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Come One - Come ALL:

An invitation to sit
with the scholars
V ERILY ALL PRAISE is for Allaah
 who states what means "Indeed,
Only those who have knowledge among
eagerly shared their inheritance and their
time. With much foresight a series of
classes in Islaamic Sciences and lectures Participants enjoy daily prayers in the
His slaves truly fear Allaah" [Faatir on various subjects are presented, trans- most revered masaajid in the world: Mas-
35:28] lated, and studied. The subjects include: jid an-Nabawi, the Prophet's masjid in
Qur'aan, Hadeeth, `Aqeedah and Fiqh. Madinah and Masjid al-Haraam in Mak-
Knowledge and worship converge for For the novice, an intensive look at these
unprecedented educational seminars. kah - face to face with the Ka`bah. In the
topics broadens the scope of understand- darkness of the early morning, the ad-
The venue is none other than the heart ing; for the seasoned student it reinforces
of Islaamic heritage and history - the land haan ripples through the land stirring
understanding and builds upon it. In the souls to come to success. Our noble
of the two holy mosques. The duration addition to the main courses there is an
can be described as a lifetime of priceless guests leave the comfort of 5-star luxury
abundance of general lectures. Some to become absorbed in prayer and wor-
value in a 3-week span. The gates of op- topics covered include Tawheed, Seerah,
portunity open and the red carpet is laid ship. Being situated within close prox-
Ikhlaas, Zakaat, advice to those in the imity to the masjid is one of the many
out on this path illuminated by the in- west, business workshops, many question conveniences offered and, indeed, it adds
heritors of the Prophets. Whoever traverses and answer sessions and much more. value to the time allotted. What is better
a path to seek knowledge, Allaah will make Imaams of the Haramayn, members of than to open the heart and mind for
easy for him the path to Jannah. [Muslim] the Council of Senior Scholars, presi- learning by purifying the soul with devo-
In the well known hadeeth of Jibreel , dents and professors of Islaamic Univer- tion in bountiful acts of worship?
the etiquettes of teaching and learning sities, and others, are scheduled to attend
are exemplified. Our annual seminar in order to nurture the hearts. These
revives this sunnah by connecting stu- blessed gatherings make up the core of (Continued on page 2)
dents directly with scholars. More than the seminars. Eebaadah (worship) sur-
fifty (50) world renowned scholars have rounds this core and at the head of it is
`Umrah - the lesser Hajj.
Inside This Issue:
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► And much MORE...

Page 2 ~ Al Baseerah ~

The Ways of Seeking Knowledge SEMINAR (Continued from page 1)

By the Noble Shaykh Muhammed Naasiruddeen Al-Albaani ‫رﺣﻤﻪ اﷲ‬ Days and nights filled with learning and
eebaadah are well-balanced with exclusive
tours and exciting visits to historical sites.

I AM VERY HAPPY to know that on the day “whereon neither wealth nor While these trips are a change from the
people in this country are turning sons will avail, except him who brings to formal circles of knowledge, the learning
to and are interested in following Allaah a clean heart (cf. al-Shu'araa is just as intense. The visit to the Qur'aan
the Sunnah of their Prophet . This 26:89). Printing Complex and the exclusive tour
turnout reminds me of a hadeeth nar- of Masjid An-Nabawi are very special op-
rated by Imam Bukhaari in his Saheeh: From the ways of seeking knowledge in portunities. The trip from Madinah to
the past, the Students of Knowledge used Makkah includes stops at masjid Quba,
"While the Prophet  was sitting in the to gather around a respected Scholar who Mount Uhud, and the meeqaat where one
mosque and some people were with him, three would teach them from that which Allaah assumes ihraam for `Umrah. Whilst in
people came in. Two of them came to the taught him from His Book and the Makkah, visits such as the guided walk
Messenger of Allaah , they greeted him with ahaadeeth of the Prophet . Then time through the Kiswah factory, the trip to
salaam. One of them found a space in the evolved and ways of seeking knowledge the Makkah Museum, tours of `Arafah
circle and sat down, and the other sat down transformed in a way that doesn’t signify and Mina, and relaxing at the beach in
in the rear. The third one turned and went any good. Jeddah all stimulate the senses with edu-
away. When the Messenger  has finished cational fun. Tracing the paths which our
(his talk), he said: "Shall I tell you about these We rarely find a Scholar sitting with the
ancestors tread brings to life a wealth of
three people? One of them turned to Allaah so Students of Knowledge; and the Scholars
Islaamic history.
Allaah accepted him; the second felt shy so who don’t sit with Students of Knowledge
Allaah will feel shy (to punish him); and the face students who are not interested in Blanketed in the state of ihraam, pilgrims
third turned away so Allaah turned away seeking knowledge. For this reason the proceed for `Umrah - one of the main
from him." masaajid are becoming void of these gath- highlights of the Seminar and a great
erings of knowledge which I pointed out honor bestowed on the participants. The
Your turnout to this gathering of knowl- before; they used to fill the masaajid be- hospitality received is amazing; everyone
edge gives glad tidings of great benefits fore. I personally came to learn of a lot of enjoys the finest 5-star accommodations,
inshaa Allaah. these gatherings which were established in a non-stop flight to Jeddah, air-
some of the masaajid, and I was one of conditioned luxury coaches within the
It also reminds of another hadeeth nar- those who went to those gatherings to Kingdom, and a team of dedicated ad-
rated by Imaam Muslim in his Saheeh, listen to the People of Knowledge lectur- ministrators on duty around the clock.
from the ahaadeeth of Abu Hurairah: ing depending on what they knew from
The Prophet  said: "No group of people the sharee`ah. Now these masaajid have Brothers and sisters from the very young
gathers in one of the houses of Allaah to recite become empty, and you cannot see a to the finely aged unite on a journey of
the Book of Allaah and study it together, Scholar sitting and around him those who the soul. Solid relationships are forged
except that mercy comes down upon them, seek knowledge. However, now there is a above and beyond the lines of race, na-
tranquillity descends upon them, the angels new method of seeking knowledge, and tionality and status. Rakaat in the Raw-
surround them, and Allaah mentions them to that is through books that are widely avail- dah, sittings with the Scholars, being
those who are with Him." [Muslim] We ask able via the means that Allaah has pro- graced with prizes and gifts, the thrill of
Allaah to make us among those who the vided from printing/publishing and field trips and an unbelievable `Umrah
angels surround them and mercy comes broadcasting. This method (of seeking makes for the experience of a lifetime.
down upon them (Ameen). knowledge) was not known before. The Prophet  said: "There is no group of
people that gathers in one of the Houses of the
The virtues mentioned by the Prophet  Another method which Allaah introduced Houses of Allaah , except that the angels
in this hadeeth are only for gatherings of since the revelation came down to His
knowledge which revolve around the surround them and they will be encompassed
Prophet  is His saying: "So ask the peo- by Mercy, and tranquillity will descend upon
Book of Allaah and the ahaadeeth of the ple of the Reminder if you do not
Prophet . This is because this knowl- them and Allaah  will mention them with
know." With this method, Allaah reminds those who are with Him.” ♦ ♦ ♦
edge which is established upon the two his worshippers if they don’t know then
revelations is the knowledge which Al- they should ask the People of Knowledge. Join us for the next Seminar!
laah saves by it the people who follow it ♦♦♦ Visit albaseerah.org for details
Vol. 1 Issue 4 Feb 2009 Page 3

The Scholars - Men of Understanding

By the Noble Shaykh Abdul Azeez Ibn Baaz, ‫رﺣﻤﻪ اﷲ‬

T HE SCHOLAR: is whoever has a

good understanding (knowledge) of
the Speech of Allaah and the speech of
said to be an ’Aalim (Scholar). As a group,
they are called `Ulamma' (Scholars) if they
are known for their great knowledge of
The Shaykh ‫ رﺣﻤﻪ اﷲ‬was asked concerning
the manners which a Student of Knowl-
edge needs to display. He replied:
His Messenger  and an understanding of the Glorious Qur'aan and the pure Sun-
the meaning of the Speech of Allaah and From the Islaamic manners, is adorning
nah. They are known to the people by that
the speech of His Messenger . This is oneself with humility, extending the sa-
(description), from the People of Knowl-
because he (the Scholar) has studied un- edge; they attest to them and direct to- laam and replying to the salaam, directing
der the People of Knowledge, has gained wards them. Through this (attestation), others to good, giving advice, command-
insight and understanding of the religion, the common people will be upon clarity ing the good and forbidding the munkar
is recognized for this, and has become in these affairs and take their Deen from (all that Islaam has forbidden), maintain-
popular amongst the Muslims for his the People of Knowledge who make it ing the ties of kinship, being generous
knowledge and virtue and not merely known that such and such is from the towards the neighbor and preventing
because of a claim. Rather, he became People of Knowledge and that it is appro- harm from the neighbor. These character-
popular amongst the Muslims and priate that his fatwa is taken and he is istics are the signs of goodness and the
amongst the People of Knowledge by his benefited from. signs of happiness.♦ ♦ ♦
knowledge and virtue. So this person is

Hadeeth: “Convey from me if

even one ayah”
By the Noble Shaykh Abdullaah al-Ghudyaan, ‫ﺣﻔﻈﻪ اﷲ‬

T he Prophet  said: “Convey from

me even if one ayah (verse) for it may
be that the one being informed will
comprehend better that the one listening (at
present).” [Bukhaaree]
Qur’aan) and fair preaching, and argue
with them in a way that is better. Truly,
your Lord knows best who has gone
astray from His path, and He is the Best
Knower of those who are guided.} [an-
Nahl 16:125] Umar ibn Abdul Azeez , may
We ascertain from these phrases that this Allah have mercy on him used to
hadeeth encompasses the entire religion of Da`wah was the job of all the Prophets say:
Islaam with respect to speech, belief and from the first to the last of them. Each of
actions. Likewise, from the perspective of them called the people to the Deen of "Become a scholar if you can.
acting upon it with knowledge and from Allaah . Their manhaj (methodology) If you can’t then be a student.
the perspective of calling towards it as was knowledge, implementation, applica- If you can not, then show love
much as one is able to. The Prophet  tion, and propagation. They called the for them. If you are unable to
implemented all of this – by speech, ac- people by their speech and their actions,
tion, belief and giving Da`wah i.e. his en- because people are such that if you call do that, then (at least)
tire life was based on knowledge, imple- them by speech which your actions con- do not hate them."
mentation of knowledge, and calling to it. tradict, they would not accept that
Regarding this, Allaah  said: {Invite Da`wah. When you give Da`wah and (143# ‫ن ا ْﻟﻌِﻠْﻢ َو ﻓَﻀْﻠﻪ‬
ِ ‫) ﺟَﺎ ِﻣ ُﻊ ْ َﺑﻴَﺎ‬
(mankind, O Muhammad  (to the way your actions agree with what you are call-
of your Lord (i.e. Islaam) with wisdom ing to, then the people will accept the
(i.e. with the Divine Revelation and the Da`wah. ♦ ♦ ♦
Page 4 ~ Al Baseerah ~

Know Your Scholars

Part 2 of a series based on a lecture from albaseerah.org by Shaykh
Ahmed Al-Munayee ‫ﺣﻔﻈﻪ اﷲ‬, Professor at Imaam Muhammad Islamic
University and Lecturer at Al-Masjid Al-Haraam during Hajj.

I ndeed Allaah  has favored knowl-

edge. He has mentioned the virtue of
knowledge in His Book – the Noble
of the status of the Scholars in that they,
and not other than them, are the ones
who carry and convey the knowledge of
are at various levels and different ranks
regarding their knowledge of the Book
and the Sunnah, the concern that they
Qur’aan and in the Sunnah of His Mes- the Prophet . So, the Scholars are the have for it, their fear of Allaah , and the
senger . He  also mentioned the Peo- inheritors of the Prophets, and the knowl- tranquility and humility that they have.
ple of Knowledge. The Prophet  encour- edge that they inherit is the knowledge of The intent here is to clarify their levels
aged the acquisition of knowledge, and the Deen – knowledge of the Book and from the perspective of their knowledge
this is also found in the Book where Al- the Sunnah of the Prophet . of the Book and the Sunnah.♦ ♦ ♦
laah  explains the station of the People … Next Issue:
of Knowledge and their status. He men- There is an abundance of knowledge avail- Levels of the People of Knowledge
tions in the Qur’aan: {…Allaah will exalt able, but what is intended by the term
in degree those of you who believe, and “knowledge” and the acquisition that is * Shaykh al-Albaanee ‫ رﺣﻤﻪ اﷲ‬says this
those who have been granted knowledge. encouraged, is knowledge that is taken hadeeth is da`eef in Da’eef al-Jaami’
And Allaah is Well-Acquainted with from the Book and the Sunnah of the #1973
what you do.} [Al-Mujaadilah 58:11] Prophet .

Allaah  ordered the Prophet  to seek

an increase in knowledge: {…and say: "My
In a hadeeth from Muawiyah bin Abi
Sufyaan ‫رﺿﻰ اﷲ ﻋﻨﻬﻤﺎ‬, the Prophet  said:
Tip: Remedy for
Lord! Increase me in knowledge."} [Taa “Whoever Allaah wants for him good, He gives Memorizing
Haa 20:114] him understanding of the Deen.” [Ahmad]

Also, Allaah  poses a particular question For those people who Allaah intends for
when dealing with the virtue of knowl- them good, He gives them understanding
“So I asked him about the
edge and the People of Knowledge, He of the Deen. As for the dunyaa (present remedy for memorizing..."
asks: {…Say: "Are those who know equal life), Allaah  give the dunyaa to those
to those who know not?"…} [Az-Zumar whom He likes as well as those whom He ‘Alaa ibn Khushrum said: ((I
39:9] This is a rhetorical question, mean- dislikes. However, regarding knowledge, have never seen Wakee’ with a
ing ‘No, they are not equal’. He only gives it to those whom He loves. book in his hands, rather, he
We ask Allaah  to make us of those memorized. So I asked him about
The Prophet  said: “Indeed everything in whom He loves. the remedy for memorizing and
the heavens and the earth seeks forgiveness for he said:
the ‘Aalim (Scholar), even the fish in the sea, From Imaan Ahmad in his Musnad from
“If I taught you the remedy
and the virtue of an ‘Aalim over the servant is the hadeeth of Anas , the Prophet 
like the virtue of the moon on a full-moon night said: “Indeed the example of the Scholars in
would you use it?”
over the rest of the heavenly bodies and the the earth is like that of the stars in the sky, one
Scholars are the inheritors of the Prophets and is guided by them in the darkness of the land I said: “Yes, Wallaahi!”
indeed the Prophets do not leave behind as and the sea.” [Ahmad]*
inheritance dinaar nor dirham. They leave He said: “Abandon sinning
behind as inheritance the knowledge, so who- The Scholars are not all at one level but (since) I have never experienced
ever takes from it then he has grasped an abun- those who attribute themselves to legal anything like it for memorizing”))
dant fortune.” Collected by Abu Dawuud, knowledge are on different levels and at
At-Tirmidhi, ibn Maajah, ibn Hibban, different stages. A mistake that should not
Haakim who authenticated it.Ibn Hibban be made is to deal with them as though
mentions that this is a clear explanation they are all at the same level because they
Vol. 1 Issue 4 Feb 2009 Page 5

For our Sisters Recommended Books for the

Student of Knowledge
Question: Is it permissible for a male
teacher to teach a female student if By the Noble Shaykh Muhammad bin Saalih al-Uthaymeen, ‫رﺣﻤﻪ اﷲ‬
the mahram is present?

Answer: If it is necessary that she is in

front of him, seeing what he does, and
it is something that needs to be done
Q uestion: I want to gain legislative
knowledge, and have understand-
ing of this Deen (religion). Guide
me toward the best books in regard to this
and she has to see it, and she cannot subject/matter/major?
find from amongst the women one
who can teach her that, and her Answer: From the most excellent of
mahram is present, then there is no books, rather it is the most excellent
problem. book, is the Book of Allaah . In it is to
be found guidance, light, and a cure for
If she comes in her normal clothing what is in the chests. Then, that which is Answer: From the best that has been writ-
and he is in front of her and there is authentic from the Prophet  and then, ten on `Aqeedah (Creed) is Al-`Aqeedah
the possibility that there may be some that which has been written by the People al-Wassitiyyah by Shaykhul-Islaam Ibn
fitnah (trial) where he may be impressed of Knowledge. This varies in accordance Taimiyyah ‫رﺣﻤﻪ اﷲ‬. Indeed it is a very
by her and she may be impressed by with the (levels) of the people. The young beneficial yet concise treatise in which are
him, or something of this nature, then and beginner student is advised with that (stipulated) great principles from which
it is not permissible. which is brief and beneficial. The interme- the person will benefit in every matter of
diate student progresses step by step until the Creed. There is also the explanation
If there is little likelihood that fitnah reaching the goal, and the limit that could of al-`Aqeedah at-Tahawiyyah; indeed it is
may occur e.g. if the man is older or be attained by an individual. a very good and beneficial book from
she is an older woman, or between which the Student of Knowledge can
them is a barrier, or he can teach Thus, I counsel the Student of Knowledge profit from. Likewise, there is the book
without actually having to sit near/ to choose for himself, from the Scholars As-Sawaa’iq Al-Mursallah, and its sum-
around her, but rather, what he does is who are trustworthy in their religion and mary by Ibn al-Qayyim ‫رﺣﻤﻪ اﷲ‬.
gives the class then leaves, then there is their knowledge, as well as their approach
no problem, but if there is any type of and methodology, to study under their Question: What is the best book to
harm that might occur then, No! supervision. Indeed, studying under the memorize in the science of Hadeeth and
Mashaykh (Scholars) is closest to the cor- the best explanation of it?
Or, if it is within her ability to use rect approach and also the fastest for at-
taining the knowledge. This is because the Answer: It appears that the questioner
women to do the same thing, then it is
Scholar presents to his students some- intends a book of hadeeth concerning the
not permissible for him to teach her.
thing from his matured and perfected (legislated) rulings; from the best books
Rather, it is obligatory upon her to be
experience. Things have made available (on this subject) is Al-`Umdah -
with the women if there are women
now, all praises be to Allaah, through the `Umdatul-Ahkaam by Al-Haafith Abdul-
who can teach what the man is
advancement of textual and audible me- Ghanee Al-Maqdisee. Indeed it is a foun-
teaching. But, if it is something that is
dia. Tapes are widely available, and books dation because he ‫رﺣﻤﻪ اﷲ‬selected, from
necessary for her to learn, and there are
likewise. We ask for Allaah’s success in that which Al-Bukhaari and Muslim have
no women around to teach her, and
that which is good and correct. agreed upon. There are many explana-
her mahram is present and they are
tions; from the most beneficial to the
taking the necessary protective steps,
Question: What is the best book to Student of Knowledge is the explanation
and implementing the correct Islaamic
memorize in the science of `Aqeedah by Ibn Daqeeq Al-`Eed. As for the begin-
hijaab, then I hope that there is no
(Creed), the best explanation of it, and ners there are many well-known explana-
problem with it.♦ ♦ ♦
other explanations of it? tions from the contemporary (Scholars)
Shaykh Ahmed Al-Munayee ‫ﺣﻔﻈﻪ اﷲ‬ which are available to the students. ♦ ♦ ♦
Vol. 1 Issue 4 Feb 2009 Page 6

Understanding the Qur'aan

by Shaykh Abdullah al- Ghudyaan - ‫ ﺣﻔﻈﻪ اﷲ‬Member of Council of Senior
Scholars and Member of The Permanent Committee for Islamic
Research and Fataawa .

The second of a four part series based on a lecture from albaseerah.org

I N THE FIRST PART of this series the

Shaykh ‫ ﺣﻔﻈﻪ اﷲ‬discussed the first two
stages for understanding the Qur’aan: The
baabil-Nuzool and Al-Muharrar fee As-
baabin-Nuzool. These were written in or-
der to give a better understanding of why
Aayaat of the

first stage is to select a topic and identify the aayaat were revealed. Mutashaabih Muhkam
‫ﻣﺘﺸﺎﺑﻪ‬ ‫ﻣﺤﻜﻢ‬
the aayaat dealing with that topic. The
second stage is to study the meanings of Forth Stage: Indentify the Aayaat which
the words and phrases. In this issue, he are Naasikh and Mansookh Mutashaabih Mutashaabih
Re: Wording (‫)ﻟﻔﻆ‬ Re: Meaning (‫)ﻣﻌﻨﻰ‬
mentions the next three stages.
One must know that in the Qur’aan there Only Allaah knows
Third Stage: Understand the reason for are aayaat which are naasikh (abrogating) the meaning
revelation and those which are mansookh (abrogated).
Understood by
The Student of Knowledge needs to know the Ulamaa’
One must be aware that the aayaat in the what naasikh is and what mansookh is. A
Qur’aan are divided into 3 categories: book written on this topic is an-Naasikh
wal-Mansookh by Ibn an-Nuhaas. matters which no one truly understands
First: Those revealed without a cause for except Him  and (2) Those (aayaat)
revelation e.g. there was no specific inci- Fifth Stage: Identify the Mukham an Mu- which are mutashaabih and understood by
dent which led to their revelation. These tashaabih Aayaat the Ulamaa’. ♦ ♦ ♦
include the aayaat of tahaarah
(purification), salaah, zakaat, siyaam Next, an individual must understand that In the next issue, Inshaa Allaah:
(fasting) and Hajj. There are many aayaat the Qur’aan is comprised of two different
The elaboration of mutashaabih aayaat in
of the Qur’aan which were revealed with- types of aayaat: (1) Those which are muk- wording and meaning.
out a specific cause. ham (clear and unambiguous) and (2)
Those which are mutashaabih (ambiguous).
Second: Those which were revealed due to
a particular incident and those where the The aayaat which are mutashaabih are di-
Sahaabah asked a question and Allaah  vided into two kinds: (1) Those which are
revealed the answer in the Qur’aan. For mutashaabih regarding the wording (i.e.
example: {They ask you (O Muhammad recitation) and (2) Those which are muta- That the Prophet  was never
) about the new moons} [al-Baqarah shaabih regarding the meaning (i.e. legisla-
2:189] and {They ask you about the Hour commanded to ask for an
tive meaning).
(Day of Resurrection)} [al-A’raaf 7:187], increase in anything except
[an-Naaziaat 79:42] The mutashaabih with respect to meaning knowledge.
are also divided into two categories: (1)
Third: Those which were revealed due to a Those (aayaat) which Allaah has kept the Allaah  said
reason, but the reason is unknown. The meaning to Himself and no one under- in His Glorious Qur'aan:
`Ulamaa’ of the past have studied these stands them e.g. knowledge of His Dhaat
aayaat and written books on this issue. (self), His Names, His Attributes, and like-
{and say: "My Lord!
The books are titled Asbaab an-Nuzool and wise that which relates to the matters of Increase me in knowledge."}
they discuss the reasons why the aayaat the Last Day which Allaah has not in- [Taa Haa 20:114]
were revealed. The books authored on this formed us about (like when it will occur).
topic include: Lubaabin-Nuqool fee As- Indeed, Allaah has informed us about
Page 7 ~ Al Baseerah ~

him. The Prophet  said: “No one humbles of educating the children, then
himself to Allaah except that Allaah will raise Inshaa’Allaah there is nothing wrong with
him (in degrees)." [Muslim] this. Perhaps allowing the children to
Knowledge of the biography of Prophet watch cartoons for educational purposes
Muhammad  and his Companions will may be a breath of fresh air for the
Being humble with one’s aid you in attaining humility and children and also a breath of fresh air for
modesty; as well as awareness of yourself the parent. It may give them some time to
knowledge enjoy themselves and time to play apart
and what you are upon from weakness,
incompetence and your being susceptible from the normal ways of teaching. This is
to sickness and other than that. It will aid if it was as mentioned in the question i.e.
Question: How can a Student of you in entrusting your affairs to Allaah . if it is used for educational purposes.
Knowledge be an ascetic with the worldly ♦♦♦
things, humble with his knowledge and Shaykh Muqbil Haadi Al-Wad`aee, ‫رﺣﻤﻪ اﷲ‬ However, you find that there are certain
not arrogant, while his heart is connected cartoons which teach children how to
with Allaah? steal and how to kill and there are
cartoons which have no benefit in them.
Answer: It is upon the Student of
These types are those which the parent
Knowledge to know his condition, Watching cartoons for should keep their children away from as
weakness, incompetence, and his educational purposes they nurture that which is not beneficial.
destitution in front of Allaah . Then, he
Rather, they will corrupt the children. It
should read the biography of the
is incumbent upon the parent to keep
Messenger Muhammad  and see the
Question: Is it permissible to let their children away from these types of
humility and modesty that he was upon.
children watch Arabic cartoons for cartoons. As for the cartoons that the
Once a Bedouin came to him, grabbed
teaching purpose? children can benefit from as a form of
hold of his garment and yanked him
teaching and an educational tool, then
leaving an imprint on his side and said,
Inshaa’Allaah, there is nothing wrong
“Oh Muhammad give me, you are not Answer: Regarding the children watching
with this.♦ ♦ ♦
giving me from your wealth nor the wealth cartoons for teaching purposes as
of your father,” so the Prophet  gave mentioned in the question i.e. as a form Shaykh Wasiullaah 'Abbaas ‫ﺣﻔﻈﻪ اﷲ‬

QUIZ - Fill in the blanks

Seeking 1.__________ is from the great- His 5._________ revealed word of the of Allaah  said, “The student of knowledge
est affairs and righteous deeds with Noble 6.____________ to Prophet Mu- (or the 11.___________ of knowledge),
Allaah . He is pleased when you spend hammad  was 7. ______. Reading and everything will ask forgiveness for him even the
your time striving to learn about matters writing are fundamental means to gain- fish in the ocean.” This is due to their
of this 2._________. By seeking knowl- ing and sharing knowledge. The concept being 12.___________ with what he
edge in this way, following and learning of knowledge in Islaam begins with un- seeks i.e. knowledge. This is another
from the People of Knowledge it is from derstanding 8.__________. Knowledge great 13.___________ of knowledge and
the things that will make it easy for you also has to do with comprehending the the seekers of knowledge. Pursuit of
enter the 3._________; the Prophet  real meaning of the submission to the knowledge by each individual is the es-
said: "Whoever follows a path seeking knowl- Will of 9.________. In the 10.________ sential first step. Knowledge gained must
edge, Allaah will make an easy path for him there are many evidences showing the also be 14.___________. One cannot
to the Jannah." The Qur’aan and Sunnah virtues of knowledge. From amongst simply keep knowledge to himself. The
encourage Muslims to constantly strive to them is the saying of the Messenger of Messenger of Allaah  practiced all
increase their knowledge of the Allaah  "Whoever Allaah  wants good 15.__________ of knowledge fully
4._________. In the sight of Allaah  for, He gives him fiqh (understanding) of the throughout his life. ♦ ♦ ♦ Bonus point,
the value of knowledge is so great that Deen.” In another hadeeth, the Messenger 16. Our website is __________ .ORG

CROSSWORD PUZZLE ANSWERS FROM VOLUME 1 - ISSUE 3 ACROSS 1) Ibraaheem 2) Eed 5) Wise 6) Two 8) Miswak 9) Hima 11) Ram
12) Takbeer 14) Son 16) Seven 17) Qurbaani 18) Waajib 22) Allaah 23) Ghusl 24) Defects 25) Muharram 26) Sunnah DOWN 1) Ismaeel 2) Be 4)

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