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Peace Corps | Swaziland

P.O. Box 2797 Mbabane, Swaziland


UNITED STATES PEACE CORPS MEDICAL OFFICER 4 MARCH 2013 18 MARCH 2013 (1700 hours) 40 hours plus rotating weekends on call

United States Peace Corps/Swaziland is seeking an individual for the long term Personal Services Contract position of Peace Corps Medical Officer (PCMO). Basic Position Functions: Medical Officer Position in a US Government development agency. Incumbent is responsible for providing primary care to U.S. Peace Corps Volunteers in accordance with Peace Corps Technical Guidelines, including, but not limited to: a) clinical treatment of volunteers, b) primary care in an ambulatory care setting, and c) Counseling and screening volunteers for signs and symptoms of emotional issues, and providing support and referral. Incumbent will have training responsibilities: promoting health and illness prevention to U.S. Peace Corps Trainees (PCTs) and Volunteers (PCVs) by providing health information, and designing, planning and leading training sessions at pre-service and in-service trainings. The successful applicant will also travel throughout Swaziland to participate in the identification and selection of housing for PCT/PCVs in accordance with health and safety standards, and make periodic scheduled visits to Volunteers at their home sites. Additional travel may be required, and include overnight travel in-county or internationally for medical accompaniment of sick PCVs or for Continuing Medical Education. The incumbent will support the management of the Medical Unit administration including the maintenance of PCT/PCV health records and medical supplies inventory management. Required Qualifications: Successful candidate must have the following credentials: 1) Evidence of completion of educational requirements for the professional skill level (physician, certified nurse practitioner, or physician assistant) required at Post, as designated by Peace Corps Office of Health Services, 2) Valid credentials to practice their profession in their country of training, 3) Ability to speak and write English fluently, 4) Three years recent, relevant clinical primary care experience, 5) references from previous employers. Desired Qualifications: 1) Cross-cultural skills. In-depth knowledge of American culture and diversity, 2) Experience with international Volunteers, 3) Proficiency in the assessment and management of acute and on-going illnesses in settings where laboratory and/or primary care treatment facilities are limited, 4) Independent practice experience, 5) Experience in trauma management, 6) Counseling experience and ability, 7) Experience as a trainer (e.g. health component of PST), 8)Experience in the management and administration of a health unit, 9)Professional comportment and demeanor, 10) Strong verbal and written communication skills, 11)Basic desktop computer skills, and 12)Current or former Peace Corps experience. Salary: Salary commensurate with experience. To Apply: To be considered for this position, applicants should submit the following: 1) A resume or C.V. that includes: Professional positions held, identifying duties, responsibilities, dates of employment and reason for leaving with an accounting for periods of unemployment longer than three months. Education and training, identifying universities attended, dates of attendance, degrees and diplomas. Include all post graduate training, i.e. internships, residencies, fellowships.

Professional licenses, certificates, registrations. 2) Three professional references. (At least two must be from professional medical colleagues who have directly observed the applicant in a clinical setting). 3) Photocopies of: Academic diplomas. If the candidate is an MD, he or she must be a graduate of a medical school listed on the following web site: http://www.faimer.org/resources/imed.html Additionally, the candidate must submit an official academic transcript. Professional licenses. If the license does not have an expiration date, written confirmation must be submitted directly from the issuing authority. Certificates of all post graduate training, internships, residencies, and fellowship. Professional Registrations 4) The candidate should also provide the following: Date of birth Place of birth Citizenship Passport number Passport issue date Passport expiration date 5) Salary history 6) Separate statement specifically describing how candidate meets the mandatory and desired requirements. Please consider your application unsuccessful if you are not contacted by May 1, 2013. Send information to: Attention: Recruitment Team (PCMO) US Peace Corps P.O. Box 2797 Mbabane, Swaziland -OrFax to: 268.422.0415 -orEmail: jobs@sz.peacecorps.gov