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1. Complete the story using the Past Simple!

J.K. Rowling is the author of the Harry Potter books. J. K.'s name is Joanne Kathleen. She _______________ (be) born in 1965 in a small town near Bristol, England. Joanne ___________ (live) with her parents and her sister. The Rowling family was not rich. Joanne ______________ (not go) to special schools. She was a quiet child. She __________ (love) to read and write stories. Joanne ______________ (go) to Exeter University, and she _____________ (finish) in 1987. She __________ (work) in different offices. In her free time, she _____________(write) stories. In 1990, Joanne's mother ______________ (die). Joanne ____________ (be) sad, and she _______________(want) to leave England. She ____________ (see) a job in the newspaper for an English teacher. The job was in Portugal.

She ____________ (have) an interview, and she _____________ (get)the job. In Portugal, Joanne _____________ (marry) a Portuguese man. The next year, Joanne had a daughter, but she ___________ (be) happy in her marriage. She __________ (leave) Portugal with her daughter and ____________ (go) to live to Edinburgh, Scotland, near her sister. Life was difficult for Joanne. She _________________ (take) care of her daughter. She _____________ (be) alone, and nobody __________ (help) her. She ________________ ( have) no money and no job. She _________ (live) in a small apartment and ________________ (begin) to write stories again. Joanne

first _________ (think) about the Harry Potter story many years ago on a train. Joanne liked to go a coffee shop to write. She ____________ (sit) there for many hours. She ____________ (drink) coffee and ____________ (write). Her

daughter _____________ (sleep) beside her. After five years, Joanne _____________ (finish) writing the first Harry Potter book. She _____________ (send) it to many publishers. They all __________ (say) that they didn't like it. Finally, a publisher ____________ (like) it, but the

publisher said," This is a children's book. Adults won't read. You won't make a lot of money. "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer'Stone was in the bookstores. J.K.Rowling ____________ (be) very happy. Her dream to publish her

book __________ (come) true. The book was famous all over the world. Now Harry Potter book is in forty-two languages. The publisher was wrong about one thing: Everyone loves Harry Potter- children and adults. Over 100 million books were sold in 1999.Then two Harry Potter three

books ___________ (become) movies. J.K.Rowling ______________ (write)

more Harry Potter books after that. People all over the world want more Harry Potter.And what is J.K.Rowling doing now? She is writing another book!