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By Anna Farahmand and Micheal Webber

© 2009
By Anna farahmand and Micheal Webber

© 2009 Micheal Webber

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(Micheal Webber)

Published by
Dead Phoenix, Press
Michael Webber
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He who knows and knows he knows

He is a wise man, seek him.

He who knows and knows not he knows,

He is asleep, wake him.

He who knows not and knows he knows not,

He is a child, teach him.

He who knows not and knows not he knows not,

He is a fool, shun him.

Until now, many documents have bean written on anarchy, terrorism, conspiracy theories
and guerrilla warfare, but there is no document which covers all of them in one. Every
one must know who was he and person would like to be? Or all his life is affected by
I will try to show the readers how ideology changes their world for benefit of a few.
Most documents want to introduce an enemy but don’t offer the meaning of that enemy.
They want to brain wash you with their ideology and use you as a killer.
our stupid ideology make us different from other animals and all things we are suffering
now is because of this .we want to stay alive forever and speak proudly that humans are
the only valuable species, “but Mankind is the most dangerous, destructive, selfish and
unethical animal on the earth”. In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up
with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine, and
the like would fit the bill. All these dangers are caused by human intervention ...The real
enemy, then, is humanity itself.

Every day we observe a new holocaust caused by mankind and nature suffers much pain
of this carcinoma. However the human killing’s project has started some decades ago.
Many who started this, aren’t a real human worth saving but are selfish and racist .I do
not agree with them, and prefer to kill them all without compassion.

Have you ever compared yourself with soil, water and rock?
Do they that give us a place for walking, growing our food and every thing we need,
aren’t they superior to us?
Have you ever compared yourself with plants?
Do they that stay with contentment in a constant small place for the whole of their life to
offer us our food and after death make a supplier of energy for us ,Aren’t superior to us?
Have you ever compare yourself with animals?
Do they that without cupidity, seek food only for daily feed, anger just for defense and
concupiscence for generation, aren’t they superior to us?

The answer of all is “yes” although it is a bitter answer.

The answer would be “no” if mankind understood his reality.
Nature conducted every thing and the best genotype survived. In nature the weak are
killed and not allowed to produce the next generation, but we denied it in our societies
because we want eternity .if we now claim that we are superior to all, it is from nature’s
decision but we didn’t obey our mother nature. Because of this we are convicted to die.
Nature can do that very well as it did before for the dinosaurs and will do for us. It is
Because of misuse intelligence.

All of us want to offer our stupid excuse to reject this, it is the only reality there is. Many
of our excuses come from our ideology and religion and this document will enlighten
Most people like being lied to and I hate these lies and liars as well.
Before you make a decision to do something which seems a bad idea, you must remove
stupid thoughts from your mind and this document will help you.

If we feel we are real humans, we must kill most of people except the ones who are
responsible for what they are doing.

How Life Formed on the Earth

Life probably couldn't have formed during the bombardment as the earth assembled from
falling asteroids.
In the Early stages of Earths formation; much of the surface was still molten

A bit later, with a solidified surface but still the bombardment continues.
Despite this bombardment, very primitive life had already formed by 3.5 billion years
ago and the following are micro bacteria fossils of this age:
At a site in NW Australia (following picture) a bed of 3.5 billion year old stromatolite
fossils has been discovered:

Stromatolites are an organization of primitive cyanobacteria into large-scale structures

that might have been analogous to coral reefs or ponds.
After the initial impact bombardment, the surface of the earth must have quickly
established conditions similar enough to the current ones for life to form. The heat from
assembly of the planet would result in much more volcanic action, however, and typical
volcanic gases would be expelled into the atmosphere: carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide,
nitrogen and water vapor. It is generally believed that the convection in the mantle would
be too strong for plate tectonics. Once the water vapors had condensed into the oceans,
they would have covered most of the surface, with vigorous volcanic eruptions below the
surface and occasionally a volcanic island sticking above it. Ultraviolet radiation from the
young sun was much more intense than it is now, and the gases then in the atmosphere
would have done little to shield the surface.
Formation of simple bacteria does not sound like much of a feat, but it requires climbing
many difficult chemical steps in this environment. We have only a vague understanding
of most of these steps. The two basic ones are to harness chemical energy - life is dead
without energy - and to be able to make copies of oneself - life dies out without copies to
carry on the strain. Here are some of the details behind these steps:

1. Formation of amino acids

in 1953 Stanley Miller used a mixture of chemicals and electric sparks, and produced
amino acids readily in the laboratory. Still, Miller's experiment is rightly recognized for
its pioneering of a whole new class of investigation - how to create some of the
preconditions for life in the laboratory. Many religious leaders try to compare the
universes random experiments with some of their simple random tests and then claim
nothing can happen without law .a stupid reason! But universe has two main parameters
that humans don't have .one is unlimited time and second is unlimited space. So the
contingency for every accident in the universe is high and forming of life is one of them.
Fortunately, it turns out to be pretty easy to make amino acids in other ways. For
example, they should have formed in the hot sea vents where volcanoes were erupting.
More curiously, they are observed in interstellar clouds, and they have also been created
in the laboratory with experiments that recreate the conditions in interstellar gas clouds
where stars form. It is possible that they were created in this way external to Earth and
brought to the planet in the rain of interstellar material that has continued (although
diminished) from earths birth to the present. day Good! We seem to have a number of
ways of getting started toward life.

2.) making molecules that can harness energy and replicate themselves

Amino acids are relatively simple. They have none of the aspects of life - they are just
raw materials, like bricks for a skyscraper. Given the complexity of what had to happen
next, it is not surprising that it has eluded us almost completely. C. DeDuve (Vital Dust)
suggests that it should be possible to harness energy, by building complex molecules that
can store chemical energy and release it through chemical reactions (these reactions are
called fermentation and, yes, the process that converts sugars to drinking alcohol is one of
them). The other key to making life is to form molecules from amino acids that
"replicate" themselves, that is, encourage the formation of identical molecules to
themselves. As soon as we have molecules that harness energy and can make copies of
themselves, we set in motion the "natural selection" engine. The molecules that survive
well in a given environment will stay around to make more replicas of themselves, and
will come to dominate the chemicals in that environment.
Proteins - made of amino acids - are the main building material for living organisms but
cannot reproduce. RNA (ribonucleic acid) was essential for that function. RNA organizes
itself into long strings that encode a sequence of proteins, giving the plans for an
organism, and can duplicate itself to allow new copies of the organism to be
reproduced. To the right,is an RNA molecule.
The first very primitive organisms would have been too small and fragile to last for long.
Although RNA is a very complex molecule, it had to be "invented" quickly to be
successful at all. Nonetheless, it has proven difficult to produce primitive RNA through
experiments analogous to Miller's, so our understanding of this key step is not very
complete. One idea is that some predecessor to RNA that was simpler, but still able to
replicate, must have been created first. For example, one proposal is that clays acted as a
kind of template that produced RNA-like molecules - a possibility that seems to be
supported by some laboratory experiments .is that
Once RNA had formed, we had life (albeit of a very primitive nature)!
RNA replication still has a fairly high error rate, perhaps 1%, which limits the complexity
of chains that can reproduce. A specialized molecule eventually developed, DNA, which
replicates far more accurately. The replication process with either RNA or DNA is an
incredible feat of organic chemistry. It is built around phosphate and sugar molecules,
that give DNA its structural "backbone", and four molecular appendages onto sugars,
nucleotides, that carry the information: adenine, cytosine, guanine, and thymine.
The famous "double helix" structure of DNA is a result of the most efficient mechanical
packing of the molecule. Far more interesting is that every sequence of three nucleotides
encodes instructions for making a unique protein molecule, of the 20 proteins that are
used as the building blocks of life. When scientists "decoded" the human genome, they
determined the string of proteins spelled out by human DNA.
A string of DNA acts as a template for producing another string that is its "negative", that
is has the same encoding but with each nucleotide replaced with its "complement":
adenine for thymine and thymine for adenine, and cytonine for adenine and adenine for
cytonine. The process occurs in water and begins when the complements are attracted to
the DNA nucleotides by "polar" bonds. A polar bond is created by the weak electrical
asymmetries in a molecule, not by the normal process of sharing electrons between
atoms. The chemical reactions are assisted by a polymerase, a molecule that moves along
the DNA and somehow helps the new DNA assemble correctly. Once the new DNA is
complete, it can detach from the old one by the breaking of those polar bonds - they act
like a perforated line in a sheet of paper that allows a form to be torn off after it has been
filled out according to the instructions.
The DNA in each cell of an organism contains the full set of instructions for making a
new organism (with the important exception of sexual reproduction to be discussed
soon). If the DNA in a human cell were laid out as a single string, it would be about as
long as the height of the human and would contain about a billion bytes of information

3.) Building Cells

All this complex chemistry will proceed more easily if it is walled off from interference.
The first cells must have developed for this reason - thin molecular walls that kept what
is "outside" out. The thin walls of the cells turned out to have many other uses for
regulating chemical reactions, as more sophisticated life forms evolved.
Errors are the Key!

From time to time an error will be made in the replication; these changes are called
"mutations." If the modified molecule can no longer replicate itself, or if it cannot survive
well in the environment, the error will be a dead end. Once in a great while, a replication
error may lead to a molecule that survives better than its "parent" molecule, and if it can
still replicate itself as well, it will eventually dominate the chemical environment. We
can't expect this kind of luck to strike very often, but if we have enough replicating
molecules it will happen once in a great while, and the result will be a slow transition
toward more "competitive" molecules - generally, ones that have additional features to
allow them to contend with environmental challenges. This process of competition drove
primitive forms of life to ever more robust forms that could survive and reproduce more
efficiently than the previous ones. In millions of generations, there were many chances
for improvements and the result was a rapid increase in the sophistication of the life

4.) making Food

Although the very first life forms must have derived there energy by fermentation of
organic chemicals, a huge advance came when higher-grade energy sources - sugars -
could be manufactured from the energy of the sun, photosynthesis
The cyanobacteria that make stromatolites are examples of the products of these four
steps; they have cells containing DNA for reproduction and making energy by means of
After forming primary life, some organisms gathered and formed colonies and shared
their duties .this they have done, was for better survival and easy catching of food. Some
of them changed and made motion organs and some changed to control center (primary
brain). Replication error made more species and in correct replication also forms more
complex species .naturally and randomly many organisms and animals were created and
armed with special defenses. They changed, According to their defenses. Human are one
of the weakest animals which have little chance for life, so armed with a complex brain
for as an advanced defense system. Then our story starts!
One thing that is almost forgotten is related to our image of life. We only want to seek a
kind of motion as a species of life. But every thing is made of mater and is a compact
form of mobile energy. As we have many living organisms in our body, we can imagine
we are a part of bigger existence.
You can compare a cell with a galaxy .it doesn’t mater how big or how small one is.
Also compare a DNA with electromagnetic pulse: a motion with another motion.
See following picture:
Magnetic flow (Blue)
Electricity flow in wire Electric flow (Red)

Meta phase stage:

A mathematician construes a phenomenon as a formula and an uneducated person

construe that into another thing. We change our world into some formula to better
understand our environment but we can’t claim it is absolutely right.

Every thing is relative and all of our information is limited to our sense and imagination.
May be its right or maybe it’s false. Who knows?!
GOD roots and human society
Starting point: fear and god

After creation of human, we were living similar to many other animals. Primary human
was alone and hunted food for himself, only. More ability to predict risks made him
afraid .Other animals don’t have this rate of ability .he sought a shelter .the first shelter
was tree and anter. Anter was a dark place and made him afraid again. with going out and
seeing the moon, he refuged to moon and named it his god .but it was temporal and he
sought another mate and found it again with sunrise .the sun warmed him and showed his
path to find food, then he named it god.
After discovering fire, he named fire as a god. Despite of this, he was alone, so shaved a
piece of stone and make an idol .at this time humans sought something to talk with. His
idol was a good choice for him and became his holy mate.

The Formation of society and relation with god

The Human preferred to live as a member of family to have more benefit by the division
of duties .so a family formed, exactly similar to a microorganism colony. A family was
more successful in hunting and facing of dangers .but it wasn’t enough so some families
gathered and small society formed. They needed a leader who was stronger and more
intelligent exactly similar to many animals.
If you compare society and a micro organism colony, you will understand that there is no
difference between them.
The only difference comes from our comment of meaning of boundary. In a colony, two
cells contact closely but in society two people have more distance from each other but
both of them have a similar mechanism.
Last gods (moon, sun, idols) were introduced into new society and religion formed. Some
people, who were responsible of these religions, became religious leaders. Most of these
leaders were more intelligent than other people and used religion for achieving their own
First society had a leader who was strong and intelligent enough to guide his tribe .before
his death, he had to find an adequate successor. The biggest obstruction to reach this goal
was feeling of avarice and fear of power’s lost from his generation. This point was a
primary split in selection of an adequate person and this decision was against the laws of
natural selection (strength and intelligence).
So organized crime was created and some who couldn’t accept this innovation, stood
against new leader and did whatever they could .one of best weapons for them was
Crowd consisted mainly from poor and uneducated person and religious leaders knew
that very well.
GOD invention projects started according to requirements of religious leaders they used
that as weapon to dominate over governors as well as common people.
God emanated into many aspects from cheap to complex tricks and progressed with
science. Foolish leaders selected cheap gods such as pennies maybe for his
concupiscence. So cheap gods was for cheap leaders, but wise leaders selected complex
tricks as god and offered people an impossible puzzle. Rich people who were mainly
intelligent denied them but the poor man join them .it was a wish for poor man to reach
power with no intelligence and high attempts. So he claims that he is religious too.
Religious leaders promised their cohorts eternity after death and said to them if you are
killed for your ideology, you never die and will have paradise.

Hallucination and GOD

Using hallucinogenic plants by humans for religious purposes have seen in history
frequently. it is probably even older than their use for healing, magic or teaching
purposes. The profound alterations in one’s state of consciousness brought about by the
use of a hallucinogen have served as a founding axis for religious systems, and in the
development of established religions throughout the history of humanity.

Even today, we are witness to the birth of new religious "psychedelic" movements. Their
renewed presence is evidence of the actuality and at the same time the atemporality of the
values associated with the correct social use of sacred plants. Two large religious
movements which incorporate the use of vegetable hallucinogens have emerged during
the past 150 years, both syncretic of Christianity and both consolidated at the national
and ethnic level: the Native American Church of the North American Indians, which uses
peyote, and the Bwiti, practiced by the people of Fang and other locations of Occidental
Equatorial Africa which use the iboga. Iboga is a perennial rain forest shrub and
hallucinogen, native to western Central Africa. Iboga stimulates the central nervous
system when taken in small doses and induces visions in larger doses.

In contrast to the Peyote Religion, conceived by the Indians as exclusively their own,
Bwiti is considered by its members as a monotheistic universal religion, accessible to
anyone who approaches it with respect and humility, black or white. Even among those
sects most syncretic of Christianity there is widespread hope that the white man will
become more familiar with the Bwiti. An officiating member voiced his hope that
someday the Bwiti becomes known at the very core of western culture, in Europe, just as
Christianity came to Equatorial Africa many centuries ago.
For more information you can read following link:

One of best tricks used by religious leaders was making hallucinations in peoples minds.
history show that many old cultures used hallucinogenic plants in their rite .for example
amanita muscaria mushroom used by tribe in south of America by shaman (witch
doctors) .before initiation rite they add some powder of this plant into wine and gave it to
the people to drink .with hallucination starting, people avouched what things they robbed
and what crime they did. After finishing hallucinating, leaders arrested culprits and
claimed that god found them.
Another amazing true story about using hallucinogenic plant is about a person from Iran
with name “Hassan-i Sabbah”
he was a persian islamic missionary and chauvinist who converted a community in the
late 11th century in the heart of the Alborz Mountains of northern Iran.
The place was called Alamut and was attributed to an ancient king of Daylam.his plan
was tomake an artificial paradise and use hash for the induction of assassins into his
According to polemical accounts which would evolve into legend; a future assassin was
subjected to rites very similar to those of other mystery cults in which the subject was
made to believe that he was in imminent danger of death. But the twist of the assassins
was that they drugged the person to simulate a "dying" to later have them awaken in a
garden flowing with wine and served a sumptuous feast by virgins. The supplicant was
then convinced he was in Heaven and that Sabbah was a representative of the divinity
and that all of his orders should be followed, even to death. This legend derives from
Marco Polo, who visited Alamut just after it fell to the Mongols in the thirteenth century.

Any way, as I said before imagination is used in our life for science, prediction, invention
and also religion. We all need a mate and we seek it with our imaginations and will
These Following pictures are related to iboga (left) and amanita mushroom (right):
Modern society and modern religion!

with the progression of science, people could able to solve the last tricks of many
religions and annihilated most of them .the religious and governors that are some times
accompanied together ,had to invented a new religion and idols .
Again poor men needed a new ideology to terminate injustice .in fact if you look
precisely through the history you surely will find that all religions formed in societies
with three parameters: injustice- ignorance- and destitution
The societies had experience of old religions and they knew that they needed new things
to believe in. so frequently and according to society's acceptance some claim who are
prophets and messengers of god .surely they were most intelligent people in their ages
and just needed to make some attempt to dominate .it is interesting that we see many
person who claim like this but every one who claims needs an appropriate reason and
sign too. In history it is named miracle, but what is it?
surely ,it wasn’t hard to offer a miracle by prophets because people were foolish and they
were intelligent .they just needed to manage their science and peoples thoughts and they
did that very well .no one with this claim wasn’t successful at a scientific societies.

No valid historian wrote about fictitious miracles and they were never recorded. Rod of
Moses, blind’s remedy by Christ’s hand and splitting the moon by Mohammad.

Of course, I must say all of prophet were wise and decided to guide people from bad to
good and also dominated on people’s mind and some of them governed on a part of
History had also other wise men who never claimed that they are prophets such as
Buddha and Confucius, but people obeyed them too, just for their guidance.
It is said that Islam is the last religion and more complete than others. It is right and the
reason is obvious for every one .all prophets were alone and Mohammad completed his
ideology in his generation .specially in Shia group, there is one prophet (Mohammad) and
twelve imams (his generation).

All of us are seeing many things in our imagination, even a child can find many shapes in
clouds or stains on a wall such as horse, man or, car
Are they are true or false? And if a mind was under imagination so every thing can be
It depends on you; you are GOD of yourself and can create every thing with imagination.
Albert Einstein said that “imagination is every thing.”
So never sell your mind to others and know that ideology was most effective software for
crowd brain washing throughout history and is continuing nowadays!
Today’s world and modern brain washing

Some of the USSR’s programs

During the past few years, we have noted with horror the increase of psycho political
warfare upon the American public. Psycho politics is a solemn charge. With it you can
exterminate enemies as insects.


Although punishment for its own sake may not be entirely without recompense, it
is, nevertheless, true that the end and goal of all punishment is the indoctrination
of the person being punished with an idea, whether that idea be one of restraint or
obedience. Basically, Man is an animal. He is an animal which has been given a civilized
Veneer. Man is a collective animal, grouped together for his own protection before the
threat of the environment. Those who so group and control him must have in their
possession specialized techniques to direct the vagaries and energies of the animal Man
toward greater efficiency in the accomplishment of the goals of the State. The subject of
Psycho politics breaks down into several categories.


Man is already a colonial aggregation of cells, and to consider him an individual would
be an error. Colonies of cells have gathered together as one organ or another of the body,
and then these organs have, themselves, gathered together to form the whole. Thus we
see that man, himself, is already a political organism, even if we do not consider a mass
of men. Sickness could be considered to be a disloyalty to the remaining organisms on
the part of one organism. We can see with ease that the revolt is death, that the revolt of
any part of the organism results in death. Like the "individual" man, the State is a
collection of aggregations. The organism of Earth is an individual organism too. The
threatened rebellion of one country, no matter now small, against the total organism of
Earth, would find Earth sick, and the cultural state of man will suffer as a consequence
of this.


Man is subject to certain desires and needs which are as natural to his being as
they are to that of any other animal. It has been said, with truth, that one tenth of a man's
life is concerned with politics and nine-tenths with economics. Without food, the
individual dies. Without clothing, he freezes. Without houses and weapons, he is prey to
the starving wolves. The maintaining of a balance between gluttony and need is the
province of Economics proper and is the fit subject and concern of the Communist State.
The Capitalist does not know the definition of war. He thinks of war as attack
with force performed by soldiers and machines. He does not know that a more
effective if somewhat longer war can be fought with bread or, in our case, with
drugs and the wisdom of our art. The Capitalist has never won a war in truth. The
psycho politician is having little trouble winning this one.


All goals proceed from duress. Life is a continuous escape. Without force and
threat, there can be no striving. Without pain, there can be no desire to escape
from pain. Without the threat of punishment, there can be no gain.

Goals of the State should be formulated by the State for the obedience and
concurrence of the individuals within that State. A State without goals so
formulated is a sick State. A State without the power and forthright wish to
enforce its goals is a sick State.
The technologies of Psycho politics are graduated upon the scale which starts
Somewhat above the removal of the individual himself, upward toward the
removal only of those tendencies which bring about his lack of co-operation.
If you would have obedience you must have no compromise with humanity.


If you would have obedience you must make it clearly understood that you have no
mercy. Man is an animal. He understands, in the final analysis, only those things which a
brute understands. As an example of this, we find an individual refusing to obey and
being struck. His refusal to obey is now less vociferous. He is struck again, and his
resistance is lessened once more. He is hammered and pounded again and again, until, at
length, his only thought is direct and implicit obedience to that person from whom the
force has emanated. This is a proven principle. It is proven because it is the main
principle of Man, the animal, has used since his earliest beginnings. The stupidity of all
civilizations is best demonstrated by the fact that they believe hypnotism is a thing of the
mind, of attention, and a desire for unconsciousness. This is not true. Only when a person
has been beaten, punished, and mercilessly hammered, can hypnotism upon him be
guaranteed in its effectiveness.
What can people be made to believe?
They can be made to believe anything which is administered to them with sufficient
brutality and force.
followers of religions, such as Christianity, Islam, Judaism knew this.
Propaganda should continue and stress the rising incidence of insanity in a country. The
entire field of human behavior, for the benefit of the country, can, at length, be broadened
into abnormal behavior. On the subject of obedience itself, the most optimum obedience
is unthinking obedience. The command given must be obeyed without any rationalizing
on the part of the subject.
It is in the interest of Psycho politics that a population be told that an hypnotized person
will not do anything against his actual will, will not commit immoral acts, and will not
act so as to endanger himself. Psycho politics depends, from the viewpoint of the layman,
upon its fantastic aspects.
These are its best defense, but above all these defenses is implicit obedience on the part
of officials and the general public, because of the character of the psycho political
operative in the field of healing.


Man is a stimulus-response animal. His entire reasoning capabilities, even his ethics and
morals, depends upon stimulus-response machinery.
Having no independent will of his own, Man is easily handled by stimulus-response
mechanisms. It is only necessary to install a stimulus into the mental anatomy of Man to
have that stimulus reactivate and respond any time an exterior command source calls it
into being. The body takes pictures of
every action in the environment around the individual. if an individual is beaten, and is
told during the entirety of the beating that he must obey certain officials, he will, in the
future, feel the beginnings of the pain the moment he begins to disobey. The installed
pain, itself, reacts as a policeman, for the experience of the individual demonstrates to
him that he cannot combat, and will receive pain from, certain officials. The body is less
able to resist a stimulus if it has insufficient food and is weary. Refusal to let them sleep
over many
days, denying them adequate food, then brings about an optimum state for the receipt of a
stimulus. Drugging the individual produces an artificial exhaustion, and if he is drugged,
or shocked and beaten, and given a string of commands, his loyalties, themselves, can be
definitely rearranged. This is P.D.H., or Pain-Drug Hypnosis. Brain surgery, should also
be practiced by the psycho political
operative in training, to give him full confidence in:
1) The crudeness with which it can be done,
2) The certainty of erasure of the stimulus-response mechanism itself,
3) The production of imbecility, idiocy, and dis-coordination on the part of the patient
4) The small amount of comment which casualties in brain surgery occasion.

Just as a horse can be trained, so can a man be trained. Sexual lust, masochism, and any
other desirable perversion can be induced by pain-drug hypnosis and the benefit of the
Psycho politics.


In order to be conquered, a nation must be degraded, either by acts of war, by being

overrun, by being forced into humiliating treaties of peace, or by the treatment of her
populace under the armies of the conqueror. However, degradation can be accomplished
much more insidiously and much more effectively by consistent and continual

Given sufficient degradation, a prisoner can be caused to murder his fellow

Countrymen in the same stockade. Experiments on German prisoners have lately
demonstrated that only after seventy days of filthy food, little sleep, and nearly untenable
quarters, that the least motion toward the prisoner would bring about a state of shock
beyond his endurance threshold, and would cause him to hypnotically receive anything
said to him. Nations which have high ethical tone are difficult to conquer. Their loyalties
are hard to shake. The lying mechanisms of Christianity lead men to foolishly brave
deeds. By teaching them that there is a life here-after, the liability of courageous acts,
while living, is thus lessened.
People who are deeply religious would be less and less held responsible
for their own sanity, and should more and more be relegated to the ministrations of
psycho political operatives.


Psycho political operatives should at all times be alert to the opportunity to organize "for
the betterment of the community" mental health clubs or groups. By thus inviting the
cooperation of the population as a whole in mental health programs, the terrors of mental
aberration can be disseminated throughout the populace. No mental health movement
with actual goals of mental therapy should be continued in existence in any nation.
When a hostile group dedicated to mental health is discovered, the psycho politician
should have recourse to the mechanisms of peyote, mescaline, and later drugs which
cause temporary insanity.
The end thoroughly justifies the means. The degradation of populace is less inhuman than
their destruction by atomic fission, for to an animal who lives only once, any life is
sweeter than death. The end of war is the control of a conquered people. If a people can
be conquered in the absence of war, the end of war will have been achieved without the
destruction of war. A worth goal. The psycho politician has his reward in the nearly
unlimited control of populace, in the
uninhibited exercise of passion, and the glory of Communist conquest over the stupidity
of the enemies of the People.
Some of USA'S programs
The Evolution of Project MKULTRA
With the CIA and National Security Council firmly established, the first in a series
of covert brain-washing programs was initiated by the Navy in the fall of 1947.
Project CHATTER was developed in response to the Soviet’s “successes” through
the use of “truth drugs.”
The CIA decided to expand their efforts in the area of behavior modification.
the objectives were to:
(1) discover a means of conditioning personnel to prevent unauthorized extraction of
information from them by known means,
(2) investigate the possibility of control of an individual by application of special
interrogation techniques,
(3) investigate memory enhancement
(4) establish defensive means for preventing hostile control of agency personnel.

for these reason they follow the two programs with the names MKULTRA and

Levels of MONARCH Programming

ALPHA. Regarded as “general” or regular programming within the base control


BETA. Referred to as “sexual” programming. This programming eliminates all

learned moral convictions and stimulates the primitive sexual instinct, devoid of
inhibitions. “cat” alters may come out at this level.

DELTA. This is known as “killer” programming, originally developed for training

special agents or elite soldiers .Subjects are devoid of fear; very systematic in carrying
out their assignment. Self destruct or suicide instructions are layered in at this level.

THETA considered to the “psychic” programming. various forms of electronic mind

control systems were developed and introduced, namely, bio-medical human telemetry
devices (brain implants), directed-energy lasers using microwaves and/or
electromagnetic. It is reported these are used in conjunction with highly-advanced
computers and sophisticated satellite tracking systems.

OMEGA. A “self-destruct” form of programming, also known as “Code Green.” The

corresponding behaviors include suicidal tendencies and/or self-mutilation. This
program is generally activated when the victim/survivor begins therapy or
interrogation and too much memory is being recovered.
GAMMA. Another form of system protection is through “deception” programming,
which elicits misinformation and misdirection.

in the 20’th century many attempts have bean made to dominate people .now many
governments feed their people with fluoride in water supply and claim that is for reducing
tooth decay in children but the main reason is related to the nervous system .this can be
achieved by much cheaper method but they seek your loss of liberty as well by reducing
age by inducing carcinomas. It is necessary to mention that over dose fluoride is harmful
and a little fluoride is useful .because it is a part tooth components, but this material is a
poison which when joined to RNA and make carcinomas after long term usage.

LSD was first synthesized in 1938, but mystery about it stayed hidden until 1943 CIA
find it and started research about this material for brain washing project .ALLEN
DULLES director of the CIA during the Mk Ultra program. Also worked on a system to
spread LSD in NEW YORK subway. in 1957,CIA inspector ,GENERAL LYMAN
issued the following internal memorandum, stating that “precaution must be taken not
only to protect the operation from exposure to enemy forces ,but also to conceal this from
the American public in general . the knowledge that the agency is engaging in unethical
and illicit activities would have serious repercussions in the political and diplomatic
circles and would be detrimental to the accomplishment “

The CIA with the support of USA government used LSD against American citizens and
their enemy in war. Many soldiers were drugged to do the worst crimes in Vietnam .also
USA used BZ in psychoactive weapons.
All of this experience shows us why the USA wants to use psychoactive material in
modern warfare.
Surely, the Death of john f. Kennedy was a part of this project and without doubt every
day many are killed as a result of CIA projects. They examine and select their choice
from state and federal prisoners or prisoners of war .during and after the Iraq and
Afghanistan wars we saw many suicide bombers and many of them killed their townsman
with no reason. It is a strange question of how many suicide bombers are created?!

The Intelligence services used many brain washing technologies against people who
joined them or were arrested. One of them was timothy McVeigh .A person who
complained that while in the army he had been implanted with a microchip in his
buttocks. One acquaintance said that McVeigh believed he was being mind controlled
through the chip.

During the 1960’s high levels of electromagnetic radiation were used by USSR against
the American embassy. This microwave radiation was called a death ray and was able to
affect the brain and was also fatal .This technology used by the USA and researched by
the USA navy. Byrd wrote of experiments in irradiating animals with low level
electromagnetic field, he mentioned a change in brain function and stated that the
animals exhibited a drastic degradation of intelligence later in life “
In 1984 the program researching the creation of pulsed microwaves was stepped up at
This kind of weapons can irradiate whole towns.
By the progress of wireless technology irradiation of the brain is converted into a
universal project and all of us are irradiated every day.

Our cell phones emit thermal waves to our brains. Half of the energy of cell phone’s
battery discharges directly into your brain although manufacturer could able to construct
a reflector on the side of the phone to shelled your brain from radiation .there is no reason
for them not to except to cause brain damage .also large cellular towers emit high
intensity 800 MHZ waves.
Extremely low frequency (ELF) emitters were another project researched by CIA to make
a disruption in brain function .this device can be mounted similar to a TV station and
increased incidences of domestic violence by 4% and suicides by 2%

The USSR has long been interested in the work of Nicola Tesla and fired up seven Tesla
magnifying transmitters located at Chernobyl, beaming 10 hertz of energy in to the
ionosphere and creating an energetic standing wave that stretched from Chile to Alaska.
at same time ,three soviet satellite coordinated this irradiation of the upper atmosphere
.these signals were detected all over the world and were know as the “Russian
woodpecker” due t the chattering interface they produced on radio receivers.
At 10 hertz standing wave can easily pass through the earth center and come out again
from opposite situation .one of recent research projects on mind and world controlling
which is related to modification of the ionosphere by radiation is HAARP which can be
used as a weapon or to improve the weather as well as a killing mechanism. First the
ionosphere is modified above a point of the earth guided and discharged to the opposite
side of the earth which maybe is the home of your enemy. This phenomena is similar to
Aurora but the discharge takes place in your favorite place .it is necessary to mention that
high power of this device is using at can do terribe damadge your mind .many nuclear
explosions at high attitude in recent decdes were related to the effects of weapons on the
ionosphere and mankinds life .now the haarp project has started.

now many lethal weapons like the HUM project and sound weapons are used against man
kind and always our governmenst try to trick us .for example the UFO project .the
primary reason that USA has been involved in the UFO field has been to confuse the
issue of advanced aeronautics and weapons testing.they may even be a virtual device
such as holographig projection some places like area -51 may only be established for
high –tech spy science .

in about 1994,a colorado company ,called advanced neroutechnologies ,came up with a

device called brain link,consisting of a brain to computer interface that amplified 0.5HZ
to 40HZ brain waves,and turned them into coded computers.at the same time anoyher
organisation was collaborating in research into the biochip .Dr chris winter and a team at
bitish telecome’s martlesham health laboratories developed a chip that,when placed into
the skul behind the eye,will record all visual and physical sensations,as well as
thoughts.by combining this information and genes we my reach an end to Death.and
humans may finely acheve true immortality also this chip can used as a implant for new
soldiers who will obey orders transmited from GPS. satalites

our politicians and mind control

since the begining of recorded histroy men have lusted for control over their fellow
man.the seemingly impulsive part of the make up of the half-ape ,half-angel we call
human.until modern time brute force ,propaganda and religion were the most succesful
method for the maniupulation of human beings.so human cultures have always been
maniupulated by mind control and the key for undrestanding mind control is
undrestanding the capability of life itself,and that maybe salvation for the population of
this planet.mind control is a reductive process by which a life unit is reduced in power
until it is placed under the control of the manipulative agent.it is the means by which man
is turned into an animal,or a machine.

there is no doubt for anyone of intelegence that j.w bush and CIA were behind the
september 11 atacks, but few complain about the deaths of thousands of people and its
reason.just after that operation government convicted all those who were ready to acept
what ever they were told by their political leaders that al Qaeda,iran,and syria were
responsible….then BUSH announced that” you are an enemy of us or friend of us.this is
a crusade and a holly war against terrorist. it now has started and will continue .

every thing was related to their politics.of the last 200 years ,most of the scientific and
human development index have progressed and all are indebted to discovery of the best
source of energy:”oil”
without oil no motors,automobiles, airplanes or industry can function.but the reserves of
this resource will last less than 100 years .now most of manufacturers are in the peak of
their production ,so it means that all stocks are reaching an end .

we have no technology to replace oil.so the midle east will determine who will succeed
in the future .but for motivating people, the governors use many kind of tricks.for
example they tell us arabs are terrorists and ,iran supports terrorist and develops its
missiles to attack us.
but they never say that we did those killings in the twin towers.instead they limited the
media to control the thoughts of the US population it dosent mater how you think and
wher you live .
politicians just want to reach their goals by your blood.there is no ethical purpose and
allies and enemies.both claim that we are right and the other is the enemy .

The folowing are some stupid words from our world’s leaders:
"All for Jesus. All for Jesus. All for Jesus. All for Jesus,"
-- Republican Candidate Sam Brownback's stump speech in Iowa.

"Between science and God, I'll stick with God if the two are in conflict."
-- Republican Candidate Mike Huckabee

"Freedom requires religion."

-- Republican Candidate Mitt Romney

"I would probably have to say yes, that the Constitution established the United States of
America as a Christian nation."
-- John McCain

"Just before us is a nuclear countdown with Iran, followed by the final battle: the battle of
Armageddon . . . . The end of the world as we know it is rapidly approaching. Rejoice
and be exceedingly glad. The best is yet to be."
-- Televangelist and McCain endorser John Hagee

"Americans must be 'Christocrats' -- citizens of both their country and the Kingdom of
God"; "And that is not a democracy; that is a theocracy"; "That means God is in control,
and you are not."
-- Televangelist and McCain supporter Rod Parsley

March 13, 2008 - Sam Brownback (R-KS) introduced S. Res. 483, a resolution
"recognizing the first weekend of May 2008 as 'Ten Commandments Weekend,'" which
has been referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee. The resolution has one co-sponsor -
- Joe Lieberman. "The Constitution established the United States of America as a
Christian nation"
-- John McCain, September 2007

"Our national leaders, are sending soldiers out on a task that is from God. That's what we
have to make sure that we're praying for, that there is a plan and that that plan is God's
--Sarah Palin, on the Iraq war
If this were a dictatorship, it would be a heck of a lot easier -- so long as I'm the dictator.
--George W. Bush, Dec. 19, 2000
I hope I live to see the day when, as in the early days of our country, we won't have any
public schools. The churches will have taken them over again and Christians will be
running them. What a happy day that will be!
-- Rev. Jerry Falwell

Secular schools can never be tolerated because such a school has no religious instruction
and a general moral instruction without a religious foundation is built on air;
consequently, all character training and religion must be derived from faith.... We need
believing people.
-- Adolf Hitler, April 26, 1933

Our job is to reclaim America for Christ, whatever the cost. As the vice regents of God,
we are to exercise godly dominion and influence over our neighborhoods, our schools,
our government, our literature and arts, our sports arenas, our entertainment media, our
news media, our scientific endeavors -- in short, over every aspect and institution of
human society.
-- D. James Kennedy, Coral Ridge Ministries and Bush advisor.
The really dangerous American fascist... is the man who wants to do in the United States
in an American way what Hitler did in Germany in a Prussian way. The American fascist
would prefer not to use violence. His method is to poison the channels of public
information. With a fascist the problem is never how best to present the truth to the
public but how best to use the news to deceive the public into giving the fascist and his
group more money or more power... They claim to be super-patriots, but they would
destroy every liberty guaranteed by the Constitution. They demand free enterprise, but
are the spokesmen for monopoly and vested interest. Their final objective, toward which
all their deceit is directed, is to capture political power so that, using the power of the
state and the power of the market simultaneously, they may keep the common man in
eternal subjection."
-- U.S. Vice President Henry A. Wallace, quoted in the New York Times, April 9, 1944

- Lt. Gen. William Boykin, the defense undersecretary in charge of hunting down top
terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan
Nothing [Bush] does can be challenged on moral grounds, however unethical or evil it
might appear, because all of his actions are directed by God. He can twist the truth,
oppress the poor, exalt the rich, despoil the earth, ignore the law--and murder children--
without the slightest compunction, the briefest moment of doubt or self-reflection,
because he believes, he truly believes, that God squats in his brain pan and tells him what
to do.

No, I don't know that atheists should be considered as citizens, nor should they be
considered as patriots. This is one nation under God.
-- George Bush Sr., to a reporter in 1988

"A tyrant must put on the appearance of uncommon devotion to religion. Subjects are less
apprehensive of illegal treatment from a ruler whom they consider to be God-fearing and
-- Aristotle, 343 B.C.

He [God] is using me, all the time, everywhere, to stand up for a biblical world view in
everything that I do and everywhere I am.
-- House Majority Leader Tom DeLay

If this were a dictatorship, it would be a heck of a lot easier -- so long as I'm the dictator.
--George W. Bush, Dec. 19, 2000

"Why is this man in the White House? The majority of Americans did not vote for him.
Why is he there? And I tell you this morning that he's in the White House because God
put him there for a time such as this."
--Lt Gen William Boykin, speaking of G. W. Bush, New York Times, 17 October 2003
I've heard the call. I believe God wants me to run for president.
-- George W. Bush, quoted in George Magazine, September, 2000

“I would like to thank Providence and the Almighty for choosing me of all people to be
allowed to wage this battle for Germany.”
-- Adolf Hitler

A person who is guided by God will never be misguided by anyone.

-- Osama Bin Laden

We’re being guided by God.

-- Bush speech writer Michael Gerson

George Bush was not elected by a majority of the voters in the United States. He was
appointed by God.
-"Our purpose for Campus Crusade for Christ at the Air Force Academy is to make Jesus
Christ the issue at the Air Force Academy and around the world. They're government
paid missionaries when they leave here."
--Scot Blom, Campus Crusade for Christ director assigned to work at the Air Force

"...bring lost soldiers closer to Christ, build them in their faith and send them out into the
world as Government paid missionaries."
--Military Ministry, a subsidiary of the Campus Crusade for Christ

A Few Words from George Carlin

A Life is sacred? Who said so, God? Hey, if you read history you'll realize that God is
one of the leading causes of death...has been for thousands of years. Hindus, Muslims,
Christians, Jews, all taking turns killing each other because God told them it was a good

A Few Words from Mr. Zappa

The essence of Christianity is told us in the Garden of Eden history. The fruit that was
forbidden was on the tree of knowledge. The subtext is, All the suffering you have is
because you wanted to find out what was going on. You could be in the Garden of Eden
if you had just keep your fucking mouth shut and hadn't asked any questions.
Scientology, how about that? You hold on to the tin cans and then this guy asks you a
bunch of questions, and if you pay enough money you get to join the master race. How's
that for a religion?

Give a man a fish, and you'll feed him for a day.

Give him a religion, and he'll starve to death while praying for a fish.--Timothy Jones
People’s Killing and conspiracy theories
The populations increase more rapidly than food supplies. So, there would always be
more people in the world than can be fed, and wars and disease will be necessary to kill
off the extra population. ( THOMAS MALTHUS)

Hegel said in some situations, a nation cannot rightly avoid going to war. He means much
more than this. He is opposed to the creation of institutions - such as a world government
- which would prevent such situations from arising, because he thinks it is a good thing
that there should be wars from time to time. War has a positive moral value.(Hegel)

if we have to recognize its existence then we have no alternative but simply to accept the
status quo. Centuries of barbarism created and shaped it and it now exists as a consistent
system, whose principle is the dehumanized world. An abstract law of population exists
for plants and animals only, and only insofar as man has not interfered with them.(Marx)

Now, comrades, what is the nature of this life of ours? Let us face it: our lives are
miserable, laborious, and short. “But is this simply part of the order of nature? Is it
because this land of ours is so poor that it cannot afford a decent life to those who dwell
upon it? There, comrades, is the answer to all our problems. It is summed up in a single
word - Man. Man is the only real enemy we have. Remove Man from the scene, and the
root cause of hunger and overwork is abolished for ever.
Man is the only creature that consumes without producing. He does not give milk, he
does not lay eggs, he is too weak to pull the plough, he cannot run fast enough to catch
rabbits. Yet he is lord of all the animals.
no animal escapes the cruel knife in the end. You young porkers who are sitting in front
of me, every one of you will scream your lives out at the block within a year. To that
horror we all must come - cows, pigs, hens, sheep, everyone.
And remember, comrades, your resolution must never falter. No argument must lead
you astray. Never listen when they tell you that Man and the animals have a common
interest, that the prosperity of the one is the prosperity of the others. It is all lies. Man
serves the interests of no creature except himself. And among us animals let there be
perfect unity, perfect comradeship in the struggle. All men are enemies. All animals are
comrades. (GEORGE ORWELL)

The Great Revolution came about 6000 B.C. with the invention of agriculture, and the
creation of cities in the next millennium. By about 1000 B.C., after five thousand years of
agriculture, there were probably about one hundred million people in the world.
“By the beginning of the Christian era, this figure had a little more than doubled: it was
somewhere between two hundred million and two hundred and fifty million - less than
half the present population of China. The population increased very gradually in the
following years; sometimes there were long periods of standstill and sometimes there
were even periods of decrease, as in the years immediately following 1348, when the
Black Death killed off 30 percent of the population of Europe and nobody knows how
much of the population of Asia.
By the time the Pilgrim fathers arrived in this country, it is estimated that the population
of the world was about twice what it had been on the first Christmas Day - that is to say,
it had doubled in sixteen hundred years, an extremely slow rate of increase. But from
that time on, from the middle of the seventeenth century, with the beginnings of the
industrial revolution and the first importation of food from the newly developed lands of
the New World, population began rising far more rapidly than it had ever risen before.

Let us now ask ourselves what the practical alternatives are as we confront this problem
of population growth. One alternative is to do nothing in particular about it and just let
things go on as they are, but the consequences of that course are quite clear: the problem
will be solved by nature When any animal population tends (a) to starve and (b) to suffer
from severe epidemic and epizootic diseases. Another stupid alternative is to increase
industrial and agricultural production so that they can catch up with the increase in
"Finally, the unlimited increase in human numbers practically guarantees that
our planetary resources will be destroyed and that within a hundred or two hundred years
an immensely hypertrophied human species will have become a kind of cancer on this
planet and will ruin the quasi-organism on which it lives. It is a most depressing forecast
and possibility.( ALDOUS HUXLEY)

In Dr. John Coleman's comprehensive work, Conspirators Hierarchy - The Story Of The
Committee Of 300. The Committee of 300 had already abrogated the decisions of life and
death unto itself, and Peccei knew it.
Peccei completely dismissed industrial and agricultural progress and in its place
demanded that the world come under one coordinating council, to wit, the Club of Rome
and its NATO institutions, in a One World Government.
Natural resources would have to be allocated under the auspices of global planning.
natural resources like petroleum would in the future come under global planners' control,
meaning of course, under the control of the Committee of 300.

What are the goals of the secret elite group?

(1) A One World Government
(2) The utter destruction of all national identity and national pride.
(3) The destruction of religion and more especially the Christian religion, with the
one exception, their own creation
(4) Control of each and every person through means of mind control and what
Brzezinski calls "technotronics"
(5) An end to all industrialization and the production of nuclear generated electric
power in what they call "the post-industrial zero-growth society”. Exempted are
the computer and service industries.
(6) Legalization of drugs and pornography.
(7) Depopulation of large cities according to the trial run carried out by the Pol
Pot regime in Cambodia.
(8) Suppression of all scientific development except for those deemed beneficial
by the Committee.
(9) Cause by means of limited wars in the advanced countries, and by means of
starvation and diseases in Third World countries,
(10) To weaken the moral fiber of the nation and to demoralize workers in the
labor class by creating mass unemployment.
(11) To keep people everywhere from deciding their own destinies by means of
one created crisis after another and then "managing" such crises.
(12) To introduce new cults and continue to boost those already functioning,
(13) To continue to build up the cult of Christian fundamentalism begun by the
British East India Company's servant,
(14) To press for the spread of religious cults such as the Moslem's Brotherhood,
It is worth noting that the late Ayatollah Khomeini was a creation of MI-6
(15) To export "religious liberation" ideas around the world so as to undermine all
existing religions but more especially the Christian religion.
(16) To cause a total collapse of the world's economies and engender total
political chaos.
(17) To take control of all foreign and domestic policies of the United States.
(18) To give the fullest support of supranational institutions such as UN, IMF, BIS
(19) Penetrate and subvert all governments, and work from within them to destroy
the sovereign integrity of nations represented by them.
(20) Organize a world-wide terrorist apparatus and negotiate with terrorists
whenever terrorist activities take place.
Much of these goals, which I first enumerated in 1969, have since been achieved or are
well on their way to being achieved.


At current birth and death rates, the world is adding a Los Angeles every three weeks. If
average human growth rates were to continue at their present course the world's
population would reach at least 10 billion by the year 2030, 20 billion by 2070, 40 billion
by 2110, and 80 billion by the year 2150.

the USA's research on biological warfare and

population control
As long ago as 1962, forty scientists were employed at the U.S. Army biological warfare
laboratories on full-time genetic research. A Department of Defense spokesman claimed
that genetic engineering could solve one of the major disadvantages of biological
warfare, that it is limited to diseases which occur naturally somewhere in the world.
It is projected by Public Health experts that over 2.4 billion people, half
the world's population, will die from AIDS viruses and mutations by those viruses within
that period of time. The AIDS virus was specifically requested, produced, and deployed,
it now threatens the extinction of our species. It came right out of a -organized laboratory
by the crossbreeding of cattle and sheep viruses.

Three years ago some mad scientist in the USA designed a super virus again by
combining HIV with smallpox .they claim that new virus is one million times better at
killing than smallpox. The US government sent some of samples to 13 countries . Then
the UN asked them to return the samples for destruction. That was surly a time to
best achieve the depopulation of earth and I am sure it will happen soon.
Population control of the Third World has been a policy and goal of U.S. officials for
Dr. W. B. Clarke of Indiana, finds that "Cancer was practically unknown until
compulsory vaccination with cowpox vaccine began to be introduced. I have had to deal
with at least two hundred cases of cancer, and I never saw a case of cancer in an
un vaccinated person.

Dr. Robert Strecker has studied the AIDS virus extensively. In his video The Strecker
Memorandum he reveals that in the early 70s "The Danish Cancer Registry (an
international panel of experts) noted that it is possible to visualize the mutation of a virus
into variety of high contagiousness to man resulting in a pandemic of neo-plastic disease
before we could develop a vaccine." Dr. Strecker concurs with the concept that AIDS
was created in a laboratory from the bovine and visna virus through recombinant DNA.

The world's population has been grown from 4 billion in 1975 to 6.35 billion in 2000, an
increase of more than 50 percent. Ninety percent of this growth is occurred in the poorest
World food production has been increased 90 percent over the 30 years from 1970 to
2000. At the same time, real prices for food are expected to double.
Arable land increased only 4 percent by 2000, so that most of the increased output of
food will have to come from higher yields. During the 1990s world oil production was of
maximum production capacity.
While the world's finite fuel resources - coal, oil, gas shale, tar sands and uranium - are
theoretically sufficient for centuries, they are not evenly distributed; they pose difficult
economic and environmental problems; and they vary greatly in their amenability to
exploitation and use.
In the 1970-2000 period population growth alone caused requirements for water to
double in nearly half the world.
Serious deterioration of agricultural soils will occur worldwide, due to erosion, loss of
organic matter, desertification, salinization, alkalinization, and water-logging.
Atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide and ozone-depleting chemicals are
expected to increase at rates that could alter the world's climate and upper atmosphere
significantly by 2050.
Extinctions of plant and animal species will increase dramatically.
the world's population would reach 10 billion by
2030 and would approach 30 billion by the end of the twenty-first century.

Sir Julian Huxley said, "Overpopulation is, in my opinion, the most serious threat to the
whole future of our species." The project, called MK-NAOMI, was carried out at Fort
Detrick, Maryland. AIDS was made to reduce the population. Specifically targeted were
the black, Hispanic, and homosexual populations.

The agenda for depopulation is right on track and accelerating rapidly.

It is no accident that CNN and HOLYWOOD have run several specials on the Ebola
virus. The public is being psychologically prepared for massive outbreaks, and massive
outbreaks there will be. At this point in time, with all that has already been unleashed
upon us, outbreaks are inevitable. Those in power and in control of this world do not
know how to create, but they are extremely proficient at destruction and that is the path
they are walking.

It doesn’t mater where you live. Our governors want to kill most of us for their goals.
the only important thing that we must understand is that humanity is only a social
blameworthy species of animal who was created by nature and claims with pride that we
are humans and king of all .for this reason I advocate violence on most of the population
except those who are responsible for their actions and first on this list, are politicians,
religious leaders, lawyers and the governments armed forces
Depopulation must start but don’t allow them to start it first.
Is moral duty

When animals are over grassing and starvation and the death of the herd is
inevitable without outside interference the kindest thing to do is cull the herd. We
are animals!
Improvised anarchism
unconventional warfare

Without anarchism law will change to dictatorship so getting a balance is mandatory.

Professional anarchism is usually done by a limited group to earn money and mainly
consists of contraband such as, drugs, weapons and equipment.
amateur anarchism usually occurred when governments have no respectful behavior
towards there people .if governments don’t solve this problem crisis increase dramatically
and even can cause both forms of anarchism to be integrated into one and lead to a coup.

In many countries professional anarchism works with government (or with a part of
government) in private and only face to each other when they have no agreement.
Any way in this political climate only citizen must suffer their faults and there is no
solution except extended anarchism into big part of a society .the result of high chaos is
real law and real democracy. Also it is a good way to purge society from its hangers on.

In this section I introduce you technical methods which are usually used by anarchist
special street weapons
Maglight Shotgun The weapon is called the “Companion” and is a working flashlight
capable of firing a .410 shotgun round. It works by removing a safety pin and can then be
fired by a spring loaded firing pin.(left picture)
Key Ring Gun This weapon appears to be a common key ring or MP3 player and may be
carried in a pocket or around a neck. It is extremely light weight and can be separated in
two parts, the double barrel (silver section) and the firing pin mechanism (black section).
The firearm uses .32 automatic rounds and has an accuracy range of about 2600 ft.
(right).This key gun does NOT show up in Airport screening.

Cigarette Pack Gun is usually a single-shot weapon of varying calibers. Although much
heavier than a normal cigarette packet, this weapon is visually difficult to distinguish
from the genuine article.(left picture)
12-Gauge Booby Trap Alarm: This perimeter security device can be attached anywhere
with only 2 screws. When activated by a trip wire the firing pin is released, firing a 12
gauge blank cartridge. This is designed to scare away unwanted
Visitors or trespassers; however the cartridge can easily be replaced with a real 12-gauge
round and would become deadly to anyone tripping the guide wire. (Right picture)
It is available at www.espionage-store.com for $59.99.
.38 Caliber Flare Gun: The adapter shown here converts a plastic 12-gauge flare gun
into a .38 Caliber pistol. It is available at www.CaptainForHire.com at a cost of $75.

Bolt Pistol: This unusual ‘pistol’ has been around for a long time, but similar ones keep
turning up and it’s worth a reprint. This weapon is a homemade .22 caliber gun that fires
a single .22 caliber stinger. To use the firearm you only need to pull back on the spring-
loaded hex-head of the bolt. The weapon is about 5/8 inches in diameter and 4 inches
long. The only way to distinguish it from a standard bolt is the barrel hole on the end of
the threaded portion and the machined groove just under the hex-head where it rests on
the bolt shaft.

The Mini: The Liberator 9mm pistol is the size of a credit card and is considered the
smallest pistol available. It is 2.25” high x 3.30” long. It can be purchased online without
restriction for $325. at http://stingerpengun.com/knifegun.htm
Pocket Clip .22 Cal. Handgun: If clipped to your pocket it would look like a pager or
cell phone. This weapon can be found online at www.naaminis.com.

Credit Card Shotgun: The user has to measure out gunpowder, pour it in each barrel,
drop seven pellets into each barrel and tamp in a small wad of paper. A knob at one end
serves as a safety and 2 buttons set into a hole in the body are the electrical triggers.
Bangstick - Adapted for Pocket or Neck: This device is intended for use by fishermen
and scuba divers to kill sharks and alligators and capable of firing either a single .38 cal.
short, .38 special or .357 magnum cartridge.

Cell Phone Gun:

The phone guns are being manufactured in Croatia and Yugoslavia and are sophisticated
machines constructed to fit inside gutted cell phones. The gun phones are significantly
heavier then real cell phones and do not operate or have lighted screens.
Knife/Gun: These photos are of a knife that is also a .22 cal pistol.

Throwing Blades: The three-bladed throwing knife shown here is called the
“Cylone Throwing Knife” and is available online at www.throwingstar.net for $12.99.

Throwing Cards: The cards (shown here) are made of metal and are the size of regular
playing card. All four corners and sides are razor sharp. These too are available at
www.throwingstar.net under the name ROYAL FLUSH THROWING KNIFE
CARDS. A five card pack can be purchased for $19.99.
Belt Buckles: Another interesting website is www.pebbleco.com. It has many interesting
items including the throwing star belt buckle shown here which is
available for $16.95 along with the knife buckle shown below for $8.95.
Also available on this site are throwing knives, crossbows, blowguns, pinhole cameras,
gasmasks, lock picks, scanners & can safes.

Jogger’s OC Spray: is a Non-Lethal Defense weapon is based on an oleoresin capsicum

formula. The canisters are removable and can be replaced. Each canister can fire 8-10
one-half second bursts of spray that has a range of 10 feet.
Covert Stun Gun: In addition to high-powered halogen illumination and a personal
alarm, this flashlight packs a 600K-volt stun gun wallop.

Cell Phone Stun Guns: Cell phone stun guns are now widely available on the Internet. it
is hard to understand the difference between your cell phone and
this powerful stun gun. The high-voltage shot disrupts the signal from the brain to
Muscles….and full recovery can take 5-10 minutes.” Cabela’s is selling it for $69.99.
The Cell phone shown here is available at www.watkinsselfdefense.com &
http://www.selfdefenseproducts.com for $75. This realistic looking stun gun phone
Shoots 180,000 volts and has a siren alarm up to 130 db. It is Powered by one 9 V

Slingshot: this weapon can be made by any one at home and if it uses with steel bullet
can kill a person in short range. Steel bullet can penetrate into skull and even light armor.
Inside of 200 ft., it could well be lethal to a man or animal, if it struck in a vital area.
Because of the relatively large sized projectile that can be used in a wrist rocket, the
Wrist rocket can be adapted to throw relatively powerful explosive projectiles.
A small segment of aluminum pipe could be made into an impact-detonating device by
filling it with an impact-sensitive explosive material. Also, such a pipe could be filled
with a low-order explosive, and fitted with a fuse, which would be lit before the device
was shot. One would have to make sure that the fuse was of sufficient length to insure
that the device did not explode before it reached its intended target.
Advantage: silent shooting, very cheap, easy to use and make, as strong as a gun, it can
carry heavy payload of explosive, or incendiary (left)
Darts: this tools were one of first weapons used by human and were cheap, and simple
.they can kill a person when they are poisoned with strong poison such as Batrachotoxin
which is isolated from the skin of poison arrow frogs (right)
Martial arts and hand to hand combat in the streets
The fight does not “start” when someone lands a fist on your jaw. So, you must act first
and finish it in a second by frequently attack on nerves and pressure centers.
Simple rules for insurrection in cities:

1- Every one should carry a strong liquid glue to pour into every lock in governor’s
offices, ATM keys, computer fans.
2- Carry many deformation’s nails always in your car and throw them into every street,
during your drive especially on street which reaches to offices.
3-throw cherry bombs by your slingshot to cops offices and gas stations, as well as public
areas .also you can surround it with a powder of red pepper as a tear payload.
3- Have a piece of wire always with you and make a short circuit in every plug you can
see in offices.
4-hack all of government’s sites then share confidential information to all.
5- Counterfeit cash.
6- The manifestos must be written on all walls.
7- The citizenry must have some weapons suitable for guerrilla warfare and learn how to
use them with reasonable proficiency and deny every religion.
8- Kill governors and lawyers in street, whenever you can.
9-every one must throw an iron’s chain on naked electrical wire in street to make them
cut by short circuit.
Narcotics Concealment tricks
Hollow Walking Cane: The cane can contain several empty plastic tubes for
transporting drugs. there are many things around us suitable for hiding drugs .

narcotics laced paper and Soaked Wicker: Meth can applyed to the letter in some form
of a Dissolved solution. The liquid will evaporate and leave only the paper and
the drug. Methamphetamine is commonly snorted or injected; however in this case it
would be eaten. The letter have no distinguishing characteristics or noticeable odor, but
a narcotics dog can hit on the package. This method can used for cocaine too .both of
them are water soluble materials and easily can be extracted by water again and then
dryed to convert them back to there recognizable form. Cocaine soaked paper can be used
for manufacturing
this wickerwork, which was later painted. also they can soaked into charcoal.
Narcotics Disguised as Beans: in following picture is a bulk of red beans, some
genuine and some false, with the false beans containing a brown powder can be heroin.
Also many of narcotics can be dissolved in water or other color solutions such as many
kinds of drinks or perfumes the .basses of all of these methods is water solubility of

You can spray a mild alcoholic solution of any narcotic on any personal products such as
your car then use a solvent to evaporate it and a narcotic film will remain. For recovering
the material, you must wash the items again then and collect and dry the solution in a pot.

Hiding narcotics in statues and candles: general substance of candle is paraffin and the
usual material for making a statue is chalk .both of them are insoluble in water and are
flexible. For hiding narcotics you need only mix them with double weight paraffin and
put on the fire to melt them together then pour it into mold to shape a statue. In the same
way you can use chalk as an inert additive, you must add some water to the mixture for
hardening in the mold. In both of them it is good idea to use some mineral pigment for
coloring and finally paint them with oily dye (it is insoluble in water too) .it can help you
to reduce odor and exterior chemical residues.
The Following picture is a bag of cocaine hidden inside a candle. Mixing the drug with
wax is a better method than this.
And here is a picture of mold constructed by plaster and meth amphetamine. The mold
was filled with either the resin or plaster and the meth was placed in the mold while the
Material was wet:

with many narcotics you can prepare a candy .exactly similar to the last method ,you
must mix them as an ingredient during candy manufacturing.

Special technique for hiding narcotics:

special techniques are based on a chemical reaction concept and production most usual
usable things such as rubber or many polymer substances .in this method you must use
narcotics as filler inside of the polymer for example polyurethanes can be made by
reaction of toluene di iso cyanide (TDI) and a kind of polyol. During reaction you can
add narcotics to this mixture and pour it to special mold which can be a rubber or other
type of mold such as those used in cookie or chocolate making
An important point is that for Dog Repellent purposes you must use some bleach powder
or pepper oil in your mixture.

Use of balloon in marine

1- Fill a balloon with air.

2-attach your payload to balloon .payload contains a cotton bag full of salt and plastic bag
for your narcotics.
3-if you put this device into the water after a while salt will dissolve and your balloon lift
again your narcotics payload.

The use of drug couriers (mules)

the best couriers are those that don't fit the profile of a drug trafficker such as the elderly
and children. Also a well dressed business man or first class commuter will draw less
attention than a long haired bearded scruffily dressed 18 to 26 year old carrying a back
Security officials are trained to look out for signs of stress and nerviness so the best
mules are those who do not suspect they are carrying drugs .while most tourists have the
intelligence not to carry items for strangers they would not suspect drugs were concealed
in a gift from a trusted friend of many years , from a parent , son or daughter or from
some one they have bean sexually intimate with and believe is in love with them

airport security often are under trained work ,long hour's and are lazy with some research
and surveillance of security officers it should not be difficult to work out when airport
security change shift. The end of a night shift is the best time to pass threw airport
security as this is when fatigue sets in and customs baggage checkers are least alert.

Use of decoys and misinformation

often if it is suspected that a shipment of drugs is expected baggage checkers will call for
backup and extra assistance these extra personnel will be called in from the other baggage
screening stations so an anonymous tip off and a second courier set up to be caught
entering at the same time as your shipment will insure that baggage screening is under
staffed at your entry point

other entry points for illegal contraband and drugs

The following is a list of entry points for illegal items with 1 being where screening is
most thorough and 6 where it is seldom done
1 passenger air terminals
2 passenger shipping terminals
3.regular mail
4.courier mail
5.express courier mail
6. container ports

Also worth noting

if the courier is knowingly importing drugs or if the only available courier is
yourself (and this should be avoided if possible) the best method of concealment and the
only one that should be used is sealing the drugs in condoms and swallowing them you
should fast for 12 hours before ingesting the packages and use the strongest available
antacid also don't eat during the flight and drink only water and plenty of it. This will
reduce the acid in your stomach and reduce the chances of fatal over dose during the
flight. Always and this is most important have a legitimate reason for traveling with stops
of one week or more in each destination you visit .Carry sufficient luggage , souvenirs
and cash and rehearse answers to questions security personnel ask such as – were did you
stay ? Were you visiting friends or relatives? Who are you traveling with? What did you
see? Have a joke , smutty story or tail of being ripped of by local merchant's or thieves
memorized security will often engage you in trivial conversation so if possible keep your
conversation relaxed and casual with all airport staff and fellow travelers as you never
know who the undercover security officers are.
Note about narcotics detectors: Several technologies have been developed for narcotic
detection such as x-ray, dogs and IMS, ion mobility spectrometry (IMS) is perhaps the
most widely utilized. This technology has a number of advantageous features, including
the potential ability to detect almost all drugs of interest, moderate cost, near
instantaneous response time, and sensitivity (1ppm) in the sub-parts per billion ranges in
some cases. As you know, Collection of particle samples has usually relied on surface
swiping, i.e., taking a
sampling pad and wiping it across a surface to try to collect particle contamination.
This can be very effective, but it is sufficiently slow that it limits throughput to
About one samples every 30 s. The alternative to particle collection is to collect vapor or
airborne particulate material using some form of vacuuming but it can use only for drug
with enough vapor pressure not a hidden. In view point that the vapor pressure of heroin
is very low even in comparison to that of cocaine, the rate of reorganization of it, is only
17%.but any way, IMS can detect methamphetamine and cocaine by sucking the inlet air
contain their molecules with effectively rate 50%.
all of detecting devices work base on narcotic pollution on surface, so you must aware
to clean your body, bags, suitcases as possible you can.
also you can use narcotics in small amount to pollute every person, car or device.
This make cops, dogs and IMS confuse.
IMS works on complex organic compounds so it is critical for you to use some type of
perfume on your body to baffle its processor.
Improvised Explosive from most convenient material
ever seen
I am sure most of you, aren’t experts in this high risk science, so I decided to show
the most simple and user-friendly items and to avoid offering more complex
information about this. But if someone has any more questions don’t hesitate to
contact us at scribd

basics : every one must know that for running a detonation ,we need an initiator to input
enough energy to activate the next item and some of these items means an explosive train
.as you know there are many explosives with different sensitivities .some of them are
sensitive and some of them are insensitive .you can always detonate a big amount of
sensitive material such as fulminate ,but be sure, it will kill you first .so for more safety
,design a good train is necessary .for reaching this goal ,you must put the most sensitive
material first and most insensitive last. The size of item in train dramatically increases
from the first to the last. So sensitive explosives are in minimum weight about one gram
and insensitive are heavier and can be in order of tones. In all of train you must gain an
intense shock wave before starting main charge to detonate it with high reliability.
Making a strong shock wave is highly dependent on design. For example black powder in
open space burn only, but in a closed and hard pipe with one inch diameter and 10 inch
height, it will detonate.
Some explosives with low velocity of detonation called low explosive, most famous of
them you know, are ANFO and black powder. Mild confinement for detonating low
explosives is mandatory. For this reason black powder needs to be used in a pipe for good
detonation or ANFO is usually used in boreholes in mine. Here is a picture of an
explosive train:

For amateurs who aren’t expert at explosive, using mild confinement as well as more
amount sensitive materials to reach a high yield detonation is necessary. This document is
based on your available material, not on making all of the materials.
Raw material

Chlorates -extraction from match heads and hook charcoal:

Match heads and hook charcoal have potassium chlorate which is soluble in water and
most of other impurities are insoluble. So for extraction of chlorate follow this:

1-grind match heads or hook charcoal to make powder.

2-pour some water (10 times of powder) in bowl and let it boil.
3-add powder to boiling water and let it boil for one minute.
4-filter the mixture by a thin piece of cloth and save the filtrate solution
5-let filtrate evaporate by mild heating or in air to evaporate 50% of its volume.
6- Put solution in freezer at -18 degree centigrade and wait for 45 minutes.
7-filtrate again and collect chlorate’s crystals.
This method can used for some other material for example fire cracker mixture which
produces good chlorate.

Chlorate-from ash and bleaching powder

1-mix 0.5 kg of white ash with .5 kg bleach powder then add 5 liters of water to them.
2- Put mixture on the fire to boil and evaporate half of the water.
3- Pass the mixture through the piece of cloth and collect the filtrate.
4-now let it to cool at room temperature .usually crystals of impure chlorate forms.
5-if crystals didn’t form, boil again with 10 % more water evaporation and then let it
cool. The crystals aren’t pure and you must dissolve them in the least amount of boiling
water and repeat recrystallizations.
6-collect crystals and save them in a dry place .they are relatively pure but more
crystallization makes it more pure.
7-some chlorate is in solution yet and you can boil it again and obtain more product .but
always purification is necessary.

This method and its product is less reliable than the last method.
Chlorate-from ash, bleaching powder and H2SO4

Method 1
This method is based on the reaction of chlorine and hot and concentrated K2CO3.
1- Make chlorine by adding gently H2SO4 (from battery) to 100 gram bleaching powder.

This set up can be used for production chlorine. Do this in an open area!

2-add 200 gram white ash to boiling water and stir for some minutes.
3-do filter this mixture with a piece of cloth.
4-boil filtrates again to concentrate solution.
5-now, pour the hot and concentrated solution in to the glass jar and put the chlorine inlet
glass pipe in to the solution for bubbling of the chlorine gas.
6-the result is a solution of chlorate and chloride .but KCL is soluble about 34gr/100cc
and KClO3 has solubility about 7.5 gr/100cc in 20 degrees centigrade .so KCLO3
precipitate mainly and for more purification ,you should dissolve it again in at least
boiling water and let it to cool and precipitate .

Note: using hot solution of ash concentrate is critical in this method!

Method 2
1-mix ash filtrates with 1 liter bleach solution (sodium hypochlorite)
2- Heat the mixture to boil and evaporate 40% of water.
3-cool it in room temperature and collect impure chlorate

Chlorate from electrolysis method is another alternative which is useful for good experts
but methods mentioned above are useful for small size.
Nitrate-from animal excrement and proteins

This work is based on bio-degradation of material that contains nitrogen compounds.

Every person has about 1.5 liter urine a day with about 45 grams of urea and most
animals have similar products. For example birds have uric acid in their piss.45 grams of
urea after bio-degradation can produce intermediate to make at least 100 gram KNO3.but
this phenomena take some months or even some years which is depended to
circumstances .but in mild humidity and hot air is shortest and take some month only. A
good source to find old excrement is bullpen or anter of bat. The soil in these places have
an enriched form of nitrate. Chilean desert has the largest animal nitrate source in the
For extraction do following section:
1-collect decayed soil from the sources mentioned above.
2- Mix 1 part of soil with 0.2 part white ash (wood ash) and 10 parts of water.
3- Place mixture on the fire to boil for 2 minutes.
4-now filter it with a piece of cloth
5- Now heat the filtrate near to dry point. If your nitrate melts, it will decompose.
6-the product is impure any way.

Nitric acid

1-set up a distillation apparatus .all part must be made of glass and Teflon and seal plug
which is acid resistant. Here is a schematic of this apparatus.

2-put 100 grams of impure nitrate in to the vessel and add 0.5 liters of H2SO4 from a
3-to prevent decomposition of nitric acid, you should better heat it indirectly. The
temperature must not exceed than 200 degrees .so it is good idea to put the mixture in a
vessel filed with saline and then heat the saline vessel safely. The saline solution mustn’t
be in contact with your mixture at all .it is just a medium for heating.
3-if you have no condenser; you can use 2 meter polyethylene hose and cool vapors
inside the hose in a bowl full of ice.
4-start heating and collect maximum 50 cc of distillate .more than this is very impure.
5-if you add gently baking soda to your product (nitric acid) gas will liberate and
continue to complete the reaction and finally you will have pure NaNO3 which is useful
for black powder and also your acid can be used for the synthesis of high explosives.

Ammonium nitrate and ammonia

If you concentrate your urine near to dry point, urea will concentrate too. Now you can
add caustic soda solution to that and gently heat it. Ammonia will be liberated and you
can introduce it into the cold water to prepare ammonia solution or by passing it through
the nitric acid you will have ammonium nitrate. If ammonium nitrate solution is heated
and evaporated, solid salt will remain and if red fumes are liberated during heating, it
means that you didn’t pass enough ammonia. In fact if you add more ammonia, you will
have no problem, but if you add a little ammonia, poison NO2 will liberate. Also
ammonium nitrate can be found every where as a fertilizer.
(NH2)2CO+2NaOH=====2 NH3+Na2CO3
for preparation of a strong ammonia solution, you must pass enough gaseous ammonia
through the cold water .it is better to use a column such as graduated cylinder (with a
500cc size) and immerse the flexible plastic pipe in to the bottom of cold water-ice .on
the other hand it is necessary to close the end of the pipe in and make some orifices in the
side of the pipe which is immersed into the water-ice for maximum gas absorption.

Improvised hydrazine

1-pour 1 liter of bleach solution (usual home bleach solution has about 4% sodium
hypochlorite) in to the beaker (2 liter size) .
2-mix 250cc concentrated ammonia (27%) or 0.5 liter of your ammonia (if you prepared
it well) with 25 gram ammonium chloride and one teaspoon potassium permanganate in a
2.5 liter beaker.
Note: ammonium chloride can be found in zinc-carbon dry batteries. The Dark bulk
around the graphite rod is a mixture of MnO2(manganese dioxide)+carbon
black+NH4Cl(ammonium chloride).for extraction the salt, it is enough to bring out the
black bulk and add water 20 times of its volume and filter it with a peace cloth and dry
filtrate solution to get NH4CL.
3-make a concentrated gelatin solution by boiling water and add 30 cc of this solution to
the ammonia solution to prevent decomposition of hydrazine.
3- Put both of the above solutions in to the freezer for 2 hours.
4-now bring out both solutions and add very slowly bleach solution (5cc/min) to
ammonia solution.
5-now put 2 liter beaker which contains about 1.5-2% hydrazine at room temperature for
20 minute to complete reaction.
6-now pour the mixture into the big size (4-5 liter) round bottom flask and connect it to
your distillation apparatus.
Note: to prevent foaming, add 2 gram of particles of china dish in to the round bottom
7-continue boiling till all water solution and hydrazine evaporate and condense in other
side .for cooling you can use water circulation in the condenser.
8-now add 30cc concentrated sulfuric acid or 100 cc car’s acid to distillate.
9- Put distillate on oven and boil. (150cc must be remained).then let it to cool in room
10-after cooling solution, pour it again in a small round bottom flask (500cc is good) and
add 50 gram of caustic soda. Then again connect it to distillation apparatus and start
distillation .collect only first 12cc of your distillate.
11-your distillate is mainly hydrazine and has a little ammonia and water.

Note: hydrazine is sensitive to oxygen and light as well as heavy metals ions. So keep it
in close glass vessel and keep out from sun light.

Sulfur and Sulfuric acid

Sulfur is an abundant element in nature and is usual in all countries.
Dilute acid is available in car batteries. Its concentration is about 30% and you can
concentrate it to 98% by boiling .when temperature reach to about 340 degree centigrade,
concentration is about 95 %.( in a climate with a pressure of about one atmosphere) glass
can stand in this acid with high temperature, although ceramics work well .you need
strong heat source for evaporation .hard job but it is usual in industries too.
Also you can first prepare ferrous sulfate .then heat it to decompose .this sulfate can
produce SO3 (raw material for preparation H2SO4 or oleum).if you dissolve SO3 in
diluted acid, you will reach to concentrated acid too.

The highest iodine content is found in brown algae, with dry kelp ranging from 1500-
8000 ppm (parts per million).if you mix some grams of dry brown algae with one gram
bleach ,then add it 10 cc concentrated sulfuric acid ,iodine vapors liberate and can
solidify by a cold plate.
Explosive train design

Here is a schematic of design and arrange of item with maximum safety and reliable.

Igniterprimary compositionrelay or shock generatorboostermain charge.


A-1-Long delay igniter: the simplest igniter is a cotton wick (pure cotton rope with a
diameter at least 1 mm). It is never extinguished by wind and has slow burning rate. This
simple rope can transfer energy with maximum delay. Another alternative for long delay
burning is a cigarette .it takes about 10-15 minute to end burning.

A-2-Short delay igniter: this item can be easily prepared by immersing cotton rope into
the hot saturated solution of KNO3 or KClO3 then dry it at room temperature. It can burn
at 1-2 cm/second.

B-Primary element
This item has more energy density relative to igniter and transfers it to mid charge or
relay. This charge first be activated by the igniter and must be compacted in to the
blasting cap.

B-1-Primary composition
You can select one of these formulas:
1 part powder of sugar +1 part powder of kclo3
2 part powder of kmno4+1 part powder of sulfur
powder of 100 match heads
fire cracker mixture
The amount of primary mixture is about 0.5 gram.

C-Relay or mid charge

2 grams compacted relay mixture is enough as a mid charge.

C-1-Acetone peroxide (AP)

1-add gently 10cc cold acetone to 4cc hydrogen peroxide 30 %( or 20 cc 6%) in a glass.
Keep cold mixture by a bath of ice-water-salt in a pan. The Temperature must stay less
than 10 degrees centigrade.
2-while the mixture is cooled by ice water bath; add very slowly 1cc of car’s sulfuric acid
(30%) by drip pan and agitate it (with a glass rod) after every drop.
3-put the mixture in to the refrigerator for one day
4-then filter the mixture by a coffee filter and rinse it with 100 cc water and save the
acetone peroxide.
5-put it in a dry pan and wait for 3 hours to remove the moisture, then save it in a closed
vessel .AP is volatile substances.

C-2-permanganate mixture
This mixture is powerful and in compact form can be detonated and produce very high
4 part KMnO4 powder+3 part aluminum powder (mesh 400) +1 part sulfur

Note: if you have a kid’s gun you can remove the mixture from the cap and use some of
it as primary composition directly .another alternatives is using general fire crackers
mixtures in compact form. This kind of primer must be about one gram in compacted
form in a pen’s pipe. Some eye brow cosmetic pens are made of aluminum and are very
similar to standard detonator cases. Here is a picture of this pipe.

The Booster is used for amplification of input shock wave and changes it to strong shock
for reliable detonating of main charge. Some times booster and relay have similar
composition .in fact in some designs, with a bigger size relay you can have a good
detonation and some times booster used as a main charge. But pay attention to choice less
sensitive and more power full booster.
According to sensitivity and size of main charge, the amounts of boosters are different.
for example for ANFO(ammonium nitrate +5% kerosene) in a 200 L barrel you must
insert a 100 gram booster in the center of barrel and for a borehole(with depth about 6 m
and 4 inch diameter) of ANFO you need 3 boosters (every booster is 100 grams.). So the
geometry of ANFO has an effect on the amount of booster.

D-1-improvised nitro cellulose

This product is as powerful as TNT. You can use it directly as a smokeless gun powder
and in compact form in artillery.

1-add slowly 4 part ammonium nitrate with 5 part concentrated sulfuric acid in a jar.
2-put jar in refrigerator or in water-ice bath for 30 minute.
3-when temperature of mixture reaches to 20 degrees centigrade, add medical cotton to
this mixture. The cotton must sink in to the mixture .then agitate it for 40 minutes.
4-wear latex glove and bring out the product with a cramp then squeeze it completely
with your hand to remove most of remaining acid.
5-provide 20 parts of water-ice mixture and put slowly small pieces of this product into
the water .if you add it suddenly, the remaining acid makes more heat and destroys the
6-agitate mixture for 10 minutes and bring out it again and rinse it with fresh water 4
times more and every time, it must take five minutes at least. It is better to add a little
baking soda to washing water .it can neutralize the acid in fibers and make your product
more stable.
7-bring out again the product and squeeze it to remove most of the water.
8-expand the product and keep it in a dry place to remove moisture .then save it in a
plastic bag and keep it away from flames or electricity.

Note1: this nitrating method can’t be used for preparation of NG because of dehydration
of glycerol and decomposition of intermediate even in low temperatures.
Note2: you can use KNO3 instead of AN, but KNO3 can’t be dissolved in sulfuric acid
and you can’t have a uniform solution. For this purpose AN is an exceptional item.
Note3: a source for weak nitrocellulose is celluloid and ping pong balls .you can mix
them with acetone and KCLO3 to make high explosive after drying.

D-2-Acetone peroxide is another alternative

E-main charge

E-1-black powder

Black powder is oldest energetic material but is interesting now .it is easy to make and
relatively safe. This material has power about 50% of TNT and is effective for small
explosions (less than 10 kg). Here is good information on making improvised black

Making improvised black powder

1-making powder 75 gram KNO3 (potassium nitrate) with coffee grinder.

2-mix15 gram of charcoal with 10 gram sulfur and put them into the grinder and make
them powder.
3- Mix all powder in a bowl and add 200 cc alcohols and stir for 5 minute and then filter
the mixture and save the paste in a pan and let it to dry.
Note: if you don’t have alcohol you can add 100cc hot water to them and put the paste on
the pan without filtration and let it to cold and dry .this method takes more time to dry
and has a less burning rate product. Dryness of black powder is critical for practical uses.
4-after removing all moisture, keep powder in closed vessel. This kind of black powder
has burning rate 10cm/s.
Detonating black powder

Black powder can be detonated with only an igniting cord in close cartridge with at least
one inch diameter and 6 inch height. A thin aluminum tube for demolition purposes is
1- Put a slow burning cord in to the aluminum pipe from opening.
2-pour powder and compact into the pipe.
3- Crimp the opening with pliers carefully.
4-fire the cord and throw the bomb.
5-for antipersonnel purposes you must wrap around your bomb a belt of nails.

E-2-new improvised plastic explosive

Gasoline is a good source for aromatic compound (it has about 50% aromatic
compounds) such as Toluene, Xylene (mixed), Ethyl benzene, Tri methyl benzenes. This
material can be nitrated by my last improvised nitrating agent (one part ammonium
nitrate+ one part concentrated sulfuric acid) according to following:

Nitrated gasoline preparation

1-mix one part of AN with one part concentrated sulfuric acid .final mixture is about 1
liter. Stir it to prepare a uniform solution. do this in a glass jar.
2-add slowly 200cc of gasoline to the mixture and stir it frequently.
3-put the jar in a warm place (warm room is ok). To remove all non-aromatics
compounds gradually, don’t plug it .shake it well for some times a day to complete most
of the reaction.
4-you can heat the mixture after a day by heater and set temperature about 50 degree
centigrade and continue heating for 2 hours.
5-take the mixture and put it in room temperature .then pour it slowly into the 10 liter of
ice-water mixture (4kg ice+6 liter water).
6-nitrated aromatic compounds precipitate and you can collect them easily .it usually has
an oily appearance.
7-now wash it with 0.5liter of hot water and repeat it twice. Then separate and keep in
plastic bottle.
Note: nitrated gasoline is an explosive material and is very good additive for sensitizing
AN. Also it makes AN more powerful than ANFO.

How to use nitrated gasoline

1-add 30 gram nitrated gasoline to 70 gram AN powder. The result is very similar to
amatol and is safe and stronger than TNT. It can be explode in amount of 100 gram by
one gram pressed acetone peroxide.
2-add 25gram nitro cellulose to 75 gram of nitrated gasoline, then gently heat the mixture
and stir it for 20 minute and temperature must be around 50 degree centigrade. The result
is plastic explosive and is water resistant.
3-add 100 cc acetone to (15 gram nitro cellulose +70 gram nitrated gasoline + 15gram
AN powder), then stir it for one minute and expand the paste on the plate to make sheet
explosive. After one night acetone will be evaporated and an explosive sheet will remain.
4- Add 20 gram nitrated gasoline+50gram AN+20gram Al powder. it is a high brisance

Note: These formulas can be used in order of a ton.

E-3-Ammonium nitrate

Ammonium nitrate mainly use for agriculture (fertilizer).it is very safe material and too
insensitive for detonation. To have a good detonation with AN follow theses instruction:

1-most usual use of AN in explosive is making ANFO which is approximately 93-95

AN+5-7% kerosene. Fuel be mixed with granulated AN before blasting. With adding 5-
8% Al powder brisance and density increases. ANFO has a very low density (about
1gram/cm^3) whereas TNT has a density at least 1.5gram/cm^3. in the other hand one
kilogram of ANFO is equal to 0.7 kg of TNT .so power of bulk ANFO is less than 50%
of TNT.AN or ANFO powder can’t be detonated reliably.
If you want to increase power of ANFO by grinding AN and prepare a powder and then
add fuel to it, is wrong. Because ANFO can be detonated in density around 1gram/cm^3.
ANFO needs a good confinement for detonation and must have enough weight for
maximum yield. Also it needs a strong booster for example 100 gram TNT for 10 kg
ANFO. It must be charged into the canister with 1-2mm thickness of iron or steel. So an
iron barrel or fuel tanker is very good. If you want to see special power of ANFO, you
must use it in large scale .for detonating a tanker of ANFO you need two boosters and
they must be inserted into the ANFO. you must use 4-6 kg booster in the center but two
boosters are more reliable and the yield increases a little.

2-another alternative which is more reliable and stronger is mixture of 90% powder of
AN+10% nitrated gasoline. In this mixture density increases and you can detonate it in
small amount with 20gram booster and in large scale you need only about 1-2kg booster .
For better mixing you can dissolve nitrated gasoline in acetone and then mix it with
powder of AN. then let it to dry in dry place. This product is relatively water resistant.
This mixture can be used for mass destruction in large scale and has a power about TNT
or twice of usual ANFO.

3-mix 3 part AN powder + 1 part hydrazine+0.5 part Al powder

The result is a sensitive high explosive .do this in the open area to prevent poisoning by
hydrazine. The mixture makes foam but will stop mainly after some minute.
You can find a little information about FAE in usual unconventional warfare documents.
but you must know it is only powerful for some one who has no access to big amount of
explosives or seeks mass destruction weapons in urban area with at least money. raw
material in this weapon is every where and all of them is legal and can’t be banned.
The only critical point in this weapon is mixing enough air or oxygen with fuel .every
day this phenomenon takes place in your car and one liter of gasoline liberates energy as
much as 10 kilogram of TNT(in gasoline-oxygen mixture). So fuels are most cheap and
powerful chemical explosives.
FAE are different from conventional condensed explosives or high explosive. FAE
contain fuel elements only and do not carry oxygen. To initiate explosion, the fuel mix
with the ambient atmospheric air, often using a condensed explosive burster charge or
with a strong pump, and when mixing is complete, initiation is achieved by a delayed
chemical reaction (for example P2H4 or three ethyl aluminum dissolved in fuel) or
secondary detonators.
New generation of FAE weapons are solid or semi liquid explosive and called
thermobaric. one of first and successful formulas was a mixture of 40% tetra methyl
ammonium nitrate+40%aluminum powder+20%AN. this mixture could able to produce a
second pure gas explosion. Fundamental of thermobaric is a mixture of high hydrocarbon
ingredient +metal powder +oxidizer and sensitizer. In my opinion a destructive cyclone
will stop with first absorbing large amounts of liquid fuel and then by gas-explosion. This
big-bang can change balance of energy in cyclones and bearing rein it. But it must be
done far from cities.
Due to the high Heat of Explosion of potential fuels, the energy advantage can be as high
as ten times that of TNT in ideal conditions. However, the fact that air only contains 21%
oxygen means that the explosive efficiency of FAE systems is less than 40%.
The nitrogen in the air dilutes the system and absorbs heat and an even concentration of
fuel in the atmosphere is difficult to achieve operationally.
Fuel-air explosion produces pressure 20 atmospheres and a high explosives pressure is
thousand atmospheres (TNT’s pressure is about 190000 bars)
Therefore FAE have little brisance or shattering effect .but high explosive is ideal wave
generator and detonates as a “point source” and the blast overpressure falls rapidly with
increasing distance from the charge center. but gas explosion is a non ideal wave
generator and the source for a FAE explosion is a large cloud, (which for a 33Kg charge
can be up to 30m in diameter). This can not be regarded as a point source, and therefore
the decay in peak overpressure falls much less rapidly with distance from the edge of the
cloud than is the case for condensed explosive.
Furthermore, the duration of the blast wave from FAE is greater than that from
condensed Explosive, so the Impulse of FAE will be even greater. This gives it the
potential to do more Work on the surrounding environment. In the other hand low
frequency of gas explosion can resonate with building and increase their vulnerability.
Although on first sight the lower over-pressure performance of FAE against TNT would
seem to be a disadvantage, trials and operational use have proved its effectiveness against
Personnel, soft skinned vehicles, parked aircraft and antennae arrays.
So FAE works very well in urban area but its efficiency decreases very much in dynamic
uses. Also in a very limited area which has not enough air or oxygen this weapon can’t
work because most critical item for a good detonation is explosive limit of fuel and good
premixing of air-fuel.
For better understanding of this weapon and more details about design look at following

F-1-explosive limit for some usual fuels

Fuel explosive limit background

Gasoline 1.3-7.6 tested for special

Methane (natural gas) 5-15% usual accident
Propane 2-10% tested for military
Ethylene oxide 3-80% used in blu-73
Propylene oxide 3.1-27.5% used in military bomb
Butylene oxide 1.5-18.3% tested for military
Ethyl Alcohol 3-19% good candidate for terrorist
Acetone 3-13% good candidate for terrorist
Methanol 6-36% good candidate for terrorist
Hydrogen sulfide 4.5-45% good candidate for terrorist
Acetylene 3-82% good candidate for terrorist

According to above, you can see that only fuels with wide range of explosive limit used
in military purposes. In fact if you can’t mix enough air and fuel, you won’t have an
explosion. So for unconventional war you have to choose special fuels. For this goal,
methanol, H2S and acetylene are best. There are many stupid fools who think that
explosion of a big gasoline tank is possible. But it is necessary to mention that 1 liter of
gasoline needs 10 m^3 of air .usual and small tank has 10000liter gasoline. This amount
of gasoline needs a space of air with 400m length, 200 m width and 100 m height .this
propagation is impossible in practice. In the other hand for shattering fuel and change it
into the droplets, you have to set up your bomb above the ground. for a volatile fuel like
ethylene oxide(42liter) in blu-73 ,this height is about 1.5-2m.but gasoline has a very low
pressure point in comparison with ethylene oxide, so a tanker can explode only in height
above 100 meters. Impossible!
F-2-unconventional FAE BOMB design

Small bomb design

Most FAE fuels are dispersed by a central explosive burster charge, producing a cloud of
Droplets and vapor that mix with the surrounding air. For this purpose you can use
similar design to blu-73 and you need only some changes in that design. Here is a design
of this bomb:

F-3-Design changes and notes

1-Fuel is methanol
2-burster charge is 750 gram compacted acetone peroxide.
3-initiation method is electrical.
4-height of burst is 2 meter
5-the amount of fuel is about 35 liter
6-second detonation can be done after130 millisecond by 100 gram acetone peroxide.

Here is a picture of 220 L propylene oxide detonation test:

F-3-Big bomb design

1-fundamental design of small bomb and big bomb is similar.

2-perfect fuel is methanol+0.5%poly vinyl alcohol or acetone+0.5%niro cellulose.
Alternative fuels are ethanol+0.5%poly vinyl alcohol and gasoline +0.5%poly iso
3-maximum amount of fuel is 1000 L for using in a long and wide street.
4-burster charge weight/weight of fuel (methanol, ethanol and acetone) is 1% if you use
C4 and 2% if you use compacted acetone peroxide. But for gasoline is 1.2% C4 or 2.5 %
of compacted acetone peroxide.
5-length/width of bomb is 4/1-2/1
6-burster must be used as a shaft in main axis of cylindrical bomb and is vertical relative
to ground. Burster must be charged in aluminum or polyethylene pipe in compacted form.
7-burster must be located 25cm under top of the cylinder and 25 cm upper than bottom of
bomb to prevent pre ignition of fuel by burster products.
8-if you cut this cylinder to upper and lower, lower section must be constructed of iron
and upper section must be made of poly ethylene or thin aluminum .in practice you can
order an iron cylindrical vessel and locate your polyethylene cylinder bomb in to that.
This hard iron part helps you to direct your fuel upwardly. If you don’t do this, your
bomb must be detonated at least 15 meter above the ground. But it is impossible.
9-burster can be hung in to fuel from opening of tank and electricity will come from a
car’s battery.
10-second detonation will occur after 4 second for methanol, 5 second for acetone and
7second for gasoline.
11-three boosters (every booster is 350 gram) of nitro cellulose, acetone peroxide or
(KMnO4+Al+S) can detonate fuel-air mixture simultaneously.

Note1: polymers additive change behavior of fuel from Newton fluid to non-Newton
fluid and increase the range of propagation and consequently cause maximum mixing
between fuel and air.
Note 2:1000 L of gasoline needs 40m*20m*15m space for a good detonation. So if
burster charge can throw out gasoline to 35-40 meter far from center, the second
explosion can progress successfully.
Note3: because of limitation of space in urban area, second explosion has a wide range
.because fuel will be trapped between building and can’t escape very soon.
Note 4: best time for tank explosion operation is in midnight or early morning with the
least traffic jams to prevent pre ignition of fuel-air mixture.
F-4-Modified FAE for mass destruction with no burster

If you have no enough time for designing a fuel tank bomb or explosive you can do
following improvised and effective concept:

1-one of best reliable and effective method to propagation every fuel is ejection of fuel by
a strong pump. In practice you can use a fire engine or as an alternative you can install a
very strong pump on your vehicle and connect it to the tank.
2-fuel injection makes a good mixture of fuel-air and car can move to cover more area .
for a 1000 liter fuel tank capacity and on a street with width about 20 meter, fuel must be
throw 40 meter .so car must move 40 meters in street and for 10000 liter fuel tank, car
must move 400 meters through the street.
3-fuel must be ejected with angle of 70 and with most intensity.
4-best time for this operation is midnight or early morning with at least wind.
5-second explosion can be done by one kilogram acetone peroxide, nitrocellulose or even
one kilogram fire cracker mixture, just after finishing propagation phase.
6-car must be driven by a remote control or a suicidal driver and fuel thrower acts
Note: car’s motor can trigger fuel-air mixture but driving opposite of fuel throwing,
prevent this preignition.
Note 2: a peaceful fire engine is a good cover to hide this mass destruction weapon.

F-5-FAE design with no explosive or fire engine: FAE in building

As I mention before, the critical parameter in FAE weapons is good mixing to reach
explosive limit. Every day in a corner of world some houses are exploded by gas
detonation. These accidents take place involuntary. We learn now that gases can be
mixed rapidly with air .of course most of these accidents have no good yield. But every
one can do that efficiently and here are more details:
1-first you must determine the exact volume of your apartment or houses. Usual rooms
are 3m*4m*3m .so total volume for one usual room is 36 m^3.
2-candidate gases are acetylene, H2S, liquid gas or natural gas .acetylene (C2H2) can be
obtained from calcium carbide-water reaction or cylinders similar to liquid gas
cylinders.H2S (hydrogen sulfide) can be prepared from Al2S3-water reaction .you can
read this in thermite section.
3-you need 10 kg calcium carbide or 12 kg Al2S3 for every usual room or 3.5 liter
sprayed gasoline .liquid cylinder gas (11kg butane-propane) is enough for three usual
rooms. For using of natural gas, you must light all oven vales and then check your
counter how much gas is inserted in to your apartment. Then use 4m^3 natural gas for
every usual room (36m^3). also determine how much time it takes to fill your apartment.
4-this method of gas explosion is an internal blast and is very powerful and destructive.
With this method every room can be exploded with power as much as 10 kg TNT. So if
you have an apartment with three rooms, big dinning room you will obtain at least 50 kg
TNT equivalence.
5-during operation, all doors and windows must be closed .but no need to seal every
small orifice.
6-second explosion can be done easily by 50 gram powder of match head which is
inserted into the small pipe and attached to your timer.
7-there are many timers in every home, for example your TV sleep timer, oven timer,
microwave timer, computer timer and also you can use a thin cotton rope with an enough
length. It burn with minimum temperature and can’t ignite the mixture.
8-H2S has some advantages in comparison with other fuels. It is a very poisonous gas
similar to HCN (hydrogen cyanide) and after explosion can produce S02 (sulfur dioxide)
which is a choking agent. Every room will be filled with about 7.5 kg H2S and produce
15 kg SO2 after burning. .this amount of gas can hurt and even kill many around the
operation center.
9-in practice you should bring a 200 liter drum into your apartment and put carbide or
AL2S3 into it and place a hose which is connected to tap . Then you can run timer for
second explosion and open the tap simultaneously.200 L drum must be located near to
drainage to drain over flow fluids.
10- Maximum explosion’s yield is for C2H2 and H2S and minimum is for natural gas.
Note: in a usual room 3.5 liter gasoline which is sprayed can work well too. But it is last

F-6-FAE cannon

1-cave a well into the ground with 10 meter depth and 2 meters diameter
2-reinforce the internal surface with a layer of cement .it is not necessary in emergencies
3-attach and join a steel pipe to the wet cement. Diameter of steel pipe is near to your
warhead and has a fixture to keep the warhead.
4-this cannon is filled with a mixture of acetylene –oxygen for long range launching or
propane-air for short launching
5-you can use another fuel –air mixture but C2H2-O2 is equivalent of 15 kg
nitrocellulose (gun cotton).
6-method of initiation is electrical spark or electrical match.
7- Electric matches typically consist of a pair of 22-gauge wires joined at the end
With a smaller-diameter "bridge wire" that has been coated with 1gram paste of (25%
nitrocellulose solution in acetone +acetone peroxide).E-match must be dried before use.
8-if you design a good canon you can launch your warhead as long as big cannon .this
weapons can be made by Hamas and be used against Israel cities.

Note: under ground waste network is one best position to make a powerful gas –
explosion. Pour large amount of gasoline into the drain then make a timer bomb and put
into the drain. Timer bomb must have some air to stay on top of water and can detonate
gas-air mixture and time must set according to amount of gasoline. Timing has a wide
range, because gas-air can’t escape.

Improvised incendiary and thermite


Thermite is an extremely exothermic reaction (the resulting temperature is more than

3000 degrees centigrade) between aluminum powder and metal oxide. In military uses,
thermite reaction must produce a molten metal for welding or destructive purposes. Usual
thermite is a mixture of Fe2O3+AL powder. But it is hard to ignite by many amateurs. So
they can use following formula:

1- 240gram Mo2O3+60gram aluminum powder mesh 400.

This mixture can be ignited with 5gram of 2 part powder of KMnO4+1 part powder of
All components are completely dry. This kind of thermite is very stronger than usual
thermite and can melt every metal for example cell phone tower or power transfer station.
2-mixture of 150gram MoO3 (another oxide of molybdenum) +60 gram aluminum
powder mesh 400 in a pressed form can be detonated by 10 gram acetone peroxide.
3-235gram WO3 (tungsten oxide) +60gram aluminum powder in a pressed form can be
detonated in a tube and make small particles of tungsten which penetrate into the body
and make carcinoma.
4-2 part red lead (Pb3O4) +1 part aluminum powder is one most energetic thermite and
can liberate poisonous lead vapors. It is impact sensitive and can be used as an explosive
in small amount (less than 500 gram)
Note: formula in section 2, 3, 4 is mainly useful for detonation and if you want to use
them as a melting agent, you must retard them with adding some Fe2O3.
Incendiary composition

AL2S3 preparation and use as a high explosive

1-mix 500 gram coarse aluminum filings (you can find it under the cutting Devices) with
1200 gram sulfur and put the mixture into the small iron vessel with a bonnet.
2-make a small hole on top of the mixture and put 20gram of this initiator formula (2 part
kmno4 powder +1 part sulfur powder)
3-ignite the initiator and put the bonnet on the vessel. Because the reaction temperature
will reach to 1100 degrees centigrade and sulfur will vaporize and escape from the
reaction vessel.
4-after finishing the reaction you must keep out the product from moisture. The product
is very sensitive to moisture and liberates H2S .the product can be used in special FAE
operation and as a strong repellent for humans in very big area.
In the other hand, you can use it instead of thermite in many situations. At 1100 degree
centigrade, iron loses its strength and a building or cell phone tower collapse by its
weight but for this goal you must use enough mixture (or thermite) to heat it completely.
Before operation you should better to try that on a piece of steel rod.

Note1: most documents didn’t mention about hydrolysis of this product. But it can react
with water exactly similar to calcium carbide.

Note2: A pressed mixture of 2 kg aluminum powder mesh 400+2 kg sulfur can be

detonated in a bomb with a strong axial booster such as 200gram pressed acetone
peroxide. This mixture called SAL-X in WWII and was a high explosive stronger than
TNT and use for special purposes .it can produce a large of amount of poisonous SO2
and high intense thermal radiation. It was a secret in WWII.

Special incendiary formula

3 part KMnO4 powder+2part coarse AL filings +1 part sulfur powder

After preparation this mixture you must pour it into the thin iron sleeve for practical
uses. This sleeve can be wrapped around the steel rod or another target .this mixture can
be ignited by 10 gram of 2 part kmno4+1 part sulfur and produce very high temperature
and in a large amount it can melt iron.
One of best target to use thermite is Power distribution systems and communications
aerials :
Ni-Cd battery

Both Ni and Cd are poisonous metals and cadmium is deadly.

1- Wear a mask and open the case of Ni-Cd battery

2-put Ni-Cd into the beaker and pour enough nitric acid to dissolve them.
3- Heat the mixture to and evaporate most of water
4- Collect crystals of nitrated metals and dry at room temperature.
5- Mix one part of this salt with one part aluminum powder.
6-you can fill this mixture in your grenade and use it against civil target.
7-after explosion this mixture can produce highly toxic and allergen vapors. Here is a
picture of Ni-Cd battery.
here is a picture of Ni-Cd batteries:
Incendiary formula for bombs

1-gasoline +styrene foam produces a paste similar to napalm and a burster charge can
throw it to target.
2-(54 gram white phosphorus +45 grams P4S3) is pyrophoric liquid in room temperature.

Timing bombs
Delay is a useful mechanism for grenade and bomb and I show you here simplest:

Timing by delay igniter

This method is very easy and rate of burning in the cord determines your last delay. you
can use this method only on dry and light place .because these cords are sensitive to
water and also have light in night. For practical use, you must fill your black powder,
nitrocellulose or other alternative material in to grenade and then close the pipe.
You need just one small orifice to insert your cord. Cords can be attached to cigarette or
cotton rope for some minutes to some hours delay.

Delay for grenade

As you know powder of potassium permanganate is sensitive to glycerol and after 3-4
second reaction take places and the result is hot flame. Delay is depended to purity of raw
material and particle size of KMnO4. As I have tested, if you add some additive to
KMnO4 delay increases.
Here is more information:
1-you can fill your grenade with pressed black powder, nitrocellulose, red lead-AL
powder or another material you want.
2-case of grenade can be made of hard cardboard, aluminum or even a thin iron canister
and must have a bonnet.
3-initiator mixture is 4 part powder of KMnO4+3part powder of sulfur+1part powder of
aluminum mesh 400.
4-pour 10 gram of initiator in your grenade as a last item but don’t press it.
5- Use a syringe to add 0.5cc glycerol on top of initiator mixture and immediately close
the grenade and throw.
6-before use this device in practice check the delay between mixture and glycerol in open
area and trust to some less second that were tested.
7-with this mixture delay usually is about 30 seconds in a grenade.
8-if you use the initiator mixture as a main charge in your grenade you should press
mildly the mixture and 10 grams must not be pressed
9-if you do this method with a film can and throw it into the river you will have an
underwater explosion and shock wave can make some fish unconsciousness.

Safer chemical grenade

1- Pour 0.5cc glycerol in a medical capsule .no reaction take place for long tome
2-make your grenade similar to last and put 10 gram of initiator mixture in top and don’t
press it.
3-it is a good idea to put a thin paper or plastic between initiator mixture and main
charge. This makes it more reliable.
4-put your safe capsule full of glycerol on top and close your grenade.
5-trigering mechanism can be very simple by inserting bonnet or another design.
6-this method is very safe and also reliable and undetectable too

Medical capsule for delay bombs

There are many delay methods in documents but I just want to introduce one of unusual
mechanism. This method is based on medical capsule dissolving in concentrated sulfuric
acid. It is very small and simple chemical delay. Here is my method:

1-you can prepare easily a small amount of concentrated sulfuric acid by boiling and
evaporation 75% of your battery’s acid. You can do that in a glass tube. You must heat 5
cc of your diluted acid and evaporate 4 cc of its water. It is very easy.
2-fill a medical capsule with concentrated sulfuric acid (at least 98%). this capsule will
disrupt after 15-20 minute .if your acid has more water, delay decreases rapidly.
3-put this capsule on top of chlorate-sugar mixture or KMnO4-AL-S mixture in your
grenade or a big bomb .it will work with high reliability. In this design all energetic
materials are pressed.
4-you can use this mechanism for designing an anti personnel or anti-tank mine
5-medical capsules are useful for hiding explosives or drugs too.
Here is a picture of medical capsule and glass tube:
Trick with nitrogen iodide

1-nitrogen iodide can easily be prepared by reaction between iodine and solution of
ammonia. Reaction will be completed in one minute and then you must filter it.
2-nitrogen iodide is one of the most sensitive materials and is only safe before dry.
3-it can be detonated with no reason after some hours and make a loud bang similar to
4-primary mixture contains AL powder can be activated by nitrogen iodide explosion and
they can active another main charge
5-if you put 0.3 gram of wet nitrogen iodide on top of an aluminized mixture from a
small orifice, it will explode after some hours. Also this can be used as a booby trap or

Remote control detonation by mobile phone

One of most reliable and cheap device for remote detonation is mobile phone. Sony
Erickson brand also had a service for managing call which is useful for accepting only
the sender’s signal. In practice you only need to disassemble your mobile phone and
connect two wires of loudspeaker or vibrator to electrical match. then attach it to primary
composition as a first explosive train item. This device can be used for long range and
even between two countries.


Simplest shot gun

It is a muzzle-loader with electrical triggering .it can be activated as a booby trap by

remote control and so on. In small size it is useful for short range but in big size is a
cannon and can destroy a car.

1-provide a piece of steel pipe with 15cm length. One end is closed .
2-you need a 9 volt battery and some telephone wire and resistance from bulb or heater.
3- a piece of cloth or cardboard and some steel balls.
4- Enough chlorate-sugar mixture or nitrocellulose. Don’t use much of theses materials
because it can destroy your barrel. Check the optimum amount of explosive before
practical use. To prevent burning your hand, you can wrap a cloth around the barrel or
design a simple wooden hand grip.
5-wires are disposable and must be charged from opening of barrel similar to balls and
propellant. After shooting, wires shoot too.
Here is a schematic of this gun:


It is very good street weapon. it is silent, strong, cheap and available every where and
every one can make one.
Steel balls with diameter 9-12mm are very effective and can penetrate into the skull and
mild armor. Hollow bullets can be filled with pressed KMnO4-S-AL, fulminate and so on
as an exploding bullet.
You can fill a big size of medical capsule with white phosphorus and use it as an
incendiary bullet or fill it with pressed KMnO4-S-AL as a detonating bullet. Also you
can throw a chemical agent to your target .here is picture of slingshot and two type of

A big slingshot can be made by means of large size of flexible rubber and steel rods.
Then install it on top of building for silent launching of big bombs or mortars .it is one of
the best undetectable methods in urban areas. You can use that against intelligence
services, police offices reliably.
Chemical agents
1-solid sulfur burns with colorless flame (pale blue) and produces mild irritating gas
which in high concentration is killer. It can be prepared by burning sulfur.
2- Charge a big bomb with 100kg of 3 part KClO3+2part sulfur. This bomb after
detonation has a power equivalent to 25 kg TNT but pollutes a street with poisonous SO2

Delay chlorine (CL2) bomb

1- Fill 500 latex gloves with usual bleaching powder and close all of them very tight with
cotton fiber. Total weight of bleaching powder would be about 200kg.
2- Pour 500 liter sulfuric acid into the 1000 liter tank.
3-place your car near your target and charge rapidly all of bleaching powder in less than
five minute.
4-after about 30 minute H2SO4 dissolves the gloves and reaction starts and produces
large amounts of poison chlorine which can kill many people.
5-for scaling up this weapon to a mass destruction weapon, you need some barrels made
of thin plate of zinc for charging bleaching powder .H2SO4 can dissolve zinc safely and
react with bleach.
Note: diluted sulfuric acid works too but delay decreases and you need large amount of
diluted acid.

Cyanogen (C2N2) and HCL

Cyanogen is one of most toxic blood agent which was used in war .method of preparation
of large scales of this gas is very similar to CL2, but you must be careful during this.

1- Fill 500 latex gloves with a mixture of one part usual bleaching powder +one part
potassium or sodium cyanide (KCN OR NaCN) and close all of them very tight with
cotton fiber. Surface of gloves must be completely clean!
2- Pour 500 liter sulfuric acid into the 1000 liter tank
3-place your car near your target and charge rapidly all of gloves in less than five
minutes. Wear a mask during charging!
4-after about 30 minute H2SO4 dissolves the gloves and reaction starts and produces
large amounts of cyanogen and a little chlorine and HCL. It is a mass destruction weapon
and can kill a thousand people.
5-for making poisonous HCL you must fill gloves with salt.
6-for scaling up this weapon to a mass destruction weapon, you need some barrels made
of thin zinc plate for charging powder .H2SO4 can dissolve zinc safely and react with
your mixture.
Preparation of small amount of cyanide

Method 1

1- Disassemble a lithium battery and separate lithium metal.

2-put lithium in a refractory ceramic and add one gram mixture of 1 part urea+1part
charcoal for every half gram of lithium
3-heat strongly and fuse the mixture for some minutes.
4-let the mixture get cold and then grind it completely.
5-pour your powder into the water and filter it
6-collect filtrate and dry it as impure cyanide

Method 2

1-Cyanide is found, although in small amounts, in apple seeds, bitter almonds, peaches
seed, cherry leaves and seeds.
2-collect 1 kg of seeds and leaves and put them in to the large size vessel
3-add 20 cc diluted muriatic acid(10%) +enough water to sink mixture and close the
vessel and heat it at 70 degree centigrade for some second .
4-let the mixtur to cold then filte it by sieve .
5-add 2 gram caustic soda to filtrate solution and heat it again till most of water
6-collect salt and use it as impure cyanide.

heavy metal poisons

1-Ni-Cd battery have two poison metal.specialy Cd is a killer metal and Ni is a strong
alergen.this subject was explained before.
2-mix 10 gram lead with 100 vinegar and 5 drops of hydrogen proxide in a beaker. then
wait for some days.boil mixture and evaporate 90% of solution.now filter it and put
filtrate in a pan to dry.the result is lead acetate which is a very sweet substance and also a
mild poison.
3-welsbach mantles are made of cellulose fiber and thorium nitrate . mix ten mantle with
enough water and heat it gently .after some minute filter it .then heat filtrate to collect
thorum nitrate .thorium is a radioactive metals and cause carcinoma.for this purpose you
must use 40 mantle for one person.it is a long delay poison and is undetectable.
4-tungesten particles can make carcinoma in body.bulb resistance is made of tungesten
and if you separate it and dissolve it in nitric acid ,metal nitrate will be formed .then heat
it and evaporate most of liquid .then let it to cool and collect your tungesten nitrate .use
one part of this salt with one part aluminum powder in your grenade grenade.it will
explode and tungesten particle can be threw as fragments.
Unusual poisons

Ethinylestradiol is Most potent synthetic estrogen and only 0.5 mg of this chemical can
cause terrible nausea for three hours in a person who exposed for first time. But killing
dosage is more than 1700mg. It is a usual tab in drugstores.
Hormones, especially sexual hormones are one of best mood changer in all animals.
Estrogen can change man’s behavior and make them more calm similar to a woman and
testosterone hormone make woman wild. So surely, estrogen hormone can control
violence in society. DES (diethylstilbestrol) is a very cheap estrogen and can used in
large scale for mind control as well as population control. The estrogens decrease number
of sperm in semen liquid.

Glass wool

Most of documents claim that glass wool is a safe material for human .but if your skin
contacts with this, you will feel terrible itching in your skin .it is because of wool
penetration in to your skin. No document has talked about ingestion of glass wool, but I
am sure it can penetrate to all organs and can fire a person from inside and will kill him.
This material can not be removed by body and has no remedy. I think it is a better idea
than using diamond powder which is mentioned in some documents

Tear gas by red pepper

1-mix 100 gram powder of red pepper with 0.5 liter warm alcohol .shake it well and filter
the mixture. Filtrate can be used in your spray. it is strong irritant and is more effective
than CS agent.
2-grind red pepper very well and use it directly .if you spill it by wind in busy place,
small particles can cover large area (500 meter diameter) but spray is effective only in
less than 3 meter. Particles can travel by wind to far distance. One particle blinds your
eye for some minute. Try and see!

Secret rope

1-select a cotton rope with 1cm thickness and 1 meter length.

2-do nitration on 80 cm of this rope and change it to nitrocellulose and dry it.
3- Immerse 10 cm of this rope into potassium cyanide saturated solution. Bring out and
4- Not to do any action on 10 cm of the rope.
Note1: final product is completely similar to real rope .but if u immerse poisonous
section into the water ,you will extract again your cyanide . nitrocellulose section can
use in your improvised gun or in compact form in your bomb . 10 cm of rope which had
no action can be used as a long delay igniter.
Note2: you can use other powerful poison in the poisonous section.
Improvised syringe

1-select a 5cc syringe and fill it with 2cc of your selected poison.
2-now push back piston more and cut the piston’s shaft in mid section.
3- Put a steel ball in back of the piston.
4-you can attach this syringe to arrow or head of dart and throw it correctly.
Note1: if you throw it correctly, poison solution never leak and just after penetrating to
your target, will be injected completely

note2: poison can be air, H2SO4, cyanide, virus, ricin solution, botulinum toxin

Trick in mass destruction

1-you can inject your powerful poison into the fruit during shopping or pour it into the
water supply.
2-water pipe at home is a little pressurized .so you can inject poison to the
water pipe line with higher pressure and propagate chemical or biological agents.
Biological agents

1-mold of some foods are carcinogenic. for example bread mold .keeping food in
moisture can produce large amount of these molds after some days.

Botulinum toxin

2-boil 75 gram corn steep liquid +50 gram glycerol+10 gram calcium chloride+10gram
solid oil with 20 gram decay soil .after 5 minute pour the liquid into the small bottle.
Solid oil can be collected in the neck of bottle to prevent air diffusion. Then close the
Second method is boiling one small fish +10 gram corn flour+10 gram solid oil+2
teaspoon decay soil for 5 minutes. Then filter it and pour it into the small bottle
.botulinum toxin is produced after some day .it is most potent toxin in the
world.0.00000033 mg can kill one. Final liquid has this toxin .you can separate spores or
use final liquid. Here is a picture of sample:


This is very potent poison was first isolated from the skin of poison arrow frogs from the
rain forests of western Colombia. This potent toxin (second potent poison after
botulinum) is used as a poison for blow darts. You only need to rub dart with frog’s skin.
The frogs metabolize the poison from their food native betel. So frogs kept in captivity of
living outside of their native habitat are not poisonous here is a picture of this frog:
Other toxins for darts are curare
and snake venoms such as death adder and tipan
Australia king cobra India
rattlesnake north America
these venoms can be milked from snakes using a glass jar fitted with glove rubber over
the jars opening and allowing the snake to bite the rubber
research local toxins available in your area
as an alternative to poison are illegal drugs such as heroin , bacteria or virus as well as
inorganic chemicals mentioned in this doc can be used

blow guns are easely made from plumbing pipe

or one like this can be purchased on line from here

Ricin from castor bean

Ricin is a toxic glycoprotein found in the beans of the castor plant. Castor beans have
about 2-3% ricin. This compound is extremely toxic. It remains in the pomace after
commercial separation of castor oil and increase its concentration to 5%.here are pictures
of pure ricin and two types of castor beans.

1-for practical use buy one kilogram of castor bean and grind it with coffee grinder
2-mix it with 2 liter gasoline and shake it well for 30 minute .then wait for one day .
3- Repeat section two for 4 times more. Then filter the mixture and wash it with 250cc
acetone for removing gasoline completely.
4- Let it to dry at room temperature.
5-wear a mask now and mix dry powder with 5 L of water and 100cc of vinegar.
6-shake it well and put it into the refrigerator for one night.
7- Filter the mixture by a cloth and collect the filtrate.
8-filtrate contains impure ricin. It isn’t necessary to prepare pure ricin for amateurs. but
also for using in air gun more purification is mandatory.
9-you can use final liquid in syrup and drinks. But digesting ricin has a rate of killing less
than 7%.also you can use 30 seeds of castor beans for this purpose.
10-better idea is using this liquid in cooling tower or put a burster inside the liquid for
propagation by detonation. Spray of liquid makes small particle size of ricin which is a
more effective weapon. Ricin has no remedy and is undetectable in laboratory tests.

Virus and bacteria

Best place to find all kind of bacteria or virus is hospital. There are many patients with
dangerous virus or bacteria, such as HIV, bird flu and so on. My Bacterial Weaponry is
based on Antibiotic Resistance. The emergence of antibiotic resistance is an
evolutionary process that is based on selection for organisms that have enhanced ability
to survive doses of antibiotics that would previously been lethal.to prepare new bacteria
and virus you must

1-first provide infected blood,saliva and othere waste of patients.

2-prepare gelatin or fresh milk for growing bacteria. Substance for growing germ is
available in medical shops. Also eggs are one of best for this research.
3-prepare many different samples of your virus or bacteria.
4-induction of mutation can be done by some of chemicals such as hydroxylamine (you
can heat a little meat with potassium nitrate for 20 minute in temperature less than 100
degree centigrade and use it instead of hydroxylamine), diluted fluoride solution (0.5%),
mild UV radiation, very diluted solution of complex antibiotics (it is best choice)
5-add some drops of antibacterial solution, fluoride to every sample.
6-if you see that virus or bacteria are still alive, add more solution and make them more
resistant to all drugs. You need a microscope in this section and you must remember what
the figure of every germ is.
7- Feed resistant germ to bird or humans for propagation phase.
8-generation in germs takes place very fast, so you will see your result with bacteria
soon. But viruses are more complex and need an animal for final test.
this is most simplest method for preparation new microorganism .of course, there are
some good documents for growing anthrax, smallpox and other germs .but all of them
have antibody or vaccine but there is no defense against your germ specially in a short
time and it can kill many people.

Note: eggs with a germ cell are very good for researching virus or bacteria. Your Sample
must be injected into them by syringe .this method can use be used for botulinum too.
Secret weapons using nature!
Balloon bomb


The Japanese have been using balloons in war since the 1800s. At Port Arthur they were
used for observation of troop movements.
in the waning days of the Pacific War Japan tried a last ditch ploy to hit the United States
with a terror weapon. That weapon was the Balloon Bomb. It was supposed to set fire to
the West Coast and drop anti-personal bombs randomly on the U.S.
In research after the war it was found that the Japanese built 15,000 of them but only
launched 9,300 and about 900 balloon reached to USA. Here is picture of Japanese
balloon bomb above USA’s sky.

Hydrogen and its ability

hydrogen is the most light gas in the world .its molecular weight is only 2 in comparison
with air with molecular weight 29.so it is highest layer of gases in our earth and 1 m^3 of
hydrogen can lift 1 kilogram payload in sea level. Here is some method of hydrogen

1- Electrolysis of water. There are available devices for this goal with different
2- Reaction between battery’s acid (30%) with zinc. Zinc can be prepared from
disassembling zinc-carbon battery (dry battery). 1 L acid be used for 200 gram zinc
3- Reaction between muriatic acid (HCl 20%) with filling of aluminum. (1liter acid be
used for 150 gram aluminum)
4- Reaction between aluminum fillings and 30% caustic soda solution. This is a favorite
reaction and can make large amount of hydrogen .in this reaction caustic soda is a
catalyst. In fact with heating gently this mixture, only aluminum fillings will be used.
5- Available cylinder. There is about 400 grams of hydrogen in usual cylinders.

Note1: you can do all of these reactions in a drum or very big bottle .only 50-60% of
drum must be filled with mixture. Because reaction produces foam and it mustn’t go to
your balloon.
Note 2: 85 grams hydrogen occupy 1000 liter or 1 m^3 space at room temperature and
sea level .so 85 gram hydrogen can carry 1 kg payload .
Note 3: small payload can be lifted to altitude more than usual airplane. So hydrogen
balloons have no limitation in flight and climb to altitudes less than 100 km.


Payloads can be any thing you need such as camera, research instruments, and fertility’s
agents for cloud seeding, chemical agents, biologic agent, nuclear agents and also
explosive or even inert steel balls.
Inert payload such as steel balls can be use against airplanes similar to land mine and also
can be used against land targets as a high speed bullet with high penetration.

NBC agents, fertility’s agents for clouds and explosive can be shot by a simple
mechanism .you can join one of your delay igniter mechanisms to the supporter rope .it
will burn in programmed time. all payload joined to balloon by rope.

Other payloads mustn’t shoot. For example recording instrument provides good
information for military and none- military goals.

Note: don’t let the balloon to ignite in military payloads because its flame in sky is
observable. it is useful to hide this method of assassination.
Note: if you use chlorine generator mixture and launch your balloon to stratosphere and
then explode this bomb, chlorine liberates in ozone layer and one kilogram of chlorine
can destroy 100 tone of ozone.

The invention of improved plastics, particularly polyethylene, leads to the development

of truly effective high-altitude balloons. Unlike cellophane, which became brittle in the
cold and degraded when exposed to high-altitude ozone and ultraviolet light,
polyethylene works well over a wide range of temperatures and resists attack by ozone
and ultraviolet. It weighs about a quarter as much as rubberized fabric per unit area, and it
costs less than a fiftieth as much. It is also much more suitable for machine fabrication
and assembly than rubberized fabric. Here is picture of propaganda balloons:

Bringing down planes with balloons

Airplane & Duck Force Estimate

If an aircraft strikes a big bird at a speed of 500 MPH, the impact will be about 25 tons!
Sacramento International Airport has had more bird strikes (1,300 collisions between
birds and jets between 1990 and 2007, causing an estimated $1.6million in damage) than
any other Californian airport.but it is necessary to mention that 65% of bird strik arent
lethal.because a bird has a soft body and mainly flys at low altitude .but Cabin
pressurization is the active pumping of compressed air into an aircraft cabin when flying
at altitude to maintain a safe and comfortable environment for crew and passengers in the
low outside atmospheric pressure. Pressurization is essential over 3,000 m (10,000 ft) to
prevent crew and passengers from becoming unconscious through the lack of oxygen
(hypoxia) in the thin air above that altitude. So if small ammunition makes a hole in
airplane, Explosive Decompression will take place. High speed steel balls can penetrate
into the airplane and destroy all parts in their path.

The British Army was the first to use barrage balloons. During the last years of World
War I barrage balloons were deployed to protect London against German bombers. Each
one of those early barrages consisted of an apron of three blimps, 500 yards apart joined
together by a heavy steel cable, which was raised up to 10,000 feet high. The total
number of blimps deployed was over 3.000 units, which were sent aloft more than
300.000 times during the war. 120 German planes crashed due to impacts against the
steel cables and 35 exploded in flight after detonating a hanging mine. Diagram:

Practical anti airplane bomb for air defense

Method 1

This method is very similar to soviet techniques and consists of a big balloon with steel
cable and explosive .but you can use it only in night. NATO in 1990 explains this method
in a journal for air defense against the Soviet Union, especially for low altitude attack
because SAM missile are useless at low altitude.
Method 2

1- You can fill 1 m^3 transparent plastic balloon with hydrogen. (Fill 90%)
2- Join 8 small (50 gram) sensitive explosive such as KMnO4-AL-S or other explosive to
the hanging rope. Distance between two charges is about 100meter.all explosive having a
simple fuse for self destruction after 30 minute.
3-deliver balloons in a W geometry around the city before attack.

Note: polyethylene balloon can’t be detected by radar. there is no radar for detecting a
small (1-2 m^3) plastic balloon.

Terror by balloon bomb

Attack to airplane in urban area

1- Fill many small plastic bags (100liter) with hydrogen.

2- Join a thin cotton rope to balloon and connect the rope to explosive payload such as 50
gram sensitive explosive (KMnO4-AL-S or other mixture).inert payload such as steel
balls can penetrate into the airplane and destroy many devices.
3- Launch them around the airport to demolish airplanes.

Bombing city by balloon’s bomber

1-first, you must check the direction of wind.

2- Fill a plastic bag with 1 m^3 hydrogen.
3- Join a cotton rope (1 meter length) to the balloon.
4-connect your bomb to the end of rope. Also connect a timing igniter to mid of rope for
disrupting rope at a special time.
5-set fire in path of your target

Note: payload can be a bottle of gasoline which is ignited simultaneously with disrupting
the rope. Gasoline is a good and available material in every home and can be used for
jungle burning. If you use a bottle of white phosphorus, it doesn’t necessary to ignite
before contact with target.

note2: you can use gasoline as an incendiary agent, cigarette for delay fuse, match head
for disrupting and battery acid and iron or zinc for preparation of hydrogen.

note3: payload can be chemical, biological or nuclear agents. This threat is absolutely
undetectable and you can use it against the white house or CIA
note3: you must pay attention to wind direction. In Northern Hemisphere usually winds
blow from west to east. So this method can be used by Hezbollah or Hamas against Israel
cities, but you can use it against all targets.

note4: if you use a rocket instead of a usual payload, then fire it, range of rocket will
increase very much.

Long range launching and threat to other countries

Mother Nature teaches us many things which some of them are powerful mechanism for
unconventional warfare. So I teach you one here. as I stated before, in the Northern
Hemisphere winds blow mainly from west to east .it is potentially useful for military
goals .for example NATO and USA can use cloud fertilizing in west of russia and iran
and decrease rate of raining dramaticaly in these areas.but knowledge of weather is more
complex and one of intresting concepts is jet the stream.

jet stream

Jet streams are fast flowing, relatively narrow air currents found in the atmosphere
around 10 kilometers above the surface of the Earth. The major jet streams are westerly
winds (flowing west to east) in the Northern Hemisphere, although in the summer,
easterly jets can form in tropical regions. The streams are most commonly found between
latitudes 30°N and 70°N for the polar jet stream (pilots remember that like birds they go
north in the summer and south in the winter), and between latitudes 20°N and 50°N for
the subtropical stream. Technically, the wind speed must be higher than 60 knots (111
km/h / 69 mph) to be called a jet stream.
The location of the jet stream is extremely important for airlines. In the United States and
Canada, for example, the time needed to fly east across the continent can be decreased by
about 30 minutes if an airplane can fly with the jet stream, or increased by more than that
amount if it must flys west against it.
jet stream shematic:

Tokyo- Los Angeles jet stream

Launching through jet stream channel


The balloon campaign was the fourth attack the Japanese had made on the American
mainland. The concept was the brainchild of the Japanese Ninth Army Technical
Research Laboratory, under Major General Sueyoshi Kusaba, with work performed by
Technical Major Teiji Takada and his colleagues. The balloons were intended to make
use of a strong current of winter air that the Japanese had discovered flowing at high
altitude and speed over their country, which later became known as the jet stream.

The jet stream blew at altitudes above 9.15 kilometers (30,000 ft) and could carry a large
balloon across the Pacific in three days, over a distance of more than 8,000 km
(5,000 mi). Such balloons could carry incendiarys and high-explosive bombs to the
United States and drop them there to kill people, destroy buildings, and starting forest

The preparations had consumed much time because the technological problems were
acute. A hydrogen balloon expands when warmed by the sunlight, rises; then it contracts
when cooled at night, and falls. The engineers devised a control system driven by an
altimeter to discard ballast. When the balloon descended below 9 km (29,500 ft), it
electrically fired a charge to cut loose sandbags.

Similarly, when the balloon rose above about 11.6 km (38,000 ft), the altimeter activated
a valve to vent hydrogen. The hydrogen was also vented if the balloon's pressure reached
a critical level.

in USA The Office of Censorship then sent a message to newspapers and radio stations
to ask them to make no mention of balloons and balloon-bomb incidents, lest the enemy
get the idea that the balloons might be effective weapons.
the Americans had some knowledge that the Japanese had been working on biological
weapons, most specifically at the infamous Unit 731 site at Pingfan in Manchuria, and a
balloon carrying biowarfare agents could be a real threat.

General Kusaba's men launched over 9,000 balloons throughout the course of the project.
The Japanese claim that they sent approximately 900 to America, although only about
300 have ever been found in America.

Even though balloons which dropped incendiary or antipersonnel were found other uses
were enumerated in order of importance:

1. Bacteriological or chemical warfare or both.

2. Transportation of incendiary and antipersonnel bombs.

3. Experiments for unknown purposes.

4. Psychological efforts to inspire terror and diversion of forces.

5. Transportation of agents.

6. Anti-aircraft devices

new plastic polymers like polyethylene are very more reliable than the Japanese balloons
.you must first check the path of jet streams and then make your big balloon for
launching through the jet stream channel .payload for this purposes must be only biologic
or chemical agents .in high altitudes, temperature deceases very much and many germ
will kill. So you must use good flask for this purposes. Ricin or botulism toxin can stand
low temperatures.
During cold war USA and USSR performed many secret tests of balloons. Before
invention of satellite, balloons were used for military reconnaissance. (Most of the
fantasy’s UFO)

The balloons could carry chemical or biological agent payloads. Chemicals would be
dispersed in cluster bomb units; some sources claim that the biological payloads
consisted of turkey feathers salted with pathogens, with the feathers to be dumped into
the wind to form a plume. Apparently crop pathogens -- fungal infections such as wheat
rusts and rice blasts -- were regarded as the most promising payloads.
1- Mankind is the most dangerous, destructive, selfish and unethical animal on the earth.

2-our governors and religious leaders are liars and want to kill us.

3-spirit is our genetic codes and our memorabilia so if our experience be downloaded on
hardware we will alive for ever, although it doesn’t necessary. in fact human is an
animal’s machine and his saved information give him personality and identity.

4- Natural resources will finish soon and there is no balance between population rate and
natural resources.

5-killing humanity is moral. Every day nature suffers a new and real holocaust and no
one complains about it!

6-there is no safe place

Although science progresses and governors protect themselves more and more but,
always there is a way to finish their worthless shit lives.

nikola tesla-“man's new sense of pity , began to interfere with the ruthless workings of
nature. The only method compatible with our notions of civilization and the race is to
prevent the breeding of the unfit by sterilization and the deliberate guidance of the mating
instinct .... The trend of opinion among eugenists is that we must make marriage more
difficult. Certainly no one who is not a desirable parent should be permitted to produce
progeny. A century from now it will no more occur to a normal person to mate with a
person eugenically unfit than to marry a habitual criminal”-

W. Shakespeare: "First thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers."

Michael Webber: "next the politicians and religious leaders."

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