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Everybody appreciated Rupantor Nurul Islam Nahid appreciated the Go-NGO initiatives for promoting equal rights and

non-discrimination of men and women. As a result, now almost everybody is aware of the importance of education for both boys and girls. He highlighted some positive changes in education policy, education system and achievement in bringing gender parity in primary and secondary education. He opined that we still have to work to ensure womens better participation at tertiary level as well as in decision-making positions. Anowar Zahid, Member of GAD National Executive Council and president of the Network at Barisal said familial, social and state initiatives when these three will combinly contribute to build a social movement, equal rights and equality between women and men will be established. Derek Muller, Head of Cooperation, SDC appreciated the efforts made by the government, specially the education ministry for prioritizing the agenda of gender mainstreaming over the last few years. He pointed out two significant and visible achievements increase in girls enrolment and womens political participation. Ella de Voogd, First Secretary, EKN informed that they have developed a strategic plan for the coming years where gender is a cross-cutting issue. EKN will focus on sexuality education, youth friendly services, menstrual regulation and on early marriages. She urged the social actors and NGOs to give importance to togetherness, collective initiatives and being connected. Karin Rohlin, Head of Development Cooperation, SIDA referred to her recent field visit experience and found local peoples opinion uplifting, as different stakeholder are jointly working for similar objectives and they all are very enthusiastic. There are changes in attitudes and behavior but need to see if it is sustainable, because that is most important. Sultana Kamal, Executive Director, ASK urged to remain connected and united. If we are united we can always work together. She said the achievements that we see today have been achieved at the cost of huge sacrifice, pain and struggle by women, we have to find ways to reduce the pain. M Habibur Rahman, Chairperson, Steps encouraged GAD initiatives to continue with full spirit. He emphasized on inspiring positive mindset from the early days of childhood. A child should be oriented on believing in gender equality staring at her family and preschool. Ranjan Karmaker Quoting GAD as an ideology-based network he said the Alliance had been founded more than a decade ago with a view to creating poverty free, equal, just, secular state and society. With the work of GAD, we are trying to capitalize on the positive force of the new generation and the spirit of volunteerism to stand against discriminations, violence and injustice.

Tahrunnessa Abdullah thanked everyone and said what the guests said today will enlighten everyone. She emphasized on building a stronger movement for gender equality through the activities of GAD Alliance.