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外貿常用英文詞彙 (一)

debt-to-equity swap

the linkage system between the US dollar and the HK dollar

bad account/ dead account/ uncollectible account/bad debt/ bad loan

anti-dumping measures against ……



quota-free products

investment in non-productive projects

risk management/ assessment

venture capital

loan loss provision/ provisions of risk

revitalize large and medium-sized state owned enterprises

scale economy/ economies of scale

state-owned cooperatives

balance of international payments/ balance of payment

disequilibrium of balance of payment

public subsidies

state foreign exchange reserves

guide rational consumption

seasonal price adjustments
established/accomplished facts

scientific and technological enterprises that integrate scientific and technological development with industrial and
trade development

labor-intensive enterprises

unwarranted pooling of funds, arbitrary requisition of donations and exaction of fees from enterprises/
unauthorized pooling of funds, compulsory donations and random levies on enterprises

millennium bug

technological updating of enterprises

subsidies to cover enterprise losses

grant the national treatment to

pursuing practical results, adopting various ways and seeking common development/ the principle of equality,
mutual benefit, efficiency, diversity and mutual development

“bottleneck” restrictions

外貿常用英文詞彙 (二)

皮包公司 flying-by-night company; bogus company

放鬆銀根 ease monetary policy 
流動人口  floating population 
企業的自我約束機制 self-regulating mechanism of enterprises
貪圖安逸  crave comfort and pleasure 
消費膨脹  inflated consumption 
信息化  information 
無氟冰箱  freon-free refrigerator 
無紙交易  paperless transaction 
適銷對路的產品  readily marketable products 
奸商  profiteer 
機構臃腫  overstaffing in (government) organizations
機構重疊  organizational overlapping 
利改稅  substitution of tax payment for profit delivery
經常性的財政收入  regular revenues 
慢性蕭條  chronic depression 
雙重軌制  two-tier system / double-track system 
就業前培訓  pre-job training 
崗位培訓  on-the-job training 

外貿常用英文詞彙 (三)
對外專案承包 foreign project contracting
勞務合作 labor service cooperation
外援方式  modality of foreign aid
自 1999 年 1 月 1 日起實行 come into official enforcement as of January 1, 1999
所有制形式 forms of ownership
以試點的形式實行外貿權自動登記制度 implement an automatic registration system of foreign trading rights on a trial
風險管理/評估 risk management/ assessment
國家鼓勵項目 projects listed as encouraged by the state
<<中華人民共和國保護臺灣同胞投資實施條例>> Implementation Rules of the P.R.C. on the Protection of Investments
by Compatriots from Taiwan
部長級會議 ministerial meeting
公正合理 equitable and rational
搶得先機 take the preemptive opportunities
減免債務 reduce and cancel debts
工程項目 engineering project
同步增長 increase in the same pace
擺脫亞洲金融危機的影響 shake off the impact of the financial crisis
走上良性發展的軌道 going on the track of sound progress
工業增加值 industrial added value
固定資產投資 investment in the fixed assets
建材 building materials
累計實現順差 143.4 美元 accumulatively realizing trade surplus
注入新的生機與活力 bring new vigor and vitality into
配件 accessories
備件 spare parts
進口環節稅 import linkage tax
營業稅 turnover tax
企業所得稅 corporate income tax
抵免 offset
省會 provincial capital
直轄市 municipality directly under the central government
龍頭產品 flagship product
現代企業制度 modern corporate system
實行股份制 enforce stockholding system
控股公司 holding company
自主經營,自負盈虧 responsible for their own management decisions, profits and losses
在鞏固公有制主體地位的同時,促進多種所有制經濟共同發展 alongside fortifying the status of the public ownership as the
mainstay, it is also encouraged to witness common development of different systems of ownership
形成統一、開放和競爭有序的市場 establish an unified, open market with orderly competition
國家科技創新體系 State Scientific and Technological Innovation System
幫助人才脫穎而出 help excellent talents find way to distinction
清理、修訂 screen and modify
水利 water conservation
轉化經營機制 change the method of operation
仲介服務組織 intermediary service organization

外貿常用英文詞彙 (四)

dual purpose exports 軍民兩用品出口

dual-use goods and technology 軍民兩用產品和技術
NAFTA North American Free Trade Area  北美自由貿易區
global quota 全球配額
grandfather clause 祖父條款
Animal-derived food 動物源食品
EVSL (Early Voluntary Sectoral Liberalization) 部門提前自願自由化
TILF (Trade and Investment Liberalization and Facilitation) 貿易和投資自由化和便利化
國際清算 international settlement
商住和公益設施建設 commercial, residential and public utility construction
廣開就業門路 increase employment opportunities; create jobs in every possible way; open up more channels of
自由浮動匯率 free floating exchange rate; variable exchange rate
資本項目 capital account
經常專案 current account
求同存異 overcome differences and seek common ground
防偽標誌 anti-fake label
出口創匯型產業 export-oriented industry
盤活存量資產 revitalize stock assets
竟價投標 competitive bidding
協議投標 negotiated bidding
橫向兼併 horizontal merger
垂直兼併 vertical merger
垃圾融資 junk financing
貨幣市場 money market
申報制度 reporting system; income declaration system

外貿常用英文詞彙 (五)

shipping service company 船務公司

generic products 非商標(非專利)產品
prudent monetary policy  穩健的貨幣政策
deficit spending 超前消費
run on banks (到銀行)擠兌
domestic support to agriculture 對農業的國內支持
special bonds 特種債券
economy of abundance 富裕經濟
CAGA (compound annual growth average) 年複合增長率
Animal-based protein 動物源性蛋白
GMO (genetically modified organism) 轉基因組織
VOD (video-on-demand) 視頻點播
AOD (audio-on-demand) 音訊點播

外貿常用英文詞彙 (六)

市場准人的行政管理措施 AAMA: Administrative Aspects of Market Access

亞太工商諮詢理事會 ABAC: APEC Business Advisory Council
亞太商業論壇 ABF:APEC Business Forum
亞太通訊與資料系統 ACDS:APEC Communications and Database System
亞太中小企業技術交流與培訓中心 ACTETSME:APEC Center for Technology Exchange and Training for Small and
Medium Enterprises
亞洲開發銀行 ADB: Asian Development Bank
亞太經合組織經濟領導人會議 AELM: APEC Economic Leaders Meeting
東盟自由貿易區 AFTA:ASEAN Free Trade Area
亞太經合組織部長級會議 AMM:APEC Ministerial Meeting
澳新緊密經濟關係協定 ANZCERTA:Australia New Zealand Closer Economic Relations Trade Agreement
亞太商業網絡 APB-Net:Asia-Pacific Business Network
亞太經濟合作組織 APEC:Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation
亞太能源研究中心 APERC:Asia Pacific Energy Research Center
亞太資訊基礎設施 APII:Asia-Pacific Information Infrastructure
亞太實驗室認可合作 APLAC:Asia Pacific Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation
亞太法定計量論壇 APLMF:Asia Pacific Legal Metrology Forum
亞太計量程式 APMP:Asia Pacific Metrology Program
東南亞國家聯盟 ASEAN:Association of South-East Asian Nations
亞歐會議 ASEM:Asia-Europe Meeting
農業技術合作 ATC:Agricultural Technical Cooperation