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.) Address: Dear Sirs, Re: Letter of Appointment for the post of Consultant -----------------------------------------------------We are pleased to appoint you as our consultant effective ............ subject to the following terms and conditions herein provided and to such other provisions as may be issued by the Company from time to time. ClAUSE 1 FEES Amount and Payment of Fees Your retainer fee will be RM. per month calendar month. CLAUSE 2 SCOPE OF SERVICES a) The main area of consultancy services to be provided by you shall be in the and you will advise us in the technical and commercial/marketing requirements of . As and when the expands its business into the field of advertising signs/signages, its manufacture and installation, you will also render advise in these aspects. Your expertise and advice will be required by the compliance with all Health, Safety and requirements/regulations. to ensure Environment payable at the end of every




You shall from time to time assist in developing business projects, particularly in and assist the . management with your opinion when such business projects are evaluated.

Clause 3 Details of Work Notwithstanding that Clause 2 provides the general scope of services to be rendered by you, and you are not required to attend our office daily, you shall:a) visit . office twice a week for two hours to advise on new projects including the gentle "s" canopy fascia for and follow up on the . manufacture pertaining to quality control and output; assist and coordinate office/factory in .; development of our headquarters'

b) c) d)

develop .. type projects with other oil companies (other than .) requiring new visual signage(s); your advise and assistance in establishing new business ventures/projects including in may entail travelling to other places including.. and could involve liason with the relevant authorities; where necessary, you will undertake special studies on specific projects when advising the . management on general health, safety and environmental matters; make site visits to other worksites including field visits, such visits may be done on time allocated/scheduled for PCA and additional time shall be made available by you depending on the nature of the projects and whenever exigency of work require your services or renders it necessary.



CLAUSE 4 TRAVELLING AND PARKING a) The company will reimburse you a sum of RM. for and parking expenses on the company's business. travelling


Outstation Allowance If you travel outstation on the company's business, you shall be paid such accommodation and outstation allowances as shown below:-

(i) (ii)

hotel accommodation and meals supported by bills; For the above purpose, 'outstation' shall refer to a location or destination beyond .. km from the . office, and includes .


Overseas Allowance If you travel overseas on the company's business, you shall be paid reasonable hotel accommodation and meals supported by bills.


Air Travel (i) (ii) 1st Class For all local flights

Business Class For all Overseas destinations.

CLAUSE 5 MEDICAL BENEFITS/INSURANCE a) Hospitalization Insurance Scheme (i) You shall be covered by the Hospitalization Insurance Scheme for injuries sustained whilst performing work for the in accordance to the following coverage:1) 2) Hospital Room & Board : Minimum . day/Maximum . days at a Room Rate of RM.. per night. All other expenses incurred in the Hospitalization Scheme shall be paid according to the specified amount in the Policy. the scheme

(ii) (iii)

Any difference between your entitlement under and the hospital charges will be borne by you.

All expenses incurred for hospitalization shall first be borne by you and the expenses would be submitted in the Insurance Claim Form with all official receipts. The company will reimburse you after receipt of payment from the Insurance Company.



You shall be covered under the . Personal Accident Insurance Scheme in the sum of RM. for death and disablement only sustained in the course of carrying out your duties to the .. CLAUSE 6 ENTERTAINMENT (a) You are entitled to claim a reimbursement from the company for all reasonable expenses incurred in respect of entertainment of persons/establishments connected and/or related to the development of the company's business provided that approval from the .. management is sought prior to such entertainment and rendering details of such entertainment. All such claims must be supported by documentary evidence. Where no documentary evidence is available, the reimbursement of the whole or any part of the claim shall be subject to the sole discretion of the company.


CLAUSE 7 OTHER TERMS (a) Other Services Whilst you are not expected to devote your whole and full time to the service of the ., you shall when requested undertake such other special assignments of projects when requested by the . The fees payable to you when undertaking such special projects involving special effort shall be negotiated and mutually agreed. (b) Confidentiality You shall at all times maintain confidential all information concerning the affairs, business and undertakings of the ., in particular, you shall not at anytime during your engagement with the company or after termination thereof, attempt to interfere with, take away or in any other manner whatsoever affect any business or association of the ... CLAUSE 8 DURATION OF APPOINTMENT (a) Your appointment with the .. shall be for a duration of one year commencing . and shall be automatically renewed on a year to year basis unless terminated by either party giving the other three (3) months prior notice in writing prior the expiry of this appointment or any renewal thereof.

CLAUSE 9 NOTICE OF TERMINATION OF APPOINTMENT Either party wishing to terminate this contract may serve to the other party three (3) months written notice. This clause is not applicable in you are medically boarded out. Kindly acknowledge your agreement and acceptance of the above terms and conditions by signing and returning a copy of this letter. Yours faithfully, ........................ I, . (NRIC NO: and conditions of .........) hereby agree and accept the above terms appointment.