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The Lord has a church upon this earth.

He has a people who are working with an undivided interest, a

people who is dear to His heart because they are consecrated to Him. There are also men whose names are
on the church books who are not serving God, who are robbing Him by withholding the tithes and offerings
which He, as the householder, requires as His portion. But because there are tares among the wheat, shall
we disparage the church of God? Never! We may disparage ourselves, but never disparage those who are
striving amid temptation and trial. These are the ones whom God loves. {21MR 57.2}
The medical missionary work is not to be divorced from the church. Men of power and strength of mind
are to grasp every opportunity of becoming acquainted with the Word of God. This Word each individual
who would win eternal life must eat and drink as the flesh and blood of the Son of God. All our new
converts need training. Well-directed labor should be put forth that they may receive light. There is constant
need of men with well balanced minds, who will not step aside either into the fire or into the water. {21MR
Some who read the Word catch at ideas which they suppose give them great light. They present this
supposed light as truth, but as they have not really studied the Word, as some have done, they will, full of
ardor and zeal, present theories which, if received, will counterwork the efforts which have been put forth
since 1844 to give the people of God a connected chain of truth. They do not know what they are doing, but
they disturb those who suppose they have a solid foundation. These crave for new ideas and suppositions,
which mar the symmetrical development of character. Under the influence of the Holy Spirit, those with
this enthusiastic temperament would be enabled to do the highest service. The quickening influence of the
life in their message would give character to the work, and advance it, diffusing the grace and spirit of truth
in all its lines. But let such a one put his whole mind upon some idea which is not correct, and deformity
rather than symmetry is developed. {21MR 57.4}
This is the danger now existing in the medical missionary work. Many who go to school to be educated
in this line do not obtain as much as they thought they would. If they had not placed themselves in a school,
but had remained where they could be constantly receiving and constantly giving, they would have
received increased light. {21MR 58.1}
There is a great work to be done in calling for volunteers for the canvassing work. Canvassers are not to
be restricted by being told that they must not talk upon subjects of the truth, that they are to give no Bible
readings. They are to put all their energies and enlightenment into the work, and if they can help anyone by
speaking to him directly and personally, let them do it. They should be perfectly free to speak or to pray
with those who are awakened. Some have not the burden to do this work, and they should not try to
converse with those they meet, for they would be unable to enlighten them. The truth must go forward.

We are made up of nerves and senses, as well as of conscience and affections. All parts of the living
machinery are to be wisely cared for and considerately treated. The Lord has respect for the body as well as
the soul. {21MR 134.4}
The canvassing work is a good work, but it may not be the best work for you if, while engaged in it, you
are obliged to eat irregularly and cannot get healthful food. {21MR 134.5}