancy, HL: 'qualitas,' 'varietas,' OEG. fagnian fgnian fgung f. variety, DR, GD. fgwyrm m. basilisk, VPs 90^13. fh I. nap. f hostile, B: () proscribed, outlawed, guilty, criminal, B. ['foe'; fogan] II. () m. ' foe,' enemy, LL; , AO. III. fg I. fahame ( fa, forhhama?) womb, WW 40^28. fhmann m. 'foeman,' LL 50[5]. fahnian fgnian 216

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary fala I. (WW 52^11) ?d. of *fealh tube, pipe (ES 38337). II. fela flcan to be at enmity with, show hostility to, LL 160[20,7]. fald,d,od,ud m. 'fold,' stall, stable, cattlepen, A, Gl, Jn. fald(N) feald faldgang m. going to the (sheep) fold, W 170^20#e. faldhrer n. stalled ox, MF 158. faldian to make a fold, hurdle off sheep, LL 454[9]. ['fold'] falew feal(e)w fall(VPs; NG) feall falod fald fals I. adj. false, W 272^4. II. n. falsehood, fraud, counterfeit. [late; from L.] faling mass, load, WW 33^8. falu fealu falud fald fm n. 'foam,' BH, Ep; . fmbig fmig fmblwende v. lgf. fmgian to foam, boil, Ex 481. fmig () 'foamy,' Rd. fmigbord with foaming banks (of a stream), Met 26^26. fmigbsm with foamy bosom, Ex 493. fmigheals foamynecked. fana m. banner, standard, Met; OEG. ['fane'; Ger. fahne] +fna gp. of +f. fanbyrde standardbearing, v. OEG 1744. fand pret. 3 sg. of findan. fandere m. tempter, Sc 206^4. fandian (often w. g., but also d. and a.) to try, attempt, tempt, test, examine, explore, search out, AO, Gen, Mk, Run; CP. ['fand,' 'fond'; findan] fandung f. investigation, trial, temptation, test, proof, , CP. fane I. f. (NG, o^1) fann. II. fanu fang m. plunder, booty, Chr 1016. [fn] fangen pp. of fn. +fangian to join, fasten, Bo 96^14. fann f. winnowing, 'fan,' Cp, Lk, LL. [L. vannus] fannian to 'fan,' Sc 1861^17. fant (o) m. 'font,' : baptismal water, HL 15^293. fantb n. baptismal water, laver of baptism, . fantbletsung f. consecration of water for baptism, P 188^12. fantft n. baptismal font, . fanthlgung (o) f. consecration at the font, W 36^2. fanthlig holy from connection with the font, Lcd 140b. fantwter n. 'fontwater,' water used at baptism, laver of baptism, Lcd (o); . fanu f. standard: iris (plant). fra gp. of fh I. +fara m. travelling companion, comrade. faran^6 to set forth, go, travel, wander, proceed, Bl, Gen, JnL; AO, CP: be, happen, exist, act, 'fare' ('ifare'), get on, undergo, suffer, : (+) die, AO, CP: (+) attack, overcome, capture, obtain, AO. fara faro fareld freld fare faro 217

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary Fariseisc of or belonging to the Pharisees, OEG, WG. farm feorm faro m. shore: stream. farohengest (ea^1) m. seahorse, ship, El 226. farolcende swimming, sailing. as sb. sailors. farordende sailing, An 440. farostrt f. path of the sea. faru f. way, going, journey, course , : expedition, march : procession, retinue, companions : life, proceedings, adventures, : movable possessions. fas fs fatian (NG) fetian fatu v. ft. fae, fau f. father's sister, paternal aunt. fausunu m. father's sister's son, Chr 1119. faul m? evil spirit, Lcd 43a. fa I. () m. joy, AO, CP. II. n. feoh. III. (fawa) adj. nap. fawe, superl. fawost, fast 'few,' B, BH, Chr, Mt. fawum sum seldom. adv. even a little, at all. feadur (A) fder +fagan (NG) +fon feah feoh feaht I. pret. 3 sg. of feohtan. II. feoht feal fel +feald n. region, abode? Wald 2^10. fealdan^7 to 'fold,' wrap up, furl, , Bo, Rd. fealdestl (y) m. foldingstool. feale, fealewes v. fealu. fealewian fealwian fealfor felofor [[under felofear"]] fealg pret. 3 sg. of folan. fealga v. fealh. fealgian to fallow, LL 454[9] (v. A 3671). fealh I. f. nap. fealga fallow. [Ger. falge] II. (e) f. 'felloe,' felly (of a wheel), Bo. III. pret. 3 sg. of folan. IV. v. fala. +falic joyous, pleasant. adv.lce joyously, W 284^16. feall fiell feallan^7 () to 'fall' ('ifalle'), fall headlong, fail, decay, die, B, Ps; AO, CP. on f. fall on, attack: flow, AO 19^18: (+) overthrow, DR 115^6 (). fealle f. snare, trap, OEG. feallendlic,enlic unstable, perishable, transient, Bl, W. fealletian 'concidere,' MkLR 5^5 (a^1). feallung v. feaxf. +fealnis f. ruin, LkL 2^34 (). fealo (1) fealu; (2) fela falg w. g. destitute, Gu 217. fealohilte yellowhilted, Ma 166. fealu I. (feale) adj. gsm. feal(e)wes, fealuwes fallow, yellow, tawny, duncoloured, grey, dusky, dark, . [Ger. fahl] II. n. fallow ground, E 179. fealuwian fealwian fealwes v. fealu. fealwian to become 'fallow,' fade, wither, Sol: grow yellow, ripen. fanes f. 'fewness,' paucity, BH, Ps. 218

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary fear fearr far fearh fara gen. of fa. fearh (, e) m. gs. fares little pig, hog, Gl. [cp. Ger. ferkel] fearhhama m. little stem, WW 161^5. fearhrer n. bull, Bl. [fearr] +fearhsugu f. sow in farrow, WW. fearlic of a bull, OEG 11^187. farlic frlic fearm m. freight, cargo, Gen 1394. fearn n. 'fern,' Bo, Cp; ; Mdf. fearnbed n. fernbed, BC, WW. fearo faro fearr I. m. beast of burden, ox, bull, , AO. II. feorr feas (VPs) fs fasceaft destitute, miserable, helpless, poor. fasceaftig destitute, poor, Seaf 26. fasceaftnes (^1) f. poverty, OEG 1171. feast fst featu (VPs) fatu nap. of ft. faw fa fawa fa fawlic few, EPs 104^12. fawnes f. fewness, paucity. feax (, e) n. hair, head of hair, B, BH, Lcd; , CP. ['fax'] feaxcl n. cap. +feaxe furnished with hair, BH 96^11. feaxeacan pl. forelocks, WW 343^33. feaxede longhaired (of a comet), Chr 892. ['faxed '] +feaxen (Nar 37^1) +feaxe feaxfang m. seizing or dragging by the hair, LL 5[33]. feaxfeallung f. shedding of hair, mange, WW 113^30. feaxhr hoary, grayhaired, Rd 73^1. feaxndel f. crispingpin, WW 108^2. feaxnes (, e) f. head of hair. feaxnett n. hairnet, WW. +feaxod +feaxe feaxpron m. hairpin, WW 107^38. feaxsceacga m. bunch of hair. feaxsceacgede shaggy. feaxsceara (e^1) fp. scissors for haircutting? curlingtongs? WW 241^41. feaxtlg? v. fxtlg. feaxwund f. wound under the hair, LL 20[45]. feb fef fec fc feccan () to 'fetch,' bring, bring to, draw, , Mt: seek: gain, take. [ fetian] fecele fcele fecgan feccan fdan to 'feed,' nourish, sustain, foster, bring up, Bl, Mt, Ps; , CP: bear, bring forth, produce. [fda] fdednes fdnes fdelfugol (oe^1) m. fatted bird, MtR 22^4. 219

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary fdels,esl m. feeding, keep: fatted animal (bird ?), WW; Cp. ['feddle'] fdelsswn fattened pig, NC 343. feder fder federa fdera fding f. 'feeding,' CP. fdnes () f. nourishment, BH 88^6. fedra fdera ffer mn. gs. ffres 'fever,' Lk, G; CP. fferdl f. 'fever,' AO. fferfge f. feverfew. [L. febrifugia] ffersoc feverish, WW 405^34. ffor, ffur ffer ffrian to be feverish, suffer from fever, Lcd. ffrig feverish. +fg n. joining, joint, : composition. [Ger. gefge] fgan I. () to join, unite, fix, adapt, Lcd, Rd; , CP. ['fay'; Ger. fgen] II. to paint, WW. +fgednes f. conjunction, connection: bond, fetter, DHy 5^6. feger fger fegere fgre fging f. conjunction, Gr 10^8. +fgnes f. association, companionship. feh feoh +feh +feah pret. 3 sg. of +fon. feht sheepskin with the fleece on it? TC 119; v. ES 37177. +feht +feoht fehtan (N) feohtan fh pres. 3 sg. of fn. fel fell fl fol fela (ea, eo) I. sbn. and adj. (w. g., or in agmt.; rarely inflected) many, much, B, G, Lcd, etc. II. adv. very much, many. ['fele'; Ger. viel] felate 'mordax,' OEG 23^15. felafcne very treacherous, GnE 148. felafeald manifold, many times over, Ps. ['felefold '] felafealdnes (fele) f. multitude, EPs 5^11. felafrcne very fierce, bold. felagomor very sad, sorrowful. felageong very young, FT 53. felageonge having travelled much, Creat 3. [gangan] felahrr full of exploits, B 27. feladelsprce emptily chattering, CP 174^25. felalof very dear, Wif 26. felameahtig,mihtig most mighty. felamdig very bold. flan I. (w. g.) to touch, 'feel,' AO: perceive, Rd. II. (VPs) folan felaspecol talkative. felaspecolnes,sprecolnes f. loquacity, talkativeness. felasprce talkative, CP 281^14. felasynnig very guilty, B 1379. felawlonc very stately, Rd 13^7. felawyrde talkative, W 40^18. 220

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary felawyrdnes f. talkativeness. felcyrf n. foreskin. feld m. ds. felda, felde open or cultivated land, field, plain, A, Met, RB; AO, CP; Mdf: battlefield. on clnum felda in the open field (of battle), CP 227^25. feldlbin (WW 352^10) feldelfen feldbo f. humble bee, WW. feldbisceopwyrt f. field bishopwort, ANS 84325. feldcirice f. country church, LL 264[5,1]; 282[3,2]. felde fylde pret. 3 sg. of fyllan. feldelfen f. woodnymph, WW 189^6. feldgangende roaming over the land. feldhrer n. fieldox, NC 285. feldhs n. tent, Ex. feldland n. 'fieldland,' meadowland, plain, . feldlic rural, . feldmdere f. fieldmadder, rosemary, WW 300^10. feldminte f. fieldmint, wild mint, WW. feldmore,moru f. parsnip. feldoxa f. fieldox (i.e. an ox out to grass, not a stalled or fat ox). feldrude f. wild rue. feldsten f. field, LPs 77^12. [seten] feldswamm m. fungus, toadstool, WW 404^26. feldwsten n. desert. feldwp m. plantain, Gl (? *feldhoppe, ANS 119435; FM 200). feldwyrt f. gentian, Lcd. +fle sensitive, Lcd. felefeald felafeald flelas insensible, dead, Wy 40. felg, felge f. 'felloe,' felly, rim of a wheel, Bo. [folan] felgerole,roe 'polipodium,' A 24432 (v. MLN 23186). felh fealh pret. 3 sg. of folan. felh (KGl) fylg pres. 3 sg. of fylgan. feligean fylgan fell I. n. 'fell,' skin, hide, B, Jul, Lcd; , AO, CP. [L. pellis] II. m. fiell fell fyll fellen (i^1) made of skins, . fellerad (o^3; *pllerad? ES 43315) purple, NG. fllun follon pret. pl. of feallan. felma v. gerf. felmen fylmen flnes f. sensation, feeling, . felo fela felofear, felofor m. name of a bird, bittern? JGPh 2^176. flon (A) fulgon pret. pl. of folan. +flsian +flsian felst pres. 2 sg. of feallan. felstycce n. piece of skin, Lcd 1330. felt m? n? 'felt,' WW. feltere,erre a plant, Lcd. feltn m. privy, dunghill, CP. feltngrp f. dunghill, NC 285. 221

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary feltwurma m. wild marjoram, Lcd. feltwyrt f. mullein (plant). fel fiel pres. 3 sg. of feallan. fl fl fela (Cp 128#s) rare gp. of feld. felu felo fm, fmn(VPs) fmn fen fenn fenampre (o^2) f. a marsh plant, Lcd 38b. fencerse f. watercress, Lcd. ['fencress'] fenester n? m? window, GD 220. [L.] fenfearn n. marshfern, 'salvia,' waterfern, WW 135^4. fenfreoo f. fenrefuge, B 851. fenfugol m. moorfowl, Lcd 95b? feng m. grip, grasp, embrace: capture: prey, booty. [fn] fng pret. 3 sg. of fn. fengel m. lord, prince, king. fengeld n. marshpath, fen, B 1359. fengnes f. 'susceptio,' CPs 82^9. fengnett n. (catching)net, PPs 140^12. fengon pret. pl. of fn. fengt () m. canine tooth, LL 81n16. fenhleou np. fencoverts, B 820. [hli] fenhop n. fenhollow, B 764. fenix m. the bird 'ph[oe]nix,' Gr, Ph: datepalm. fenland n. fenland, marsh, AO. fenlic marshy, , Guth. ['fenlich'] fenminte f. watermint, Lcd 14b. fenn nm. mud, mire, dirt, CP, WW: 'fen,' marsh, moor, B, Bo; AO: the fen country, Chr 905. fenn fen fennig dirty, musty, mouldy, CP ( fynig): marshy, WW. ['fenny'] fennc n. fencovering, OET (Bd^2). fenol finul fenompre fenampre fence f. marshfrog, Rd 41^71. fo feoh; also ds. of feoh. fode pret. 3 sg. of fogan. fogan (fa, N; fon) to hate, persecute, LkL. [' ivee'] fogtsung (a) f. avarice, BH 130^34. feoh n. gs. fos, ds. fo cattle, herd, LL, Sol; AO [ Ger. vieh]: movable goods, property, Bo, Ps; AO: money, riches, treasure, BH, Mt; , CP. wi licgendum fo for ready money, L 9^54: name of the rune for f. [' fee'] feohbeht n. promise of money, Chr 865#e. feohbgenga m. cattlekeeper, NC 343. feohbt f. money compensation, LL 46n5; 258[51]. feohfang m. offence of taking a bribe, LL 318[15,1]. feohgafol n. usury, NC 285. feohgeht n. promise of money, Chr 865#a. feohgerfa m. steward, LkLR 12^42. feohgesceot n. payment of money, Bk 28; 29. feohgesteald n. possession of riches, Jul 685. 222

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary feohgestron n. acquiring money: treasure, possessions, riches. feohgdsere (CP) feohgtsere feohgiefu f. largess. feohgetsere (CP 331^6) feohgtsere feohgfre avaricious. feohgift f. bountygiving, largess. feohgtsere m. miser. feohgod n. property (in cattle), LL 60n1. feohgyrnes f. greed, LL 396[4]. feohhord m. treasury. feohhs n. treasurehouse, WW. ['fee'] feohlnung f. lending of money, WW 115^45. feohland 'pascua,' PPs. feohlas without money: not to be bought off, past compensation, B 2441. feohlasnes f. want of money. feohsceatt n. moneypayment, Da 744. feohspda fp. riches, GD 273^2. feohspilling f. waste of money, Chr 1096. feohstrang well off, Gl. feoht (i, o, y) n. action of fighting, B, Ps: 'fight,' battle, AO: strife, Mod. feohtan^3 (e, N) to 'fight,' combat, strive, Chr, LL, , AO, CP. on f. attack, fight against: (+) gain by fighting, win. +feohtdg m. day of battle, PPs 139^7. feohte f. feoht feohtehorn (y^1) m. battlehorn, PPs 74^9. feohtend m. fighter, OEG 3805. feohtere m. fighter, ES 39^328. feohtgegyrela m. implement of war, missile, 'falarica,' WW 399^30. feohtlc n. fighting, LL. ['fightlac'] feohtling (y^1) m. fighter, GD 110^13; MP 1610. +fohtsumnes f. joyfulness, NC 292. [+fon] feohtwte (i^1, y^1, y^2) n. penalty for fighting, LL. feohwite n. fine for coining false money, LL 319 col. 2. fol pret. 3 sg. of feallan. fol (, ) f. 'file,' Rd; L. feola fela folaga m. partner, 'fellow,' Chr 1016#d. [ON. flage] folan^3 () to cleave, be joined to, adhere: enter, penetrate, pass into, through or over, betake oneself to, Chr : undergo: persevere in. [Goth. filhan] fold pret. 3 sg. of fealdan. feolde folde foldon pret. pl. of fealdan. folheard hard as a file? hard enough to resist the file ? Ma 108 (or ? *felaheard). folian to file, L 32^203. foll pret. 3 sg., follon pret. pl. of feallan. feolu fela feolufer,fer,for felofor [[under felofear"]] feon fenn fon I. (, usu. +) sv^5 w. in or g. to be glad, rejoice, exult, CP. II. fogan fond (ie, y) m. ds. fend, fonde, nap. fend, fond, adversary, foe, enemy, A, B, Mt; AO, CP [f. female enemy]: 'fiend,' devil, Gu; CP: the Devil, Lcd, Hy. [pres. ptc. of fogan] 223

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary fondt m. eating things sacrificed to idols, PPs 105^24. fondgrp f. grip of a foe, B 636. fondgyld n. idolatry, idol, GD, PPs: demoniacal possession? MtL 4^24. fondlic hateful, hostile, fiendish, WW; . adv. lce, Jul. ['fiendly'] fondrden f. enmity, . fondrs m. hostile attack, Gen 900. fondsceaa m. enemy, robber. fondscipe m. hostility, enmity, hatred, AO, CP. fondsoc possessed with a devil, demoniac, BH 184^5. fondulf m. public enemy, criminal, malefactor. [fond, wulf] fong foung feonn fenn feor feorr, feorran for feorh, fower fora gp. of feorh. +fora +fra feorbend dwelling far off, B 254. feorcumen feorrancumen feorcund feorrancund feorc f. distant land, B 1838. feord fierd feord fierd, fyrd fores gs. of feorh. feorg feorh feorh (e) mn. gs. fores; nap. feorh life, principle of life, soul, spirit, AO, CP. t wdan fore for eternity, for ever. f. gesellan, giefan to die: living being, person. feorhdl f. fatal disease, . feorhbana m. manslayer. feorhbealu n. deadly evil, violent death. feorhbenn f. deadly wound, B 2740. feorhberend m. living being. feorhbold n. body, Rood 73. feorhbona feorhbana feorhbora m. lifebearer, Rd 92^2. feorhcwalu (e) f. slaughter, death. feorhcwealm m. slaughter, death. feorhcynn n. race of mortals. feorhdagas mp. days of life, Gen 2358. feorhdolg n. deadly wound, Cr 1455. feorhacen living, Gen 204. feorhfgen fain of life, glad to preserve one's life, L 23^309. feorhgebeorh n. refuge, Ex 369. feorhgedl n. death. feorhgener n. preservation of life, LL 204[7,3]. feorhgenla m. mortal foe. feorhgiefa m. giver of life. feorhgiefu f. gift of life, Rim 6? feorhgme? f. means of subsistence?gma? m. jaw? Cr 1547. feorhhord n. breast, soul, spirit. feorhhs n. soulhouse, body, Ma 297. feorhhyrde m. life's guardian, protector. 224

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary feorhlst m. step taken to preserve life, flight, B 846. feorhlan n. revenge for bloodshed? gift of life? Ex 150. feorhlegu f. life. feorhlic (fera, ferh) vital, HGl 453. feorhlf n. life, PPs 142^2. feorhloca m. breast, Gu 625. feorhlyre m. loss of life, LL 466[3]. feorhneru f. preservation of life, refuge, salvation: nourishment of life, food. feorhrd m. salvation, An 1656. feorhscyldig guilty of death, LL. feorhsoc mortally wounded, B 820. feorhsweng m. fatal blow, B 2489. feorhearf f. urgent need, PPs 69^1. feorhwund f. deadly wound, B 2385. feorlen fyrlen feorlic far off, alien, strange, Kl 100^97. feorlond n. distant land, Pa 10. feorm (a, , o, y) f. food, provision, sustenance: entertainment, meal, feast, supper, , AO, CP: goods, possessions: stores: rent in kind, EC: profit, benefit, CP: tilling, LL 454, 8 (y). feorma forma feormehm m. farm, Chr 1087. feormend m. entertainer: cleanser, polisher, furbisher. feormendlas wanting a burnisher, B 2761. feormere m. purveyor, KC 4278^21. feormfultum m. help in food, LL 356[69,1]. feormian to entertain, receive as guest: cherish, support, sustain, feed: consume: benefit, profit: scour, cleanse, furbish: (+) harbour (stolen goods), LL 108[4,6]. feormung f. harbouring, LL: furbishing, cleansing, LL. feornes f. distance, BH 72^10. feorr I. comp. fi(e)rra, fyrra; sup. fierresta 'far,' remote, distant, BH, Chr, RB; CP. II. adv. comp. fierr, firr, fyr(r); sup. fi(e)rrest, fyrrest 'far,' far away, distant, remote, CP: far back (in time): further, besides, moreover. feorran I. adv. from afar, from a remote time or place, B, El, Gen: far off, at a distance, Bo; , CP. [' ferren'] II. (, y) to remove, avert, turn aside, withdraw, B: proscribe. ['far'] feorrancumen come from afar, strange. feorrancund, feorrcund come from afar, foreign born. feorrane, feorren(e) feorran I. feorrfaran^6 'vexari,' LkL 7^6 (i^1). feorrian to keep apart, : (+) depart, NG (ea). feorrung f. removal, departure, GD 49^16. feorsian to go beyond: put far from, expel: depart, remove, separate. feorsn fiersn feorstu nf. support, WW. feorting f. 'pedatio,' WW 162^42. feor ferh fora (a, N) 'fourth,' Lk; AO, CP. fore healf three and a half. feore fourthly, LL 158[15]. forling,ung m. fourth part: 'farthing,' MkL, LkL; . ['ferling'] forum dp. of feorh. feorweg m. remote part. feorwit fyrwit fos gs. of feoh. 225

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary feostnode (Chr 963#e) fstnode pret. 3 sg. of fstnian. feot fet fo pres. 3 sg. of fogan. foer, foor fower foung f. hatred, CP. [fogan] feow, fowerv. also fier. fower, fowere [indecl. before a sb. but when alone, usu. g. fow(e)ra, d. fowerum] 'four,' Cr; , AO, CP: four times. fowerdgor mn. and adj. four days. fowerecge,ecgede fourcornered, square, Lcd. fowerfeald fourfold, Lk 19^8. fowerfealdlce quadruply, Bl. fowerfte fourfooted, AO; . ['fourfoot'] fowerft,ftede fourfooted. fowergild n. fourfold compensation, LL 228. fowerhwolod (fr) fourwheeled? RHy 4^19. (v. ES 3815) fowerscte fourcornered, square, AO. [scat] fowertme (four) fourteamed, VHy. fowertoa,toga, 'fourteenth,' BH, MH; AO. fowertene (^3, ^3) 'fourteen,' MtL; AO. fowertig 'forty,' MtL; AO. fowertigfeald fortyfold. fowertiglic quadragesimal, BH. fowertigoa 'fortieth,' . fowertne fowertene fowera (Mt) fora fowr fower, for fowra v. fower. fowung f. rejoicing, joy, OEG 1118. [+fon] fowur fower fer fr fer fr, fear, fier, feor, for, fyr fr (1) fr I.; (2) ffer fr fr, fr fra m. associate, comrade, fellowdisciple, AO, CP: wife : man, servant, v. LL 2427f. fran to go, come, set out, march, travel, B; JnL (oe), CP: behave, act: (+) accomplish, attain, obtain: (+) fare, speed, undergo, suffer. ['fere'] frbedd n. portable bed. frbld frbld fercian to convey, bring, Chr: support, L 23^597: stuff up (with lies), L 23^713. ['ferk, firk'] fercung f. sustenance, provision, food, (9^172). ferdwyrt (ferw)? a plant, ANS 84325 (or ? feld). fre able to go, fit for (military) service. +fre I. f. company, community. II. accessible, Ph 4. [faran] ferele f. rod, GD. [L. ferula] frend m. sailor: messenger. fere pres. 3 sg. of (1) faran, (2) ferian. fre pres. 3 sg. of fran. fergan ferian ferht I. honest, Gl. II. ferh ferhtlic just, honest, PPs 95^10. 226

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary ferh (fer) mn. mind, intellect, soul, spirit: life. wdan f. eternally, for ever. ferhbana m. murderer, Ex 399. ferhcearig of anxious mind, Gen 2217. ferhcleofa,cofa m. breast. ferhfrec bold, brave, B 1146. ferhfrende (r) sustaining life, Rd 39^3. ferhgenla m. mortal enemy, B 2881. ferhgewit (r) n. understanding, Cr 1184. ferhglaw wise, prudent. ferhgrim (r) savage. ferhloca m. breast, body. ferhlufu f. heartfelt love, An 83 (y). ferhsefa (i, y) m. mind, thought. ferhwrig soulweary, sad. ferian to carry, convey, bring, An, B, El; : (with refl. a.) betake oneself to, be versed in: depart, go, Ma. ['ferry'] feriend m. leader, bringer, Sol 80. fring I. f. journey, wandering. [fran] II. f. ' insimulatio,' Gl. [fr] +frlcan () to associate, unite, . +frlic associated. adv.lce sociably, together; llce GD 313^24. frnes f. passage, transition, passing away. +frrden (usu. +) f. companionship, fellowship , , AO, CP: friendship : society, fraternity, congregation, . fers nm. verse: sentence. [L.] fersc 'fresh' (not salt), AO: not salted, KC. ferscan v. f. fersceta m. freshet, A 20382. frscipe m. fraternity, community, retinue: society, fellowship, companionship, CP. +frscipian to unite, accompany, DR. fersian to versify, Gr 218^3. fer ferh fera m. skin, hide? A 30^253. feran furum fsan fsan fsian fsian fest fst fst fst fester fstor festnung f. munificence, WW 440^17. fstrian fstrian fet pres. 3 sg. of fetian. ft I. pres. 3 sg. of fdan. II. ds. and nap. of ft. +fetan^4 to fall, MtR 13^7,8. fetel m. belt, Bo, Met. ['fettle'] fetelhilt n. belted or ringed swordhilt, B 1563. ftels ftels fetelsian to provide with a sheath? BC 3215^2. +fetelsod ornamented? (BT), belted? ringed? feter fetor +feterian to fetter, bind. fetian () to bring near, fetch, B, Gen: bring on, induce: marry. [ feccan] fetor (eo^1, e^2) f. 'fetter,' shackle, Cp, MkL, Ps: check, restraint, Wa. 227

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary fetorwrsen f. fetter, chain, An 1109. +fetran, +fetrian +feterian ftt I. pres. 3 sg. of fdan. II. ftt fettan fetian fette pret. 3 sg. of fetian. f fh pres. 3 sg. of fn. fa m. footsoldier, AO: band of footsoldiers, troop, : warfare, battle? Jul 389. fan to lead, : go on foot? (9^449). fe n. power of locomotion, walking, gait, pace, , AO. fecempa m. footsoldier. fegang m. journey on foot, Gen 2513. fegeorn anxious to go, Rd 32^9. fegest m. guest coming on foot, traveller. fehere m. infantry, AO. fehwearf m. band of footmen, Gu 162. felst m. step, track, course. felas footless, crippled. femenn mp. infantry, NG, WW. femund f. forepaw, Rd 16^17. feer () f. nap. fe(e)ra, fere 'feather,' Lcd, Ph; pl. wings, Bo, Mt, OET; CP: pen, Lk; CP. feer fower, fier feeran fierian feerbre provided with feathers, winged, GPH 390. feerbedd n. featherbed, WW 124^19. feerberend provided with feathers, feathered, WW 465^20. feercrft m. embroidery, WW 491^3. feergearwe fp. feathers of the arrow, B 3119. feergeweorc n. featherembroidery. feerhama m. wings, plumage, Cp, Gen. ['featherham '] fespdig speedy of foot, Cra 53. fewg m. battle on foot, affray. fem fm feorbyrste split into four, Lcd 148a (A 30129). fera, fere v. feer. ferian to become fledged, OEG 26^27. +frian to load, AS 1^11. [for] feriht feathered, MtL p7^17. fu (WW 110^29) fa fung f. walking, motion, . fex feax fag(N) fog fibulae (Gl) ffele +fic n. deceit. [v. 'fickle'] fc m. fig, figtree: (figdisease), venereal ulcer, hemorrhoids, Lcd. [L. ficus] fcdl f. figdisease (v. fc). fcppel m. fig. fcbam m. figtree, , CP. fician v. bef. fclaf n. figleaf. ficol 'fickle,' cunning, tricky, KGl; W. fctrow n. figtree. 228

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary ficung f. fraud, trickery, LL 242[24]; 254[28,2]. fcwyrm m. intestinal worm, Lcd 122a. fcwyrt f. figwort, WW 134^32. feftene fftene fieht pres. 3 sg. of feohtan. fiell (, e, ea, y) mn. fall, destruction, AO, CP: death, slaughter: precipice: case, inflection, Gr 91^14 (y). [feallan] fiellv. fyll. fielt pres. 3 sg. of fealdan. fiel pres. 3 sg. of feallan. fend fond, also ds. of fond. +fend () mp foes, enemies, Lk. ['ifeond'] fendwc n. enemy's camp, LPs 77^28. fier v. feorr II. fer fower fierd (, e, eo, y) f. national levy or army, Chr: military expedition, campaign, Ma, PPs; AO: camp. [' ferd'] fierdv. also fyrd. fierdian (y) to go on an expedition, march, Chr. fierdlas without an army, undefended, unprotected, Chr 894#a. fieren firen ferfte fowerfte fierme (eo) v. orf. [[under orfeorme"]] fierra, fierrest, fierresta v. feorr II. fiersn (e, eo, y) f. heel. [Ger. ferse] fierst first ff usu. indecl. before sb.; but when alone, has na. ffe, g. ffa, d. ffum 'five,' A, Gen, Mt. ffalde f. butterfly, Gl. [Ger. falter] ffbc fp. Pentateuch, WW 470^8. fife v. ff. ffecgede having five angles, Gr 289^15. ffel n. (huge) seamonster, giant, Wald 2^10. ffelcynn n. race of seamonsters, B 104. ffeldr n. door of seamonsters, river Eider, Wid 43. ffele f. buckle, WW 403^7. [L. 'fibula'] ffelfota 'petilus,' A 8449. ffelstram m. ocean, sea, Met 26^26. ffelwg m. ocean, sea, El 237. fffalde ffalde fffeald 'fivefold,' : five each, CM 840. fffted fivefooted, OEG 130. fffingre f. 'potentilla,' 'primula,' cinquefoil, oxlip? Lcd. ['fivefinger'] ffflre fivestoried, . [flr] ffgar n. period of five years, lustrum, WW 431^16. ffhund,hundred num. five hundred. fflppede having five lobes, Lcd 59b. fflaf n.,lafe f. 'potentilla,' cinquefoil, Lcd. [' fiveleaf'] ffmgen n. magic power, Sol 136. [ffel, mgen] ffnihte five days old, Ans 12922. ffta 'fifth,' , Mk; AO, CP. fftafder v. fder. 229

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary ffte fifthly, LL 158[16]. ffteg fftig fftega fftoa fftne fftene ffteogoa 'fiftieth,' ; CP. fftoa (^1).ta,tega 'fifteenth,' BH, Lcd. fftene (^1, ^2, ^2) (often w. g.) 'fifteen,' A, B, Gu ; AO. fftenewintre (e^2) fifteen years old, Bl 213^1. fftig num. 'fifty,' : sb. a set of fifty, Mk. Fiftigdg m. Pentecost, MkL p5^10. fftigea, fttigoa ffteogoa fftigfeald 'fiftyfold,' containing fifty, . fftne () fftene ffwintre five years old, Gr 287^14. fgan^1 'frigere,' Ep. fihl n? cloth, rag, NG. [? fliht] fiht I. pres. 3 sg. of feohtan. II. feht fiht fyht fhtan fhtan +fih pres. 3 sg. of +fon. fl (Gl) fol +flan +flan +filce +fylce fild sb. milking, Lcd 53b. fildcumb m. milkpail, Lcd 122b. filde fieldlike, of the nature of a plain, AO 74^12. +filde n. field, plain, AO 12^10. [feld] filg, filh pres. 3 sg. of folan. fili fylg fllende ptc. rubbing, WW 407^36. filie n. hay. fililag m. meadow, Ct. fill fyll fille thyme? OEG 56^38. [ cerfille?] fillen fellen filmen (y) n. 'film,' membrane, thin skin, Lcd; : foreskin, . filst fylst fil pres. 3 sg. of feallan. fn f. heap, pile. v. OEG 2456. fna m. woodpecker, WW 49^2. finc m. 'finch,' Ep, WW. fnd fend findan^3 (but occl. wk. pret. funde) () to find, meet with, B, Gen, Jul, Met: discover, obtain by search or study, Cr, MtL, Ps: provide: consider, devise, arrange, dispose, decide, AO, CP: show, inform. f. t obtain from. findend m. finder, GPH 391. findig () capable, Gr 69^4. finding f. invention, initiative, CM 1082. finel finul finger m. 'finger,' Mt, VPs; , CP. fingerppla,appla npl. fingershaped fruits, dates, L, OEG. 230

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary fingerdocca? m? fingermuscle, Gl. fingerlic belonging to a finger or ring, WW 291^26. fingarli n. fingerjoint, NC 343. fingerml n. finger's length, NR 22^8. finig (y) fynig finiht finny. finn m. 'fin,' . finol finul finst findest pres. 2 sg. of findan. fint pres. 3 sg. of findan. finta m. tail: consequence, result. finul (e^1, y^1, o^2), finugl m., finu(g)le 'fennel,' Ep, WW. [L. foenuculum] finulsd (o^2) n. fennelseed, Lcd 157a. fo fo fr fr fras mp. men, human beings. fird fierd fird fierd, fyrd firen f. transgression, sin, crime: outrage, violence: torment, suffering. firenbealu n. transgression, Cr 1276. firencrft m. wickedness, Jul 14. firendd f. wicked deed, crime. firenearfee n. sinful woe, Gen 709. firenfremmende sinful, Cr 1118. firenful (y) sinful, wicked. firengeorn sinful, Cr 1606. firenhicga (y^1, y^2) m. adulterer, GPH 389. firenhicge (fyrn) f. adulteress, OEG. firenhicgend (fyrn) adulterous, OEG. firenian (y) to sin: commit adultery; revile. firenlic (y) wicked. adv.lce vehemently, rashly, Wald 1^20. firenligerian to commit fornication, RSPs 105^39. firenlust m. lust, sinful desire, luxury, wantonness, AO, CP. firenlustful wanton, luxurious, A 12502^10. firenlustgeorn wanton, W 253^5. firensynnig sinful, Cr 1379. firentcnian (y) to commit misdeeds, RHy 6^21. firenearf (y) f. dire distress, B 14. firenum excessively, very, intensely: malignantly. [dp. of firen] firenweorc n. evil deed, sin. firenwyrcende sinning, sinful. firenwyrhta (y) m. evildoer. frfoda frfoda [[headword spelled frfda"]] firgen mountain, mountainwoodland. [?only in compounds] [[Entry from first edition; note only in compounds.]] firgenbam (y) m. mountain tree, B 1414. [Goth. fairguni] firgenbeorg (fergenberig) mountain, RuneCasket. firgenbucca m. ibex, Lcd. firgendstram firgenstram firgengt f. nap.gt ibex, Gl. firgenheafod n. mountainheadland. 231

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary firgenholt n. mountainwood, B 1393. firgenstram m. mountainstream, woodlandstream. firgin firgen firht freht firh ferh firigendstram firgenstram firinggt firgengt firmdig frymdig firmettan to ask, beg, AO 186^6. firn firen, fyrn firr, firra, firre, firrest v. feorr. first I. (e, ie, y) mn. period, space of time, time, respite, truce, B, Chr; CP. ['frist'] II. (ie) f. ceiling, Ep. [Ger. first] III. fyrst firsthrf n. ceiling. firstmearc,gemearc f. period of time, appointed time, interval, respite. fir fyr firwet fyrwit fisc m. 'fish,' VPs; , AO, CP; Mdf. fisca,(n)o m. fishing, AO. fishpond: a catch of fish. [v. NC 286] fiscbrne m. fishbrine, WW 128^39. fisccynn n. fish tribe, . fiscdah f. fishdye, purple, OEG 5193. fiscere m. 'fisher,' fisherman, AO, Mt: kingfisher (bird). fiscfell (NG) fiscpl fiscfldu? m. fishflood, sea, OET. fischs n. place where fish is sold, WW 184^40. fiscian to 'fish,' Bo. fiscmere m. fishpond, WW 484^11. fiscna fisca fiscnett n. fishingnet. fiscno, fisco fisca fiscpl m. fishpond, JnL, WW. ['fishpool'] fiscrt m. small fish, MtL 15^34. fiscwelle I. m. fishpond, A 13321. II. fiscwylle fiscwer m. fishweir, fishtrap, LL 454[9]. fiscwylle full of fish, BH. [weallan] fisting f. 'fesiculatio,' WW. fitelfta thin, slender, WW 161^20. fitersticca m. tentnail, WW 187^5 (? fiersticca). fitt I. f? struggle, contest, fight, Gen 2072. II. f. 'fit,' song, poem, Bo; Gl. [? connected with I. v. SkED under fit (2)] fiele f. fiddle. fielere m. 'fiddler,' WW 311^23. fielestre f. female fiddler, WW 311^24. fier fower, feer fiercian to flutter, GD 100^19. [fiere] fierdled quadripartite, quartered, OEG. fiere (y) n. nap. fi(e)ru, fiera(s) wing, , CP. fierfeald 'quadriga,' EHy 4^19. fierfldende (y^1) flowing in four streams, GPH 390. fierflwende flowing in four streams, OEG 48^2. 232

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary fierhama m. wingcovering, L 34^74 (y^1). +fierhamod covered with feathers, H 1466^27. fierhwe 'quadriformis,' OEG 177. +fierian, firian to provide with feathers, or wings. fierlas without wings, Wy 22. fierrce (y) n. tetrarchy, Chr 12#c. fierscatas mp. four quarters? Sol 32. fiersleht m. flapping of wings, joy? OEG 4892. firu v. fiere. fixa, fixas, fixum fisca, fiscas, fiscum, gp., nap. and dp. of fisc. fixen fyxen fixian, fixo, fixno fiscian, fisca fl f. arrow, AO. ['flo'; fln] flacg cataplasm, plaster, WW 380^28. flacor flying (of arrows). [cp. Ger. flackern] fl flea, fleo fl fl, fla, flo, fle flc flsc flre f. earlap, WW 157^12. flsc () n. ' flesh ,' , Cp, Lk, VP ; CP: body (as opposed to soul), B, Jn: carnal nature, Mt: living creatures, Lk, Ps. flsct m. animal food, RB. flscbana m. murderer, GD. flsccofa m. body, LPs 118^120. flsccping f. meatmarket, WW 145^26. flsceht fleshy, Lcd 83a. flscen of flesh, like flesh, GPH; . ['fleshen '] flscennes flscnes flscgebyrd f. incarnation, OEG 429. flschama (o^2) m. body, carcase. +flschamod incarnate, . flschord n. body. flschs n. 'fleshhouse,' place where meat is sold, WW. flsclic 'fleshly,' corporeal, carnal, , BH. flsclcnes f. incarnate condition, . [' fleshliness'] flscmangere m. butcher, WW. ['fleshmonger'] flscmau f. maggot, WW 122^13. flscmete m. nap.mettas flesh, animal food, LL; , CP. ['fleshmeat'] flscnes f. incarnation, Chr. +flscod incarnate, . flscsand portion of meat, NC 287. flscstrt f. meatmarket, . flsctwere m. torturer of the flesh, executioner, WW 189^19. flsct m. one of the teeth, WW 415^24. flscnung f. use as food, NC 287. flscwellere m. executioner, hangman, WW 382^29. [flsc, cwellere] flscwyrm m. maggot, Lcd. ['fleshworm'] flslic flsclic flecomb m. weaver's comb, WW. flx (MtR) fleax flagen pp. of flan. 233

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary flh I. n. wickedness, treachery, Rim 47. II. adj. wily, deceitful, hostile. fln mf. barb, arrow, javelin, dart, B, Ma, ; AO, CP. ['flane'] flnboga m. bow. flanc m. flank, OEG 50^35. flngeweorc n. shootinggear, arrows. flnhred? arrowswift? arrowequipped? (of death ), Rim 72. flniht relating to darts, WW 425^34. flnracu f. onset, attack. flasce (x) f. 'flask,' bottle. flt pres. 3 sg. of fltan. flaxe (GD, WW) flasce flaxfte webfooted. [ flox] fla I. mf. 'flea,' Ep, Lcd. II. flah n. flag pret. 3 sg. of flogan. flah I. n. albugo, a white spot in the eye, CP. II. m. fla I. III. pret. 3 sg. of flogan. IV. pret. 3 sg. of flon. flam m. flight, AO, . on f. gebrengan to put to flight. on f. weoran to flee. flamdm m. flight, NC 287. flamlst m. apostacy, WW 500^3. flan^6 to 'flay,' Cp. fleard n. nonsense, folly, deception, fraud, superstition, LL; OEG. ['flerd'] fleardere m. trifler, NC 287. fleardian to be foolish, err, go astray: grow luxuriantly. flat I. pret. 3 sg. of flotan. II. flot flawyrt f. fleabane, WW. ['fleawort'] fleax (, e) n. 'flax,' linen, CP; (e). fleax flex flecta fleohta fled flett fldan v. oferf. flde adj. in flood, full, overflowing, AO. [fld] flding f. flowing, . flg flog flge little ship, JnL 6^22 (oe). flehta fleohta flm flem flene flyne flo fla flogan^2 (intr., cp. flon) to 'fly,' B, El, Jud, Jul ; , CP: flee, take to flight, Ma. [Ger. fliegen] floge (, ) f. any winged insect, 'fly,' ; CP. [ Ger. fliege] flogenda m. bird, CPs. flogende flying, winged, Gr 44^9. flogendlic flying, winged, Gr 55^2. flogryft n. flycurtain, WW 373^21. flohcynn m. a kind of flies, PPs 104^27. flohnet n. 'flynet,' curtain, Jud. fleohta (flecta) m. hurdle. flon^2 to fly from, 'flee,' avoid, escape, G, Met, VPs ; AO, CP: put to flight, : fly (intr.), . flos (VPs) fles fleos fles flot (a) m. flota f. water, sea, estuary, river, AO : raft, ship, Hy. ['fleet'] 234

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary flotan^2 to float, drift, flow, swim, sail, , CP: (tr.) skim, Lcd. ['fleet'] flote (or ? flota) flot flotende floating, Gen 1447. ['fleeting'] flotig fleet, swift, Rd 52^4. flotwyrt f. seaweed, Lcd 101a. fleoe (ea) f. waterlily, Lcd. flow pret. 3 sg. of flwan. flow flw pres. 3 sg. of flwan. flre v. ri, fff. flring f. story (of a building), . [flr] fls fles flsc flsc fleswian (eo) to whisper? pull a wry face? BH 122^17 (JAW 30). [or ? flswian dissemble, ES 44470] flet flett flt, flte flete fletrst f. couch, B 1241. fletsittend m. sitter in hall, courtier, guest. flett n. floor, ground, B: dwelling, hall, mansion. ['flet'] flettgefeoht n. fighting in a house, LL 18[39]. flettgesteald n. household goods. flettp m. floor of a house, Gen 2729. fletwerod n. halltroop, bodyguard, B 476. fleecamb flecomb flwsa m. flowing, flux, issue (bodily disorder), Lcd. [flwan] flw pres. 3 sg. of flwan. flex fleax flexcer m. flax land, KC 5389^16. flexgescot n. contribution of flax. flexlne f. flaxwinder, reel? flax line? thread ? LL 455[15]. +flan, +fln to drive out. [flon] flicce n. 'flitch' of bacon, ham, CD, Gl, WW. flicorian, flicerian to move the wings, flutter, . [' flicker'] fle flah I. fleh pres. 3 sg. of flon. flema (, , ) m. fugitive, exile, outlaw, AO. Godes f. excommunicate person, LL 352[66]. [flam] fleman (, , ) to put to flight, drive away, banish, Gen; CP. ['fleme'; flam] flemanfeorm,feorming f. offence of, or penalty for, sheltering fugitives from justice, LL 102[30]; 2302. +fleme () adj. fugitive, DR 147^8. fleming (flmig) sb. fugitive, OEG 2965. fles (, o, , ) n. 'fleece,' wool, fur, seal skin, LL, Ps (o). flet (WW 489^3) flot fletan fltan flete (, ) f. cream, curds: punt. [flotan] flg flah I. flg flog, flg fligel m? n? 'flail,' A 9264. fliht I. m. patch, MkLR 2^21 (y). [flohtan] II. flyht [[I. Crossreference unidentified.]] flihtecl m. patch, WW 206^13. flh pres. 3 sg. of flon. 235

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary flma flema flint m. 'flint,' rock, , Ep, WW. flinten of flint, W 252^1. flintgrg gray like flint, Rd 4^19. flo flah I. fls fles flit (usu. +) n. strife, Ps: dispute, contention : 'scandalum'; t +fltes emulously. ['flite'] fltan^1 to strive, quarrel, dispute, contend, B, BH; , CP. flitcrft m. dialectics, logic, OEG. flitcrftlic logical. fltend m. contentious person. fltere m. disputer, chider, quarreler, schismatic, Ep. ['fliter'] flitful (OEG),fullic contentious. +flitfulnes f. litigiousness, A 11102^84. flitgeorn m. contentious person. +flitgeorn contentious, RB 130^20. +flitlce emulously, BH 406^17. flitmlum contentiously, emulously. flitme? v. unf. fliusum (OET) flosum dp. of flos. flc n. flounder? WW. flcan^7 to clap, applaud, Rd 21^34. flocc m. 'flock,' company, troop, , Chr. floccmlum in troops, AO. ['flockmeal'] flocgian to shine forth, GPH 399. flocrd f. invading band, troop, Chr. flocslite m. sedition, WW 116^26; A 8451. fld mn. mass of water, 'flood,' wave, , Gen, Mt, VPs ; AO, CP: flow (of tide as opposed to ebb), tide, flux, current, stream, Chr; AO: the flood, deluge, B, Lk ; . fldblc pale as water? pale through fear of drowning, Ex 497. flde f. channel, gutter, Gl: flood? (Earle), EC 120^31. fldegsa m. flood terror, Ex 446. flden of a river, WW 240. fldhamm m. piece of land surrounded by water? KC 1289^16. fldlic of or belonging to a stream, Gr 54^9. fldweard f. seawall. fldweg m. watery way, sea. fldwudu m. ship, Cr 854. fldwylm m. flowing stream, raging billows. [weallan] fld f. wave of the sea, B 542. flogen I. pp. of flon. II. pp. of flogan. floggettan to fly, flutter, Sc; GD 100^19. [[Entry before author's corrections: floggettan to fluctuate. [flogan] ]] flogoa m. liquor, GPH 402. flh f. chip, WW 416^4. flohtenfte webfooted, Lcd 33b. flr fm. ds. flra, flre 'floor,' pavement, ground, B, Lk; : bottom (of a lake, etc.), Sat. flrisc flowery, CM 44. flrstn m. pavingstone, tessella. flot n. deep water, sea. on flot(e) afloat. ['float '] 236

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary flota m. (floater), boat, ship, vessel: fleet sailor: () pirate. ['float'] +flota m. floater (whale), Whale 7. floten pp. of flotan. floterian to flutter, fly, : float, be flooded, overflow, . flothere m. piratical fleet, B 2915. flotian to 'float,' Chr. [flotan] flotlic nautical, naval, WW 205^27. flotmann m. sailor, pirate, . flotorian floterian flotscip n. ship, bark, WW. flotsmeru n. floating grease, fat, LL 453[4]. flotweg m. ocean, Hu 41. flwan^7 to 'flow,' stream, issue, Ps, Sol, VPs; AO, CP: become liquid, melt, VPs: abound: (+) overflow, AO. flwednes, flwnes f. flow, flux, overflow, torrent, CP. flwende 'flowing,' Ma 65. flwendlic flowing, LPs 147^18. flwing f. 'flowing,' MtL. flugl(OET 26) fugl flugol fleet, swift: fleeting. flugon I. pret. pl. of flogan. II. pret. pl. of flon. III. fulgon pret. pl. of folan. fluton pret. pl. of flotan. flycerian flicerian [[under flicorian"]] flycge fledged, OEG. flycticl (Gl) flihtecl flyge (i) m. flight. flge floge flygepl n. flying dart, Mod 27. flygerow wild in flight, Gu 321. flygul flugol flhst pres. 2 sg. of flon. flyht m. I. flying, 'flight,' (i), OET. on flyhte on the wing. II. fliht flyhthwt swift of flight. flh pres. 3 sg. of flon. flm flem +fln +flan flyne (e) f. batter, Lcd. fls () fles flyt flit flt flt flt pres. 3 sg. of flotan. flte I. m? 'pontomium,' boat, WW. [cp. flot] II. f. flete fltme f. fleam (bloodletting instrument). [L. phlebotomum] fly flyht fnd n. nap. fnadu fringe, border, hem, . fnran, fnrettan to breathe heavily, snort, fume. v. NC 356. fns I. n. dp. fnasum fringe, WW 425^27. II. pret. 3 sg. of fnesan. [[error for fnsan?]] fnst m. blowing, blast, breath, Lcd. ['fnast '] fnstian to breathe hard, Lcd. [v. 'fnast'] fnosan to breathe hard, sneeze. 237

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary fnosung f. sneezing, WW. [v. 'fnese'] fnsan^5 to sneeze: pant, gasp. fnora m. sneezing, , Gl. f pres. 1 sg. of fn. foca m. cake (baked on the hearth), L 18^164. fda m. 'food,' sustenance, nourishment, , CD: fuel, Sc. fodder fdor foddor, foddur fdor fdor n. 'fodder' (for cattle), food (for man), , LL: case, sheath, Gl. fdorbrytta (fodder) m. distributor of food, herdsman, WW 111^39. fdorgifu (foddur) food, PPs. fdorhec (fodder) rack for food or fodder, LL 455[17]. fdorno m. sustenance. fdoregu f. partaking of food, feeding, repast, food. fdorwela (foddur) m. wealth of food, provisions, Rd 33^10. fdra m. provisions, AO. foe(N) fe, f +fg n. joining, joint. +fgstn (fh) m. keystone, CP 253^19. fh imperat. of fn. foht feoht fohten pp. of feohtan. fol (wk. adj.) full +fol adj. with foal. fol ful fola m. 'foal,' colt, Bl, Mk; . folc n. folk, people, nation, tribe, , B; AO, CP: a collection or class of persons, laity, Bl, Bo: troop, army. folcgende ruling. folcbealo n. great tribulation, Men 125. folcbearn n. man. folcc (folc) f. people's cow, PPs 67^27. folcc noted: public, BH. folccwn f. queen of a nation, B 641. folccwide n. popular saying, NC 287. folccyning m. king of a nation. folcdryht f. multitude of people. folcefiren f. public crime. folcegetrum folcgetrum folcegsa m. general terror, PPs 88^33. folcfra m. lord of the people, Gen 1852. folcfrig having full rights of citizenship, LL 13[8]; 344[45]. folcgedrfnes f. tribulation, NC 287. folcgefeoht n. pitched battle, AO. folcgemt n. meeting of the people of a town or district, LL. ['folkmoot'] folcgerfa m. public officer, WW. folcgeriht folcriht folcgesetnes f. statute. folcges m. prince, noble. folcgestealla m. companion in war. folcgestron n. public treasure, Gen 1981. 238

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary folcgetl n. number of fighting men, Ex 229. folcgetrum n. army, host. folcgerang n. crowd, AO 134^26. folcgewinn n. fighting, war, Met 1^10. folcisc of the people, popular, secular, common. folclsung folclasung folclagu f. law of the people, public law. folcland n. land held by freemen according to tribal rules of family inheritance, v. LL 2403. folclr f. homily, Gd. folclasung f. slander, LL. folclic public, common, popular, plebeian, worldly, secular, GD 209^13. folcmgen n. public force, army. folcmg f. tribe, nation. folcmlum floccmlum folcmre celebrated, Gen 1801. folcmt folcgemt folcnd f. people's need, PPs 77^16. folcrd m. public benefit. folcrden f. decree of the people, Cra 42. folcriht I. n. right of the people, common law, LL. [' folkright'] II. adj. according to common law. folcsl n. house, Rd 2^5. folcscearu f. people, nation, province: people's land, B 73 (Earle). folcsceaa m. villain, An 1595. folcscipe m. nation, people, Rd 33^10. folcslite n. sedition, WW 111^26. folcstede m. dwellingplace: battlefield. folcstw f. country place, BH 160^16. folcswot m? troop, multitude, Ex 577. folctalu f. genealogy. folctoga m. chieftain, commander. folctruma m. host, LPs. folc folcc folcweleg populous, WW 476^16. folcwer m. man. folcwiga m. warrior, Rd 15^23. folcwita m. public councillor, senator, Cra 77. folcwh n. deception of the public, L 23^691. foldrn n. earthhouse, grave. foldgend m. earthpossessor, earthdweller, Ph 5. (MS. folcgend) foldbold n. house, castle, B 773. foldbend m. earthdweller, man, inhabitant of a country, CP. folde (eo) f. earth, ground, soil, terra firma, B, Jud : land, country, region: world. foldgrf n. earthgrave. foldgrg grey as the earth? GnC 31. foldhrrende walking on the earth, Pa 5. foldrst f. rest in the earth, Cr 1029. foldwstm m. fruits of the earth, Ph 654. foldweg m. way, path, road: earth. foldwela m. earthly riches, Rim 68. foldwong m. plain, earth. folen, folgen pp. of folan. 239

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary folga (AO) folgo folgere m. 'follower,' attendant, disciple, , CP: successor , AO 150^27: freeman who is not a householder. folgian (often w. d.) to 'follow,' Jn, Lk: accompany, Ps: follow after, B: (+) attain, CP 383^27: obey, serve, oberve, El. (v. also fylgan). folgo m. body of retainers, following, retinue: pursuit, employment, service, dignity, office, rule, , AO, CP: jurisdiction, district: condition of life, destiny. folm , folme f. palm, hand. [flan] fon fann fn^7 () to take, grasp, seize, catch, B, BH, Gen; CP, : capture, make prisoner, Chr: receive, accept, assume, undertake, B, Sol; CP: meet with, encounter. f. on take up, begin, resume, : take to, , Bo. f. t rce ascend the throne, , AO. f. tgdre join together, join issue, engage in battle. him tganes feng clutched at him, B. him on fultum feng helped them, Jud 300. hlyst +f. listen. ['fang,' 'ifang'] fond fand pret. 3 sg. of findan. fong fang fonn fann font fant fonu fanu for I. prep. (with d., inst. and a.) (local) before, in the sight of, in or into the presence of, B, Gen: as far as, IM 119^13: (temporal) during, before: (causal) 'for,' on account of, for the sake of, through, because of, owing to, from, by reason of, , B, Gen, Met. for worulde as regards this world, . for Dryhtne by God: in order to: in place of, instead of, equivalent to, at the price of, , Gu, Mt: in preference to, Rood: in spite of, Chr. II. conj. for, because. for hw, for hwm, for hwon wherefore? for m, for on, for therefore, because, since. for m e (), for e because. for t, for m t in order that. III. adv. too, very, . for n only. forI. denotes loss or destruction (as in fordn, forgiefan), or is intensitive or pejorative, as in forbrnan, forrotian. It is not connected with the preposition 'for.' Its original form was fer[cp. Ger. ver]. II. occly fore fr I. f. going, course, journey, expedition, BH; AO: way, manner of life. [faran] II. m. pig, hog, OEG. III. pret. 3 sg. of faran. fora (N) foran fora fore forad forod foran I. prep. (w. d.) before, opposite. II. adv. before, in front, forward, Rd; , AO, CP: to the front, Da. foran ongean opposite. ['forne'] foranbodig n. thorax, chest, WW 158^41. forandg early part of the day? (NC), first day? (BT). forane foran II. foranhafod n. forehead, . foranniht f. early part of the night, dusk, evening, . forant prep. (w. d.) before. for fore forbrnan to cause to burn, burn up, consume by fire, be consumed, , Chr; AO. ['forburn'] forbrnednes f. burning up, Lcd. forbearan forberan forbearnan forbrnan frbed n. portable bed, litter, ZDA 31. forbgan forbgan forbelgan^3 to be enraged, Bl. forbn f. prayer, DHy 138^13. forbodan^2 to 'forbid,' prohibit, Chr, G; : restrain, Ps: refuse, Lk: repeal, annul, LL 42[49]. forbodendlic dehortative, dissuasive, Gr 225^11. 240

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary forbeornan^3 (e, y) to burn, be consumed by fire, AO. forberan I. (sv^4) to 'forbear,' abstain from, refrain, CP: suffer, endure, tolerate, humour, CP, B, BH: restrain. II. foreberan forbernan forbeornan forberstan^3 to break, burst asunder, vanish, fail, LL : let go by default, EC 201. ['forburst'] forbtan forebtan forbgan (, ) to bend down, bow down, depreciate, abase, humiliate, degrade. forbgels m. arch, arched roof, WW 126^3. forbindan^3 to bind (up), muzzle, CP 105^7. [' forbind'] forbisen forebysen forbtan^1 to bite through, HL 18^391. forblwan^7 to blow, AO: blow out, inflate, Lcd. ['forblow'] forblindian to blind, MkR 6^52. frbc f. itinerary, OEG 2023. forbod n. prohibition, LL; CP. ['forbode'] forboda foreboda forbrecan^5 (^2) to break in pieces, bruise, violate, crush, destroy, Jn; AO, CP. forbrocen broken down, decrepit. ['forbreak'] forbrdan^3,bregdan to tear in pieces: draw over, cover : change, transform, Bo. ['forbraid'] forbritan,brittan forbryttan forbrytednes (ESPs),ennes (V^2Ps) f. contrition. forbrytian forbryttan forbryttan to break in pieces, crush, bruise. forbgan^2 to bend from, refrain from, avoid, decline, , Ma; CP: flee from, escape, CP: hold down. ['forbow '] forbgan forbgan forbyrd f. abstention, AO 30^25. forbyrdian to wait for, EPs 32^20. forbyrdig forbearing, NC 287. forbyrnan () forbeornan force f. 'fork,' , WW. forcap forestalling (in trade), LL 234[2,10]. [ *forecap] forceorfan^3 to carve out, cut down, cut off, cut through, divide, , Chr; AO, CP. ['forcarve'] forcwan^2 to bite off, Bo 36^23. forcierran (CP)cerran to turn aside, prevent, avert, avoid, CP: turn oneself away, escape. forcierrednes (y^2) f. perversity, GD 119^15: turning aside, BPs 125^1. forcierring (e, y) f. turning aside, CVPs 125^1. forcinnan to deny, disown? Sol 107. forcippian (y) to cut off, RHy 2^12. [cp. Eng. chip] forclman to stop up, Gl. forclas mp. prongs? NC 287. forclingan^3 to wither, shrink up, Cp. ['forcling '] forclyccan to stop, close (ears), RPs 57^5. forclsan to close up, Lcd 392^22. forcndan forgndan forcuman^4 to come before, prevent, surprise: harass, wear out, destroy: overcome, conquer, obtain: surpass. forcunnian to tempt: understand. forc () bad, wicked, infamous, foul, despicable, , Bo ; AO, CP. adv.ce. ['forcouth'] forclic forc forclce force [[form of forc"]] 241

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary forcwean^5 to speak ill of, abuse, revile, CP: reprove : refuse, reject, CP: boast, promise great things, GnE 49. forcwolstan^3? to swallow, Lcd 18a. forcwsan to shake violently, SPs 109^7. forcyppian forcippian forcyrran () forcierran forcan to surpass in knowledge: understand: argue, urge. ford m. ds. forda 'ford,' , AO; Mdf. fordlan to spend. fordad dead, MtL 28^4. fordelfan^3 to delve, dig, EC 120^28. fordman to condemn, sentence, doom, Mt; : prejudice, EC 145: decide, Sc 125^5. ['fordeem '] fordmedlic to be condemned, GD 208^9. fordmednes f. condemnation, proscription, BH 34^5, GD 345^3. fordmend m. accuser, JnL p5^9. fordmian fordman fordming f. plunder, spoliation, OEG 3149. fordemman to dam up, block up, EPs 57^5. fordettan (KGl) fordyttan fordcigan to shut out by a ditch, block up, CP. fordilgian,dilegian,diligian to blot out, destroy, abolish, BH. ['fordilghe'] fordimmian to obscure, darken, Sc. ['fordim'] fordittan fordyttan fordn anv. to undo, bring to nought, ruin, destroy, BH ; AO, : abolish, Chr: kill, , AO: corrupt, seduce, defile. pp. fordn corrupt, wicked, abandoned. [' fordo'] fordrfan to drive, compel, LL 24[62]. fordrencan () to make drunk, intoxicate, . [' fordrench'] pp. fordruncen drunk, CP. ['fordrunken '] fordrfan^1 to drive, sweep away: drive on, impel, compel, AO: drive away, expel, . [Ger. vertreiben] fordrifnes f. objection, opposition, NG. fordrincan^3 to make drunk, be drunk, CP. fordrgian to become dry, wither, Met. ['fordry '] fordrwian fordrgian forduttan (VPs) fordyttan fordwilman to confound, Bo 14^5. fordwnan^1 to vanish, . ['fordwine'] fordyslic very foolish, Bo 42^10. fordyttan (e, i, u) to obstruct, block up, close, Cp; . ['fordit'] fore I. prep. w. d. a. (local) before, in the sight of, in presence of, B: (causal) because of, for the sake of, through, on account of, by reason of, from , BH : (temporal) before , Cr : for, instead of . II. adv. before, beforehand, formerly, once, Ps. ['fore'] foreoccly. for foreald (y^2) very old, RB 114^11. forealdian to grow old, decay, BH; , CP. ['forold '] forestreccan to lay low, overthrow, EPs 105^26. fore m. preliminary oath, LL (v. 2546). [' foreoath'] forae very easily, . forebacen,bacn (),bcen n. sign, portent, prodigy. forebegn to intercept, Chr 1009#e. foreberan to prefer, BH 294^7. forebtan to make legal amends (vicariously), LL. forebirig forebyrig, ds. of foreburh. 242

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary forebiscop m. high priest, MtL 1^18 (mg). forebisegian to preoccupy, OEG 1236. foreblsting () f. shoot, branch, EPs 79^12. frebc (HGl 454) frbc forebod n. prophecy, preaching, NG. foreboda m. forerunner, messenger, ANS 84^14. forebodian to announce, declare. forebodung f. prophecy, NG. forebrdan to prolong, EPs 119^5: overshadow, MkL 9^7. forebrost n. chest, WW. foreburh f. outwork: outer court, vestibule, . forebyrd f. longsuffering, CP 41^17. forebysen f. example. foreceorfan^3 'prcidere,' Gr 172^4. foreceorfend m. front tooth, WW 264^11. forecosan to chose in preference, BCJRPs 131^13,14. foreclipian (y) 'proclamare,' BHy 3^4; ANS 122265. forecnowrisn progeny, EPs. forecostigan to profane, EPs 88^32. forecostung f. profanation, EPs 88^35. forecuman^4 to come before, prevent, BH: overcome ? Ps: come out, come upon, NG. ['forecome'] forecwean^5 to preach, predict. forecweden aforesaid, GD 12; 344. forecwide m. prophecy: introduction, heading (of chapter), NG. forecyme m. proceeding forth, MtL p4^3. forecynren,cynrd n. progeny. forecan to make known to, TC 300^24: 'pronuntiare,' EPs 70^15. fored forod foredyre,dere n. vestibule, OEG (T. 135). foredyrstig? 'presumptuosus,' LL 409[22]. forefger very fair, ES 8479^89. forefeng, fong forfang forefran to go before. forefex n. forelock, OEG 5326; 2^453. forefn^7 to prevent, anticipate. foregn anv., foregangan^7 to go before, precede, BH, VPs : go in front of, project: excel. ['forego'] forege for(e) foregearwung f. preparation, parasceve. foregebiddan^5 to intercede, RB 62^8. foregeht n. vow, L 23b^543. foregehtan to promise: invite, NG. foregenga m. forerunner: predecessor, ancestor, CP: attendant, Jud 127. foregengel (for) m. predecessor, Chr 963#e. foregescaw forescaw foregesecgan to predestine, MtL p1^9. foregesettan foresettan foregeswuteliende 'indagande,' OEG 1504. foregeton^2 to point out, HGl 411. foregeingian foreingian foregidd n. proverb, JnR 16^29. foregielpan^3 to vaunt, AO. 243

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary foregsl m. preliminary hostage (Swt); foremost hostage (BT), Chr 878. foreglaw foreseeing, provident, wise, prudent, . adv. lce. foregyrnan to show before, Sc 203^17. forehlig very holy, ANS 843. forehs n. porch, LV 33. forehran to hear of, Bl. foreiernend m. forerunner, WW 339^6. foreldtow,twa m. precursor, LkLR 22^26. foreldan to lead forth, MtL 15^14. forelrend m. teacher, Bl 149^13. forelr f. preaching, MtL p16^5. forelcian to delay, NC 288. foreldan forieldan forelegnis forlegis foreloran to go before, pass by, NG. forelornes f. 'prvaricatio,' transgression, EPs 100^3 (cp. oferl.). forelocc m. 'forelock,' OEG. forelcian 'prospicere, respicere, aspicere,' EPs. foremre illustrious, renowned, famous, . foremrlic eminent, Bo 75^24. foremrnes f. eminence, fame, Bo. foremanian to forewarn, BH 412^30. foremanig very many, MtL p18^12. foremeahtig foremihtig foremearcod beforementioned, CM 378. foremearcung (e^2) f. title, chapter, NG. foremihtig (ea) very strong, most mighty. adv.lce. fremunt m. promontory, WW 464^17. forene forane forenyme m. taking before, Gl. forerm m. prologue. forerynel m. forerunner, herald, morning star, , CP. foresacan^6 to forbid, MtL 3^14. foresd aforesaid, . ['foresaid'] foresgdnes,saga f. preface, NG. foresndan foresendan forescawere (for) m. 'provisor,' ES 39327. forescawian to 'foreshow,' foresee, : preordain, decree, appoint, : provide, furnish with, . forescawodlce with forethought, thoughtfully, CM 76. forescawung f. contemplation, foresight, providence, Sc ; . ['foreshowing'] forescotan^2 (for) to anticipate, forestall, Bo 124^11. forescieldnes f. 'protectio,' EPs 120^5. forescyttels m. bolt, bar, Cr 312. forescan to appeal (for justice), LL 152[3] and nn. foresecgan to mention before, : foretell, BH; . foreseld n. first seat, MtL 23^6. foresellan to spend, advance (money). foresendan to send before. foreson^5 to 'foresee,' Ps: provide, BH: provide for, BH. foresond m. provider, BH 338^10. foresones foresight, providence, BH. 244

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary foresetnes,setenes f. proposition, purpose: preposition, Gr. foresettan to place before, shut in, VPs: propose : prefer: precede. ['foreset'] foresingend m. precentor, WW 129^21. foresittan^5 to preside over, BH. foresmagan,sman to think beforehand. foresnotor very wise, B 3163. forespc foresprc forespeca forespreca foresprc (CP),sprc,spc (WW) f. advocacy, defence, excuse : agreement, arrangement : preamble, preface, prologue, , CP: promise. ['forespeech'] forespreca m. intercessor, advocate, mediator: sponsor, LL 442[I]. foresprecan^5 to speak or answer for, be surety for, intercede for , CP: say before . foresprecen abovementioned, aforesaid, Bo: forspecan. ['forespoken'] forestppan () foresteppan forestppend m. precursor, Lk 22^26. forestppung f. anticipation, A 8331. forestandan^6 to preside, lead: excel, WW 464^15. forestapul going before, GPH 196. foresteall (for) m. intervention, hindrance (of justice): ambush, assault, offence of waylaying on the highway, , LL: fine for such an offence: resistance, opposition. [' forestall'] forestemman to prevent, hinder, NG. forestora m. lookout man, pilot, WW 464^8. foresteppan^6 () to precede, go before, : excel: forestall, prevent. forestigan^1 to excel, Gr 154^11n. forestige m. vestibule, OEG 4688 and n. forestihtian to fore~ordain, . forestihtung f. predestination, . foreswerian^6 to swear before, . foretcn n. 'foretoken,' prognostic, prodigy, sign, wonder, Bo ; CP. foretcnian to foreshow, BH 216^17. foreteohhung f. predestination, Bo. foreton to foreordain, frame beforehand, arrange. foret mp. front teeth, WW. ['foretooth'] foretg m. forecourt, porch, Mt 11^16. foretnd shut in, BH 386^2. foreanc m. forethought, providence, consideration, deliberation, CP. foreanclic thoughtful, careful, prudent, CP. adv.lce. foreancol provident, prudent, considerate, CP. foreancolnes f. prudence, PPs 48^3. foreencan to premeditate, consider, be mindful, CP. [' forethink'] foreingere m. intercessor, mediator, . foreingian to plead for any one, intercede, defend. foreingiend m. intercessor. foreingrden,ingung f. intercession, . foreonc foreanc forewall foreweall foreward foreweard forewarnian to take warning beforehand. foreweall m. rampart, bulwark, Ex. ['forewall'] foreweard (a^2, e^2) I. f. condition, bargain, agreement, treaty, assurance. II. m. outpost, scout. III. adj. 'forward,' inclined to the front, , BH: fore, early, former, . f. gar new year. IV. adv. (wearde at AS 55^4) 245

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary in front, CP: towards the future, Gen. fram foreweardum once more, RB. foreweoran^3 to predestinate, MkL p1^20. forewesan anv. pret. 3 sg.ws to be over, rule over, BH. forews foreknowing, HL 18^363. forewitan swv. to foreknow, Bo. ['forewit'] forewtegian to prophesy, . forewtegung f. prophecy, OEG. forewitig foreknowing, . forewitol foreknowing, Chr 1067#d. forewittlendlic prescient, OEG 1502. forewitung f. foreknowing, presage. foreword foreweard forewost (e^3) m. chief, captain, NG. forewrgan forwrgan forewrtan^1 to proscribe, banish. forewriten above or beforewritten, CM 276^540. forewritennes f. proscription, exile, WW 466^5. forewyrcend m. servant, L 3^156. forewyrd f. predestination, Gl. forfang (forefeng) m. capture, (legal) seizure, recovery of cattle or other property, LL: reward for rescuing properly, LL (v. 388391 and 2279). ['forfang'] forfangfeoh n. reward for rescuing cattle or other property. [LL 390, 3, 2] forfaran^6 to pass away, perish, Chr: lose, destroy, ruin: intercept, obstruct. forfeng I. pret. 3 sg. of forfn. II. forfang forfran () forfran forferian to let die, LL 58[17]. forflon^2 to flee from, escape, avoid, evade, . forflgan to put to flight, ZDA 3116^418. forfn^7 to seize: anticipate, forestall: surprise : prevent: forfeit. forfyllan to stop up, obstruct, WW 463^10. forg foreg forggan to transgress, trespass, prevaricate, : pass by, omit, neglect, OEG, W. forggednes f. transgression, trespass, . forggung f. fault, excess, Sc 115^9. forglan to avoid, LkL. forgn I. anv. to go or pass over, by or away, , MtL: 'forgo,' abstain from, neglect, lose, ; CP, . II. foregn forgedn fordn forgeearnung f. merit, DHy 132^1. forgefenes forgiefnes forggan forggan forgeldan forgieldan forgm forgm, forgem forgeorne very earnestly, very attentively, Bl. forget forgiet pres. 3 sg. of forgietan. forgiefan^5 (i, y) to give, grant, allow; BH, Bl; CP: 'forgive,' overlook, Gen, Lk, Mt; AO, CP: give up, leave off, CP: give in marriage. forgiefnes (i, y) f. pardon, 'forgiveness,' remission, Bl ; CP: indulgence, permission, BH (i): gift? Cr 425. forgieldan^3 (e, i, y) to pay for, CP: requite, reward, Bl; AO, CP: indemnify, make good: pay double (as penalty), LL: give. ['foryield'] forgielpan^3 to boast in public, trumpet forth, W 234^16. forgemelasian (, ) to neglect, abandon, give up, omit, CP. 246

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary forgietan^5 (i, y) w. a. or g. to 'forget,' B, Ma, Ps; AO, CP. For comps. v. forgit. forgif forgief forgifenlic,gifendlic that may be forgiven, Mt: dative, Gr 22^16 (y^2). ['forgivelich'] forgifestre f. female giver, DHy 49^6. forgifu f. 'gratia,' DHy 78^7. forgifung f. gift. forgildan forgieldan forgman (, ) to neglect, pass by, transgress, B (). ['foryeme'] forgmelasian forgemelasian forgitan forgietan forgitel (eo^2, y^2, o^3, u^3) forgetful, . [' forgetel'] forgitelnes (y^2) f. forgetfulness, oblivion, LPs. forgiten pp. forgetting: forgetful. forgiting f. forgetfulness, CM 1065. forglendran,ian to devour, swallow up, W. forgnagan^6 to eat up, . ['forgnaw'] forgndan^1 to grind together, dash down, crush, break, LPs. ['forgnide'] forgniden contrite. forgnidennes f. tribulation, LPs 13^3; APs 146^3. forgndan forgndan forgrindan^3 to grind down, ruin, destroy, consume. forgrindet n. grinding, pounding, Cp 776#c. forgrpan^1 to seize, assail, attack, overwhelm. forgrwen grown up? overgrown? Rim 46. [v. ' forgrow'] forgumian (LL 474, 2) forgman forgyf forgief, forgif forgyldan forgieldan forgyltan to sin, be or become guilty, W. forgylt condemned, guilty. forgm forgm, forgem forgyrd forgyrd forgyrdan to enclose, encircle. forgyt forgiet, forgit forhabban, pret. 3 sg.hfde to hold in, restrain, retain, keep back: draw back, refrain from, avoid, . forhfed continent, abstemious. forhbbenda m. abstinent, continent person, CP. forhfd forhafod forhf(e)dnes f. temperance, continence, selfrestraint, abstinence , BH ; , CP: parsimony . ['forhevedness '] forhed burnt up. forhtan^7 to renounce, forswear, . ['forhight '] se forhtena the devil, Gen 609. forhafdnes (AS 22^16) forhfednes [[headword spelled forhfednes"]] forhafod n. 'forehead,' brow, skull, WW; . [ fore] forhealdan^7 to forsake, fall away from, rebel against, B : defile, pollute, Bl: keep back, withhold, LL 130, 6, 1: misuse, abuse. ['forhold'] forhealdnes f. unchastity, NC 288. forheard very hard, Ma 156. forheardian to grow hard, LVPs 89^6. forhawan^7 to hew in pieces, cut down, kill, Ma. [' forhew'] forhefednes forhfednes forhegan (KGl) forhogian forhelan^4 to cover over, conceal, hide, protect, , Bo ; CP. sacne f. conceal a guilty man. ['forhele'] 247

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary forhellan?hellian to hide, OEG 5410n. forhergend m. ravager, Gl. forhergian,herigean,heregian to plunder, harry, ravage, devastate, destroy , AO, CP. [ Ger. verheeren] forhergung,her(g)iung f. harassing, devastation, AO 74^36. forhicgan forhycgan forhenan to cast down, defeat, humiliate, humble, outrage, oppress, waste, AO. [Ger. verhhnen] forhigan forhycgan forhoged,hogd forhogod forhogian to neglect, disregard, despise, BH; , CP. ['forhow'] forhogiend m. despiser. forhogodlic contemptuous, Bl 77^23. adv.lce. forhogodnes f. contempt. forhogung f. contempt, BPs, CM. forhohnes forhogodnes forhradian to hasten before, prevent, anticipate, frustrate, , CP. forhrae very speedily, quickly, soon, . forhrred annulled, WW. forht afraid, timid, cowardly, AO, CP: frightful, terrible. adv. forhte despairingly. forhtful fainthearted, timorous. forhtian (tr. and intr.) to be afraid, surprised, fear, dread, . forhtiendlic timorous, WW 442^5. forhtige humbly, submissively, RB 70^5. forhtigend timid, W: dreadful, W. forhtlic fearful, afraid. adv.lce. forhtmd timorous, timid, . forhtnes f. fear, terror, . forhtung f. fear, . forhugian forhogian forhwn, forhwan forhwon forhweorfan^3 to come to an end, be destroyed. forhwerfan forhwierfan forhw,hwig forhw forhwierfan (e, eo, i, y) to change, transform: remove, transfer: pervert, CP. forhwon wherefore, why, for what reason. forhw (^2) why, wherefore, Ps. ['forwhy'] forhwyrfan forhwierfan forhwyrfedlic perverse, Bl 31^4. forhwyrfednes f. perversity, NC 288. forhycgan to disdain, despise, reject, CP. forhdan to hide, Ps; CP. ['forhide'] forhygdelic despised, LPs 118^141. forhylman to refuse obedience to, An 735. forhnan forhenan forhyrdan (i) to harden, EPPs 94^8. [heard] forieldan to put off, delay, CP. foriernan^3 to run before, outrun, Jn 20^4 (fore JnL). ['forerun'] forinlce thoroughly, exceedingly, Bo 94^6. forinweardlce thoroughly, genuinely, Bo 137^15. forlcan^7 to mislead, seduce, deceive, betray. forldan to mislead, seduce, , AO, CP: bring out ( for), . [Ger. verleiten] 248

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary forlran to teach wrongly, lead astray, seduce, pervert, An; . ['forlere'] forltan^7 to let go, relinquish, surrender, lose, leave, abandon, neglect, An, Bl; , CP: remit, pardon, excuse : loose, release : let, permit, allow , BH : grant, give . p, in f. to direct upwards, within . n(n)e f. nforltan. ['forlet'] forltednes (GD 227^16) forltennes [[headword spelled forltennes"]] forltennes (),ltnes,lting f. leaving, departure, absence: loss, perdition: intermission, cessation, end : remission. forlting f. intermission. forlegenes forlegnes forlegenlic meanlooking, ugly. forlegere forligere forlegis,leges f. prostitute, adulteress, CP. forlegis,legor forliger forlegnes f. fornication. forlogan^2 to lie, perjure oneself, slander, . forloran (EPs 143^14) foreloran forleornung f. deception, Bl 183^34. forleorte redupl. pret. sg. of forltan. forlosan^2 to lose, abandon, let go, B; , AO, CP: destroy, ruin, Gen. forloren ruined. ['forlese '] forlt forlt forlettan (fore) to prevent, MkL 10^14. forlicgan^5 to commit adultery or fornication , AO ; CP: fail, lapse , LL 178[7]: screen (a thief), LL 274[12]. [' forlie'] pp. forlegen used as sb. adulterer, fornicator. forlicgend m. fornicator. forlden pp. of forlan. forlidennes forliennes forligan forlicgan forligenes,lignes forlegnes forliger I. n. adultery, fornication, wantonness, immorality , . II. m. whoremonger, adulterer , : fornicatress? III. adj. adulterous. forligerbed n. bed of fornication. forligere forliger I. forligeren adj. fornicating, OEG 8^232. forligerhs n. house of ill fame, OEG. forligerlic unchaste, impure, OEG. forligerwf (ego) n. prostitute, MH 140^19. forliges forlegis forliggang m. house of illfame? fornication? WW 499^12. forligrian to commit fornication, ERSPs 72^26. forlr forliger II. forlan^1 to suffer shipwreck. forliennes f. shipwreck, OEG. forlong,longe adv. long ago, NG. forlor m. loss, destruction, AO, CP. t forlore gedn to destroy, CP. forlorenes f. state of being forlorn, perdition, destruction, VPs. ['forlornness'] forlorian,losian to lose, NG. forlustlce very willingly, Bo 51^18. forlytel very little, Bo. form feorm form(NG) frum 249

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary forma (eo) first, earliest, Bo; CP. ['forme'] on forman at first. forml,ml f? n? negotiation, agreement, treaty, LL. [ml II.] formrnes foremrnes formanig very many. formelle f. bench, ANS 849. [L. formella] formeltan^3 (y) to melt away, dissolve, liquefy, burn up, AO; . ['formelt'] formesta fyrmesta wk. superl. of forma. frmete m. food for a journey. formicel (y^2) very great, LL 302[20,2]. formogod corrupted, L 23^375. formolsnian to rot away, crumble, decay, . formolsnung f. corruption, OEG 1251. formycel formicel formyltan formeltan formyrrian to murder, LL, W. forn foran frn f? m? trout, WW 180^39. fornman to be worn out, afflicted (with grief), GD 245^3. forne foran adv. frne f. frn fornah very nearly, wellnigh, almost, about, , AO, CP. fornan (),nh,non fornah Forntes folm a plant, Lcd (v. BT). fornan to expose to danger, sacrifice, AO 222^1. forniman^4 to take away, deprive of, plunder, waste, devastate, destroy, consume, B, Lcd; , AO: annul: disfigure : overcome. ['fornim'] forndan to coerce, compel, W 158^10. fornyman forniman fornyrwan to oppress, ANS 12857. fornytlic very useful, GD 174^20. forod broken down, worn out, useless, void, abortive, , AO, CP. foroft very often. forpran to turn away, lose, spoil, pervert, destroy, , CP. forpyndan to do away, remove. frracu f. itinerary, OEG 7^121. forradian forhradian forrda? m. traitor, plotter, MP 1592. forrdan to plot against, betray, W: condemn: injure. ['forrede'] forrae very soon, . forrepen taken, JnL p5^8. forrdan^1 to intercept by riding before, Chr 894#a. forrdel m. forerider, forerunner, messenger, . [' forridel'] forrotednes (a^3, o^3) f. corrupt matter, rottenness, . forrotian to rot away, decay, CP, WW; . ['forrot '] forrynel forerynel forsacan^6 to object to, reject, oppose, deny, refuse, AO, Cp, LL: give up, renounce, AO, CP. ['forsake'] forsacennes f. denial, A 11386^383. forsacung f. denial, NC 288. forscan forscan forstian to lay wait for, beset, surround, AO 146^10. forstnian () to hedge in, beset, ERPs 21^17. 250

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary forswestre forsewestre forsawen forsewen forsc m. 'frog,' (frox); Gl. forscd forscad forscncednes (LPs 40^10) forscrencednes forscamian to be ashamed (impers. w. a.), CP. [' forshame'] forscamung f. modesty, GPH 390. forscapung (AO) forsceapung forscadan^7 to scatter, disperse, CP: damn, condemn? Gu 449 (GK). forsceamian forscamian forsceap n. evil deed? Gen 898. forsceapung f. misdeed, crime, fault. forscaw forescaw forscending f. confusion, LkR 21^25. forsceorfan^3 to gnaw off, bite, eat up, AO 226^9. forscotan forescotan forsceppan forscieppan forsceta waterfall, OET 575; MF 434. forscieppan^6 to change, transform, Gen. ['forshape '] forscip n. 'foreship,' prow, WW. forscrncan forscrencan forscrencan to supplant, overcome, vanquish, cast down, : dry up, OEG 4926. forscrencednes (scnc) f. supplanting, deceit, LPs 40^10. forscrencend m. supplanter, . forscrfan^1 to decree, Gl: proscribe, condemn, doom, : () bewitch, cast under a spell. forscrincan^3 (intr.) to shrink, dry up, wither away, . ['forshrink'] forscfan^2 to cast down (pride), Ex 204. forscyldigian to condemn. forscyldigod,scyldegod guilty, . forscyppan forscieppan forscyrian to separate, MHF 159. forscyttan to exclude, prevent, obviate, . ['forshut '] forsarian to sear, dry up, wither, , CP. forseawennes forsewennes forscan I. to afflict. II. forescan forsecgan to accuse falsely, slander, accuse, : to speak about, discourse on. forsegenes f. contempt, VPs 122^4. forsegenlic (GD 233^21) forsewenlic forsgon forswon pret. pl. of forson. forsellan to sell, NC 289. forsendan to send away, banish, send to destruction, AO. forson^5 to overlook, neglect, scorn, despise, reject, renounce, Bl; , AO, CP: refrain from. ['forsee'] forsones f. care, BH 84^7. forsoan^2 to wither, consume, . forsrian (AS 10^4?) forsarian forstnian forstnian forsettan I. to hedge in, obstruct, BH. ['forset '] II. foresettan forsettednes foresetnes forsewen pp. of forson. [[from first edition]] forsewenlic despicable, ignominious, wretched, of poor appearance. adv.lce, . forsewennes f. contempt, , AO. forsewestre (^2) f. female despiser, OEG 4430. 251

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary forsingian forsyngian forsittan^5 to neglect, delay, LL: block, obstruct, besiege, AO: injure: absent oneself (from). [' forsit'] fors fors forsian to perish, B 1550. forslwan,slwian to be slow, unwilling, delay, put off, Bo; CP. ['forslow'] forslan^6 to cut through, strike, break, kill, destroy, AO. forslegenlic mean, ignominious ( forleg?). forsliet m. slaughter, WW 28^18. [slieht] forsltan to consume, devour, PPs 77^46. forsmorian to smother, suffocate, choke, stifle, . forsorgian to despond, W 69^16. fors indeed, verily, Bo. ['forsooth'] forspc foresprc forspanan^6 to mislead, lead astray, seduce, entice, ; CP. ['forspan'] forspaning f. allurement, OEG. forspeca forespreca forspecan^5 to speak in vain: deny. forspdian to speed, prosper. forspendan to spend, give out, squander, consume, AO. ['forspend'] forspennen (OEG 612) forspenning forspennend m. procurer, Gr 36^11. forspennende,endlic seductive, voluptuous, defiling, OEG. forspennestre f. procuress, Gr 36^12. forspenning f. enticement, seduction, evil attraction, . forspild m. destruction, CP 294^19. forspildan (CP)spillan (AO) to waste, lose, disperse, bring to nothing, destroy, ruin, kill. ['forspill'] forspillednes f. waste, destruction, perdition, . forsprec foresprec forspyll forspill forspyrcan to dry up, PPs 101^3. forst (frost) m. 'frost,' Ph, Rd. [frosan] forstppan forestppan [[under foresteppan"]] forstal (LL) foresteall forstalian (refl.) to steal away, LL. forstandan^2 to defend, help, protect, LL: withstand, prevent, hinder, resist, oppose, Met: benefit, avail, CP: understand, Bo; CP: signify, be equal to, EC, LL. ['forstand'] forsteall foresteall forstelan^4 to steal away, steal, rob, deprive, MtR, LL ; . ['forsteal'] forstig 'frosty,' BH (y); . forstlic glacial, frozen, WW 175^16. forstoppian to stop up, close, Lcd 15b. forstrang very strong, Rd 51^4. forstrogdnes f. 'precipitatio,' NC 289. forstyltan to be amazed, MkLR. forstyntan to blunt, break, crush, WW 375^5. forscan^2, forsgan^2 to suck out, empty. forsugian (, AO),suwian () forswigian forsuwung f. silence, OEG 2085. forswlan to burn, burn up, inflame, consume, . [' forsweal'] forsw (DHy 38^16) ftsw forswpan^7 to sweep away, drive off. 252

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary forswarung f. perjury, NC 289. forswefian 'prosperare,' EPs 117^25. forswelan^4 to burn, burn up. forswelgan^3 to swallow up, devour, consume, absorb, B ; , CP. ['forswallow'] forsweltan^3 to die. forsweogian forswigian forsweolgan forswelgan forsweorcan^3 to grow dark, obscure. forsweorfan^3 to polish, cleanse: grind away, demolish. forsweotole very clearly, ES 18333; 43162. forswerian^6 (refl. and intr.) to swear falsely, , LL : renounce on oath, B. ['forswear'] forswigian to conceal by silence, suppress, pass over, , CP: be silent. forswtan^1 to impair, TC 584^5. forsw very great, Creat 26. forswan, forswian to crush, press upon, overcome, repress, CP. forswe adv. very much, utterly, Bo. forsworcenlic dark, obscure, DHy 24. forsworcennes f. darkening, darkness, , W. forsworen (pp. of forswerian) 'forsworn,' perjured, , Chr. forsworennes f. perjury, . ['forswornness'] forswugian (CP),sygian forswigian forsyngian (i) to sin greatly. ['forsin'] forsyngod m. sinner, LL. fortcen foretcn fortendan to burn away, cauterize, sear, AO 46^14. forton^2 to mislead, seduce, Cr: draw over, cover, obscure. ['foretee'] fortiht fortyht fortimbran,timbrian to close up, obstruct. fortogenes f. griping, spasm, Lcd 89a. fortredan^5 to tread down, trample on, ; CP. [' fortread'] fortreding f. treading down, crushing, Sc 95^10. fortrendan to block (by rolling a stone), v. OEG 114. fortrgadnes, fortrwednes fortrwodnes fortrwian to be presumptuous, overconfident, rash, CP. fortrwodnes f. presumption, CP. fortrwung f. presumption, Bo 9^7. fortrymman to testify, confirm, NG. fortyhtan to seduce, El 208. fortyhtigend m. polluter, defiler, OEG 3337. fortyllan to seduce, Cr 270. fortymbrian fortimbran fortnan to shut in, enclose, block up, CP. for adv. 'forth,' forwards, onwards, further, A, B, BH, Ct: hence, thence: away, : (time) continually, still, continuously, henceforth, thenceforward, B, Ep: simultaneously. f. mid ealle forthwith. f. on continually. fram orde o ende f. from the beginning to the end. f. t until. for(N) fur fora form forcgan to call forth, BH 444^24. fordilgian to bring to nothing, blot out, MFH 160. form, form, foran (CP), foron (AO, CP) I. conj. for (the reason) that, owing to (the fact) that, for, because, on that account, therefore, seeing that. for m e, etc. with same signification. II. adv. for that cause, consequently, therefore. 253

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary forgoten poured forth, L 23b^798. forahting ( eaht) f. exhortation. forancful very thankful, ES 18336; 43162. forton^2 to bring forth, produce, . pp. fortogen. forurnen ptc. elapsed, BH 280^21. forbre productive, Gen 132. forbecuman^4 to come forth. forberan^4 to bring forth, produce, BH; . [' forthbear'] forbeson^5 to look forth, LPs 101^20. forbl, forbie prep. by, past, CP 197^13. forbigferende passer by, NC 343. forblstan to blow forth, burst out, WW 393^33. forblwan^7 to blow forth, belch forth, WW 397^10. forboren of noble birth. forbrengan,bringan to bring forth, produce , Bl, Lk : bring to pass, accomplish : bring forward : adduce, quote, . forbylding f. emboldening, encouragement, Chr 999#e. forclypian to call forth. ['forthclepe'] forcuman^4 to come forth, proceed, arrive at, succeed: come to pass, come true: be born. forcyme m. coming forth, birth, . ['forthcome '] forcan to announce, declare, CVPs 118^26. fordn to put forth, BH. ['forthdo'] forearle very much, greatly, . forearlce absolutely, entirely, RB 11^19. forelgian (KGl) foryld(g)ian forencan () to mistrust, despise, despair, Ps. pp. forht despaired of; as sb. poor wretch, : reflect, DHy 138^8. ['forthink'] forofan to steal. foron I. (sv^1,2) to surpass, excel, RB 131^19. II. to crush, oppress, Rood 54. forostrian (e) to darken, LPs 104^28. forfder m. 'forefather,' ancestor, . forfaran^6 to depart, die, Bo, Chr; . ['forthfare '] forfran to depart, die, . forfrednes,fring f. death. forflwan to flow, BH 418^21. forfolgian to follow, CM 1052. forfr I. f. departure, death, BH. ['forthfore '] II. pret. 3 sg. of forfaran. forforltenes f. licence, Bo 12^2. forframian to grow to maturity, WW 465^10. forfromung f. departure, CVPs 104^38. forfyligan to follow, fall out, happen, CM 1109. forgn anv., pret. 3 sg.ode to go forth, advance, proceed, pass by, go away, go on, precede, succeed, Chr, Mk. [' forthgo'] forgang m. going forth, progress, advance, success: privy, drain: purging, evacuation, L 16^207. forgangan^7 to go forth, Ma. ['forthgang'] forgecgan to call forth, REPs 67^7: exhort, BH 54^15. forgeclipian (y) to call forth, provoke, Sc, EPs. forgefaran forfaran forgefran forfran forgelstan forlstan forgelang dependent, LL (280^12). 254

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary forgeloran to pass away, die. forgelorednes f. departure, death, GD 282^11. forgelcian (BPs 101^20) forlcian forgenge increasing, effective, successful, , CP. forgeong forgang forgeorn eager to advance, Ma 281. forgotan^2 to pour forth, BH. ['forthyete'] forgermed in unbroken succession, B 59. forgesceaft f. creature, created being or thing, world: future destiny. forgestrangian 'confortare,' LPs 68^5. forgesne visible, conspicuous, Cra 1. forgewtan^1 to go forth, pass, proceed, go by: depart, die. forgewiten td, tma past tense, Gr. forgewitenes f. departure, LPs 104^38. forgyrd m. foregirdle, martingale, WW. forheald bent forward, stooping: inclined, steep, RB 5^20. forhealdan^7 to hold to, follow out, keep up, observe, . forheold I. forheald. II. pret. 3 sg. of forhealdan. forherge m. van (of an army), Ex 225. forhlfian to be prominent, BH 322^24. forhrosan^2 to rush forth, Sc 101^13. for for forian to further, advance, Chr: carry out, accomplish, Chr. ['forth'] forig for forindan^3 to swell up, Lcd. foringian foreingian forldan to lead forth, bring forth, Sat; . [' forthlead'] forldnes f. bringing forth, BH 76^15. forlstan to persevere in, accomplish. forltan^7 to send forth, emit. forlaian to invite, Bl. forloran to proceed, BH 312^27. forlic forward, advanced, Chr 1066#d. forlfian forhlfian forlcian to look forth. forltan^2 to lean forward, fall down, VPs. formre very glorious, Creat 69. forman m. man of rank, NC 289. formest foremost, MtL. ['forthmost'] forolian to go without, lack, Wa 38. foron (MH) furum foron form foroncol foreancul [[headword spelled foreancol"]] foror furor forrcan (tr.) to push out, protrude, L 25^135. forrsan to rush forth, rise up: jut out, protrude, RPs 72^7. [rsan] forrstan () to crush, afflict, oppress, VPs. [' forthrast'] forrstednes () f. tribulation. forres forrys forriccednes forryccednes forrihte adv. straightway, at once: unmistakably, plainly. forringan to rescue from, defend against, B 1084: elbow out? displace? RB 115^7. 255

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary forryccan to press, squeeze, crush, oppress, suppress. forryccednes (i) f. pressure, oppression. forrycnes f. extortion, oppression, tribulation, LL; MFH 159 (fore). forryne m. onward course, Gen 215. forrysman,rysmian to choke, suffocate, strangle. [rosm] forscacan^6 to pass away, RPs 143^4. forscencan to pour forth, give to drink, WW 464^9. forscype m. progress, BH 92^14 (c). forsetennes f. 'propositio,' MtR 12^4. fors m. going forth, decease, Chr; , CP. [' forthsithe'] forsian to depart, die, . forsnoter (tt) very wise, El. forspell n. declaration, Mod 47. forspwnes f. prosperity, BH 106^25. forstppan,steppan^6 to issue forth, proceed, pass by, L: follow, A 8333^32. forstpping f. advance, DHy 80^14. forsyllan to give out, pay out, LL 175[3]. fortg (KGl) fortg forton^2 to draw forth, bring forth. fortg (e^2, y^2) m. vestibule, OEG 3828. fortihting f. exhortation. fortg fortg foregn m. chief noble, L 6^125. foron to profit ('proficere'), GD 200. forum furum forung f. furtherance, ANS 125^49. forweard (e^2) I. inclined forward: advanced, progressing, growing, ready; enduring, everlasting, continual : future. adv. continually, PPs: prospectively, Gr: forwards, onwards, W 17^8. ['forthward'] II. m. lookout man, pilot? Gen 1436. forweardes forwards, HL 16^203 (e). forweardnes f. progress, GD 117^19. forweaxan^7 to break forth, burst forth, GD. ['forthwax '] forweg m. journey, departure. in (on) forwege away. forwerd forweard forwf n. matron, WW 309^44. forwyrft tortured, mutilated, v. OEG 5028. for I. conj. for that, because, therefore, Jn. [' forthy'] II. adv. for that, therefore, consequently. foryldian,yld(i)gian,yl(de)gian to bear, support, endure, wait patiently, . forylman _to shut in, enclose, envelop, obscure, cover over, overwhelm: suffocate, consume. foryppan to make manifest, CVPs. foryrnan^3 to run before, precede: continue, . foryrrian to dry up, Lcd 82b. forysmed obscured, WW 246^6. fore for forud forod fortan,ton adv.; prep. w. d. except, without, Chr 1122. ['forout'] forwrnan forwiernan forwrnian (WW 442^18) forweornian forwana m. abundance? CP 465^16. forwandian to hesitate, be reluctant, CP: be ashamed. forwandung f. shame, SPs 68^23. 256

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary forwar forwear pret. 3 sg. of forweoran. forweard I. (NG) beginning, front : heading, title, chapter . II. adv. continually, always , Gen 788. [? forweard; or foreweard, JGPh 12257] forweardmercung f. heading, JnL p3^1. forweaxan^7 to progress, grow too much, become overgrown, CP; AO. ['forwax'] forweddod pledged. [wedd] forwegan^5 to kill, Ma 228. forwel adv. very, very well, . forwened insolent. [wenian] forwned 'suspectus,' BDS 3012^104. [wnan] forwenednes f. insolence, ANS 7989. forweoren forworen forweornan forwiernan forweornian to dry up, wither, fade, grow old, rot, decay, . forweorpan^3 to throw, cast out, cast down, drive off, reject, throw away, squander, B. ['forwerpe'] forweorpnes f. migration, MtL 1^17. forweoran^3 (y) to perish, pass away, vanish, Mt; AO, CP, . f. on mde be grieved. ['forworth'] forweorenes forwordenes forweorfullic excellent, Bo 65^15. forweosnian forwisnian forwercan forwyrcan forwerd foreweard forwered forwerod forwerednes f. old age, SPs 70^18. forweren (WW 217^15) forworen forwerennes (RPs 70^18) forwerednes forwernedlice continently, W 284^8. [forwiernan] forwerod worn out, very old, . [werian] forwesing f. destroying. forwest forewost forwiernan (e, eo, i, y) to hinder, prohibit, prevent, repel, refuse, repudiate, deny, withhold, oppose, AO, B (y); CP. [' forwarn'] forwird forwyrd forwirn forwiern forwisnian (eo) to wither away, dry up, decay, rot. forwitan forewitan forwitolnes f. intelligence, diligence. [ fore] forwlencan to fill with pride, puff up, CP. [' forwlench'] forword I. n. iota, MtL 5^18. II. foreweard forwordenes f. destruction, failure. forwordenlic perishable, W 263^13. forworen (pp. of *forweosan) decrepit, decayed, OEG 2109. forworhta forwyrhta forwracned banished, RB 82^2. forwrecan^5 to drive forth, carry away: expel, banish. forwrgan to accuse, calumniate, Chr. ['forwray '] forwron^1 to cover over, LkR 23^45. forwrtan^1 to cut in two, B 2705. forwran^1 to bind up, Lcd 122a. forwundian to wound, Chr. ['forwound'] forwundorlic very wonderful, GD. adv.lce. 257

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary forwuran forweoran forwyrcan (e) to do wrong, sin, , CP. forworht mann criminal, CP: ruin, undo, destroy, Cr; , AO, CP: condemn, convict, curse: forfeit: barricade, obstruct, close up. forwyrd fn. destruction, ruin, fall, death, , CP. [forweoran] forwyrdan to perish, Andr. forwyrdendlic perishable. forwyrht n. misdeed, MF 160. forwyrhta m. agent, deputy: evildoer, malefactor, ruined person. [fore] forwyrnan () forwiernan forwyrnednes f. restraint, selfdenial, continence, BH 160^10. forwyrpnes f. casting out, LPs 21^7. foryld foreald foryldan forieldan foryrman to reduce to poverty, bring low, BH, W. [earm] fossere m. spade. [L. fossorium] fster fstor fstor n. sustenance, maintenance, food, nourishment, Lcd ; . ['foster'] fstorbearn n. fosterchild. fstorbror m. 'fosterbrother,' WW. fstorcild (e^2) n. fosterchild, L. fstorfder m. 'fosterfather,' MH. fstorland n. land granted for the support of the recipients, Ct. ['fosterland'] fstorlan n. payment for maintenance, LL 442[2]; Men 152. fstorling m. fosterchild, nursling, WW. [' fosterling'] fstormann m. bondsman, security. fstormdor f. 'fostermother,' MH. fstorn m. pasture, sustenance, EPs 22^2. fstorsweostor f. fostersister. fstra (e^2) m. food: manna. fstrian to 'foster,' nourish, Sc (). fstring m. disciple, NG. fstur fstor ft m. ds. ft, fte, nap. ft, ftas foot (as limb and as measure), B, LL, NG; , AO, CP. ftdl fn. gout in the feet. ftdlig having gout in the feet. ftbred n. footboard, stirrup, WW 107^6. ftcl m. 'commissura'? MtL 9^16. ftcopsian, ftcypsan to fetter, Pss. ftcosp,cops m. footfetter, . ftcou f. gout in the feet, OEG. ftece m. gout in the feet, Lcd. fter n. darnel, tares, MtL 13^27. ftfeter f. fetter for the feet, WW 116^8. ftgangende going on foot, OEG 5254. ftgemearc n. footmeasurement, space of a foot, B 3043. ftgemet n. footfetter, EPs 104^18. ftgewde fn? covering for the feet, RB 88^14. +ftian to hasten up, MkL 15^44. ftlst (),lst mf. footprint, spoor. ftlic on foot, pedestrian. ftml n. footmeasure. 258

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary ftmlum adv. step by step, by degrees, CM 883. ftrp m. the loose part of the sheet by which a sail is trimmed to the wind, 'propes,' WW 167^11. ftsceamol (e^2, e^3, u^3) m. footstool, . ftsceanea m. foreleg, Lcd 1362. [v. 'shank'] ftsetl n. footstool, Chr 1053#c. ftsd reaching to the feet, NC 289. ftspor n. footprints, spoor, Lcd. ftspure n. footrest, footsupport, Chr 1070#e. ftstn m. base, pedestal, . ftstapol m. footstep, LPs 17^37. ftsw n. (nap.swau), ftswau f. footprint, footstep: foot, . ftswile (y) m. swelling of the foot, Lcd. ftwal n. washing of the feet, W, WW. ftwrc n. pain in the foot, gout, Lcd. ftwelm,wylm,wolma m. sole of the foot, . f ind. pres. pl. of fn. for (er,ur) n. load, cartload, Chr: food, fodder: covering, case, basket. ['fother'] forn m. lancet, Lcd 19b. fwer fower fox m. 'fox,' Lk, VPs. foxesclte f. burdock, Lcd 54a. foxesclfe f. foxglove? greater burdock? WW 135#n#1. foxesft m. foxfoot, xiphion, Lcd. foxesglfe f. foxglove, WW 296^25. foxhyll m. foxhill. foxung f. foxlike wile, craftiness, L 16^162. fra fram fraced, frace, fracod fraco fraco I. adj. vile, bad, wicked, criminal, impious, filthy, abominable, BH: useless, worthless. ['fraced'] II. n. insult, contumely, disgrace: wickedness. fracodd (od) f. misdeed, W 188^15. fracoe adv. contemptuously, shamefully. fracolic base, ignominious, shameful, lewd, , CP. adv. lce, CP. fracolicnes,nes () f. vileness, coarseness, obscenity. fracoscipe (od) scandalous conduct, RB 141^6. fracoword n. insulting word, GD 152^7. fracud, fracu fraco fr fra frc frec frc frc(v. ES 39327 ff. as to these four forms). [[Printed on one line: frc frec; frc frc]] frcful greedy, OEG 2445. frcmse (e) f. titmouse, WW. frc (Gl) fraco frfel n? cunning, Gl. frfele bold, insolent, cunning. [Ger. frevel] frfelian to be cunning, Gl. frfellce shamelessly, AO (e): astutely. frfelnes f. sharpness, shrewdness, OEG. +frge () I. n. hearsay, report, knowledge . mine +f. as I have heard say . II. adj. wellknown, 259

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary celebrated, reputable, CP: notorious, disreputable. [fricgan] frgn I. pret. 3 sg. of frignan. II. fregen II. frgning f. questioning. frm frem frmicel preeminent, WW 530^13. frng frgn frpgian (NG) to accuse: reverence. frt I. perverse, proud, obstinate. II. pret. 3 sg. of fretan. frtegung () frtwung frtew, frtew frtw frtgenga m. apostasy, Gl. frtig perverse, proud, Jul 284. frtlppa m. dewlap, WW 179^3. frton pres. pl. of fretan. frtwa, frtwe fp. treasures, ornaments, trappings, armour: m. adorner, Cr 556. [+twe] frtwdnes frtwednes frtwan, frt(te)wian to ornament, adorn, AO: clothe, cover over, CP 83^10. frtwednes,wodnes f. adorning, decoration, ornament. frtwian v. frtwan. frtwung f. adorning, decoration, ornament, . fragendlic framigendlic +frgian to learn by inquiry, MtL 2^16. fram (o) I. prep. w. d. (instr.) (local) 'from,' by, , Bl, Chr : (temporal) since, A, Ma: (agent) by, Bl: as a result of, Mt: (with verbs of saying and hearing) of, about, concerning. f. gn to depart. comps. v. fram, from. II. adv. from, forth, out, away. III. adj. (eo) strenuous, active, bold, strong. [Ger. fromm] framcyrran framcyrran (in this and the following words frammay often be taken as a separate preposition). framdn anv. to take from, do away, cut off, cut out. framdrfan^1 to drive away, expel. framhyldan to turn from, Lcd. framndan to drive away. framsccan^6 to shake off. framstyrian to remove, RPs 65^20. framton^2 to draw away from. framteran^4 'diripere,' Gr 168^10. framwendan to turn from or away. framweorpan^3 to cast away, Gr. frambge m. apostasy, W 49^12. frambringan^3 to take away, Lcd. framceorfan^3 to cut off. framcyme (o) m. issue, posterity, Gen 1765. framcynn (o) n. issue, posterity: origin. framcyrran (e) to turn from, avert: take from. framdn anv. to put off, stop, interrupt, Sc 131^8. framfreld m? n? departure, . framfaru (o) f. excess, DR 17^8. framfundung f. departure. framgewtan^1 to apostatize, Sc 83^2. framian to avail, benefit, RB. framierning (o^1, e^2) f. outflowing, DR 8^1. framigendlic effective. 260

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary framld f. departure, Gen 2098 (o). framlce turned from, GPH 401. framlic strong. adv.lce boldly, strongly, strenuously, quickly. framlcian (o^1) to look back, CP 403^6. framnes (o^1) f. vigour, Nar 7^22. framscpe I. m. exercise, action. II. m. fraternity. framsetnung f. foundation, JnR 17^24. frams (o) m. departure. framslitnes f. desolation, NG (o). framswengan to swing away, shake off, WW 524^30. framung fremung framweard (o) about to depart, doomed to die, Bo, Seaf ; CP: enterprising? ['fromward'] framweardes (o) adv. away from, Lcd. ['fromwards '] frn pret. 3 sg. of frnan. [[under frignan"]] franca m. lance, javelin, . frsian to ask, inquire, find out by inquiry: tempt, try. frsung f. questioning, temptation. fratwian frtwian [[under frtwan"]] fra I. m. gs. fran ruler, lord, king, master: the Lord, Christ, God: husband. [Goth. frauja] II. (VPs) fro I. fraintensitive prefix ( L. per). frabeorht glorious. frabeorhtian () to proclaim, CPs 41^9. frabodian to proclaim, declare, LPs 118^172. fradrman to exult, LPs. fradrihten m. lord, master. fraftt (^1) very fat, WW 532^24. fraglaw very wise, Dan 88. frahrd (^1,hr) very quick, Gl. framre very celebrated. framicel (^1) preeminent, WW 530^13. framiht great strength, RPs 42^2. freamsum fremsum fran fron [[Crossreference uncertain: variant of frogan or form of fro?]] fraofestlice (^1) very quickly, WW 530^13. frareccere m. prince, LRPs 118^161. fras pret. 3 sg. of frosan. frasian frsian fratorht very bright, radiant. fraancian to exult, RPs 52^7. frawine m. lord and friend. frawlitig very beautiful, NC 290. frawrsn f. splendid chain, B 1451. frbran frfran frec (, i) greedy, MtL (i); : eager, bold, daring, Met: dangerous (v. ES 39327 ff.). ['freck'] freca m. warrior, hero. frced frcen frcelnes frcennes frcelsod exposed to danger, WW 465^25. frcen n. gs. frcnes danger, peril. 261

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary frcendlic, frcenlic (CP) dangerous, mischievous, perilous, terrible. adv.lce, AO. frcennes f. harm, danger, CP. freceo 'lucor'? 'lurcor'? Cp 1240 (v. ES 39336; 42168). frecful () greedy, OEG 2445. freclce greedily, GD 31^1. frecmse frcmse frcn frcen frcne () I. dangerous, perilous, CP: terrible: savage, wicked: daring, bold. [v. ES 39328f.] II. adv. dangerously: fiercely, severely: boldly, audaciously. frecnes f. greediness. frcnes frcennes +frecnian to make bold, Da 184: endanger, imperil, L 30436. frecwsend m. gluttony, A 6100. +frdan to feel, perceive, , Bo; CP. ['frede'; frd] +frdendlic perceptible, Gr 4^6. +frdmlum little by little, OEG 3245. +frdnes f. feeling, perception, Bo. +frdra more acute, CP 123^19. frefelce frfellce frfernes f. consolation. frfran to cheer, comfort, console, BH; CP. [' frover'] frfrend (ie^2) mf. comforter, consoler: the Comforter (Holy Ghost), Bl. frfrian (Jn; ) frfran frfriend frfrend frfrung f. consolation, Gen 37^35. +frge +frge fregen, fregn I. frgn pret. 3 sg. of frignan. II. n. question, An 255. fregnan frignan fregnearle enquiringly, L 23^566. fregnung f. questioning, MkL p4^19. freht n? 'auspicium,' DR 97^7. frem fram adj. fremde foreign, alien, strange, LL; AO, CP: unfriendly, Sol (ede): estranged from, devoid of, remote from. ['fremd'] fremdian to estrange, RB: curse, MkLR (v. A 16127). freme I. vigorous, flourishing, B, Gen. ['frim '; fram] II. fremu fremede fremde fremedlcan to alienate, RPs 57^4. fremednes f. accomplishment, fulfilment, effect, . fremful useful, profitable, beneficial, Lcd. [' fremeful'] adv.lce efficaciously. fremfulnes f. utility, profit, RB 83^18. fremian, fremman to further, advance, support, An, B: frame, make, do, perpetrate, commit, afford, B, Gen; CP: (w. d.) avail, benefit, do good, , Mt. ['freme'] fremlic (eo, o) profitable, BH 30^28. fremming f. purpose, effect, performance, progress, . fremnes fremednes fremsum beneficent, benign, kind, gracious, , CP. fremsumlic benignant, kind, GD 280. adv.lce, CP. fremsumnes f. benefit, benignity, kindness, liberality. frem(NG) fremd +fremian to curse, MkL 14^71. 262

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary fremlic frymlic fremu f. advantage, gain, benefit, Bo, Ep, Lcd; CP. [' freme'] fremung (eo, o) f. advantage, profit, good. Frencisc 'French,' Chr. frnd frond frendian to anathematize, WW 484^31. [cp. +fremian] freng frgn pret. 3 sg. of frignan. fro I. nap. often frge 'free,' Bo, Ex, JnR; CP, : () glad, joyful: () noble, illustrious, Gen. [frov. also frg] II. f. woman, lady. III. m. fra. IV. imperat. of frogan. V. f? freedom, immunity. frobearn n. freeborn child, child of gentle birth. froborh friborh frobror m. own brother, Ex 338. froburh f. city, B 694. frod I. f. peace, friendship: goodwill, affection. II. pp. of frogan. III. frot frode pret. 3 sg. of frogan. frodohtor f. freeborn daughter, W 193^6. frodm m. 'freedom,' state of freewill, charter, emancipation, deliverance, Bo; AO, CP. frodryhten fradrihten frodscipe (ES 39340) frondscipe? frogan to 'free,' liberate, manumit, , Chr; AO: love, embrace, think of lovingly, honour. froge +frge froh fro frolc n. freewill offering, oblation, LPs 50^21. frolta m. freedman, WW. frolic free, freeborn: glorious, stately, magnificent, noble, B: beautiful, charming. ['freely'] adv.lce 'freely,' readily, Bo, VPs. frols I. mn. freedom, immunity, privilege: feastday, festival. [origl. frheals] II. fro I. frolsfen m. eve of a feast, LL 383[56]. frolsbc f. charter of freedom, Ct. frolsbryce (i) m. breach of festival. frolsdg m. feastday, festivalday, . frolsdm frodm frolsend,iend m. liberator, EPs. frolsgefa m. emancipator, LL 13[8]. frolsgr n. year of jubilee, WW 420^31. frolsian () to deliver, liberate, Bl, EPs: to keep a feast or holy day, celebrate, . ['frels'] frolslic festive, festival, CM 350. adv. freely: solemnly. frolsmann m. freedman, KC 3295^6. frolsniht f. eve of a festival, NC 290. frolsstw f. festivalplace, LL 338[38]. frolstd f. festival, feastday, . frolsung f. celebration of a feast. freom fram III. freom fram, frem fromg m. freekinsman. fromann m. 'freeman,' freeborn man, Gen, LL. fronama m. surname, BH. frond m. ds. frend, nap. frend, frond, frondas 'friend,' relative, B, El, Gen; AO, CP: lover. frondheald amiable, Lcd 3192^15. frondhealdlic related, akin, WW 217^29. frondlr f. friendly counsel, B 2377. 263

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary frondlau f. friendly invitation, B 1192. frondlas 'friendless,' JnL. f. mann outlaw, LL. frondlast f. want of friends, LL 336[35]. frondlic friendly, welldisposed, kindly, BH, W. adv.lce, CP. frondle kind to one's friends, ES 39340. frondlufu f. friendship, love, Gen 1834. frondmyne f. amorous intention, Gen 1831. frondrden f. friendship, : conjugal love. frondscipe m. 'friendship,' B, Lcd; AO, CP: conjugal love. frondspd f. abundance of friends. frondspdig rich in friends. frone asm. of fro adj. fronoma fronama frorig freezing, frozen, cold, chilly: blanched with fear, sad, mournful. [frosan] frorigfer,md sad, Gu. froriht n. rights of freemen, LL, W. frosan^2 to 'freeze,' , Bl. frosceat m. freedman, RB 138^21. frot m. freedom, LL. frotes olian to be reduced to slavery. frotgifa m. liberator, WW. frotgifu,gift f. emancipation, WW. frotmann m. freedman, Bk, TC, W. freo fri froan^2 v. f. freoo frio freou friu frowf (i^1) n. freewoman, LL 7[73]. frowine frawine Fresan Frisan Fresisc (y) in the Frisian manner, Frisian, Chr. [Frisan] fretan^5 to devour, eat, consume, CP: break, Ex 147. [for, etan] fretgenga frtgenga frettan to feed upon, consume. [fretan] frettol greedy, gluttonous, WW 171^34. fretw frtw freo friu freo frio, friu fr fro I. fra fra frand (A) frond frborh (v. LL 281) friborh fric (NG) frec fricca, friccea m. herald, crier, CP (? v. ES 39336). fricgan^5 to ask, inquire into, investigate: (+) learn, find out by inquiry. [frignan; cp. Ger. fragen] frcian to dance, Mt. ['frike'] friclan w. g. to seek, desire. friclo f. appetite, Lcd 73a. frico f. 'usura,' MtL 25^27 (v. ES 39328f.). fricolo adv. eagerly, fervently. frictrung (OET 26) frihtrung frdhengest frhengest? [[headword spelled frihengest"]] 264

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary frenan frnan frignan frend v. frond. +frend pl. friends, Lk (). ['ifreond'] frg fro frgan frogan frgdg frgedg frge I. fp. love. II. v. fro. frgea m. lord, master, LL ( fra). frgefen m. Thursday evening, . frgedg m. 'Friday,' LL, Ma; . +frgend m. liberator, VPs. frigenes frignes frgeniht f. Thursday night, W 305^24. frigest, frige pres. 2, 3 sg. of fricgan. +frgian to embrace, MkL 10^16. frignan^3, frnan ask, inquire, B, BH, Cp, Ps; AO, CP. ['frayne'] frignes f. interrogation, question. frignung f. question, GD 137^29. frigst, frihst pres. 2 sg. of fricgan. frihtere m. diviner, soothsayer. [freht] frihtrian to divine. frihtrung f. soothsaying, divination, WW. frimdig frymdig frnan frignan frnd frend fro fro frs () crisped, curled, GnE 96. Frisan (e) mp. Frisians, AO. frisca frysca fristmearc (Gl) firstmearc frit, frite, fritt pres. 3 sg. of fretan. fri (y) mn. peace, tranquillity, security, refuge, AO ; CP, . f. niman to make peace: privilege of special protection, and penalty for the breach of it, LL 10[5]: restoration of rights (to an outlaw), LL 316[13]. ['frith'] fr stately, beautiful, Rd 10^9. fria (eo) m. protector, PPs 70^3. fr m. oath of peace, Chr 1012#e. fribna m. suppliant, refugee, LL. friborh m. surety for peace, LL. fribrc f. breach of the peace, LL. friburg f. town with which there is peace, city of refuge, LL 222[2,1]. fricandel f. the sun. frielas frilas frigeard m. enclosed space, LL: court of peace (heaven), Cr. frigedl n. death, Gen 1142. [ferh?] frigegilda m. member of a peaceguild, LL 173 Pro. frigeorn peaceable, MtL 5^9. frigewrit n. peace agreement, LL 144. frigild n. peace guild, LL 181. frigsl m. peacehostage, LL 378[9,1]. frihengest (frid) m. horse of peace? Rd 23^4. frihs n. sanctuary, WW 186^23. 265

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary friian (eo) to give 'fri' to, make peace with, be at peace with: () cherish, protect, guard, defend, keep, AO, Chr; CP: observe. ['frith'] friiend m. helper, defender, PPs, W 239^7. friland n. friendly territory, Chr. frilas peaceless, outlawed, LL 318. frilic mild, lenient, LL. friml n. article of peace, LL 220 Pro. [ml] frimann m. man under special peaceprotection, LL 222. frio freou, fri [[redirected to friu"]] friobacen (eo^1) n. sign of peace, Gen 1045. frioscealc (eo) m. angel. friosibb f. peacebringer, B 2017. friospd (eo) f. abundant peace. friotcn n. sign of peace, Gen 2369. frioawas (eo^1) mp. place. friowr (eo^1) f. treaty of peace. friowang (eo^1) m. peaceful plain, B 2959. friowaru (eo) f. protection. friowebba (eo^1) m.,webbe f. peacemaker. friscipe m. ship for defence, LL 441 (? read fyrdscipe). friscn f. sanctuary, asylum, LL. frisplott m. peacespot, LL (248^5). fristl m. sanctuary, asylum, refuge, LL, Ps. [' frithstool'] fristw f. refuge, sanctuary. frisum pacific, peaceful: (+) safe, fortified. frisumian to make peaceful, protect? NC 290. friu (eo) fm. peace, safety, protection, AO, Mt: refuge, asylum. ['frith'] friu frio frocga frogga frd wise: old. frdian to be wise, Rim 32. frfer frfor frferian frfran frfor fmn. (e^2, u^2) gs. frfre consolation, joy, refuge, ; CP: compensation, help, benefit. ['frover'] frforbc (e^2) f. book of consolation, Bo 50^6. frforgst (frfre) m. consoling spirit, Holy Ghost, Comforter, Jn; . [v. 'frover'] frforlic (e^2) kind, helpful, W. adv.lce, W 295^3. frfornes f. consolation, LkL 6^24 (oe). frforword n. word of consolation, GD 344^28. frfrian frfran frogga m. 'frog,' , WW. froht (NG) forht from fram fromalso frem, frum froren pp. of frosan. frosc forsc frost forst frwe f. woman, DD 291. [Ger. frau] frox forsc frugnen pp., frugnon pret. pl. of frignan. frum I. primal, original, first. II. fram 266

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary fruma m. beginning, origin, cause, AO, CP: creation, Chr 33: originator, inventor, founder, creator: firstborn, CPs 135^10: () prince, king, chief, ruler. on fruman at first. wstma fruman firstfruits. [fram] frumcennes f. nativity, JnL p5^19. frumbearn n. firstborn child. frumbyrd f. birth, TC 369^9. frumbyrdling n. youth, WW 171^23. ['frumberdling '] frumcenned firstbegotten, firstborn, , AO: original, primitive, Gr. frumcnow n. primal generation, Ex 371. frumcyn n. ancestry, origin, descent, lineage: race, tribe. frumcynnend frumcenned frumcyrr m. first time, LL 164[25,2]. frumdysig n. first offence, NC 290. frumgr ,gra m. leader, patriarch, chieftain, noble. [cp. L. primipilus] frumgesceap n. creation of the world, Cr 840. frumgeweorc n. original construction, A 11174^6. frumgewrit n. deed, document, W 252^12. frumgifu f. prerogative, privilege, Gl. frumgrpa m. firstling, W 113^6. frumgyld n. first instalment, LL 190. frumhowung () f. original formation, WW 467^27. frumhrgl n. first garment (sc. of figleaves), Gen 943. frumildo f. primeval time, WW 341^22. [ieldo] frumloht n. dawn, AF 456. frumlic original, primitive. adv.lce. frumlda m. chief sailor, v. OEG 32. frumlhtan to dawn, Bl 207^35. frummynetslege m. first coinage, L 23^479. frumrd m. primary ordinance, LL 246. frumrden f. space of time, An 147. frumrinc (o^1) chieftain, RHy 4^15. frumrpa m. firstfruits, LL 40[38]. frumsceaft f. first creation, origin, primeval condition, B: creature: home. ['frumschaft'] frumsceapen first created, first, . frumsceatt m. firstfruits, ELPs. frumscepend m. creator, DR 16^10. frumscyld f. original sin. frumsetnes f. authority, DR 123^8. frumsetnung f. foundation, creation, JnR 17^24. frumslp m. first sleep, AO. frumspellung f. recapitulation, OEG 1153; 2^31. frumsprc f. first saying: promise. frumstaol m. first state, Rd 61^3. frumstemn m. prow, WW 288^21. frumstl m. first or principal seat, paternal home, LL. frumtalu f. first statement (of a witness?) LL 385. frumtd f. beginning, GD 212^5. frumthtle f. first accusation, first charge, LL 336 (35). [ton II.] frum frym frumwstm mf. firstfruits. frumweorc n. primeval work, creation, An 805. frumwfung f. first marriage, W 304^27. 267

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary frumwylm m. newborn zeal, RB 135^5. frumwyrhta m. creator, DR 37^4. frunen pp., frun(n)on pret. pl. of frnan. [[under frignan"]] frungon frugnon pret. pl. of frignan. fruron pret. pl. of frosan. fr fro fryccea fricca fryht(N) forht, fyrht frylsian (Bo) freolsian [[headword spelled frolsian"]] frym frum, fyrm frymdig (i) curious, inquisitive, : desirous. f. bon to entreat. frymetling f. young cow, LL 451[13]. frym I. mf. origin, beginning, foundation, Bo; , AO: (in pl.) creation, El: creature. ['frumth'] II. fyrm frymlic,elic primeval, primitive, first. adv.lce, OEG 5211. frymu, frymo (MtL) frym frymyldo 'primvus'? v. OEG 2381. frnd () nap. of frond. frs frs Frysan Frisan frysca I. (i) m. kite, bittern, Gl. II. 'pusio '? Gl (v. A 19495). frs pres. 3 sg. of frosan. fryt pres. 3 sg. of fretan. fry fri fryalso freo, fyr fugel fugol fugelbona m. fowler, Cra 80. fugeldoppe f? waterfowl, WW 131^20. fugelere (AO) fuglere fugeleswse f. larkspur, WW 298^24. fugelhwata m. augur, WW 140^5. fugellm m. birdlime, OEG 3105. fugelnett n. bird net, WW 277^16. fugelno, fugelo fugolo fugeltimber n. young bird, Ph 236. fugeltro n. perch (of a bird). fugelweohlere m. augur, WW 108^12. [wiglere] fuglere m. 'fowler,' AO. fuglesban f. vetch, Gl. fuglian to catch birds, Gr. ['fowl'] fuglung f. birdcatching, WW. fugol m. gs. fugles 'fowl,' bird, B, Mt; CP; Mdf. fugol, see also fugel. fugolcynn n. birdtribe, . ['fowlkin'] fugoldg (u^2) m. feastday, TC 460^20. fugolhlsere m. augur. fugolo m. birdcatching, fowling, . fugolwylle swarming with birds, BH 30^10. [weallan] fugul fugel, fugol fuhl fugl fht damp, moist. [Ger. feucht] fhtian to be moist, NC 290. 268

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary fuhton pret. pl. of feohtan. ful I. n. beaker, cup, . II. full fl I. 'foul,' unclean, impure, vile, corrupt, rotten, , Bl, Cp, Cr, WW; CP. f. bam black alder, Lcd 29b: guilty, LL. II. n. filth, foulness, impurity, crime, offence, El, OET. ['foul'] fulbeorht very bright, resplendent, CP 87^23. fulbrecan^4 to violate, LL 280[2,2]. fuldn anv. to satisfy, RB 70^21. fle adv. foully. fulode pret. 3 sg. of fullgn. fletro n. black alder, Cp 430#a. fulfstnian to ratify fully, Chr 675#e. fulfaran^6 to travel, LL 383[56]. fulfealdan^7 'explicare,' Gr 138^9. fulgeare quite well, L 3^456. [gearwe] fulgd very good, L 6^124. fulgon pret. pl. of folan. fulhr completely grey, very hoary, WW 380^13. fulhealden contented, WW 211^30. fulht fulwiht flian to be or become foul, decay, rot, AO, Ps. full I. adj. (w. g.) 'full' filled, complete, perfect, entire, utter, Gen, Ps, Lcd; , AO, CP: swelling, plump, Lcd. be fullan fully, perfectly, completely. II. adv. very, fully, entirely, completely, thoroughly, Bo, Ps. f. nah almost, very nearly. III. ful fullv. also ful. fulla m. assembly? Ct. fullst (, ; fylst) m. help, support, Ex. [' filst'] fullstan () w. d. to help, support, AO; Lk. [' filst'] +fullan +fyllan fullberstan^3 to burst completely, W 267^18. fullbtan to make full amends. fullble very glad. fullboren completely born, CP 367^18: of noble birth. fullbryce m. complete breach of the peace, LL. fullclne very pure, AS 29^12. fullcrftig very efficient, virtuous. fullc notorious, famous. fulle v. sinf. fullendian to complete, BH. ['fullend'] fullere m. 'fuller,' bleacher, Mk. fullest fullst fullflon^2 to take to flight, escape completely. fullforian to fulfil, NC 291. fullfremed perfect, CP. adv.lce fully, perfectly, completely, Bl. fullfremednes f. perfection, BH; CP. [' fullfremedness'] fullfremman,fremian to fulfil, perfect, practise, do fully, complete, Bo; CP. ['fullfreme'] fullfyligan to follow, obey, W 95^19: 'persequi,' EPs 7^6. fullfyllan 'complere,' Gr 153^1. ['fulfil'] fullgn pret. 3 sg.ode anv.,gangan^7 to accomplish, fulfil, perform, carry out, : follow, imitate, obey: help, AO. fullgearwian to finish, complete, GD 126^2. fullgedrifen (w. g.) driven full of. 269

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary fullgeorne very eagerly, CP 255^22. fullgewpned fully armed, Chr. fullgrwan^7 to grow to perfection, flourish, CP 67^23. fullhl thoroughly well, GD 248^1. fullian I. to fulfil, complete, perfect. II. (Jn) fulwian fullic full, Chr 785#c?: 'catholicus,' CHy 15. adv.lce entirety, fully, perfectly, completely, A, BH; . fllic foul, unclean, objectionable, shameful, base, Lcd, W. adv.lce. fulligan fulwian fullmannod fully peopled, Bo 40^17. fullmedeme excellent, perfect, GD. adv.medomlce, GD 331^13. fullnes f. fullness. fllnes flnes fulloc final or definite agreement? LL 385. fulloft adv. very often, CP. fullungen (ful) fullgrown, RB 133^1. fullungennes f. full development, MFH 160. fulluht fulwiht fullunga adv. fully. fullwpnod fully armed, Chr 1070#e. fullwer m. complete 'wer,' full atonement, Rd 24^14? fullwyrcan to complete, fulfil. fulmgen n. great power, W 186^14. fulnah I. adj. very near. II. adv. very nearly, almost, CP. flnes f. foulness, filthy smell. flon rare pret. pl. of folan. fulrae adv. very quickly, AO. fulrpod mature, RB 139^9. flstincende foulstinking. fulsumnes f. abundance, EPs 48^7. fultam fultum fultem(CP), fultom fultum fultrwian to confide in, Bo 60^23. fultum (a) m. help, support, protection, B; , AO, CP: forces, army, AO. ['fultum'] +fultuma m. helper, SPs 18^16. fultuman,ian to help, support, assist, , CP: () be propitious to, overlook. fultumend, fultumiend m. helper, fellowworker. fultumlas without help, AO 56^21. fulwa m. fuller, MH 26^26. fulwearm entirely warm, CP 447^5. fulwere m. baptizer, baptist. fulwrig very tired, MFH 160. fulwian to baptize, BH, MH; AO, CP. ['full'] fulwiht, fulluht (Mt) mfn. baptism, Christianity, Mt; AO, CP. ['fullought'] +fulwihtan,ian to baptize, Chr, NG. fulwihtb n. baptismal bath, font, (fulluht). fulwihtbna m. 'competitor, amicus vel rogator baptismi,' WW 207^16. fulwihtere m. baptizer: the Baptist. fulwihtfder m. baptismal father, godfather, baptizer, Bl 205^17. fulwihthd m. baptismal order or vow, Bl 109^28. fulwihtnama m. baptismal name, Christian name. +fulwihtnian (fulhtn) to baptize, NC 291. 270

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary fulwihtstw f. baptistry, Bl 140^20. fulwihttd f. time of baptism, Men 11. fulwihtaw m. rite of baptism, Met 1^33. fulwihtnung (uht) f. baptismal service, W 38^9. fulwihtwter n. laver of baptism, NC 291. fulwihtwere m. baptist, Bl 161^6. fulwuht fulwiht funde wk. pret. 3 sg., funden pp. of findan. fundelnes,fundennes v. onf. fundian (w. of, t) to tend to, wish for, strive after, go, set out, go forward, hasten, , B, Cr, Gu; CP. ['found'] fundon pret. pl. of findan. fundung f. setting forth, departure, Chr 1106. fra v. furh. furh f. gs. fre, ds. fyrh, furh, gp. fra 'furrow,' trench, BC, Bo; . furhwudu m. pine, Cp 420#p. frian to furrow, OEG. furlang n. length of furrow, furlong. [furh, lang] furan, furon furum furerlucor furorlcor furor adv. (of place and time) 'further,' more distant, forwards, later, , Chr: more: superior. f. dn to promote, A. furorlcor (e^2, u^3) cp. adv. more perfectly. furra cp. adj. 'further' greater, superior, Jn. furum (an,on) adv. even, exactly, quite, already, just as, at first, Bl, Mt; AO, CP: further, previously. syan f. just as soon as. ['forthen'] furumlic luxurious, indulging, AO 50^30. furur furor furuh furh fs striving forward, eager for, ready for, inclined to, willing, prompt, B; : expectant, brave, noble: ready to depart, dying. ['fous'] fse fslce fslo n. deathsong, dirge. fslic ready to start: excellent. adv.lce readily, gladly. fsnes f. quickness, EHy 6^25. fustra? 'focus,' 'ignis,' v. OEG 1428. ff ff fyhfang feohfang fyht feoht fhtan () to moisten, OEG. [fht] fyl fiell flan to befoul, defile, pollute, . +fylce n. band of men, troop, army, host, CP. [folc] fylcian to marshal troops. [folc] fyld m. 'volumen,' 'ruga,' OEG. fyldstl fealdestl fylgan w. d. or a. to follow, pursue, , CP: persecute : follow out, observe, obey. fylgend m. follower, observer, BH 472^7. fylgestre f. female follower, OEG 1228. fylgian fylgan fylging f. I. following, DR. II. () harrowing, harrow. [fealg] 271

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary fylian, fyligan fylgan fyligendlic that can or ought to be imitated, CM 803. fylignes f. following, practice, BH 160^23. fyll (1) fyllu; (2) fiell [[(1) under fyllo"]] fyllan I. to 'fill,' fill up, replenish, satisfy, An, Gen, Ps; : complete, fulfil, Az. [full] II. (, e; ie) wv. to cause to fall, strike down, 'fell,' cut down, Ps, Rd. +fylled wdg. bereft: throw down, defeat, destroy, kill, BH, Cr, Ps: tumble: cause to stumble, MtR. fylla m. filling, filling up, Gen 1513. +fyllednes (i) f. fulness, completion, fulfilment, . fyllen (fylen) v. mnaf. [[under mnafylen"]] fyllend fylgend +fyllendlic filling, expletive, Gr 261^5. fyllesoc epileptic. fyllesocnes f. epilepsy, Lcd 1164^9. fyllefld m. high tide, Gl. fyllewrc n. epilepsy, Lcd 65a. fylling f. filling, completion, NC 291. +fyllingtd f. compline, WW 207^44n. fyllnes f. fulness, plenitude, satiety: supplement: completion, fulfilment. fyllo, fyllu f. fulness (of food), 'fill,' feast, satiety, AO, B; CP: impregnation. fylmen filmen fylnes I. () f. fall, stumblingblock, offence, NG: (+) transmigration, MtL 1^12. II. fyllnes flnes flnes fylst I. fm. help, aid, Mt; , AO. II. pres. 2 sg. of feallan. III. pres. 2 sg. of fyllan. +fylsta m. helper, . fylstan (w. d.) to aid, support, help, protect, , AO. [ fullstan] [[headword spelled fullstan"]] fylstend m. helper, , BRPs. fylt pres. 3 sg. of fealdan. fyl I. pres. 3 sg. of fyllan. II. pres. 3 sg. of feallan. fl f. 'filth,' uncleanness, impurity, Mt, Sc, W. [fl] fylwrig faint to death, B 963. [fiell] fyn fin fnd fond +fnd +fend fyndele m. invention, devising, Sc. ['findal'] fyne m? n? moisture, mould, WW 183^19. fynegian fynigian fynig (i) mouldy, . ['fenny'] fynigian (e^2) to become mouldy, LL. ['finew'] fyr v. feorr. fr () n. 'fire,' Ex, G, VPs; , AO, CP: a fire, Gen. fran I. fran. II. to cut a furrow, OEG 2492n: castrate. fras fras frbre firebearing, fiery, OEG. frb n. firebath, hellfire. frbend m. bar forged in the fire, B 722. frbta m. fireman, stoker, WW. frbryne m. conflagration, AO 252^20. fyrclian (?) to flash, flicker, Chr 1106. frclomm m. band forged in the fire, Sat 39. 272

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary frcrce f. crucible, Cp 963#c. frcynn n. fire, AO 252^20#c. fyrd fierd fyrdcrft m. warfare. fyrdend enrolled for military service, L 25^383. fyrdesne m. warrior, BH 148^8. fyrdfreld n. fyrdfaru f. going to war, military service, LL. fyrdgeatewe fp. wargear, Run 27. fyrdgemaca m. fellowsoldier, . fyrdgestealla m. comrade in arms. fyrdgetrum n. band of warriors. fyrdham m. corslet, B 1504. fyrdhrgl n. corslet, B 1527. fyrdhwt warlike, brave. fyrdian (ie) to go on an expedition, Chr. fyrdlf f. remnant of an army, L 25^377. fyrdlas (ie) without an army, Chr 894#a. fyrdlo n. warsong. fyrdlic martial, . fyrdmann m. warrior, Bo. fyrdno (e) m. liability to military service, BC 371^7. frdraca m. firespewing dragon, B 2689. [' firedrake'] fyrdrian wv. to serve in the army, go on active service, L 28^11. fyrdrinc (e) m. warrior, soldier. fyrdsceorp n. armour, Rd 15^13. fyrdscip n. battleship, LL. fyrdsearu n. accoutrements. fyrdscn f. military service, Ct. fyrdstemn m. body of soldiers who serve for a fixed term, armycorps, Chr 921. fyrdtber n. military sacrifice? (Swt), WW 418^22; A 15187. fyrdtruma m. martial band, army, H 1442^34. fyrdung (eo, i) f. military expedition, armament, LL; : camp: fine for evading military service, LL. [' ferding'] fyrdwn (i) m. military carriage? EC 250^22. fyrdweard f. military watch, LL 444[1]. fyrdwerod n. host, army, WW 399^30. fyrdwc n. camp, . fyrdwsa m. chieftain, Cra 77. fyrdwse f. military style, Nar 9^28. fyrdwte n. fine for evading military service. fyrdwyre distinguished in war, B 1316. fyrede v. twi, rif. fyren firen fren I. of fire, fiery, AO, CP: on fire, burning, flaming. II. fire, CPs. frenful fiery, LPs, W. fyrengt (WW 423^11) firgengt frentcen n. fiery sign, MFH 131^12. frentcnian 'compellere' (?) RHy 6^21. frenecele f. firebrand, BH 476^15. fyres fyrs fyrest fyrst, fyrmest superl. adj. 273

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary fyrewyt fyrwit frfeaxen fieryhaired, WW. frfda () m. fuel, twigs for burning, OEG 7^88. frgearwunga fp. materials for a fire, WW 401^9. frgebeorh n. firescreen? protection from fire? LL 455[17]. frgebrc n. crackling of fire, Gen 2560. fyrgen firgen frgnst m. spark of fire, An 1548. [ON. gneisti] fyrh v. furh. frht hot as fire, burning, ardent, El. ['firehot '] frheard hardened by fire, B 305. fyrht I. afraid, timid. [forht] II. freht fyrhtan,ian (fryht, N) to fear, tremble, DR: () frighten, terrify, BH. ['fright,' vb.] fyrhtnes f. fear, AO. fyrhto, fyrhtu (fryht, N) f. 'fright,' fear, dread, trembling, Ps, VHy; , AO, CP: horrible sight. [forht] fyrh ferh fyrhe n., fyr(h) f. wooded country? Ct. ['frith '] frhs n. 'caminatum,' house with a fireplace in it? WW. [' firehouse'] frhwolod v. fowerhwolod. fyrian (B 378) ferian frian I. to supply with firing, LL. ['fire' vb.] II. () to cut a furrow. [furh] fyrlen I. (eo, e) far off, distant, remote, . II. n. distance, . frloht n. gleam of fire, B 1516. ['firelight'] frloma m. gleam of fire, Sat 128. frlce frlce frloca m. fiery prison, Sat 58. fyrm feorm frml m. mark burnt in by fire, An 1136. fyrmest (o) superl. of forma I. 'foremost,' first, , CP, Lcd : most prominent, chief, best, El, Mt. II. adv. first of all, in the first place, at first, most, especially, very well, best. fyrm f. harbouring, entertainment, LL: cleansing, washing. [feorm] fyrn I. (i) adj. former, ancient, Rd. II. adv. () formerly, of old, long ago, once, L. ['fern'] fyrndagas mp. days of yore, L. frd fyrndagum old, aged. fyrnful firenful fyrngar np. former years, Gn, Ps. ['fernyear'] fyrngara adv. formerly, of old. fyrngeflit n. nap.geflitu former quarrel, old strife. fyrngeflita m. oldstanding enemy, Pa 34. fyrngemynd n. ancient history, El 327. fyrngesceap n. ancient decree, Ph 360. fyrngesetu np. former seat, habitation. fyrngestron n. ancient treasure, Sol 32. fyrngeweorc n. former, ancient work. fyrngewinn n. primeval struggle, B 1689. fyrngewrit n. old writings, scripture. fyrngewyrht n. former work, fate, Gu 944. fyrngidd n. ancient prophecy, El 542. fyrnian firenian fyrnlic former, of times past, . fyrnmann m. man of old times, B 2761. +fyrnnes f. antiquity, NC 294. 274

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary fyrnsgen f. old saying, ancient tradition, An 1491. fyrnsceaa m. devil, An 1348. fyrnstramas mp. ocean. fyrnsynn f. sin of old times, Jul 347. fyrnum firenum fyrnweorc n. work of old, creation. fyrnwita (eo^2) m. sage, counsellor. frpanne,ponne f. 'firepan,' brazier, Bl, MH, WW. fyrr v. feorr. frrace (frrece) f. firerake, WW 273^6. fyrran feorran fyrs I. m. 'furze,' gorse, bramble, Bo, WW. II. n. fers frscofl f. 'fireshovel,' WW 358^16. fyrsian feorsian frsmeortende v. smeortan. fyrsn fiersn frspearca m. firespark. fyrst I. 'first,' Chr, Ex: foremost, principal, chief, LL. II. adv. in the first place, firstly, at first, originally, Ct. III. () first I. and II. +fyrst n. frost, LL 454[11]. fyrst forst, first frstn m. 'firestone,' stone used for striking fire, flint, WW. frsweart black with smoke, Cr 984. frtang f. '(fire)tongs,' A 9263. frtorr m. beacon, lighthouse, WW. frling forling frolle f? furnace, stage on which martyrs were burned, OEG. fyrran (Gl, AO), fyrian (Bo; ) to 'further,' urge on, advance, promote, benefit. fyrringnes f., fyrrung (Lcd; W) f. furtherance, promotion. ['furthering'] fyrwet fyrwit fyrwetful curious, anxious. fyrwetgeorn curious, anxious, inquisitive. adv.lce (GD 174^28). fyrwetgeornes f. curiosity, Bl 69^22. fyrwit I. n. curiosity, yearning, . II. adj. curious, inquisitive. fyrwitnes f. curiosity, . frwylm m. wave of fire, B 2672. fsan to send forth, impel, stimulate: drive away, put to flight, banish: (usu. reflex.) hasten, prepare oneself, An, Gen. ['fuse'] fsian () to drive away, LL, W. ['feeze'] fst () f. 'fist,' , OET; CP. fstgebat n. blow with the fist, CP 315. +fstlian to strike with the fist, Sc 7^14. fstslgen struck with the fist, WW 396^33. fyer fier, fower fyera, fyeras, fy(e)ru, nap. of fiere. fyx fisc fyxe (OET) f. shefox, vixen. fyxen (i) I. f. shefox, vixen. II. adj. of a fox. fyxenhd (i) f. shefox's skin.


A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary

g imperat. and pres. 1 sg. ind. of gn. gab(Gl) gaf gabote (u^2) f. sidedish, EGl. [L. gabata] gd I. n. lack, want, need, desire. [Goth. gaidw] II. f. 'goad,' point, arrowhead, spearhead, Cp, Sol. gada m. comrade, companion, L. [Ger. gatte] gaderian () gadrian gaderscipe () m. matrimony, OEG. gadertang continuous, united. gadertangnes () f. continuation. gaderung () f. gathering together: 'gathering,' Lcd: union, BH: assembly, A, Jn. +gaderwyrhtan np. assembled workmen, L 6186. gdren (LL 455, 15),sen n. goad. gador geador gadori(ge)an gadrian gadorwist f. companionship, WW. gadrian () to 'gather,' unite : (+) (refl.) assemble , Chr : collect, store up , An, G, Ps ; , CP: pluck (flowers, etc.): compile: (+) associate (with): (+) concentrate (thoughts), Bo. [geador] g ga gc gac gd n. society, fellowship, Sol 449. gd gd I. gdeling m. kinsman, fellow, companion in arms, comrade, B, Da. ['gadling'] gder gader gdr gadr gf geaf pret. 3 sg. of giefan. gfe giefu gfel I. geafl I. II. (MtL) gafol gfon gafon pret. pl. of giefan. ggan v. for, oferg. gglbrnes gagolbrnes glan to hinder, impede, keep in suspense, CP: (intr.) linger, delay. [gl] gle pres. 3 sg. of galan. gling f. delay, CP 39^1. glnes glnes glsa () m., gls? (OEG 611) f. pride, wantonness, luxury, , W: (worldly) care, MtL 13^22: a greedy person. [gl] glslic 'luxuriosus,' NC 291. gl pres. 3 sg. of galan. gmnian gamenian gn gan gnan v. tg. +gnge +genge gp gap gr gear, gr gr gar gred wedgeshaped, BC 3251. [gr] grede v. twi, rig. 276

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary grs (grs) n. 'grass,' blade (of grass), herb, young corn, hay, plant, An, Cp, CP; . grsama grsuma [[under grsum"]] grsbedd n. (grassbed), grave, PPs 102^15. grsc m. blade of grass, AO 38^11. grsgrne grassgreen, WW 199^24. grshoppa m.,hoppe (e^1) f. 'grasshopper,' locust, MtR (grs), Ps, VPs (e). grsstapa grstapa grsswn n. pasturageswine, LL 445[2]. grstapa m. grasshopper, locust, , AO. grstn m. grassenclosure, meadow, LL. ['garston '] grstndc m. meadowdike, Ct. grsum mn., grsuma f. jewel, costly gift, treasure, riches, Chr. ['gersum'] grswyrt f. 'herba,' grass, APs 36^2. grsyr f. pasturage in return for ploughing, labour, LL 447, 4, lc. ['grassearth'] gsne (, a) w. g. or on. deprived of, wanting, destitute, barren, sterile, An, Cr: dead. ['geason'] gst (a, e, i, ie, y) m. (nap. gastas) stranger, MtL (e), Rd: 'guest,' B, Gen (ie); RB (y): () enemy. gst I. m. gst. II. pres. 2 sg. of gn. gstrn (e^1, y^1, e^2) n. guestchamber: inn. gstan to frighten, Jul 17. ['gast'] gsthof n. guesthouse, Cr 821. gsths (ie) n. 'guesthouse,' guestchamber, inn, Mk. [ Ger. gasthaus] gstlic hospitable: inhospitable, dreary? Wa 73. gstle (i^1) hospitable. gstlnes f. hospitality: shelter, home, ANS 122248. gstmgen (i^1) n. band of guests? Gen 2494. gstsele (e, y) m. guesthall. gs gst gt geat gt nap. of gt. gtan gatan gten of or belonging to a goat. g pres. 3 sg. of gn. gaf geaf pret. 3 sg. of giefan. gafel gafol gafelian to rent (land), Ct. ['gavel'] gafellic (WW 403^21) gafollic gafelro(n)d (WW 204^33) gafolrand gafeluc m. spear, javelin, OEG, WW; L. ['gavelock '] gaffetung f. scoffing, mocking, . gafol (, ea^1; e, u^2) I. n. gs. gafles tribute, tax, duty, AO, Gl, MtL (): interest, profit, rent, Gl (), Mt; . [giefan] II. f. fork, OET 463 (v. A 3660). [' gavel'] gafolbre m. barley paid as rent, TC 145^2. gafolgerfa (^1, e^2) m. taxgatherer, MtR. gafolgielda (AO) (i^3, y^3) m. tributary, tenant, debtor. gafolgyld n. 'fiscus,' revenue? GPH 395. gafolgyldere m. tributary, . gafolheord f. taxable swarm (of bees), LL 448[5]. gafolhwtel m. tributeblanket, a legal tender instead of coin for the rent of a hide of land, LL 108[44,1]. gafolland n. leased land, land let for rent or services, LL 126[2]. gafollic fiscal, OEG 6^20. gafolmd f. meadow which was mown as part of the rent, TC 145^3. 277

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary gafolmanung (ea^1, o^3) f. place of tribute or custom, MkR 2^14. gafolpenig m. tributepenny, LL 446. gafolrden f. tribute, rent, LL. gafolrand m. compasses. [gafol II. +rind? A 3659] gafolswn m. swineherd who paid rent in kind for permission to depasture his stock, LL 448[6]. gafoltning f. fencingwood given as part of the rent, TC 145^8. gafolwydu m. firewood supplied as part of the rent, TC 145^6. gafolyr f. land subject to tribute, rented land, LL 447. gafsprc f. foolish speech, scurrility, L. gaful gafol gagtes, gagtstn (WW 148^5) m. agate, jet, BH. [' gagate'] gagel m? 'gale,' bogmyrtle, Lcd; Mdf. gagelcroppan mpl. tufts of gale, Lcd 33a. gagelle, gagolle f. gagel gagol (1) gl; (2) gagel gagolbrnes (ggl) f. wantonness, CP. gagulswillan to gargle, Gl. gl I. n. lust, luxury, wantonness, folly, levity. II. adj. gay, light, wanton, Bo, BH: proud, wicked. ['gole '] galan^6 to sing, call, cry, scream, B, Met: sing charms, practice incantation. ['gale'] galder galdor galdor (ea) n. magic song, incantation, spell, enchantment, . galdorcrft m. occult art, incantation, magic. galdorcrftiga m. wizard, LL 38[30]. galdorcwide m. incantation, Rd 49^7. galdorgalend using enchantments, WW. galdorgalere m. wizard, WW 346^15. galdorlo n. incantation. galdorsang m. incantation, W 253^10. galdorword n. magic word, Rim 24. galdre m. wizard, magician. galdrigge f. enchantress, Gl. galdru nap. of galdor. galend m. enchanter, VPs. galere m. wizard, snakecharmer, WW. glferh wanton, licentious, Jud 62. glfrols m. revel, 'lupercalia,' OEG. glful wanton, lustful, luxurious. adv.lce. galg gealg glian to be wanton, Sc 87^10. Galilisc Galilean. galla (VPs; DR) gealla gallac galloc Galleas, Gallias mp. Gauls, Franks, French. galled gealled gllic lustful, BH, Bo; . ['golelich'] Gallie Galleas Gallisc Gaulish, French. galloc (u^2) m. comfrey, gallapple. glmd wanton, licentious, Jud 256. glnes f. frivolity, wantonness, lust, Sc; . [' goleness'] glscipe m. excess, luxury, lasciviousness, wantonness, : pride. ['goleship'] 278

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary glsere m. licentious person, W 72^6. glsmre frivolous, facetious, jocose, RB 30^8. [v. ' smere'] galung f. incantation, OEG 4940. [galan] Galwalas mp. Gauls, Frenchmen: France. gambe (o) f. tribute. gamel gamol gamelic gamenlic gamen (o) n. sport, joy, mirth, pastime, 'game,' amusement, B, Bo; , CP. gamenian to pun, play, joke, , Sc. ['game'] gamenlic belonging to games, theatrical, OEG. adv.lce artfully, . ['gamely'] gamenung f. jesting, pastime. gamenwu (o^1) f. merry journey, B 854. gamenwudu (o^1) m. mirthful wood, harp. gamnian gamenian gamol old, aged, hoary, ancient. [ge, ml] gamolfeax greyhaired. gamolferh old, aged, Gen 2867. gn pret. 3 sg. of gnan. gn pret. 3 sg. ode, anv. to 'go' ('igo'), move, proceed, advance, traverse, walk , , BH, G ; CP: happen, turn out, take place, Lk: (+) gain, conquer, occupy, overrun, AO: (+) observe, practice, exercise, effect. gandra m. gander, Gr; Ct. ganet ganot gang I. (e, eo, o, u) m. going, journey, progress, track, footprint, B, Lcd, RB; : flow, stream, way, passage, course, path, bed, AO, Bl: drain, privy, : (in pl.) platform, stage, GPH 394. ['gang,' 'gong '] II. imperat. and pret. sg. of gangan. +gang n. occurrence, WW 394^9; passage (lapse) of time, GD 179^10. gangan^7 (B, Bl) pret. geng (eo, a) gn gangdg m. one of the three processional days before Ascension day, Rogation day, Chr. ['gangdays'] gangehere ganghere gangelwfre gangewfre [[under gangewifre"]] gangern n. privy, WW 184^15. [rn] gangewifre (eo^1, o^1; ^2; ^3) f. (a weaver as he goes), spider. ganggeteld n. portable tent, WW 187^3. ganghere m. army of footsoldiers, AO 154^24. gangpytt m.,setl n.,stl m.,tn m. () privy. gangweg m. thoroughfare, WW. ['gangway'] gangwuce f. Rogation week, the week of holy Thursday, Mk. ['gangweek'] gnian to yawn, gape, open, Ps; Gl. ['gane '] ganot m. 'gannet,' seabird, waterfowl, B, Chr. ganotes b the sea. ganra gandra gnung f. yawning, WW 162^37. gapian v. oferg. gr I. m. 'spear,' dart, javelin, B, PPs. ['gare'] II. tempest? Gen 316. III. gra (Mdf). gra m. corner, point of land, cape, promontory, AO. [gr; 'gore'] grbam m. spearshaft, Ex 246. grberend m. warrior. grcne bold in fight, B 1958. grclife f. agrimony, Lcd. grcwealm m. death by the spear, B 2043. gare gearo 279

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary grfaru f. warlike expedition. grgetrum armed company, Cr 673. grgewinn n. fight with spears, battle. grhap m. band of warriors, Ex 321. grholt n. shafted spear, B 1835. grlac n. 'garlic,' Lcd; . grmitting f. battle, #Chr 937. grn m. conflict, war, GnE 128. grrs m. battle, Ma 32. grsecg m. ocean, sea, AO. grtorn m. fighting rage, Sol 145. grracu f. ds.rce battle, El 1186. grrst bold, daring. garuwe gearwe grwiga ,wgend m. spearman, warrior. grwudu m. spearshaft, lance, Ex 325. gsrc m. savage person? Rune Casket. gast gst gst () m. breath, Ps, VPs: soul, spirit, life, Gen, Ex, Mt; CP: good or bad spirit, angel, demon, ; BH, Mt: Holy Ghost, A, Jn, VPs: man, human being, Gu. ['ghost'] gstan to meditate? AS 3^1. gstberend () m. living soul, man. gstbona m. soulslayer, the Devil, B 177. gstbrcende practising in the spirit, . gstcofa m. breast, Leas 13. gstcund () spiritual, Gu 743. gstcwalu () f. torment, pains of hell, Gu 651. gstcyning m. soul's king, God, Gen 2883. gstedom () spirituality, MFH 112. gstgedl n. death. gstgehygd n. thought. gstgemynd () n. thought, Gu 574. gstgenla () m. devil, Jul 245. gstgerne n. spiritual mystery: thought, consideration. gstgewinn () n. soultorment, pains of hell. gstgifu f. special gift of the Holy Spirit (e.g. gift of tongues), WW 200^8. gsthlig holy in spirit, holy. gstlas lifeless, dead, El. ['ghostless'] gstlic spiritual, holy , A, ; CP: clerical (not lay), BH; CP, : ghastly, spectral, Nic. adv. lce spiritually, . ['ghostly'] gstlufu () f. spiritual love. gstsunu m. spiritual son. Godes g. Christ. gat geat gt f. gs. gte, gte, nap. gt, gt she'goat,' Cr, Ep, Lcd, Rd. gtahierde gthyrde gtahs n. goathouse, WW 185^8. gtbucca m. hegoat, WW. ['goatbuck'] gtehr n. goat's hair, . gtetrow n. cornel tree? Lcd 32b. gthyrde (io) m. 'goatherd,' LL. gatu v. geat. 280

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary g pres. pl. of gn. ge conj. and, also. ge...ge both...and, not only...but also; whether...or. g(hw)er ge...ge both...and; either...or. geprefix (indicated by the sign + in this Dict.), original meaning together; but it has usually lost all collective or intensitive force. g I. (e) pron. 2 pers. pl., dp. ow. ap. ow(ic) 'ye,' you. II. ga ga adv. 'yea,' yes, BH. geabul gafol gac m. cuckoo. [v. 'gowk,' 'yeke'] gacessre f. woodsorrel, Gl. geador unitedly, together. geadrung f. text, MtL p8^17. geaduling gdeling geaf pret. 3 sg. of giefan. geaf gif geafl (1) gafol; (2) ceafl geafol gafol gafon pret. pl. of giefan. geafu giefu gagl I. mn. jaws, throat, gullet, Lcd. II. gl gaglisc (, ) light, wanton, BH 400^13. gaglswile m. swelling of the jaws, Lcd. geagn gegn gahl gagl gah ga geal pret. 3 sg. of giellan. gealdl f. galldisease, jaundice, Lcd 40b. galg (ga l ga, AS) yea, amen, RHy. geald pret. 3 sg. of gieldan. geald gald gealg sad, gloomy, rebellious. [[from first edition]] gealga (a) m. 'gallows,' cross, B, Jul, WW; CP. gealgian geealgian [[listed as ealgian"]] gealgmd sad, gloomy, angry. gealgtrow (a) n. 'gallowstree,' gallows, cross, B, DR. gealh gealg galhswile gaglswile gealla (a, e) m. I. 'gall,' bile, Mt, VPs, WW; , CP. II. a galled place on the skin, Lcd. ['gall'] (I. and II. possibly the same word.) gealldl f. 'melancholia,' v. OEG 7^223. gealled 'galled' (of horses), Lcd. geallig 'acris, tristis,' HGl 456. gealp pret. 3 sg. of gielpan. gealpettan (a) to boast, NC 291. gealpettung () f. boastfulness, NC 291. gamrung (VPs) gomrung gamung gmung gan gn gana gna gan, see also gegn geanbc? f. duplicate charter, counterpart. 281

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary gancyme () m. meeting, EPs 63^3, ARSHy. [[Entry before author's corrections: gancyme () m. meeting, EPs 63^3, ARSHy: coming back, return: 'adinventio,' RHy 1^4.]] gancyrr m. (cyrnes? f. RPs 18^7) meeting, SPs 18^7: return. ['gainchare'] ganfr n. going again, return. gangang () return? LL 8[84]. gangewrit () 'rescriptio,' OEG 862. ganhweorfan^3 to return, HGl. ganhworfennes f. return, HGl 470. ganhwurf m. return, OEG 559. ganhwyrft () m. turning again, LPs 125^1. gannes f. meeting, HGl 513. gano? complaint, OEG xiv. [Goth. gaunus] ganryne m. meeting, ERLPs 58^6. ganingian to reply, Gen 1009. geanwyrde known, acknowledged, confessed. gap I. (, ) open, wide, extensive, broad, spacious, lofty, steep, deep: bent, crooked: deceitful, cunning. II. pret. 3 sg. of gopan. gapes (gs. of gap) adv. wide. gaplic deceitful, cunning, . adv.lce, . gapneb adj. (epithet of corslet) meshed, Wald 2^19 (? *gapweb widemeshed). gapnes v. wrg. gapscipe m. cleverness, cunning, craft, deceit, trickery, artifice, . gapweb v. gapneb. gear pret. 3 sg. of georran. gar (, ) nm. 'year,' , AO, CP. t gare in this year : yearly tribute: name of the rune for g. geara gearwe geara gearo gara of 'yore,' formerly, in former times, once, long since, AO, CP. (gp. of gar) gearcian to prepare, procure, supply, L. [gearo] gearcung f. preparation. gearcungdg m. preparationday, day before the Sabbath, G. garcyning m. consul, WW 375^2. geard I. m. 'yard,' enclosure, court, residence, dwelling, land, Mdf. in geardum at home, in the world: hedge, GD, MtR. II. gierd gardagas mp. lifetime; days of yore, former days. gardagum adv. formerly, in days of old, once. geare gearwe I. and II. geare gear, gearo gare gara garfc n. space of a year, W 72^1. gearfo earfo gargemearc n. space of a year, Gu 1215. gargemynd n. yearly commemoration, NC 292. gargeriht n. yearly due, W 113^9. gargerm () n. number of years, v. ES 39342. gargetal (^1) n. number of years, Lcd 2284. garhwamlce yearly, EC 226^6. garlac grlac garlic yearly, of the year, annual, . adv.lce, CP. 282

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary gearlce gearolce garmlum year by year, Met 1^5. garmarcet n. annual fair, TC 372^15. gearn (e) n. 'yarn,' spun wool, Gl. gearnful (NG) geornful gearnung geornung gearnwinde f. yarnwinder, reel, Gl, LL 455[15]. gearo (gearu) I. (wk gearwa) gsmn.(o)wes; asm. gearone; napn. gearu prepared, ready, equipped, finished, Chr, W. [' yare'] II. gearwe adv. garo gara gearobrygd f. quick movement, deft playing (of an instrument), Cra 50. gearofolm with ready hand, B 2085. gearolce readily, fully, clearly. gearor comp. of gearo adj. and gearwe adv. gearosnotor,snottor very skilful. gearooncol readywitted, Jud 342. gearowes gsmn. of gearo. gearowita m. intellect, understanding, Bo. gearowitolnes (a^2) f. sagacity, W 53^16. gearowyrdig ready of speech, Mod 51. garrm n. number of years, AO. gartorht perennially bright, Gen 1561. garnung f. annual service, LL 382[38]. gearu gearo gearw gearaw gearugangende going swiftly, Rd 41^17. gearuw gearw gearwan gierwan gearwanlaf geormanlaf gearwe I. adv. comp. gear(w)or; sup. gear(w)ost well, effectually, sufficiently, thoroughly, entirely, , AO, CP. [ Ger. gar] II. f. (usu. pl.) clothing, equipment, ornament, trappings, harness, armour . III. (a, ) f. 'yarrow,' Lcd 147a. gearwian (, e, i, ie, y) to equip, prepare, make ready, , CP: construct, erect, make: procure, supply: clothe, adorn. gearwung f. preparation: parasceve. gearwungdg (eo^1) m. parasceve, JnR. +gearwungnes f. preparation. gearwutol austere, LkL 19^21,22. gasceaft v. gosceaft. gasne (Jul) gsne geat n. (, e) nap. gatu (geatu VPs) 'gate,' door, opening, , BH, Bl, G; AO, CP; Mdf. gat pret. 3 sg. of gotan. gatan (, , o) to say 'yea,' consent, grant, confirm. [ga] geatolic adorned, splendid, magnificent, stately. geattorr m. gatetower. geatwa geatwe geatwan to equip, Rd 29^6. geatwe fp. arms, equipments, trappings, ornaments: organs, members. geatweard m. gatekeeper, doorkeeper, porter, Jn. [' gateward'] ga f. foolishness, mockery. [gac] gebellic (OET, Cp 881) gafollic 283

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary gc (OET) goc gecel, gecile (Gl) gicel ged gd, gidd gedd gidd gederian (1) gaderian; (2) derian gee ga gef (1) geaf pret. 3 sg. of giefan; (2) (N) gif gef gief gglesc gaglisc gegn gn gegnsee also gan gegncwide m. reply, answer, retort: (in pl.) conversation. +gegnian to meet, DR. gegninga gegnunga gegnp m. opposing path, Rd 16^26. gegnslege m. battle, An 1358. gegnum adv. away, forwards, straight on, thither. gegnunga adv. immediately, directly: certainly, plainly, precisely: completely, fully. gego geogu geher (NG) ar gehhol geohol, gol gehu (eo, i) f. care, anxiety, grief. geld gield geld gild, gyld gelde sterile, WW 226^22; 394^26. gell geall, giell gellet n? bowl, Lcd 122a. gelm gilm gelo geolu gelostr geolster gelp gielp glsa glsa gelt (KGl) gylt gme geme gmerian gomrian gemme gimm gmnes (VPs) gemenes gemstn (ES 7134) gimmstn [[headword spelled gimstn"]] gmung (a, , ) f. marriage, MtR, DR. gmungian to marry, DR 109^17. gmunglic nuptial, MtR, DR. gn I. (e) (A, rare in prose) adv. yet, now, still, again: further, besides, also, moreover: hitherto. II. adj. direct. gn gan, ggn gna gn I. gend geond gende gengde pret. 3 sg. of gengan. gnde giende v. gian. geng I. geong. II. gang. III. pret. 3 sg. of gangan. +genga m. fellowtraveller, companion, W. gengan, pret. gengde to go. [gong] [[under gang"]] 284

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary genge I. prevailing, effectual, appropriate, BH, Gu. ['genge'] II. n. troop, Chr; FBO, W: privy. ['ging'] gengel v. fter, for(e)g. genigend giniend pres. ptc. of ginian. gno, gnu gn go (u) adv. once, formerly, of old, before, already, earlier, CP (go). [Goth. ju] geoc n. 'yoke,' , AO, CP: yoke of oxen: a measure of land, OET (Ct): consort, NG. goc (oc) f. help, support, rescue: safety: consolation. geocboga m. yokebow, yoke. gocend m. preserver, Saviour. geocian (iuc) to yoke, join together. gocian (w. g. or d.) to preserve, rescue, save. geocled n. geocleta (ioc) m. a measure of land, OET (Ct), v. LL 2527. gocor harsh, terrible: bitter, sad. adv. gocre. geocsa m. sob, Met 2^5. geocstecca part of a yoke (Swt), bolt of a door, bar (BT), Gl. [sticca] geocsung f. sobbing, WW 179^4. geoctma (ioc) m. animal yoked with another, WW 106^36. geoca gica godd (i) f. deed of old, former deed. geof gif geof gief, gif geofen geofon geofena gp. of geofu giefu geofon (i, y) n. ocean, sea. geofonfld m. ocean flood, Az 125. geofonhs n. ship, Gen 1321. geoga geogu gogara,gare adv. of old. goglere, gogelere m. juggler, magician, W 98^9; HGl. [Ger. gaukler] geogo (, AO) geogu geogu f. 'youth,' : young people, CP: junior warriors (as opposed to dugu): young of cattle. geogucnsl n. young offspring, Rd 16^10. geogufeorh n. time of youth. geoguhd m.,hdnes f. state of youth. geogulic youthful. geogulust m. youthful lust, Bl 59^9. geogumyr f. joy of youth, Rd 39^2. geogutoung f. tithe of calves. geohol, geohhol gol geoh(h)el gol geohsa geocsa geoht (iuht) n. yoke, v. OEG 7^135. geohu gehu gol n., gola m. 'Yule'tide, Christmas. rra gola December. ftera gola January. geolca geoloca geold gield goldg (geoh(h)el) m. Yuleday, day at Yuletide. golan (i) n. reward for past deed, Wald 2^7. geoleca geoloca geolerad geolurad geolhstor geolster 285

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary golmna (il) m. December. geolo geolu geoloca, geol(e)ca m. 'yolk,' . [geolu] geolorand m. buckler covered with yellow lindenbark. geolster,stor mn. matter, pus, poison, poisonous humour, disease, OEG. geolstrig secreting poison, purulent, OEG. geolu gmn. geolwes 'yellow.' geoluhwt pale yellow. geolurad reddish yellow, WW 375^18. geolwian to become yellow. gomann (u) m. man of past times. gomowle (o) f. aged wife? B. gomer gomor, gomr gomor troubled, sad, miserable. adv.more. gomorfrd very old, Gen 2224. gomorgidd n. dirge, elegy. gomorlic sad, painful, AO. adv.lce. gomormd sorrowful, . gomornes f. tribulation, LPs 118^143. gomorung gomrung gomrian to be sad, complain, lament, bewail, mourn, , AO, CP. gomrung f. lamentation, groaning, moaning, grief, . gomur gomor geon adv. 'yon,' CP. geon geond gona (NG) gna, gn geona pres. 3 sg. of geonian. geond (e, i, y) I. prep. (w. a. and, rarely, d.) throughout, through, over. geond...innan throughout: up to, as far as, during. II. adv. yonder, thither. geondan prep. (w. a.) beyond. geondblwan^7 (i^1) to inspire, illuminate. geondbrdan to spread over, cover entirely, B 1239. geonddrencan (i^1) to drink excessively, get drunk, KGl 58^40. geondeardian to inhabit, RPs 32^8. geondfaran^7 to traverse, pervade, . geondfolan^3 (only in pp. geondfolen) to fill completely, Gen 43. geondfran to traverse: surpass, L 23b^333. geondflwan^7 to flow over or through, Hell 105. geondflwende ebbing and flowing, OEG 2363. geondfolen v. geondfolan. geondgn anv.,gangan^7 to traverse, go round. geondgotan^2 to pour, pour upon, suffuse, . geondhweorfan^3 to traverse, pass over, pass through. geondhyrdan to harden thoroughly. geondlcan^7 to traverse, flow over, Ph 70. geondleccan to water, LPs 103^13. geondleccung (gynd) f. moistening, watering, Sc 27^7. geondlhtan (CP),lhtan to illuminate, enlighten, CP. geondlhtend m. illuminator, DHy 128^5. geondmengan to confuse, bewilder, Sol 59. geondswan^7 to strew, scatter. 286

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary geondscawian to survey, consider, reflect upon, review. geondscnan^1 to shine upon, illuminate. geondscran^1 to pass through, traverse, stride to and fro, MFH 163; W 250^3. geondscring f. course, passage, OEG 263. geondscan pret. 3 sg.shte to search thoroughly: pervade. geondsendan to overspread. geondson^5 to examine, B 3087. geondsmagan to investigate, examine, discuss. geondsptan to squirt through, Lcd 78a. geondsprengan to besprinkle. geondspringan^3 to penetrate, OEG 2840. geondsprtan^2 to pervade, Cr 42. geondspurnan,spyrnian to cause to stumble, NG. geondstregdan,strdan to scatter, suffuse, besprinkle, . geondstyrian to stir up, agitate, Met 6^15. geondencan to reflect upon, consider. geondwadan^6 (i^1) to know thoroughly, be versed in, CP 9^10. geondwltan^1 to look over, contemplate, examine, scan. geondyrnan^3 to run over, Gr 277^3. geong I. (e, i, u) comp. gingra; superl. gingest 'young,' youthful, , AO, CP: recent, new, fresh: (superl.) last, B. II. (NG) gang. III. geng pret. 3 sg. of gangan. geongan gangan geongerdm geongordm geongewifre gangewifre geonglcan (gyng, iung) to pass one's youth, HGl 508; OEG 4361. geonglic young, youthful, . geonglicnes f. youth. geongling (iu) m. youth, Gr 3^1. geongordm , geongorscipe m. discipleship, allegiance. [ OS. jungardm; jungarskepi] geongra (i) m. youth: disciple, follower, dependant, servant, vassal, AO: assistant, deputy. [Ger. jnger] geongre (i) f. female attendant, assistant, deputy, Jud 132. geonian ginian geonlic (MF 103^20) geonglic? geonofer adv. thither. geons m. departure hence, death, MFH 163. geonung ginung gopan^2 to absorb, swallow, Rd 24^9. geormanlaf n. mallow. geormenletic mallow, WW 135^27. georn I. (usu. w. g.) desirous, eager, earnest, diligent, studious, AO, CP. [Ger. gern] II. gearn pret. 3 sg. of +iernan. geornan giernan georne adv. eagerly, zealously, earnestly, gladly, , AO, CP: well, carefully, completely, exactly, . [Ger. gern] geornes geornnes georneste (WW 499^1) eornoste geornful,fullic desirous, eager, zealous, diligent, AO, CP. adv.lce, . geornfulnes f. eagerness, zeal, diligence, , AO, CP: desire. geornian giernan geornlic adj. desirable, AO. adv.lce zealously, earnestly, diligently, carefully, , CP. geornnes f. zeal, industry: evil desire, lust, wickedness, NG. 287

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary geornung f. yearning, desire: diligence. geornust eornost georowyrde (BH) gearowyrdig georran gyrran georst gorst [[under gors"]] georstandg gierstandg georstu interj. O! VPs. [heran] gosceaft f. destiny, fate, B 1234. gosceaftgst m. doomed spirit, B 1266. geostra, geostran (ie, ei, y) 'yester' (day,night). [Ger. gestern] got get gota v. ladg. [[headword spelled ladgeota"]] gotan I. (sv^2) to pour, pour forth, shed, AO, CP: flow, flood, overwhelm: () found, cast. [Ger. giessen] II. gatan gotend m. artery, WW 352^25. gotenlic molten, fluid, GPH 394. gotere m. founder (of metal), AO 54. goting v. in, ong. [[headword spelled ongotung"]] gotton pret. pl. of gotan II. geou geohu gehu gow gw gower (GPH 395) ower gowian +owan +ewan gowine (u) m. departed friend, Seaf 92. geoxa geocsa gp gap ger gr, gearw, gier gr gar gerd gierd gerd gyrd gerew, gerw gearw gernwinde gearnwinde grscipe m. jest? Rim 11. gs v. gs. gesca, gescea geocsa gse (, ) adv. 'yes.' [ga, sw] gesen entrails, intestines, WW 231^39. gsine, gsne gsne gest giest gst gst gest gst, giest gstende (OEG 2499) stende [[form of stan"]] get geat gt I. gt nap. of gt. II. gat pret. 3 sg. of gotan. III. (VPs), gta get, geta gtan I. to destroy, kill, B 2940 (or? grtan). II. gatan gtenwyrde consenting, agreeing. [gatan] gi(NG, etc.) ge gib gif giccan to 'itch,' Lcd. gicce 'itch,' Ln 33^3 (y). giccig purulent, HGl 453. 288

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary gicel, gicela (y) m. icicle, ice, DD, WW. ['ickle '] gicelgebland n. frost, RHy 7^70. gicelig glacial, icy, OEG. gicelstn m. hailstone. gicenes (y) f. itching, itch, Gl. gica (ie, io, y) m. scab, itch, itching, , CP: hiccough, Lcd. gid gyd gd gt gidd (e, ie, y) n. song, poem: saying, proverb, riddle : speech, story, tale, narrative. giddian (ie) to speak formally, discuss: speak with alliteration, recite, sing, AO. giddung f. utterance, saying, prophecy, song, poetry, poetical recitation, metre, . ge g gieca (CP) gica? giedd gidd gief (rare EWS) gif gief gif giefa (eo, i, y) m. donor, CP. giefan^5 (e, eo, io; ea, ia (A), i, y) w. d. and a. to 'give,' bestow, B, Sol; AO, CP: commit, entrust, Da: give in marriage, Chr. giefend (e) m. giver, DR. gefernes (CP) gfernes giefl (i, y) n. morsel, food. giefnes (e) f. pardon, DR. giefu (e, eo, i, y) f. gift, B, Bo, Mt; AO, CP. t giefe, giefes gratis, freely: favour, grace, Bl, Lk : name of the rune for g. ['give'] gield (eo, i) n. service, offering, worship, sacrifice : moneypayment, tax, tribute, compensation, substitute: guild, brotherhood: idol, god. gieldan^3 (e, i, y) to 'yield,' pay, AO, CP: pay for: reward, requite, render, AO, CP: worship, serve, sacrifice to : punish. gieldere (y) v. gafolg. [[under gafolgyldere"]] gieldra ieldra comp. of eald. giella (e, i) v. stng. [[under stngella"]] giellan^3 (e, i, y) to 'yell,' sound, shout. gielp (e, i, y) mn. boasting, pride, arrogance: fame, glory, AO. gielpan^3 (i, y) to boast, exult, CP. ['yelp'] gielpcwide m. boastful speech. gielpen (i) boastful, CP. gielpgeorn (i, y) eager for glory, BH 92^4. gielpgeornes (i) f. desire for glory, W. gielphlden (i) boastful, B 868. gielping (y) f. glory, Sc 144^11. gielplic (i) vainglorious, boastful: ostentatious, showy. adv.lce. gielpna (i) m. boaster, CP. gielpplega (y) m. war, Ex 240. gielpsceaa (e^1, a^2) m. arrogant, boastful enemy. gielpsprc f. boastful speech, B 981. gielpword (y) n. boast, AO. gielt gylt giem gimm geman (, , ) (w. g. or a.) to care for, heal, CP: take notice of, take heed to, regard, observe, AO, CP. geme f. care. 289

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary gemelas (, ) careless, neglected, stray, CP: incurable, MtL p20^11. gemelasian to neglect, despise. gemelaslic careless, CP. adv.lce. gemelasnes (, ) f. negligence, BH 242^18. gemelast,lest f. carelessness, neglect, CP. gemen (, , ) f. care, oversight, heed, diligence, rule, AO, CP. gemend () m. governor, Sc 117^7. gem(e)nes () f. care, anxiety, DR, NG. geming f. care, anxiety, CP 129^20. gen gn gena gna giend geond giendan v. gynde. gieng geong gierd (ea, i, y) f. 'yard,' rod, staff, twig, CP: rood (measure). [Ger. gerte] gierede pret. 3 sg. of gierwan. gierela (e, i, y) m. dress, apparel, AO, CP. [gearwian] gier(e)lian (e) to clothe. +gierelic (e) adj. of clothes, WW 503^18. gierian gearwian +giering f. 'directio,' RPs 138^3. giernan (eo, y) (w. g.) to 'yearn' for, strive, be eager, desire, entreat, seek for, beg, demand, AO, CP. [georn] +giernendlic (y) desirable, EPs 18^11. giernes geornes gierning (CP) geornung gierran gyrran gierstandg (eo, y) m. yesterday. [giestran] gierstenlic adj. of yesterday, DHy 47 (eo). gierwan (ea, y) to prepare: cook: deck, dress, clothe, AO, CP. giest (, e, i, y) m. 'guest,' Gen, RB (y): stranger, MtL (e), Rd (): () enemy. giesths (, y) n. 'guest house,' Mk. giestian (y) to lodge, be a guest. giestig (e) adj. being a stranger, MtL 25^38. giesting (e) f. exile, Gl. giestning (e) f. hospitality, lodging, NC 296. giestran adv. yesterday, Rd 41^44. giestranfen m. yesterday evening. adv.fene. get I. (, , ) adv. 'yet,' still, besides, further, again, moreover. . g. yet, still. n g. until now. II. pres. 3 sg. of gotan. geta get I. gietan v. beg. getsere gtsere getsian gtsian gif (e, ie, y) conj. (w. ind. or subj.) 'if,' B, G, etc.; CP: whether, though, B. gifa giefa gifan giefan gifect (Gl) gefeoht [[listed as feoht"]] gifel giefl gifen I. pp. of giefan. II. geofon gfer m. glutton, Soul 118. 290

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary gfere gfre gferlce greedily. gfernes f. greediness, gluttony, avarice, , CP. gifee I. granted by fate, given. II. n. fate, lot, B 3085. giffst endowed, talented: (w. g.) capable of. gifheall f. hall in which gifts were bestowed, B 838. gifian (ea, eo) to present, endow: glorify, DR 78^14: (+) wait for, expect? DR 20^8. gifig rich, A 11171. gifl giefl gifnes f. grace, favour. gifol liberal, generous, bountiful, CP. gifola m. giver, AS 2^13. gifolnes (io) f. liberality. gifre useful, Rd 27^28; 50^3. gfre greedy, rapacious, ravenous, CP: desirous of. gifsceatt m. present, B 378. gifstl m. giftseat, throne. gift (y) nf. what is given, price, 'gift,' portion, marriage gift (by the bridegroom), dowry: (pl.) nuptials, wedding, marriage, . [giefan] giftbr m. bridechamber, EPs 18^5. giftelic giftlic giftfeorm f. marriagefeast, NC 297. gifths (y) n. house at which a wedding is being celebrated, Mt 22^10. giftian (y) to give in marriage (of the woman), G. giftlo n. epithalamium, WW 165^33. giftlic nuptial, belonging to a wedding, . gifu () giefu giful gifol gifung (y) f. consent, BH 86^25. gg (Cp 142#g) gw ggant m. giant. [L. gigantem] ggantmcg m. son of a giant, Gen 1268. gigo geogu ghsa geocsa giha gica gihu gehu gild gield gild gyld gild (y) n. 'guild,' society, Ct. gilda m. member of a brotherhood of related persons, v. LL 2378; 445. gildan (1) gieldan; (2) gyldan gilddagas mp. guilddays, festivaldays. gilde v. twig. +gildheall (y) f. guildhall, KC 4277^21. gildlic adj. of a guild. gildrden (y) f. guildmembership, Ct. gildscipe m. guild, brotherhood, Ct, LL. [' guildship'] gildsester (y) m. measure of bulk belonging to a corporate body, TC 606; 611. gillan giellan gillister n. gillistre, f. phlegm, pus, matter, Lcd. [ geolster] gilm, gilma (e) m. handful; sheaf. 291

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary gilp gielp gilt gylt gilte f. young sow, WW 119^25. gim gimm gm gem gimbre gembearing, OEG. gimcynn n. precious stone, gem. gimfst (B 1272) ginfst gimm (y) m. (occl. nap. gimme) precious stone, 'gem,' jewel; , Bl, VPs; CP: () sun, star. [L. gemma] gimmian to adorn with gems. gimmisc jewelled, Nar 5^13. gimreced n. bejewelled hall, palace, Met 8^25. gimrodor m. draconite (precious stone), OEG. gimstn m. stone capable of being made into a gem, jewel, ; AO. ['gemstone'] gmung gmung gimwyrhta m. jeweller, (y). gin I. n. yawning deep, Ex 430. II. adj. ginn gn gn gna gna gnan^1 to yawn. gind geond ginfst ample, liberal. [ginn] ging, gingest v. geong. gingiber,fer(e) f. 'ginger,' Lcd. gingra I. () v. geong. II. geongra gingre geongre ginian (eo, y) to 'yawn,' gape, make a noise, AO. [gnan] ginn spacious, wide, ample. ginnan onginnan ginnes f. gap, interval, Cp 373#i. ginnfst ginfst ginnwsed (y) very wise, Gu 839? ginung (eo, y) f. gaping, yawning, Gl. go go giofol gifol giohhd geoguhd gow gw giowian (RG) giwian gipung gypung gir gearw, geor, gier, gyr gird gierd giren (VPs) grn girstbtung gristbtung [[headword spelled gristbitung"]] girwan gearwian +gscan to close, bolt, bar, Gl. giscian to sob, Bo 8^8. gse gse gsl, gsel m. hostage, AO. [Ger. geisel] gslhd m. state of being a hostage, Cp 99#o. gslian to give hostages, Chr. gist I. m. 'yeast,' froth, Lcd. II. gst 292

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary gist gst, giest gst st gistran geostran [[under geostra"]] gstung gtsung git dual of pron. 2 pers. (u); g. incer; d. inc; a. inc(it) you two. git Johannis thou and John. gt get gta geta gitrife girife [[variant of grife?]] gtsere m. miser, , CP. gtsian () to be greedy, long for, covet, , CP: (+) attain, CP 364^22. [Ger. geizen] gtsiendlic insatiable, RPs 100^5. gtsung () f. avarice, greediness, covetousness, desire, CP. g g giu gehu gu () go giu geo Guling July, Cp 70#q (A 20137). gw (o) m. griffin, vulture, WW 258^7. giwian (? v. A 1698) to ask, NG. giwung f. petition, N. gld pret. 3 sg. of gldan. gladv. gld. gladian (ea) () to gleam, glisten: () intr. be glad, rejoice, JnLR, Lcd: () tr. gladden, rejoice, gratify, appease, , VPs. ['glad'] gladine gldene gladung f. rejoicing, RB. ['gladding'] gld I. (gladin obl. cases) () bright, shining, brilliant, gleaming, Gen, Ph, Sol: cheerful, 'glad,' joyous, Cr; , CP: pleasant, kind, gracious, , B, G. II. n. joy, gladness, Wy 68. gldene (a, e) f. iris, gladiolus, Gl; Lcd. [' gladdon'] gldestede gldstede gldine (Gl) gldene gldlic bright, shining, Wid: pleasant, agreeable, Ps. adv.lce 'gladly,' joyfully, kindly, willingly, BH. gldmd gladhearted, cheerful, joyous: kind, gracious. gldmdnes f. kindness, bounty, CP 391^6. gldnes f. 'gladness,' joy, BH; , DR(+). gldscipe m. gladness, joy. gldstede gldstede glm m. 'gleam,' brilliance, brightness, splendour, beauty, Gen, Jul: a brilliant light, Gu. glng gleng glr m. amber, resin, WW. glren vitreous, glassy. [gls] gls n. nap. glasu, and (once) glsas (GPH 397) 'glass,' Bo, Cr; . glsen of glass, glassy, Bl. ['glassen'] glsenage greyeyed, WW 416^1. glsft n. glass (vessel), BH 398^3 (o, b), GD 10^16. glsful m. a glassful, BH 398^3 (t). glshltor clear, transparent. glterian to glitter, OEG, WW. glterung f. shining, RPs 48^15. gltlic gldlic glw glaw 293

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary glappe f. burdock, buckbean? Lcd. glasu v. gls. glw glaw glam m? n? revelry, joy, Gen 12. glaw (, , ) penetrating, prudent, wise, skilful, G, VPs; , AO, CP: ()good. adv.e. ['glew'] glawferh prudent. glawhycgende , glawhdig thoughtful, wise, prudent. glawlic (, o) wise, prudent, diligent. adv.lce. glawmd wise, sagacious, CP. glawnes () f. wisdom, prudence, penetration, . glawscipe m. wisdom, thoughtfulness, diligence: proof, indication. gld (oe) f. glowing coal, ember, fire, flame, Ps; . [glwan; 'gleed'] +gldan to make hot, kindle. gleddian to sprinkle, throw over, Lcd 3292^14. gldegesa m. fiery terror, B 2650. gledene gldene gldft n. chafingdish, Lcd 123b. gledine gldene glednes (KGl) gldnes gldscofl (oe) f. fireshovel, Cp 7#u. gldstede m. altar. glemm m? blemish, spot, W 67^8. glencan glengan glendran to devour, swallow, MtR. +glendrian to precipitate, LkL 4^29. gleng mf. (nap. gleng(e)as, glenge, glenga) ornament, honour, CP: building, NG. glengan () to adorn, decorate, L: trim (lamp): (+) set in order, compose. glenge gleng +glengendlic magnificent, brilliant. adv.lce, OEG 1202. glengful decked out, adorned, GPH 395. glenglic glengendlic glentrian glendran glo glw glof (v. late) glow II. gleomu f. splendour, Ruin 34? glow I. glw. II. pret. 3 sg. of glwan. glow glaw, glw glsan to gloss, Gr 293^13. [L. glossa] glsing f. glossing, explanation, translation, Gr 293^14. glw glaw gla (OEG 3173) glga gp. of glg. glida (io) m. kite, vulture, , Cp. ['glede'] gldan^1 to 'glide,' slip, slide, An, B; , AO, CP: glide away, vanish. glidder slippery, VHy. ['glidder'] gliddrian to slip, be unstable, OEG 4104. glider (W 239^14) glidder gliderung (y) f. phantom, WW 401^40. glg glw glind m. hedge, fence, BC 1296. glioda (Cp) glida glsian to glitter, WW. ['glise'] 294

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary glisnian (y) to 'glisten,' gleam, glitter, Shr, Run. glt pres. 3 sg. of gldan. glitenian to glitter, shine. glitenung f. coruscation, gleam. glitin gliten glw (o, g, o, u, ow) n. 'glee,' pleasure, mirth, play, sport, Ph: music, Gn. glwbeam (g) m. musical instrument, harp, timbrel, LRSPs 149^3. glwbydenestre () f. female musician, LPs 67^26. glwcrft m. music, minstrelsy. glwcum 'tibiis,' LPs 146^10 (). glwdram (o) m. music, mirth, B 3021. glwere m. buffoon, parasite, OEG. glwgamen (g) n. revelry, W 46^16. glwgeorn (g) fond of sport. glwhloriendlic musical, WW 446^36. glwian to make merry, jest, play (music), sing, BH (o), LL: adorn, Rd 27^13. ['glew'] glwiend m. performer, player, SPs 67^26. glwingman (OEG 50^9) ? glwman glwlic mimic, comic, GPH 396. glwmden (e) n. female musician, ERPs 67^26. glwman m. 'gleeman,' minstrel, player, jester, B (o); CP, WW (g). glwre glwere glwstf m. melody, joy, Wa 52. glwstl m. seat of joy, Rd 88^8. glwung f. boisterous laughter, OEG 1472. glwword (ow) n. song, poem, Met 7^2. glf, glfe f. 'glove,' B, Guth. foxes g. foxglove. +glfed gloved, AS 42^11. glfung f. supplying with gloves, LL 450[10]. glfwyrt f. glovewort, dog's tongue, lily of the valley, Lcd. glm m? gloaming, twilight, Creat 71. glmung f. 'gloaming,' twilight, DHy; GD. glwan^7 to 'glow,' , OEG. glwende 'glowing,' burning, Lcd 80b. gly gli gnd pret. 3 sg. of gndan. gngen gnagen pp. of gnagan. gnt m. 'gnat,' midge, AO, Lcd, Mt. gnagan^6 to 'gnaw,' , Ct, DD. gnst v. frg. gna niggardly, B, BH: frugal. [v. 'gnede '] gnalicnes f. frugality, OEG 2437. gne scanty, sparing, WW. adv.lce, GD. [v. ' gnethe'] gnelicnes gnalicnes gnen moderate, modest. gnnes f. frugality: scarcity. gndan^1 to rub, grind together, crumble, Lk; , AO. ['gnide'] gnidil m? rubber, pestle, Cp 440#p. gnt pres. 3 sg. of gndan. gngon pret. pl. of gnagan. gnorn I. sad, sorrowful, troubled, depressed. II. m. sadness, sorrow, trouble. 295

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary gnornan gnornian gnorncearig sad, troubled, Jul 529. gnorngan gnornian gnornhof n. prison, cell. gnornian to be sad, murmur, complain, mourn, lament, grieve, CP. gnornscendende hastening away in sadness, PPs 89^10. [scyndan] gnornsorg f. sadness, sorrow. gnornung (e) f. sadness, sorrow, lamentation, , AO, CP. gnornword n. sad speech, lamentation. gnuddian to rub, OEG 56^33. gnyran gnyrran gnyrn f. sadness, mourning, calamity: wrong, insult, fault, blemish. [gnorn] gnyrnwracu f. revenge, enmity, El 359. gnyrran to grind the teeth, W 138^29: creak, Lcd. +gnysan cnyssan gne gna ga 3 p. sg. pres. of gian. gc goc God m. np.as,u a 'god,' image of a god, , Jul, LL, Ps ; AO: God, the (Christian) Deity, , BH; CP. gd I. comp. bet(e)ra, bettra, superl. bet(e)st 'good' (of persons or things), virtuous, B, Bl, Chr, G : desirable, favourable, salutary, pleasant, Bl: valid, efficient, suitable, Az, Jul, Lcd: considerable, sufficiently great, Chr. II. n. good thing, advantage, benefit, gift, B, Bl, Mt; , AO, CP: 'good,' goodness, welfare, CP: ability, doughtiness: goods, property, wealth, CP. godppel m. quince, WW 364^16. [ coddppel] godbearn n. divine child, Son of God: godchild, W. ['godbairn'] godborg m? solemn pledge (given in church?), LL 18[33]; 66[33] and v. 2332, 1_d. godbt f. atonement, LL 258[51]. godcund religious, sacred, divine, heavensent, Gen, Chr ; , CP. ['godcund'] godcundlic divine, , CP. adv.lce divinely, : canonically. godcundmht n? divine majesty, MtL. godcundnes f. divine nature, divinity, Godhead, , Lcd : divine service. ['godcundness'] gddd f. good work, Cr: benefit, PPs. goddohtor f. 'goddaughter,' Ct. gddnd m. (nap. gddnd) doer of good, benefactor. goddram m. joy of heaven. gode god godfder m. God the Father: 'godfather,' Ct, LL. godfrecnes (BH 70^12) godwrecnes gdfremmend m. doer of good? B 299. godfyrht (e, i) godfearing, pious, An. ['godfright '] godgeld godgield godgesprce (BH) godsprce godgield (e^2, i^2, y^2) n. heathen god, idol, AO. godgildlic of idols, WW 466^16. godgim m. heavenly jewel? El 1114. godhd m. divine nature, CP 261^17. gdian to improve, get better, Chr, Lcd: make better: () endow, enrich, KC; . ['good'] goding m. Son of God, LkR 4^1. gdlr f. good teaching, LL 304#b. gdlas bad, evil, BH. ['goodless'] gdlic 'goodly,' excellent, Gen: comely, fair, GPH 394. 296

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary godmgen n. divine power, divinity. godmdor f. 'godmother,' Shr. gdnes f. virtue, Bo: goodwill, beneficence, kindliness, Bo, . ['goodness'] godsd n. (God's seed), piety, Da 90. gdscipe m. kindness, DR. ['goodship'] godscyld f. sin against God, impiety, Jul 204. godscyldig impious, Gu 834. godsibb m. sponsor, W. ['gossip'] godsibbrden f. sponsorial obligations, W 228^3. gdspdig rich, happy. godspel n. glad tidings, Mt: one of the four gospels, An; , CP: the 'gospel' (for the day), Mt. godspelbodung f. gospelpreaching, new dispensation, L 25^682. godspellbc f. book containing the four gospels, LL. ['gospelbook'] godspellere m. 'gospeller,' evangelist, Bl; , CP. godspellian to preach the gospel, evangelize, Ps; , CP. ['gospel'] godspellic (),isc evangelical. godspelltraht m. gospel commentary. godsprce () n. oracle, BH. godsunu m. 'godson,' BH, Chr. godrymm m. divine majesty. godrymnes f. divine glory, AS 9^4? godwebb n. fine cloth, purple, CP. godwebbcyn? (gode) n. purple (cloth). godwebben purple, Bl 95^19; GD 346^22. godwebgyrla m. cloth of purple, W 197^1. godwebwyrhta m. weaver of purple. gdwillende wellpleased, EHy 16^6. godwrc (e^2) wicked, Bl. godwrclic impious, GD 232^13. godwrecnes f. wickedness, impiety, BH 70^12#b. gofol gafol gian to lament, NC 346; JAW 27. gl pret. 3 sg. of galan. gold n. 'gold,' , OET; CP. goldht f. wealth in gold, B 2748. goldbeorht bright with gold. goldbloh n. golden hue, WW 140^24. goldblma m. golden bloom? W 251^11; Bl 105^18. goldburg f. city in which gold is given? rich city? golde f. 'solsequia,' heliotrope? marigold? WW 301^6. ['gold'] golde gold golden pp. of gieldan. goldft n. golden vessel. goldfted plated or adorned with gold, LL 460[10#h]. goldfg variegated with gold, shining with gold. goldfell n. gold plate, WW 358^15. [? *goldell] goldfinc m. 'goldfinch,' WW. goldfinger m. ringfinger. goldfrtwe fp. gold ornaments. goldfyld covered with gold, WW 518^4. [gold, fealdan] goldgearwe fp. gold ornaments, NC 298. 297

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary goldgeweben woven with gold, OEG 4297. goldgeweorc n. golden object, MH 222. goldgiefa (i, y) m. goldgiver, prince, lord. goldhilted golden hilted, Rd 56^14. goldhladen adorned with gold, Fin 13. goldhoma m. goldadorned coat of mail, El 992. goldhord nm. treasure of gold, treasury, El, VPs; , AO. goldhordhs n. privy, WW 184^14. goldhordian to collect treasure, hoard, Sc 173^12. goldhroden ornamented with gold. [hrodan] goldhwt greedy for gold, B 3074? goldlfer f. gold plate, HGl 431. goldlaf n. gold leaf or plate, W 263^6. [ lfer] [[error for lfer?]] goldmstling (e) n. brass, WW. [cp. Ger. messing] goldmm m. treasure, B 2414. goldmestling goldmstling goldra m. gold ore, OEG 1810. goldsele m. hall in which gold is distributed. goldsmi m. 'goldsmith,' . goldsmiu f. goldsmith's art, Wy 73. goldspdig rich in gold, Jul 39. goldtorht bright like gold, Creat 78. goldof m. stealer of gold, LL 54[9,2]. goldrd m. gold thread, WW 196^15. goldweard m. keeper of gold (dragon), B 3081. goldwecg m. a lump of gold, OEG 451. goldwine m. liberal prince, lord, king. goldwlanc brave with gold, richly adorned. goldwlencu f. gold ornament, Bl 195. goldwyrt f. heliotrope, OEG 26^36. golfetung (LPs 78^4) gaffetung glon pret. pl. of galan. golpen pp. of gielpan. gom gam gma m. (sg. or pl. used indifferently) inside of mouth or throat, palate, jaws, Lcd, Rd, VPs; . ['gum'] gombe f. tribute. gomor Hebrew measure, omer, . ['gomer'] gon gan gond gand, geond gp m. slave, servant, Rd 50^3. [or ? gap] gor n. dung, dirt, filth, , Cp, Rd. ['gore'] gorettan to gaze, stare about, OEG 5^3: pour forth, emit, GPH 398. gorettung f. gazing, OEG 5^3n. gorian to gaze, stare about, OEG 7^8. gors (Cp), gorst m. 'gorse,' furze, MH, MtR: juniper, Lcd. gorstbam m. furze bush, Mk 12^26. gs f. nap. gs 'goose,' LL, Rd, WW; . gsfugol m. nap.fuglas goose, Ct. gshafoc (u^3) m. 'goshawk,' WW. gost gorst [[under gors"]] 298

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary gst gst Gota sg.an pl. 'Goth,' BH. goten pp. of gotan. gotennes v. tg. gotwoe f. goatweed, Lcd. gung f. groaning, BH 76^15. [gian] grd m. (), grde f. step, grade, degree, rank. [L. gradus] grd m. grass. grda grada grdan I. to cry, call out, Lcd: to crow (cock), CP. ['grede'] II. ds. of wk. adj. grassy, L 18^245. grde grd grde, grdi grdig grdig () 'greedy,' hungry, covetous, , B, Bl, Sol; CP. adv.lce greedily, covetously, eagerly. grdignes f. greediness, avarice, . grdum adv. greedily, Gu 710. grf I. (a) n. cave, 'grave,' trench, Seaf; Mdf. [grafan] II. n? style for writing, WW. [L. graphium] grfa? grfe? bush, bramble, grove, thicket, WW; Mdf: brushwood (for burning), fuel, Chr. ['greave'] grfen pp. of grafan. grfere m. 'sculptor,' graver, WW 164^14. grfhs n. grave, Sat 708. grfsex n. graving tool, WW. [seax] grft mfn. graven image, carved object, sculpture, . grftgeweorc n. graven image. grf pres. 3 sg. of grafan. grg 'grey,' , Ep, Gen, Met, WW. grggs f. grey (wild) goose, Gl. grghwe grey, WW 402^40. grghama greycoated (of spear? or wolf?), Fin 6. grgml greycoloured, B 2682. grgs grggs grm grem grn gren grp grp +grppian to seize, MtL 14^31. grs n. (nap. grasu) 'grass,' An, Cp, CP. grsgrne 'grassgreen,' Ep (e^1, oe^2). grshoppa m. grasshopper, locust. grsmolde f. greensward, B 1881. grswang m. greensward. grt I. pres. 3 sg. of (1) grdan, (2) grtan. II. grat grtan grtan graf grf grf nm. 'grove,' BC; Mdf. grfa v. elleng. grafan^6 to dig, dig up, Met, Rd, Rim: 'grave,' engrave, carve, chisel, PPs. grafet n. trench, EC 354; 355. gram (o) adj. angry, cruel, fierce, AO: oppressive, hostile: (as sb.) enemy. ['grame'] grama m. rage, anger, : trouble, Lcd. ['grame'] gramatisccrft grammaticcrft grambre passionate, CP 289^5. grame adv. angrily, fiercely, cruelly. 299

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary gramfrnes f. wrath, LL ( *grambrnes). gramhegdig gramhdig gramheort hostileminded. gramhycgende hostile, PPs 68^25. gramhdig hostile, malignant. gramian to anger, enrage, W 199^2. gramigende raging, GPH 402. gramlic wrathful, fierce, cruel, severe, . adv. lce, Ps. ['gramely'] grammaticcrft m. art of grammar, BH 258^15. grammaticere m. grammarian, A 8327. grammd cruel, Bl 223^33. gramword n. evil speech, PPs 74^5. grand pret. 3 sg. of grindan. grandorlas (o) guileless, Jul 271. grnian^2 to 'groan,' lament, Bl, Ps. granu f. moustache, Cp 335#m. [Ger. granne] grnung f. 'groaning,' lamentation, . grp I. f. grasp, grip. [grpan] II. pret. 3 sg. of grpan. grpian to feel for, lay hold of, seize, touch, , B, Bl, Rd, VPs. ['grope'] grpigendlic tangible, H 1230. grpung f. sense of feeling, touch, . ['groping '] grscinnen made of grey skins or grey fur, Chr 1075#d. [ON. grskinn] grasian to 'graze,' Lcd. grasu v. grs. grtan sbpl. groats, Lcd 3292^24. graul gradual, antiphon. grada m. lap, bosom, CP, Lk. ['greade'] grat () comp. gretra 'great,' tall, large, thick, massive, A, , Bo, Chr, WW: coarse, BC, Lcd. gratewyrt f. meadow saffron, WW 298^7. gratian^2 to become enlarged, CP. ['great'] gratnes () f. 'greatness,' RB 88^15. Grcisc Greek, Grecian, . grd grd grf grf grg grg grem grim gremian (AO, Mk), gremman to enrage, provoke, irritate, , CP: revile. ['greme'] gremung () f. provocation, LPs 94^9. grne 'green,' Cp, Ct, Lcd: young, immature, Lcd: growing, living, LkL (oe): as sb., Lcd. grnhwen greencoloured, WW 379^24. grnian to become 'green,' flourish, Met. grnnes f. greenness, BH; CP: (in pl.) green things, plants, A 8310. grennian to 'grin,' gnash the teeth, Jul, Sc; . grennung () f. grinning, Cp 174#r. grofa m. pot, pan, WW. [Ger. griebe] grop grp grosn (o) gravel, pebble, KGl 76^3. [Ger. greiss] grot n. 'grit,' sand, earth, An, B, Gen; . grotan^2 to cry, weep, lament, B, Sol. [v. 'greet '] grothord n. body, Gu 1240. grow pret. 3 sg. of grwan. grp, grpe f. landdrain, ditch, furrow: burrow: privy, OEG (). 300

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary gres grs grt grat grtan I. () to 'greet,' salute, accost, speak to, challenge, , B, Mk, Jul: () to seek out, approach, visit, B ; W: illtreat, attack, AO: touch, take hold of, handle, deal with, Gr. hearpan grtan play the harp: cohabit with. II. () to weep, bemoan, lament, deplore, Cr. [v. 'greet'] grting f. 'greeting,' salutation, BH, LkL (oe): present. grtinghs n. audience chamber, WW 184^3. grtingword n. word of greeting, Gr 209^14. gretta grytta gree 'sodalis'? OEG 29^2. grw pres. 3 sg. of grwan. griellan (i) to irritate, provoke, offend, CP: gnash the teeth at, creak. ['grill'] gretra v. grat. grghund m. 'greyhound,' WW 276^3. grillan griellan grim (CP) grimm grma m. mask, helmet: ghost. grimena 'bruchus', caterpillar? EPs 104^34. grimet grymet grimful fierce, violent, ES 39348. grmhelm m. helmet (with visor). grming spectre, WW 446^26. grimlic fierce, bloodthirsty, cruel, severe, terrible, , AO. adv.lce. ['grimly'] grimm fierce, savage, B, Bl: dire, severe, bitter, painful, BH; Bl. ['grim'] grimman^3 to rage: hasten on, B 306. grimmn n. terrible sin, BH 50^8#b. grmme savagely, cruelly, severely, AO, Gen. ['grim '] grimnes f. ferocity, cruelty, Bl, Gu, WW. [' grimness'] grimsian to rage, BH. grimsung f. harshness, severity, CP 125^14. grin 'ilium,' region of the groin, LL. grn (, ; also short?) nf. snare, gin, trap, PPs, VPs ; , CP: halter, noose, Mt (y). ['grin'] +grnan to ensnare. +grind n. impact, crash. grindan^3 (y) to rub together, grate, scrape, Rd: gnash, Ps: 'grind,' sharpen, , Mt. grinde f. shingle, BC (v. Mdf). grindel m. nap. grindlas bar, bolt. pl. grating, hurdle. grindere m. miller, Lcd 3178^1. grindet m. grinding tooth, molar, WW 440^26. gring cring grnian to ensnare, KGl. ['grin'] grint pres. 3 sg. of grindan. grosn grosn gripa m. handful, sheaf. grpan^1 intr. (w. d. g. or t) to seek to get hold of, B, Bl, Gen: tr. (w. g.) seize, take, apprehend, Sol, WW. ['gripe'] gripe m. grasp, seizure, attack, B, WW; . gbilla g. shield: handful, Lcd, Ps. grpend m. seizer, robber, WW 516^13. +gripenes, gripnes f. seizing, snare, captivity, EPs 34^8. gripu f. kettle, caldron. grpul 'capax', WW 198^39. ['gripple'] 301

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary grsan () v. g. grislic 'grisly,' horrible, HL 15^182 (very late). grist n. action of grinding, WW: 'grist.' [grindan] gristbat gristbit gristbite m. gnashing, W 188^5. gristbitian to gnash the teeth, BH, Mk, WW; . [' gristbite'] gristbitung f. gnashing of teeth, Bl, Mt. [' gristbiting'] gristian to gnash, grind, Gl. gristle f. 'gristle', Gl, WW. gristlung (y) f. gnashing. gristra m. baker, WW. gritta grytta gri n. truce, (temporary) peace, Ma: protection of the person, asylum, sanctuary, guarantee of safety. ['grith '] gribryce m. breach of 'gri,' LL: penalty for such a breach, LL. ['grithbreach'] griian to make a truce or peace, Chr: protect, LL. grilagu f. law of temporary or local peace, LL 470[9]. grilas unprotected, W 158^7. groe gr grf pret. 3 sg. of grafan. grom gram gron gran grond pret. 3 sg. of grindan. gronwisc 'acus', Cp 160#a (v. AB 935). grpian grpian groren v. beg. grorn I. m. sorrow, sadness. II. adj. sad, agitated. adv.e. grornhof n. sad home, hell, Jul 324. grornian to mourn, complain. grorntorn sadness, Rim 66? grornung f. complaint, NG. grot I. n. particle, Bo; AO. ['grot'] II. n. groats, coarse meal, Gl. [grot] grotig earthy, GPH 396. grwan^7 to 'grow,' increase, Bo, Cp, Rd, WW: germinate, KGl, Mk. grwende 'growing,' Gen, KGl. grwnes f. growth, BH. grummon pret. pl. of grimman. grund m. 'ground,' bottom, B, Gen, Sol, VPs: foundation, LkL: abyss, hell: plain, country land, earth, An, B, Bl, Wid: sea, water. grundbedd n. ground, soil, Rd 81^24. grundbend m. earthdweller. grunden pp. of grindan. grundeswelge (i^3, u^3, v^3) f. 'groundsel,' Lcd. grundfs hastening to hell, Mod 49. grundhyrde m. keeper of the abyss, B 2136. grundinga grundlunga grundlas bottomless, unfathomable, Bo: boundless, vast. ['groundless'] grundlaslic boundless, vast, CP 417^10. grundling m. groundling (fish), BC 3525 (Mdf). grundlunga (i^2) adv. from the foundation, completely, : to the ground, prone, prostrate, . grundon pret. pl. of grindan. 302

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary grundscat m. region. grundsele m. abysmal dwelling. grundstn m. foundationstone, WW. ['groundstone '] +grundstaelian to establish firmly, L 8^21. grundwg m. earth, An 582. grundwang m. (groundplain), the earth: bottom (of a lake). grundweall m. foundation, , Lk. ['groundwall'] +grundweallian to establish, found, EPs 23^2. grundwela m. earthly riches, Gen 957. grundwyrgen f. waterwolf, B 1518. grunian, grunnian (OEG) to grunt. grunnettan to 'grunt,' Cp. grunung, grunnung f. grunting, bellowing, OEG. grut m. gulf, chasm, abyss: stone, rock, OEG 1814. grt f. (ds. grt, grt) groats, coarse meal, Cp, Ct, Lcd : grains, the spent grain after brewing, Lcd. ['grout '] grutt, grutte grut gryllan griellan grym grim(m) grymettan,tian (i) to grunt, roar, rage. grymetung,tung f. grunting, roaring, bellowing. grymm grimm grymman gremman [[under gremian"]] gryn gyrn grn grn +grynd n. plot of ground, TC 231^22. gryndan I. to set, sink (of the sun), WW. ['grind '; grund] II. grindan grynde n. abyss. grynel (WW 291^3) cyrnel grnian grnian grynsmi m. worker of ill, An 919. grpe (OEG 4290; 4744) grpe [[under grp"]] gryre m. horror, terror: fierceness, violence, DD 8: horrible thing. gryrebrga m. terror, horror. gryrefst terribly firm, El 76a. gryrefh adj. (used as sb.) spotted horror, B. gryregst (?) m. terrible stranger, B 2560. gryregeatwe fp. wargear, B 324. gryrehwl f. terrible time, An 468. gryrelo n. terrible song. gryrelic terrible, horrible. gryremiht f. terrible power, W 195^20. gryres m. way of terror, dangerous expedition, B 1462. gryrran to gnash, DD 195. grys gris grs grs grt I. pres. 3 sg. of grotan. II. v. grt. grto f. greatness, Nar 8^22. [grat] grytta, gryttan pl. coarse meal, bran, chaff, Ep, Lcd, WW. ['grit'] grytte f. sand, Ps. grttra (A 4151) *grietra cp. of grat. ['greater'] 303

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary gry gri g go guldon pret. pl. of gieldan. gullon pret. pl. of giellan. gulpon pret. pl. of gielpan. guma m. man, hero, B. ['gome'] gumcynn sn. human race, men, mankind, nation. gumcyst f. excellence, bravery, virtue, liberality. adv.um excellently. gumdram m. enjoyment of life, B 2469. gumdryhten m. lord, B 1642. gumfa m. troop, B 1401. gumfra m. king, Da 651. gumian v. oferg. gummann m. man, B 1028. gumrce n. kingdom, earth. gumrinc m. man, warrior. gumstl m. ruler's seat, throne, B 1952. gumegen m. man, Cra 83. gumod f. folk, people, Gen 226. gund m. matter, pus, Lcd. ['gound'] gundeswilge (Ep, Erf, Ln) grundeswelge gung geong gung ging gungon pret. pl. of gangan. gunnon (BH) pret. pl. of ginnan. gupan 'clunibus, renibus, coxe,' WW 205^41 (v. A 31522). gurron pret. pl. of gyrran. guton pret. pl. of gotan. guttas mp. 'guts,' entrails, HGl 408. g f. combat, battle, war. gbeorn m. fightinghero, B 314. gbill n. battlebill, sword. gbord n. warshield. gbyrne f. corslet, coat of mail. gcearu f. wartrouble, B 1258. gcrft m. warcraft, B 127. gcwn f. warrior queen. gcyning m. warrior king. gcyst f. troop, warrior band? (Kluge): bravery? (BT), Ex 343. gda m. death in battle, B 2249. gfana m. gonfanon, warbanner, ensign, standard, , AO. gfl? f.,fln? mf. battlearrow, Gen 2063. gfloga m. winged fighter, B 2528. gfona gfana gfra m. warlike prince, An 1335. gfrec bold in battle. gfreca m. warrior. gfremmend m. warrior. gfugol m. bird of war, eagle, Rd 25^5. ggeatwe fp. armour. ggelca m. warrior, El 43. 304

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary ggemt n. battle, combat. ggetwe ggeatwe ggeingu np. battle, contest. ggewde n. wardress, armour. ggeweorc n. warlike deed. ggewinn n. battle. ghafoc m. warhawk, eagle, #Chr 937#a. gheard bold in battle, El 204. ghelm m. helmet, B 2487. ghere m. warlike host, army. ghorn m. warhorn, trumpet, B 1432. ghr m. martial glory, B 819. ghwt fierce in battle, Ap 57. glo n. warsong, B 1522. gmcga,maga m. warrior, Sol 90. gmd warlike. Gmyrce pl. Ethiopians, Ex 69. gplega m. attach, battle. grs m. battlerush, onslaught. graf n. armour, Jul 387. grow fierce in battle, B 58. [hrow] grinc m. warrior, hero. grf brave in battle. gscearu f. slaughter in battle, B 1213. gsceaa m. ravaging invader, B 2318. gsceorp n. armour, Jud 329. gscrd n. armour, El 258. gsearo n. armour. gsele m. hall of warriors, B 443. gspell n. tidings of a war, Gen 2097. gsweord n. sword, B 2154. gracu f. hostile attack. grat m. warlike troop, Ex 193. gweard m. warlord, king. gweorc n. warlike deed, An 1068. gwrig wounded, B 1586. gwiga m. warrior. gwine m. battlefriend, weapon. gwudu m. spear, Fin 6. gy ge gyc gic gyd gid(d) gyden (AO), gydenu f. (occl. gs. gydenan) goddess. [god] gydenlic 'vestalis' ( dealis? A 3163), WW 524^33. gydig (i) possessed (by a spirit), insane, OEG 5009. [' giddy'] gyf gif gyf geof, gief, gif gf gf gyha () gica gyhu gehu gyld gield 305

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary gyld gild +gyld gylden gyldan I. to gild. II. (AO) gieldan gylden 'golden,' B, Dan; , AO, CP. gyldenbag (gilden, ) m. crown. gyldenfeax goldenhaired, WW 348^35. gyldenhwe goldenhued, OEG 43^5. gyldenma goldenmouthed (Chrysostom), GD 94^24; ZDA 31^7. gyldenwecg (gylding) m. gold mine, WW 241^17. gylian, gyllan to yell, shout. gyliende 'garrulus,' OEG 56^138. gylm gelm gylp gielp gylt (e, i, ie) m. 'guilt,' sin, offence, crime, fault, A, Bl, Chr, Mt; AO, CP. gyltan to commit sin, be guilty, CP, Mt, RB, VPs. [' guilt,' 'guilting'] gyltend m. sinner, debtor, CP. gyltig offending, 'guilty,' Mt. gylting f. sin, DR. gyltlic sinful, DR. gyltwte n. (gyld) fine for unpaid tax, KC 514. gylung? 'garrulitas,' OEG 56^141. gym gimm gym gim gm gem gymian gymmian gymm gimm gymmian to cut the throat, kill, OEG 3799. gyn geon, gin gynde pret. of *giendan to drive. gpe ( ?) v. g. [[headword spelled gype"]] gypigend yawning, GPH 398. gypung f. gaping, open mouth, GPH. gyr I. m. mud, marsh. II. fir tree, WW 269^14. gyr geor, gier gyra gyr I. gyrdan (pret. gyrde), to 'gird' (sword), Gen, PPs: encircle, surround, JnL: (+) invest with attributes, PPs. gyrdel (e) m. 'girdle,' belt, zone, Lcd, Mt; : purse. gyrdelbred n. 'pugillar,' WW 277^13. gyrdelhring n. girdle, buckle, WW 432. gyrdels, gyrder gyrdel gyrdil gyrdel gyrdweg m. road with a fence on either side (BT), KC 3412^21. gyrdwte n. affliction caused by a rod (used of Moses' rod), Ex 15. gren grn gyrman (LPs 37^8) cirman gyrn mn. sorrow, misfortune. gyrnstafas mp. injury, affliction, Jul 245. gyrnwracu f. revenge for injury. gyrran^3 [ gierran, georran] to sound, chatter, : to creak, grate, An 374. gyrretan to roar (of lions), LPs. gyrsandg (MFH 97) gierstandg gyrst grist 306

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary gyrstandg () gierstandg gyrtrow n. fir tree, WW 138^11. gyru f. gyr gyrwan gierwian [[error for gierwan?]] gyrwefenn n. marsh, Gr 60^10. gse gse gsel gsl gyst (1) gst, (2) gist gyst gst, giest gysternlicdg gierstandg gyt git pron. gt I. pres. 3 sg. of gotan. II. get gt get, gt gyte, gytt (NG) m. pouring forth, shedding, : flood, . [gotan] gytesl m. (dp. gyteslum) joy at winepouring, carousal, Jud 22. gytestram m. running stream, WW. gytfeorm f. ploughingfeast, LL 452, 21, 4. gcorn () n. spurge laurel? Lcd. grife f. cockle, Lcd. gu go


A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary

h is often wrongly prefixed to words, as in Cockney English. h m. oarthole, rowlock. t h for each oar, or each oarsman, Chr 1040#c. [Icel. hr] habban anv. ptc. pres. hbbende; pres. 1 sg. hbbe, 2. hfst, 3. hf, pl. hbba, habba; pret. 3 sg. hfde; subj. hbbe; imperat. hafa; pp. () hf(e)d to 'have,' Bl, G: possess, own, hold, B, Bl, G: keep, retain, Bl, VPs: entertain, cherish: esteem, consider, BH: be subject to, experience, Mk: obtain, Chr, Mt: assert, Lcd: used as auxiliary to indicate past tense, have, , Chr, Ex. h. for consider: (+) hold, keep from, preserve, retain, CP, . yfle +h. afflict, torment. haca m. hook, doorfastening, Cp 311#p. [Ger. hake] haccian v. th. hacele () f. cloak, coat, vestment, cassock, 'pallium,' AO, WW; . ['hackle'] hacod (, e) m. pike, WW. ['haked'; Ger. hecht] hacole, hacule hacele hd m. (rare gs. hda) person, individuality, , BH, Mt : degree, rank, order, office (especially holy office), , BH, CP: condition, state, nature, character, form, manner, B, Sol: sex, BH, Chr: race, family, tribe: choir. ['had'] hd masc. suffix; usu. denotes state or condition, as cildhd, mghd. [Eng.hood] +hada m. brother monk, LL. hdbt f. compensation for injury or insult to a priest, LL. ['hadbot'] hdbreca m. violator of (holy) orders, LL. hdbryce,brice m. violation of (holy) orders, LL. hdelce adv. as to persons, DHy 29^6. hdesmann m. member of a particular order, Chr 995#f. hdgri n. privilege (as regards peace) of holy orders, LL 471[19]. hdian to ordain, consecrate, BH; . ['hade'] hdnotu f. office of a priest, LL 458#h. hdor I. n. clearness, brightness, B 414 (or ? hador heaor). II. () bright, clear, fresh: distinct, loud. [ Ger. heiter] adv. hdre. hdswpa m. bridesman, WW 174^35. hdswpe () f. bridesmaid, WW. hdung f. consecration, ordination, Chr, LL. [v. ' hade']. hdunge underfn to take the veil. hdungdg (i^2) m. ordination day, L 33^59. hb hf hb(Gl) hf hbb habb, hebb hbbednes f. continence? A 8320^3. hbbendlic 'habilis,' Gr 54^5. hbbere v. sulhh. hc fm. grating, 'hatch,' halfgate, Ct. hc hac +hcca sausage, WW 411^20. [hacian] [[headword spelled haccian"]] hcce I. f. crozier. II. gs. of hc. hcwer m. hatchweir, a weir in which fish were caught, KC 3450. hdor hdor hdre straitly, anxiously. hdre hdre [[form of hdor"]] hf I. n. (heaf, hafin obl. cases) sea, ocean. [cp. Ger. haff] II. (OEG) hfe hfd hafod 308

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary hfde pret. sg. of habban. hfe I. m. leaven. [Ger. hefe] II. hefe hfed hafod hfednes v. be, forh. hfegtsung? f. covetousness, EPs 118^36. hfen I. f. property, possessions, . [Ger. habe] II. f. 'haven,' port, Chr. III. hefen. IV. pp. of hebban. hfen hafen hfenblte hferblte hfene hfen II. hfer (e) m. hegoat. hferbte m. forceps, WW 198^16. hferblte f? a bird? bittern? seagull? WW 116^41; 361^17. hfergt hfer hfern m. crab, WW. hfig hefig hfne hfen hfreblte hferblte hfst v. habban. hft I. m. bond, fetter: captive, slave, servant: bondage, imprisonment, affliction, : () seizing, thing seized, CLPs 123^6. [Ger. haft] II. n. 'haft,' handle, Lcd, WW; . [Ger. heft] III. pp. of hftan. hftan to bind, fetter: arrest, detain, imprison: condemn, DR 197^13. [Ger. heften] hfte hft II. hfteclomm m. fetter, #Chr 942#a. +hftednes f. captivity. hftedm m. slavery, captivity, Met 25^65. hften f. confinement, Chr 1095. +hftend m. prisoner, MFH 136. hftenod hftned hftincel (e^2) n. slave, WW. hfting f. fastening, lock. hftlic captious, OEG. hftling m. prisoner, captive, . hftmce m. hilted sword, B 1457. hftnes (v. MF 165) hftednes hftne hftno hftnian to take prisoner: seize, detain. hftned (AO), (, ; ) f. custody, imprisonment, bondage. +hftnedan to take captive, GD 135^15. hftnedling (^2, y^2) m. captive, L. hftnednes () f. captivity, NC 299, GD 346^22. hftno m. confinement, imprisonment. hftnung f. confinement, captivity. hftnd () hftned hftung f. fetter, MF (Vesp. D xiv). hf pres. 3 sg. of habban. hfuc hafoc hg hago, hagu, hege +hgan? to vex, harass? Ex 169 (GK). [ON. h] +hge n. enclosure, meadow, OEG; Mdf. hghl safe and sound, DR. hgtes,tis,tesse f. witch, pythoness. 309

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary hgorn () haguorn hgweard m. keeper of cattle in a common field, LL 452[20]. hh hah hhtis hgtes hl n. omen, B 204. hl I. hlu. II. adj. hl hl hel hl hl, hl hlan I. () to 'heal,' cure, save, CP, Lcd, Mt, Ps; (+): greet, salute, GD 36^27. +hl! Hosanna! [hl] II. to castrate, Lcd 3186^22. +hld +hield hle m. man, hero. hle hlu +hled hl +hlednes f. healing, GD 247^11. hlend () m. Saviour, Christ. ['healend'; Ger. heiland] hlendlic wholesome, OEG 153^8. hlet hlet hle m. (nap. hleas, hle) man, hero, fighter, B. ['heleth'; Ger. held] hlehelm heolohelm hlfter n. 'halter,' WW. hlgere m. sanctifier, DR(a^2). hlhiht full of corners. [healh I.] hlig unstable, inconstant, Bo 115^3. hling f. 'healing,' Nic. hlm healm hlnes f. salvation, safety, CP: sanctuary. [' healness'] hlnesgri n. peaceprivileges attaching to a sanctuary, LL 471[19]. hlotd f. prosperous time, Chr 1065#d. hlsent (Cp 484#e) hlsiend hlsere m. soothsayer, augur, Cp 953#a. hlsian to exercise augury, take omens, foretell, prophesy, Gl. [hl] hlsiend,igend () m. soothsayer, augur. hlsung I. f. augury, divination. II. hlsung I. hl, hlo f. 'health,' : salvation, Lcd ; : healing, . hlu f. health, prosperity, safety, salvation, , CP. hlubearn n. Saviour, Christ. hlwyrt f. 'pulegium,' pennyroyal, WW 300^24. hlynd hlend hmht (MkR 1^22) hahmiht hman to have intercourse with, cohabit with, , CP: marry, MtR. hmed () n. (nap. hmedru) cohabitation, , CP: marriage. hmedceorl m. married man, LL. hmedgemna m. matrimony, WW 441^24. hmedlc n. coition, Rd 43^3. hmedrim m. 'lenocinium,' OEG 5046. hmedru v. hmed. hmedscipe m. cohabitation, wedlock, OEG. hmeding n. coition, cohabitation, L: marriage. hmedwf n. married woman. hmere m. consort, bedfellow, . 310

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary hmet, hme hmed hn henn hnan I. to stone, Jn; . ['hene'] II. henan hnep (e) m. 'hemp,' Lcd, WW. [Ger. hanf] hnfugel hennfugol hnn henn hnu heno +hp, hplic fit, convenient. +hplicnes f. convenience. hpse f. 'hasp,' fastening, . hpsian to 'hasp,' fasten, . hpte (pret. 3 sg.) jumped, L 31^477. hr (, ) n. 'hair,' Lcd; : a hair, , Cp (), Mk. hr har, hear, her(e) hr hr hre f. sackcloth of hair, Mt; . ['haire'] +hre, +hrede hairy. hren of hair, Bl, Lcd. ['hairen'] hrenfagol sb. hedgehog, SPs 103^19 (cp. hattef.). hrfest (e) m. autumn, 'harvest'time, A, Ct; AO: August, A 10185. h. handful handful of corn (a due belonging to the husbandman on an estate), LL 450. [Ger. herbst] hrfestlic autumnal, . hrfestmona m. 'harvestmonth,' September, Gr 43^8. hrfesttd f.,tma m. autumn, harvesttime. hrfestwta m. autumn rain, AO 102^7. hrgripa (; v. late) m. seizing by the hair, LL 611. hriht hairy, WW 513^8. hring m. 'herring,' Gl (), WW; . hringtma m. herring season, Ct. hrloccas mp. locks of hair, HGl. ['hairlock'] hrn f. wave, tide: () sea, ocean. hrndl f. curlingpin, OEG 1200. hrnflota m. ship, Gu 1307. hrsceard n. harelip, Lcd. [Ger. hasenscharte] hrsyfe () n. 'hairsieve,' A 9264. hs f. 'hest,' bidding, behest, command, , Gen. [htan] hsel m. 'hazel' shrub, Gl, Lcd; ; Mdf. hselhnutu f. 'hazelnut,' Gl, WW (a). hsere m. master, lord, LkLR. hsl hsel hslen of hazel, Lcd. ['hazelen'] hsp hpse hssuc hassuc hst I. violent, vehement. adv. hste,lce. II. f. violence, strife. hswalwe (WW 7^28) *sswealwe ht m. 'hat,' Cp, AO; . ht pres. 3 sg. of htan. htan () tr. to 'heat,' Shr, Lcd: intr. become hot, Gl. htcole hcole hte f. heat, , AO. [ht] hteru np. garments, H. ['hater'] 311

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary hto htu hts (L 18^350) hgtes htst pres. 2 sg. of htan. htt ht htte htte, v. htan. httende attacking. [hatian] httian (e) to scalp, LL 334, 30, 5. htu (o^2, e^2) f. 'heat,' warmth, Bl, Mt, VPs; : fervour, ardour, VHy. h I. mn. 'heath,' untilled land, waste, Ex; Mdf: heather, Gl, Lcd. II. ha [[II. error for ha?]] ha m. hot weather. hberie f. whortleberry, Lcd. hcole f. name of a plant, WW. hen I. () 'heathen,' heathenish, pagan, , Bl; AO, CP. II. m. gentile, heathen man (especially of the Danes), , Mk. hena m. heathen, LkR 21^25. hencyning m. heathen king, Da 54. hencynn n. heathen race, Gen 2546. hendm m. 'heathendom,' false religion, LL. henfeoh n. heathen sacrifice? Jul 53. henfolc n. heathen people, W 223^12. hengield (i^3, y^3) n. idolatry: idol. hengilda (y^3) m. idolater, . henhere m. Danish army, Chr. henisc 'heathenish,' pagan, AO. hennes f. heathenism, paganism, BH. [' heathenesse'] henscipe m. paganism, idolatry, , Chr (). [' heathenship'] henstyrc m. heathen calf (the golden calf of the Israelites), PPs 105^17. hfeld m. heathland, Bo 34^27. hiht heathy, KC. hin hen hstapa m. heathstalker, wolf, stag. [stppan] [[under steppan"]] hung f. heating, H 1286. [*htung] hwen () blue, purple, azure. hwengrne cerulean, WW 379^23. hwenhydele f. a plant, Lcd. hafa, imperat. of habban; hafast, hafa hfst, hf pres. 2 and 3 sg. of habban. hafa v. wanh. hafala hafela hafastu hafast u [[form of habban"]] hafecere m. 'hawker,' LL. hafela (ea) m. head. hafelst hafenlast hafen pp. of hebban. hafenian to hold, grasp. [hebban] hafenlas destitute, needy, poor, , WW. ['haveless '; hfen] hafenlast f. want, poverty, . hfern hfern [[headword spelled hfern"]] hafetian (i^2) to clap, flap, . hafoc (ea) m. 'hawk,' OET, Wyrd. hafoccynn n. hawktribe, . 312

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary hafocere m. hawker, WW 235^9. hafocfugel m. hawk, LL (162^19). hafocwyrt f. a plant, Lcd. hafola hafela hafol(nes) v. wanh. hafuc hafoc hafudland (WW 147^18) heafodland [[headword spelled hafodlond"]] haga I. m. hedge, enclosure, curtilage, WW; Mdf: fortified enclosure, B: homestead, house, Ct. ['haw'] II. m. 'haw,' WW 204^20: trifle, WW 138^39; 269^5. hagal hagol hagaorn haguorn hage hago +hagian (impers.) to please, suit. gif him (hine) t m +hagige if he can afford it. hagov. also hg. hagol (^1, e^1, a^2, e^2) m. 'hail,' , Gen, Met, Ph: hail shower, Bo: name of the rune for h. hagolfaru (hgl) f. hailstorm, Wa 105. hagolian to 'hail,' AO (gal). hagolscr m. hailshower. hagolstn m. 'hailstone,' . hagorn (ea) f. spell, Nar 50^14. hagospind (ea) n. cheek. [haga] hagosteald I. (hg, heh) unmarried, independent. II. m. unmarried man attached to a court, bachelor, young man, warrior, liege man. [Ger. hagestolz] III. n. celibacy, Rd 21^31. IV. (heh) virgin, LL, NG. hagostealdhad (hg) m. unmarried state. hagostealdlic (heh) virgin, DR 66^1. hagostealdmonn m. bachelor, warrior. hagostealdnes (heh) f. virginity, N. hagu hago haguorn (^1) m. 'hawthorn,' Gl, Mt, Lcd. ha ha interj. 'ha! ha!' Gr. hal heal hal heal(h) hl hl hl 'hale,' 'whole,' entire, uninjured, healthy, well, sound, safe, genuine, straightforward, Lcd, Mt; , CP. wes u h., h. westu, h. bo u hail! hlbre wholesome, salutary. halc (OET 489) healh hald heald haldan healdan [[from first edition, printed as: hald, haldan hald, healdan]] hleg hlig hleg hlg hlettan () to greet, hail, salute. hlettend m. middle finger (used in saluting), WW. hlettung f. greeting, salutation. hlfst pious? healthy? RB 72^6. hlga I. wk. form of adj. hlig. II. m. saint, , Ct. ['hallow'] hlgawaras hligwaras hlgian to 'hallow,' sanctify, , Jn: consecrate, dedicate, ordain, BH, Bl, Chr; : reverence, _Hy: keep holy, Bl. 313

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary +hlgigend m. sanctifier, DHy 64^2. hlgung f. 'hallowing,' consecration, BH. hlgungbc f. benedictional, NC 299. hlgungram m. consecrated ram, . hli hlig hlig 'holy,' consecrated, sacred, A, Lk: venerated, , G, VPs: godly, saintly, CP, Mk. as sb. what is holy, MtL. adv.lce. hligan I. to heal up, get well, CP. II. hlgian hligdg m. holy day, Sabbath, MkL, LL. ['holiday '] hligdm m. holiness, righteousness, sanctity, ; CP: holy place, sanctuary, chapel, : relics, holy things, LL : holy office, CP 51^1. ['halidom'] hligdmhs m. 'sacrarium,' CM 818. hligern n. holy place, sanctuary. hligmna m. (holy month), September. hlignes f. 'holiness,' sanctity, religion, Bl, Ps; : holy place, sanctuary, CP, W: holy thing, relic. hligportic m. sanctuary, CJVPs. hligrift,ryft,reft f. veil, . hligwcca m. vigilkeeper, LL (224^27). hligwter n. 'holy water,' BH. hligwaras,ware mp. saints, N. hligweorc n. sanctuary, APs 73^7. halm healm hlor n? salvation. [hl] hlp healp pret. 3 sg. of helpan. hals heals hls hls hls f. salvation, Cr 587? hlsere hlsere halsgang (WW 190^32) healsgund hlsian () (a) to adjure, call up, convoke, CP, Mt, OET, VPs: exorcise, LL. [v. 'halse' and also hlsian, healsian] hlsigend I. m. exorcist, . II. hlsigend [[under hlsiend"]] halstn healstn hlsung f. exorcism, LL. [v. 'halsing'] (v. also hlsung and healsung.) hlswurung f. thanksgiving for safety, Ex 581. [hls] halt healt hal heald II. hlwenda m. Saviour, . hlwende healing, healthful, salutary, , CP: sanctifying, . hlwendlic salutary, wholesome. adv.lce, , CP. hlwendnes f. salubrity, BH 28^30. hlwynde hlwende ham I. m? undergarment ('subucula,' OEG), WW. ['hame'] II. hamm hm I. m. ds. hm 'home,' dwelling, house, Bl, Jn, LL; AO: manor, estate, hamlet, , BH, Mt. II. adv. 'home,' homewards, Chr, Jn; . III. 'cauterium,' A 30258; 33390. hama m. covering, dress, garment: womb, 'puerperium,' v. OEG: slough of a snake, NC 299: bridle? Lcd 342^12 (A 30257). hma m. cricket, WW. [Ger. heimchen] hmc familiar, NG. hmcyme m. homecoming, return, . ['homecome'] hamele f. rowlock (only in phr. t lcre hamelan for every oar, i.e. rower, Chr 1039#e). [ON. hamla; v. 314

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary also h] hamelian to hamstring, mutilate, Chr. ['hamble '] hamer hamor hamer v. clodh. hmettan to house serfs, Ct, LL. hmfrelt n. going home, AO 146^21. hmfst resident, settled in or owning a house, . hmfaru f. attack of an enemy in his house, housebreaking: fine for housebreaking. [v. LL 2504] hmhenn f. domestic fowl, Lcd 92a. +hamian to establish in a home? JnL p188^7. hmlas homeless, Rd 40^9. hamm I. m. piece of pasture land, enclosure, dwelling, Ct ; L; Mdf. ['ham'] II. f. 'ham' (part of leg), Lcd, WW; . +hammen studded with nails (of shoes)? GD 37^13. hamod v. +fierh. hamola (o^1) mutilated person? ANS 98127. t hamolan besciran to shave the beard off (as insult), LL 68, 35, 3. hamor (o^1, e^2) m. 'hammer,' Jul, WW. hamorian (amer) to beat out, forge, GPH 396. hamorsecg m. hammersedge, Lcd. hamorwyrt f. black hellebore, wallpellitory, Lcd 1374. ['hammerwort'] hmscr f. aedileship, Gl. hmscyld v. rihth. hmsittend m. homepossessor. hmsittende living at home. hms m. return home, HL 10^273. hmsian to return home, WW 118^18. hmscn f. offence of attacking a man in his own house, LL : the franchise of holding pleas of this offence and receiving the penalties for it: the penalty itself, Ct. [' hamesucken'] hmsteall m. homestead, Ct. ['homestall'] hmstede m. 'homestead,' Ct. hamule (Chr 1039#e) hamele hamur hamor hmweard homewards, towards home, on the way home, Chr ; . ['homeward'] hmweardes adv. 'homewards,' Chr. hmweorung f. ornament of a home, B 2998. hmwerod (eo^2, u^3) n. household, BH 191^22. hmwerd () hmweard hmwyrt f. houseleek, Lcd. ['homewort'] hn f. (boundary)stone, BC. ['hone'] hana m. cock, . [Ger. hahn] hanasang m. cockcrow, MH 4^16. hancrd () m. cockcrow, . [crwan] hancrdtd (o^1) f. time of cockcrow, WW 413^35. hand (o) f. (gds. handa) 'hand,' Jn, VPs, WW; AO, CP, . brd h. palm. on h. gn to yield. on h. syllan to give a pledge: side (in defining position), . swre, winstre h. right, left, hand. on gehwere h. on both sides: power, control, possession, charge, Ps, RB. on h. giefan, t handa ltan to hand over (to). on handa sellan promise, bargain. t handa healdan hold (land) of another. on handa settan entrust, commit: agency, Ps, VPs: person regarded as holder or receiver of something. handx f. 'dextralis,' a kind of axe, WW 221^22. handbftian (ea^2, a^3) to lament, NG. 315

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary handbana m. slayer by hand, B. handbell f. 'handbell,' Ct. handbc f. 'handbook,' manual, LL, WW. handbona handbana handbred n. palm of the hand, breadth of the hand, L. handcl n. towel, . ['handcloth'] handcops m. handcuff, manacle. handcrft m. manual skill, power of the hand, handicraft, , LL. ['handcraft'] handcwyrn f. handmill, . [cweorn] handdda m. doer with his own hand, LL. handele handle +handfstan to betroth. handfstnung (e^2) f. joining hands in confirmation of a pledge, WW. handfull nf. 'handful,' Ep, LPs. handgang m. imposition of hands: surrender. handgemaca m. companion in labour, L 23^421. handgemt n. battle, B. handgesceaft f. handiwork, Gen 455. handgesella (o^1) m. companion, B 1481. handgestealla m. companion, B. handgeswing n. blow, stroke, El 115. handgeweald n. power, possession, PPs 105^30. handgeweorc n. 'handiwork,' creation, , Ps. handgewinn n. manual labour, work, struggle, contest. handgewrit n. handwriting, agreement, deed. handgewrien woven by hand, B 1937. [wran] handgift f. wedding present, Hy 10^18. handgong handgang handgripe m. 'handgrip,' B 965? handgri n. peace, protection given by the king's hand, LL (v. 2494). ['handgrith'] handhabbend redhanded (thief), LL 172[6]. handhf m? n? burden, LkL 11^46. handhamur m. 'handhammer,' WW 448^2. handhrgl n. napkin, towel, WW 127^1. handhrine m. touch, An 1022. handhwl f. instant, . ['handwhile'] handle f? 'handle,' Cp. handlan n. requital, recompense. handleng(u) f. a hand's length, IM 124^74. handlian to 'handle,' feel, Lcd; : discuss, A 8304; 308. handln n. handcloth, napkin. handlinga adv. by hand, L 11^247: hand to hand, at close quarters, . ['handlings'] handlocen joined together by hand. handlung f. 'handling,' . handmgen n. bodily strength. handmitta anmitta handngl m. fingernail, Lcd 125a. handplega m. fight, battle. handprost m. domestic chaplain, . handrs m. onrush, attack, B 2072. handrf famed for strength, Ex 247. 316

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary handscalu handscolu handscolu f. retinue, B. handscyldig condemned to lose a hand, LL 471[13,1]. handseald given personally (by the king), LL 637[12]. handseax n. dirk, dagger, . handselen 'mancipatio,' WW 449^29. handseten f. attestation, signature, ratification, Ct. handsex handseax handslyht andslyht handsmll m. blow with the hand, 'alapa,' JnLR 19^3. handspitel m. handshovel, spade. handsporu f. claw, finger, B 986. handstoe n. cuff, sleeve, v. ES 38352. handswgelce adv. similarly, RB. [and] handswyle m. swelling on the hand, WW 205^10. handtam tamed by hand, L 8^86. handegn m. retainer, servant. handwal n. washing of the hands, WW 146^9. handweorc n. handiwork, Rd, LL. ['handwork'] handworht made with hands. handwundor n. marvel of handiwork, B 2768. handwyrm (o) m. a kind of insect, Cp, WW. [' handworm'] handwyrst f. wrist, WW. ['handwrist'] +hange (o) disposed, inclined to, Rim 42. hangelle f. appendix, Rd 45^6. hangen pp. of hn. hangian () (intr.) to 'hang,' be hanged, ; CP: depend, rest on, : (tr.) hang, suspend, , Lcd. hangra m. hanger, wooded slope, Mdf. hangrd? (ES 39348) hancrd hangwte? n. penally for miscarriage of justice, EC. [v. ' hangwite'] hr I. 'hoar,' An: hoary, grey, old, B, Jud, Met, Wa. II. hr hara m. 'hare,' Ep; . haranhige hare's foot (plant), Lcd. haranspeccel viper's bugloss, WW 299^6. hranwyrt hrewyrt harasteorra m. dogstar, WW 198^34. hard heard hrehne hrhne hrewyrt, hran(Lcd) f. a plant, 'colocasia,' WW 135^5. hrhne f. horehound. hrian to become hoary or grey, , Shr. ['hoar '] hrnes f. hoariness, WW. ['hoarness'] hrung f. hoariness, age, Gr 295^14. hrwelle, hrwenge () hoary, greyhaired. hrwengnes f. hoariness, old age, WW 198^31. hs 'hoarse,' WW. hsta m. oarsman, rower, Chr 1052#e. [h] hasewa haswa wk. form of hasu. hshrman to sound harshly. hsian to be or become 'hoarse,' . haslhnutu (WW) hselhnutu 317

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary hsnes f. 'hoarseness,' WW; . hassuc m. coarse grass, KC. ['hassock'] hsswge sounding hoarsely, GPH 391. hasu (ea) dusky, grey, ashen. hasufg grey, ashen, Rd 12^1. hasupd greycoated, #Chr 937. haswigfere greyfeathered. ht [S 62] I. 'hot,' flaming, Gu, Lcd ; , CP, AO: fervent, excited , Bl : intense, violent , An, Gu, Ph : inspiring? attractive? Seaf 64. II. n. heat, fire. III. (, not + in N) n. promise, vow, LkL; CP. +hata m. enemy, WW 393^30. htan^7 active pret. h(h)t, h(h)ton; passive pret. (origly. pres.) htte (CP, Mt) to command, direct, bid, order, , Ct: summon, Dan: vow, promise, Jul: (w. nom. voc.) name, call, AO; CP: be called, . ['hight'] hte adv. hotly, fervidly, . ['hot'] htheort (y^2) I. n. anger, rage. II. () wrathful, furious, passionate, , CP: ardent, wholehearted. adv. lce. htheorte f. htheort I. +htheortian to become angry. htheortnes f. rage, fury, mania, , CP: zeal, fervour. hthiertan (i, y) to become angry, CP. hthige m. anger, PPs 89^7. [hyge] hthort (KGl) htheort hatian,igan to 'hate,' treat as an enemy, CP; . htian to be or get 'hot,' VPs. hatigend m. enemy, Gr 205^8. htigende becoming hot, Lcd. hatigendlic hateful, L 3^605. +htland n. promised land, BH 346^8. hatol hostile, bitter, , WW (KGl). ['hatel'; cp. hetol] htte v. htan. hattefagol sb. hedgehog, APs 103^8 (cp. hrenf.). hatung f. hatred, LPs; . ['hating'] htung f. heating, inflammation, Lcd. htwende hot, burning, Ex 74. +haerian heaorian haolia m. elbow, Lcd 99a. hwe v. earfoh. hwere m. spectator, CP 229^17. hwian to gaze on, view, look at, notice, , CP. hwung f. observation, AS. h m., ho f., hit n. (pers. pron.) 'he,' she, it; pl. they: (reflex. pron.) himself, herself, itself. ha I. np. and nsm. (wk.) of hah adj. II. hah adv. III. he, h, nap. of h. ha hah heador heaor hador, hador hahdor haf m. mourning, lamentation, wailing, AO. [ hof] hafd hafod heafdian to behead. hafed hafod heafela hafela hafian () hofian haflic sad, grievous, Bl 123^6. 318

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary heafo (B 2478) nap. of hf. heafoc hafoc hafod n. gs. hafdes 'head,' , JnR, VPs. hafdes olian to forfeit life: top, OET: source, origin: chief, leader, CP, Chr: capital (city), AO. hafodcer (afu) m. chief field, WW 147^19. hafoddre f. cephalic vein, Lcd 95b. hafodbn n. skull, Lcd. hafodbag m. crown, Bo 112^23. hafodbend m. diadem, crown: headbond, fetter about the head, . hafodbeorg f. helmet, B 1030. hafodbeorht with a splendid, shining head, Rd 20^2. hafodbiscop m. high priest, . hafodbolla m. skull. hafodbolster n. pillow. hafodbotl n. ancestral seat, Ct. hafodburh f. chief city, , AO. hafodcl n. headcloth, headdress, WW; L. [' headcloth'] hafodcwide m. important saying, LL: chapter, DR. hafodcyrice f. cathedral, LL. hafodece m. headache, . hafodfrtennes (e^3) f. hairpin, ornament for the hair, WW. hafodgemcca,gemaca (CP) m. mate, companion, fellowservant. hafodgerm n. number by heads, greatest number, Jud 309. hafodgetel n. cardinal number, Gr 283^8. hafodgewde n. facecovering, veil, , W. hafodgilt m. deadly sin, capital offence, LL 380[2]. hafodgimm m. head's gem, eye. hafodgold n. crown, PPs, W. hafodhr n. hair of the head, WW. hafodhebba m. beginning, A 8304: prime mover, L 23^365. hafodhrgl (u^2) n. headdress, Sc 74^2. hafodhrefo f. scurfiness of the head, Lcd 85b. hafodiht (e^3) with a head or tuft. hafodleahter m. capital crime, deadly sin, . hafodlas 'headless,' WW; . hafodlic capital, deadly (crime), Bl. ['headly '] hafodling m. equal, fellowservant, MtL (ud). [' headling'] hafodlond n. strip of land in a field, left for turning a plough, Ct; WW. ['headland'] hafodmg ,mga m. near bloodrelation. hafodmann m. 'headman,' leader, captain, WW; . hafodmynster n. church, cathedral. hafodpanne f. skull, Mt. ['headpan'] hafodport m. chief town, Chr 1086. hafodrce n. empire, AO 58^31. hafodsr m. pain in the head, Lcd. hafodsen f. (eyesight), eye. hafodslge (u^2) m. head of a pillar, WW 376^15. hafodsml 'capitium,' part of a woman's dress, WW 276^18; 369^19. hafodstede m. chief place, AO: high place, sacred place, LL 470[3,5]. hafodstl m. capital, AO. hafodstw f. place for the head, BH 324^3. 319

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary hafodswma m. dizziness, Gen 1568. hafodsn hafodsen hafodsynn (^1) f. deadly sin, W 290^25. hafodwal n. washing of the head, WW 146^8. hafodwrc m. pain in the head, Lcd; WW. ['headwark '] hafodweard I. f. watch over the head ? B 2909: bodyguard , LL 444[1]. [' headward '] II. m. chief protector, leader. III. f. chapter. hafodwind m. chief wind (E, S, W or N wind), Lcd 3274. hafodwsa m. chief, director. hafodw f. voice, Rd 9^3. hafodwund f. wound in the head, LL 20[44]. hafodwylm m. tears, El 1133: burning pain in the head. hafodwyrhta m. chief workman, H 2530. heafola hafela hafre hahfore hafsang m. dirge, WW 430^22. [hofan] heafu (B 1862) nap. of hf. heafuc (VPs) hafoc hafud hafod hag hah heaga hago hage () hah adv. heago hago, hagu hagum v. hah. hah I. () gsm. has, asm. han(n)e, gp. har(r)a, dp. hagum, ham, comp. herra (, ah, e, ); sup. hehst (a, , ) 'high,' tall, lofty, , BH, Lcd, VPs, etc.: highclass, exalted, sublime, illustrious, important, CP, VPs: proud, haughty : deep: right (hand). II. adv. 'high,' aloft, Gr. hahaltre m. high altar, W. hahbeorg m. mountain, PPs 94^4. hahbiscop m. archbishop, pontiff: (Jewish) high priest, HL 10^430. hahbliss f. exultation, PPs 118^111. hahboda m. archangel, Cr 295. hahburg f. chief city, metropolis: () town on an eminence. hahcsere m. emperor, Hy 7^60. hahcleofa m. principal chamber. hahclif n. nap.cleofu high cliff. hahcrft m. high skill, Rd 36^4. hahcrftiga m. architect. hahcyning m. high king, God. hahdor n. stag, deer. hahdorhund (hador) m. staghound. hahdorhunta m. staghunter, Ct. hahdacon m. archdeacon. haheald* superl.yldest (CM 36) excellent, distinguished. hahealdor,ealdormann m. ruler, patrician. hahengel m. archangel, . hahfder m. patriarch, , CP: God. hahfst permanent, immutable, Wid 143. hahfsten n. fortified town, city. hahfld m. deep water, high tide. hahfore f. 'heifer,' , BH, WW. 320

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary hahfra m. high lord. hahfrols m. great festival, LL 344[47]. hahfrolsdg m. great feast day, LL 252[25]. hahfrolstd f. great festival, LL 252[22,2]. hahfru (WW) hahfore hahfr n. towering flame, Whale 22. hahgst m. Holy Ghost, Cr 358. hahgealdor n. charm, PPs 57^4. hahgerfa m. high sheriff, chief officer, proconsul, prefect, . hahgesamnung f. principal synagogue, Mk 5^22. hahgesceaft f. noble creature, Gen 4. hahgesceap n. fate, B 3084. hahgestron n. rich treasure. hahgetimbrad highbuilt, Sat 29. hahgetimbru npl. lofty edifice. hahgering n. whelming flood, Rd 4^27. hahgeungen hahungen hahgeweorc n. excellent work. hahgnornung f. deep grief. hahgod m. Most High, God, PPs 56^2. hahgrft carved in basrelief, WW 348^9. hahhd m. holy orders, LL (334^6). hahhelm loftily crested, ZDA 33238. hahholode (h) f. elecampane, Lcd 28b. hahheort proud, Da 540. hahhli n. high hill. hahhwiolod (^1) having high wheels, WW 140^32. hahhylte n? high wood? Ct. hahhyrde m. archimandrite, head abbot, OEG 910. hahhyrne aghyrne hahlce m. learned physician, MH. hahland n. mountainous country. hahlrow m. head teacher, WW. hahlce hahlce hahleornere n. high teacher, master, OEG 910. hahlic halic hahlufe f. great love. hahmgen n. great force: power, virtue, L. hahmsse f. high mass. hahmssedg m. highmass day, NC 300. hahmiht f. high authority, great might. hahmd high spirited, exultant: proud, haughty. hahmdnes f. pride, CP 301^1. hahmunt m. mountain. hahnama m. most exalted name, Hy 7^18. hahnes () hanes hahra v. hah. hahreced n. high building, temple. hahrodor m. high heaven, Gen 151. hahrn hagorn hahscerd m. high or chief priest. 321

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary hahsl f. great happiness. hahsof? m. chief pirate, WW. hahsangere m. chief singer, BH 314^3. hahsceaa m. chief pirate, OEG 8^228. [scaa] [[under sceaa"]] hahscawere (^1) m. 'pontifex,' DR 21^1. hahscreman (^1) m. 'procurator,' DR 193^6. hahseld n. rostrum, throne. hahsele m. high hall, B 647. hahsetl n. exalted seat, throne, judgmentseat, , JnL (e^1). [v. 'settle'] hahsomnung (MkL; ^1) hahgesamnung hahstap very high, Gen 2839. hahstede m. high place, B 285. hahstefn having a high prow. hahstrt m. highway, Ct. ['high street'] hahstrengu f. strength, PPs 107^7. hahsunne (^1) adj. mp. very sinful, MkR 2^15. hahsynn f. deadly sin, crime. hahtd f. festival, holy day, LL. ['hightide'] hahtimber m. lofty building, Cra 45. hahtrow f. solemn compact, Ex 388. hahearf f. great need, PPs 117. hahegen m. chief officer, captain, : apostle, : angel. hahegnung f. important function, Ex 96. hahod (^1) f. great people. hahra m. great terror, Gen 2545. hahrymm m., hahrymnes f. great glory. hahu hehu hahungen of high rank, illustrious, AO. hahwofod n. high altar, WW 186^21. hahweorc hahgeweorc hahwita m. high councillor, Chr 1009. hahyldest v. haheald. heal (1) healh; (2) heall I. hal (Bl) hl hala m. hydrocele, CP 65^5. healrn n. hallbuilding, B 78. heald I. n. protection, Chr 1036; KC. ['hold '; hield] II. sloping, inclined, bent. +heald +hield healdan^7 (a) () (tr. and intr.) to 'hold' ('ihald'), contain, hold fast, grasp, retain, possess, inhabit, , Chr; CP. t handa h. hold (land, etc.) of another: () curb, restrain, rule, reign, Chr, CP: () keep, guard, preserve, foster, cherish, defend, , Bl, Mt, Ps; AO: withhold, lock up : maintain, uphold, support, , LL: regard, observe, fulfil, do, practise, Bl; : take care, CP: celebrate, hold (festival): hold out (intr.), last. ongan h. resist: proceed, go: treat, behave to, bear oneself. +healddagas mp. kalends, WW 176^27. +healde contented? careful? v. MF 162. healdend m. protector, guardian, ruler, king, lord, God. +healdendgeorn continent, DR 45^10? (a^1). healdiend 'custodiens,' EPs 114^9. healdnes f. keeping, observance, BH: guard, watch, APs 38^2. healdsum (hal) sufficient, ANS 12925. +healdsum provident, economical, frugal, CP: chaste, continent, L. 322

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary healdsumnes f. keeping, observance, devotion, : custody, preservation: continence, chastity. +healdung f. keeping. halce (Gl) hahlce halede suffering from hydrocele, ruptured, CP. healf (a) I. adj. 'half,' A, Ct, Jud, Lcd; , AO. ridde h., etc. two and a half, etc. [Ger. drittehalb] II. (a) f. half, , G, Chr: side, Gl (a), Mt, Ct; , AO: part, CP. healfclmed halfplastered, HL 17^267. healfclungen (a^1) halfwithered, Cp 265#s. healfclypigende adj. semivowel, Gr. healfcwic,cucu half dead, AO, CP. healfdad halfdead, Lcd. healfeald (a^1) halfgrown, Lcd 92a. healffe lame, GPH 396. healffro halffree, W 171^4#e. healfhr somewhat hoary, A 8449. healfhafod n. front part of the head, Gr 74^5. healfhrh halfrough, WW 152^14. healfhunding m. cynocephalus, Nar. healfhwt somewhat white, WW 163^7. healfhd half a hide (of land), LL 460[7,1]. healfmann m. 'halfman,' Gr 27. healfmarc half a mark (v. marc). healfpenigwur n. halfpennyworth, LL, W. healfrad reddish, WW 149^35. healfscyldig partially guilty, ZDA 3123. healfsester m. half a 'sester' (measure of bulk), WW 444^4. [ L. sextarius] healfsinewealt semicircular, WW 179^28. healfslpende halfasleep, LV 3; MH 138^1. healfsoden halfcooked. healfter hlfter healftryndel n. hemisphere, WW 140^7. healfunga to a certain extent, partially, imperfectly, , CP. healfwudu m. fieldbalm, Lcd 44b. healgamen m. social enjoyment, B 1066. healgian halgian [[headword spelled hlgian"]] healh m. (? n. at LHy 6^31) (nap. halas) corner, nook, secret place, CP, Guth, WW: corner of land left by the stream in a river valley, Ct (v. Mdf). ['hale'] healhihte having many angles, OEG 121. halic () high, elevated, exalted, lofty, sublime, ; CP: deep, profound, intense, , CP: lordly, noble, great, illustrious, distinguished, ; CP: proud, haughty: egregious, heinous, W. adv.lce highly, aloft, : in or to high position or rank, loftily, BH: intensely, very, Bl. ['highly'] halicnes f. sublimity, majesty, . heall I. f. 'hall,' dwelling, house, B, Mt; , CP. II. healh. III. rock, OEG 4111. heallic palatial. heallraf n. walltapestry, Ct. heallwhrift n. walltapestry, Ct. healm I. (a, ) m. 'haulm,' stalk, straw, Lcd, MtL, VPs: 'culmen,' thatched roof? land? LL 116[61]. II. helm healmstraw n. stubble, SPs 82^14. healoc holc healp pret. 3 sg. of helpan. healreced n. hallbuilding, B 68. 323

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary heals (a) m. neck, Gen: prow of a ship. [' halse'; Ger. hals] healsbag m. collar, necklace. healsbeorg f. neckarmour, OEG. halsbc f. phylactery, G. [hls] healsbrynige corslet, v. OEG 2^418. healsfst adj. as a slave, Gen 2238. healsfang n. fine prescribed in substitution for capital and other punishments, preferential share of the 'wergeld,' LL (v. 2489). ['halsfang'] healsgebedda f. beloved bedfellow, consort, wife, B 63. healsgund (a^1) m. necktumour, Lcd, WW. healsian to entreat earnestly, beseech, implore, AO, CP. [v. also hlsian, hlsian] healsiendlic (),igendlic that may be intreated , APs 89^13: imploring , GD 17^23. adv.lce importunately. [[Original entry: healsiendlic () that may be intreated, SPs 89^13. adv.lce importunately.]] healsittend m. sitter in hall. healsleer n. reins, OET 522. healsmge f. beloved maid, Gen 2155. healsmyne m. necklace, . [mene] healsod (a^1; e^2) mn. headcloth. healsme f. necktumour, Lcd 132b. healsrefeer (a^1) f. feathers of a pillow, down, Rd 41^86. [cp. OHG. halsare 'cervical'] healsscod,ed healsod healstn (a) m. small cake, WW. healsung f. prayer, supplication, conjuring, entreaty. [v. ' halse' and also hlsung and hlsung] healsunggebed (a) n. litany. healsungtma (a) m. time of supplication, NC 299. healswrc m. pain in the neck, Lcd 113a. healswria m. necklace, Rd 5^4. healswyrt (a) f. a plant, daffodil? 'epicurium, auris leporis,' Lcd, WW; OEG. ['halswort'] healt (eo) 'halt,' limping, lame, AO. healt heald healtian to 'halt,' limp, CP, VPs (a); : hesitate, L 18^98: fall away, BH. healegn m. hallofficer. healwudu m. woodwork of hall, B 1317. ham v. hah. hamol,ul miserly, frugal, Cp. hamolscipe m. miserliness, NC 300. han I. lowly, despised, poor, mean, abject, B, VPs; , AO. ['hean'] adv. hane. II. v. hah. III. () to raise, exalt, extol, BH. [ *hen, hn; 'high'] hanes f. 'highness,' A (hah), CP: something high, high place, height, Mt (hah), VPs. on hanissum in the highest, 'in excelsis,' : excellence, sublimity, CP: high rank. hanhd m. difficulty, WW. hanlic ignominious, abject, poor, AO. adv.lce. hanmd downcast, depressed, sad. hannes I. () f. treading down, NG. II. hanes hanspdig poor, Cra 26. hap mf. (of things) 'heap,' Cp, CP: host, crowd, assembly, company, troop, band, Bl; , CP. hapian to 'heap' up, collect, bring together, accumulate, Lk. hapmlum adv. by companies, in troops, flocks, , CP ; AO. ['heapmeal'] 324

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary hapum adv. in heaps, in troops. hapung f. heap, BH. ['heaping'] hear(N) heor hara hahra (v. hah) hearcnung heorcnung heard (a) 'hard,' harsh, severe, stern, cruel (things and persons) , B, Bl, Cr, Mt, Lcd: strong, intense, vigorous, violent, B, Bl: hardy, bold, B; AO. heardcwide m. harsh speech, abuse (or ? hearmcwide), Cr 1444. hearde adv. 'hard,' hardly, firmly, very severely, strictly, vehemently, : exceedingly, greatly, . heardecg I. sharp of edge. II. f. sword, El 758. heardhara m. a fish, mullet? Cp. heardhaw chisel, Cp 408#c. heardheort hardhearted, : stubborn, obstinate, . heardheortnes f. hardheartedness, , CP. heardhicgende brave. heardian to be or become hard, Lcd: harden, Lcd. ['hard'] hearding m. bold man, hero. heardlic severe, harsh, terrible: excessive. adv. lce harshly, resolutely, severely, sternly: stoutly, bravely, : excessively: hardly ('paulatim,' ' tractim'), ES 42174. heardlicnes f. austerity. heardmd brave, bold, overconfident, : obstinate, L 36^326. heardmdnes f. obstinacy, H 1252^18. heardnebba m. raven, H 2144^15. heardnes f. 'hardness,' Ep, Mt, Lcd, RB. heardra (OEG) heardhara heardrd firm, constant, Gen 2348. heardslig unfortunate, unhappy. heardslnes f. calamity, AO 104^17. heardsl f. hard lot, calamity, unhappiness: misconduct, wickedness, CP. heardwendlce strictly, BH 365^15. hearg (, e) nap. heargas, (e) m. temple, altar, sanctuary, idol, AO, CP: grove? Az 110. heargeard (herh) m. dwelling in the woods, Wif 15. hearglic (h) idolatrous, WW 236^2. heargtrf (^1) n. idoltemple, B 175. heargweard m. templewarden, priest (herig), An 1126. hearh hearg hearm (e) I. m. damage, 'harm,' injury, evil, affliction, B, Gen; , CP: grief, pain, Gen: insult, calumny. II. adj. harmful, malignant, evil. harm hram hearma m. shrewmouse? weasel? OET (Cp 666). [OHG. harmo] hearmascinnen made of weasel skins? Chr 1075#d. hearmberg () m. grave, Rune Casket. hearmcwalu f. great suffering, Cr 1609. hearmcweodelian (VPs) wv. hearmcwean hearmcwean^5 to speak evil of, revile, NG. hearmcweend (e^1) m. slanderer, JPs 71^4. hearmcwiddian to calumniate, Bo. hearmcwide m. calumny, blasphemy: heavy sentence, curse. hearmcwidol evilspeaking, slanderous, . hearmcwidolian (eo^2, e^3) to calumniate, Ps 118^122. hearmcwidolnes f. slander, EPs 118^134. 325

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary hearmdg m. day of grief, B 3153. hearmedwt n. grievous reproach. hearmful,fullic hurtful, noxious. hearmgeorn v. unh. hearmheortnes f. murmuring, complaint, WW 511^16. hearmian to 'harm,' injure, . hearmlo n. elegy, lamentation. hearmlic harmful, grievous, . hearmloca m. prison: hell. hearmplega m. fight, strife, Gen 1898. hearmscaa m. terrible enemy, B 766. hearmscearu f. affliction, punishment, penalty. [sceran] [[under scieran"]] hearmslege m. grievous blow, Cr 1435. hearmsprc f. calumny, WW 198^3. hearmstf m. harm, sorrow, tribulation. hearmtn m. shoot of sorrow, Gen 992. hearpe () f. 'harp,' , VPs; CP. hearpengel m. plectrum. hearpere (a) m. harper, Bo, Ln; , CP. hearpestre f. (female) harper, WW 190^6. hearpestreng m. 'harpstring,' ApT. hearpian to 'harp,' Bo; . hearpngel hearpengel hearpsang m. psalm, WW 129^40. hearpslege m. plectrum (instrument for striking the harp), OEG: harpplaying. hearpswg m. sound of the harp, BlPs 150^3. hearpung f. 'harping,' Bo. hearra (, e, ie, eo) m. lord, master, Chr (), Gen. ['her'; Ger. herr] harra hahra (v. hah) hearstepanne hierstepanne [[under hierste"]] harsum hiersum [[headword spelled hersum"]] heart (NG) heord, heorot hearwa v. Sigelh. has v. hah. heascan hyscan heasu hasu heao heau( war) heaor n. restraint, confinement. heaorian (e^2) to shut in, restrain, control. harym hahrymm heaubyrne f. warcorslet. heaudor bold, brave. heaufremmende fighting, El 130. heaufr n. cruel fire. heaugeong young in war, Fin 2. heaugiemm m. wound got in battle, Rd 57^3. heaugrim fierce. heaulc n. battleplay, battle. heaulind f. shield of linden wood, #Chr 937. haulende m. seafaring warrior. 326

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary heaumre famed in battle, B 2802. heaurs m. onrush, attack. heauraf n. wargear, B 401. heaurinc m. warrior. heaurf famed in war, brave. heausceard? dinted in war, B 2830? (or ? heauscearp battlesharp). heausoc wounded, B 2754. heausigel m. sun, Rd 72^16. heaustap towering in battle. heauswt m. blood of battle. heausweng m. battlestroke, B 2581. heautorht clear as a battlecry, B 2553. heauwd f. armour, B 39. heauweorc n. battledeed, B 2892. heauwrig weary from fighting, Wald 2^17. heauwylm (^3, e^3) m. fierce flame. haum hagum dp. of hah. +haw n. gnashing, grinding. haw hw(hawi, Cp 303#c hwen) hawan^7 to 'hew,' hack, strike, cleave, cut, cut down, kill, , BH, Chr, Jud, LL: make by hewing, A. ftan h. to slander, W 160^4. heawen (K) heofon hawere v. hrer, wuduh. hebba v. hafodh. hebban^6 () pres. 3 sg. hf, pl. hfon, pp. hafen (hfen) (wk. forms in LWS, pret. hefde, pp. hefod) to 'heave,' raise, lift, lift up, exalt, , B, Bl, Ps; CP: intr. rise, W 100^3. hebbe hbbe v. habban. hebbe,hebbing v. ph. hebbendlic exalted, DR 181^14. hebeld hefeld heben heofon heber hfer hebuc hafoc hecc hc heced hacod hcen n. kid, ES 35332; NC 357. hecg (Chr 547#e?) hege hecgaspind,swind hagospind hdan I. (w. g.) to 'heed,' observe, B, LL; : look after, care for, guard, protect, take charge of: obtain, receive, take, . II. hdan hedcl m. a coarse, thick, upper garment like a chasuble, Lcd 1346^17. hddern () n. storehouse. hde pret. 3 sg. of hgan. heden m. robe, hood, chasuble, LL. hedendlic captious, OEG 3208. adv.lce, WW 199^1. hefaldian hefeldian hefde I. (VPs) hfde pret. 3 sg. of habban. II. v. hebban. hefe () m. weight, burden, : 'mina, talentum,' GPH 396. hefeful severe, RB 49^18. hefeg hefig hefeld m. weaver's beam, Gl. [v. 'heald'] 327

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary hefeldian (a^2) to fix the weft, begin the web, Gl. hefeldrd m. thread (for weaving), Gl. hefelgyrd (e^3) f. 'liciatorium,' weaver's shuttle, Gl. hefelic hefiglic hefelce hefiglce hefen I. () f. burden, load? RB 49^13. II. heofon hefetme hefigtme [[under hefigtme"]] hefe pres. 3 sg. of hebban. hefgian hefigian hefig () 'heavy,' Met, Mt: important, grave, severe, serious, A, Bl, Mt: oppressive, grievous, Ps, LL. [hebban] adv. hefige, Ps. hefigian to make heavy, VPs: weigh down, oppress, afflict, grieve, BH, CP, Mt: aggravate, increase: become heavy, depressed, weakened, CP, Gu. ['heavy'] hefiglic weighty, serious, severe, burdensome, grievous, sad, . adv.lce, , CP, G. ['heavily'] hefigmd oppressive, ERPs 54^4. hefignes () f. 'heaviness,' weight, burden, affliction, MtL; CP: dulness, torpor, Bo (). hefigtme (^3) grievous, severe, troublesome, oppressive, . [tam] hefigtmnes f. trouble, . hefod wk. pp., hef pres. 3 sg. of hebban. hefon heofon heft hft hefug hefigu pl. of hefig, CP 285^1. hg heg hgan to perform, achieve: hold (a meeting). hegdig hygdig hege (ea) m. 'hedge,' fence, , Gl; Mdf. hegeclife f. hedgeclivers, Lcd 20a. hegegian hegian hegehymele f. hopplant, WW 302^5. hegel (VPs) hgl, hagol hegerw f. 'hedgerow,' KC (^3). hegerife f. cleavers, goose grass, Lcd. ['hairif '] hegeshl m. hedgestake, GD 24^28. hegessugge hedgesparrow, WW. [sucga; 'haysugge '] hegian to fence in, hedge, enclose, Sc. grep h. to cut a grip, LL 455[13]. ['hay'] hgnes hanes hegstf m. fence, enclosure, WW 205^31. hegstald hgsteald hh (VPs, N) hah hh hah +hhan (VHy) han III. h h indicates laughter, Gr. ['he'] hehstald hagosteald hehstald hgsteald hht pret. 3 sg. of htan. hhu hehu +heige (KGl 83^40) +hge hista hhsta v. hah. hiweg m. highway? EC 130. hel hell hla () m. 'heel,' JnL, Lcd, OET, WW. 328

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary helan^4 to conceal, cover, hide, AO, VPs; CP. [' hele'; Ger. hehlen] hlan I. (oe) to calumniate, MtR 5^44. II. hlan I. held I. hyld, hyldo. II. hield heldan hieldan helde I. f. tansy, Lcd, WW; . ['helde'] II. hyldo hele f. subterfuge, LL (320^17). ['hele'] hele helle, ele hlend hlend helerung heolorung hele hle helf healf, hielf helfan to halve, Cp 303#b? (herbid). helgod hellgod helhrne hellerne helian to conceal, cover, hide, , LL. ['hele '] hlic hahlic hlce halce hell f. Hades, , VPs: 'hell,' infernal regions, place of torment, Gehenna, Bo, RB; AO, CP, . [helan] hellbend mf. bond of hell, B 3072. hellcniht m. devil, demon, L 3^372. hellcrft m. hellish power, An 1104. hellcund of hell, W 254^15. hellcwalu f. pains of hell. helldor n. gate of hell. hellebealu n. hellbale, Cr 1427. hellebrga m. terror of hell, LPs. hellebryne m. hellfire, Jud, W. hellecgan pl. keys of hell, MFH 128. helleceafl m. jaws of hell, An 1702. hellecinn n. hellish race, Cr 1620. helleclamm m. hellbond, Gen 373. helledofol mn. devil. helledor n.,duru f. gate of hell. helleflr m. floor of hell, courts of hell, Sat 70. hellefr n. hellfire. hellegst (a^3) m. spirit of hell. hellegeat n. gate of hell, H 1288, MP 1610. hellegrund m. abyss of hell. hellegrut m. pit of hell, OEG 684. hellegryre m. horror of hell, Sat 433. hellehft ,hfta ,hftling m. prisoner of hell, devil. hellehaf m. wailings or howlings of hell, Gen 38. hellehinca m. helllimper, devil, An 1173. [cp. Ger. hinken] hellehund m. hellhound, KC 3350^18. hellehs n. hellhouse, Gu 649. hellelic hellic helleloc n. hellprison, GD 325^30. hellemgen n. troop of hell, MFH 166. hellemere m. Stygian lake, WW. hellen m. torments of hell, Gen 775. hellerne f. pythoness, sorceress, . 329

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary hellescealc m. devil, Sat 133. hellesceaa hellsceaa hellesa m. pit of hell. hellestw f. infernal region, hell, GD 332^10. hellessl n. helltorment, . helleegn (hel) m. devil. hellewte n. hellpains, torment, . hellewtebrga m. horror of helltorment, W 151^21. hellfiren f. hellish crime, Part 6. hellfs bound for hell. hellgewing n. confinement in hell. Gen 696. hellgod n. god of the lower world. hellheort terrified, NC 301. hellheoo f. vault of hell, hell, Sat 700 (or ? two words). hellic hellish, . ['hellick'] hellsceaa m. hellfoe, devil: 'infernus.' helltrf, nap.trafu n. devil's temple, An 1693. helltrega m. helltorture, Gen 73. hellwaran,ware mp.,waru fp. dwellers in hell, . hellwerod n. host of hell, W. hellwiht (hel) fn. devil, W 186^2. helm m. protection, defence, covering, crown, , Rd: summit, top (of trees), , Bo, WW; CP: helmet, Cp, WW: () protector, lord. ['helm'] helma m. 'helm,' rudder, Bo, Cp, WW; . helmbre,berende leafy. helmberend m. helmeted warrior. helmian (y) to cover, crown, An: provide with a helmet, Gr. ['helm'; 'ihelmed'] helmig v. lafh. helmiht leafy, WW 395^5; 493^28. helmweard (holm) m. pilot, An 359. hlo hlu helor heolor help (y) fm. 'help,' succour, aid, AO, B, Bl. helpan^3 (w. g. or d.) to 'help,' support, succour, , CP, Ct, G, LL, Ps: benefit, do good to, Lcd (intr.), LL: cure, amend, Mk. helpe f. help helpend m. 'helper,' Bl. helpendlic auxiliary. helrn helleruna [[headword spelled hellerne"]] helrna m. hellish monster, B 163. helrnegu f. sorceress, witch, WW 472^11. hlspure f. heel, VPs. helt I. hilt. II. pres. 3 sg. of heldan. III. (KGl) hielt pres. 3 sg. of healdan. helegn helleegn helur heolor hem m. 'hem,' border, WW 125^13. +hme? customary? AS 32^24. hemed (BC 2522) v. hemman. hmed hmed hme hmed hemee undergarment. [Ger. hemd] 330

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary hemlic () hymlic hemman to stop up, close, PPs 106^42. [MHG. hemmen] hemming m. shoe of undressed leather, WW 468^31. [' heming'] hen henn hn han hn hen hnan henan +hendan to hold, PPs 138^8. [hand] +hende near, at hand, , Mk: handy, convenient, AO. adv. near, at home, . ['hend'] hendig v. listh. +hendnes f. neighbourhood, proximity, . henep hnep heng pret. 3 sg. of hn. hengeclif n. overhanging cliff, WW 180^4. hengen f. hanging, : cross, : rack, torture, : imprisonment. hengenwtnung f. imprisonment, LL 471[16]. hengest, hengst m. stallion, steed, horse, gelding, Ct, WW ; . ['hengest'] hengetrow (enge) n. gallows, GPH 395. hengwte n. fine for not detaining an offender, LL 496[4]. henn () f. 'hen' A, Mt, Lcd. henna m. fowl, LL (220^13). hennebelle () f. henbane. hennfugol m. hen, Ct. hentan to pursue, attack, LL; : () appropriate, seize, Chr. ['hent,' 'ihente'] hn hn hnu hnu [[under hn"]] henu heonu ho I. nasf. and nap. of pron. 3 pers. 'she,' they. II. hew hodg adv. today, Gen 661. [Ger. heute] hof I. m. wailing, mourning, grief, , AO. II. str. pret. 3 sg. of hofan. hofan^{7?} (pret. hof, hf, hofon) to lament, CP. heofen heofon hofendlic dismal, mournful, WW. adv.lce. hofian,igian to lament, . heofig hefig hofigendlic mourning, lamenting, A 10146; 188. hoflic lamentable. hofod hafod heofog (Bl) hefig heofon (e) mf. (often in pl.) sky, firmament, , Bo, VPs : 'heaven' , Mt: the power of heaven, Mt, Lk. hofon I. f. lamentation? Ex 46. II. str. pret. pl. of hofan. heofonbeacen n. sign in the sky, Ex 107. heofonbeorht heavenly bright. heofonbiggende 'clebs,' DHy. [ON. byggja] heofonbme f. heavenly trumpet, Cr 949. heofoncandel f. light of the heavens, sun, moon, stars. heofoncenned heavenborn, DHy 108^4. heofoncolu npl. heat of the sun, Ex 71. heofoncund celestial, heavenly, CP. heofoncundlic heavenly, W. heofoncyning m. king of heaven, Christ, Bl 201. [' heavenking'] 331

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary heofondma m. heavenly ruler, Sat 658. hofondlce hofendlce heofondram m. joy of heaven. heofondugu f. heavenly host, Cr 1655. heofone (, W) heofon heofonengel m. angel of heaven. heofonfugol m. fowl of the air. heofonfr n. fire from heaven, W 262^15. heofonhlig holy and heavenly, An 728. heofonhm m. heavenly home. heofonhah reaching to heaven, Da 553. ['heavenhigh '] heofonheall f. heavenly hall, LL (382^10). heofonhlf m. bread of heaven, manna. heofonhrf m. _vault of heaven, heaven: roof, ceiling. heofonhwealf f. vault of heaven. heofonhyrst f. ornament of the heavens, Gen 2189. heofonisc (e^2) heavenly, AO 1^6. heofonloht n. heavenly light, An 976. heofonloma m. heavenly light, An 840. heofonlic 'heavenly,' celestial, Bl; Lk. adv.lce, Gr, DHy. heofonmgen n. heavenly force. heofonrce n. kingdom of heaven, Bl, Cr; AO. [' heavenric'] heofonsetl n. throne of heaven, DD 277. heofonsteorra m. star of heaven. heofonstl m. throne of heaven, Gen 8. heofontimber n. heavenly structure, Gen 146. heofontorht very bright, glorious. heofontungol n. heavenly luminary. heofonrat m. heavenly company, Sat 222. heofonrymm m. heavenly glory. heofonware,waran mp.,waru fp. inhabitants of heaven, . ['heavenware'] heofonwealdend (e^2) 'arcitenens,' OEG 23^10. heofonweard m. heaven's keeper, God. heofonwerod n. heavenly host, W. heofonwlitig divinely fair, NC 301. heofonwolcen n. cloud of heaven. heofonwma m. terrible noise from heaven. heofonwuldor n. heavenly glory, Hy 6^12. hofsi m. lamentable state, Rim 43? [hof] heofun heofon hofung f. lamentation, mourning, . hofungdg m. day of mourning, . hofungtd f. time of mourning, . heolan helan heold pret. 3 sg. of healdan. heoldan healdan heolfor n. gore, blood. heolfrig gory, bloody. heolor (e^1, e^2, u^2) f. scales, balance. heolorbledu (e^1, u^2) f. the scale of a balance, WW 427^35. heolorian to weigh, ponder, Gl. 332

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary heolorung (e^1, e^2) f. 'momentum,' the turning of a scale, WW 450^12. heolocynn n. denizens of hell, Cr 1542. holoe v. hahh. [[headword spelled hahholode"]] heolohelm () m. helmet which makes the wearer invisible. heolp healp heolr heolor heolstor (e^2) I. m. darkness, concealment, cover, hidingplace, retreat. [helan] II. adj. dark, shadowy, . heolstorcofa m. dark chamber, grave, Ph 49. heolstorhof n. hell, El 764. heolstorloca m. prison, cell. heolstorsceado f.,scuwa m. concealing shade, darkness. heolstrig shadowy, obscure, WW. heolt healt heom dp. of h, ho, hit. heona (LkL), heonan, VPs (io), heonane (Gen) heonon(e) heono (NG) heonu heonon, heonone hence, from here, away, Mt: from now. h. for henceforth. ['hen'] heononsi m. departure, death, Dom 86, Bk 21. heononweard transient. heonu (an(n)a, ne, eno, (he)ono) if, but, therefore, moreover, whether, ANS 91205. heonun (Mt) heonon hop (LPs 67^14) hap hopbremel (y^2) m. dogrose, bramble, Lcd. [v. ' hip'] hope f. 'hip,' seedvessel of wildrose, Cp, Lcd, WW; : bush, brier. heor heorr heora gp. of h, ho, hit. horan heran heorcnian (e, y) tr. and intr. to 'hearken,' listen, , Guth. heorcnung f. 'hearkening,' listening, power of hearing, . heord I. (e, io) f. 'herd,' flock, , Mt, WW; CP: keeping, care, custody, CP. II. sycamore, LkR 19^4. [heorot?] III. hred heordan pl. 'hards' (of flax), tow, Cp, WW. heorde I. (VPs) hierde. II. heord heordnes f. custody, keeping, watch. heordrden f. custody, care, keeping, watch, ward, L(y^1). +heordung f. guard, watch, ERPs 38^2. hore I. () pleasant, secure, B: gentle, mild, pure, Gen. ['here'] II. here [[Crossreference uncertain: may be form of hera", see hah.]] heorl eorl heoro heoru horod hered heorot m. 'hart,' stag, Bo (heort), VPs (ut). heorotberge f. buckthornberry, WW. heorotbrembel m. buckthorn, Lcd. heorotbrr f. buckthorn, LkR 17^6 (heart). heorotclfre f. 'hartclover,' hemp agrimony, Lcd. heorotcrop m. cluster of hartwort flowers. heorotsmeoru n. hart's grease, Lcd 45a. heorotsol n. stag's wallowingplace, Ct. heorr mf. hinge, B, Bo, Cp, LPs: cardinal point, Lcd. ['harre'] 333

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary heorra (1) hearra; (2) heorr heort I. () highminded, stouthearted, L. II. heorot heortan hiertan heortancnys f. '(com)pulsus cordis'? v. ZDA 3113n. heortbucc m. roebuck, WW 119^12. heortcou f. heart disease, Lcd 65b. heorte f. heart (organ), Lcd, VPs: soul, spirit, A, B, G, RB, VPs: will, desire, VPs: courage, Gen, VPs: intellect, Mt, JnL. heortece m. 'heartache,' pain at the heart, Lcd. heorten (y) of a hart, Lcd 1216^15. heortgesida pl. entrails, . heortgryre m. terror of heart, W 86^15. heorthama m. pericardium, internal fat, . heorthogu f. heartcare, W 177^7. heortlas dispirited, DD 124, W 137^22. +heortlce adv. cheeringly, GD 317^16. heortlufu f. hearty love, Hy 9^29. heortscrf n. heart, DD 39. heortsoc ill from heart disease. heortwrc m. pain at the heart, Lcd. heor (e) m. 'hearth,' fireplace, Gl, Az: house, home, , LL. heor eor heora I. m. deer (or goat?) skin, WW 337^3. II. (HGl 483) heorda [[form of heardan?]] heorbacen baked on the hearth, . heorcneoht m. attendant, CP 361^18. heorfst having a settled home, LL 322. heorgenat m. retainer. heorpening m. 'hearthpenny,' tax (for the Church), Peter's penny, LL (v. 2506). heorswpe f. bridesmaid, Cp 701#p. heorwerod n. body of retainers. heoru m. sword. heorublc mortally wounded, B 2488? heorucumbul n. standard, El 107. heorudolg n. deadly wound, An 944. heorudror m. swordblood, gore. heorudrorig bloodstained: dejected, crestfallen. heorudrync m. sworddrink, blood shed by the sword, B 2358. heorufm m. deadly grasp, Ex 504. heorufl f. arrow, LPs 56^5. heorugfre fierce, greedy for slaughter. heorugrdig bloodthirsty. heorugrimm savage, fierce. heoruhciht with formidable hooks, savagely barbed, B 1438. heorung herung heoruscearp very sharp, Rd 6^8. heorusceorp n. war equipments, Hell 73. heoruserce f. coat of mail. heoruswealwe f. falcon, hawk, Wy 186. heorusweng m. swordstroke. heorut heorot heoruwpen n. sword, Jud 263. 334

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary heoruweallende gushing with destruction. heoruwearg m. bloodthirsty wolf, B 1267. heoruword n. hostile speech, FT 84. heoruwulf m. warrior, Ex 181. how I. pret. 3 sg. of hawan. II. hw how hw howan hofan heplic hplic [[only in form hplicnes"]] her hear, hier hr I. adv. 'here,' in this place, , G, VPs: in this world, Bl, LL: at this point of time, at this date, now, Chr, Ct: towards this place, hither, B. II. hr hr hr, her, hr hrfter () adv. 'hereafter,' later on, A, BH. hrbeforan adv. before, previously, W 52^11; FM 361^23. hrbeufan,biufan adv. here above, previously, CP. hrbende mp. heredwellers, dwellers on earth. herbyrg herebeorg hercnian heorcnian hrcyme m. coming here, advent, Cr 250. herd heord herd hierd hrd herd here (obl. cases usu. have herg, herig) m. predatory band, troop, army, host, multitude, Chr, Mt; AO, CP ('se h.' almost always the Danish army in Chr): battle, war, devastation. ['here'; Ger. heer] hre I. f. dignity, majesty, importance. II. (VPs) hre herebacen,bacn n. military ensign, standard: beacon, lighthouse. herebeorg,byrg f. lodgings, quarters, NC 346. [Ger. herberge] herebeorgian to take up one's quarters, lodge, Chr 1048#f. [Ger. herbergen] herebla cowardly, Ex 453. herebrga m. dread of war, B 462. herebme f. trumpet, sackbut. herebyrgian herebeorgian herebyrne f. corslet, B 1443. herecirm m. war cry, Gu 872. herecist herecyst herecombol n. standard, El 25? herecyst f. warlike band. +heredlic (LPs 105^2) +hierendlic [[headword spelled herendlic"]] herefeld m. battlefield, field. herefeoh n. booty, AO 118^5. herefa m. wartroop, Cr 1013. hereflma () m. fugitive from battle, deserter. herefolc n. army. herefong m. osprey, WW. herefugol m. bird of prey, vulture, eagle, Ex 161. hereg herg, herig heregang m. incursion, W 312^1. heregeat fn. gp.geat(w)e,geat(w)a,geatu wargear, military equipment, Bo, Ma: 'heriot,' Ct, LL (v. 2500). heregeatland n. heriotland, LL 220. heregild (e, eo, y) n. wartax, Danegeld, Chr, Ct. [' heregeld'] 335

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary heregrma m. helmet. herehand f. violence of war, BH 356^22. herehl f. warhost, troop, Gu 1042. hereh,h f. booty, prey, plunder, , AO. herelf f. remains of host, : spoil, . herelic martial, WW 374^26. herelof mn. fame, glory, OEG. heremcg m. warrior, Gen 2483. heremgen n. warlike force, multitude. heremann m. soldier, LkL 7^8. hremann heremann [[headword spelled hereman"]] heremeel n. national assembly, El 550. herenes () f. praise. herenett n. corslet, B 1553. heren m. warfare, B 2474. herepd f. corslet, coat of mail. her(e)pa,p m. military road, highway, v. CC 46 and Mdf. herers m. hostile raid, W 271^2. hererswa m. commander. hereraf f. war spoil, plunder, booty, . hererinc m. warrior. heresceaft m. spear, B 335. heresceorp n. wardress, Fin 45. heres m. warlike expedition. herespd f. success in war, B 64. hrespel n. discourse, Creat 77. herestrl m. arrow, B 1435. herestrt f. highway, main road, CP 375^9 and n (LL 556, 10, 2). hereswg m. martial sound, Ruin 23. heresyrce f. corslet, B 1511. heretam m. plunder, devastation: predatory excursion. heretma,tma m. army leader, general, king, ruler. heretoga,toha m. commander, general, chieftain, , BH ; AO, CP. ['heretoga'; Ger. herzog] hererat m. warband, troop. hererym m. phalanx, WW 411^34. herewd f. mail, armour, B 1897. herewpen n. weapon, PPs 34^3. herewsma m. prowess, B 677. herewa m. warrior. hereweg m. highway, WW 146^33. hereweorc n. warwork, El 656. herewian hierwan herewc n. dwellings, camp, Bl. herewsa m. captain, general. herewp m. the cry of an army, Ex 460. hereword n. praise, renown, Chr 1009#f. herewsa m. warrior. herewulf m. warrior, Gen 2015. herewurd (HGl 423) hereword herfest hrfest herg hearg 336

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary herg herg, hereg, heri(g) herga m. harrying, plundering, devastation. hergere m. one who praises, DR. ['heryer'] hergian to ravage, plunder, lay waste, 'harry,' AO, Chr ; , CP. ['harrow'; here] hergo herga hergung (AO), hergiung f. 'harrying,' ravaging, raid, invasion, attack, BH, Chr : plunder, booty : 'harrowing,' . herh hearg herian I. to extol, praise, commend, , AO, CP, VPs (). ['hery'] II. hierwan. III. hergian. IV. erian herig hearg; v. also here. herigendlic laudable, commendable, . adv.lce. hering herung hrinne adv. 'herein,' . herlic herelic hrof adv. 'hereof,' of this, A. hron adv. herein, Ct; LL. ['hereon'] hrongean adv. contrarily, in opposition, W 52^8. hrongemong at this point, in this connection, meanwhile, CP: among others, CP. herpa,po herepa hrra harra, herra (v. hah) herst hierst hrsum hersum hrt thus far, OEG 56^80. hrtacan besides, W. her heor heran pl. 'testiculi,' LL 84[65]. herbelig m. 'scrotum,' WW. herland (NC 357) yrland herung (eo) f. praise, , CP. ['herying'] herutbeg (OEG 54^2) heorotberge herw hierw, hirw herwi adv. 'herewith,' EC 236. hes hys hst hst ht pret. 3 sg. of htan. hetan to attack, L 35^280. hete (ea) m. 'hate,' envy, malice, hostility, persecution, B, BH, VPs; , AO, CP. hetegrim fierce, cruel. hetel hetol hetelic hostile, malignant, horrible, violent, excessive, AO, B. ['hatelich'] adv.lce, . ['hately'] hetend hettend heten m. hostility, spite, wickedness. heterf full of hate, An 1422. hetern f. charm which produces hate, Rd 34^7. hetesprc f. defiant speech, Gen 263. hetesweng m. hostile blow, B 2225. heteanc m. hostile design. heteoncol hostile, Jul 105. hetol hating, hostile, evil, , W: violent, severe, RB 67^16. hetolnes (e^2) f. fierceness, OEG 11^152. hton pret. pl. of htan. 337

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary htt (AO) ht pres. 3 sg. of htan. hettend m. enemy, antagonist. hettende pres. part. of hatian. hen hen hwen hwen h ho, he hicemse f. blue titmouse, WW 132^24. hicgan hycgan hicol m. woodpecker, BC 147 (Mdf). hd I. fn. a 'hide' of land (about 120 acres, but amount varied greatly), BH, LL, v. EC pp 457461 and LL 2513. [hwan] II. hd hdan hdan hidenofer adv. hither. hider adv. 'hither,' to this side, on this side, , Cp, VPs. comp. hideror nearer. h. and ider (Cp, CP), hidres idres (dres), Bo, hither and thither. hidercyme m. advent, arrival, BH. ['hithercome '] hidergeond adv. thither, yonder. hiderryne adj. directed hither. hidertcyme hidercyme hiderweard adj. and adv. 'hitherward,' towards this place, Chr. hdgild I. n. tax paid on each hide of land, Ct. [' hidegeld'] II. hdgild hidir hider hdmlum adv. by hides, KC 698^4. hidres v. hider. he I. nap. of h, ho, hit. ['hi, hy'] II. ho nasf. of h. ['hi, hy'] hieder hider heg (, ) n. 'hay,' cut grass, G, Lcd, VPs. [hawan] heghs (, ) n. hay store, WW. ['hayhouse'] hegian (CP) hgian hegse () m. hayscythe, GD 37^13. hehra, hehst ['highest'] v. hah. hehu (, a, ) f. (often indecl.) 'height,' highest point, summit, Sc: the heavens, heaven, Cr, El, Gu, Sc: glory. [hah] hield (, ea, eo, i, y) f. (usu. +) keeping, custody, guard, protection, CP: observance, observation, watching: secret place: protector, guardian. hieldan (e, y) intr. to lean, incline, slope, Bo (e): tr. force downwards, bow or bend down, B, Lk (y). [' hield'] hielde (y) v. earfoh. [[under earfohylde"]] hielf (e, y) m. handle, CP, WW. ['helve'] hielfling (e) m. mite, farthing, LkL 12^6. [healf] hiellan to make a noise, EPs 82^3. hielpe pres. 3 sg. of helpan. hielt pres. 3 sg. of healdan. hieltan (y) v. h. [healt] [[under hyltan"]] hielto f. lameness, MH 116^10 (e, y). henan (, , ) to fell, prostrate: weaken, crush, afflict, injure, oppress: abase, humble, insult, B, LkL : (+) accuse, condemn, CP. ['hean'] hiene as. of h. ['hin'] +hene () ready to fall, DR 189^16. henend (e^1) m. accuser, JnL p5^9. heno (, , ) f. humiliation, affliction, oppression, annoyance, CP: loss, damage, harm: act of hanging, 338

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary DHy 59^7. hiera gp. of h, ho, hit. ['her'] hera herra v. hah. heran (, o, , ) tr. and intr. to 'hear,' listen (to), B, Mt, Jul, VPs: (w. d.) obey, follow, , Mk; CP: accede to, grant, Bl: be subject to, belong to, A, AO, B, Ct. hierdan (i, y) to harden, make hard: strengthen, fortify, confirm, encourage, CP. [heard] hierde (eo, i, y) m. shepherd, herdsman, CP, G: guardian, keeper, B, Bl, Gen, Met, WW: pastor. [' herd'] hierdebc f. pastoral book (translation of the Cura Pastoralis of Pope Gregory), CP. hierdebelig (e) m. shepherd's bag, Bl 31^17. hierdecnapa (y) m. shepherd boy, L 23^418. hierdelas (i, y) without a shepherd or pastor, . [' herdless'] hierdelic (y) pastoral, CP. hierdeman m. shepherd, (y). ['herdsman'] hierdewyrt (i) f. name of a plant, Lcd. hierdnes (eo, i, y) f. custody, watch, guard. hierdung (y) f. strengthening, restoring, WW 150^34. hiere gds. of ho. ['her'] hered hred hereman (, , ) m. retainer, servant, subject, hearer, parishioner, CP. [heran] +herend m. hearer, CP. +herendlic 'auditus,' LPs 142^8 (^1); 'audiendus,' Gr 152^6 (). +hering () f. hearing, hearsay, LPs 111^7. heringman (e^1) m. subject, A 11377^149. hernes (, ) f. (+) hearing, report: () obedience, subjection, allegiance, CP: jurisdiction, district. hierra hearra herra v. hah. ['higher'] hierstan (e, i, y) to fry, roast, scorch, pain, CP. [cp. OHG. giharsten] hierste (e, y) f. hierstepanne (ea, y) f. fryingpan, CP. hiersting (y) f. frying, burning, CP. hierstinghlf (e) m. crust, WW 372^18. hersum (, a, , ) w. d. obedient, docile, BH (), Gu (a). ['hearsum'] hersumian (i, y) w. d. to obey, serve , BH (a), Mt (); AO: (+) reduce, subject, conquer , Chr . [' hearsum'] hersumnes (, ) f. obedience, submission, BH (); CP. ['hersumnesse'] hiertan (e, eo, y) to cheer, encourage, CP; . [' heart'; heort] hierwan (e, i, y) to abuse, blaspheme, condemn, illtreat: to deride, despise. hierwend (i) m. blasphemer. hierwendlic contemptible. adv.lce (e) with contempt. hierwing (y) f. blasphemy, Sc 137^12. hierwnes (i, y) f. contempt, reproach: blasphemy, W 70^12. hew hw hewestn m. hewn stone, AO 212^10. hewet () n. cutting, CP. [hawan] hewian hwian hew (CP) pres. 3 sg. of hawan. hf(v. OEG 3913) hw hig he I. hg heg hgan hwan hige hyge hgendlce quickly, immediately, MF (Vesp. D xiv). [hgian] 339

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary higera m., higere f. jay, magpie, jackdaw, woodpecker. [ Ger. hher] higgan hycgan hgian to 'hie,' exert oneself, strive, hasten, Bl, Bo, CP. hgid hd hgl 'heu!' RPs 119^5. higlast hygelast hgna v. hwan. hgo (N) hwan higora higera higre higere [[under higera"]] hgscipe hwscipe hg f. exertion, effort, ZDA. ['hight'] hgung f. effort, GD 254^34. hihsan hyscan hiht hyht hihting f. exultation, gladness, WW 233^42. hho hehu hilc hylc hild I. f. war, battle, combat. II. hield, hyldo hildbedd n. deathbed, An 1094. hildebill n. sword. hildeblc deadly pale, B 2488. hildebord n. buckler. hildecalla m. warherald, Ex 252. hildecoror n. warlike band, Ap 41. hildecyst f. valour, B 2598. hildedoful n. demon, PPs 95^5. hildedor warfierce, brave, . hildefreca m. warrior. hildefrfor f. warhelp, sword? shield? Wald 2^12. hildegeatwe fp. warharness. hildegesa m. terror of battle, El 113. hildegicel m. battleicicle (blood dripping from a sword), B 1606. hildegiest m. enemy, Rd 54^9. hildegrdig eager for battle. hildegrp f. hostile grip. hildeheard bold in battle, Ap 21. hildehlem m. crash of battle. hildeloma m. Gleam of battle (name of a sword), B. hildelo n. warsong, Jud 211. hildemce m. sword, B 2202. hildemecg m. warrior, B 799. hildendre f. warsnake, arrow. hildepl m. dart, javelin. hilders m. charge, attack, B 300. hilderand m. shield, B 1242. hilderinc m. warrior, hero. hildesd battleworn, B 2723. hildesceorp n. armour, B 2155. hildescr m. shower of darts, Gu 1116. hildeserce f. corslet, El 234. 340

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary hildesetl m. saddle, B 1039. hildespell n. warlike speech, Ex 573. hildestrengo f. vigour for battle, B 2113. hildeswt m. vapour of battle? B 2558. hildeswg m. sound of battle, Gen 1991. hildetorht shining in battle, Met 25^9. hildetux m. tusk (as weapon), B 1511. hilderemma m. warrior, Jul 64. hilderymm m., hilder f., warlike strength, valour. hildewpen m. weapon of war, B 39. hildewsa m. commander, B 1064. hildewma m. crash of battle. hildewrsn f. fetter for captives, Sol 292. hildewulf m. hero, Gen 2051. hildfreca hildefreca hildfrom valiant in war, An 1204. hildfruma m. battlechief, prince, emperor. hildlata m. laggard in battle, coward. hildstapa m. warrior, An 1260. hildracu f. onset of battle, Gen 2157. hile hil hilhma hyllehma hill hyll, hell hilman helmet, cover, Gl. [helm] +hilman helmian hilpestu hilpest u (pres. 2 sg. of helpan and pron. 2 pers. sing.) hilpe, hilp pres. 3 sg. of helpan. hilt I. pres. 3 sg. of healdan. II. mn. hilte hilte fn. handle, 'hilt' (of sword), B, WW; (pl. sg.) , B, Sol. hiltecumbor n. banner with a staff, B 1022 (or ? hilde). hilted 'hilted,' with a hilt, B. hilting m. sword, OEG 758. hiltlas having no hilt, WW 142^34. hiltu np. (as sg.) hilt. hil pres. 3 sg. of helan. him ds. of h, dp. of h, ho, hit. ['him'] himming (Cp 1557) hemming hna v. hwan. hinan heonan [[under heona"]] hnan henan hinca v. helleh. hind (y) f. 'hind,' (female deer), , Chr, WW. hindan from behind, behind, in the rear, , AO. t h. behind, . [Ger. hinten] hindanweard adv. hindwards, at the end. hindberge f. raspberry, Cp, Ep, Lcd. ['hindberry '] hindbrr m. raspberry bush, Lcd 146b (hinde). hindcealf mn. fawn, WW. ['hindcalf'] hindema superl. adj. hindmost, last. hinder adj. after (thought), sad (thought), MF (Vesp. D xiv): adv. behind, back, after, in the farthest part, down. on h. backwards, . [Ger. hinter] hindergap wily, cunning, deceitful, WW. [' hinderyeap'] 341

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary hindergenga m. one who walks backwards, OEG 26^23: apostate, OEG 5^16. hinderhc m. trick, Mod 34. hinderling I. m. mean wretch, sneak, LL 665. II. adv. in phr. 'on hinderling' backwards, PPs. ['hinderling '] hindernes f. wickedness, guile, NC 301; MF 166. hinderscipe m. wickedness, DHy, OEG. hinderostru np. nether darkness, PPs 85^12. hinderweard backward, slow. hindeweard reversed, wrong end first, from behind, CP. hindfalod n. hindfold, KC 6112^31. hindhlee,heolo(e) f. 'ambrosia,' water agrimony, WW. [v. 'hindheal'] hindrian to 'hinder,' check, repress, Chr, LL. hinds (Bl) hins hine I. as. of h. II. heonan [[under heona"]] hne hwene [[form of hwen?]] hinfs ready to depart or die. hingang m. departure, death. hingrian (Bl; ) hyngrian [[under hyngran"]] hinn hin hinon heonan [[under heona"]] hins m. departure, death. [heonan] [[under heona"]] hinsgryre m. fear of death, Sat 456. ho v. h. hio heo hionne? f. 'dura mater,' LL 5[36]. hior heorr hored hred howesclce hwisclce [[form of hwisc"]] hip hyp hipsful (OEG 11^180) hyspful hr hr hir hier hr hor, her hira gp. of h, ho, hit. hire gds. of ho. ['her'] hred (o, e, ) m. household, family, retinue, AO, Bo, Mt, WW: brotherhood, company, , Ct. ['hird'] hredcniht m. member of a household, . hredc domestic, familiar, Sc 203^13. hredgerfa m. 'exconsul,' WW 110^6. hredlic pertaining to a household or court, domestic, familiar. hredman m. retainer, follower, , Ma. ['hirdman '] hredprost m. chaplain, EC 255. hredwfman m. female member of a household, TC 531^6. hredwist f. familiarity, Sc 203^12. his gs. of h. ['his'] hs (BH) s hsc hsc hispan hyspan hisse hyse hit v. h. ['it'] hittan (y) to fall in with, meet with, 'hit' upon, Chr 1066. [ON. hitta] 342

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary h hy hier hider hiu (NG) ho hw (o, e, ) n. appearance, form, species, kind, , Bl, WW: apparition, WW 236^8: 'hue,' colour, A, Bl : beauty: figure of speech. hwan mp. (gen. hwna, h(g)na) members of a family, household or religious house, Chr, G; . ['hind,' 'hewe'] hwbeorht radiant, beautiful. hwcund (hl) familiar, domestic. hwc (e) familiar, wellknown, , CP. hwclic domestic: familiar, GD 32. adv.lce familiarly. +hwclician to make known or familiar to, NC 294. hwcnes f. familiarity, GD 71^24; 140^7. hwcrdnes f. familiarity, WW 191^24. hwen n. household, . ['hewen'] hwere m. dissembler, hypocrite, . hwfger comely of form, MFH 167. hwfst comely, fair, OEG. hwgedl n. divorce, G. hwian I. to form, fashion, WW: colour: dissimulate, feign, pretend, : figure, signify, : (+) transform, transfigure. ['hue,' 'hued'] II. to marry, CP 318^1. hwiend, hwigend 'informator,' OEG 365? 'meditator,' GPH 390. hwisc n. household, : hide (of land v. hd). adv.lce familiarly. +hwlcan to form, shape, fashion, NC 294. hwlas shapeless, WW: colourless, Lcd. ['hueless'] hwlic comely, Lcd, OEG. hwna v. hwan. hwrden f. family, household, religious house, . hwscipe m. family, household: hide (of land), CC 127. hw pres. 3 sg. of hawan. hwung I. (o, ) f. () appearance, likeness, form, figure: pretence, hypocrisy, . II. f. marriage, AO 64^24. hlacerian to deride, mock, LPs 24^3. hlacerung f. unseemly behaviour, or words, LPs 43^14. hladan^6 (, ea) to 'lade,' draw, or take in water, , JnR: heap up, lay on, build, load, burden, B, Gen, Rd ; CP. hladung f. drawing ('haustus'), DHy 58^6. hl hlw hld n. heap? burden? CP 21^160. ['lade '] hldder (Bl), hlddre hlder hlddisc m. loaded dish? WW 126^39. hldel m. 'ladle,' A, ZDA. hlden I. m. bucket, WW 123^5. II. pp. of hladan. hlder f. 'ladder,' A, ; CP. hlderwyrt f. ladderwort, Jacob's ladder, Lcd. hldhweogl n. waterwheel, wheel for drawing up water, WW 347^7. hldst hltst pres. 2 sg. of hladan. hldtrendel m. wheel for drawing water, OEG 502. hlfdige (, ) f. mistress (over servants), LL, VPs (), WW: chatelaine, 'lady,' queen, Chr, Ct : the Virgin Mary, Cr. so ealde h. the queen dowager, Chr 1051#c. hlfl lfel 343

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary +hlg n. derision, scorn, Dom 15. hlgulian (Cp 317) hlagolian hlhan (N, VPs) hliehhan hlhter hleahtor hlnan I. to cause to lean, Jul 63. II. lnan hlnan v. hl. hlne 'lean,' ; AO. hlnian to become lean, CP: make lean, starve, CP. ['lean'] hlnnes f. 'leanness,' , OEG. hlnsian to make lean, weaken, OEG. ['lense'] hlpewince (WW) lapewince [[headword spelled hlapewince"]] hlst n. burden, load, freight, B, Rd. holmes h. finny tribe. ['last'] +hlstan (e) to load, burden, BH: adorn, Jud 36. [v. 'last' vb.] hlsting f. toll on loading a ship, TC 359. hlstscip n. tradingvessel, Cp 147#h. hlt lt hltst pres. 2 sg. of hladan. hlw () mn. mound, cairn, hill, mountain, B: graveyard, barrow, Met: hollow mound, cave. ['low '] hlf m. 'loaf,' bread, food, A, JnL, MtL; , AO, CP. hlfta m. ('loafeater'), dependant, LL. hlfbrytta m. slave in charge of the breadstore? EC 255. hlfdie (VPs) hlfdige hlfgang m. attendance at, or participation in, a meal, RB: procession with the host, LL. hlfgebrece ,gebroc n. bit of bread. hlfhwte m. breadwheat, TC 144^34. hlflast f. want of bread. hlfmsse f. 'Lammas' (August 1), AO; . hlfmssedg m. Lammasday. hlfofn m. baker's oven, WW 411^8. hlford m. 'lord,' master, ruler, A, AO, B, Chr, G; , CP: husband, Ct: the Lord, God, . [hlf, weard] hlforddm m. lordship, authority, CP: patronage. ['lorddom'] hlfordhyldo f. loyalty, AO. hlfording m. lord, master, W 298^7. hlfordlas without a lord, leaderless, B. [' lordless'] hlfordlic 'lordly,' noble, OEG 187^1. hlfordscipe m. 'lordship,' authority, rule, CP: 'dominatio' (title of an order of angels), H 1342^32. hlfordsearu fn. high treason, LL. hlfordscn f. act of seeking the protection of a lord, LL. hlfordswica m. traitor, Lcd; . ['lordswike'] hlfordswice m. high treason, treachery. hlfordswcung (MFN 167; W 225^28),syrwung (LL 16n5) f. betrayal of one's lord, treason. hlfordrimm m. dominion, power, NC 302. hlfrce f. ovenrake, OEG 53^43 (hlb). hlfsnung f. blessing of bread (on Lammasday), MH 136^1. hlfurd hlford hlagol inclined to laugh, W 40^8. hlagolian () to sound. hlmmsse hlfmsse hlanc 'lank,' lean, thin, Jud, PPs. hland (o) n. urine, Lcd. ['lant'] hlaian laian 344

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary hlw hlw hleadan hladan hleahter hleahtor hleahterful scornful, Guth. hleahterlic ridiculous, Guth. hleahtor (e) m. 'laughter,' jubilation, B, Bl, CP, Sc: derision. hleahtorsmi m. laughtermaker, Ex 43. hleahtrian (e) to deride, LPs 21^8. hlapan^7 to 'leap,' run, go, jump, dance, spring, , B, BH, Chr, CP: (+) leap upon, mount (a horse). hlapere m. runner, courier, Chr: 'leaper,' dancer, WW: itinerant monk, RB 135^20. hlapestre f. female dancer, WW 311^33. hlapettan v. to leap up, BH 390^9. hlapewince f. 'lapwing,' WW. hlapung f. dancing, . ['leaping'] hlat pret. 3 sg. of hlotan. hlec leaky, CP, OEG. [v. 'leak'] hlecan^5 to cohere, CP 361^20. hleda, hlede m. seat, Gr 34^3. hlf hlw hlfan (oe) v. hl. hlga (LkL 6^16) lwa hlehhan hliehhan hleht hleaht hlem m. sound, CP. hlemman to cause to sound, clash, Whale 61. [hlimman] hlnan lnan hlence f. coat of mail, Ex 218. hlennan hlynnan hlenortar m. hyssop, LPs 50^8. hlo m? n? (hlow), gs. hlowes (only found in sg.) covering, refuge, defence, shelter, protection, Cr, PPs: protector, lord. ['lee'] hlo hlow hlobord n. bookcover, Rd 27^12. hloburh f. protecting city. hlod hld +hleodu pl. of +hlid. hlofst consoling, protecting, Cr, RB. hlohrscnes f. 'supplantatio'? LPs 40^10. hlolas without shelter, comfortless. hleomoc m? hleomoce f. speedwell, Lcd. [v. ' brooklime'] hlon hlowan hleon hlin hlona m. shelter, Gu 222. hlonian to thrive, Ph 25. hlop pret. 3 sg. of hlapan. hlor n. cheek, Lcd, WW: face, countenance, Ep, Gu. ['leer'] hloran (L) loran hlorbn n. (cheekbone), temple, LPs 131^5. hlorbolster m. pillow, B 688. hlordropa m. tear, Gu 1315. hlorsceamu f. confusion of face, PPs 68^8. 345

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary hlorslge m. a blow on the cheek, CP 261^6. hlortorht beautiful, Rd 69^6. hlosceorp n. sheltering robe, Rd 10^5. hlotan^1 to cast lots, , AO: () get by lot, obtain. hlo (1) hlow; (2) pres. pl. of hlowan. hloor n. noise, sound, voice, melody, song: hearing. +hloor harmonious, BH 60^18. hloorcwide m. speaking, words, discourse, song, prophecy. hloorcyme m. coming with trumpetsound, Da 710. hloorstede m. place of conference. hlorian to sound, speak, sing, cry aloud, resound, proclaim, . hlorung f. reproof, SPs 37^11. hleou v. hli. hlow hlo +hlow I. warm, sunny, Nar. adv. hlowe Lcd. [v. 'lew'] II. +hlw hlowan (, ) () to warm, make warm, cherish, Bl: become warm or hot. ['lew'] hlowdryhten m. protector, patron, Wid 94. hlowfere fp. sheltering wings, Gen 2740. hlowlora m. one who has lost a protector, Gen 1953. hlowmg m. kinsman who is bound to afford protection. hlowon pret. pl. of hlwan. hlowstede m. sunny place, WW 336^50. hlowstl m. shelter, asylum, Gen 2011. hlow (, ) f. shelter, covering, warmth, . [' lewth'] hlowung () f. shelter, protection, favour. hlestan hlstan, hlystan hlet (KGl) pres. 3 sg. of hladan. hlt (VPs; MkR) hlet +hla m. companion, denizen. [hl] hlrian hlorian hlw hlw hlwesa lwsa hlw pres. 3 sg. of hlwan. hlid I. n. 'lid,' covering, door, gate, opening, . II. hli +hlid n. (nap. hlidu, hleodu) covering, vault, roof. hldan^1 to come forth, spring up, PPs 79^11? hlidfst closed by a lid, . hlidgeat n. swinggate, foldingdoor, EC; ; Mdf. [' lidgate'] +hlidod (eo) provided with a lid, BH 320^10. [' lidded'] hliehhan^6 (e, i, y) to laugh, , CP: () laugh at, deride, , MtL: rejoice. ['laugh'] hlep () mf., hlepe f. 'leap,' bound, spring, sudden movement, Cr, Lcd: thing to leap from, AO: (?) v. CC 54. hlepe v. sthl. [[headword spelled sthlpe"]] hleplce v. sthl. [[headword spelled sthlplce"]] hlepen pres. pl. of hlapan. hlepgeat () n. a low gate, KC. ['leapgate'] hlet () m. lot, chance, fortune, CP. hlfend (hlb) threatening, Cp 223#m. hlfian to rise high, tower, overhang. hlgan^{1?} to attribute (to), CP, Da. hligsa (CP) hlsa 346

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary hlihan, hlihcan, hlihhan hliehhan hlimman^3 (y) to sound, resound, roar, rage. hlimme f. stream, torrent. hlin I. m. mapletree, Rd 56^9. [Ger. lehne] II. hlynn hlinbedd n. sickbed, couch, B 3034. hlinc m. ridge, bank, rising ground, hill, EC, Ph; Mdf. ['link'] hlincrw f. bank of turf, EC 370. hlinduru f. latticed door. hlinian (eo, y) to 'lean,' B (eo); : recline, lie down, rest, Jn, MkL; CP. hlinrced n. prison. hlinsca ,scuwa m. darkness of confinement. hlinsian hlynsian hlinung f. 'leaning,' Lk: seat, couch. hlosa hlsa hlp pres. 3 sg. of hlapan. hlra lra hlsa (o, ) m. sound: fame, rumour, renown, glory, CP. hlsbre renowned, OEG. hlsadig renowned, famed, Bo. hlsadignes f. renown, Bo 75^28. hlsful of good repute, famous, . adv.lce, , AO. hlsig renowned, OEG 8^250. hlistan hlystan hli I. n. (nap. hleou) cliff, precipice, slope, hillside, hill, An, B; Mdf. ['lith'] II. hlid hlw hlow hloccetung f. sighing. hld pret. 3 sg. of haldan. hlodd hlot hlgon pret. pl., hlh pret. 3 sg. of hliehhan. hlom (WW 117^25), hlond hland hlse f. pigsty, LL 454[10]; NC 302; Mdf. hlosnere m. listener, OEG 2333. hlosnian to listen: wait, : be on the look out for, spy, . hlosniend 'attonitus.' hlot, hlott n. 'lot,' part, portion, share, , BC, Bl, G: (+) choice, decision, , AO. hloten pp. of hleotan. [[headword spelled hlotan"]] +hlotland n. allotted land, inheritance, . hl f. troop, crowd, band, company, AO: booty, spoil: complicity with a band of robbers. hlbt f. penalty imposed on a member of a gang of malefactors, LL. hlere m. robber. [hl] hlgecrod n. mass of troops, Rd 4^63. hlian to spoil, plunder, BH. hlsliht m. murder by a member of a gang of malefactors, LL 18[29]. +hlw n. lowing, bellowing, . hlwan^7 to low, roar, bellow, . hlwung f. lowing, bleating, bellowing, WW 192^7; 195^13. hld adj. comp. hldre, hluddre 'loud,' sonorous, CP; . hldclipol loud, noisy, RBL 35^11 (hlt). hluddre v. hld. hlde adv. loudly, aloud, Bl; , CP. ['loud'] hldnes f. clamour, noise, A 8332. ['loudness '] hldstefne loud sounding, WW 416^18. 347

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary hldswge adv. loudly, . hlummon pret. pl. of hlimman. hlupon pret. pl. of hlapan. hluton pret. pl. of hlotan. hltor, hlttor (e^2) gsm. hltres pure, clear, bright, sincere, , CP. [Ger. lauter] adv.lce. hltorlicnes hltornes hltornes f. clearness, brightness, simplicity, purity, . hltre I. adv. clearly, brightly. II. ds. of hltor. hltter, hlttor hltor hlttrian wv. to clear, purify, make bright: to become clear. hlyd hlid hld f. noise, sound: (+) tumult, disturbance, dissension. [hld] Hlda m. March, Lcd. ['Lide'; hld] hldan to make a noise, sound, clamour, vociferate, , CP. [hld] hlde f. torrent, BC (Mdf). hldig garrulous, OEG 1418. [hld] hlding f. noise, cry, MtL 25^6 (l). hlyhhan hliehhan hlymman hlimman hlyn hlynn hlynian (1) hlynnan; (2) hlinian hlynn I. m. sound, noise, din, tumult, AO. II. f. torrent, JnL. ['linn'] hlynnan to make a noise, resound, shout, roar. hlynrian to thunder, WW 519^34. hlynsian (i) to resound. hlp hlep hlsa () hlsa hlsfullce hlsfullce [[form of hlsful"]] hlysnan to 'listen,' MtL; Cp. hlysnere m. hearer, DR 29^4 (ly). hlyst f. sense of hearing, , Lcd: listening. ['list'] hlystan (e, i) to listen, hear, CP; : attend to, obey, Lk. ['list'] +hlyste audible, NC 294. hlystend, hlystere m. listener, . +hlystful attentive, gracious, LPs 89^13. hlystung f. act of listening, Kl. hlt, hlte m. lot, portion, : band, troop. hlyta hlytta +hlyta m. companion. [hlot] hltere m. clergyman, priest, NC 302. hlytm m. casting of lots, B 3126? hlytman to decide by lot, MFH 167. hlytta m. diviner, soothsayer, AO 184^26. [hlot] +hlytto fellowship, DR. hlyttor (HGl 418) hluttor, hltor hlttrian to purify, Gr 222^7. hlttrung f. cleaning, refining, WW 179^36. hlan ( e) v. behl. hlre lre hlw hlow hlwing hlowung 348

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary hnacod nacod hncan ncan hngan I. to bow down, bend, humble, curb, vanquish. [hngan] II. to 'neigh,' Gr. III. ngan hngung f. 'neighing,' Gr, Cp. hnpp m. bowl, OEG, WW. ['nap'; Ger. napf] hnpp hnapp hnppan to strike, Bo 130^19,20. hnsce hnesce +hnst, +hnst n. collision, conflict, battle. [hntan] hng, hnh I. bent down, abject, poor, humble, lowly: niggardly. II. pret. 3 sg. of hngan. hnappian (, e, ea) to doze, slumber, sleep, CP, Mt; . ['nap'] hnappung (, ea) f. napping, dozing, slumbering, CP. hnt pret. 3 sg. of hntan. hneap(VPs) hnap hnaw mean, niggardly, stingy, miserly, CP. [Ger. genau] adv.lce. hnawnes f. meanness, CP. hnecca m. 'neck,' , CP. hngan (1) ngan; (2) hngan hneofule f. hnifol hnopan v. h. [cp. Goth. dishniupan] hneoton pret. pl. of hntan. hnep (GD 186^27) hnpp hneppian (KGl) hnappian hnesce (, i, y) soft, tender, mild, CP: weak, delicate, : slack, negligent, CP: effeminate, wanton, . ['nesh'] hnescian to make soft, soften, , CPs: become soft, give way, waver, CP, Lcd; L. ['nesh'] hnesclic soft, luxurious, effeminate, AO. adv.lce softly, gently, tenderly, CP. ['neshly'] hnescnes f. softness, weakness, effeminacy, CP, Lcd, MtL ; : soft part of anything. ['neshness'] hnett (MtL 4^18) nett hnexian () hnescian hnifol m. brow, forehead. hnifolcrumb,crump inclined, leaning over, prone, WW. hngan^1 to bow oneself, bend, bow down: fall, decline, sink. [Ger. neigen] hnigian to bend down (the head), Lcd 7a. hniglan hnygelan hnipend bending, lowly, HGl 436. hnipian to bow down, Met, OEG; : bow the head, look gloomy, CP. ['nipe'] hnippan? to sink down, OEG 1579n. hnisce (MkR 13^28) hnesce hntan^1 to thrust, butt, knock, come into collision with, encounter. hnitol thrusting forwards, addicted to butting (of an ox). hnitu f. louseegg, 'nit,' Ep, Lcd; . hnoll m. top, crown of the head, , VPs. ['noll '] hnossian to strike, Rd 6^7. hnot bare, bald, 'closecropped,' Gr. ['not'] hnutbam m. nut tree. hnutcyrnel mn. kernel of a nut, Lcd. hnutu f. gs. and nap. hnyte 'nut,' Erf, Lcd, MtR; Mdf. +hnycned wrinkled? Lcd 97a. hnydele hydele hnygelan (i) pl. clippings, WW. 349

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary hnlung f. reclining, WW 153^24. +hnyscan to crush, MtR 21^44. [hnesce] hnysce hnesce +hnyst contrite, #PsC 127. hnyte gs. and nap. of hnutu. h hh hbanca m. couch, WW 280^12. [hh] hc m. 'hook,' BH, WW: angle, Mt, Nar. hocc m. mallow, Cp, Lcd. ['hock'] hcede curved, KC. ['hooked'] hcer hcor hciht v. heoruh. hcsern n. small sickle, WW 235^1. hoclaf n. mallow, Lcd. hcor n. insult, derision, W 164^17. hcorwyrde derisive, scornful, W 164^13. hd m. 'hood,' Ep, WW. hof n. enclosure, court, dwelling, building, house, hall: temple, sanctuary. [Ger. hof] hf I. m. 'hoof,' Run, WW; . II. pret. 3 sg. of hebban. hofding m. chief, leader. [ON. hfingi] hfe f. 'hove,' alehoof (plant), Lcd, WW. hofer m. hump, Gl: swelling. hoferede humpbacked, CP, Lcd, WW. ['hovered'] hoferiend, +hoferod (L) hoferede hfian v. beh. hflic pertaining to a court, OEG 2996. +hfod hoofed, L 25^44. hfon pret. pl. of hebban. hofor hofer hfrec,rc n. hooftrack, bridletrack, Lcd. hofrede confined to the house, bedridden, WW 162^8. hfring m. print of a horse's hoof ( hfhring) OEG 18. hofweard m. dile, WW 111^20. hog hoh hoga I. careful, prudent, DR, MtL. ['howe'] II. m. fear, care: attempt, struggle, OEG 8^283. hoga hog, hoh hogade hogode hogde pret. of hycgan or hogian. hogelas free from care, NC 303. hogg hog, NC 302. hogian to care for, think about, reflect, busy oneself with, : intend, strive, wish for. [hyge] hogode pret. of hogian. hogu f. care, . hogung f. endeavour, DHy 8^12. hh m., gs. hs, nap. has, hs, dp. hum hough, heel, , Jn, Ps. on h. behind: point of land, Ct, Nar; Mdf. ['ho,' 'hoe'] hohfst, hog(a)(NG) prudent, cautious, wise. hhft m. heel, LPs 55^7. hohful (hoga, N) careful, thoughtful, : full of care, anxious, pensive, sad, Ct, Sc. ['howful'] hohfulnes f. care, trouble, KC 3349^11. hhhwyrfing,hwerfing f. heelturning, circle? v. OEG 18n. 350

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary hohlce (hog) prudently, LkL 16^8. hohmd sad, sorrowful, W 72^8. hhscanca m. leg, shank, Lcd 14a. hohscipe (hoga) m. prudence, N. hhsinu f. sinew of the heel, , Lcd. ['houghsinew '] hhsnian v. onh. hhspor n. heel, WW 160^26. hol I. hollow, Lcd: depressed, lying in a hollow, CP, Ct, MH. ['holl'] II. n. hollow place, cave, hole, den, Ct, Lk, Met, WW; AO, : perforation, aperture, Cp. ['hole,' 'holl'] hl n. calumny, slander, . hola v. oterh. +hola m. protector, defender, . [helan] holc n? holca? m. hole, cavity, Lcd. ['holk'] hold I. gracious, friendly, kind, favourable , AO, B ; : true, faithful, loyal , , LL ; CP: acceptable, pleasant. ['hold'; ON. hollr] adv. holde graciously, loyally, Ps. ['holde'] II. n. dead body, carcase, Mt; . ['hold'; ON. hold] III. m. holder of allodial land, ranking below a jarl (Danish word ), LL: military chief, MkR 6^21. [ON. holdr] hold m. oath of allegiance, Chr. holdelce holdlce holdhlford m. gracious lord, liege lord, Chr 1014#e. holdian to cut up, disembowel, L 23^73. [hold II.] holdlic faithful, friendly, OEG 50^29. adv.lce graciously, , WW: faithfully, loyally. ['holdely '] holdrden f. fidelity, faithful service, H 2150^30. holdscipe m. loyalty, allegiance, Chr. holecerse a plant, Lcd. holegn holen I. holen I. m. 'holly,' Cp, WW; ; Mdf. adj. of holly, Lcd. II. pp. of helan. hlenga hlinga holenlaf n. holly leaf, Lcd 127a. holenrind f. holly bark, Lcd 29b. holenstybb m. hollystump. holh (CP), holg n. gs. hles hole, 'hollow.' holian to hollow out, scoop out, : to become hollow, be perforated, . ['hole'] hlian to oppress, Ps. ['hole'] +holian to obtain, CP 209^19. holing f. hollow place, GD 113^11. hlinga adv. in vain, without reason. holl hol II. hollac n. onion? WW 270^29. ['holleke'] holm m. _wave, sea, ocean, water, B: in prose, esp. in placenames island (esp. in a river or creek), Chr. [' holm'] holmrn n. ship, Gen 1422. holmclif n. seacliff, rocky shore. holmeg adj. of the sea, Ex 118. holmmgen n. force of the waves, Rd 3^9. holmracu f., gs.rce restless sea. holmweall m. wall of sea water, Ex 467. holmweard (An 359) helmweard holmweg m. seapath, An 382. holmwylm m. billows, B 2411. holnes f. hollow place, GD 99^22 (o). 351

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary hlonga hlinga holpen pp. of helpan. holrian heolorian holstf m. 'apex,' tittle, MtR 5^18. holt nm. forest, wood, grove, thicket, , B; CP; Mdf: wood, timber, Jul. ['holt'] holthana,ana m. woodcock, WW 344^30. hltihte f. calumny, WW. holtwudu m. forest, grove, Ph: wood (timber). [v. 'holt'] hlunga hlinga hom ham hm m hman man hn I. (sv^7) pret. heng, pp. hangen to hang, suspend, crucify, : adorn. II. pl. tendrils of a vine? A 4143. hon han hona (1) heonu; (2) hana hnede having heels, WW 161^26. [hh] +honge +hange hop n. privet, v. OEG 36^14. hp m. hoop? v. NC 303. hop v. fen, mrh. hopa m. 'hope,' . [usu. thopa] hpgehnst n. dashing of waves. hopian to 'hope,' expect, look for, A, ; CP: put trust in, , Bo, Bl. hpig eddying, surging, PPs 68^5. +hopp n. small bag, WW 405^3. hoppda m. upper garment, cope, WW 188^14. hoppe f. a kind of ornament, AO: dogcollar, LL 194[8]. hoppestre f. female dancer, . ['hoppestere'] hoppetan to leap for joy: to throb. hoppian to hop, jump, leap, dance, : limp, L 21^417. [Ger. hpfen] hopscte f. sheet, counterpane, (9^307). hr n. adultery. hora horu horas v. horh. hrcwene f. whore, adulteress, LL. hord nm. 'hoard,' treasure, B, Chr, Gen, MtR, WW. hordrn hordern hordburg f. treasurecity, B, BC, Gen. hordcleofa,clyfa m. treasurechest, treasury, secret chamber, . hordcofa m. treasurechamber, closet: () breast, heart, thoughts. hordere m. treasurer, chamberlain, steward, , KC. [' hoarder'] hordern n. treasury, storehouse, . horderwce f. office of treasurer, Chr 1137. hordft n. treasurereceptacle, . hordgeat n., gs.gates door to a treasurechamber, Rd 43^11. hordgestron n. hoarded treasure. hordian to 'hoard,' . hordloca m. treasurechest, coffer: () secret thoughts, mind. hordmgen n. riches, Da 675. hordmm m. hoarded treasure. hordweard m. guardian of treasure: king: heir, firstborn. 352

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary hordwela m. hoarded wealth, B 2344. hordweorung f. honouring by gifts from the hoard, B 952. hordwitt n. treasure of wisdom, Kl. hordwynn f. delightful treasure, B 2270. hordwyre worth hoarding, B 2245? hre f. whore, prostitute, OEG. horeht horwiht +horgian to defile, Bk: spit. horh (horg) mn., gs. hor(w)es, instr. horu, nap. horas phlegm, mucus, , El, Ep, Lcd: dirt, defilement, uncleanness; Mdf. ['hore'] horheht horwiht horian to cry out, Ps. +horian (N) +horgian horig foul, filthy, , LL. ['hory'] hring m. adulterer, fornicator, W 309^21. horn m. horn (musical instrument, drinkinghorn, cuppinghorn), beast's horn, Ct, Lcd, LL, VPs; AO: projection, pinnacle, Ps. hornbre horned, Gr 27^16. hornblwere m. hornblower, trumpeter. hornboga m. bow tipped with horn? hornbora m. hornbearer, trumpeter, WW. hornfisc m. garfish, An 370. hornfted hoofed, WW 213^22. horngap broad between the pinnacles or gables. horngestron n. wealth of pinnacles (on a house)? [or ? hordgestron], Ruin 23. +hornian to insult, MkL 12^4. hornlas without horns, ES 39349. hornpc m. pinnacle, MtL. [v. 'pike'] hornreced n. hall with gables, B 704. hornsl n. hornsele hornsca f. pinnacle, MtL 4^5. hornscip n. beaked ship, An 274. hornsele m. house with gables, Gen 1821. hornungsunu m. bastard, WW 456^10. horo horu horpytt m. mudhole, EC 445^15. hors n. horse, OET, WW, VPs; , AO, CP; Mdf. horsbr f. horselitter, BH; L. ['horsebier '] horsc sharp, quick, active, ready, daring: quickwitted, wise, prudent. horscamb m. 'horsecomb,' currycomb, strigil, WW. horschwl ( *horshwl) m. walrus, AO 17^36. horsclic sordid, squalid, foul, OEG 1789. [horh] horsclce briskly, readily, promptly: prudently, wisely. horscniht m. master of the horse, equerry, groom, esquire, (8^242). horscrt n. 'biga,' chariot, WW 194^26. horselene f. elecampane, WW. ['horseheal'] horsern n. stable, WW. horsgrstn m. meadow in which horses are kept, KC 3414^25. horshelene horselene horshierde (i^2, y^2) m. ostler, groom. horsian to provide with horses, Chr. ['horse'] 353

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary horslce horsclce horsegn,n m. ostler, groom, equerry: muleteer, GD 191^23. horswn m. chariot, WW 140^4. horswealh m. groom, equerry, LL 22; 132. horsweard f. care of horses, LL 445[2]. horsweg m. bridleroad, KC. ['horseway'] hortan sbpl. 'whortle'berries, v. OEG 2^433. horu horh horusa m. sink, pit, Bo 112^15. horuweg (o^2) m. dirty road? KC 5173^17. horweht horwiht horwes v. horh. horwig orweg +horwigian to defile, spit upon. horwiht (e^2) mucose, defiled, filthy, Guth 36^9. horwyll m. muddy stream, EC 445^19. horxlic horsclic hs I. f. escort, company, B 924. II. f. bramble, briar. III. v. hh. hosa m., hose f. 'hose,' WW. hosebend m. hoseband, garter, OEG 4822. hosp m. reproach, insult, contumely, : blasphemy, . hospcwide m. insulting speech, El 523. hospettan to ridicule, Cp 697#s. hospsprc f. jeer, taunt, H 2514. hospul 'irritus,' RPs 88^35. hospword n. abusive language, contemptuous expression, . hosse hysse hstig (L 35^192) stig hosu f. hose, RB: pod, husk, Cp 1867. hotor otor homa m. darkness, the grave. hr hrw hraca m. throat, Lcd? ['rake'] hrca () m. clearing of the throat: spittle, mucus. hrace, hracu f. throat, , VPs (). ['rake'] hradv. hrd hrade hrae hradian (ea, ) to be quick, hasten, do diligently: further, prosper, L 20^78. hradung () f. quickness, despatch, diligence. on hrdinge quickly, L. hr hra, hre, hrea hr hrw hr hra, hro, r hrca m. clearing the throat. [ hrca] hrcan tr. and intr. to 'reach,' bring up (blood or phlegm), CP, Lcd; . +hrcan +reccan hrcetung f. eructation, Lcd 69b. hrcgebrc n. sore throat, WW. hrcing f. detention, DR 65^13. hrctan to eructate, Lcd 84a. hrctunge f. uvula, Lcd 17a. hrcung f. clearing of the throat, Lcd. ['reaching '] 354

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary hrd (e) (hradoccly. in obl. cases) quick, nimble, ready, active, alert, prompt, CP, Gl, Mt. ['rad'] hrdbta m. blackbeetle, WW (hr). hrdfrnes f. swiftness, Bo 72^17. hrdhdig hasty. hrdhdignes f. haste, precipitation, CP. hrding f. haste, W 22^14. hrdlic () quick, sudden, premature, B, Bo; , AO, CP. adv.lce quickly, hastily, soon, speedily, forthwith, , CP. ['radly,' 'rathely'] hrdlicnes (e) f. suddenness, Guth: earliness, EPs 118^147. hrdmd hasty, L 16^342. hrdnes f. () quickness: brevity. hrdrpe (rd) ripening early, WW. hrdtfle quick at throwing dice? Cra 73 (v. ES 43339). hrdung hradung hrdwn m. swift chariot. hrdwilnes f. haste, precipitation, CP. hrdwyrde hasty of speech, Wa 66. hrfn I. hrfen (e) m. raven, , B, G, VPs: sign of the raven (the Danish banner). II. hfern hrfncynn (e) n. ravenspecies, . hrfnesft m. ravensfoot, cinquefoil, OET p8. hrgan v. oferhr. hrgel hrgl hrgelgefrtwodnes f. fine clothing, LL (396^27). hrgelegn m. keeper of the robes, 'vestiarius.' hrgl n. (e) dress, clothing, Gl, Jn; AO, CP: armour: sail. ['rail'] hrglcyst f. clothesbox, trunk, Ct. hrglgewde n. dress, WW 430^33. hrglhs f. vestry, RB. hrglscara fp. shears for cutting cloth, WW 241^40 (rgl). hrgltalu f. vestmentfund, KC, RB. hrglung f. clothing, WW 151^5. hrglweard m. keeper of vestments or robes, WW 279^19. hrgnloca brgnloca hrmn, hrm hrfn hrn hrn hrron pret. pl. of hrran. hrs v. hrw. hrscetung rscetung [[Crossreference uncertain.]] hrscian v. hr. hrtelwyrt f. rattlewort, WW 301^3. hr hrd. ['rathe'] hrw I. (, a) nm. gs. hrs living body: corpse, carcase, carrion. II. hraw I. hrwc (hra) n. place of corpses, B 1214. hrfyll m. slaughter, B 277. hrgfre deadly, WW 408^10. hrgra m. heron, Gl. hramgealla ramgealla hrmig hrmig hramma m. cramp, spasm. hramsa (o) m.,se f. onion, garlic, Ep, Lcd, WW. [' rams,' 'ramson'] hramsacrop m. head of wild garlic, Gl. 355

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary hran (o) m. whale, Gl. hrn I. m. reindeer, AO. II. pret. 3 sg. of hrnan. hrand I. rand. II. pret. 3 sg. of hrindan. hrandsparwa (o^1) m. sparrow, MtL 10^29. hranfix (o) m. whale, B 540. hrnhund? m. deerhound? v. LL 2117. hranmere (o) m. sea, Met 5^10. hranrd f. (whale'sroad), sea. hratele f. 'bobonica' (plant), WW 296^2. hratian to rush, hasten, OET ( hradian?). hrae (, e) adv. comp. hraor, superl. hraost hastily, quickly, promptly, readily, immediately, soon, , B, Bo, Cr, VPs; CP: too soon, Bo. sw h. sw as soon as, . [' rathe,' 'rather,' 'rathest'] hraer hreer hraian hradian hrw hrw hrwrig weary in body, Ph 554. hrwlic hrowlic hra I. f. indigestion? Lcd 94b. [hraw I.] II. hraw I. and II. hrac m. 'rick,' heap, stack, TC, WW. hraccopp m. top of a rick, LL 453[21,4]. hracmete m. food given to the labourers on completing a rick, LL 452. hrad v. earmhr. [hroan] [[variant of hran?]] hraf raf hram m. noise, outcry, alarm, , CP: cry, lamentation, sorrow, B, Cr. ['ream'] hramig clamorous: lamenting. hranes hrohnes hras pret. 3 sg. of hrosan. hrat pret. 3 sg. of hrtan. hreaems (a^2) f. bat. hreaian (VPs) hradian hraw I. (o) 'raw,' , Lcd. II. hrw nm. III. pret. 3 sg. of hrowan. hraw hrow hrawde pret. 3 sg. was raw, WW 215^43 (raw). hrawc hrwc hrawnes I. f. rawness, crudity, OEG 3283. II. hrownes +hrec +rec hrc hrc hred (KGl) hrd hreda v. freda. hreddan to free from, recover, rescue, save, Cr; : take away. ['redd'] hreddere m. defender, NC 303. hreddung () f. salvation, liberation, . hredmna hrmna hrfan to roof, . [hrf] hrefn (1) hrfn; (2) hfern hrefnan rfnan hrefncynn hrfncynn hregresi? groin, MLN 11333; ZDA 33244. hrh hroh hrem hrfn I. hrman I. to boast. [Ger. rhmen] II. hrman 356

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary hrmig boasting, vaunting, exulting. hremm hrfn I. hremman to hinder, cumber, . hremming f. hindrance, obstacle. hremn hrfn I. hrenian to smell of, be redolent of, Sc 106^5. hro hroh, hrow hrocan rocan hrod n. 'reed,' rush, , BH, Gl; CP; Mdf. hrodan^2 to adorn (only in pp. hroden). hrodbedd n. 'reedbed,' . hrodcynn n. kind of reed, NC 303. hrodig,iht,ihtig (e^2) reedy. hrodwter n. reedy marsh, Nar 20^23. hrof rough, scabby, leprous, Whale; CP. as sb. leper. ['reof'] hrofian v. hr. hrofl I. f. scabbiness, leprosy, CP. II. adj. leprous. hrofla m. roughness of the skin, leprosy, : leper, . [hrof] hroflic,lig () leprous. hrofnes f. leprosy, . hrofol, hroful hrofl I. hrog hroh hroh () I. adj. rough, fierce, wild, angry, Met; , AO, CP: disturbed, troubled, sad (v. hrow): stormy, tempestuous, B, Bo, Chr. ['reh'] II. n. stormy weather, tempest. hrohful stormy, ES 39349. hrohlic stormy, tempestuous, W 136^27. hrohmd savage, ferocious: sad, troubled. hrohnes (a) f. rough weather, tempest, storm, . hrol sb. 'reel,' A, WW; . hron ron hrones (1) hrohnes; (2) hrownes hrop pret. 3 sg. of hrpan. hreopian hrepian hrorig adj. in ruins, Ruin 3. [hrosan] hrosan^2 to fall, sink, fall down, go to ruin, , B, Cr, VPs; AO, CP: rush. ['reose'] hrosendlic perishable. hrosian hrowsian hros (KGl) pres. 3 sg. of hrosan. hroa (, a) v. bord, scildhr. hroung (u) f. hardness of breathing, asthma. hrow I. f. sorrow, regret, penitence, repentance, penance, B, Bl, CP, Cr. ['rue'] II. sorrowful, repentant. III. adj. hroh? IV. hraw I. and III. hrowan^2 (often impersonal w. d. pers.) to affect (a person) with regret or contrition, Bo, CP, Gen, LL: distress, grieve, Cr, Gen: (intr.) be penitent, repent, MkL. [' rue,' 'irew'] hrowcearig troubled, sad. hrowende penitent, LkL (). ['rueing'] hrowesung hrowsung hrowian to repent, MkL 1^15. hrowig sorrowful, sad, Gen 799. hrowigferh sad, sorrowful. hrowigmd sad, sorrowful. 357

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary hrowlic (, ) grievous, pitiful, sad, wretched, miserable, cruel, Chr, Ps. adv.lce, AO, Chr. hrownes (a) f. penitence, contrition, repentance, LL, Gl ; CP. ['rueness,' 'rewniss'] hrowon rowon pret. pl. of rwan. hrowsende hrosende [[form of hrosan"]] hrowsian () to feel sorrow or penitence, AO, Mt; CP. ['reusie'] hrowsung f. repentance, penitence, sorrow, CP, Lk; . ['reusing'] hrepian (eo), hreppan to touch, treat, Mt; : attack, Bk 6. ['repe'] hrepsung (L) repsung hrepung f. sense of touch, touch, . hrr lightly boiled, Lcd. ['rear'] hrran (tr.) to move, shake, agitate. [hrr; Ger. rhren] hrrednes () f. haste, LPs 51^6. hrremus f. bat, WW. ['rearmouse'; hrran] hrrnes () f. disturbance, commotion, tempest. hresl hrisil [[headword spelled hrsel"]] +hresp n. tearing, destruction, NC 294. +hrespan to tear, PPs 43^12. hrst hrst pres. 3 sg. of hrosan. hre hrd hr mn. victory, glory. hra m. covering of goatskin, Gl. hran to exult, rejoice, Ex 573. hree hrae hre re hradig glorious, victorious. hremna hrmna hreer (a, ) m. breast, bosom: heart, mind, thought: womb. hreerbealo n. heartsorrow, B 1343. hreercofa m. breast, Cr 1323. hreerglaw wise, prudent, Ex 13. hreerloca m. breast. hrig v. ad, sige, willhr. [[headword spelled wilhrig"]] hrlas inglorious, Gu 878. hrmna m. month of March. hrnes f. cruelty, inclemency, N, P 136^23. hreor hreer hrsigor m. glorious victory, B 2583. hricg hrycg hrcian to cut, cut to pieces, L 23^73. hricsc rick, wrench, sprain, Lcd 27a. hriddel n. 'riddle,' sieve, LL 455[17]. hrder (Gl), hridder () n. sieve. ['ridder '] hrdrian to sift, winnow, Lk. ['ridder'] +hrered destroyed, WW 496^18. hrew pres. 3 sg. of hrowan. hrif n. belly, womb, , AO. +hrifian to bring forth, LPs 7^15. +hrifnian to tear off, AO 142^26. hriftung f. pain in the bowels, WW 112^23. hrfo f. scurfiness, Lcd 90b. [hrof] hrifwrc (e^2) m. pain in the bowels, WW 112^23. 358

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary hrifwund wounded in the belly, LL 6[61]. hrig hrycg hrm m. 'rime,' hoarfrost, Ph; . hrman (, ) to cry out, shout, rave, (), CP (), JnL (): bewail, lament. ['reme'; hram] hrman v. behr. hrmceald icy cold, Wa 4. hrmforst m. hoarfrost, LPs 77^47 (rm). hrmgicel m. icicle, Seaf 17. hrmig rimy, frosty, Bl. hrmigheard frozen hard, Rd 88^7. +hrin n. morsel, EPs 147^17. +hrn (NG) +rn +rn hrnan^1 (w. a. g. or d.) to touch, lay hold of, reach, seize, strike, Ps. ['rine'] hrincg hring hrind rind hrindan^3 to thrust, push, Rd 55^4. hrine m. sense of touch. hrinenes f. touch, contact, BH. hring I. m. ring, link of chain, fetter, festoon, B, CP, G, Lcd: circle, circular group, Ph: border, horizon, Gen: () (pl.) rings of gold (as ornaments and as money): () corslet, B: circuit (of a year), cycle, course: orb, globe. II. m. (only in wpes hr.) sound. hringan to 'ring,' sound, clash, B, Sol: announce by bells, RB. hringbn n. ringshaped bone, WW 157. ['ringbone '] hringboga m. coiled serpent, B 2561. hringe f. ring. hringed made of rings. hringedstefna m. ringprowed ship. hringfg,fh ringspotted, variegated. hringfinger m. 'ringfinger,' Lcd, WW. hringgewindla m. sphere, WW 426^25. hringren n. ring mail, B 322. hringloca m. coat of ringmail, Ma 145. hringml ,mled adorned with a ring (of a sword). hringmere n. bath, Ruin 455. hringnaca m. ringprowed ship, B 1863. hringnett n. ringmail, B 1889. hringsele m. hall in which rings are bestowed. hringsetl n. circus, OEG. hringsittende sitting round, looking on, OEG 65. hringegu f. receiving of rings. hringweorung f. honouring by the gift of rings, B 3017. hringwsan adv. ringwise, in rings, Nar 16^1. hrning f. touch, JnL. [v. 'rine'] +hriorde (w) +reorde [[form of reord?]] hrp rp hrs n. twig, branch. [Ger. reis] hrisc risc hrscan hrscan hrseht bushy, bristly, WW 513^8. hrisel rysel hrsel, hrs(i)l f? shuttle: bone of the lower arm, radius. [hrisian] 359

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary [[Spelled hrisil", hrisl in first edition: see entry for hresl.]] hrisian (y) (tr. and intr.) to shake, move, be shaken, clatter, An, B, Ps, VPs. ['rese'] hrsig (rsig) bushy, OEG 8^337. hrst pres. 3 sg. of hrosan. hristende, hristlende noisy, creaky. hristle f. rattle, WW 391^18. hristung f. shaking, quivering, rattling noise, Lcd 97a. hri (u) m. fever, Lcd 80a. hr I. f. snowstorm, tempest. II. hrer hridl f. fever, Lcd 80a. hrer () n. neat cattle, ox, bull, cow, heifer, Bl, Ct, Lcd, WW. ['rother'] hreren of cattle, Lcd. ['rotheren'] hrerfrols () m. cattlefestival, OEG 4719. hrerhawere (y) m. butcher, . hrerheord () herd of cattle, . [v. 'rother '] hrerhyrde () m. herdsman, . hrfald m. cattlepen. hrheorde (ie) hrerhyrde hriian to shake, be feverish, have a fever, . hrig () stormbeaten? ruined? Wa 77. [hr] hriing f. fever, Lcd 96b. hrung hroung hrw hrow hrw pres. 3 sg. of hrowan. hrc m. 'rook,' Cp, L. hrd rd hroden I. () covered, adorned, ornamented (pp. of hrodan). II. roden [[II. Crossreference uncertain.]] hroder rodor hrf m. 'roof,' ceiling, , B, Cr, G; AO, CP top, summit, Bo, Cr, Mk: heaven, sky, Cr. hrffst with a firm roof, Met 7^6. hrflas (rf) roofless, WW 186^30. hrfsele m. roofed hall, B 1515. hrfstn m. roof stone, H 1508. hrftgel f. roofing tile, WW. hrftimber n. material for roofing, OEG 2256. hrfwyrhta m. roofmaker, builder, WW. hromsa hramsa hron hran hrop rop hrp m. clamour, outcry, lamentation, Bl. ['rope '] hrpan^7 to shout, proclaim: cry out, scream, howl, Gu, Ps. ['rope'] hrops v. oferhr. hropwyrc ropwrc hrr stirring, busy, active: strong, vigorous, brave. +hror n. calamity, plague, ruin, BH 284^4. [hrosan] hroren pp. of hrosan. +hrorenes f. downfall, ruin, LPs 31^4. +hrorenlic perishable, transitory, unstable, NC 294; MFH. hrse rse 360

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary hrst m. perch, 'roost,' LL 454[11]. hrstbag m. woodwork (of a roof), Ruin 32. hrot m. scum, Lcd 84a. hrer hror hrgirela m. crown, RPs 20^4. hrohund (A 8450) rohund hror m. solace, joy, pleasure: benefit. hrm m. soot, Shr, WW. hrmian v. behr. hrmig sooty, WW 362^12. hrung f. crossbar, spoke, Rd 23^10. ['rung'] hruron pret. pl. of hrosan. hrurul 'deciduus,' BDS 3011^33. hrse f. earth, soil, ground. hrt (u?) 'balidus' (validus?), WW 361^13. hrtan^5 to make a noise, whiz, snore, , Cp. [' rout'] hru hri hrer hrer +hrxl n. noise, tumult, v. ES 39344. hrxlian (rx) to make a noise, MtR 9^23. hryc hrycg hrycce v. cornhr. [[variant of cornhwicce"]] hrycg (i) m. back, spine, , CP, Lcd; AO: 'ridge,' elevated surface, B, Ct, Lk, Ps; Mdf. hrycgbn n. backbone, spine, Ps. ['ridgebone '] hrycgbrdan (hrig) pl. flesh on each side of the spine, Lcd 3118^24. hrycghr n. hair on an animal's back, Lcd 1360^19. hrycghrgl (i) n. mantle, TC 529^10. hrycgmearg (i,mear) n. spinal marrow, WW 292^7. hrycgmergli n. spine, WW 265^23. hrycgrib (i) n. rib, WW. hrycgrible,riple flesh on each side of the spine, WW. hrycgweg m. 'ridgeway,' road along a ridge, Ct. hrycigan to plough over again, GPH 398. hryding f. clearing, patch of cleared land, WW 147^12. hrfing f. scab, Lcd 32b. [hrof] hryg hrycg hrman (, ) to cry out, shout, rave, , CP: bewail, lament, JnL (). ['reme'] hrme hrm hrympelle rimpel +hryne +ryne hryre I. m. fall, ruin, destruction, decay, , B, Bo; AO, CP. [hrosan] II. perishable, . ['rure'] hrre hrr, hrre hrscan to creak, v. ES 39344. hrysel rysel hrysian, hryssan hrisian hryst hyrst hrst pres. 3 sg. of hrosan. hrystan hyrstan hrte (y?) 'balidinus,' WW 163^18 (cp. hrt). hrer hrer hrig hrig 361

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary hrya rya hrwlic hrowlic hrwsian hrowsian hrw pres. 3 sg. of hrowsian. h adv. 'how,' CP, . h gerdes; h meta how. h gares at what time of year. h nyta wherefore. h ne d...? do not...? h nys...? is not...?: (with comparatives) the: () in some way or other, Shr: h ne n 'nonne.' hcs, hcx hsc hdenian to shake, CP 461^16. hf f I. and II. hfe covering for the head, Cp, WW. ['houve'; Ger. haube] hfian to put a covering on the head, . hhwega,hugu somewhere about. h. sw about. hui! huig! interj. huilpe hwilpe hulc m. 'hulk,' ship, LL, WW; : hut, , LL, WW. hulfestre f. plover, WW 132^12. hlic pron. of what sort. hulpon pret. pl. of helpan. hulu f. husk, pod, WW. ['hull'] hluco (AO) hlic huma uma [[headword spelled ma"]] humele hymele hmen (VHy) men [[headword spelled ymen"]] hmeta adv. in what way, how, . huncettan to limp, halt, RPs 17^46. hund I. n. hundred, A, AO, Mk; ; (in comp.) decade. ['hund'] II. m. hound, dog, Bo, CP, Jud; , AO. hundhtatig (VPs) hundeahtatig hundllef(ndlf) hundendlufon hundeahtatig num. 'eighty,' . hundeahtatigwintere eighty years old, . hundendlufontig,leftig (^2) hundred and ten. hundendlufontigoa,lleftiogoa hundred and tenth, CP. hundesbo f. dog's parasite, WW 380^21. hundescwelcan pl. colocynth berries, WW 364^31. hundesfloge f. dog's parasite, AO. hundeshafod n. snapdragon, Lcd. hundesls f. dog's parasite, . hundesmicge,tunge f. cynoglossum (plant), Lcd. hundeswyrm m. dog's parasite, dog's worm, WW 122^25. hundfeald hundredfold, . ['hundfold'] hundfra m. centurion, MtL 22^19 mg. hundlic of or like dogs, canine, . hundnigontoa ninetieth, . hundnigontig ninety, . hundnigontigwintre ninety years old, . hundred,ra n. 'hundred' (number) , G, Ps, WW, MtL (a); : hundred (political district): hundredcourt, or assembly of the men of a hundred. hundredes ealdor, mann head of the hundred court, centurion. hundredgemt n. hundredmoot, LL. hundredmann m. centurion, . hundredpenig m. contribution levied by the sheriff or lord of the hundred for the support of his office, TC 362

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary 432; 433. hundre (MkR) hundred hundseofontig num. seventy, . hundseofontigfeald seventyfold, . hundseofontigoa seventieth, CP (io^2, io^4). hundseofontigwintre seventy years old, . hundtontig hundred, . hundtontigfeald,fealdlic hundredfold. adv.lce, W 237^9. hundtontiggare being of the age of a hundred, . hundtontigwintre a hundred years old, NC 303. hundtwelftig num. hundred and twenty, , AO. hundtwentig num. hundred and twenty, . hundtwentigwintre aged a hundred and twenty, . hundwealh m. servant who looked after dogs, WW 111^25 (^2). hundwelle a hundredfold, MtL 13^8. hundwintre aged a hundred years, . hne f. horehound, Lcd. h ne n 'nonne,' RPs 52^5; Hy 6^6. hunger hungor hungerbiten hungerbitten, starving, Chr 1096. hungergar n. famine year, . hungerlwe famishing, starving, LHy 3^5. hungerlic hungry, famishing, WW. hungor m. 'hunger,' desire, An, Cr, VPs, WW; CP: famine, , Mt, Chr. hungrig 'hungry,' famishing, MtL, Gu; , AO. hungur hungor hunig n. 'honey,' AO, VPs; , CP. hunigppel m. pastille? ball of honey? OET (Cp 1512). hunigbre honeyed, OEG. hunigbin f. vessel for honey, LL 455[17]. hunigcamb f. 'honeycomb,' Sc 50^9. hunigflwende flowing with honey, Gu 1250. huniggafol n. rent paid in honey, LL 448[4,5]. hunigsge f. honeysuckle? clover? privet? Cp, WW. ['honeysuck'] hunigswte 'honeysweet,' mellifluous, . hunigtar m. honey which drips from the comb. hunigtaren,lic nectarlike, Gl. hunisge,sce hunigsge hnspora m. 'dolon,' pike? Cp 356#d. hunta m. huntsman, , AO: a kind of spider, Lcd 54a. ['hunt'] hunta hunto huntafaru f. hunting expedition, LL 252[22]. huntian, huntgan to 'hunt' (intr.), Lcd, WW; (tr.) . hunticge f. huntress, A 6188. huntigspere n. huntingspear, WW. huntigystre hunticge hunto, huntno, huntnold, huntna m. hunting, what is caught by hunting, game, prey, , Ct, Lcd; AO. ['hunteth'] huntung f. 'hunting,' WW: a hunt, chase, DR : what is hunted, game, ES 37188. hnyrlu np. holes in the upper part of a mast, WW 288^15. hon hwn 363

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary hupbn, huppbn hypbn hupian v. onh. hupseax n. hipsword, short sword, dagger. [hup hype] hurnitu hyrnetu [[under hyrnet"]] hru adv. at least, at all events, however, nevertheless, yet, even, only, LL; : about, not less than, AO: surely, truly, certainly, indeed, especially, CP. h. swost most particularly. ['hure'] hruinga at least, especially, . hs n. 'house,' B, G, RB; , AO, CP: dwellingplace, El, Ph: household, JnL: family, race, Ps. hsa m. member of a household, G. hsrn n. dwellinghouse, NC 303. hsbonda (^2?) m. householder, master of a house, Mt, Chr. ['husband'] hsbonde f. mistress of a house, . hsbryce (e^2, i^2) m. housebreaking, burglary, LL. [' housebreach'] hsbrycel m. housebreaking, burglary, WW 205^28. hsbryne m. burning of a house, Ct. hsbunda hsbonda hsc n. mockery, derision, scorn, insult, Gen, WW. [' hux'] hscarl m. one of the household corps, member of the king's bodyguard, Chr, KC. ['housecarl'; ON.] hsclic shameful, ignominious, . adv.lce. hscword n. insulting speech, An. [v. 'hux'] hsel hsl hselbox receptacle of the host, P 178^6. hselhlgung f. attendance at the eucharist, communicating, . hsellf f. remains of the eucharist, LL (358^22). hselportic (u^2) m. sacristy, BH 94^10. hsfst adj. occupying a house, Ct. hshefen m. ceiling, WW 432^8. [heofon] hshlford m. master of the house, . hshlow n. housing, shelter, LL (282^25); W 74^4. hsian to 'house,' receive into one's house, LL. hsincel n. habitation, DR, VPs. hsl (sel,sul) n. 'housel,' eucharist, Lord's supper, , BH : the host, LL: a sacrifice, MtL 12^7. hslbearn (ul) n. communicant, Gu 531. hsldisc m. houseldish, paten. hslft n. nap.fatu sacrificial or sacramental vessel. hslgang m. going to, partaking of the eucharist, . hslgenga m. communicant, v. LL 2263. hslian to administer the sacrament, LL. ['housel '] hsln m. acolyte, LL. hslung f. administration of the sacrament, . [' houseling'] hslwer (el) m. communicant, Gu 768. hsrden f. household, family, LPs. hsscipe m. house (e.g. of Israel), race. hsstede m. site of a house, Lcd. hsting n. tribunal, court (esp. in London), Chr. [' husting'] hsul hsl hsul hs(e)l hswist f. home, LPs 5^8. h f. plunder, booty, prey, . hx hsc hw mf., hwt n. pron. (interrog.) 'who,' what, , AO, CP: (indef.) any one, some one, anything, 364

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary something, , AO, CP: each. sw hw sw whosoever. sw hwt sw whatsoever. t hwm wherefore. +hw each one, every one, any one, whoever. +hwde slight, scanty, small, young, . hwder (CP) hwider +hwdnes f. fewness, insignificance: fineness, subtlety. hwg () n? 'whey,' LL. hwl I. (usu. hwalin obl. cases) m. 'whale,' walrus, , AO. II. pret. 3 sg. of hwelan. III. hwall. IV. (Ex 161) wln? hwlan like a whale? Sol 263. hwlhunta m. whalefisher, whaler, , AO. hwlhunta m. whalefishery, whaling, AO. hwlmere m. sea. hwlweg (wl) m. sea, Seaf 63. hwm hwemm hwm ds. of hw, hwt. +hwmlic each, every, LkL 9^23. hwnan v. hw. hwne hwone, asm. of hw. hwne hwne hwnne, hwne ('when') hwonne hwr hwer hwr () adv. and conj. 'where,' whither, : somewhere, anywhere, everywhere, , CP. wel h. nearly everywhere. sw hw. sw wheresoever, wherever. elles hw. elsewhere. hwr...hwr here...there. +hwr everywhere, in all directions, : on every occasion, always. hwrf hwearf hwrfan hwierfan hwrflung hwyrflung hws I. sharp, piercing, Cr 1444. II. gs. of hw, hwt. hwsan^7 () to 'wheeze,' breathe hard, . hwst? blowing, v. OEG 2452n. hwstrian () to murmur, mutter, NG. hwstrung () f. murmur, whispering, muttering. hwt I. (neut. of hw, which see) adv. why, wherefore: indeed, surely, truly, for: interj. what! lo! (calls attention to a following statement) ah! behold! . II. adj. (obl. cases have hwat) sharp, brisk, quick, active: bold, brave, AO. III. (CP) pres. 3 sg. of hwettan. +hwt (Cr) neut. of +hw. ['ihwat'] hwte () m. 'wheat,' corn, , CP. [hwt] hwtadig very brave, El 1195? hwtecorn n. corn of wheat, Lcd 13a. hwtecynn n. wheat, PPs 147^3. hwtegryttan pl. wheaten groats, WW 141^20. hwtehealm m. wheat straw, Lcd 49a. hwteland m. wheatland, KC 3159^21. hwtemelu n. wheatmeal, Lcd 126a. hwten 'wheaten,' . hwtesmedma m. wheatmeal, Lcd. hwtewstm m. corn, CPs 77^25. hwthwara hwthwugu hwthwugu,hwigu,hugu,hwega,hwegu,hwygu pron. and adv. somewhat, slightly, a little, something. hwthwugununges (CP),hweganunges,huguningas adv. somewhat. 365

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary hwtlce adv. quickly, promptly. hwtmd bold, courageous. hwtnes f. quickness, activity. hwtrd firm, determined. [rd rd] hwtscipe m. activity, vigour, boldness, bravery, AO, CP. hwer (e) I. adj. pron. which of two, 'whether,' . sw hw. sw whichever. hwer...e whether...or: each of two, both: one of two, either, CP. II. conj. (with subj.) and adv. whether, , CP. +hwer both, either, each. hwere, hw()re I. adv. however, yet, nevertheless, still, , AO, CP. II. hwer adv. +hwere nevertheless. +hweres everywhere. hwalv. hwl. hwalf hwealf I. hwall ( ) forward, bold, WW 499^17; 532^32. [hwelan] hwm ds. of hw, hwt. hwamm (o) m. corner, angle, prominence, , CP: porch. hwamstn (o^1) m. cornerstone, MtL 21^42. hwan hwon instr. of hwt. hwn hwm hwanan hwanon hwane hwone asm. of hw. hwanne hwonne hwanon, hwanone adv. whence, . +hwanon adv. from every quarter. hwanonhwegu adv. from anywhere. hwr, hwra hwr hwst hwst hwasta? m. eunuch, Mt, WW. hwatv. hwt. hwata I. m. augur, soothsayer, . II. (),an fpl. augury, divination. hwatend 'iris Illyrica' (plant). hwatung f. augury, divination, LL. hwal (WW 162^25) wal hwealf I. concave, hollow, arched, vaulted. II. f. vault. [cp. Ger. gewlbe] hwealhafoc wealhhafoc [[headword spelled hfoc"]] hwealp hwelp hwearf I. m. crowd, troop, concourse. [hweorfan] II. (a, e, eo) m. exchange: what is exchanged: (+) vicissitude : error, MtR 27^64: going, distance, LkLR 24^13. III. pret. 3 sg. of hweorfan. hwearfan hwierfan hwearfian to turn, roll or toss about, revolve, wave, CP: change: wander, move, pass by, AO. hwearflic changing, mutable, transitory: quick, agile, Fin 35? adv.lce in turn. +hwearfnes f. conversion, CP 447^13. hwearft m. revolution, circuit, circle: lapse (of time). hwearftlian (y) to revolve, turn round, . hwearfung f. revolution: change, vicissitude: exchange. hwebbung webbung hweder hwider +hwdnes (KGl) +hwdnes hwg hwg hwegl hwol hwelan^4 (y) to roar, rage. 366

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary hwelc (AO, CP) hwilc hwelian, hwellan? to suppurate, CP: cause to suppurate. hwelp (ea, y) m. 'whelp,' the young of an animal, cub, AO. hwelung f. din, WW 423^20. hwem hwemm hwemdragen sloping, slanting, Bl 207^17. hwemm () m. corner, angle, . [hwamm] hwemman to bend, turn, incline, Chr 1052. hwne () adv. somewhat, a little, , AO, CP. [instr. of hwn] hweogl hwol hwol, hweogul, hweohl n. 'wheel,' Bo; Mdf. hwolfg having a circular border or decoration, WW 375^32. hwollst m. orbit, DHy 93^17. hwolrd f. rut, Cp 233#o. hwop pret. 3 sg. of hwpan. +hweorf converted, MtR 18^3 (+werf): active? Cra 68. hweorfa m. whorl of a spindle. hweorfan^3 (o, u) to turn, change. feohtan mid hweorfendum sigum to fight with varying success, AO: move, go, come: wander about, roam, go about: turn back, return, turn from, depart: die: be converted. hweorfbn (u, y) n. joint, kneecap. hweorfian (e) to return, AS. hwos pret. 3 sg. of hwsan. hweoa hwia hweowl, hweowol hwol hwer (, y) m. pot, basin, bowl, kettle, caldron, . +hwr +hwr hwerbn hweorfbn hwerf I. m. 'wharf,' dam or bank to keep out water, EC 299. II. hwearf hwerf hwearf, hweorf, hwierf hwergen adv. only in phr. elles hwergen elsehere. hwerhwette f. cucumber. hwsan () hwsan hwt wt hwte (KGl) hwte hwete, hwetstn m. whetstone, AO. hwettan to 'whet,' sharpen, incite, encourage, , CP. [hwt] hwette v. hwerh. hweer hwer hwere hwere hw hw hwicce f. locker, chest, trunk, OEG 18b^11. hwicung f. squeaking (of mice), GD 185^4 (c). hwider () adv. 'whither,' , AO, CP. sw hw. sw wherever, whithersoever. +hwider in every direction, everywhere, anywhere, whithersoever. hwiderryne adj. directed whither, Ln 43^33. hwe hw hwielfan (e, y) v. , be, ofhw. [hwealf] hwierfan (, e, ea, i, y) to turn, change, convert, return, CP: wander, move, go, depart, AO: exchange, barter: (+) overturn, destroy. [hwearf] +hwierfednes (y) f. conversion, BH. hwierfere v. peninghw. [[headword spelled hwyrfere"]] 367

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary hwig hw hwl f. 'while,' time, , CP: a long time. hwle (e) while, whilst, meanwhile. n hwle just now, a while ago. ealle hwle all the while. re hwle...re hwle at one time...at another time. hwilc (e, y) interrog. pron. and adj. which, what: (indef.) whosoever, whichever: any (one), some (one). sw hw. sw whosoever, whatever. +hwilc each, every (one), all, many, whoever, whatever. nra +hw. each one. hwilchwega hwilchwugu hwilchwene,hwone pron. some, some one. hwilchwugu,hugu (hwilc is declined) pron. any, some, some one, AO, CP. hwilcnes f. quality, . hwlen passing, transitory, Whale 87. hwlende (Sc), hwlendlic (CP) hwlwendlic hwile pres. 3 sg. of hwelan. hwlhwega adv. for some time. hwlon () hwlum hwilpe f. curlew? Seaf 21. [Du. wilp] hwlsticce n. interval, short space of time, odd moment, WW 420^28, GD 254^24. hwltdum adv. sometimes, at times, , CP. hwltdum...hwltdum at some times...at others. hwlrg f. period of time, GD 243^19. hwlum adv. (dp. of hwl) 'whilom,' sometimes, once, , CP. hwlum...hwlum now...now, at one time...at another. ['whilom '] hwlwende transitory, temporary, . hwlwendlic transitory, temporary, temporal, . adv.lce, . hwimpel wimpel hwnan^1 to hiss, whizz, whistle. ['whine'] hwinsian to whine, NC 303. hwinsung f. whining, NC 303. hwirfan hwierfan hwirf pres. 3 sg. of hweorfan. hwrlic (HGl 434) hwearflic hwiscettung f. squeaking (of mice), GD 185^4 (o). hwisprian to 'whisper,' murmur, NG. hwisprung f. whispering, murmuring, JnR 7^12. hwistle f. reed, whistle, pipe. hwistlere m. whistler, piper. hwistlian to 'whistle,' hiss, Nar 43^17. hwistlung f. whistling, piping, music. hwt I. 'white': bright, radiant, glistening, flashing, clear, fair. II. n. white of egg, . hwtan to whiten: brighten, polish. hwtcorn n. manna, JnL 6^31mg. hwtcwidu,cudu m. mastic, Lcd. hwtehlf m. white bread. hwtel () m. blanket, cloak, . [hwt] hwtft whitefooted, Gl. hwtian to whiten, become white, be white, . hwtingmelu n. whitingpowder, Lcd 119b. hwtingtrow n. whitten tree. hwtlac n. onion, WW 353^8. hwtling m. a kind of fish, whiting? NC 303. hwtloc ,loccede fairhaired, blonde, Rd. hwtnes f. whiteness, , Bl. 368

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary hwia m., hwiu (eo) f? air, breeze, , CP. hwol? 'infigens,' OEG 37^6. hwomm hwamm hwon form of instr. case of hw, only found in adverbial phrases like 't hwon, for hwon' why. hwn I. adj. little, few. II. n. a little, trifle, somewhat, a little while. III. adv. somewhat. hwonan hwanon hwone asm. of hw. hwnlic little, small, . adv.lce, moderately, slightly, little, . hwnlotum (hlotum) adv. in small quantities, Gl. hwonne adv. when, then, at some time, CP: at any time. n hw. just now: as long as, until. hwonon hwanon hwpan^7 to threaten. hworfan hweorfan hwsta m. cough, WW. ['hoast?'] hwstan to cough, Lcd 96b (hwsa). hwoerian to foam, surge, H 2388^19. [hwia] hworung f. murmur, a low sound, OEG 26^14. hwu (LWS) h hwugudl m. small part, HL 18^346. hwurf hwearf, hweorf, hwyrf hwurfon pret. pl. of hweorfan. hwurful fickle, CP. [hweorfan] hwurfulnes f. inconstancy, mutability, CP. hw (inst. of hwt) adv. and conj. 'why.' t hw wherefore. hwyder () hwider hwylan hwelan hwylc hwilc hwylca m. tumour, boil, WW 161^17. hwlon hwlum hwylp hwelp hwyr hwer hwyrf hweorf, hwierf hwyrfel m. circuit, exterior, higher part? Bl 125^21: (meaning doubtful), EC 328. hwyrfepl m. whirlpool, eddy, WW 383^34. hwyrflede 'rotundus,' v. OEG 23^42. hwyrflung () f. turning, revolution, month? v. OEG 1992: wandering. hwyrfnes f. dizziness, giddiness, Lcd. hwyrft m. turning, circuit, revolution, motion, course, orbit : way out, outlet. +hw. gares anniversary. hwyrftlian hwearftlian hwyrftweg m. escape, Rd 4^6. hwystl wistl hwtel hwtel h he +han han III. hycgan (i) to think, consider, meditate, study: resolve upon, determine, purpose: remember: hope. h. fram be averse to. hd I. 'hide,' skin, Chr, LL; AO, CP, . hde olian to undergo a flogging. II. hd +hd I. furnished with a skin, Nar 50^5. II. pp. of han. III. +hygd hdan I. to 'hide' ('ihede'), conceal, preserve, Bo, CP : (refl. and intr.) hide oneself, CP, Ps: sheath (a sword), bury (a corpse), . II. hdan hddern hddern 369

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary hydele v. hwenh. +hdelicnes +helicnes hdels m. hidingplace, cave, MkR, LL. ['hidels '] hyder hider hdgild (y^2) n. fine to save one's skin (i.e. instead of flogging), LL. ['hidegild'] hdig I. leathern, WW 125^35. II. hygdig +hdnes f. comfort, Cp 210#o: security, CP 387. hdscip hscip hf f. 'hive,' Cp, Lcd, WW. +hygd (i), hygd (at PPs 120^4) fn. mind, thought: reflection, forethought. hygdig heedful, thoughtful, careful: chaste, modest. adv.lce chastely. hygdignes f. chastity, modesty, DR. hyge (i) m. thought, mind, heart, disposition, intention, Seaf, Da: courage: pride, Gen 354. ['high '] hygebend mf. heartstrings, B 1878. hygeblind mentally blind, Jul 61. hygeble blithe of heart, glad, joyful. hygeclne pure in heart, PPs 104^3. hygecrft m. power of mind, wisdom. hygecrftig wise, prudent. hgedriht f. band of household retainers? Rim 21. [hw] hygefst wise, Rd 43^14. hygefrd wise, Gen 1953. hygefrfor f. consolation. hygeglsa hesitating, slow, sluggish, Ph 314. [glan] hygegl loose, wanton, Rd 13^12. hygegr m. wile, Mod 34. hygegomor sad in mind. hygeglaw prudent in mind. hygegrim savage, cruel, Jul 595. hygelas (e, i) thoughtless, foolish, rash, . hygelaslic (i) unbridled, OEG 3170. hygelast f. heedlessness, folly, . hygemum (i) reverently, B 2909. hygeme sad, saddening, B 2442. hygerf stouthearted, brave. hygern f. secret, El 1099. hygesceaft f. mind, heart, Gen 288. hygesnottor sagacious, wise. hygesorg f. heart sorrow, anxiety. hygestrang (i) brave, Men 42. hygetona m. injury, insult. hygetrow f. fidelity, Gen 2367. hygeanc m. thought. hygeancol thoughtful, wise. hygeihtig (i^1) courageous, B 746. hygerymm (i^1) m. courage, B 339. hyger (i) f. pride, insolence, Gen 2238. hygewlm m. agitation of mind, anger. hygewlanc haughty, proud. hyggean hycgan hgl (LPs) hgl 370

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary hhsan hscan [[headword spelled hyscan"]] hhst v. hah. hyht (e, i) mf. () hope, trust, Bl, Ps; , CP: joy, exultation: () desire, expectation: (+) comfort. ['hight'] hyhtan (i) to hope, trust, Ps: rejoice, exult, be glad: soften (hardship), Guth 86^8. ['hight'] +hyhtendlic to be hoped for, GD 269^13. hyhtful (e, i) hopeful: full of joy, mirthful, pleasant, glad. hyhtgiefu f. pleasing gift, Rim 21. hyhtgifa m. giver of joy, El 852. hyhting (i^1) f. exultation, WW 233^42. hyhtlas (i^1) unbelieving, Gen 2387. hyhtlic hopeful, joyful, pleasant. adv.lce. +hyhtlic commodious. hyhtplega m. joyous play, sport. hyhtwilla m. hopedfor joy. hyhtwynn f. joy of hope, joy. hho hehu hyl hyll hylc (i) m. bend, turn, Gl. +hylced divergent, GPH 398. hyld (e, i) m. grace, Gen: loyalty, fidelity, Chr (e), LL. ['held'] hyldan I. (e) hieldan. II. to flay, skin, , WW. [' hild'; hold II.] hyld m. oath of allegiance, LL 396#b. hylde f. declivity, slope, KC, WW (e). ['hield '] +hyldelic secure, safe, GD 348^10. hyldemg m. near kinsman. hyldere m. flayer, butcher, Gl. [hold II.] +hyldig patient, SPs 7^12. hylding f. curve, inclination, WW 382^2. [heald] hyldo f. favour, grace, kindness, protection: allegiance, loyalty, reverence, AO, CP. [hold I.] hyldrden f. fidelity, TC 610^31 (e^1). hyldu () hyldo hylest pres. 2 sg. of helan. hylf () hielf hyll I. mf. 'hill,' ; Mdf. II. hell hyllehma (i) m. 'cicada,' cricket, grasshopper, Gl. +hylman helmian hylman v. for, oferh. [["oferhylman only in form oferhylmend"]] hylp help hylp pres. 3 sg. of helpan. hylsten baked (on the hearth), WW 393^31. hylsung f. 'tympanum,' timbrel? (BB 482), EPs 150^4. hylt hielt pres. 3 sg. of healdan. hylte v. hahh. hylto hielto hylwyrt f. 'hillwort,' pulegium, WW. hym him hymblice (Gl) hymlic Hymbre sbpl. Northumbrians, OET 571. hymele f. hop plant, WW; Mdf. [L. humulus] hymelic hymlic hmen men [[headword spelled ymen"]] 371

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary hymlic (e) m., hymlce f. 'hemlock,' Gl, Lcd, WW. hn han hnan () henan hynd hind hynde v. six, twelf, twih.; ofhende. hynden f. community of 100 men, LL. hyndenmann m. chief man in the community of 100 men, LL 175; 178. hyne hine as. of h. hyngran, hyngrian (i) to be hungry, 'hunger,' (impers.) , JnL; (intr.) Cr, Lk: (trans.) hunger for, Mt 5^6. hyngrig hungrig hnnes f. persecution, BH 34^5. [han] hynnilc (Ep) ynnilac [[under ynnelac"]] hn, hnu heno +hpan () +hapian hypbn n. hipbone, WW 201^9. hype m. 'hip,' Bl, WW; , CP. hpe f. heap, . hypebn hypbn hpel m. heap, mound, Gl. hypesex hupseax +hypsan (LPs 9^25) hyspan hypwrc (i^1, e^2) n. pain in the hips, WW 113^15. hr () f. 'hire,' wages, , LL: interest, usury, . hyra gp. of h, ho, hit. hra m. servant, follower, mercenary, hireling, CP. hyran to spit, MkR 14^65. [cp. +horian] hran (1) heran; (2) hrian hyrcnian heorcnian hyrd f. door, Gen 2695. [Goth. hards] hyrd, heord, hyrwd hierd hyrdel m. 'hurdle,' , WW. hyre gds. of ho. hre hore hreborg (e) m. interest an money, WW 515^1. hred hered hrefter hrfter hregeoc,geoht hrgeoht hregilda m. mercenary, hired servant, WW 111^11. hremann heremann [[headword spelled hereman"]] hrgeoht n. hired yoke of oxen, LL 24[60]. hyrian to imitate, Bo. hrian to 'hire' ('ihire'), , Mt. hrigmann I. m. hireling, A, Mk. ['hireman'] II. heremann [[headword spelled hereman"]] hyring f. imitation. hrling m. 'hireling,' Mk 1^20. hrmann hrigmann hyrnan to jut out like a horn, Ct. hyrne f. angle, corner, CP, Mt; Mdf. ['hern'] hyrned horned, beaked, Lcd; . ['ihorned'] hyrnednebba hornybilled, hornbeaked. [horn] 372

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary hyrnen I. of horn, LRPs 97^6. II. angular, OEG 7^20. hrnes hernes hyrnet, hyrnetu f. 'hornet,' Gl, WW: gadfly? WW 121^12. hyrnful angular, having many angles, OEG 121. hyrnig angular, OEG 121. hyrnstn m. cornerstone, keystone, H 1106. hroxa m. hired ox, LL 116#b. hyrra (KGl) heorra, heorr hrra I. v. hah. II. hra hyrst I. f. () ornament, decoration, jewel, treasure: accoutrements, trappings, armour. [Ger. rstung] II. m. hillock, eminence, height, wood, wooded eminence, Rd, OET; Mdf. ['hurst'] hyrst hierst hyrstan I. to decorate, adorn, ornament, equip. [Ger. rsten] II. (+) to murmur, LkLR 15^2. III. hierstan hrsum hersum hyrtan hiertan hyrten heorten hyr f. skin, hide, ES 41323. hyril (Cp) hyrdel +hrung f. hiring, WW 213^12. hyrw hierw hys his hsan ? hscan [[headword spelled hyscan"]] hyscan (ea, i) (tr.) to jeer at, deride, reproach, Jul, Ps: (intr.) to rail, utter taunts, W. ['heascen '] [[Spelled hscan in 3 of 5 crossreferences, and in compound onhscan; first edition also has hscan.]] hscend () m. reviler, GPH 398. hyscild (WW 170^12) hysecild hyse nap. hyssas m. son, youth, young man, warrior. hysebeoror n. the bearing of male offspring: boy, young man. hyseberling,byrding m. the bearing of male offspring. hyseberre f. woman who bears a son, SHy 50^17. [byrere] hysecild n. male child, , AO. hyserinc m. young man, GD 338^22. hysewse adv. after the manner of young men, WW 417^35. hysope ysope hyspan (e, i) pret. hyspde and hyspte to mock, scorn, deride, revile, AO. [hosp] hyspend m. calumniator, RPs 71^4. +hyspendlic abominable, LPs 13^1. hyspful ridiculous, OEG 11^180. hyspnes,ung f. contumely. hysse hyse hyt I. f. heat, B 2649. [ON. hita; or ? read ht] II. hit pron. ht pres. 3 sg. of hdan. hyttan hittan h I. f. landingplace, harbour, creek, port, Cp, Guth, Met, Ps; , CP. ['hithe'] II. f. booty, prey. +h appropriate, convenient, . han () plunder, ravage. [h] hegian to facilitate. hegung f. advantage, Sc 12^6. helic suitable, proper, convenient, advantageous. adv. lce. +helicnes f. 'opportunitas,' NC 345. 373

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary hgild n. harbour offering, sacrifice or service, OEG. hlic belonging to a harbour, WW. +hlic +helic +hnes f. advantage, L 23b^252: occasion, EPs 9^27. hscip () n. a light, piratical vessel, Gl. h f. gain, advantage. +hyo n. subsistence, L 23b^492. hweard m. warden of a harbour, B 1915. hw hw +hwan +ewan hxan hscan [[headword spelled hyscan"]]


A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary

a () ga acessre gacessre acinctus, acintus m. jacinth, CP. [L. hyacinthus] agul gagl iara gearo iarwan gierwan b f ic pron. (1st pers.) 'I,' Cp, Jn. [Ger. ich] can, icean ecan ce ce cend m. 'auctor,' Gr 48^12. [ecan] cestre f. 'auctrix,' Gr 48^12. icge only in phr. 'icge gold,' treasuregold? rich gold ? B 1108. dges adv. on the same day, . del I. (often dlin obl. cases) worthless, useless, vain, , Cp, Gen, Mt, VPs: empty, desolate, bare, void, destitute, devoid (of), , B, VPs; CP: 'idle,' unemployed, Mt. on . adv. in vain, . II. n. emptiness, frivolity, idleness, Lcd, LL, Sol (): inattention, carelessness. delgeorn slothful, idle. delgielp (e^3, i^3) n. empty boasting, vainglory, CP, DHy, WW. delgild n. vain worship, idolatry, . delgildoffrung f. offering to an idol, . delhende emptyhanded, empty, , CP. delinga (a^2) 'frivola,' GPH 389. dellic vain, idle. adv.lce, VPs. ['idly'] delnes f. frivolity, vanity, emptiness, falseness, VPs ; CP. in (on) delnisse in vain: 'idleness,' idle, vain existence, LL. delsprce v. fela. ides virgin: () woman, wife, lady, queen. idig busy? active? (BT); greedy for? desirous of? (GK), Ph 407? dlv. del. dlian to become useless. dol n. idol, LL. [L.] e v. a. ecan (, , a, , ) pret. ecte, hte to increase, enlarge, add to, augment, prolong, An, Lcd, Lk (): (+) fulfil, carry out, RSL 11486. ['eche'; ac] ecinctus acinctus ecsesre gacessre edel del eg (g) f. island. [a] egbend m. islander, CP. egclif (g) n. seacliff, B 2893. egland (, ) n. island. egstram (^1) m. current, river, sea. ehtan htan ielc ilc ield ieldo ieldan (i, y) to delay, put off, prolong, hesitate, tarry, CP: connive at, dissimulate. ['eld'; eald] 375

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary ieldcian (CP) elcian ielde (e, ea, i, y) mp. men. ielden () n. delay, BH 400^20. ieldend (y) m. one who delays. ieldendlic (e) dilatory, WW 441^2. ieldest (, e, y) superl. of eald (, Mt, CP; 'eldest '). ieldesta m. chief. ieldful (i, y) dilatory, delaying, OEG. ieldian (y) to put off, delay, . ielding f. delay, tarrying, CP: dissimulation. ieldo (, e, i, y) f. age, , Gu, Lcd: period: old age, old people, , Bl; CP: an age of the world, , Gu. ['eld'; eald] ieldra (y) (comp. of eald) used as sbpl. parents, ancestors, B, Bo, El, Rd. ['elder'] ieldrafder (ld) m. grandfather, WW 7^34. ieldu ieldo ielfe (y) mp. elves (v. lf). ielfen (, e, y) f. elf, fairy. ielfig (y) raving, frantic, mad, WW. [v. 'giddy'] imung (WW 277^22) gmung ierd gierd ierfv. also yrf. ierfe (, e, i, y) n. heritage, bequest, property, CP: cattle. [Ger. erbe] ierfian (i) to inherit, possess: (+) to stock with cattle. iergan to dishearten. [earg] iergu f. remissness, sloth, cowardice, AO. [earg] ierlic (i) angry, vehement, ApT. ierman to harass, vex, afflict, CP. [earm] ierming (eo, e, y) m. person of no account, poor wretch, AO, CP. ierm, iermu (e, ea, eo, y) f. misery, distress, poverty, B, Bo, Ps: disease: crime: reproach, calumny, CPs 118^134. ['ermth'; earm] iernan^3 (, i, y; rinnan) pret. 3 sg. arn, orn, pl. urnon; pp. urnen () to run, move rapidly, hasten, flow, spread, , AO, CP, Lcd, VPs: pursue, Bo, Ps: cause to move rapidly, turn, grind, AO, BH: (+) get to, attain, meet with: (+) occur (to one's mind), GD: (+) coagulate, Lcd: (+) grow up. ['ern'] ierning (e) f. discharge, flow, NG. ierre I. (i, y) wandering, erring, perverse, depraved, Ps, Sol: angry, fierce, , Bl, Chr, CP; AO. II. n. anger, Bl, CP, El, Lk. ['irre'] ierremd (y) wrathful, wild, B 726. ierrenga (eo^1, y^1, i^2, u^2) adv. angrily, fiercely, CP. ierreweorh (y) very angry, Sat 399? ierscipe (y) m. anger, LPs 9^25. iersian (i, io, y) to be angry with, rage: enrage, irritate, CP. iersigendlic passionate, emotional, (y). iersung (i, y) f. anger, CP. iersunga adv. angrily. ier eor, yr iesca (Ep, Erf) geocsa iesend, iesende entrails, WW. [ gesen] iete pres. 3 sg. of etan. e adv. comp. ( a) easily, An, Met; AO, CP. [' eath'] +ean () to alleviate, Gu 1179: compassionate, GD 216 (). ee I. easy, goodnatured, pleasant, B; AO. II. () e 376

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary eegean gian eelic easy, CP: adv.lce easily, AO, CP. enes f. ease, pleasure, CP 425^11. ewan (a, o, ) to show, display, reveal, disclose, point out, CP. [age; cp. owan] fegn fig fig n. 'ivy,' Gl, Lcd, Shr. figbearo ivygrove, CC 50. figcrop,croppa m. cluster of ivy berries. figlaf n. ivy leaf, Lcd 117b. figtearo,tara n. ivy tar, resin from tar, Lcd. fiht ivycovered, KC. ig ic g eg gbend egbend igdges dges igel l igg eg igga, iggo, g(e)o m. 'ait,' eyot, small island, , Chr. igil, igl () l gland () n. 'island,' BH, Bo, Chr, Whale. go, g igga ih ic hte pret. 3 sg. of ecan. l (igil) m. hedgehog, porcupine, Shr, WW; CP. ['il '] land gland ilca (y) pron. (always wk) the same, An, Bo, Chr, OET; CP. ['ilk'] ilce adv. v. sw. ild ield ile (y) m. sole of the foot, : callosity, corn, . [cp. Ger. eilen] ilfetu, ilfe(t)te (y) f. swan, Gl; Mdf. illca ilca illeracu f. surfeit, WW 378^15. +illerocad surfeited, CVPs 77^65. ilnetu (WW 367^27) ilfetu ilugsecg v. eolhsecg. imbe ymbe II. imberdling, imbyrdling inbyrdling impa? m., impe? f. graft, shoot, scion, CP 381^17. ['imp '] impian to 'imp,' implant, graft, LL 454[12]: (+) busy oneself with, CP 132^25. in I. prep. with a. and d. (instr.) (local) 'in,' into, upon, on, at, to, among: (temporal) in, at, about, towards, during: (purpose) in, to, for. II. sb. and adv. inn in(v. BH xxxiii ff.) on inberan^4 (inn) to bring in, . indl f. internal disease, Lcd. inlan (VPs) onlan ingn ingn ingode inode pret. 3 sg. of ingn. insendan to send in. inwritting f. inscription, LkL 20^24. inbrnednes (CPs 66); inbrnes (Gl) f. burning, incense, frankincense. [ onb] inbecwean^5 to inculcate, WW 429^36. 377

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary inbeldan to lead in. inbelcan^2 to shut, Bl 217^26. inbend mf. internal bond, Gu 928. inber on, inbyr inberan to carry in, LL 386[1]. inbernes (VPs) inbrnes [[under inbrnednes"]] inbeslan to hack into (any one), LL 86[74]. inbestingan^3 to penetrate, LL 7[64,2]. inbetnednes f. life of a recluse, GD 212^5. inbewindan^3 to enfold, enwrap. inbirdling inbyrdling inblwan^7 to inspire, breathe upon, JnR: inflate, puff up, EC. ['inblow'] inboden proclaimed. [onbodan] inbolgen exasperated. [ onb] inboren ptc. indigenous, native, GPH 390. ['inborn'] inborh m. bail, security in cases of theft, LL. [' inborgh'] inbrdan^3 to burst in upon, GPH 393. inbrengan,bringan to bring in, present, Mk. [' inbring'] inbryne (byr) m. conflagration. inbryrd onbryrd inban to inhabit, MtL 23^21. inbend m. inhabitant, WW 210^13. inburg,burh f. hall, WW. inbyrde born on the estate, Ct. inbyrdling (e) m. slave born in a master's house, . inbyrne (DR) inbryne inbyr pres. 3 sg. of inberan. inc (Mt, Mk) da. of git, dual pers. pron. ['inc'] inca m. question, scruple, suspicion, doubt: grievance, quarrel, grudge, BH. incan witan to have a grudge. incaode ingeode [[form of ingeod"]] ince ynce incgan to call upon, DR 119^3. [cgan] incgung f. invocation, DR. incempa m. soldier of the same company, WW 207^6. incer (y) I. gen. of git, dual pers. pron. II. adj. pron. of or belonging to both of you, Mt. ['inker'] +incfullian to offend, scandalize, MtR. [inca] incga inca incit acc. of git, dual personal pronoun. incleofa (i, y) m. chamber, closet: cave, den. incniht m. household servant, . incofa m. inner chamber, L: breast, heart, Met 22^18. incou f. internal disease, . incuman^4 to come in, go into, enter, . ['income '] incund interior, internal, inward, secret, , CP. adv.lce, . incundnes f. inward conviction, sincerity, W 105^30: inward part, recess, DHy. inc strange, extraordinary. adv.lce. incyme m. entrance, LV 32. indlan to infuse, DR. indpan to dip in, LkL 16^24. Indisc Indian, . indrencan ondrencan 378

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary indrfan^1 to ejaculate, utter, Sat 80. indrihten indryhten indrincan^3 to imbibe, drink. indruncen plied with drink. indryhten distinguished, noble, excellent. indryhto f. honour, glory. ineardian to dwell in, inhabit, VPs. inddisc n. household stuff, furniture, WW 147^32. [ddisc] inelfe innelfe inerfe innierfe infr n. ingress, entrance, entry, , WW. ['infare '] infreld n. incoming, entrance, : interior: vestibule. infangeneof, infangenf sb. right of judging thieves caught within the limits of one's jurisdiction, and of taking the fines for the crime, Ct; v. LL 2523. ['infangthief'] infaran^6 I. to enter, , Jn. ['infare'] II. innefaran infaru f. incursion, inroad, Chr 1048. infeallan^7 to fall in, VPs. infeccan to fetch in, Bl 175^1. infran to enter in, . infiht n. brawl in a house, LL 597. infindan^3 to find, discover, NG. inflde full of water. inflon^2 to fly from, Rim 44. infster n. bringing up, rearing, LL 396. infrd very aged, experienced. ing I. name of the rune for ng. II. ging, geong ing suffix, as in earming, lytling (originally patronymic). ingn anv. pret.ode to go in, enter, BH, Mt. [' ingo'] ingang m. ingress, entrance, access, beginning, BH, Ps (inn): entrance fee. ['ingang'] ingangan^7 to go in, enter, . ingebed n. earnest prayer, PPs 87^2. ingeberigan (NG) onbyrgan ingebringan^3 to bring in, LL 150. ingecgan,cgan 'invocare,' VPs; CPs 90^15. ingedn anv. to put in, BH 434^20. ingedrincan (GPH 391) indrincan ingefeallan^7 'incidere,' Ps. ingefeoht n. internal war, BH. ingefolc n. native race, Ex 142. ingehrif (gerif) n. womb, LPs 21^8. ingehygd,hd (),hd f. consciousness, mind, conscience, sense, understanding: intention, purpose, design. ingehygdnes f. intention, LPs 48^5. ingeldan inldan ingelaian to invite. ingemang v. gemang prep. ingemynd fn. recollection, memory, mind. ingemynde wellremembered, El 896. ingenga m. visitor, intruder, B 1776. ingeongan (NG) ingangan ingotan^2 to pour in, fill. ingoting (yn? ymb) f. inpouring, OEG. 379

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary ingerec n. broil, BH. [ ungerec] ingerif ingehrif ingeseted placed in, inserted. ingesteald household goods, B 1155. ingeswel n. internal swelling, WW 113^5. ingeanc mn. thought, mind, conscience, intention, , CP. ingeod f. nation. ingeweaxen implanted, WW 427^8. ingewinn n. civil war, AO 88^29. ingewitnes f. consciousness, conscience, BH. ingong (CP) ingang ingyte m. pouring in, infusion, inspiration, CM 424. [gotan] inhtan to inflame, GD 29^9. inhebban (Cr 313) onhebban inheldan onhieldan inheord f. herd kept by the lord on his lands, LL 449[7]. inhred m. family, household, . inhwan,hgan sbpl. members of a household or community, servants. inhold loyal in heart, Lcd 3442^28. inhrnes f. possession, EC 364. inilfe innelfe ininnan oninnan inld f. right of waterpassage inland: entrancefee. inldan 'inducere,' to introduce, NG. inlnd inlend inlagian to reverse sentence of outlawry, Chr, LL. [' inlaw'] inland n. land in the lord's own occupation, domain, demesne. inlaian to invite. inlaigend m. inviter, Sc 170^12. inlec inlic inlgan (VPs) onlegan [[error for onlicgan?]] inlhtan inlhtan inlenda m. native, Gl. inlende,lendisc native, indigenous. inlohtan inlhtan inlic internal, interior, inward, BH: native. adv.lce inwardly: thoroughly, sincerely, heartily, BH, Bo. ['inly'] inlchomung f. incarnation, DR. inlhtan ( on) to shine, illuminate, enlighten. inlhtend m. illuminator, DR 2^6. inlhtian ( on) to illuminate, enlighten, NG. inlhtnes f. illumination, VPs. inliewc unliuwc [[headword spelled unliowc"]] inlxan to become light, dawn, LkL 23^54. inlocast superl. adv. innermost, most heartily. [inlce] inlhtan inlhtan inmearg n. marrow, GPH 397. inmde close to one's heart, important in one's estimation, RB; Bk 15. inn I. n. dwelling, apartment, lodging, chamber, house, , Mt; AO: quartering oneself (of soldiers). ['inn'] II. adv. in, inwards, within, inside of: into. inn on into. inn in 380

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary inna (LkL) inno innan I. prep. (w. a. g. d.) from within, B: within, in, into, G, Gen, Lcd; CP. II. adv. within, inside, in, AO. ['inne'] innanbordes adv. (within borders), at home, CP. innanburhware sbpl. residents within the walls of a town, TC 510^31. innancund inner, inward, internal: thorough, hearty. innane innan II. innanweard inweard inna inno innwritting (LkL) onwrting inne adv. in, inside, within, indoors, A, AO, BH, Chr, Ct, Lcd. inne inn, in innecund adj. inward, CP 139. innefaran,foran bowels, Lcd. innelfe n. bowels: womb. innemest (superl. of inne) adj. 'inmost,' Sc: most intimate, deep or close, CP. adv. inmost. innera (compar. of inne) 'inner,' interior, WW: mental, spiritual, BH, LL, Sc. inne inno inneweard,werd inweard innheardmann m. one of the household troops, MtL 8^9. [inhred] innhere m. home force, native army, Chr 1006#e. innian to go in, Bo: () put up, lodge, Chr 1048: (+) include: (+) fill, restore, make good, . [' inn'] innierfe (e^2) n. household stuff, furniture, goods, Bo 31^19. innifli (Cp 115#i) innelfe inniht (WW 450^21) incniht? innwian to renew, DR 168^12. innon innan innor (Gr) compar. of inne. ['inner'] inno mf. inside, entrails, stomach, womb, breast, heart, BH, Bo, G; , CP. innomgen (e^3) n. strength, EHy 5^16. innotdernes f. weakness of the bowels, Lcd 105a. innowund f. internal wound, Lcd 88b. innra innera innung f. dwelling: contents, takings, revenue, Bo, KC. ['inning'] innweardlce inweardlce innweorud n. retainers, household, Wid 111. innylfe innelfe inorf n. household goods, furniture. inra () innera inrcan 'ingesserunt,' WW 420^18 (v. A 31532). inrsan to rush upon. inrcels n. incense, LkR 1^9. insglung inseglung inste adj. dependent, WW 185^9. instnes insetnes inscawere m. inspector, DR 194. inscawung f. inspection, view, NG. insceende unsceende [[redirected to unscende"]] insegel,segl () n. seal, signet, , Ct. [' inseil'; L.] inseglian () to seal, LL; L. ['inseil'] inseglung f. sealing, seal, (). 381

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary insendan to send in, put in, VPs. insetnes f. regulation, DR. insettan to institute, BH, JnL. insigle n. seal, signet. [insegel] insiht f. narrative, JnL. insittende sitting within, Rd 47^7. insmoh m. slough, MH 162^11. inscn f. brawl in a house, LL 597[80,12]. insomnian to gather in, BH 274^1. inspinn n. spindle, WW. instpe I. m. entrance, H 184. II. instpes instpes adv. forthwith, directly. instppan () insteppan instandan^6 (o^2) to be present, DR. instandendlic (o^2) required for present use, MtR 6^11. instede (y) immediately, NG. instepe,stepes instpes insteppan^6 () to go in, enter, . instice m. internal stitching pain, Lcd. instgan^1 to climb in, GD 24. instihtian to appoint, arrange, LkL p2^6. insting onsting instyde instede inswn m. lord's swineherd, LL 447. inswgan^7 to invade, BH 278^8. inswgennes f. onrush, BH 110^33. intiga (KGl) intinga intimb ontimb intinga m. matter, business, : cause: fault. butan intingan in vain, emptily. int prep. with d. (instr.), a. into, to, against, in, . intrahtnung f. interpretation, MtL p2^7. iner adv. apart, MtR 17^1. inicce crass, thick, MtL 13^15. innen f. female servant, GPH 401. ining (N) intinga inwan onwan inwrc,wrc m. internal pain. inwte f. internal humour, Lcd 97a. inweard I. (innan, inne) adj. internal, inward, inner, intrinsic, deep, sincere, earnest, , B, Bo, Cr. as sbn. inward parts, , WW. II. adv. within: mentally, spiritually, LkL. ['inward'] inweardlic (e) internal, Lcd: sincere, W. adv. lce 'inwardly,' : deeply, thoroughly, heartily, sincerely, , Met. inwendan to change, VPs. inweorc n. indoor work, LL 454[11]. inwerd inweard inwid inwit inwidda m. adversary, enemy. inwise f. condiment, Lcd 69a. inwit I. n. evil, deceit, guile. II. adj. wicked, malign, deceitful. inwitfeng m. spiteful clutch, B 1447. inwitfln m. treacherous shaft, Mod 37. 382

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary inwitful wicked, crafty. inwitgst m. evil guest, B 2670. inwitgecynd n. evil nature, Sol 329. inwitgyren f. treacherous snare, PPs 139^5. inwithlemm (id) m. treacherous wound. inwithrf m. unfriendly roof, B 3123. inwitnet n. net of malice, B 2167. inwitn m. cunning hostility. inwitrn f. evil, crafty counsel. inwitscear m. murderous attack, B 2478. inwitsearo n. artful intrigue, B 1101. inwitsorh f. sorrow. inwitspell n. tale of woe, Gen 2024. inwitstf m. wickedness, evil. inwitanc m. malicious thought, hostile intent. inwitwrsn f. hostile fetter. inwrc inwrc inwrtere m. writer, secretary, ZDA 3123. inwritting f. inscription. inwund f. internal wound, Lcd 70a. inwunenes f. persistence, WW 426^5. inwunung f. residence in, NC 304. io geo o ( u) go ioc geoc iom eom ionna (N) adv. within. ionna inno or m. name of a riverfish (eel?): name of the rune for io. iorning rning iorn iern pres. 3 sg. of iernan. iorsian (KGl) iersian otas mpl. the Jutes. ow m. w owan ewan ippingren yppingren ren sen irfe ierfe irgian eargian Iringes weg m. milky way, WW 53^23. irm ierm; iern irn iern, eorn irre ierre irs iers irsenhelm senhelm irling yrling is pres. 3 sg. of eom, anv. s n. 'ice,' BH, Met, PPs: (pl.) pieces of ice, BH: name of the rune for i. srn (Gl) searn sceald icy cold, Met, Seaf. ['icecold'] ise (N) gise [[headword spelled gse"]] 383

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary searn (, e) m. halcyon, kingfisher. sen I. (sern, ren) n. 'iron,' , BH, CP, Gl, LL: iron instrument, Lcd: fetter, Ps: () iron weapon, sword, B: ordeal of redhot iron, LL 230[6]. [Ger. eisen] II. adj. of iron, 'iron,' , B, Bl, CP, Da. senbend (r) mf. iron bond, fetter. senbyrne (sern) f. iron corslet, B 671. isend iesend senesmi sensmi senfetor (sern) f. iron fetter, Gl. sengelma (r) m. iron instrument, Nar 9^19. sengrf m. ironmine? KC 5234^28. sengrg (gri) 'irongrey,' WW. senheard (r) hard as iron, B 112. ['ironhard'] senhearde f. ('ironhard'), black centaury, vervain, knapweed, Lcd. senhelm (irsen) m. iron helmet, WW 142^2. senhere (ern) m. ironclad army, Ex 348. senhyrst adj. with iron fittings, KC. senordl () n. ordeal by iron, LL. senre f. iron mine, Gl. senpanna m.,panne f. frying pan, Gl. senscofl f. iron shovel, Gl (sernscobl). senscr f. shower of arrows, B 3116 (ern). sensmi m. blacksmith. senswt m. dross of iron? Lcd. sentang f. snuffers, WW 327^14. senrat m. iron clad troop, B 330 (r). senwyrhta m. blacksmith, WW 310^33. isern iesende [[under iesend"]] sern (1) sen; (2) searn sgebind n. fetters of ice, B 1113. sgebld () n. iceblister, chilblain? Lcd. sig 'icy,' Met: shining? glistening? covered with ice? B 33. sigfeera with frosted wings, Seaf 24. siht icy, L 23b^572. ses adv. immediately, LL (338^11). smere m. icy lake, Met 28^62. snian to cover with iron. pp. snod ironclad, WW 236^19. itest, itst pres. 2 sg., ite, itt pres. 3 sg. of etan. e an (, , ) to lay waste, ravage, devastate, desolate, destroy, . iu geo i go iuc geoc Idas sbmp. the Jews, G. Idisc Jewish, G. iugian geocian uih (NG) owic, ow uwian (AS 7^19) ewan w (ow) m. 'yew,' yewtree, ; Mdf. wberge (ow) f. yewberry, Lcd.


A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary

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A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary

l interj. lo! behold! oh! ah! . l lof O Lord! O sir! : indeed, verily, . hwt l what! w l w! alas! label (*lafel), lfel laber (Lcd) lfer lc nf. play, sport: () strife, battle: sacrifice, offering, , CP: gift, present, Mt; : booty, B: () message. ['lake'] +lac n. tumult, commotion. sweorda +l. battle: crowd, host, Cr 896. lcan^7 pret. 3 sg. leolc to move up and down, leap, jump, swing, fly, Jul: play (instrument): () fight, contend, B: (+) incite to, AO: be rewarded. ['lake'] lcdd f. munificence, OEG 3833. lcgeofa m. generous giver, PPs 67^18. +lcian to present, bestow. lclic sacrificial, LL (380^18). lcnian (, ) to heal, cure, treat, look after, , BH, LkL; AO, CP: foment, dress (a wound). ['lechne'] lcnigendlic surgical, HGl 478. lcnimende only in bon l. 'munerari,' BHy 3^19. lcnung f. healing, cure: medicament, remedy. lcsang m. offertory hymn, WW 130^2. lactuc, lactuce, m.ca f. lettuce, . [L.] lacu f. running water, stream, pool, 'lake,' Chr 656#e. ld I. f. course, journey, An, B: () way, street, waterway: leading, carrying, LL: maintenance, support. ['load,' 'lode'] II. f. clearing from blame or accusation, purgation, exculpation, CP. ladan (NG) hladan ldian to clear oneself from blame or accusation, exculpate oneself: let off, excuse, , AO, CP. ldiendlic excusable, WW 233^31. ldmann m. conductor, guide, . ['lodeman'] ldrinc?rincman m. conductor, escort, LL 3[7] (v. 2441). ladsar laser [[headword spelled lser"]] ldscipe m. leadership, WW 481^6. ldtow, ldow lttow ldung f. exculpation, excuse, defence, apology, , CP. lc (1) lac; (2) lc lca lce lca v. g, ellenl. etc. +lca emulous, GPH 391. lcan to spring up, rise, flare up, Sat 716. +lcan to emulate, GPH 391: join with, make common cause with? CPs 140^4. [lc] lccan to seize, grasp, comprehend, : capture, catch, Chr, G, LL: receive, L. ['latch,' ' ilecche'] lce (, ) m. physician, doctor, BH, LkL; , CP: ' leech,' WW; . lcebc f. book of prescriptions, Lcd. lcecrft m. 'leechcraft,' art of healing, Bo, Lcd; : medicament, remedy, prescription, . lcecrftig skilled in medicine, Lcd 186b. lcecynn n. race of physicians, Rd 6^10. lcecyst f. medicine chest, GD 344^17. lcedm m. medicament, medicine, BH, WW (e); , CP: salvation. ['leechdom'] lcedmlic salutary, A 5458. lcedmnes f. cataplasm, WW. lcefeoh n. doctor's fee, LL (148^19). 386

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary lcefinger m. ('leechfinger'), fourth finger, Lcd. lcegeatwa? (getea) fp. medical apparatus, v. NC 304. lcehs n. sick room, hospital. lceiren n. surgeon's knife, lancet, GD 32. lcesealf f. medicinal ointment, WW 514^21. lceseax n. lancet, CP 187^9. lcewyrt f. medicinal herb, drug, : ribwort. lcnian lcnian ldan () to 'lead,' guide, conduct, carry, lift, take, bring, , BH, Bl, Chr, VPs; CP. wf l. take a wife, marry: () produce, bring forth: pass, lead (life), BH, Met: to mark or beat the bounds of land, EC 155: perform, do, An: place, lay, : sprout forth, grow, spread. lde (BH 400^2) lwede lden I. (, o) n. 'Latin,' A, BH, CP: any foreign language, Lcd ('leden'). II. adj. Latin. ldenboc (e) f. Latin book, . ldend I. m. bringer. II. m. excuser, apologist. [*ldan] ldengereord n. Latin language, Lcd. ldengeode n. Latin language, CP. ldenisc,lic Latin. ldenlr f. knowledge of Latin, W 124^12. +ldenlic 'ductilis,' EPs 97^6. ldennama m. Latin noun, Gr 292^18. ldensprc () f. Latin language, , CP. ldenstfum () adv. in Latin, Jn 19^20. ldenware mpl. Latin people, Romans, CP. ldenword () n. Latin word, Gr 122^6. ldnes f. bringing forth, BH. ldtow lttow lf (1) lf; (2) laf lfan () I. to 'leave,' bequeath, B, Jn; , CP: spare, leave behind, have left, Lk, Mk: remain, . [lf] II. lefan lfel (e) m. spoon, basin, vessel, bowl, cup. [Ger. lffel; L. labellum] lfend (WW 168^17) lwend lfer f. rush, reed, iris, gladiolus, Lcd, WW; : metal plate, . ['laver'; 'levers'] lferbed n. reedbed, WW 138^29. lfnes lafnes lg pret. 3 sg. of licgan. lg (1) lag; (2) leg lgde legde pret. sg. of lecgan. lgon pret. pl. of licgan. lgt lget lht pp., lhte pret. sg. of lccan. ll () f., lla m. rod, whip, switch: bruise, weal, stripe, Ex. llan, llian to become black and blue, be bruised. lmen () of clay, earthen, . [lm] lmian lmian [[headword spelled lemian"]] ln () I. nf. loan, borrowing, lease, grant, gift, present, benefit, , CP. [lon] II. lnland lnan () to 'lend,' WW; CP: give, grant, lease, Gen, . lndagas mpl. loandays, transitory days, days of a man's life. lnde, lnden lenden lne () lent, temporary, inconstant, transitory: perishable, frail, poor: weak, sinful, CP. [ln] lnelic passing, transitory. 387

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary lnend m. lender, WW. ['lenend'] lnendlic lnelic lnere m. 'lender,' WW 189^21. lng leng lngten lencten lnian lanian lnland n. leased land, v. LL 2323. lnlic lnelic lnung v. feohl. lpeldre f. dish, . lpewince (e) f. lapwing, Gl. lppa (a) m. lappet, piece, section, lobe, portion, district, CP, Lcd; . ['lap'] lppede v. ffl. lran () to teach, instruct, A, BH: enjoin, advise, persuade, urge, preach. l. for hand down (to others) : (+) convert: (+) _recall, ES 37197. lred learned (opposed to lwed), hence clerical (as opposed to lay), spiritual (as opposed to temporal), , CP. ['lere'] +lre empty, hungry, NC 295. [Ger. leer] +lrednes f. learning, skill, BH. lrest lst lrestre f. instructress, . lrgedfe adapted for instruction? FT 61. lrig m. edge, border (of a shield)? v. A 3755. lrigian v. ymbl. [[headword spelled ymblrgian"]] lringmden n. female pupil. lringmann m. disciple, RB 20^6. lrnes f. emptiness, Lcd 22b. ['leerness'] ls pret. 3 sg. of lesan. ls I. () adv. and sbn. less, lest, , AO, CP. ls (e) conj. w. subj. lest. II. f. gs. lswe pasture, JnL (), WW; ; Mdf. ['lease,' 'leasow'] III. f. ( blood)letting, Lcd. lsboren of lower birth, LL (246^21). lsest (MtR) lst I. lsian lswian lson pret. pl. of lesan. lssa adj. (comp. of ltel) 'less,' smaller, fewer, , Bo, Chr : inferior, MtL, MtR (). sb. A, . adv. BH. lst f. fault, sin, NC 305. [ON.] lst I. superl. of ltel 'least,' Gu, Lcd; CP, AO. e lste lest, CM. II. f. performance, fulfilment, Ex 308. III. lst lstan () to follow, help, serve, B, Bl, Met, OET; AO perform, do, carry out, accomplish, AO: endure, last, continue, Cr; : furnish, pay, W ['last'; Ger. leisten] lste f. 'last' (for the foot), WW. lstend m. doer, performer, BH. +lstfullian to testify, LPs 80^9. lstwyrhta (eo^2) m. shoemaker, WW. lswe v. ls II. lswian to depasture, graze, feed, , LkL. [' leasow'] lt I. (latin obl. cases) comp. ltra; sup. ltest, ltemest slow, B, Bl, CP, Lcd; : slack, lax, negligent: ' late,' Lk. II. m. man of the class between the slave and the ceorl, LL (v. 2564). ['laet'] lt pres. 3 sg. of ldan. +lt +lte II. ltan^7 pret. 3 sg. lt, leort (tr.) to allow to remain, leave behind, depart from, 'let' alone, Bl, CP: leave undone, BH: () bequeath, EC: allow, Bl, LL : cause to do, BH: regard as, consider, BH, Chr, CP: behave 388

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary towards, treat: (intr.) allow to escape, emit, let out, set free, , Lcd: 'let' (on lease), BC: assert, pretend, Lk: (+) allot, assign. l. from refrain from (late); +l. nah land approach the shore? (ES 37191); on bc l. leave behind. ltana ltana ltbyrd f. slow birth, Lcd 185a. +lte I. n. manners, bearing, NC 295. [ON. lti] II. n. junction of roads, . ltemest I. adv. lastly, finally, NG. II. v. lt. [' latemost'] lthdig slowminded, dull, Cra 10. ltlce adv. slowly, Gu. ['lately'] ltmest ltemest ltnes f. slowness, delay, L 23b^647: sloth, GD 174^23. ltra (, LL) v. lt. ['latter'] ltrde slow, deliberate, CP 149^14. ltsum backward, Chr. ['latesom'] ltt f. (pl. latta) beam, 'lath,' WW. lttow lttow lttewestre f. guide, conductress, . [lttow] ltting letting ltto v. unl. l n. a division of a county containing several hundreds, 'lathe,' BC 3162: landed property? (meadow) land ? LL 400[3,2]. lan to abuse, revile, hate: cause to shun, RB 11^18. [l] l, lo (CP) f. wrong, injury: hatred, malice, Bl. ['leth'; l] luw low lwa () m. betrayer, traitor, Lk; . [v. 'lewe '] lwan to betray. [Goth. lwjan] lwe v. druncen, hungerl. lwede lay, laic, unlearned. as sb. layman, BH ; , CP. ['lewd'] lwel lfel lwend m. betrayer, traitor, Gl. lwerce lwerce lwil lfel lx leax lf f. what is left, remnant, legacy, relic, remains, rest, Bl, Chr; : relict, widow, , AO. t lfe alone. t lfe bon to remain over. wpna, daroa l. survivors of battle. hamora lfa results of forging, swords. ['lave '; lfan] lferce lwerce lafian to pour water on, wash, 'lave,' bathe, B, Lcd: ladle out, Lcd. lag lah laga v. lundl. lage lagu lagen pp. of lan II. lagian to appoint, ordain, W. ['law,' ' ilahen'] lago lagu lagol v. l. lgon lgon pret. pl. of licgan. lagu I. f. (old neut. pl. lagu; Chr 1052#d) 'law,' ordinance, rule, regulation, ; Chr, LL, RB: right, legal privilege, LL: district governed by the same laws. II. m. water, flood, sea, ocean, Gen, Met: name of the rune for l. ['lay'] +lagu np. extent, surface (of sea), Seaf 64? [OS. gilagu] lagucrftig skilled in seafaring, B 209. 389

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary lagufsten n. sea, ocean. lagufm m. enveloping waves, Rd 61^7. lagufld m. wave, stream, waters, sea, ocean. laguld f. waterway, sea. lagumearg m. seahorse, ship, Gu 1306. lagus m. seajourney. lagustrt f. seapath, B 239. lagustram m. water, sea, ocean. laguswimmend m. swimming in the sea (fish). lh pret. 3 sg. of lon. lah lag lahbreca m. lawbreaker, impious man, Sc 9^10. lahbrecende impious, profane, Sc 9^9. lahbryce m. breach of the law, LL. lahcap,cp m. money paid (by an outlaw) for restitution of legal rights, LL. lahlic lawful, legal, Sc 46^2. adv.lce. lahmann m. an official declarer of the law, LL 376. [v. 'lawman'] lahriht n. legal right, LL. lahslitt fn.,slite m. fine for breach of the (Danish) law, LL. lahwita m. lawyer, LL (308^13). lm n. 'loam,' clay, earth, , WW; Mdf. lama (o) wk. adj. and sb. m. crippled, lame, paralytic, weak (man), , BH, Cp, El, Mt, WW. lamb (), pl. lamb(e)ru, lambor (A) n. 'lamb,' , G, Gl, Gu, WW. lambyrd f. imperfect birth, Lcd 185a. lmft n. vessel of clay (the body). lamp I. pret. 3 sg. of limpan. II. (KGl) lamb lamprde f. lamprey. [L.] lmpytt,saa m. 'loampit,' Ct. lmwyrhta m. potter, G. ln ln lanan obl. cases of lanu. land (o) n. earth, 'land,' soil, B, BH, VPs, WW; Mdf: territory, realm, province, district, Cp, Chr, Bl, VPs: landed property, , Bl: country (not town), , BH : ridge in a ploughed field. +landa m. compatriot, kinsman, WW 211^20. landdl hlanddl? [[Crossreference unidentified.]] landlf f. landelf, WW 516^27. landgend m. native, BH. landgende owning land, LL. landr f. landed property, . landbegenga (i^2) m. husbandman, peasant, native, CP. landbegengnes f. habitation, BPs 119^5 (o^1). landbigong m. dwelling in a country, BPs 118^54 (o^1) landbc f. 'land book,' written grant of land, Ct, WW. landbrce m. first ploughing (after land has lain fallow), WW 105^11. landbend I. mf. inhabitant, native: husbandman. II. f. colony. landbende dwelling on the land, native. landbnes f. colony, settlement, Nar. landcap,cp m. fine paid to the lord on the alienation of land, BC. ['landcheap'] landefen m. measure or proportion of land, Chr 1085. landesmann landmann landfsten n. natural fortress, AO 80^14 (o^1). 390

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary landfeoh n. recognitory rent for land, KC. landfolc n. people of the country, inhabitants, . [' landfolk'] landfruma m. ruler, prince, B 31. landfyrd f. army. landgafol n. landtax, tribute, LL. ['landgavel '] landgehwerf n. exchange of land, Ct. landgemaca m. neighbour, OEG. landgemre,gemirce n. boundary, limit, frontier, AO. landgesceaft f. earthly creature, Da 360. landgeweorc n. fortified place, B 938. landgewyrpe n. heap of earth? Ct. landhbbende owning or ruling land. landhfen f. real property, LL 22[32]. landhere m. native force: land force (opposed to naval force). landhlford m. lord of a country, lord of a manor, landlord. landhredding f. redemption of land. landlagu f. local law, LL. landlas not owning land, LL. ['landless'] landlod m., nap.lode,loda,lodan inhabitant of a country, native, AO. landlyre m. loss of territory, Chr 1105. landmann m. inhabitant of a country, native, Ex, LL. ['landmann'] landmearc m. boundary. +landod having landed property, LL 182[11]. landopenung f. first ploughing of land, WW 147^9. landrden v. ealdlandrden. landrest f. grave. An 782. landrca m. landed proprietor. landrce n. territory, AO. landriht n. 'landright,' right to own or occupy land or connected with its occupation, B, Ex, Gen: that which is due from land or estates. landscearu (a^2) f. tract of land, province, country, CP: boundary, landmark. [v. CC 48] landscipe m. region, Gen 376. landscoru landscearu landsta m. settler, WW 111^15. [sta] landseten f. occupation of land: occupied land, estate. landsela m. occupier of land, TC 593^6. landsidu m. custom of a country, CP. landsittende occupying land, Chr. landscn f. search for land to settle on. landspd f. landed property, KC 3349^24. landspdig rich in land, . landsplott m. plot of land, KC 439^12. landstede m. region, Wif 16 (o). landstycce n. small plot of ground, GD, LL. landwaru f. inhabitants, population, B 2321. landweard m. coastwarden, B 1890. landwela m. earthly possessions, Ph 505. lane lanu lang (o) comp. lengra, superl. lengest 'long,' tall, AO, BH, Lcd, MH; CP. +lang (usu. w. t or on) dependent on, attainable from, present in, belonging to, , AO, Gu. [v. 'along'] langafrgedg m. Good Friday. 391

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary langa lango langbolster mn. featherbed, WW 276^36. lange (o) adv. comp. leng, lenge, superl. lengest 'long,' a long time, far, B, BH, Bl, Bo. langfre lasting, protracted, . langfrnes f. length, long duration, Sc 29^1. langfirst m. long space of time, Gu 920. langgestron n. ancient store of wealth, B 2240. langian (o) (impers. with acc. of pers.) to 'long' for, yearn after, grieve for, be pained, AO (o): grow longer, Lcd: summon: belong. +langian to send for, summon, call, : apprehend, seize, LL 202[6,2]. langieldo f. advanced age. langlce adv. for a long time, long, at length, . langlfe longlived. langmd constant, patient, longsuffering. adv.lce. langmdig longsuffering (v. late), NC 347. langmdnes f. longsuffering, Sc 10^17. langnes f. length, . ['longness'] lango m. longing, unsatisfied craving, discontent. langsceaft having a long shaft. langscip n. man of war, Chr 897#a. langstrang 'longanimis,' LPs 102^8. langsum long, lasting, tedious, protracted, B (o), Lcd; . ['longsome'] adv.lce, AO 58^17 (o). langsumnes f. length, Ps; . ['longsomeness'] langsweored (y^2) longnecked. langtwidig lasting, assured, B 1708. langung (o) f. 'longing,' desire, Bl: weariness, sadness, dejection, : delay, CP (o). [langian] langunghwl f. time of weariness, An 125. langweb n. warp (in weaving), WW 187^12. langwege 'peregre,' MkL 13^34 (o^1, [oe]^2). langwyrpe oblong, NC 305^347. lnland lnland lann (o) f. chain, fetter. lanu (o) f. 'lane,' street, Bl. lapian to 'lap' up, drink, Lcd; . lappa (Gl) lppa lr f. 'lore,' learning, science, art of teaching, preaching, doctrine, Bl; , CP: precept, exhortation, advice, instigation, JnL; AO: history, story: cunning, Gen 2693. lrbc f. book containing instruction (used of St Paul's Epistles, and Bede's works), . lrbodung f. teaching, preaching, NC 305. lrbysn f. example, WW 163^43. lrcniht m. disciple, LkL p 2^2. lrcrft m. knowledge, Sol 3. lrcwide m. teaching, precept. lardm m. teaching, instruction, LL 258[51]. lrow,ow,uw (a) m. teacher, master, preacher, BH, JnL; , AO, CP. ['lorthew'] lrowdm m. function of teacher, instruction, CP: ecclesiastical authority, , CP. lrowlic like a teacher, OEG. lrowsetl n. teacher's seat, pulpit. lrwes lrowes gs. of lrow. lrfsten n. prescribed fast, A 1199. lrhlystend m. catechumen, OEG 2881. 392

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary lrhs n. school, HGl 405. lrlast (, ) f. want of instruction, ignorance. lrlic conducive to learning, instructive, . betwux larlcum gefylcum amongst soldiers in training, . lrsmi m. (nap.smeoas) teacher, counsellor. lrspell n. homily, sermon, treatise, . [' lorespell'] lrsum teachable, NC 305. lrswice m. trickery, W 309^14. lraw (MF), lruwa (N) (*lrow), lrow lregn m. teacher, NC 305. lrwita m. learned man, LL (308^13). lser (o^2) m? weed, tare, Gl. lst (, , a) m. sole of foot: spoor, footprint, track, trace, B, Bl; , CP. on lst(e) behind, after, in pursuit of. on l. lecgan to follow. lstas lecgan to go: gait, step. ['last'] lst (, ) n. accomplishment, observance, RB 5^5: duty, due, obligation, vow. +lstful helpful, serviceable, LL; AO. ['lastfull '] lstweard m. successor, heir: pursuer. lstword n. fame after death, Seaf 73. lasur laser [[headword spelled lser"]] latv. lt. late adv. comp. lator, sup. latest 'late,' Chr, Jul: slowly, Lcd: at last, AO. [lt] latemest ltemest II. ltow lttow latian to be slow, indolent: linger, delay, hesitate, . lator, adv. comp., latost (), superl. slower, later, A, Bo, MtR; AO, CP. ['latter,' 'last'] latt ltt [[headword spelled ltt"]] latth f. guiding rein, WW 120^9. [ld] lttow, lttowa () m. leader, guide, general, Bo, VPs (lad); AO, CP. ['lattew'] lttowdm m. leadership, guidance, instruction, CP. latung f. delay, hindrance, OEG 7^129. ltow, ltuw lttow l I. () hated, hateful, hostile, malignant, evil, AO, B : loathsome, noxious, grievous, unpleasant, Ep; CP. [' loath'] II. n. pain, harm, injury, misfortune, AO: insult, annoyance, harmful thing, BH, Lcd; CP. ['loath'; Ger. leid] lbite m. wound, B 1122. le adv. inimically, in detestation. low lttow lettan to hate, loathe: make hurtful or repulsive, . lgenla m. persecutor, foe. lgetona m. enemy. lgewinna m. enemy, Rd 16^29. laian to invite, summon, call upon, ask, , CP. [Ger. laden] lian to hate, be hated, AO; . ['loathe'] llas inoffensive, innocent. llic 'loathly,' hateful, horrible, repulsive, unpleasant, BH ; . adv.lce. lscipe m. misfortune, Gen 2048. lsearu n? hateful, contrivance, Da 436. ls m. painful journey, death, Ex 44. lspel n. sad tidings, AO. low lttow laung f. calling, invitation, CP: assembly, congregation, church, . ['lathing'] lwende hateful, hostile, bad. 393

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary lwendemd hostile minded, Gen 448. lweorc n. evil deed, PPs 105^26. laur m. laurel, bay, laver, Lcd. laurbam (lawer) m. laurel. laurberige f. laurelberry, Lcd. laurice (Cp) lwerce laurtrow n. laureltree, Lcd. lauwer, lawer laur lwerce () f. 'lark,' WW; Mdf. la I. (VPs) lo. II. gdas. of lah. lac I. (, , o) n. 'leek,' onion, garlic gardenherb, Lcd ; . II. pret. 3 sg. of lcan. lac lah lacbld n. leek leaf, NC 305. laccrse (e^2) f., cress, nasturtium, Lcd. leactrog,troc,tric leahtroc lactn (lah, lh) m. kitchengarden, garden of herbs, LkL, WW. ['leighton'] lactnweard (^1) m. gardener, WW 127^14. [' leightonward'] lacweard (e^1, o^2) m. gardener. lad () n. 'lead,' BH; , CP: leaden vessel, cauldron, A 9264. laden () 'leaden,' , LL. ladgedelf n. leadmine, KC 3401^7. ladgeota (o) m. plumber, LL 455[16]. ladgewiht n. leadweight, a scale of weight, v. CC 77. ladstf m. loaded stick for beating with, WW 441^20. laf () I. () f. 'leave,' permission, privilege, BH, Chr; , CP. II. n. 'leaf,' shoot, pl. foliage, MtL (o), VPs; : sheet of paper, BH. lafa m. belief, faith, , Mt; AO. ['leve'; Ger. glaube] lafe () f. leave, permission, licence, . lafful believing, JnR: faithful, trustworthy, MtL. ['leafful'] adv.lce. +laffulnes f. faith, trust, faithfulness, . lafhelmig leafy at the top, GPH 390. lafhlystend (e) m. believing listener, catechumen, OEG. +laflas unbelieving, . +laflasnes f. unbelief, W 294^2. +laflast,lst f. unbelief, . lafleoht light, easy, RB 5^19. +laflic credible, faithful, . adv.lce. lafnes (, ) f. leave, permission, BH. +lafnesword n. password, B 245. lafscead n. leafy shade, Ph 205. +lafsum believing, faithful: credible. lafwyrm (i^2) m. caterpillar, ASPs 77^51. lag I. () f. 'lye,' alkalized water, Ep, Lcd. II. lah I. III. pret. 3 sg. of logan. lagung f. lying, Nar 2^21. [logan] lah I. lage (Chr) m. piece of ground, 'lea,' meadow, BC; Mdf. II. lag I. and III. leahte pret. 3 sg. of leccan. leahter leahtor leahtor (e^1) m. vice, sin, offence, crime, fault, , CP: reproach: disease, injury, Lcd. leahtorbre laughable, causing laughter, RB 18^8. [hleahtor] leahtorcwide m. opprobrious speech, Jul 199. leahtorful (e^1, e^2) vicious, seductive. 394

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary leahtorlas faultless, blameless. leahtorlce foully, wickedly, . leahtorwyre v. unl. leahtras nap. of leahtor. leahtrian (e) to accuse, revile, reprove, blame, ; AO, CP: corrupt. ['lehtrie'] leahtroc,tric,trog m. lettuce. [L. lactuca] lahtrung () f. blaming, detraction, WW 150^1. lahtn lactn lan I. n. reward, gift, loan, compensation, remuneration, retribution, B, Mt; . ['lean'; Ger. lohn] II. sv^6 (pret. 3 sg. lg, lh) and wv. to blame, censure, reproach, AO, CP. langyfa m. rewarder, Lcd 3436^23. lanian () to reward, recompense, repay, requite, , CP. [ Ger. lohnen] lap m. basket, W: basket for catching or keeping fish, WW: measure: trunk (body), Jud 111. ['leap'] las I. adj. (w. g.) without, free from, devoid of, bereft of : () false, faithless: untruthful, deceitful, WW; : vain, worthless. II. n. falsehood, lying, Bo; CP. ['lease'] lasbrd (bregd) I. lying, false, deceitful, . II. m. cheating, trickery. lasbrda m. trickster, ES 43306. lasbrdende wily, deceitful, Gr 286^6. lasbrdnes f. deception, falsehood. lasbregd lasbrd lascrft m. false art, . lasere m. liar, hypocrite, MtL: buffoon, mime, jester, fool. ['leaser'] lasest (MtL) lst I. lasettan to pretend, , RB. lasferh,fyrh, false, NC 305. lasfernes f. levity, folly, CP. lasfyrhte lasferh lasgewitnes f. false witness, . lasgielp m. vainglory, CP. lasian to lie, Ps. ['lease'] laslic false, deceitful, sham, empty, , CP. adv.lce, , CP. laslccettan to dissemble, WW 388^33. laslcettung f. dissimulation. lasmdnes f. instability, CP 308^6. lasnes f. lying: levity, BH 322^23. lasleccan to blandish, flatter, GD 34^27. laslecung f. empty blandishment, WW 430^21. lassagol (u^3) lying, false, . lasscawere m. spy, B 253. lasspell n. lie, fiction, fable. lasspellung f. empty talk, AO. lassponung f. allurement, WW 452^3. last lst last lst lastyhtan to cajole, WW 431^4. lastyhtung f. cajolery, WW 430^21. lasuht ( wiht?) enticer, seducer, OEG 4014 lasung f. 'leasing,' lying, false witness, deceit, hypocrisy, artifice, JnL: a lie, Ps: empty talk, frivolity. lasungspell n. idle tale, AO 40^8. lat pret. 3 sg. of ltan. leatian latian 395

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary +leaian +laian laor n. soap, soda, Lcd, WW. ['lather'] laorwyrt (loo) f. soapwort? Lcd 16a. lawede lwede lawfinger m. indexfinger, forefinger, PPs 72^11. leax m. salmon, Cp (), Met, WW (e); L. [' lax'] leb lef, lf lec hlec +lec pret. 3 sg. of +lacan. lc I. m. look, regard, ; A 11118^50. II. lac I. and II. +lecc +lcc leccan pret. 3 sg. leahte, le(o)hte to water, irrigate, wet, moisten, slake, CP. [cp. Ger. lechzen] leccing f. irrigation, watering, WW (KGl). [' leaching'] lce lce lcetere (KGl 65^29) lcettere lecgan to 'lay,' put, place, deposit, set, , Gen, Lcd, MtL, Rd; CP. l. on (w. d.) put upon, charge with, Chr, Gu ; CP: bury, Jn: put before, submit, : betake oneself, go. lstas l. go, journey. on lst l. follow : lay (egg), Lcd: prostrate, cast down, lay low, kill, Bo, Lk, LL. [causative of licgan] lciwyrt (Cp) lcewyrt lcnian (NG) lcnian lectric leahtroc lctn lahtn leca m. 'sentina,' Gl, WW. ld lad ldan ldan lde legde, pret. 3 sg. of lecgan. lden lden, laden lf I. () feeble, infirm, weak, injured. II. laf lf laf lfan (1) lefan; (2) lfan +lfed weak, sickly, aged. lefel, lefil lfel +lfenscipe m. justification, JnL 15^22. lfmon m. sick person, GnE 45. left (K; ? lyft*) 'inanis,' QF 1^443. lft (SPs) lst, lst lfung f. paralysis, H 2486^18. leg ( lg) pret. 3 sg. of licgan. lg (1) leg; (2) lah lg lg, log lga (A) lwa legde pret. 3 sg. of lecgan. +lege f? lair, bed, Mdf. lgeloht n. light (of flame), MFH 168. legen pp. of licgan. leger n. lying, illness, AO, B; : 'lair,' couch, bed, Wif: grave, LL; . clne legere consecrated grave. on lfe ge on legere in life and in death, LL. [licgan] legerbre sick, ill, TC 611^20. legerbedd n. bed, sick bed, : bed of death, grave. +legered confined to bed, . legerfst sick, ill, RB 64^7. 396

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary +legergield n. 'lupercalia,' WW 437^14. legerstw f. burial place, . legertam m. cohabitation, marriage. legerwte fm. fine for unlawful cohabitation, LL. [' lairwite'] lges lages gs. of lah. lege pres. 3 sg. of lecgan. legie f. legion, AO. [L.] legu v. ealdorl. leh leah lh lah lh lac lhnan lgnian [[headword spelled lygnian"]] lht loht lehtan lihtan [[headword spelled lhtan"]] lehte pret. 3 sg. of leccan. lehtor leahtor ll (KGl) ll lelore f. silverweed? Gl. lemb lamb lmen (KGl 82^40) lmen lemian () to subdue, CP 303^11: lame, disable, B 905. lempedu f. lamprey, WW 438^17. ['limpet'; lampreda] lemphealt limping, Gl, WW. ['limphalt'] lnan (KGl) lnan lencten () I. m. springtime, A, Lcd; : the fast of Lent, W. II. adj. pertaining to Lent, A, RB (). ['lenten'] lenctendl f. spring fever, tertian ague. lenctenbere m. Lent barley, ANS 84^326. lenctenbryce m. breach of the Lenten fast, LL 344[47]. lenctendg m. day of Lent. lenctenere f. land ploughed in spring, WW 105^7. [eore] lenctenfsten n. Lent, . lenctenhto f. heat of spring, AO 102^6? lenctenlic of spring, vernal, : lenten, . lenctenlifen f. Lenten fare, NC 306. lenctensufel (lngt) n. Lent food, LL 450[9]. lenctentd f. spring, Lent, . lenctentma m. spring, OEG 3837. lenctenwuce f. a week in Lent. lenctin lencten +lend I. furnished with land (by the lord), LL 448. II. +lynd +lenda m. one rich in land, OEG 3154. lendan to land, arrive, Chr; , AO, CP: (+) endow with land, . ['lend'; land] lende lenden lendenbn n. loinbone, WW 159^13. ['lendbone'] lendenbrde,brde f. loin. lendensd reaching to the loins, NC 306. lendenu () np. loins, reins, Mt, WW; . ['lend '; Ger. lenden] lendenwyrc m. a disease of the kidneys, WW 113^12. [wrc] lendisc v. dn, p, re, tl. lne lne leng I. () f. length, height, . II. adv. (comp. of lange) longer, , Lk. ['leng'] 397

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary lengan to lengthen, prolong, protract, delay, Da: extend, reach, attain: belong. ['leng'] lengcten lencten lenge () I. adj. () belonging, related: near (of time), B 83. II. v. lange. +lenge belonging to, related to, : addicted to. lengest (Chr, Mk) superl. of lang, lange. ['lengest'] lengfre more durable, ANS 119435. lengian (impers. w. a.) to long for, ask for, Sol 270 (GK). lenglfra comp. of langlfe. lengo lengu lengra (BH) comp. of lang. ['lenger'] lengten lencten lengtogra comp. adj. drawn out farther, more prolix, Sc 161^18. lengu f. 'length,' AO 144^1. lengu f. length, Bo, BH: height, Sol. [' lengh'] lent f. lentil, Gl. [L. lentem] lenten lencten lo mf. gdas. lon, also ds. lone, lonan, asf. lo, and dp. lonum 'lion,' lioness, AO, . [L.] loc (WW 283^21) lac lod I. m. man , LL 14[25]: 'wergeld' for manslaughter , LL ( lodgeld): (+) fellowcountryman, compatriot: () chief, prince, king, B. ['lede'] II. f. (usu. in pl. lode) people, nation, B, Bl; , AO. ['lede'] leoda lida loda I. +lod I. II. (LWS) lode lodan^2 to spring up, grow: spring from. lodbealu n. calamity to a people. lodbisceop m. suffragan bishop, provincial, . lodburg f. town. lodbygen f. sale of one's compatriots, slavetraffic, LL 20[11Ld] (v. 2133). lodcyning m. king, ruler, B 54. lode fp. men, people, country, B, Lk; AO (v. lod). loden lden lodfruma m. prince, patriarch, chief. lodgeard m. country. lodgebyrga m. lord, protector, prince, king. lodgeld n. 'wergeld' for manslaughter, LL. lodgeinc f. order, rank, LL. lodgewinn n. strife, Jul 201. lodgota ladgeota lodgryre m. general terror, Sol 278. lodhata m. persecutor, tyrant, GD. lodhete m. popular hatred, hostility. lodhryre m. fall of a prince (or nation?), B 2030, 2391. lodhwt very valiant, El 11. lodisc v. iderl. lodmg m. relative, comrade. lodmgen n. might of the people, host power, virtue. lodmearc f. domain, country. lodrden f. country, region, GD 204^23. lodriht n. law of the land. lodrne f. pythoness, sorceress. lodscearu f. tribe, nation, Ex 337. lodsceaa m. public enemy. 398

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary lodscipe m. nation, people, : country, region. lodstefn m. race, tribe, PPs 82^7. lodaw m. popular usage. lodweard f. government. lodweras mp. men, human beings. lodwerod n. host of people, Ex 77. lodwita m. wise man, elder, chief, LL 456. lodwynn f. home joy, Hy 4^89. lodwyrhta lowyrhta lof I. adj. dear, valued, beloved, pleasant, agreeable, , B, Chr, CP. II. m. beloved one, friend: (in addressing persons) sir! sire! , EC: impure companion, GPH 394. [' lief'] leofen lifen leofian (Bl) libban lofian to be or become dear, Gu 110. loflic dear, lovable, pleasant, beautiful, delightful, B : precious, valued. adv.lce lovingly, kindly, gladly, willingly, BH. ['liefly'] lofspell n. good news, El 1017. loftl,tle kind, lovable, loving, dear, grateful, agreeable, CP. lofwende kind, loving, gracious, acceptable, estimable, agreeable. lofwendum ardently. logan^2 to 'lie,' Bl, WW: (w. d.) deceive, belie, betray, , CP: be in error, Gr. logere (e^1, o^2) m. 'liar,' false witness, W, MtL; : hypocrite, MkL 7^6. loht (, ) I. 'light,' not heavy, AO, BH, Rd; CP: slight, easy, trifling, inconsiderable, CP, Mt, Lcd: quick, agile, Ph: gentle, Wid. II. n. 'light,' daylight, , B, Bl, Chr, G, Ps, W: power of vision, Bl : luminary, Lcd. III. luminous, bright, 'light,' clear, resplendent, beautiful, BH, Lcd, VPs; AO, CP. lohtan lhtan lohtbre brilliant, luminous. lohtbamede brightshining, H 1610. lohtberend m. lightbearer, Lucifer, . lohtberende lightbearing, luminous, . lohtbora m. lightbearer, LV 36. lohtbrdnes f. levity, frivolity, wantonness. leohte lehte, pret. 3 sg. of leccan. lohte I. adv. lightly, easily, comfortably, BH. [' light'] II. adv. brightly, clearly, brilliantly, Bl, Cr. ['light'] lohtft n. nap.fatu lantern, torch, lamp, light, , CP. lohtftels m. lamp, LPs 17^29. lohtfruma m. source of light. lohtgesceot,gescot n. payment for providing lights in church. lohtian I. to be lightened, relieved. II. to become light, dawn, CM 474: () give light, illuminate. lohting lhting lohtsern (^1, NG) n. candlestick. lohtlas devoid of light, dark, . ['lightless '] lohtlic I. light, of little weight or importance, , CP. adv.lce lightly, slightly, BH, Lcd: inconsiderately : easily, quickly: gently, softly, slowly, CP; . ['lightly'] II. bright, radiant, Rd. leohtmd easygoing, GnE 86. leohtmdnes f. levity, inconstancy, frivolity, CP. lohtswend author of light, GPH 389^2. lohtscawigend lightseeing, WW 434^20. lohtsceot lohtgesceot lohtwyrhta lowyrhta leolc pret. 3 sg. of lcan. 399

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary loma m. ray of light, beam, radiance, gleam, glare, B ; : lightning. loman, lomian? to shine, SkED. [[from first edition]] +lomod having rays of light, Lcd 3272^4. leomu nap. of lim. lon I. (sv^1) to lend, grant. [Ger. leihen] II. gdas. of lo. lona mf. lion, lioness, . lonesa m. lions' den, GD 150^9. lonflsc n. lion's flesh, Lcd 1364. [v. 'lion '] lonft m. lion's foot (plant). lonhwelp m. lion's cub, WW 434^6. loran (wv., but rare pp. loren) to go, depart, pass, vanish, die (A; v. JAW 44). lorednes f. departure, transmigration: death, L: vision. lorende, +lorendlic transitory. leornan leornian leornere m. 'learner,' disciple, , CP: scholar, BH: reader. lornes lorednes leornian to 'learn,' read, study, think about, , BH, MkR ; AO, CP. leorningcild n., leorningcniht (, CP) m. student, disciple. leorningende teachable. leorninghs n. school, WW. leornung f., ds. leornunga 'learning,' reading, study, meditation, CP; AO. leornungcrft m. learning, El 380. leornungmann m. learner, disciple (used even of women), . leornungscl f. school, GD 14^6. leort pret. 3 sg. of ltan. losca () m. groin. leo leou v. li. leo li lo n. song, lay, poem, B, WW; , AO. ['leoth '; Ger. lied] locrft m. poetic art or skill: poem, poetry, . locrftig skilled in song, Deor 40. locwide m. lay, poem, AO 120^2. leoe leou logidding f. lay, song, poem, An 1481. loian to sing, recite: sound forth, resound. lolic versified, H 2134. leoo leou loorn f. wise counsel given in song, El 522. loowyrt laorwyrt? lorian hlorian losang m. song, poem, poetry, BH. leou I. f. retinue, following? Rim 14 (GK). II. v. li. leoubend mf. chain, fetter, bond. leoucge f. limbs which served as a key, Cr 334. leoucrft m. skill of hand. loucrft locrft leoucrftig agile, Ph 268. leoufst able, skilful, Cra 95. leoulic appertaining to the limbs, bodily. leousr n. pain in the limbs, WW 213^8. leousyrce f. corslet. 400

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary leouwc (i) with supple limbs, flexible, pliant, Cra 84. ['leathwake'] leouwcian to mitigate. leouwcunga (lie)? 'compeditorum,' EPs 78^11. leouwcan to become pliant, be submissive, grow calm, soften. loweorc n. poetry, WW 188^30. lowse f. verse, poetry, . loword n. a word in a poem, An 1490. lowrence m. poem, A 8334. lowyrhta m. poet, Gr. low (u) n. ham, thigh. low (, ) v. mundl. leowe f. league (distance), WW 147^22. lower pl. of low. lepewince lpewince leppan to feed (a hawk), Wy 89 (v. ES 37195). lran (KGl) lran lere (KGl 83^19) lyre lrow lrow ls les lesan^5 to collect, pick, select, gather, glean, . [' lease'; Ger. lesen] lsca losca lesende,lesendlic,lesung v. edl. lst lst lesu lysu lsw lsw lt I. pret. 3 sg. of ltan. II. lt pres. 3 sg. of ldan. III. lat pret. of ltan. ltan ltan ltana m. litany. [L. litania] letig (KGl) lytig lettan () to 'let,' hinder, delay, impede, oppress, , Bo, Gu (w. g.), W; AO, CP. lettend m. hinderer, ES 39349. letting () f. 'letting,' hindrance, delay, RB; CP. l l leer v. heals, wealdl. leera liera [[under liere"]] leercodd m. leather bag, WW 117^3. [v. 'leather '] leeren leren leerhelm m. leathern helmet, WW 142^1. leerhose f. leathern gaiter, WW. leern leren leerwyrhta m. leathermaker, tanner, currier, Gl. lr lr leren (i) 'leathern,' WW. lud (1) lod; (2) lwede lw f? weakness, W 165^9 (cp. lf I.). +lwed weak, ill? (Ex 22^10, cp. limlweo or ? read +lfed. lwend lwend lwer lower lwsa m. weakness: 'inops,' EPs 139^13 (hlw). [lf I.] lex leax lxnian (WW 241^21) lcnian 401

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary lib lif libb lyb libban (y) pret. 3 sg. lif(e)de to 'live,' be, exist, , B, BH, Lcd, VPs; AO, CP. libr lifer lc n. body, B, Cr: corpse, AO, B; , CP. ['lich'; Ger. leiche] +lc adj. (w. d.) 'alike,' similar, equal, Mt; , CP. +lcost double, twin. +lca, +lce wk. forms used as sb. an equal, , CP. adv. lce (usu. +; and +lc in NG), Bl. +lce and like as if. lcam lcham lcbeorg f. coffin, sarcophagus, Cp 45#s. +lcbisnung f. imitation, DR 76^1. lcburg f. cemetery, Cp 433#c. liccere, liccetere lcettere liccettan () lcettan liccian to 'lick,' , Ps: lap, lick up, Lcd. liccung f. licking, H 1330^22. lcema lchama lcendlic lciendlic lcettan to feign, pretend, dissimulate, CP: flatter, BH. lcettere m. deceiver, hypocrite, CP. lcettung, lcetung f. feigning, deceit, hypocrisy, flattery. lcewyre lcwyre lcft n. body. licgan^5 () to 'lie,' be situated, be at rest, remain, be , Ph ; , AO, CP: () lie down, lie low, yield, subside, lie prostrate, fail, lie dead, , AO, B, Chr, G: lead, extend to, ; AO: flow, go, run, AO: belong to. l. for take the part of, LL 152[3]. l. mid cohabit with. wi licgendum fo for ready money. lchama m. body, corpse, Bo, Mt; , CP. ['licham '; Ger. leichnam] lchamlas incorporeal, . lchamlic (o^2) corporeal, bodily, carnal, material, Bo, Lk; . adv.lce bodily, personally, in the flesh, BH ; . ['lichamly'] +lchamod incarnate. lchamung v. inl. [[headword spelled inlchomung"]] lchom lcham lchord n. interior of the body. lchrgel n. windingsheet, MH 76^26. lchryre m. bodily decay, death, Gen 1099. lchryst lcrest lchwamlic lchamlic lcian (w. d. or impers.) to please, , Bl, Bo; CP. [' like'] lciendlic agreeable, pleasant. adv.lce. +lcltan^7 to liken, compare, MkLR 4^30. lclo n. dirge, OEG. lclic relating to the dead, funeral, GPH 401. +lclic fitting, proper. adv.lce equally. lcmann m. bearer, pallbearer, . lcnes () f. 'likeness' ('ilikeness'), figure, stature, image, , MtL: (+) parable. lcpytt m. sepulchre, grave, Gr 66^10? (or ? dc, pytt). lcrest f. sepulchre, tomb, : 'carrum,' hearse, L 26^181. lcs lx lcsang m. dirge, OEG. lcsr n. wound. 402

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary lcstw f. place of burial, GD 340^35. lcsyrce f. corslet, B 550. lctn m. burialground, . lcnung f. obsequies, funeral, : laying out (of corpse), L 31^1429. lcote f. pore, WW 159^13. lcrwere m. leper, . lcrh f. coffin, GD. lcum lcham lcung f. pleasure, CP. ['liking'] lcwglung f. necromancy, LL (248^3). lcwund f. wound, Ex 239. lcwyre (e, eo, o, u) pleasing, acceptable, Bo; CP: estimable, praiseworthy: accepted, recognised, sterling. [' likeworth'] lcwyrlce pleasingly, . lcwyrnes f. good pleasure, LPs 88^18. lid n. ship, vessel. [lan] lida m. sailor. liden pp. of lan. lde pres. 3 sg. of lodan. lidmann m. seafarer, sailor, pirate. lidrin leren lidweard m. shipmaster, An 244. lidwrig weary of seavoyages, An 482. lefan (, , ) to allow, grant, concede, Mt (), CP. ['leve'; laf] lefan (, o, , ) tr. and intr. to believe, trust, confide in, Bl, MH (). ['leve'] +lefed () believing, faithful, pious, . +lefedlic permissible, LL (436^30). +lefedlce trustfully, credulously, AO (). +lefen excused, LkR 14^19 (). +lefenscipe m. justification, JnLR 15^22. leffstan lffstan leg (, , ) mn. fire, flame, lightning, B, Bl (); CP. ['leye'] leget lget liege I. lege pres. 3 sg. of lecgan. II. pres. 3 sg. of licgan. leht loht, lht leh pres. 3 sg. of logan. lesan (, ) to loosen, release, deliver, liberate, Cr (), LkR (). ['leese'] +lesednes () f. redemption. lesing I. (, ) m. freedman, LL. II. f. deliverance, release, LkL (). ['leesing'] +lesnes (, ) f. redemption. le l lexan lxan lf I. n. 'life,' existence, , B, Chr, JnL: lifetime, RB. on lfe, t lfe, lfes alive, BH: way of life (e.g. monastic), BH, Chr, Lk, W; CP: place where the life is according to fixed rules, monastery, Chr. II. lf. III. laf I. lf lef lfbrycgung f. conversation, way of life, DR 7^15. lfbysig struggling for life, B 966. lfcearu f. care about life. lfdg m. nap. lfdagas (usu. in plur.) 'lifeday,' lifetime, B, Cr. lifde, lifede pret. sg. of libban. 403

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary lifen f. food, nourishment. [[from first edition]] lifer I. f. 'liver,' Bo, WW; . II. f. a weight, WW 432^28. [L. libra?] liferdl f. liver complaint, Lcd, WW. liferbl m. protuberance of the liver, Lcd 76b. liferhol n. hollow in the liver, Lcd 76b. liferlppa m. lobe of the liver, WW. liferwrc m. pain in the liver, Lcd 60a. liferwyrt n. liverwort, ANS 84326. lifesn lyfesn lffadung f. regulation of life. lffc n. lifetime, life, LL, W. lffst living, quickened, full of life, vigorous: settled. lffstan to quicken, endow with life, . +lffstnian to quicken, RPs 142^11. liffet lyffet lffra m. Lord of life, God. lffruma m. source of life (God). lifgan libban lfgedl n. death, GD. lfgesceaft f. life's conditions or record. lfgetwinnan mp. twins, Sol 141. lifian (A) libban lifiende (y) that lives or has life, BH: when alive, BH, VPs: as sb. the 'living,' VHy. lfld f. course of life, conduct, RB. ['livelihood '] lflst lflast lflas not endowed with life, 'lifeless,' inanimate, : dead, . lflast f. loss of life, annihilation, death, . lflic living, : necessary to life, vital, Hex, DHy. adv.lce vitally, so as to impart life, . ['lively'] lflyre m. loss of life, LL 466[2]. lfneru f. food, sustenance, An 1091. lifre gs. of lifer I. lifre lifer lifrig clotted? A 30132. lift lyft lfweard m. guardian of life, El 1036. lfweg m. way of life, way in life. lfwela m. riches. lfwelle living (of water), JnL 4^10. lfwrau f. protection of life. lfwynn f. enjoyment of life. lg () leg lig lyg lgbre, lgberend flaming, Gl. lgbryne m. burning, fire. lgbysig () busy with fire, Rd 31^1. lgcwalu f. fiery torment, El 296. lgdraca () m. fiery dragon. lgegesa m. flaming terror, B 2780. lgen () flaming, fiery, . ligenword lygeword +liger,ere n.,ernes f. concubinage, fornication, adultery, AO. 404

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary lget nm., lgetu () f. lightning, flash of lightning, BH, Bl, Mt; , AO. ['lait'; leg] lgetrsc m. lightning, flash of light, coruscation, Lk 10^18. [lget] lgetsleht (^1, ^3) f. lightningstroke, thunderbolt. lgetung f. lightning, EHy 6^41. lige pres. 3 sg. of licgan. lgfmende,fmblwende vomiting fire, BH 432^7. lgfr n. fire, Ex 77. ligge lege ds. of leg. lgit lget lglic () fiery, Guth 131^196. lglocc,locced having flaming locks, WW. lgnian lgnian [[headword spelled lygnian"]] lgrsc (^1, e^2) lgetrsc lgrscetung,rscung (^1) f. lightning. lgspwel vomiting flame. lig pres. 3 sg. of licgan. lgracu f. gds.rce fiery onset, violence of flames. lg f. wave of fire, B 2672. lh imperat. sg. of lon. lht loht lhtan (, o, ) I. () to make 'light,' easy, relieve, alleviate, CP, Lcd, LL: dismount, 'alight,' BH (y). II. (ie, ) to lighten, illuminate, give light, shine, , Jn (): grow light, dawn, Da (): 'light,' kindle. lhting I. f. relief, alleviation, release, LL. [' lihting'] II. (o) f. shining, illumination, light, : dawn: lightning. ['lihting'] lhtingnes f. lightness of taxation, LL (306^21). lhtnes f. brightness, W 230^12. ['lightness'] lh pres. 3 sg. of logan. lilie f. 'lily,' Bl, Lcd; . [L. lilium] lim (y) n. nap. leomu 'limb,' member, , BH, Bl; AO, CP: branch, B: agent, offspring? Bl, 33: bone ? CPs 6^3. lm m. anything sticky, 'lime,' mortar, cement, gluten, Ep, WW. +lman to cement, join, stick together. limbstefning f. hanging, curtain, WW 191^32. lmfn f. limeheap, BC 1518^41. limgelecg n. shape, WW. limgesih f. body, A 2364. limhl sound of limb, Gu 661. +lmian +lman lming f. smearing, plastering, WW. ['liming'] limlw f. injury to the limbs, mutilation, LL (278^26). limlweo maimed, LL 132[10]. limlas without limbs, 2270^22. limmlum adv. 'membratim,' limb by limb, WW. ['limbmeal '] limmlama crippled, W 4^12. limnacod stark naked, Gen 1566. +limp n. occurrence: misfortune, accident, CP. limpan^3 to happen, occur, B, Bo, Chr, Met; , AO, CP: belong to, suit, befit, OET, Ct: concern, CP. ['limp,' 'ilimp'] limpful fitting, convenient, AS 2^1. limplcan to unite, connect, OEG 80. +limplic fitting, suitable, L. adv.lce (). 405

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary +limplicnes f. opportunity. limrden f. cloak? form? disposition of the limbs ? v. OEG 2530. limsoc lame, paralytic. limwde n. clothing, PPs 103^2. limwstm m. stature, Sat 130. limwrig weary of limb, Rood 63. ln n. flax, linen, cloth, napkin, towel, Gl, JnR, MtR ; CP. ['line'] lnacer m. flax field, EC 239. lind I. f. limetree, linden, Gl; ; Mdf: () shield (of wood). ['lind'] II. lynd lindcroda m. crash of shields, battle. linde limetree, linden. linden made of 'linden'wood, GnE. lindgecrod n. shieldbearing troop, An 1222. lindgelc n. battle, Ap 76. lindgestealla m. shieldcomrade, companion in war. lindhbbende m. shieldbearer, warrior. lindplega m. shieldplay, battle. lindrycg m. ridge where limes grow, KC 379^20. lindwered n. troop armed with shields, El 142. lindwiga m. warrior, B 2603. lindwgend ,wiggend m. shielded warrior. lne f. line, cable, rope, Sol, WW: series, row : rule, direction. lnece (WW 286^21) lnete lnen adj. 'linen,' made of flax, Ep; , CP. lnenhrgl n. linen cloth, NG. lnenwerd dressed in linen, LL (370^11). lnete (ece) f. linnet, WW 286^21. lnetwige,wigle f. linnet, Cp, Erf, WW. [' lintwhite'] ling suffix (1) for forming personal nouns (dorling, rpling). (2) for forming advbs. (hinderling). lnhwen flaxcoloured, Lcd. lnland n. land in flax, KC 319^4. lnlag m. flax ground, EC 166. linnan^3 (w. instr. or g.) to cease from, desist, lose, yield up (life), B. ['lin'] lnsd n. 'linseed,' A (e^2), Lcd. lnwd f. linen cloth or garment, NG. lnwyrt f. flax, Lcd. lo (WW 438^22) lo lippa m., lippe? f. (LL 2136) 'lip,' Lcd, RB, WW. lra m. any fleshy part of the body, muscle, calf of the leg, WW. +lire +ligere [[under +liger"]] lreht fleshy, Lcd 91a. ls liss ls les lisan (Gl) lesan +lise (e) nap. +leosu n. reading, study, BH. +lsian to slip, glide, CP 437. lisnian,listnian v. bel. liss (ls) f. grace, favour, love, kindness, mercy, : joy, peace, rest, Ph, W: remission, forgiveness: saving (of life). ['liss'; le] lssian to subdue, Sol 294. list mf. art, cleverness, cunning, experience, skill, craft, Cr. ['list'] listum cunningly, skilfully. 406

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary listan lystan lste f. 'list,' fringe, border, Ep. listelce adv. carefully, Lcd 11a. listhendig skilful, Cra 95. listum v. list. listwrenc m. deception, W 81; 128^9. lis pres. 3 sg. of lesan. lit colour, dye, NC 306 (late). lt lt ltan to bend, incline, Met 26^119. lite lytig ltel ltel litig lytig litigere m. dyer, NC 306 (late). ltl ltl litsmann lismann li I. nm. nap. leou, liu limb, member, BH, Cr; , AO, CP: joint, Lcd. ['lith'] II. n. fleet. [ON. li] l I. n. cider, native wine, fermented drink, CP: beaker, cup. II. pres. 3 sg. of licgan. III. le adj. IV. lh la m. name of months June (rra l.) and July (ftera l.). lidl f. gout, Lcd, WW. lan^1 to go, travel, sail, B, BH. ['lithe'] le I. adj. gentle, soft, calm, mild, ApT, B, Mt; , AO, CP: gracious, kind, agreeable, sweet, Bo, Gen; . [' lithe'] II. adv. gently, softly. lie leou liebge flexible, yielding, . ['litheby'] liebgnes f. flexibility of limbs, Guth 90^21. leg lig lelic gentle, soft, mild, CP. adv.lce, CP. [' lithely'] +lien (y) having travelled much. [lan] lercian to smooth down, flatter, Gl. liere f., liera m. sling, slinging pouch, BH, Cp; . ['lither'; leer] lieren leren lierlic of a sling, WW 247^4. +liewcian to calm, appease, mitigate, L. liewcan leouwcan ligeat hlidgeat lian (CP; ) ligian +liian (eo) to incline, accustom, A 268. lig lithe, flexible, bending, yielding, , W. [' lithy'] ligian () to soften, calm, assuage, appease, CP; : be mild. ['lithe'] liincel n. little joint, WW. llic lelic limann lidmann lnes f. mildness, softness, gentleness, kindness, , CP. lio leou lire liere lre lre lirin leren ls liss lisaw n. synovia. lismann m. seafarer, pirate, Chr. 407

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary liu v. li. liule m? synovia, Lcd. [li, ele] lung f. alleviation, relief, Lcd 1112^2. lwge n. drinkingcup, B 1982. liwrc m. pain in the limbs, Lcd 49b. lwyrde mild of speech, NC 348. lwyrt f. dwarf elder. lxan to shine, flash, glitter, gleam. lxende splendidly, LkL 16^19. lxung f. brilliance, brightness, N. l pl.ln v. mst, sceaftl. [["mastl under mstln"]] lob (Gl) lof lobbe f. spider, LPs. ['lob'] loc I. n. 'lock' bolt, bar, , BH ; AO: enclosure, fold, prison, stronghold , CP: bargain, agreement, settlement, conclusion. [lcan] II. locc I. lc, lca interj. look, see, look you. l. h however. l. hwnne, hwonne whenever. spel l. hwnne mann wille a discourse for any occasion you please, . l. hwr wherever. l. hwer whichever. l. hw, l. hwt, whoever, whatever. l. hwylc whichever. loca m. enclosure, stronghold. lcah v. lc interj. locbore f. one who wears long hair, free woman, LL 7[73]. locc I. m. 'lock' of (hair), hair, curl, Bl, CP, Ep ; . II. loc I. loccad 'crinitus,' OEG 56^13. loccetan (MtL) ? rocettan (JAW 77). loccian to attract, entice, soothe, CP. locen I. pp. of lcan. II. (Sat 300?) loc locer locor locfeax n. hair, WW 379^42. locgewind n. hair, WW 199^7. lch,hwnne etc. v. lc h, lc hwnne, etc. lochyrdel m. sheepfold, LL 454[9]. lcian () to see, behold, look, gaze, , Bl, CP, Mt; AO: observe, notice, take heed, Bl; . l. t regard with favour, CP: belong, pertain, . locor plane, Gl. locstn m. keystone, L 23^345. lcung v. urhl. loddere m. beggar, ; Mdf. [lre] +lodr f. backbone, spine, Lcd 65a. lodrung f. rubbish, nonsense, WW 478^8. +lodwyrt f. silverweed. loerge (Ep) np. of lorg. lof I. n. (m. B 1536) praise, glory, repute, Cp ; , CP: song of praise, hymn. ['lof'] II. n. protection, help. lf (OEG 5241) glf (?), v. ES 37186. lofbre praising, giving praise. lofdd f. praiseworthy deed, B 24. lofgeorn eager for praise, L 16^302: lavish? RB 54^9; 55^3. lofherung f. praising, LPs 55^12. lofian to praise, exalt, Gen, PPs; CP: appraise, value. ['love'] loflc n. offering in honour of any one, W 107^6. loflcan to praise, LPs 118^175. loflic laudable. adv.lce gloriously. 408

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary lofmgen n. praise, PPs 105^2. lofsang m. song of praise, canticle, hymn, psalm, BH; : lauds. ['lofsang'] lofsealm m. the 148th Psalm, RB 36^19. lofsingende singing hymns of praise, OEG 4912. lofsum praiseworthy, Gen 468. lofte (on) adv. phr. in the air, aloft, Hex, MLN. [' loft'] lofung f. praising, laudation: appraising, . lg pret. 3 sg. of lan. loga v. , trow, wordl. [leogan] [[headword spelled logan"]] lges v. lh. logeer loger lgian to lodge, place, put by, : put in order, arrange, : discourse, : divide, portion out. +l. p lay by, deposit. +logod sprc (well)ordered speech, style. loger (o^2) cunning, artful, WW. +logung f. order, CM 599. lh I. n., gs. lges place, stead (only in phr. on his lh). II. pret. 3 sg. of lan II. lhsceaft m. bolt, bar? AS 1^2. loma lama lma m. tool, utensil, article of furniture, BH; Gl. ['loom'] lomb, lomber lamb lme (1) adj. frequent, L 31^1019; (2) adv. often, frequently. oft (and) +l. constantly, diligently. +lmed +lomod lmelic lmlic lmlcan to frequent, : be frequent. +lmlcende frequent, : frequentative (vb), Gr 213^7. +lmlcing f. frequency, frequenting, Gr 213^7. +lmlic repeated, AO, CP. adv.lce frequently. +lmlcian to become frequent, Bl 109^2. +lmlicnes f. frequented place? frequency? CPs 117^27. lomp pret. 3 sg. of limpan. lond land londdl f. strangury? Lcd 108a. [hland] lone lane long lang Longbeardan,as sbmpl. Lombards, AO. lonn lann lonu lanu loppe f. flea (spider? silkworm?), Bo, WW. ['lop'] loppestre f. 'lobster,' WW; : locust. lopust, lopystre loppestre lor n. (only in phr. t lore, t lose) loss, destruction, Bl; CP. ['lor'] lora v. hlowl. loren pp. (str.) of loran. lorg, lorh fm. pole, distaff, weaver's beam, Gl. los lor ['loss'] losewist loswist [[under losing"]] losian (u) wv. () to be lost, perish, Bo, CP; : () escape, get away: 'lose,' LkL 15^4: destroy, LkL 7^27. losigendlic ready to perish, . losing, loswist f. perdition, loss, destruction, NG. lot n. fraud, guile, L, CP. loten pp. of ltan. 409

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary lotwrenc m. deception, deceit, cunning, artifice, trick, , AO, CP. loa m. upper garment, mantle, cloak, CP. lox m. lynx, BH, WW. [Ger. luchs] luba, lube lufe lcan^2 I. () (tr.) to lock, close, enclose, fasten, shut up , An : (intr.) close up, form one mass , Ph : interlock, intertwine, twist, wind, CP: conclude. ['louk '] II. pluck out, pull up, Met. ['louk'^2] ludgt n. sidegate, postern gate, Gl. ludon pret. pl. of lodan. lufelic luflic lufen f. hope? (BT; GK), Da 73, B 2886. lufestice f. 'lovage' (plant), Lcd. [L. levisticum] lufestre f. female lover, OEG. luffendlic lufiendlic lufian to 'love,' cherish, show love to, , JnL, VPs; CP: fondle, caress: approve, practise. lufiend m. lover, . lufiende affectionate, Gr. ['loving'] lufiendlic, lufigendlic lovely, beautiful, : lovable, amiable, . luflic amiable, loving, Lcd: lovable, Ps. adv.lce lovingly, kindly, CP: willingly, gladly, BH. ['lovely'] lufrden f. love, LPs. ['lovered'] lufsum loving, lovable, pleasant, Cr. ['lovesome '] adv.lce graciously. lufsumnes f. pleasantness, kindness, Gl. luftcen n. 'lovetoken,' B 1863. luftme (),tme (RB) pleasant, sweet, grateful, benevolent. luftmlic embracing, OEG 56^254. lufu f. love, strong liking, affection, favour, , BH, Jn, VPs, WW; AO, CP: love (of God), JnR: amicable settlement, LL 392. lufwende lovable, pleasant. lufwendlic friendly, KGl 73^34. adv.lce gently, KGl 80^21. lugon pret. pl. of logan. luh n. loch, pond, NG; Mdf. [Keltic] +lumpenlic occasional. [limpan] lumpon pret. pl. of limpan. luncian to limp? LPs 17^46. [cp. Norw. lunke?] lundlaga m. kidney, . lungen f. 'lung,' Lcd, WW. lungendl f. lungdisease, Lcd. lungensealf f. lungsalve, Lcd 141a. lungenwyrt f. 'lungwort,' Lcd. lunger v. casl. lungre adv. soon, forthwith, suddenly, quickly. lunnon pret. pl. of linnan. lpe f. loop, leash, Gl. ls f. nap. ls 'louse,' , Cp, Hex. lusian (GPH) losian lust I. m. desire, appetite, , BH, JnL: pleasure, Bo, Lk (pl.): sensuous appetite, lust, Jul, Lcd, WW. II. adj. willing, W 246^10. lustbre desirable, pleasant, agreeable, cheerful, joyous, , AO: desirous, L 4^116. lustbrlic pleasant, AO. adv.lce. lustbrnes f. enjoyment, pleasure, desire, CP. lustful wishful, desirous, AO 100^27. ['lustfull '] lustfullian to rejoice, enjoy, : be pleasing to, CP 70^24. 410

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary lustfullce joyfully, gladly, heartily, Bl. [' lustfully'] lustfullung f. desire, pleasure, . lustfulnes f. desire, pleasure, BH; CP. [' lustfulness'] lustgeornnes f. concupiscence, G. lustgryn f. snare of pleasure, Soul 23. lustlce willingly, gladly, Bl; , AO. lustmoce f. lady'ssmock (plant), Lcd. lustsumlic pleasant. adv.lce willingly. lustum adv. with pleasure, gladly. lsorn m. spindletree, EC 445^31. ltan^2 to bend, stoop, decline, , AO: +loten dg after part of day: bow, make obeisance, fall down, Bl, VPs: (+) lay down, MtL 8^20: entreat. ['lout'] ltian to lie hid, hide, lurk, , VHy; AO, CP. [' lout'^2] lutter hluttor [[under hltor"]] luttor hltor ler ler lybb n. drug, poison, charm: witchcraft. lybban libban lybbestre f. sorceress, WW 200^25. lybcorn n. a medicinal seed, wild saffron? Gl. lybcrft m. skill in the use of drugs, magic, witchcraft, Bl. lybesn lyfesn lyblc nm. occult art, use of drugs for magic, witchcraft. lyblca m. wizard, sorcerer, Gl. lybsin, lybsn lyfesn lc lc, lc lycce lyge II. lc pres. 3 sg. of lcan. lden (LWS) lden lf lf lf laf, lf, lef, lf lyfde, lyfede pret. 3 sg. of libban. lyfesn (i) f. charm, amulet, knot. lyffetere m. flatterer, . lyffettan,tian to flatter, . lyffetung f. adulation, flattery, . lyfian lifian, libban lyft fmn. air, sky, clouds, atmosphere, B, Lcd; , AO, CP. on lyfte on high, aloft. ['lift'; Ger. luft] lyftdl f. paralysis, palsy, BH, Lcd. lyftedor m. clouds, Ex 251. lyften of the air, arial, . lyftft n. vessel in the air (moon), Rd 30^3. lyftflogend m. flier in the air, bird, Sol 289. lyftfloga m. flier in the air, dragon, B 2315. lyftgelc n. flight through the air. lyftgeswenced driven by the wind, B 1913. lyfthelm m. air, mist, cloud. lyftlcende sporting in the air, flying. lyftlic arial, NC 314. lyftsceaa m. arial robber (raven), Wy 39. lyftwundor n. arial wonder, Ex 90. 411

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary lyftwynn f. pleasure in flying. lyge I. (i) m. 'lie,' falsehood, BH, Sat. II. lying, false (A; *lygge, JAW 25). III. 'sicalia,' secale? corn? rye ? WW 301^2. lygen (i) f. lie, falsehood. lygenian lygnian lygesearu n. lying wile, trick. lygespell (i) n. falsehood, WW 449^2. lygesynnig (i) lying, false, El 899. lygetorn (i) feigned anger or grief, B 1943. lygeword (i) n. lying word, lie. lygewyrhta (i) m. liar, Leas. lygnes (i) f. falseness: false things. lygnian (i) to give one the lie, convict of falsehood, . +lygnod perjured, (i). [[Printed inline, as continuation of lygnian entry.]] lht lht lyh pres. 3 sg. of lan. lh pres. 3 sg. of logan. lym lim lman loman lymp limp lynd (i) f. fat, grease. +lyndu np. joints of the spine, WW 159^22. lynibor n. borer, gimlet, WW 273^13. lynis m. axle, axletree, 'linch'pin, Ep, WW. lypenwyrhta m. tanner? v. JGPh 5467. lyre (e) m. loss, destruction, damage, hurt, WW; . [' lure'; losan] lyrewrenc m. hurtful intrigue, MFH 169. lyrtan v. bel. ls v. ls. ls les lysferht leasferh [[headword spelled lasferh"]] lysnan hlysnan lysnere hlysnere lssa (KGl) lssa lyssen lyswen lystan impers. w. a. (d.) of pers. and g. of thing or inf. to please, cause pleasure or desire, provoke longing, , Bl, Bo ; AO, CP. +lysted desirous of. ['list'; lust] lystere (OEG 4674) ? lyftere, lyffetere +lystfullce lustfullce lysu I. base, false, evil. II. n. evil deed. lyswen I. purulent, corrupt, Lcd. II. n. pus, matter, Lcd. lt adv., adj. and indecl. sb. little, few, B, DD, Gen, Run; , AO. ltan ltan lyteg lytig ltel I. adj. 'little,' not large, , AO, Lk, Met: short (distance, time), B: not much, Mt, Ps. II. adv. little, slightly, Ps. III. sb. AO, Lcd, Ps. ltelhdig pusillanimous, Cra 10. lytelic lytiglic lytelce lytiglce ltelmd pusillanimous, CP. 412

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary ltelne ltesne [[under ltesn"]] ltelnes f. smallness, Gr 228^14. ['littleness '] ltesn, ltes(t)ne adv. nearly, within a little, almost. lthwn adv. and sb. (w. g.) little, but little, very few, , CP. lytig (e) crafty, cunning, AO. lytigian to feign, act crookedly, Ma 86. lytiglic (lytelic) deceitful, crafty. adv.lce, CP. lytignes f. cunning, CP. ltlian to lessen, decrease, diminish, Bo, JnL; CP: shorten, curtail, abrogate: fall out of use, LL 267[37]. [' little'] ltling m. little one, infant, child, , CP. ltlum adv. (d. of ltel) little by little, gradually, ; CP. ['litlum'] +ltlung () f. insufficiency, want, Sc 57^1 (cp. EHy 5^12). lyttl ltl lyttuccas mpl. particles, small pieces, GPH 400. ly li la la +lyen +lien lerful evil, vile, W 40^5. lerlic bad, sordid, mean, vile, AO. adv.lce (^1). lernes (^1) f. wickedness, HL 18^8. lran () to anoint, smear, 'lather,' JnL (e), Lcd. [laor] lyre liere lre I. (, ) adj. bad, wicked, base, mean, corrupt, wretched, , AO, Lk, WW. ['lither'] adv. wretchedly, badly, Sat 62. II. comp. of le. lwyrt lwyrt lxan lxan


A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary

m I. adv. [comp. of micle] more, rather, longer, hereafter, further, , BH, Bo, Bl, CP, VPs (m). e m e more than. II. sb. (indecl.) more, , An, BH, Bl. III. adj. more, , Bl. ['mo'] mabuldor mapulder maca +mcca macalic convenient, MkR 6^21. macian to 'make,' form, construct, do, A, : prepare, arrange, cause, , Gen, Mt: use, : behave, fare, , Bo; CP. macian p to put up, . mcrftig ( mgencr) mighty. macung f. making, doing, Chr 1101. +md +md mdm mm mdmd n. foolishness, Mod 25. m m mc wellsuited, companionable: similar, equal. mcan mecgan, mengan +mcca (a, e) mf. mate, equal, one of a pair, comrade, companion, Gr (a), MtR (e): () husband, wife, , Mt, OET. ['match'] mcefisc mcefisc mcg m. man, disciple: son. mcga m. man, Wy 52. mcian mecgan, mengan +mclic conjugal, Sc. +mcnes f. cohabitation, BH. +mcscipe m. cohabitation, Cr 199. md () f. ds. (EWS) mda; nap. md(w)a, mdwe 'mead,' ' meadow,' pasture, BC, OEG; , AO; Mdf. +md, +mded 'mad,' Rd, WW: foolish, Cp. mddre f. 'madder,' Lcd; . +mded +md mden (, AO, CP) mgden mdencild n. female child, girl, AO; . [' maidenchild'] mdenhap m. band of virgins, DD 289. mdenlic maidenly, virgin, . mdere mddre mderec m. sprig of madder, Lcd. +mdla m. chatter, Lcd 122b. [mel] mdland m. meadowland, KC. mdmwect (wett) mowing of a meadow, LL 448[5,2]. mdrden f. mowing, tract of mown grass, KC 6153^10. mdsplott m. plot of meadowland, KC 472^7. mdwa m., mdwe f. md mdweland mdland mg I. pres. 3 sg. of magan. II. (Sc 4^19: 12^17) mgen +mg I. m. nap. mgas (v. LL 2651) male kinsman, parent, son, brother, nephew, cousin, B, Ep (); , AO, CP: ['may '] II. f. female relation, wife, woman, maiden. mgbana m. destroyer of kinsfolk, W 242^5. mgbt f. compensation paid to the relatives of a murdered man, LL. 414

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary mgburg f. family, tribe, race, people, nation: genealogy. mgcild n. young kinsman. mgcnafa m. youthful kinsman, BC 2329. mgc related, OEG. mgcwalm m. murder of a relation, Cp 179#p (). mgden (d) n. maiden, virgin, LL; : girl, Mt: maid, servant, Bl. mgdensee also mden. mgdenw f. marriage with a virgin. mgdenhd m. 'maidenhood,' virginity, Cr; CP. mgdenmann m. 'maid,' virgin, AO. ['maidenman'] mge mge mgen I. (e) n. bodily strength, might, 'main' force, power, vigour, valour, B; , CP: virtue, efficacy, efficiency, Lcd: picked men of a nation, troop, army, AO: miracle. [magan] II. subj. pl. of magan. mgengende mighty, B 2837. mgenbyren f. huge burden. mgencoror n. strong troop, Gen 1986. mgencrft m. main force, great strength, might. mgencyning m. mighty king. mgendd f. mighty deed, Cra 12. mgenaca m. succour, Az 138. mgenacen mighty, vigorous. mgenearfee n. great misery or trial. mgenellen n. mighty valour, B 659. mgenfst vigorous, strong, steadfast, . mgenfolc n. mighty company, Cr 877. mgenfultum m. mighty help, B 1455. mgenhap m. powerful band. mgenheard very strong, Run 5. mgenian (gn) to gain strength: (+) establish, confirm, BH 306^18. mgenlas powerless, feeble, helpless, WW; . [' mainless'] adv.lce. mgenlast f. weakness, feebleness, : inability, RB. mgenrs m. mighty onslaught, B 1519. mgenrf powerful. mgenscype m. might, power, Da 20. mgenspd f. power, virtue. mgenstn m. huge stone, Met 5^16. mgenstrang of great virtue or strength. mgenstrengo,strengu f. main strength, great might. mgenegen m. mighty minister, Gu 1099. mgenise f. violence, force, Rd 28^10. mgenrat m. mighty host. mgenrymm m. power, might, greatness, glory, , CP: heavenly host: () Christ: () heaven. mgenrymnes f. great glory, majesty, . mgenweorc n. mighty work. mgenwsa m. general, Ex 553. mgenwudu m. strong spear, B 236. mgenwundor n. striking wonder, Cr 927. mger meagre, lean, Lcd 90b. mgerian to macerate, make lean, WW. [Ger. magern] mgester magister mge mg 415

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary mge mg mggemt n. meeting of kinsmen, AO 248^18. mggewrit n. genealogy, pedigree. mggieldan^3? to contribute towards the fine for manslaughter by a kinsman, LL 122[74,2]. mghmed n. incest, BH 280^1. mghand (mg, mi) f. natural heir, relative. mgister magister mglagu f. law as to relatives, LL 266[25]. mglas without relatives, LL. mglic belonging to a kinsman, . mglufu f. love, Jul 70. mgmoror n. murder of a relative, Gl. mgmyrra m. murderer of a relative, parricide, OEG, GD 239^4. mgn mgen mgnan mengan mgon magon pres. pl. of magan. mgracu f. generation, genealogy, . mgrden f. relationship, AO. mgrs m. attack on relatives, W 164^4. mgscr [mg] f. division of a people containing the kinsmen of a particular family (BT), DR 193^10. mgsibb f. relationship: affection of relatives. mgsibbung f. reconciliation, peacemaking, JGPh 163. mgsiblic related, WW 375^17. mgslaga m. slayer of a relative, parricide, fratricide, . mgsliht m. murder of a relative, W 130^2. mgster magister mg I. f. gp. mga, dp. mgum, otherwise uninflected maiden, virgin, girl, woman, wife. [Goth. magas] II. () f. power, greatness. mg () f. family group, clan, tribe, generation, stock, race, people, , AO: province, country, . mga m. mayweed. mgbld (ge) n. pudendum muliebre, GPH 400^8. mgbt f. fine for assault on an unmarried woman? LL 7[74]. mge f. mayweed. [cp. mga] mghd m. virginity, chastity, purity, MH; , CP: band of young persons. ['maidhood'] mghd m. relationship, . mghdlic maidenly, OEG 1469. mglagu mglagu [[headword spelled mglagu"]] mglas not of noble birth, WW 219^8. mgmann m. maiden, virgin, LL 8[82]. mgmoror (^1) nm. murder of kin, OEG 2^412. mgmyrra m. murderer of kin, OEG 2^335. mgrden f. friendship, OEG. mgsibb (y^2) f. kindred, HGl 523. mgwine m. friendly relative, clansman. mgwlite (, ) m. aspect, appearance, species, form. mgwlitian [mg] to fashion, MtL 17^2. mgwlitlice [mg] figuratively, MkL p4^10. mht meaht, miht mh mg ml I. (, ) n. mark, sign, ornament: cross, crucifix : armour, harness, sword: measure, Lcd: () time, point of time, occasion, season: time for eating, 'meal,' meals, CP; . II. f. () talk, conversation: contest, 416

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary battle. [mel] III. ml +ml stained, dyed, An 1333. +mlan to mark, stain, Jul 591. mlan to speak, talk, Gen. ['imele'; mlan] mlcearu f. trouble of the time, B 189. mld meld mldg m. appointed time, day. mldropa m. phlegm, saliva, WW 240^9. mldropiende phlegmatic, WW 161^33. mle m. cup, bowl, bucket, Ep; Lcd (). [' meal'] mlgesceaft f. fate, B 2737. mlsceafa (?) m. canker, caterpillar, WW. [' malshave'] mltan (VPs) meltan mltang m.,tange f. pair of compasses, WW. mltd f., tma m. mealtime, NC 348. mn menn nap. of man. mn man, men mnan () to 'mean,' signify, intend, , Bo, Sol; CP: mention, relate, declare, communicate to, speak of, B : associate (something) with, AO: complain of, lament, bewail, sorrow, grieve, Bo; , AO, CP. mne I. (, usu. +) common, general, universal, Mt, WW ; , AO, CP. ['imene'] II. (+) n. fellowship, intercourse. III. false, mean, wicked. [mn] IV. (+) subdued, overpowered. [ *+mgne, ES 43308] mnelic (usu. +) common, mutual, general, universal, . adv.lce. +mnelicnes f. 'generalitas,' OEG. mnibrde relating to many things, WW 115^8. mnlic mnelic +mnnes f. community, fellowship, intercourse, union , Shr : land held in common , BC 1597. [v. 'imene'] +mnscipe m. community, fellowship: union, W 248^23. mnsumian to participate in, have fellowship with: live with, marry: partake of Eucharist, . mnsumnes,ung f. fellowship, participation, . mnu menigu mrc f. boundaryoak, KC 3379^29. mran () I. () to declare, proclaim, celebrate, glorify, honour. II. (+) to determine, fix limits, Wid 42. mrapeldre f. appletree forming part of a boundary, KC 3390^5. mrbrc m. boundarybrook, KC. mrc (1) mearc; (2) mearg mrcnoll m. boundaryknoll, EC 445. mrdc f. boundarydyke, KC. mre (1) mare; (2) mere I. mre I. () famous, great, excellent, sublime, splendid, , AO, CP. [cp. Ger. mre, mrchen] II. pure, sterling (of money). [v. 'mere' adj.] III. (, usu. +) boundary, border, Mk, VPs; Mdf. ['mere' sb.] mrelsrp m. ship's rope, cable, WW. mretorht meretorht mrgen morgen mrh (Cp, Ep) mearg mrh mearh [[Printed on one line: mrh (Cp, Ep), mrh mearg, mearh]] mrhege,haga,hege m. boundaryhedge, EC 447. mrhlsa m. notoriety, WW 382^10. mrian to be distinguished, DHy. 417

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary mringcwudu n. mastic of sweet basil? Lcd 131a. +mrlacu f. boundary stream, EC 387. mrlic () great, splendid, glorious, famous, , AO, CP. adv.lce, . mrnes f. greatness, honour, fame. mrpul m. boundarypool, EC 445. mrpytt m. pit that forms part of a boundary (BT), KC. mrsc mersc mrsere () m. herald, DR 56^17. mrsian () I. to make famous, celebrate, proclaim, declare, announce, , CP: celebrate: glorify, honour, exalt, praise, : spread (of fame): enlarge. II. to mark out, bound, limit. mrstn m. boundary stone, BC. ['merestone'] mrsung () f. fame, report, renown: celebration, festival, : exalting, magnifying: () magnificence, celebrity. mrsungtma m. time of glorifying, H 2360^25. mr mear mr f. glory, repute, fame: famous exploit, glorious achievement, , AO, CP. mrorn m. boundaryhawthorn, KC. mru mr mrum (instr. of mr) adv. gloriously. mru mearu +mrung? 'consummatio,' RHy 5^10. mrw mearu mrweg m. boundary road, Ct. mrweorc m. noble work, PPs 110^4. mrwyll m. boundary stream. mscre (?) f. mesh, WW 450^10. msen brazen (Earle); of maple (BT), EC 250. mslere m. sacristan, GD. msling, mslen (MkL) mstling mssanhacele mssehacele msse (e) f. 'mass,' Eucharist, celebration of Eucharist, , BH, OET; CP: special mass day, festival of the church. [L. missa] mssefen m. eve of a festival. mssebc f. nap.bc 'massbook,' missal, LL. mssecrda m. creed said at mass, Nicene creed. mssedg m. 'massday,' festival, Bl. mssegierela m. massvestment, surplice, CP 87^19. mssehacele f. massvestment, cope, chasuble, LV 40, WW 327^22. mssehrgl n. vestment, surplice, CP. msselc n. massoffering, host, WW. msseniht f. eve of a festival. msseprost m. 'masspriest,' clergyman, high priest, , AO; CP. msseprosthd m. office or orders of a masspriest, BH. msseprostscr f. district for which a mass priest officiated, LL. msserbana m. murderer of a priest, W 165^28. mssere m. priest who celebrates mass, Az. ['masser '] msseraf n. massvestment, . mssesang m. office of mass. mssesteall m? seat in a church choir, v. NC 307^348. mssetd f. time of saying mass, LL (140^20). msseegn m. masspriest, LL 460[5]. 418

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary mssenung f. service of the mass, celebration of mass, A 118. mssehta? m. orhte? n. hour, or service, of matins on a feastday, NC 307. mssewn (e) n. wine used at mass, WW. mssian () to celebrate 'mass,' : (+) attend mass. mst I. m. (ship's) 'mast,' B; , AO. II. m. ' mast,' food of swine, acorns, beechnuts, BC. mst (, ) I. adj. (superl. of micel), AO, Chr, Bo, Mt. [' most'] II. adv. mostly, for the most part, in the greatest degree, chiefly, especially. eal m., m. eal almost, nearly. m. lc nearly every one, , AO, CP. III. n. most. mstan to feed with mast, fatten, , CP. [Ger. msten] mstcyst f. mastsocket, WW. mstelberg m. fattened hog, MtL 6^7. [bearg] msten m. mast, pasture for swine. mstenrden f. right of feeding swine in mastpastures, KC 3451^10. mstentrow n. tree yielding mast, WW 137^23. mstland f. land on which there is mast, TC 140^2. mstlicost adv. (superl.) particularly, CM 1169. mstling I. n. brass, WW: brazen vessel, Mk. ['maslin'; Ger. messing] II. fatling, OEG 61^29. mstlingsmi m. brassworker, WW 539^6. mstln sbpl. pulleys at the lop of a mast, WW 199^30. mstrden mstenrden mstrp m. mastrope, Ex 82. msttwist m. rope which supports a mast, WW. mt I. pret. 3 sg. of metan. II. mete m. mtan to dream (impers.), ; (trans.) Lcd. [' mete'] mte mete mte () mean, moderate, poor, inferior, small, bad. [metan] +mte suitable as to size, RB; L. ['meet'] mtfst metfst +mtgan to lessen, limit. +mtgian (L) +metgian mting f. dream, Lcd. ['meting'] mton pret. pl. of metan. m I. f. measure, degree, proportion, rate, ; AO: honour, respect, reverence, LL: what is meet, right, fitness, ability, virtue, goodness, , CP: condition, lot, state, rank, . ['methe'] II. n. cutting of grass, BC. ['math'] m mg megian to honour, respect, spare, W; . ['methe '] mel (e) n. council, meeting, popular assembly: () speech, interview. melcwide (e) m. discourse. melern n. councilhouse, prtorium. melfri (l) mn. security ('fri') enjoyed by public assemblies, LL 3 [1], (v. 2464). melhgende ,hergende holding conclave, deliberating. melstede (e) m. place of assembly: battlefield. melword (e) n. address, speech. mere mre mful humane, Gr. ['metheful'] mian megian ml mel mlan (Cr) maelian mlas immoderate, rapacious, . ['metheless '] mlic moderate, proportioned, befitting, Gr, TC. adv.lce humanely, courteously. ['methely'] 419

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary mmd f. pay for haymaking, LL 452. mre m. mower, WW. mrian to honour, LL. mung f. measure, extent, NC 307. mw (ea, e) m. 'mew,' seagull, Cp, Shr (e). mwpul () m. seagulls' pool, Ct. mfealdra comp. of manigfeald. maffian to go astray. maffiende waxing, wanton, NC 307. mag mg maga I. m. 'maw,' stomach, Cp, Lcd, WW; , CP. II. powerful, strong. mga I. m. son, descendant, young man, man. II. gp. of mg. magan swv. pres. 1, 3 sg. mg; 2, meaht, miht; pl. magon; pret. 3 sg. meahte to be able, have permission or power (I 'may,' I can), to be strong, competent, avail, prevail, , B, Bo, G, etc.; CP. mg wi avails against, cures, Lcd. mgas v. mg. magae magee magdalatrow n. almondtree, WW 139^11. [L. amygdala] mage f. (WW 159^14) maga mge () f. female relative, B; . ['mowe'] mgect ptc. augmented, WW. [ecan] magee (^1, o^2) f. camomile, mayweed, Lcd, WW. [' maythe'] magian to prevail, ERPs 12^5; NC 348. magister () m. leader, chief, master, teacher, , Bo; AO, CP. [L. magister] magisterdm (mgster) m. office of a master or teacher, Sc 120^9. ['masterdom'] +mglic +mlic +magnian to be restored to health, GD 338^30. mago (magu) m. gs. maga, nap. mcgas male kinsman, son, descendant, man: young man, servant: man, warrior. magodryht f. band of warriors, B 67. magogeogu f. youth, Cr 1429. magordend m. counsellor of men, An 1463. magorswa m. chief, prince. magorinc m. youth, man, warrior. magotimber n. child, son: increase of family, progeny. magotdor n. descendant, offspring. magoe, mage magee magoegn m. vassal, retainer, warrior, man, servant, minister. magu mago mgwlite mgwlite mh bad, wanton, shameless, importunate. mahan magon pres. pl. of magan. +mhlic +mlic +mhnes f. importunity, persistence: shamelessness. maht (VPs) miht ml I. n. suit, cause, case, action, terms, agreement, covenanted pay, Chr. h scylode ix scypa of mle he paid nine ships out of commission, Chr 1049#c. ['mail'] II. n. spot, mark, blemish, . III. ml n. mldg mldg +mlic importunate: wanton, shameless: wicked. adv.lce. +mlicnes f. importunity: wantonness, shamelessness, CP. malscrung f. enchantment, charm. mlswyrd n. sword with inlaid ornament, TC 560^33. [ml] 420

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary malt (Gl) mealt malwe (WW) mealwe mamme f. teat, GPH 401^77. [L. mamma] mamor, mamra m. lethargy, heavy sleep, Gl. mmrian to think out, design, PPs 63^5. man I. pron. indef. one, people, they, B, Mt; . [' man'] II. mann. III. pres. 3 sg. of munan. mn I. n. evil deed, crime, wickedness, guilt, sin, : false oath, P 216^14. II. adj. bad, criminal, false, AO. [ ON. mein] +man (o) having a mane, WW 492^20. man mann +mna m. community, company , : companionship, intercourse , BH : cohabitation . t +mnan in common, CP. [' mone'] mana pres. 3 sg. of manian. mn m. false oath, perjury, LL; HL. ['manath '; Ger. meineid] mnbealu n. crime, cruelty, Da 45. manbt (o^1) f. fine paid to the lord of a man slain, LL (v. 2576). ['manbote'] mnbryne m. fatal, destructive fire, Chr 962#a. mancgere mangere mancs,cas,cos,cus m., gp. mancessa (CP) a 'mancus,' thirty silver pence, oneeighth of a pound, , BC. mancwealm m. mortality, pestilence, destruction, Chr; AO. ['manqualm'] mancwealmnes f. manslaughter, NG. mancwyld (o) f. mortality, pestilence, BH 190^8. mancynn n. mankind, , B, Bl: inhabitants, people, men, CP. ['mankin'] mancyst f. human virtue, MFH 169. mand (o) f. basket, Cp, MtL (o), WW. ['maund '] mndd f. sin, crime, , AO, CP. mndde evildoing, wicked. mndeorf wicked, LL (382^12). mandram m. revelry, festivity. mndrinc m. poison, Rd 24^13. mandryhten m. lord, master. maneg manig mnfhu f. wickedness, Gen 1378. manfaru f. host, troop, Gu 257. mnfeld m. field of crime ('campus sceleratus'), AO 108^20. mnfolm f. evildoer, PPs 143^8. mnforddla m. evildoer, B 563. mnforwyrht n. evil deed, sin. mnfra m. lord of evil, Devil. mnfremmende sinning, vicious. mnful wicked, evil, infamous, degraded, : fearful, dire. mnfullic infamous, evil, sinful, . adv.lce, . mnfulnes f. wickedness, . manfultum m. military force, AO (o^1). +mang I. n. mixture, union: troop, crowd, multitude: congregation, assembly: business: cohabitation. in +m. during. on +m. in the midst of. II. prep. (w. d. or a.) among, . mngenga m. evildoer, BH 36^5. mngenla m. evil persecutor, An 918. +mangennes +mangnes mangere m. trader, merchant, broker, . 421

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary mngewyrhta m. sinner, PPs 77^38. mangian to trade, , CP. +mangnes,ennes f. mingling, mixture, OEG. mangung f. trade, business, . mangunghs n. house of merchandise, Jn 2^16. mnhs n. home of wickedness, hell, Ex 535. manian (o) to remind, admonish, warn, exhort, instigate, , CP: instruct, advise, : claim, demand, ask. [Ger. mahnen] mndel vain and bad (words). maniend m. admonisher, CP 400^13: collector. manif manigf manig (^1, e^1, o^1, e^1) nap. manega 'many,' many a, much, , AO, B, BH; CP. manigean manian manigeo menigu manigfeald (, e, o^1) manifold, various, complicated, , CP: numerous, abundant: plural. manigfealdian to multiply, abound, increase, extend, OEG (^1); CP(a^3). ['manifold'] manigfealdlic manifold. adv.lce in various ways, CP: (gram.) in the plural number. ['manifoldly'] manigfealdnes f. multiplicity, great number, abundance, complexity, WW. ['manifoldness'] manigses (mani) adv. many times, often, W 144^11. manigtaw (^1),twe,twe skilful, dexterous, . manigtawnes (mnitw) f. skill, dexterity, OEG. manlas uninhabited, WW (o). ['manless'] mnlic infamous, nefarious, . manlca m. effigy, image, statue. manlce adv. manfully, nobly, B. ['manly'] manlufu f. love for men, Gu 324. manm mannm mann (o) m., nap. men(n) person (male or fem.), , Bl, Lcd, Mt, VHy; AO, CP: mankind, Mk, VPs: brave man, hero : vassal, servant: name of the rune for m. mann, see also man. manna I. m., man, . II. n. manna (food), , CP. [L. ] mannbre producing men, H 1450. mannaca (mon) m. issue, progeny, AO 158^20. mannian to 'man,' garrison, Chr 1087#e. mannmgen (o) n. troop, force, cohort, JnL 18^3. mannmenigu (o) f. multitude, AO. mannmyrring f. destruction of men, Chr 1096. manrden f. dependence, homage, service, tribute, due, . ['manred'] manrm n. number of men. mnsceatt m. usury, PPs 71^14. mnsceaa m. enemy, sinner. mnscild f. crime, fault, sin, Hy 8^23. manscipe m. humanity, courtesy, BC. ['manship'] mnscyldig criminal, guilty. manslht manslieht manslaga m. manslayer, murderer, . mnslagu f. cruel blow, An 1218. manslan^6 to kill, murder, RB 16^18 (or ? two words). manslege m. manslaughter, homicide. manslieht (e^2, i^2) m. manslaughter, murder, CP. [' manslaught'] manslot share in ownership of land? measure of land? v. NC 307. [ON. mannshlutr] 422

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary mnsumian,mnsumung v. m. mansws meek, RPs 24^9. mnswara (o^2) m. perjurer. mnswaru f. perjury. [swerian] mnswerian^6 to forswear, perjure oneself, LL. [' manswear'] mnswica m. deceiver, traitor (mann? v. LL 2142). mansylen (i^2) f. traffic in men, act of selling men as slaves. [sellan] manaw m. habit, custom (? sometimes mnaw sinful custom). manof m. manstealer, v. LL 2542. manwre (o) gentle, kind, humane, mild, meek, L, CP. [ OHG. mandwri] +manwrian to humanize, CP 362^21. manwrnes (o) f. gentleness, courtesy, weakness, L (^2), CP. manu f. 'mane,' Erf 1182. manung f. admonition, CP: claim: place of toll: district for purposes of tribute or taxation: residents in a taxing district. mnwamm (o^2) m. guilty stain, Cr 1280. mnweorc I. n. crime, sin. II. adj. sinful. manweorod (o) m. collection of men, troop, congregation, assembly, AO. manweorung f. adoration of human beings, LL (248^3). manwse (o) f. manner or custom of men. mnword n. wicked word, PPs 58^12. mnwrce wicked, WW 426^19. mnwyrhta m. evildoer, sinner. manwyr n. value or price of a man, LL. mapulder (o^2) m. maple tree. mapuldern made of maple. mapuldre,dor,dur f.,tro m. (Mdf) mapulder mra m., mre fn. (compar. of micel) greater, 'more,' stronger, mightier, , Bl, CP. adv. in addition, Mt. mran mran mrbam (VPs) mrbam marc n. a denomination of weight (usu. half a pound), mark (money of account). marcian mearcian mare I. f. silver weed, Lcd 274^9. II. f. nightmare, monster, Ep (e), Lcd. ['mare'] mre v. mra. mrels mrelsrp marenis mearuwnes margen morgen market n. market, TC 422^20. [L. mercatum] marma m. marble. [L. marmor] marmanstn (marmel, marm(or)) m. marble, piece of marble, , Bl. ['marmstan'] marmstngedelf n. quarrying of marble, H 1560^32. marod v. m. martir, martyr(e) m. 'martyr,' BH; , AO. [L.] martirlogium m. martyrology, IM 122^45. martr martyr martyrdm m. 'martyrdom,' BH; , CP. martyrhd m. martyrdom. +martyrian,trian to 'martyr,' AO, BH. martyrracu f. martyrology, L 23^334. martyrung f. passion (of Christ), AO 254^24. [' martyring'] mru mr 423

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary mrfle horehound. [L. marrubium] masc max mse f. name of a small bird, Gl. [Ger. meise] masian v. m. massere m. merchant: moneylender, Bk 10. mst mst matte (Cp) meatte mattuc (^1, ea^1, e^1, eo^1, o^2) m. 'mattock,' A, AO ; : fork, trident. m pret. 3 sg. of man. maa m. maggot, worm, grub, WW. ['mathe'] maal mael +mael n. speech, talking. [ml] maelere m. speaker, haranguer, WW. [v. 'mathele '] maelian (^1, e^1, a^2, o^2) to harangue, make a speech, speak, An (e), B, Cp, Cr (). ['mell,' 'mathele'] maelig tumultuous, turbulent, KGl 75^23. maelung f. garrulity, loquacity, OEG. [v. 'mathele '] mm mum mmsee also mum. mmht f. valuable thing, treasure. mmcleofa (md) m. treasurechamber, (9^277). mmcyst f. treasurechest, Mt 27^6. mmgestron n. treasure, B, MFH. mmhord n. treasurehoard, Ex 368. mmhs n. treasurehouse, treasury, AO, CP. mmhyrde m. treasurer, Bo 64^13. maolian maelian mum mum, mm maumft n., pl.fatu precious vessel, . mumgesteald n. treasure, Jul 36. mumgifu f. gift of treasure, B 1301. mumgyfa m. giver of treasure, prince, king, Wa 92. mumsele m. hall of treasure, Sol 189. mumsigle n. costly ornament, B 2757. mumsweord n. costly sword, B 1023. mumwela m. valuables, B 2750. mau f. maa mum m., gs. mmes treasure, object of value, jewel, ornament, gift, Gn, Met; CP. ['madme'] mum mm, mum mwan^7 to 'mow,' AO, BH. mwpul mwpul max n. net, WW. ['mask'] mxwyrt f. mashwort (malt soaked in boiling water), Lcd. me I. das. of pers. pron. ic me. II. (RB 35^9; 127^13) menn [[II. form of man"]] meagol (e) mighty, strong, firm, emphatic, impressive. [magan] meagollce adv. earnestly, Bl. meagolmd earnest, strenuous. meagolmdnes f. earnestness, Bl. meagolnes f. earnestness, strength of will, Bl, HL. meaht I. miht. II. pres. 2 sg. of magan. meahte pret. 3 sg. of magan. 424

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary mealc pret. of meolcan. mealcle ? meolcle mealehs meluhs mealewe mealwe mealm mealmstn mealmeht sandy? chalky? KC 3394^13. [v. 'malm '] mealmstn m. soft stone, sandstone? limestone? AO 212^28. [v. 'malm'] mealt I. n. steeped grain, 'malt,' Ct, Ep. [meltan] II. pret. 3 sg. of meltan. mealtealo m? n? maltale, ANS 84^325. mealtgescot n. payment in malt, W 171^2. mealths n. 'malthouse,' WW. mealtwurt f. 'maltwort,' WW. [wyrt] mealu melu mealwe f. 'mallow,' Lcd; . [L. malva] mear mearh mearc (, e) f. () 'mark,' sign, line of division, , MkL (e): standard, Gr: () boundary, limit, term, border, BC, Gen; CP; Mdf. t s +mearces e in the direction that : defined area, district, province, AO. mearca m. space marked out. mearcere () m. writer, notary, OEG. mearcgemot court for settling boundaries of properties? v. LL 2143. mearchof n. dwelling, Ex 61. mearcian to 'mark,' stain, brand, seal, BC, LL, MtL, Ph ; : mark a boundary, delimit, define, describe, designate, , Gen: mark out, design, Bo: create: note, observe. mearcsern,sen n. brandingiron. mearcland n. borderland, march, moor: () province, country, district: seacoast, Rd 4^23. mearcp m. road, path. mearcstapa m. marchhaunter. mearcstede m. borderland, desolate district, Sol 217. mearcrat m. army, troop, Ex 173. mearcung (, e) f. marking, branding: mark, characteristic : () description, arrangement: constellation: title, chapter, NG. mearcwadu np. shallows, water by the shore. mearcweard m. wolf, Ex 168. meard (1) meord, md; (2) mear [[(1) Printed as shown: meord (meor) and md are different words.]] mares v. mearh. mearg, mearh (, e) nm. I. 'marrow,' pith, Lcd. II. sausage. [ mrg] [[headword spelled mrh"]] margealle (e^1, e^2) m. gentian, Lcd. [mearh] +meargian to be rich, marrowy, LPs 65^15. mearglic marrowy, fat, VPs (e). mearh, mearg m., gs. mares horse, steed. mearhccel n. sausagemeat, WW 411^20. mearhcofa m. bone, PPs 101^3. mearhgehc n. sausagemeat, WW 427^30. mearmstn marmanstn mearn pret. 3 sg. of murnan. +mearr I. n. stumblingblock, obstruction, error, CP. [ Goth. gamarzeins] II. wicked, fraudulent, LL 140[1,5]. mearrian to err, Bo 55^23. mear (, e) m. marten, Ep, AO. ['mart'] 425

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary mearu (, e, y), mear(u)win obl. cases tender, soft, Lcd : frail, GD 119^17. ['meruw'] mearulic (merwe, mrw) frivolous. adv.lce delicately, luxuriously, GD. mearuwnes f. tenderness, frailty, CP. mast mst meatte (a) f. 'mat,' mattress, WW. [L. matta] maw mw mec as. of ic pers. pron. +mec +mc mce m. sword, blade. [Goth. mki] mcefisc () m. mullet, Gr 308^5. mecg mcg mecgan to mix, stir. mech me mechanisc mechanical, . [L.] md I. f. 'meed,' reward, pay, price, compensation, bribe, L (gs. mdes), B, BH, Bl; CP. II. md medin comp. principally indicates mediocrity, but often comes to have a distinct negative value; see, e.g., medtrum, medws. [midde] mda v. md. mdan v. onm. medder mder medder, meddr mdr meddrosna fp. dregs of mead, Lcd 48a. +mde I. n. consent, permission, agreement, covenant. II. agreeable, pleasant. medel mel medeme (eo) middling, average, mean, little: sufficient, considerable, respectable, proper, fit, worthy, trustworthy, perfect, CP. medemian (eo^1) to mete out, allot, assign, place: moderate: respect, honour, : (+) condescend, : (+) advance, promote. medemlic moderate, mediocre: worthy. adv.lce moderately, incompletely: suitably, worthily, kindly. medemlcnes f. mediocrity, OEG. medemmicel () medmicel medemnes f. dignity, worth, Bo: benignity, condescension, Bl. medemung f. measuring, measure. mden mgden mder ds. and LWS gs. of mdor. mderce mderce [[headword spelled myderce"]] medere mddre mderen, mdern mdren mderwyrhta mterwyrhta medewyrt meduwyrt mdgian to bribe. [md] mdgilda m. pensioner, hireling, . mdl ml mdla v. an, oferm. medlen midlen medm medem medmicel I. moderatesized, short, small, limited, unimportant, slight, mean, poor. II. n. a little. medmicelnes f. smallness (of mind), SPs 54^8. medmicle comp. medmre, adv. humbly, meanly, slightly. medo medu medom medem 426

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary mdren I. maternal, of a mother. II. n. the mother's side (by descent), LL 156[11]. +mdren born of the same mother, AO 114^13. mdrencynn n. mother's kindred. mdrengecynd n. mother's nature, W 17^7. mdrenmg m. maternal kinsman. mdrenmg f. maternal kindred, LL 392[3]. +mdrian to have the same mother, . medrce of low rank, WW 115^26. mdsceatt m. payment, fee, reward, bribe, gift, , CP. medsl () f. illfortune, AO. medspdig poor, Cra 9. medstrang of middle rank, . medtrum weak, infirm, sickly, ill, CP: of lower rank. [cp. medmicel] medtrumnes (met; y^2) f. weakness, infirmity, sickness, illness, disease, AO, CP. medu (eo) mn. gs. med(e)wes 'mead' (drink), B, Rd (eo); AO. medurn n. meadhall, banquetinghouse, B 69 (o^2). medubenc f. bench in a meadhall. meduburg f. mead city, rejoicing city. medudram m. meadjoy, jollity. medudrenc (eo^1) m. mead, W 245^4. medudrinc (o^2) m. meaddrinking, Seaf 22. meduful n. meadcup. medugl meadexcited, drunk. meduheall f. meadhall. medum medem medurden (eo^1) f. strong drink? (BT), dealing out of mead? (GK), GnE 88. meduscenc (eo^1) m. meadcup, B 1980. meduseld n. meadhall, B 3065. medusetl n. (eo^1, o^2) meadseat, B 5. medustg f. path to the meadhall, B 924. meduwrig overpowered with mead, drunk. meduwong (eo^1, o^2) m. field (where the meadhall stood). B 1643. meduwyrt (eo^1, e^2) f. meadowsweet, Lcd: 'rubia,' madder, OEG 56^40 (e^2). ['meadwort'] medws dull, stupid, foolish, CP. [cp. medmicel] mdwyrhta m. a hireling, Sc 123^12. meg mg mg (1) mw; (2) mg mg mg megol meagol meh mec, me, as. of ic. meht meaht, miht mi, mig mg meige (KGl 81^32) mge pres. 3 sg. subj. of magan. meihd (KGl 56^7) mghd ml ml n. mela melu melc meolc melcingft meolcft meld f. proclamation, Da 648. melda m. reporter, informer, betrayer, . meldan () (Rd) meldian 427

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary melde f. orache (plant), Lcd. ['milds'; Ger. melde] meldfeoh n. informer's reward, LL 96[17]. meldian to announce, declare, tell, proclaim, reveal , Ps ; : inform against, accuse . [' meld '; Ger. melden] meldung f. betrayal, BH 240^4. mle mle meledaw mn. honey dew, nectar, Ph, WW (mild). [' mildew'] melewes melwes gs. of melu. melle,melnes v. m. melo melu melsc milisc meltan I. (y) (sv^3) tr. and intr. to consume by fire, 'melt' become fluid, digest, dissolve, burn up, B, CP, El, Lcd, WW ; . II. miltan meltestre myltestre meltung f. digestion, Lcd. melu (ea, eo) n., gs. mel(u)wes 'meal,' flour, Lcd; . [ Ger. mehl] melugescot n. payment in meal, W 171. meluhdern n. mealhouse, LL 455[17]. meluhs (ea^1, e^2) n. mealhouse, WW 185^27. meluw (LWS) melu men v. mann. mnan mnan mend mynd +mne +mne mene (y) m. necklace, collar, ornament, jewel. [Ger. mhne] menegian mynegian menego menigu menen (i) n. maiden, handmaid, slave. menescilling m. moonshaped ornament, coin worn as ornament, Gl. mengan () tr. and intr. to mix, combine, unite, Lk, Sat : () associate, consort, cohabit with, BH, Ps: disturb, B: () converse. ['meng'] +mengedlic mixed, confused. adv.lce. +mengednes, +meng(d)nes f. mingling, mixture, connection, , BH. mengeo, mengo, mengu menigu mengung f. mixture, composition, ZDA: fellowship, GD: (+) confusion. ['menging'] meni (LWS) manig menian mynian menig (LWS) manig menigdu f. band of people, WW 448^27. menigu (a^1, ^1, eo^3) f. usu. indecl. in sg. company, multitude, host, , AO, CP. [manig] menio, meniu (LWS) menigu menisc mennisc menn v. mann. mennen, mennenu menen mennesc mennisc mennisc I. adj. human, natural, Bo, CP; . II. n. mankind, folk, race, people, Bl; CP. ['mannish'] mennisclic human, , CP. adv.lce, . mennisclicnes (EHy 15^35),nes f. state of man, human nature, incarnation, BH; : humaneness, humanity. [' mannishness'] menniscu f. humanity, human state, CP. mentel () m., gs. mentles mantle, cloak, CP. [L. mantellum] 428

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary mentelpron m. mantlepin, brooch, Ct. menung (*mynung), mynegung mo mf? gs. and nap. mon shoesole, sock? sandal? RB, WW. meocs meox +meodnes f. dignity, DR 192. [ medemnes] meodo, meodu medu meodom medem meodoma meoduma meodren mdren meodum medem meoduma m. weaver's beam, treadle? WW. meolc I. giving milk, milch. II. (i, M) f. 'milk,' BH; , AO. meolcan^3 (e, i) to milk. meolcdond (i;tond) m. suckling, JVPs 8^3. meolcft n. milkpail, WW 123^28. meolchwt 'milkwhite,' GPH. meolcian (i) to 'milk,' Lcd, Shr: () give milk, suckle, Bl. meolcle (ea) milky, CM 49. meolcscend m. suckling, WW. meolo (Bo) melu meoloc (CP) meolc meolu melu meoluc meolc mon v. mo. meord f. reward, pay. [Goth. mizd] meoring f. danger? Ex 62? meor meord mos I. m. moss, ; Mdf. II. adj. mossy. mose mse meotod, meotud metod meottoc (Cp) mattuc +meotu +metu nap. of +met. meotud metod meoon (BH) mion pret. pl. of man. mowle f. maiden, virgin: woman. [Goth. mawil] meox (e, i, y) n. filth, dirt, dung, , Bo, Lk. [' mix'] meoxbearwe f. dungbarrow, WW 336^8. meoxen mixen meoxscofl (e^1) f. dungshovel, LL 455[17]. meoxwilie (cs) f. dungbasket, LPs 80^7. mr mr mera m. incubus, Gl. merc (A) mearc merce merece +merce +mierce mercels mircels mercong (NG) mearcung mere I. m. () sea, ocean, An: lake, pond, pool, cistern, B, Ep, Jn; CP; Mdf. ['mere'] II. mare. III. miere mre (VPs) mre I. merebt m. seaboat, vessel, An 246. merecandel f. sun, Met 13^57. 429

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary merece m. smallage, wild celery, , Gl, Lcd. mereciest f. seachest, ark, Gen 1317. mereda m. death at sea. meredor n. seaanimal, B 558. merefara m. sailor, B 502. merefaro m. surging of the waves. merefix m. seafish, B 549. merefld m. sea, body of water, deluge. meregrot (),grot n.,grota m. pearl. meregrund m. lakebottom, depths of the sea. merehengest m. seahorse, ship. merehrgl n. sail, B 1905. merehs n. seahouse, the ark. merehwearf m. seashore, Ex 516. mrehwt pure white, sterling (of silver). [mre II.] mereld f. seaway, Hu 27. merelende m. seafaring (man), sailor. meremenn,mennen,menin n. mermaid, siren, Cp, WW. ['mermin'] merenddra m.,nddre,ndre f. 'murena,' seaadder, lamprey. meresmylte quiet as the sea, calm, Met 21^12. meresteall m. stagnant water, MFH 169. merestrt f. seapath. merestram m. seawater. merestrengo f. strength in swimming, B 523. mereswn n. porpoise, dolphin, Cp, Lcd. ['mereswine '] meretorht () (rising) bright from the sea. meretorr m. towering wall of the (Red) sea, Ex 484. mereyssa m. ship. mereweard m. seawarden, Whale 53. merewrig seaweary, Seaf 12. merewf n. waterwitch, B 1519. merg (Cp 195#m) mearg merg mearg, meri, morg, myrg mergealle,gelle meargealle [[headword spelled margealle"]] merian to purify, cleanse, Sat: test. ['mere '] merice (Gl) merce merien morgen merig (1) myrge; (2) mearg merig myrg merigen (, AO) morgen merisc mersc merne mergenne ds. of mergen. [[under morgen"]] merr mierr mrs mrs mersc () m. 'marsh,' swamp, Bl, Cp; CP. merschfe m. marsh hove, Lcd 35b. merscland n. marshland, Chr 1098. merscmealwe f. 'marshmallow,' Lcd. merscmeargealle f. gentiana pneumonanthe, Lcd. merscware pl. inhabitants of marshes. (1) Romney marsh, Chr 796. (2) the fens? Chr 838. mertze f. merchandise, WW 32^25. [L. mercem] 430

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary mer mear merern made of skins of martens. mru (N) mr meru (MtR) mearu meruw, merwe mearu(w) ms (K) ms, v. ms. mesa fpl. dung, Lcd 37a. msan to eat, Rd 41^52. [ms] mse (o, , ) f. table: what is placed on a table. [ L.] mess mss msta (KGl) msta superl. of micel. met (usu. +) measure (vessel or amount), : act of measuring, appointed share, quantity, Mt: space, distance, LL: boundary, limit, Bo, Met: manner, degree, way: ability, capacity: rule, law: mood (gram.): metre: moderation, MtR. ealle +mete in all respects. on +m. in vain, RPs 88^48. nnum +m. by no means, on no account. ['met,' 'imet'] +met suitable, fit, proper, apt, meet. adv.mte. +mt +mt mt v. wam. [[under wamt"]] meta (Sc 153) mete metrn metern metan^5 to measure, 'mete' out, mark off, , Ex, Mt, VPs : compare, Bo; CP: es imate, Bl: m. wi pass over, traverse, B. mtan I. to 'meet,' find, find out, fall in with, encounter, Bo, Bl; , AO, CP. [gemt] II. to paint, design, Gr. ['mete'] [[I. gemt listed as +mt"]] metblg m. wallet, LkR 22^35. mete () m. nap. mettas 'meat,' food, BH, Lk, Sc; , AO, CP. mte mte metern n. refectory, GD, WW. meteflung f. atrophy, WW. meteclyfa m. foodstore, pantry, OEG 56^270. metecorn n. allowance of corn to dependents, TC. [' metecorn'] metec f. cow for killing, LL. metecweorra m? surfeit, indigestion. +mtednes f. finding, discovery, LPs 27^4. meteft [met] n. dish, GPH 403. meteftels m. cupboard for food, WW 107^5. [' metefetill'] meteg metg metegafol n. payment in food, LL 448[4,5]. metegearwa fp. preparations of food, Lcd 78b. metegyrd metgeard metelst metelest metelf f. leavings of a meal. metelas without food, . metelest (AO),l(a)st,lst,lst f. lack of food, starvation. metend m. measurer: God. mtenad f. requisites in the way of food, LL 383? (v. 2145). mter n. 'metre' (poet.), A, BH. [L.] meterdere m. reader at mealtimes, NC 309. mtercrft m. art of versifying, BH 258^15. mtercund relating to metre, WW. 431

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary mtere m. painter. mterfers n. hexameter verse, BH. mtergeweorc n. verse, BH 484^9. mterlic metrical, OEG. metern metern mterwyrhta m. metrician, poet, WW. metescn f. craving for food, appetite, Lcd 65a. metesticca m. measuringrod, WW 126^35. meteswam m. edible mushroom, WW. metetd f. mealtime, GD 277^24. meteearfende needing food, destitute. meteegn m. seneschal, steward, Ex 131. meteing n. operation connected with cooking, NC 309. metetsiht f. dysentery, WW. +metfst moderate, reasonable, modest. +metfstan (^1, e^2) to compare, LPs 48^21. +metfstlic moderate. adv.lce modestly, humbly, meekly. +metfstnes f. moderation, modesty, BH. metft meteft +metft n. a measure (vessel), . +metfest +metfst metgeard f. measuringstick, rod, pole, perch, WW 147^20. metgian to moderate, control, govern, , CP: weigh in mind, consider: assign due measure to. +metgiend m. ruler, governor, AS 11^6. metgung f. moderation, temperance, AO, CP: reflection, meditation: rule, regulation. metgyrd metgeard metian I. to supply with food, provision. II. metgian mting I. () f. meeting (friendly or hostile), assembly, congregation, RB 46^2: (+) finding, discovery. II. painting, picture, . +metlcan to moderate, CP 101^12. +metlic fitting, suitable: moderate. adv.lce. +metnes f. moderation, MF (Vesp. D xiv). +mtnes +mtednes metod m. fate: Creator, God, Christ. metodsceaft f. decree of fate, doom, death. gewtan m. son, t metodsceafte to die, B. metodwang (meotud) m. battlefield, An 11. metrp m. measuringrope, soundingline, Cp 178#b. mtsceat mdsceatt metscipe m. feeding, meal, LL 178, 8, 1. ['meteship '] metseax n. meatknife, AO. metsian to supply with food. metsung f. feeding, provisioning, Chr. +metta m. sharer in food, . ['mette'] mettac mattuc mettas v. mete. mette mete mtte pret. 3 sg. of mtan. metten f. one of the Fates, Bo 102^22. mettian mtan I. +metting +mting mtto v. wam. [[under wamt"]] 432

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary mettoc (Ep) mattuc mettrum medtrum metud (N) metod me () tired, worn out, dejected, sad: troublesome. [ Ger. mde] meel mel mgian to exhaust, tire out, impair. mian to grow weary, Lcd 57a. mig tired, weary, AO. mel ml, mel mel ml, mael mnes f. fatigue, OET (Bd^2). +merian to honour. mw mw mexscofl meoxscofl miccl micel, micl micel (y) adj. comp. mra, superl. mst(a) great, intense, much, many, , BC, Bo, Chr, Lcd; AO, CP: (of time) long: loud. sb. with gen. much, AO, CP. adv. greatly, much, CP, Gen. ['mickle'] micelte (y) greedy, Shr 16^20. miceldend (i^2) doing great things, DR 45^7. micelhafdede bigheaded, WW 380^12. micelian miclian micellic great, splendid, magnificent. adv.lce greatly, grandly, splendidly: very, exceedingly. micelmd magnanimous, PPs 144^3. micelnes (y) f. greatness, size, , CP: multitude, abundance: magnificence. micelsprecende boasting, LPs 11^4. micelu (y) f. largeness, size, Lcd. micg mycg micga m., micge f. urine, Lcd. ['mig'] micga migoa micl micel micle, micles, miclum adv. (obl. cases of micel) much, very, greatly. miclian (y) to become great, increase, An; AO: make great, make larger, magnify, extol, Bl. ['mickle '] miclung f. the doing of great things. micul micel mid I. prep. w. d. inst. (WS) and a. (A only) with, in conjunction with, in company with, together with, , BC, BH, Chr : into the presence of: through, by means of, by, BH, Gen: among, in: at (time): in the sight of, opinion of, L, MtL. m. ealle, eallum altogether, completely, entirely, , Chr. m. m with that, thereupon. m. m e when. m. m t through that, on that account, because, when. m. (e) when, while. II. adv. at the same time, together, simultaneously, likewise, Lcd. ['mid '] III. midd midd superl. mid(e)mest mid, middle, midway, BH, CP, Lcd. t middes adv. in the midst. ['mid'] middg m. 'midday,' noon, Lcd: one of the canonical hours, sext, WW. fram middge o nn from noon to 3 p.m., . middglic adj. midday, meridian. middgsang m. midday service, sext. middgtd f. noon, WW 450^5. middgnung f. dinner, NC 309. middan (on) v. onmiddan. middandglic middglic middaneard (Jn) middangeard middangeard m. the globe, world, earth, B; , AO, CP: mankind. ['middenerd'; ON. migarr] middangeardlic earthly, BH 118^19. 433

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary middansumer m. midsummer (24 June). middanwinter m. midwinter, Christmas. midde I. adj. mid, middle. II. f. middle, centre (only in phr. on middan). middel I. n. 'middle,' centre, El, Mk, Ps, WW: waist, Bl. II. adj. (superl. midlest) middle, intermediate, BC, BH. middeldg m. midday, noon, Lcd. middeldl m. middle, AO 10^6. middelfinger m. middle finger. middelflra m.,flre f. partition, septum, WW. middelft m. instep, WW 160^25. middelgemru npl. central region, Sol 255. middelgesculdru np. part of the body between the shoulders, WW 159^17. middelniht f. midnight. middelrce n. the middle kingdom, Chr 887#a. midden middan middeniht,neaht, middernht (LkL) f. 'midnight.' [v. ES 39350] middesumer middansumer middeweard I. adv. in the middle of, through the midst , AO . II. adj. middle . III. sb. middle , LPs . [' midward'] middewinter middanwinter middun(N) middan mideard middangeard midel middel midemest v. midd. midfsten m. midLent. midfeorh,feorwe (CP),ferh() mn. youth, middle age, (' juventus' Gl). midfyrhtnes f. middle age, Bl 163. midgearwung f. preparation, MkL p 5^10. midges n. companion, OEG 680. midhelp [mi] f. help, assistance, DR 29^18. midhlte m. 'consortium,' NC 309. midhrif nm. 'midriff,' diaphragm, Lcd: bowels. midhrire,hryre n. diaphragm, Cp, WW. ['midred '; hreer] midian v. . mdl n. bit (of a bridle), : oarthong. midle middele, ds. of middel. +midleahtrian to reproach? Sc 200^6. midlen (e) n. middle, centre, midst. midlencten n. midLent. midlest superl. of middel. mdlhring m. ring of a bit, WW 456^14. +midlian to halve, divide, VPs. mdlian to bridle, check, curb, CP: muzzle, W 191. midligend m. mediator, BH 206^26. midlung f. middle, midst. adv.lunga to a moderate extent. midmest v. midd. midmycel medmicel midnedg m. midday. midnes f. middle, midst. midniht f. midnight, . midor compar. of midd, adj. 434

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary midrd f. riding in company, LL 175[4]. mdrece mderce [[headword spelled myderce"]] midrif midhrif midsingend m. one who sings with another, WW 129^25. mids(eg)ian to accompany, associate with. midspecend m. interlocutor, MP 1592. midspreca m. advocate, H 1388. midsumer (e^3) m. 'midsummer,' A. midswgan *'concinere' EPs 57^3. midm, midy mid am, mid mideahtian to consent, RHy 6^27. midweg m. midway, CP 399^13, GD 314^11. midwinter m. 'midwinter,' Christmas, Lcd. midwist f. presence, society. midwunung f. living in company, . midwyrhta m. worker together with, cooperator, CP. midyrfenuma m. coheir, Sc 148^4. mieht miht mielt pres. 3 sg. of meltan. Mierce, Miercan pl. Mercians: Mercia, Chr (lit. borderers; cp. mearc). +mierce (e) n. boundary, limit, A 4141^35: sign, token, MkL 16^17. Miercisc Mercian, LL (e). miere (e, i, y) f. 'mare,' BH, WW. [mearh] mierra m. deceiver, MtL 27^63 (e). mierran (e, i, y) to 'mar,' disturb, confuse, CP: scatter, squander, waste: upset, hinder, obstruct, ; AO: err, MtL. mierrelse (y) f. cause of offence, Jul 338. mierrend (y) prodigal, wasteful, NC 311. mierring (e, i, y) f. hindering: squandering, waste, CP. mgan^1 to make water, Gr. migea migoa migga () micga miggung, mging f. making water, WW. migol diuretic, Lcd. migoa m. urine, Lcd. miht (a, , ea, e, ie, y) I. f. 'might,' bodily strength, Bl, Lcd : power, authority, ability, BH; : virtue, Lcd : mighty work, miracle, G. II. adj. _mighty, powerful: possible. mihte pret. sg. of magan. mihtelas mihtlas mihtelic, mihtlic possible. adv.lce 'mightily,' powerfully, by might, miraculously, , BH. mihtesetl n. seat of power, EETS 34301. mihtig (, ea) 'mighty,' important, BH, VPs (): able, effective, Lcd: possible. adv.lce, Bo. [' mightily'] mihtlas powerless, weak, exhausted, . mihtmd n. violent temper, passion, Ex 149. mihtu miht u ml I. f. 'mile,' Bl, WW; AO. [L.] II. n. millet, WW. ['mile'] milc (VPs) meolc milde I. adj. 'mild,' merciful, kind, generous, gentle, meek, B, Bl, Gu, LL; AO, CP. II. adv. mercifully, graciously, Cr. mildaw meledaw mildelic propitious. adv. graciously, affably, kindly, AO; . ['mildly'] 435

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary +mildgian to mitigate, VPs. mildheort,heortlic merciful, clement, compassionate, MtL (milt); AO, . ['mildheart'] adv.lce, , CP. mildheortnes f. lovingkindness, mercy, pity, LL; , AO. ['mildheartness'] mildian to become mild, GPH 399. mildnes f. mildness, mercy, NC 309. milds milts milescian to become mild, mellow, WW. [milisc] mlgemt m. milemeasure, milestone? KC 3252^21. mlgemearc n. measure by miles, B 1362. mlgetl n. mile, Nar 33. milisc (e, y) sweet, mild, mulled. mlite soldiers, NC 309. mlitisc military, GD. [L. miles] mlp m. distance reckoned by miles? road with milestones on it? El, Ex, Run. +milscad honeyed, mixed with honey, WW (v. milescian). milscapuldor f. sweet apple tree, Gl. milt mild miltan (e, y) (tr. and intr.) to melt, : digest: refine, purge. miltcoe,cou f. disease of the spleen, Lcd. milte mf. 'milt,' spleen, Gl, Lcd; . [Ger. milz] miltesoc splenetic. miltestre myltestre miltewrc m. pain in the spleen, CP. milts f. mercy, compassion, benevolence, kindness, favour, CP: () joy. [milde] miltsian (w. d.) to compassionate, pity, show mercy, Bo, Mt, Ps; , CP: soften, make merciful. ['milce,' ' imilce'] miltsiend m. pitier. miltsigendlic pardonable, venial, . miltsung f. () mercy, sympathy, pity, indulgence, pardon, , CP: moderation, reduction (of punishment), LL 468[10]. miltwrc miltewrc milz milts mma m. 'mime,' MH. +mimor (w. d.) known. adv.lce by heart. min ? small: common, vile. mn I. pron. my, 'mine,' , B, G. mnes ances by my will. II. gs. of ic of me. mind mynd mindm? m. state of exile, PPs 54^7. mine myne minet mynet minlic petty. mnlce adv. in my manner, WW 449^16. minnn 'manipulos,' sheaves? EPs 128^7; 'magnalia,' 105^21. minne I. nap. of min. II. myne minnen menen minsian to diminish. minsung f. parsimony, OEG 3748. mint? (MtR), minte f. 'mint,' CP; Mdf. [L.] mio meo mircapuldur (Cp) milscapuldor? 436

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary Mirce, Mircan Mierce mirce I. (y) adj. murky, dark, black, uncanny, evil, B, Ph. II. adv.? An 1315. III. n. murkiness, darkness, Da 448. ['murk'] mircels (e, y) mf. sign, token, seal, signet: mark, marked place, L: trophy, Gu 429. [mearc] mire miere mre mnre gdfs. of mn. mirg, mrig myrg mirg, mirh myrg mirr mierr misbegn anv. to disfigure, MtL 6^16. misbodan^2 (w. d.) to illuse, injure, do wrong to, LL, W. ['misbede'] misboren abortive, Lcd: degenerate. [' misborn'] misbrden drawn aside, WW 224^21. misbyrd f. abortion, Gl. misbyrdo f. malformation, Lcd. misbysnian to set a bad example, H 250. miscalfian to cast a calf, WW 456^12. miscenning f. flaw in an indictment: payment for correction of such a flaw, v. LL 2148; 184. miscian to mix, apportion. [L.] miscrcettan to croak or shriek horribly, Guth 36^1. [crcettan] miscwean^5 to speak ill, curse, NG: speak incorrectly. miscyrran ( ie) to pervert, Met 2^8. misdd f. 'misdeed,' evil deed, sin, CP; . misdn anv. to do evil, transgress, do amiss, err, JnL, LL, W. ['misdo'] mse mse misefesian to cut the hair amiss, LL (254^13). misendebyrdan (i^4) to arrange amiss, LL 382. misenlic, misendlic missenlic misfadian to order amiss, LL. misfadung f. misconduct, irregularity. misfaran^6 to go wrong, transgress, CP: fare ill, , W. ['misfare'] misfdan (oe) to nourish ill, EVPs. misfeng m. misdeed, sin, NC 309. misfran to do wrong, err, transgress, . ['misfere '] misfn^7 to make a mistake, be deceived: fail to get. misgedwield n. error, perversion, Jul 326. misgehygd fn. evil thought, An 772. misgelimp n. misfortune, W 211^30. misgemynd f. evil memory, Sol 495. mis(ge)wider m. bad weather, storm. misgrtan to greet amiss, insult, Ct. misgman to neglect, LL. ['misyeme'] mishbbende being ill, MtL 8^16. mishealdan^7 not to keep, to neglect, (9^130). mishealdsumnes f. want of observation, carelessness, LL (196^3). mishrnes f. act of disobedience, W. mishweorfed,hwyrfed,hworfen perverted, inverted. mishran to hear amiss, not to listen to, disobey, RB, W. ['mishear'; heran] misldan to 'mislead,' . mislran to teach amiss, give bad advice to, L 5119. mislr f. ill teaching, evil suggestion. 437

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary mislc mislc mislic unlike, various, manifold, Bl, Bo; , CP: wandering, erratic. ['mislich'] adv.lce in various ways, diversely, aimlessly, Bo, Chr. ['misliche'] mislcian (w. d.) to displease, disquiet, , CP. [' mislike'] mislicnes f. variety, diversity, . mislimp n. misfortune. mislimpan^3 impers. w. d. to go wrong, turn out badly, AO. mislybban to lead a bad life, . ['mislive'] mismicel of varying sizes? Ex 373. misrcan to abuse, H 2590^25. misrd m. misguidance, : misconduct, . misrdan to advise wrongly, RB. miss n. absence, loss (Swt). miss mis missan (w. g.) to 'miss' (a mark), B: (w. d.) escape the notice of a person. missare missere misscrence distorted, shrivelled, Guth. misscrdan to clothe amiss, H 1530. misse mis missenlic various, manifold, different, diverse, AO. adv. lce, CP. missenlicnes f. variety, diversity: 'qualitas'? GD 46^9. missere n. halfyear, year. misspwan^7 to fare badly, AO 82^34. missprecan^5 to grumble, murmur. mist m. 'mist,' , Met, WW: dimness (of eyesight), , Lcd. mist mis mistcan to teach amiss, . ['misteach'] mistel m. mistletoe, Cp, Ep: basil, Lcd. ['missel'] mistellm n. birdlime, WW 279^15. misteltn m. 'mistletoe,' WW (i^2). mistglm m? misty gloom, Whale 47. misthelm m. covering of mist, Jul 470. misthli n. misty cliff, cloudcapped slope. mistian to be or grow misty, . ['mist'] mistd f. evil time, FM 360^12. mistdan (impers.) to miscarry, fail, LL 348. [' mistide'] mistig 'misty,' B. mistihtan to lead astray, dissuade, . mistihtendlic dehortative, Gr 225^12. mistil mistel mistmian [impers. w. d.] to happen amiss, Bas. [' mistime'] mistlic mislic mistran to grow dim, . mistrwan to mistrust, DR 39^16. mistcian to illtreat, Chr 1083, GD 15. mison^3 to misthrive, degenerate. misweaxan^6 to grow improperly, . miswendan to pervert, abuse, : be perverted, err, . miswende erring, illbehaving, . miswenian to misuse, abuse, Sc 224^10 (? miswerian, MLN 2580). misweorc n. misdeed, JnR 3^19. 438

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary misweoran^3 to turn out amiss, W. miswider misgewider miswissian to mislead, LL 130; 381. miswrtan^1 to write incorrectly, Gr. ['miswrite '] miswurian ( eo) to dishonour, illtreat, LL 381[25]. miswyssigan miswissian mte f. 'mite' (small insect), WW 122^6. mitta m., mitte f. a measure, bushel, Ct, WW; , CP. ['mit'; metan] mittan mtan mitte mitta mitting (, AO) mting mitt mid mi (LkL) mid man^1 to hide, conceal (tr. and intr.), keep to oneself, dissemble, BH, Bo, WW; CP: conceal oneself, remain concealed, Lcd: ()avoid, shun, refrain from. [' mithe'] ml mdl mix meox mixen (y) f. dungheap, dung, , LkL. ['mixen'] mixendynge (y^1) f. dung, LL 454[9]. mixenplante f. nightshade (plant), Lcd. mixforce (y) f. dungfork, WW 106^39. mixian miscian md n. () heart, mind, spirit, 'mood,' temper, B, BH, Bl ; , AO, CP: courage, B; AO: arrogance, pride, AO: power, violence. +md of one mind, harmonious, peaceful, CP. mdblind blind, undiscerning. mdblissiende exulting. mdbysgung f. anxiety, Dom 84. mdcearig sorrowful of heart. mdcearu f. sorrow, grief. mdcrft m. intelligence. mdcrftig intelligent. moddor mdor moddren of mothers, ApT 4^12. moddri(g)e mdrige mde mdig mdearfo n. grief of mind, Hy 4^87. mdeg mdig mder mdor mdercynd mdrengecynd mderge mdrige mdful proud, haughty, Lcd 3188^26. mdgehygd n. thought. mdgemynd n. mind, thought. mdgomor sad, dejected. mdgeanc m. thought, understanding, intellect, mind. mdgeht m. thought, understanding, mind. mdgeyldig patient, An 983. mdgewinna m. care, Gen 2797. mdgian mdigian [[under mdigan"]] mdgidanc (N) mdgeanc 439

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary mdgld joyous, Gu 1311. mdglaw wise, Sol 180. mdhp? brave, Ex 242 (GK). mdhete m. hatred, Gen 1756. mdhord n. secret thoughts, An 172. mdhwt brave, bold. mdig (CP), mdi spirited, daring, bold, brave, highsouled, magnanimous , B ; : impetuous, headstrong, ; CP: arrogant, proud, , CP. ['moody'] mdigan, mdigian to grow proud or overbearing, be highminded, glory, exult, show bravery, : take offence through pride, . mdiglic (mde) highsouled, lofty, proud: brave, bold : splendid, magnificent. adv.lce, Ma (mde). [' moodily'] mdignes f. greatness of soul: pride, arrogance, haughtiness, . ['moodiness'] mdilic mdiglic mdlas spiritless, KGl 66^40. mdlast f. want of courage, . mdlof dear, precious, FT 28. mdlufu f. heart's affection, love. +mdod disposed, H 1524^18. mdor (e^2) f., ds. mder 'mother,' WW; (of animals ), LL; AO, CP. mdorcild (m) n. a child of one's (own) mother, PPs 68^8. mdorcynn n. maternal descent, Chr 1067#d. mdorhealf f. mother's side, Chr 1076#d. modorhrif n. womb, PPs. mdorlas (e^2) motherless, W 228^22. mdorlic (e^2) maternal, Gr. ['motherly'] modorlufu f. love for a mother, NC 309. mdorslaga m. matricide, WW 335^6. mdrige, mdrie f. mother's sister, maternal aunt, , AO: cousin. [mdor] mdrf valiant, An 1493. mdsefa m. heart, mind, spirit, soul: thought, imagination, purpose, character. mdsoc sick at heart, Gen 1235. mdsocnes f. disease of the heart, WW 199^35. mdsnotor wise. mdsorg f. heartsorrow. mdstaol m. principle, character, LL (318^37). mdstaolnes,staolfstnes f. firmness of mind, W 53^10. +mdsumian to agree, CP. +mdsumnes f. agreement, concord, CP. mdsw resolute. mdracu f. gs.rce courage, B 385. mdra m. anguish, Rd 4^50. mdwre meek, LPs 24^9. mdwrnes f. patience, meekness, W. mdur mdor mdwg m. proud wave, Ex 499. mdwelig gifted, talented, wise, CP. mdwlanc stouthearted: haughty. mdwyn f. heart's joy, property, Rd 87^7. moetan (Cp) mtan moha, mohe (N) moe 440

A Concise AngloSaxon Dictionary molcen n. coagulated or