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Wisdom and Intelligence for Life

2 Peter 1:3-4

3 His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through
our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness. 4 Through
these he has given us his very great and precious promises, so that through them
you may participate in the divine nature and escape the corruption in the world
caused by evil desires. NIV

God promises a relationship, and He delivers. God promises forgiveness, and He

delivers. God promises heaven and everything we need to get us there, and He
delivers. God also promises growth and transformation into His likeness, and He
delivers. God promises to meet our basic needs, and He delivers. God promises to
meet our spiritual needs, and He delivers. God promises workers for the harvest
field, and He delivers. God promises that we can find joy, security, fulfillment,
sustenance, salvation, strength, faith, encouragement, and inspiration in Him,
regardless of the circumstance, and He delivers.

These promises are reiterated in different ways in the scriptures, and God has never
failed, and will never fail to fulfill these promises in the lives of those who
wholeheartedly seek Him.

Yet, what about everything else that I face in life? Since God is silent on all of these
other things, can I assume that these things are not promised or guaranteed; and if
I request them, is God is not obliged to answer? The obvious answer is that we
don’t know. What we do know is that when God is silent, the only thing that I should
expect is for God to be God. Meaning, that the only thing that I should expect is
that I cannot expect God to do something or be something that He has not

Then why pray for what God is silent on? We pray because there is a chance that
God may positively answer out of His whims and His discretion. Then, should I take
matters into my own hands? Absolutely, because God does expect me to be
responsible for my life, whether He answers positively or negatively to my prayers.

Therefore, I need to handle the areas of my life that I am responsible for, that God is
silent on. The good thing is that God arms us with great tools to handle the
situations that we face in life, even though the outcome may not result in what we
truly want.

Wisdom for Life

What has God given me to help me through life?

1. The right attitude and perspective: God has given me the right perspective
to have in the midst of the different circumstances that I face on a daily
basis. Though the circumstances may be different, the perspective remains
the same. The correct perspective is that in God, I have all of my most
important and desperate needs met, which I need to live a fulfilling life in
spite of the circumstances that I face. In God I have: a loving, unfailing,
everlasting relationship with Him, the forgiveness of my sins, the Holy Spirit,
prayer, and the opportunity to go to heaven. This is truly all I need for life (2
Peter 1: 3-4).

a. In these I find love, joy, peace, fulfillment, security, satisfaction,

inspiration, motivation, strength, encouragement, examples, guidance,
and wisdom.

b. In spite of the circumstance, and regardless of the circumstance, by

maintaining this perspective, I will rise above any circumstance
mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, which also affects me physically,
and socially.

2. Godly principles from the word of God to live by: Through following God’s
principles in scripture, I will have the mental, emotional, social, and practical
principles that will most successfully enhance my life and provide me with
wisdom and intelligence to face the plethora of situations I face in this life.

a. I will have godly wisdom and values as a foundation for all of the
decisions that I need to make in my life, from the most important to
the mundane.

3. A support group: With all of the godly principles that I apply, I will make
sincere, loyal, selfless, loving, encouraging and endearing friends who will be
a great support for me, as well as I for them, during difficult times and during
pleasant times. I will also have friends that will share in my struggles by
praying to God for me (Rom 15:30). Who knows? God may answer their
prayers, to help them in their faith, which may result in me getting help in my

4. The ability to learn, grow and become better at all that I do: The ability is
within all of us to learn and practice something to grow in our aptitude, ability
and competence and become better at what we do. This can help us to face
the challenges of life, with understanding of the situations that come at us,
and the knowledge to persevere and overcome.
Since God is silent, and we are able to overcome many circumstances in our life,
should we take the credit since we take matters into our own hands?

What we cannot forget is that without the help that God has provided, we cannot
overcome with our relationship with God and our life intact. What I mean is that
God provides the right perspective, the right principles, the right people and the
potential to succeed in the circumstances we face, and glorify Him by the outcomes.
That is what gives us 99% of the victory, with the remaining 1%, as our choosing to
actually utilize what God has provided. We can try it on our own, and we may
receive the outcome that we want, yet if we glorify the god of self, we cannot glorify
the true God, and this lifestyle will shipwreck our relationship with God, and
ultimately our life.

Also, even with all of this help from God that we receive, God is who ultimately
determines the outcome of our decisions. Therefore, if things go well, we need to
thank God, because He allowed them to go well. If things do not go well, He never
promises they will anyway, and we accept our lot with joy and reverent submission
to the outcome He has allowed.

Therefore, we are to have faith in God’s promises, and take responsibility where God
is silent in our lives. Yet, God has given us all of the tools to live a great and
fulfilling life in a loving and enduring relationship with Him; through the forgiveness
of sins; through the joy of knowing that we can go to heaven; through the Holy
Spirit; through godly principles found in His word; through a support group of loving,
safe people; through the human potential to learn and grow; and through the power
of prayer. We truly have everything we need for life and godliness, as long as we
maintain the right balance in our life and ultimately give God the thanks and praise
that He deserves. To Him be the glory forever and ever, amen.


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