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Ramesh Godi

Phone NO: 217-241-2015
• I am looking for a position as a SQL Server DBA where I can utilize my skills to contribute to a
successful team

• Over 7 years of experience as a SQL Server DBA with over 10 years of IT experience
• Experience includes providing 24x7 database administration support for production environments
and remote on-call support. Supported 50+ Production Servers (OLAP, OLTP) and 100+
Development and UAT Servers located across continent. Database sizes ranged from 100 GB to
• Expertise in Performance tuning, Clustering, Replication, Backup/Recovery, DTS packages,
Troubleshooting and Problem Solving, Capacity Management, Disaster Recovery Planning,
Server and Database upgrades
• Experience as a SQL Server 2005/2008 DBA involves Management Studio, Business
• Designing & Developing ETL and Data flow maps using DTS, BCP, Bulk Insert, SSIS for
MSSQL 2005
• Used SQL Profiler for troubleshooting, monitoring, optimization of SQL Server and SQL code
• Experience in developing organizational and Ad hoc reports Using SSRS
• Extensively used tools like SQL Profiler, Index Tuning Wizard, Windows Performance
Monitor for monitoring and tuning MS SQL Server performance
• Experience on Network Load Balancing
• Excellent analytical, interpersonal and communication skills; fast learner, hardworking, versatile
team player, and have the desire to excel


Operating Systems: Windows NT/XP/2000, 2003

Programming Languages: C++, T-SQL, VB Script, ASP.NET
SQL Server Tools: Management Studio, Enterprise Manager, SQL Profiler,
Query Analyzer, DTS, SSIS
Web: IIS 5.0/6.0
GUI: VB 6.0
Databases: SQL Server 2000/2005/2008 Oracle9i, MySQL5.1
Other Tools: Red Gate 5.0, SQL Sentry 3.1/4.0, VERITAS 3.2,
Groove 3.1, Exam Diff Pro, Preprocess Explore, Lotus Notes-
Business email
Open source software tools Dot Net Nuke

• Bachelor of Technology

• Diploma in Computer Applications


United Nations Organization, NYC Sep 2007 – present

SQL Server DBA SQL Server 2000, 2005,2008
The United Nations (UN) is an international organization whose stated aims are to facilitate cooperation in
international law, international security, economic development, social progress, human rights and
achieving world peace and nine missions under the authority of the United Nations
• SQL Server 2008: installation, upgrading 2005 to 2008 , service packs, hot fixes, configuration,
Integration services to pre-production server
• SQL Server 2005: installation, upgrading 2000 to 2005 (side-by-side and in-Place), service packs,
hot fixes, configuration, Integration services to pre-production server
• Implemented capacity mechanism on SQL Server 200/2005 environment using custom stored
• Completely rebuilt the ETL Extraction Layer for galaxy production to warehouse/extract server
• Extracting data from different missions to text files then stores in SQL DB
• Installation of Windows Server 2003: service packs, active directory creations, patch applications,
DNS servers creation, terminal services and RDP administration
• Installation, configuration and administration IIS 6.0 and Share Point
• Application support for 12 applications: job monitoring, trouble-shooting, 24/7 remote support
of the databases, daily and weekly maintenance tasks (online & offline backups)
• Extensive use of SSIS/DTS packages and troubleshoot and migration.
• Performing monthly maintenance task: production servers failover testing using EMC SRDF and
VERITAS Enterprise administration
• Installed and configured 64 Bit SQL Server 2005 active\active cluster instances.
• Setup of Log shipping, Trouble shooting the issues related to it.
• Integration with web based application (.NET) with SQL Server 2005
• Web Servers support and weekly maintenance – deploying custom code, .NET code and SQL
code to pre-production and production environments
• Extensively documented and published DTS packages and jobs
• Consolidated data from various sources to MS SQL Server 2005.
• Extensive use of other tools for communication purpose-Groove, Lotus Notes- Business Email
• Administering SQL Server by creating user logins with appropriate roles, dropping and locking
the logins, monitoring the user accounts, creation of groups, granting privileges to users and groups
• Extensive use of change management system (Lotus Notes)
Environment: Windows Server 2000/2003, SQL Server 2000/2005/2008,ASP.NET,IIS 5.0/6.0,Visual Studio
2005/2008, Red Gate, SQL Sentry, VIRITAS, Visio 2003, Groove, Lotus Notes,

INTUIT.INC, San Diego Mar 2005 – Sep 2007

SQL Server DBA SQL Server 2000, 2005_______
INTUIT is an American software company that develops financial and tax preparation software and related
services for small businesses, accountants and individuals

• Server migration of over 400 shared SQL Server databases using virtualization and consolidation
methods, including replication and failover clustering
• SQL Server 2000: installation, service packs, hot fixes, configuration and analysis services
• Installed and configured SQL Server 2000 in Clustering administration and configured
• Installation of Windows Server 2000: service packs, active directory creations, patch applications,
DNS servers creation, terminal services and RDP administration
• Installed and configured IIS 5.0
• SQL Server 2005: installation, upgrading 2000 to 2005 (side-by-side, In Place ), service packs,
configuration and integration services on test servers
• Involved in setting up database mirroring on test servers
• Extensive use of DTS packages
• Database administration of MySQL5.1
• Database maintenance – monitoring, performance tuning, process logs and troubleshoot
• Backup/recovery - planning, testing, scripts
• Set up standards for the application development team that include monitoring, backup, database
layout, security and change management
• Built new database instances and made physical database/schema changes per requests from the
application developers
Environment: Windows Server 2000/2003, SQL Server 2000/2005,MySQL5.1,ASP.NET

Manor Care, Inc., Toledo Sep 2003 – Mar 2005

SQL Server DBA SQL Server 2000_______
Manor Care, Inc., through its operating group HCR Manor Care, is a leading provider of short-term
post-acute and long-term care. Our nearly 60,000 employees have made us the preeminent care provider in
the industry. Partnerships and other ventures supply high-quality pharmaceutical products and management
services to physician practices.
• SQL Server 2000: installation, service packs, hot fixes, configuration and analysis services
• Installation of 2000 Enterprise servers on production, test and development boxes.
• Data migration between MS Access 2.0 and SQL Server 2000
• Worked with DTS packages on SQL Server 2000 for the automation of day to day maintenance
• Setup Transactional Replication and maintain the servers
• Implemented standard performance log - events and counters on all production, development and
test servers
• Actively involved in the planning of the data center move from existing location to the new location
and also in disaster recovery site preparation
• Extensively used BCP for Data Loading
• Database and log backup, restoration, backup strategies, scheduling backups. Backing up master &
system databases and restoring them when necessary
• Participating in weekly systems and DB meetings and updating the project status to the project
• TSQL, Microsoft Exchange Server, MS Access 97/2000
Environment: Windows 2000/2003, SQL Server 2000/2005, MS Access 97/2000, Microsoft, Exchange

Ditech.com, NY Aug 2001 – Sept 2003
SQL Server DBA SQL Server 2000_________

Ditech.com is known as being a leader in the direct lending industry. A business unit of GMAC
Mortgage, ditech.com delivers customer service along with the security of being part of one of the largest
mortgage companies in America.
• Involved in SQL Server 2000 installation and upgrades on Test & Production servers
• Worked as a SQL Server DBA and tools such as TSQL, MTS, IIS, Crystal Reports
• Responsible for creating databases, tables, cluster/non-cluster indexes, unique/check constraints,
views, stored procedures, triggers, rules and defaults
• Worked extensively on DTS Package designs for Import/Export from various Data Source Flat file,
Excel, MS Access to MS SQL Server and schedule the jobs in SQL Server
• Creation of new windows server logins and granting privileges to users/groups
• Used DBCC commands to check physical and logical consistency of the databases and Rebuild
• Backup and recovery of Master, MSDB and Application databases
• Monitor NT Event log for system, application errors, available disk space, Backup registry, keep
emergency repair disk as current
• Responsible for Query optimization and Performance tuning
• Used NT Performance monitor to monitor CPU & Memory usage and SQL Server Profiler to
monitor and record database activities of particular users, applications
Environment: Windows NT/2000/2003, MS SQL Server 2000, Oracle 8.0, IIS 5.0, Excel, MS.Access, ASP

ID Networks, Ashtabula Oct 1999 – Aug 2001

SQL Server Developer/ DBA Windows NT, SQL 7.0___
ID Networks is a systems integration firm that specializes in the development of identification based
solutions. It is a veteran records management and identification technologies company for the criminal
justice market, providing solutions.
• Installation of SQL Server 7.0 on Windows NT 4.0 and 2000 Server
• Windows NT 4.0 configuration setup, Managing Server facilities, Managing NT User accounts
• Managing Disk Administration, file systems and Windows NT backups
• Installing TCP/IP and TCP/IP configuration, Used NT Performance monitor tool
• Monitor the size of the transaction log. Managed databases on multiple disks using Disk Mirroring
and RAID technology
• Installation of Windows 2000 Servers and configuration of MDAC and IIS server in test server
• Writing T-SQL queries and creating users permissions for server and database roles
• Worked on data import and Export utility, for transferring data. By using BCP command line utility
• Worked on Crystal Reports
Environment: Windows NT/2000, MS SQL Server 7.0/2000, IIS, Crystal Reports

Modes Computers, India Aug 1998- Sep 1999

Programmer/Tester Front Office Management System____

• On this project the modules we covered: 1.batch allotment .2.Student enrollment, 3. free details,
4.Faculty information 5.Course details 6.Student performance and 7.Periodic report generation
• Developed various front-end screens and database tables and unit testing.
• Managing Windows NT backups
Environment: Visual Basic 5.0, V B Script, Ms Access 7.0 and Windows NT 4.0