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Bijzonder Konvent Dienst Studenten Activiteiten Ghent University

IndoSAG Indonesian Student Association in Ghent

The organization name is Indonesian Student Association in Ghent and referred as IndoSAG. IndoSAG was officially established on 1st of August 1998 with its official terms and regulations. but the activity has actually done much earlier since the first group of Indonesian students arrived in Gent at 1991. Currently more than 30 Indonesian students enrolled at Ghent University. 1. Current features of IndoSAG 1.1. Objectives - IndoSAG Tighten the relationship between the members and it’s an official forum to exchange information regarding study and stay in Gent. It is a place where members help each other in academic, cultural, sport and many cultural activities . - IndoSAG encourage the role of activity of it’s members as an ambassadors of the nation in order to strengthen the positive image of Republic of Indonesia, especially in Gent, Belgium and in the International forum - IndoSAG assists Indonesian students in exchanging scientific life, cultural, sport and entertainment activities with Belgian and international students who are studying in Gent, Belgium. - IndoSAG coordinates its activities in Gent-Belgium with those of Indonesian Student Association in Antwerp, Brussel, Leuven and Hasselt and Indonesian Student Association in other continents, including : Europe, Asia, America, Africa and Australia. - IndoSAG make a good cooperation with all student associations that exist in Gent to promote Universiteit Gent as a world center of research and learning

most of the meetings and activities take place at the following address: Kortrijksesteenweg 500.linayati@Ugent.novriadi@UGent. etc.5. (2) Conducting activities that are useful for the welfare of its members for the betterment of the Association within the limits that do not have a conflict with the Principles and Objectives. IndoSAG Secretariat Currently. Principles and Objectives.1.3. IndoSAG Committee Periode Mei 2012 .4. 9000 Gent. Aquaculture MSc. . Ghent University and Indonesian legislation. Environmental sanitation MSc. Activity (1) Facilitates the exchange of information in science and technology by means of seminars. (2) Extraordinary members. lectures. discussions. event and other incomes that are not contrary to the principles and objectives of the IndoSAG. IndoSAG does not have an official address in Gent. 1.be Linayati. 1. Regular members are Indonesian citizens who is registered as a student in Universiteit Gent. Aquaculture Email Romi.June 2013 Position President Secretary Treasurer Education division Research division Name Romi Novriadi Tazkiyah Izzati Aulia Royan rahmawati Naomi Ambarita Damanik Linayati Program MSc.sg Aulia. donations. Belgium (Home OBSG). Human Nutrition MSc.be taz2real@yahoo.rahmawati@UGent.com. However. publications. IndoSAG Financial The financial for IndoSAG are mainly provided by members contribution. 1. Members There are two type of member at Indonesian Student Association : (1) Regular members. Former regular students who are not listed again at the Universiteit Gent.be 1. Indonesian alumni graduated from Universiteit Gent b. Extraordinary members are : a. (3) Promoting Indonesian cultural activities (4) Strengthening relations with international organizations in order to raise friendship and peace of nations as long as it not contain with conflict to the Nature. either as full-time students from bachelor degree until doctorate level or as a short time students as well as student work. Soil science MSc. Students that have an interest and sympathy to Indonesia and not contrary to the principles and in Republic of Indonesia c.2.6.

sport and entertainment events organized by other student organizations such as: International Student Association in Gent (ISAG). . 4.7. suc has : Break of fasting. Student Welcome Club (SWC). Christmass. etc Organize badminton activities with Indonesian students from other cities in Belgium. Organize farewell ceremonies for students graduating in the year Organize South East Asia student trip to Dinant Organize Multicultural party for International student Organize student movie discussion Organize religious asctivities. 9. such as in Brussel. 2. IndoSAG Annual Activity 1. OBSG Open house day. 10. Hasselt and with international students that studying in Gent. Leuven.1. Iedul Fithri. Organize New year party Participate in cultural exchange. 3. 5. 6. Organize cultural activity called : Indonesian Sound Heritage Organize International student welcome party : collaboration between IndoSAG and Erasmus program in Asia. 7. 8. Antwerp.

The logo of Indonesian and Belgium flag which Intersect represents the linkage between the two countries. Element : Indonesian Student Association in Gent (abbreviated as IndoSAG) : Gent . Indonesian students in Gent who are aware of our rights and obligations to devote our knowledge in developing the nation’s intellectual life in order to achieve a just and prosperous society based on Pancasila and UUD1945.STATUTA Indonesian Student Association in Gent (IndoSAG . Name 2. Location and Element 1. The intersection of IndoSAG’’s letters represents the relationship among members of Indonesian student in Gent .Belgium : PPI Gent is a branch of Indonesian student in Belgium Article 2 Logo The meaning of IndoSAG’s logo : 1.PPI Gent) Preamble With the grace of Almighty God. 2. gather ourselves in an association with statutes as follows: Article 1 Name. we. Location 3.

Article 4 Vision 1. Strengthen the relationships between members. Research division and Education division Article 7 Openness IndoSAG is open to every Indonesian student who is studying in Gent. 2. . local society and students around the world. the Indonesian embassy in Belgium. All Statutes of IndoSAG which previously established are no longer valid since the enactment of this Statutes. creative. 2. race. disability. The socialization of Indonesian culture in Gent 1. A respectable relationship between Indonesian students in Gent. Statutes is effective as agreed by the members of IndoSAG 2. sex. 3. Introduce Indonesian culture to the local community. This organization and its members shall not discriminate against any individual(s) for reasons of age. Secretary. outstanding. gender identity or expression. Increase the concern for the nation and state of Indonesia Article 6 IndoSAG Organizational Structure The board of IndoSAG consists of President. The realization of self development tool for its members to be critical. Article 8 Closure 1. 3. Conduct activities which aim to explore member s’ capability in each region. 5. animated by the spirit and sense of responsibility for advancing the nation of Indonesia. color. local society and students from around the world.Article 3 Foundation Based on Pancasila which is the basis of the ideal organization and rooted on UUD 45 as a legal basis. 4. Introduce the achievement of Indonesian student and actively participate in international activities. treasurer. 6. or religious belief. responsible along with social concern. Article 5 Mission Develop IndoSAG as a forum to facilitate the aspirations and developments of its members.