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With the name of Allaah, The Most Beneficent, The Bestower of Mercy


♦ EDITORIAL Vol. 1 Issue 1 Oct 2008

Shawwal 1429
After the Fast: Continue to Benefit
STAYING STEADFAST The Administration of
the Masjid wish you
over the years, it would know: out of sight, out of all a very
Ramadan we all

lose some steam. Some

more than others, but
probably have numerous
peaks and valleys.
Each Ramadan gives
us the opportunity to
The road to Jannah is
filled with twists and
turns, and hills and val-
blessed &
it’s a fact nonetheless. check ourselves and get leys. And if we persevere,
Shaytaan is unchained, back on course, and ask Allaah for forgive-
and he resumes his though our intensity may ness, mercy and guidance,
whisperings. We be- fade a bit after Eid-ul- and make the effort to
come more lax in our
observance of our daily
Salawah as well– espe-
Fitr, we should all try to
elevate our Eemaan to a
higher level each Rama-
achieve it, it is possible.
So go the masjid, take a
class, just don’t stay
cially Fajr. If our Ee- dan. home. Stay steadfast!
maan was a bottle on
the shore after Rama-
dan, it would be gradu-
Staying steadfast is just
as important as the fast,
and is easier said than
done. But there are many
ally slipping out to sea.
tools at our disposal for us
Taqabal Allaahu
But that’s only if we
allow it to, for Allaah to show that we came out Minna wa Minkum
knows our Eemaan will of Ramadan with some-
not remain at a con- thing we did not have be-
stant level all the time. fore. One sure killer of the
If we were to draw a Ramadan spirit is to cease
graph of our Eemaan attending the masjid– you . Inside this issue:

New projects at YOUR Masjid; Actions are from Eemaan 2

~ Masjid Ahlul Quraan Wa Sunnah ~ The importance of seeking 4


A The six fasts of Shawwal 6

T A RECENT development projects, and the children’s ma-
meeting, the ad- From marriage counseling drassa. Particular empha-
ministrator of the Mas- to computer classes, the sis was also placed on the Making up for missed fasts 6
jid, Brother Zahid focus is on having more weekly live tele-links
Rashid announced a community involvement from the scholars, the
variety of new projects and a lot more Dawah most recent being the A beginner’s guide to fiqh 7
to educate, unite and activities. These new pro- mid-Ramadan conference
serve the community. jects will complement the where the turnout sur-
Ramadan Recap at Masjid Ahlul
Offering many Islamic masjid’s current programs passed all expectations
Quraan wa Sunnah
Classes and community of classes in Fiqh, Alhamdulillah.
Aqueeda, Arabic language
Page 2 ~ Al Baseerah ~

Our actions are from learn the religion that the Com-
panions were upon. He should

Our Eemaan learn that way of life and worship

Allaah based upon it. He should
familiarize himself what the Com-
One main indicator of the level of ones Eemaan is in panions were upon and learn about
their performance of Salaah the evidences that they used for
the positions that they held. This is
the way of the Salafi – to know the
r e l ig io n th a t t h e Pr o p h e t
(sallAllaahu alayhe wasallam)
taught to his Companions – to hold

O you who believe! Keep

your duty to Allaah
and fear Him, and
speak (always) the truth. He will
there is no god worthy of worship
except Allaah, and that Muhammad
(sallAllaahu alayhe wasallam) is
His Prophet and Messenger) and
fast to it, to follow them and to stay
away from innovations. The creed of
Salafiyyah is that the people cannot
(correctly) understand the Qur’aan
direct you to do righteous good implementing monotheism.
deeds and will forgive you your Tawheed (monotheism) stands upon and the Sunnah without referring to
sins. And whosoever obeys Al- two great foundations, which all the the guidance of the Companions.
laah, and His Messenger he has Messengers called to. {And verily,
indeed achieved a great We have sent among every na- WHOEVER ABANDONS THE
achievement”[Al-Ahzaab 33:70-71] tion a Messenger (proclaiming): SALAAH HAS DISBELIEVED
It is known that the Deen “Worship Allaah (alone), and
(religion) of Islaam is the final of all avoid (or keep away from) Taag- Imaam Ahmad mentioned in his
religions. This is so because the hoot (all false deities)…} [An- treaty entitled Usool-us-Sunnah
Prophet Muhammad (sallAllaahu Nahl 16:36] (the Principles of the Sunnah) that
establishing the salaah (prayer) is from the pillars of the religion and
alayhe wasallam)is the seal of all So, they are: sincerity upon the establishing
whoever gives it up, hasthe salaah (prayer) is

the Prophets and Messengers. Deen (religion) and upon the wor- from the pillars of the religion and
Based on this, it is upon every per- ship of Allaah after knowing Him, whoever gives it up, has disbe-
son living on this earth and those glorified is He; and disbelieving in lieved. He mentioned that the Com-
who will be born afterwards, to at-Taaghoot i.e. being free from panions held the opinion that who-
learn the Deen of Islaam and adhere polytheism (shirk), its people, and ever abandons the salaah is a disbe-
to it. from every religion other than the liever. He (Imaam Ahmad) pointed
The religion of Islaam is built religion of Islaam. out the statement of the Taabi’ee
upon great pillars as the Prophet (follower) Abdullah bin Shaqeeq
Muhammad (sallAllaahu alayhe ESTABLISHING THE SALAAH who said: “The Companions of the
wasallam)clarified by saying, Prophet Muhammad (sallAllaahu
“Islaam is based on five principles; Then after that, the second pillar is alayhe wasallam) were of the view
to testify that none has the right to establishing the salaah (five daily that there is nothing from amongst
be worshipped but Allaah and that prayers). The prayer is the second the actions, the abandonment of
Muhammad is the Messenger of Al- pillar from the pillars of Islaam. which constitutes disbelief except
laah, to offer the (compulsory con- Imaam Ahmad, the imaam of Ahlus- for the prayer.” [Tirmidhi]
gregational) prayers, to pay the Za- Sunnah has mentioned that the In explaining this position of the
kaat (charity), to observe fast dur- great principle of Islaam is: “holding Companions, he said that they
ing the month of Ramadaan and to fast to what the Companions of the never considered any single act,
perform Hajj (Pilgrimage to Mak- Messenger of Allaah (sallAllaahu other than the abandoning of sa-
kah) for those who are able to do so. alayhe wasallam) were upon, taking laah, as an act which would take a
[Bukhari, Muslim] them (and their way) as a model to person out of the fold of Islaam,
Therefore, one must enter into be followed, and abandonment of making him a disbeliever. He
monotheism (tawheed). He must be i n n o v a t i o n s . ” quoted this narration from a
a monotheist, testifying to the two This is the basis of knowledge, Taabi’ee (Successor) Abdullah Ibn
testimonies (bearing witness that meaning that the person should (Continued on page 3)
Vol. 1 Issue 1 Oct 2008 Page 3

(Continued from page 2)

(sallAllaahu alayhe wasallam) in them or fight against them?” The
Shaqeeq, using it as evidence both of the authentic collections of Prophet (sallAllaahu alayhe wasal-
(daleel) showing that this was some- hadeeth (al-Bukhaaree & Muslim) lam) said, “No, unless you see clear
thing that the Companions were and other than them, we would find disbelief.” [Muslim]; and in another
u p o n . that this is clearly proven. From narration, “No, as long as they es-
tablish the prayer.” [Muslim] The
People of Knowledge have clarified
- such is the importance of Salaah that whoever that from these two evidences, it
becomes apparent that abandon-
abandons it is regarded as a disbeliever. How many ment of the prayer is clear disbe-
of us still take this lightly?
that is the saying of the Prophet We are mentioning these matters to
So, this is what Imaam Ahmad Muhammad (sallAllaahu alayhe show the importance of salaah so
clarified: that the Companions held wasallam)” The pact which is that no one will think that tawheed
the view that whoever abandons the between us and them is the prayer; alone is sufficient for one to be Mus-
prayer completely, never praying, whoever gives it up, has disbe- lim. Indeed, it is a pillar of Islaam
then even if he displays (signs of) lieved.”[Tirmidhi]. Also, the saying and whoever abandons it, his Is-
Islaam and utters the two testimo- of the Prophet Muhammad laam becomes destroyed. We also
nies; he is not a Muslim. He men- (allAllaahu alayhe wasallam) mention this because today we find
tioned this from Abdullah bin ”Between a man and shirk and kufr that some of the People of the Sun-
Shaqeeq and it was also mentioned (disbelief) is neglecting the nah affirm that whoever gives up all
by Imaam Al-Bukhaaree who re- p r a y e r . ” [ M u s l i m ] actions in entirety still remains a
ported from the Salaf i.e. the Com- Furthermore, when the Prophet Muslim. Without any doubt, this is
panions and those who came after (sallAllaahu alayhe wasallam) the opposite of what the Compan-
them, that they hold the view that mentioned the leaders who would ions of the Prophet (sallAllaahu
whoever intentionally left off one change and abandon uprightness alayhe wasallam)were upon, as was
obligatory prayer until the time for upon Islaam, and who would display clarified by Imaam Ahmad. ♦♦♦
the prayer elapsed, not having any injustices and sins, some of the
[condensed from albaseerah.org]
excuse for it, then by that he be- Companions said to him
comes a disbeliever. (sallAllaahu alayhe wasallam)
If we were to look at the authen- ”Shall we not go out against them?
tic evidences from the Prophet Shall we not raise the sword against

... New Projects from page 1

Page 4 ~ Al Baseerah ~

Why, Where, and How we should them understanding of the religion.

This is the person that Allaah
all seek knowledge ? wishes good for, the one who has
understanding of Deen. Also from
the understanding of this hadeeth is
Not everyone will attend Islamic universities, but you can still that ‘those whom Allaah does not
benefit from Senior Scholars and Mashaykh of AhliSunnah wish good for, then He does not give
wal Jamah, the Imaam of the Masjid, and graduate students them understanding in the religion’.
So everyone is encouraged to be
from reputable Islamic Universities at YOUR Masjid, Masjid
keen in seeking knowledge and
Ahlul-Quraan wa As-Sunnah gaining understanding in the relig-

ion in order to be from those whom
HERE ARE MANY virtues of Another saying of Allaah is:
Allaah wishes good for.
seeking knowledge mentioned {…It is only those who have
both in the Qur’an and Sunnah. knowledge among His slaves
In another hadeeth, the Messenger
that fear Allâh…} [Fatir 35:28]
of Allaah (sallAllaahu alayhe
VIRTUES OF SEEKING This is khashyah. Khashyah is
wasallam)said, “Whoever traverses
KNOWLEDGE MENTIONED IN the fear of someone you know. So if
a path in order to gain knowledge,
T H E Q U R ’ A A N fear comes together with knowing
then Allaah will make the path to
the one you fear, then this is called
Jannah easy for him.”[Tirmidhi]. So
From them is a saying of Allaah khashyah. The `Ulamaa’ are those
if you go to a masjid for a lecture or
t h a t : who best know Allaah and His Ca-
a class, then it is as though you are
pability. This is why Allaah de-
going towards Jannah i.e. you are
…}Allâh will exalt in degree scribed them as having khashyah of
going on a path towards Jannah,
those of you who believe, and Him.
this is a great virtue of Knowledge.
Making up for the missed days
those who have been granted of fasting

knowledge...} VIRTUES OF SEEKING

At-Tabaraani narrated a hadeeth by
[Al-Mujaadilah 58:11] KNOWLEDGE MENTIONED IN
Abu Umaamah that the Messenger
Allaah clarifies in this verse that T H E S U N N A H
of Allaah (sallAllaahu alayhe wasal-
He will raise the Believers in levels,
lam)said, “Whoever comes to a mas-
those of them who were given As for the Sunnah, then there
jid and he did not come to the mas-
knowledge will be raised many lev- are many different evidences show-
jid except with the intention that he
els and high levels. Another verse is ing the virtues of knowledge. From
would learn something good or
the saying of Allaah :

{…..Say: "Are those who know

equal to those who know not?" It ...if you go to the masjid for a lecture or a class, then it
is only men of understanding
who will remember is as though you are going towards Jannah, this is a
(i.e. get a lesson from Allâh's
Signs and Verses). } [Az-Zumar
great virtue of seeking knowledge...
3 9 : 9 ]
If you realize, there was no re-
sponse to this question as the aim of amongst them is the saying of the
teach something good, he will be
this question is affirmation. There Messenger of Allaah (sallAllaahu
given the reward of someone who
was a question to which a response alayhe wasallam) "Whoever Allaah
performed hajj.” Look at this great
did not come after it, why? Because wants good for, He gives him fiqh
virtue, just look at this great re-
this is an issue that no one differs (understanding) of the
ward, whoever goes to the masjid to
in, there is no differing between Deen.”[Bukhari]. Here the Messen-
learn, Allaah will give him the re-
anyone or any two people that ger of Allaah(sallAllaahu alayhe
ward of a hajj – of a person who
‘those who know are not equal wasallam) clarified that those whom
(Continued on page 5)
to those who do not know.’ Allaah wishes good for, He gives
Vol. 1 Issue 1 Oct 2008 Page 5

(Continued from page 4) Allaah (a masjid) to recite the Book (good) which is obtained by those
went to Makkah and made tawaaf of Allaah or study it except that w h o s e e k i t .
(circumambulation) around the calmness will descend upon them
Ka’bah and he made sa’ee (walking and mercy would cover them and Another hadeeth of the Messenger
between Safa and Marwah) as well they would be surrounded by the of Allaah (sallAllaahu alayhe wasal-
as the rest of the rituals of hajj. angels and Allaah will mention lam)in clarifying the virtues of the
Whoever goes to a masjid to seek them with good to those near to gatherings where knowledge is
knowledge will be given this same Him.”[Muslim]. sought, is that it is a reason for the
reward. forgiving of sins.
The scholars Shaykh Ibn Baaz and
In another hadeeth, the Messenger Shaykh al-Albaanee held the opin- The Messenger of Allaah
of Allaah (sallAllaahu alayhe wasal- ion that this does not only refer to a (sallAllaahu alayhe wasallam) said
lam)said, “The student of knowledge masjid, but any place – whether in a that “Allaah would say at the end of
(or the seeker of knowledge), every- classroom or at home, i.e. whoever the gathering of those who gathered
thing will ask forgiveness for him gathers together in order to study or to gain knowledge, ‘Get up! You
even the fish in the ocean.”. Another recite the Book of Allaah will have been forgiven.’ The malaaikah
great virtue is that everything asks gain this reward. (angels) would say ‘O Allaah there
forgiveness for the Student of was a servant of yours who only
Knowledge, even the fish that are in Take a look at this reward, sakee- came to that gathering because of a
the ocean. This is due to their being nah which is a great calmness will need – he only wanted a person in
pleased with what he seeks i.e. encompass them, and the angels that gathering.’ Allaah would re-
knowledge. This is another great will descend and surround them spond ‘I have forgiven him as
virtue of knowledge and the seekers with their wings, and they will be in well.’”[Ahmad & Bukhari]. This is
of knowledge. the Mercy of Allaah. Allaah will be- because in such a virtuous gather-
stow mercy upon them and He ing whoever gathers with them can-
In another hadeeth, the Messenger would mention them with good, to not be denied. He will be given the
of Allaah (sallAllaahu alayhe wasal- those close to Him in the Heavens. same reward and he will be for-
lam)said, “There is not a people who This is an evidence of the virtues of given. ♦♦♦
gather in a house from the houses of seeking knowledge, and the khayr [condensed from albaseerah.org]

Our New Name

Did You Notice it ?

From the Editor

To our dear readers: “The Muslim

Standard” is now “ALBASEERAH”, which
means ’True Knowledge ~Sure Knowledge
~ Heavenly Knowledge’ The name change
was made to more convey the purpose of
our publication. Since this is our first
issue with the new name, we have decided
to start over from Issue one.
Page 6 ~ Al Baseerah ~

Don’t forget the six fasts of Shawwal


month of the Islamic lunar cal-
endar. It comes immediately after
wal, it is as if he has observed
As-Saum for
year.'' [Muslim].
the whole
as one who observes fast perma-
Although voluntary in nature,
Ramadan. Shawwal is also the first According to the formula that they are highly important. One can
month of the Ashhur al -hajj - (the there is at least ten-fold reward for observe these six-day fast at a
months of Hajj). every virtue, the fast of one month stretch or with intervals. Similarly,
Eid ul Fitr also occurs in this (Ramadan) are equivalent to fast of if a person has missed some fast of
month. Regarding the six fasts of ten months. If one also observes six Ramadan due to illness, traveling
Shawwal Abu Ayyub (ra) reports: days of fast of Shawwal, they will be etc., he should first make up the
The Messenger of Allaah equal to fast of two months. Thus, shortfall and then observe the vol-
(sallallaahu ‘alaihi wasallam) said: one becomes eligible for the reward untary six-day fast of Shawwal, i.e.
"He who observes As-Saum (the of one full years' fast. He who makes complete his obligatory fast first
fasts) in the month of Ramadan, it a permanent feature is like one before fasting the voluntary fasts.
and also observes As-Saum for who observes fast throughout his ♦♦♦
six days in the month of Shaw- life. He will be considered by Allaah

Al-Qadaa after Ramadan

I T IS NOT compulsory
(waajib) to make up the
missed days of Ramadan imme-
do good and not postpone it for
later. Allaah said, which means:
Ibn Abbaas said: "There is nothing
wrong if someone separates
(between the days he has to make
diately. {And be quick in the race for forgive- up)." [Daarqutnee]
ness from your Lord, and for Para-
The compulsion to make it up is as dise which is as wide as the heavens The scholars of this Deen agree that
one is able to as ''Aaeisha (R) said: and the earth, prepared for the Mut- if someone is unable to fast, then he
"I used to have to make up for some taqeen (Allaah-fearing.} [Aali should feed one poor person for eve-
of the Fast of Ramadan and I would 'Imraan 3:133] ryday he misses and that no one
not be able to do it until the follow- should fast on his behalf during his
ing Sha'baan." (Al-Bukhari and And Allaah also said, which means: lifetime.
{It is those who race for the good However, whoever dies and had an
Al Hafidh ibn Hajar said: "In this deeds and they are foremost in oath to fast that which he did not
hadeeth there is proof to indicate them} [Muminoon 23:61] fulfill, then his wali (guardian, off-
that it is allowed to delay the mak- spring) must fast on his behalf.
ing up of the missed days of fasting It is also not compulsory to
for an indefinite time be it that make up the missed days on suc- This is established from the messen-
there is a reason for not making it c e s s i v e d a y s . ger of Allaah who said: "Whoever
up or not." Allaah said, which means:{... but if dies and there are some fast that he
you are ill, or on a journey, the same did not fast, then his wali must fast
However, it is known that it is pre- number (of days should be made up) for him." [Bukhari and Muslim].
ferred to make it up as early as pos- from other days ...} [Al - Baqarah ♦♦♦
sible because of many proofs to indi- 2:183]
cate that the Muslim must hasten to
Vol. 1 Issue 1 Oct 2008 Page 7

A beginners guide to Fiqh pending on the action that calls for

its use.

MAKRUH. This is an action that

for leaving there is reward, but no
By definition, Fiqh refers to: The knowledge of Is- sin in doing.
lamic rulings that pertain to ‘Eebadah, that has
been extracted from the evidences of the Qur’an HARAM. The person who does that
act that is Haram (unlawful) is pun-
and Sunnah ished. And if he/she leaves it is re-

of ’Fiqh’ is “understanding” and
the meaning given in the header is
Pure Fiqh has nothing to do with
Aqueeda (see Issue 7) because it is
concerned with our actions and not
As we shall see Insha Allaah, the
principles of Fiqh is a very interest-
ing topic, and is more than simply
the religious meaning. The princi- beliefs. the extracting of rulings. It is criti-
ples of Fiqh were never formalized cal that when rulings are extracted,
during the time of the Prophet, but Five Rulings Regarding Fiqh they are extracted correctly and
were understood by the Companions categorized appropriately.
and the first person to actually Basically, commands fall into one of Hence, our scholars have a huge
write books of Fiqh was Imam five categories. responsibility . Which is why we
Shaffie should appreciate their efforts and
Technically, Fiqh comprises of WAAJIB also known as FARD, understand why they may some-
both the how of extracting rulings, which means compulsory. The per- times differ in their opinions. Some
and the rulings themselves. For ex- son performing a waajib action will issues may not be as clear-cut as
ample, we know we are commanded be rewarded by Allaah, and a person others.
to fast during Ramadan. How it is leaving it will be punished. In future issues Insha Allaah we
determined from the Qur’an and MUSTAHAB also known as SUN- shall also look into the the science of
Sunnah that it is indeed a command NAH. The person who performs a Hadith, tafseer and other topics,
that is obligatory, and not just a Mustahab action is rewarded, but if which shall give us all a better per-
recommendation is the ‘how’ or prin- he/she leaves it, there is no sin. The spective on the knowledge we al-
ciples of Fiqh. The actual mechanics majority of actions in the Shariah ready have and what we are going
of Fasting is the broader application are Mustahab and not Waajib. to learn.
of Fiqh.
When the seeker of knowledge MUBAAH. This is an action that in ♦♦♦
(this means you!) really under- doing it there is no reward, and in This article is an excerpt from class #1 of the
stands the principles by which rul- leaving it there is no sin. For exam- weekly Fiqh class held at the Masjid Ahlul Sun-
ings are extracted, he/she would ple driving your car is Mubaah. nah Wa Jamaah.
then really have a greater respect However, driving your car may be-
and appreciation of the contribu- come Mustahab or even Waajib de-
tions of our scholars.

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