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AHMAD IDREES RAHMANI 1776 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA 90407 Phone: +1 310 985 5880, Email: arahmani@prgs.

edu Webpage: www.policy.hu/rahmani EDUCATION: PhD candidate, Research and Policy Analysis, Pardee RAND Graduate School, United States (expected to graduate 2012 2013) Dissertation: Cultural consensus among different groups of Afghan population on characteristics of successful and popular political leadership. MPil, Research and Policy Analysis, Pardee RAND Graduate School United States, 2010 MA, International Policy Studies, Stanford University, United States, 2007 BSc. Chemical Engineering, Balkh University, Afghanistan, 1994 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Assistant Policy Researcher, RAND Corporation, United States 2008 to present. Founding Director, AIR Consulting Company, Afghanistan 2008 to present. Co-Founding Director, Afghanistan Center for Research & Policy Studies, Afghanistan 2009 Independent Consultant: Afghanistan, Pakistan & Central Asia, 2005 to 2008 Program Development Specialist: USAID Afghanistan, 2002 to 2005 Program Manager, International Rescue Committee, Afghanistan & Pakistan, 1998 to 2002 AWARDS: Impact Award in recognition of research assistance towards RANDs security study projects. Five-year fellowship award from RAND/PRGS supporting completion of a PhD program at Pardee RAND Graduate School. Two one-year scholarship award from Pardee RAND graduate school (2008 2009) partially supporting the first and second year tuition. Two-year Fulbright scholarship award supporting completion of masters degree at Stanford University (2005 2007) One and half year International Policy Fellowship award supporting a policy research on the role of religious institution in sub-national governance in Afghanistan. Award of Excellence in Performance by the US Presidential Envoy to Afghanistan for successful negotiation of critical USG projects with the Afghan government, 2005. Foreign Service National of the Year award received from USAID/OTI in Washington for recognition of valuable contribution to USAIDs mission in Afghanistan, 2003. PUBLICATIONS: Study of the Afghan economy and how it affects the Pashtun people: implications for the insurgency in Afghanistan, 2011 RAND publication, not available for public distribution. The contributions of ground forces to U.S. Afghanistan-Pakistan strategy: an exploratory model-based assessment: 2010 RAND Publication, not available for public distribution.

Knowledge, Attitude, and Behavior analysis of citizens of Kandahar city towards government and municipal services. 2011 AIR Consulting project sponsored by USAID/Chemonics International in Southern Afghanistan. Report available from: http://www.theairconsulting.com/kandahar-kap-study.html Knowledge, Attitude, and Behavior study of Afghan population (national level) towards expansion of international trade in Afghanistan. 2010 AIR Consulting project sponsored by USAID/Chemonics International in Kabul. Report available from: http://www.theairconsulting.com/trade-kap-study.html Survey research of Afghan youth attitude towards three stakeholders of current conflict in Afghanistan (ISAF/NATO, Afghan Government, and Taliban). 2010 AIR Consulting project sponsored by KOCHA organization, report not available for public distribution. Determinants of states political legitimacy: a panel study of 177 countries , 2010. The paper is under review for publication on an academic journal. The draft is available at http://prgs.academia.edu/AhmadIdreesRahmani Wellbeing and public attitudes in Afghanistan: contributed to the final paper by Dr Carol Graham from Brookings Institute, 2009. The paper is available from http://www.brookings.edu/papers/2009/05_afghanistan_happiness_graham.aspx Analysis of cost of operation for NGOs in Afghanistan: an empirical study sponsored by the USIP in 2009. Report is available by request from USIP. Regional trade and decline of private investment in Afghanistan: a research project supported by the German Development Agency (GTZ), 2008. The paper is available from http://prgs.academia.edu/AhmadIdreesRahmani Conducted a series studies on operationalization of Afghanistans National Development Strategy (ANDS). 2008 USAID/Bearing Point projectreports are available from Bearing Point Office in Afghanistan. Evaluation of Afghanistans Reconstruction Trust Fund (ARTF), a major World Bank project in Afghanistan, 2008 World Bank project, report is available from the Bank. Coauthored a five-year strategic plan for Afghanistans Independent Directorate of Local Governance, sponsored by the Asia Foundation in 2008. The document is available from the office of IDLG in Afghanistan. The role of religious institutions in provision of public goods beyond Kabul: a descriptive study of power structure at the village level sponsored by the International Policy Fellowship in 2005. http://prgs.academia.edu/AhmadIdreesRahmani Conducted a series of food market study for different US companies based in the United States 2005 2007. Most of the reports are not public documents.

INVITED PRESENTATIONS: Why president Karzai is becoming less cooperative with the US? A political argument presented to the board of trustees of RAND Corporation in 2011. Peace and Reconciliation in Afghanistan, a conference at a German think tank, Berghof Conflict Research, Scheduled for June 2010 in Germany. The Challenge of Poor Governance on Security Developments of Afghanistan, a presentation scheduled in Germany and Brussels, June 2010. Deconstructed Policy Implications of Afghanistans National Development Framework. A three day conference for the office of the president in Afghanistan, 2009

The Importance of Good Economic Policy Making, a series of talks and presentations to the economic sub-committee of Afghanistan Parliament, 2008 2009. Presentation of Sub-national Governance in Islamic States in a regional Fulbright conference for South Asian Countries, Nepal 2008. Presentation of Religious Institutions & Sub-national Governance research report in Afghanistan, Budapest, and the US in 2007. Presentation of potentials and caveats of Afghan istans National Solidarity Project , Islamabad & Delhi 2007 and 2008. Several presentations to high level USG delegates (congressmen and secretaries of US government) on political and economic issues of Afghanistan, 2002 2005. Several presentations and talks to USG delegates visiting refugee camps in Pakistan, 1998 2001.

LANGUAGE SKILLS: Farsi (Dari, Persian, Tajiki), native. Pashtu, very good conversationally. English, fluent. Urdu, good conversationally. Russian, basic conversation. Arabic, basic understanding.