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The Olivet Prophecy

A New End-Time Translation by Frank Nic. Bazsika

The prophecy given on the Mount of Olives by Jesus Christ,-the Greatest Prophet of all,-to His disciples (students) is intended to be a prophetic outline of world events in advance. These events will culminate in the second coming of Jesus Christ as He returns to set up the Government, or Kingdom, of God on the earth. Although some of these events have been taking place down through time, they have only been a forerunner of the climatic events that will testify to the end of man's age and the dawn of a new world order as Christ and His saints establish perfect government. The Olivet Prophecy is the vital KEY that unlocks all Biblical prophecy! Jesus Christ,-The Revelator, gives this prophetic key to His disciples so that they can understand God's time table for fulfilling His plan for mankind and to help them to be alert to dangers. Without this key you will not be able to understand the Book of Revelation. For example, the first four events in the Olivet Prophecy describe the four horsemen in Revelation in their order. When these events climax in the period of "no one would be saved alive" then it signals God's imminent intervention into the affairs of man. Three authors, -Matthew, Mark, and Luke recorded the Olivet Prophecy. What I have done in this rendering of The Olivet Prophecy is to take the three accounts given by these three reporters and through conjunction, while

maintaining the original story flow, translated the account into a fresh modern day translation. So Jesus went outside and left the temple. His disciples came forward to point out to Him the temple buildings; and one of His disciples said to Him, Teacher, look at what size these stones and buildings are!

And as some were discussing the temple with its decoration of splendid stones and votive gifts, Jesus said to them, You do admire these great buildings? As for what you see, frankly speaking, - the days are coming when not one stone will be left upon another, without being torn down." As He sat on the Mount of Olives, opposite the temple, the disciples Peter, James, John and Andrew, privately approached Him and inquired of Him, Teacher, -when will this occur? What will be the sign for this to be

accomplished? And WHAT will be the sign for Your coming and for the completion of the age?

And Jesus in reply to them said, -Be careful that no one deceives you, for MANY will come in My name preaching that I am the Christ while DECEIVING the majority and even proclaiming dates of time, - do not follow them! And you will hear news about wars, public disorder and rumors of wars, - see, - but do not be afraid, for this all has to happen first, - still it is not the ultimate! For nation will attack nation and kingdom attack kingdom.

And there will be famines and disease epidemic plagues. Also there will be great earthquakes in different places. And from Heaven, - frightening omens and great signs. This is akin to the beginning of the sorrowful pain prior to BIRTH. Be discreet with yourselves! Even before all that, men will lay their hands on you out of persecution, turning you over to churches, councils and prisons to suffer affliction. They will beat you in the churches. They will murder you. You will be hated in all the nations on account of My Name. You will be dragged before rulers and authorities because of My Name. This will turn out to be an opportunity for you to give testimony before them. Now when they carry you off to deliver you up, do not worry beforehand about what you are going to say. Resolve to yourselves that you will not rehearse your defense beforehand, - for I will provide you words and wisdom that not one of your opponents will be able to meet or refute. Say whatever comes to your lips at the moment, - for it is the Holy Spirit speaking and not yourselves. And MOST will become apostates, and they will hate and betray one another, - because the majority of the prophets that WILL COME on the scene will be counterfeits and they WILL lead astray the majority. And because of

rampant Lawlessness, 'The Love' in most will cool off. Your own parents, brothers, relatives and friends will betray you, - even your own children will turn against you, - and they will be responsible for causing some of you to be put to death. On account of My Name you will be hated by everyone. But not a single hair of your head will perish! Be steadfast and WIN your lives, - the one who perseveres to the climax will be saved. FIRST though, 'THIS' Good News of the Kingdom will be proclaimed among all the nations, - it will be proclaimed worldwide as a testimony to all the nations and then it will be terminated. And WHEN you see Jerusalem surrounded by armies, - WHEN you see the abomination that makes devastating waste spoken of by the prophet Daniel set up where he has no right to, - in the Holy Place (let the reader comprehend THIS!), THEN devastation is at hand for sure! THEN let those who are in Judea FLEE to the mountains. Those in the city should escape, and those in the suburbs must not enter the city. A man on the housetop must not go down to enter the house or go inside to take any belongings out of his home. A man in the field must not turn back to get his jacket. Woe to The pregnant Woman and to the infants feeding during that time! Pray that you do not have to flee in winter or on the Sabbath Day, because there will be GREAT Tribulation then, the likes of which has NEVER BEEN since the beginning of God's creation until now and never will be again. For this is the time for divine vengeance, in fulfillment OF ALL that is written in Scripture. Intense anguish and wrath will befall the land and the people. They will fall by the edge of the sword and be carried to all nations as prisoners. Jerusalem will be under the boots of the Gentiles UNTIL the period of the Gentiles is completed. Had not the Lord cut short those days, not a person would be saved alive! But for the benefit of the Elect whom He has chosen, He has cut them short. At that time if anyone tells you, "Look, Christ is here," or "No, look there," - do not

believe them. Because spurious Christs and false prophets will come on the scene and PERFORM extraordinary signs and amazements, that could, - if it were possible, - mislead the Very Elect also. Be careful now! I am giving you ADVANCE warning. So then if they tell you, "Look, - He is in the desert,"- do NOT go there, -Look, - in the distribution place,"- do NOT believe them! Just as the lightning shoots from east to west, so also will be the coming of the Son of man. For wherever the body lies, there the eagles will be induced to assemble. Immediately following The Tribulation of THOSE days, there will be Signs in the sun, moon and the stars. The sun will be darkened and the moon will not yield her light. The stars will drop from heaven and the forces of the universe will be shaken! On the earth the nations will be in bewildered dismay. The seas and waves will be roaring. Men's hearts giving out due to panic and fear of what is happening to the earth. THEN the sign of the Son of man will appear in the sky... Then all the races of the earth will grieve, because in the sky they will SEE the Son of man COMING in the clouds having great authority with tremendous glory. Then with a great blast of The Trumpet He will dispatch His angels to muster His Elect from the four winds, from the utmost areas of the earth to the height of the sky. Now WHEN all these EVENTS begin to come to pass, THEN raise your heads and look up for your redemption is coming soon. And then He told them a parable, "Let the fig tree as well as all the trees teach you a LESSON. As soon as their branches bud and put out leaves you can SEE for yourselves that summer is soon to arrive. So, when you see ALL these events occur, you can be certain that the Kingdom of God is SOON to arrive; - it is actually at the door! Frankly speaking of THAT generation, it will not fade away until ALL these events happen. The sky and earth will fade away, but NEVER My Word. Now of that date or exact HOUR no one knows anything, - not the Heavenly angels, not even the Son, but only My Father. Just as

it was in the time of Noah, so it will be prior to the coming of the Son of man. Because in the days before the flood the people were eating and drinking, getting married and getting engaged, - until the very day Noah entered the ark. And since they were in ignorance, the flood came and swept them all away! It will be likewise for the coming of the Son of man. There will be two out in the field; - one will know to leave while the other is left behind. There will be two working at the mill; - one will know to leave while the other is left behind. Be ALERT, observing and BE PRAYING, - watch, because you never know what hour your Lord will arrive. It is comparable to a Man leaving His home to take a trip abroad. He hands out specific duties to each of His servants and leaves them in charge. He commands the porter to keep the watch. Well then, WATCH! Because you never know when the Master of the home will return, - perhaps at evening or in the middle of the night, or at the crow of the cock or during the daytime. Be watching in case He returns suddenly and finds you sleeping. Now who is that trustworthy and prudent servant, - the one the Lord placed in charge to provide FOOD to His Family at the right time? That servant will be happy when his Lord returns and finds him in the act of DOING it! I tell you surely that He will appoint him authority over all His possessions. But, if the servant becomes evil and says to himself, "My Lord is delaying His return", and then starts to hurt his brother co-workers and to eat and drink with the drunkards, - that servant's Lord will return on a Day when he does not expect Him, at an hour he is unaware of. He will cut him in half and hand him the fate of the hypocrites. There will be crying and grated teeth then. Here is a warning for you, so that at no time should your 'priorities' become overwhelmed by dissipation, drunkenness and worldly anxieties, so that Day befalls you unexpectedly. Because it will spring like a TRAP on all the earth's inhabitants! Well then, at all times you be watching and praying, so that you can be found

worthy to escape all these events that will happen and then to face the Son of man. And what I tell you I tell everyone, - WATCH!

Outline of the Prophecy;

White Horse; Red Horse; Black Horse; Pale Horse; False prophets, counterfeit Christianity, false religious movements Wars, terrorism, seditions, civil strife, - World War Famine, starvation, cannibalism, animal attacks Disease epidemics, plagues

The Tribulation; Persecution, slavery; also earthquakes, tidal waves leading to,Heavenly Signs; Return of Christ; Signs in the heavens that will have mankind in terror! Christ returns to win the Battle of God Almighty! Kingdom of God established on earth.

Notes and Study Aids from the Author: Extensive use of Greek lexicons were employed throughout, as well as diligent comparison of other scriptural translations. In certain instances CAPITAL lettering and italics have been employed for emphasis. Verse numeration is not used because this work is a compilation of three different authors accounts of the same event (which is Jesus' Olivet Prophecy). NEVER read into Bible prophecy your own preconceived ideas let the Bible interpret the Bible. Even though only four disciples are named in the Olivet Prophecy, Jesus gave this discourse for all His disciples (including His End-Time disciples). And He did so in private because His instructive teaching was not, and

is not, for the world at large. Some wonder why John did not mention the Olivet Prophecy in his book of the Gospel account, - but he did! Later Christ gave him the Book of Revelation that contains the Olivet Prophecy in symbolic form. The KEY to unlocking the Book of Revelation and its symbolism is provided by the Olivet Prophecy recorded by Matthew, Mark, and Luke. This prophecy is the study tool for understanding the Book of Revelation as well as all Biblical End-Time prophecies,-including Daniels prophecies for the End Time. ALL prophecy is MENT to be understood and revealed in the End-Time to true Disciples of Christ. And being able to understand it is another 'sign' that we are actually living in the End-Time! Prophecy is God's MOTIVATIONAL TOOL to achieve desired results in those that He is calling. UPDATE: Many are setting dates; - what was the 1st thing Christ warned His disciples to be leery of? Those that will come in His Name deceiving and proclaiming dates of time! Dont let that be you! December 21st 2012? Some ancient pagans that practiced child sacrifices stopped calculating time into the future at that date! Why? Maybe they switched to writing instead of chiseling stone! Or some other tribe eliminated them. Anyways rather than be a victim of hysteria, - trust in Gods Word. End of the world? The proper and correct translation for world in this work is age. The end of the world is not going to happen as man predicts but an end of this age will occur and the dawn of a new age will usher in when Christ returns. Do you watch the History Channel, - the programs on Biblical subjects? All they do is try to come up with some malicious explanations to disprove the Biblical accounts. The reason for that is because they cannot believe in a Creator God that performs miraculous actions! Best to study Gods Word to prove all things. What was Jesus final warning? To WATCH world events happening as He foretold!

ADDITIONAL STUDY AID: Olivet is the KEY to Revelation that in turn is the KEY to the Book of Daniel. The Bible is written "here a little and there a little" and all passages of scripture on a given subject must be put together to understand the complete picture. Use of a Bible concordance will assist in gaining a complete and thorough understanding on any given subject. Original work 1971 revised 1996, 2009, 2012 author Frank Nic. Bazsika


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