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EPM in a Box
Fully configured Enterprise Project Management Solution
EPM in a Box™ was developed by Fulcrum Business Solutions as a packaged Enterprise Project Management Solution carefully designed to meet generic organisational Project Management requirements. This pre-configured EPM solution is based on generic project management processes and best practices, and is pivotal in providing you with a quick solution to manage current and forthcoming projects with greater control. EPM in a Box™ allows an organisation to maximise its bottom-line impact on project delivery without making a huge upfront investment in time consuming requirements analysis. This solution also leverages Fulcrum's extensive implementation experience and places an organisation on a QUICK WIN path to increased project performance.


The Microsoft EPM solution is a role-based environment ensuring various members of the project community only get access to the information relevant to them. For this reason the security model of EPM in a Box™ has already been configured to map the use of the tool to the roles of the project manager, team members, executives and resource managers. All that is required is to map the organisation's user base into the role-based model and EPM in a Box™ is complete from an access and functionality perspective.

To aid standardisation of project data across an organisation a number of calculated fields, custom value lists, views, tables, filters, and calendars have already been built into the configuration of EPM in a Box™. The inclusion of a number of predefined project, resource and task dimensions also assists organisations to conform to project portfolio management requirements.

Enterprise Project Management (EPM) allows organisations to accomplish their strategic objectives by focusing its project effort and aligning people, processes and superior technology into a combined whole to achieve business growth and efficiency. The Microsoft EPM Solution allows participation from all levels of the business community, ensuring that resources are not wasted on projects that return little or no value to the business. It provides organisations visibility into their work portfolio, the tools they require to make well-informed decisions, optimise resources and establish repeatable processes. It is unique among project management systems because it ensures widespread participation through familiar, integrated tools.

EPM in a Box™ contains a set of generic resources mapped to skills requirements, and by adding the organisation's own resources and mapping them to the primary skills already defined in the solution, the organisation can quickly get to grips with a number of important resource management issues common in most companies.

One of the challenges project managers commonly face is progress reporting to various stakeholders in different formats. EPM in a Box™ allows project managers the freedom to get down to the project management job at hand and not spend hours compiling different reports containing exactly the same sets of data for different audiences.

Powerful Portfolio Analysis

Project Health Report

EPM in a Box™ allows you to quickly leverage project management best practices configured in the Microsoft EPM toolset. This is achieved through the use of the preconfigured security model and Enterprise Global template, an Enterprise Resource Pool containing generic resources, project views and reports, configured Risk and Issue registers and a PMBOK-based project life cycle template.

The solution has been configured to include views and reports that make the data available in acceptable formats that can be displayed and printed from Microsoft Office Project and Project Web Access.

Leveraging Windows SharePoint Services, the project Risk and Issue registers have been configured in EPM in a Box™ to assist the project manager in raising and categorising risks and issues. The entire project community has access to the project risk and issue registers through Project Web Access and responsibility is assigned to individuals to track and resolve.

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° Project Centre Report ° Project Health Report ° Project Financial Report ° Earned Value Report ° Project Phase Report · Project i. Fulcrum Business Solutions. Project. All rights reserved. · Better planning of projects with configured views and tables. Microsoft Project Professional and Microsoft Project Web Access. generic resources and skill matrix. size of largest implementations in RSA and number of people trained in Microsoft Office Project 2003 and related toolset training interventions. and control of all aspects of your program or project portfolio. c 2005. · A reference guide for project managers to assist them in getting sound data into the EPM solution. Through this solution executives. · Ensure project initiatives align with your strategic obejctives.za Microsoft. · Gain visibility.f u l c r u m b u s i n e s s s o l u t i o n s EPM in a Box Fully configured Enterprise Project Management Solution PROJECT LIFE CYCLE TEMPLATE EPM in a Box™ contains a scheduling best practice project template to assist project managers in creating a Work Breakdown Structure to the correct level of detail. K2. programmes and portfolio's through logical outcomes based views and reports pre-configured as a quick to market solution. Tel: +27 12 349 1590 Fax: +27 12 349 1593 Email: info@fulcrumgroup. Deadlines and Save Baseline Scope Change Information Resource Information WHO IS FULCRUM BUSINESS SOLUTIONS? Fulcrum Business Solutions is the leading Microsoft EPM implementation house in South Africa in terms of number of successful implementations. insight. project managers and team members gain insight and control of projects. Predefined Custom Reporting Views: Critical Task Report Milestone Report Deadline Report Project Health Report on Summary Level Project Health Report Scope Change Report PROJECT WEB ACCESS Predefined Custom Operational Views: · Progress Reports · Health Reports · Timesheets Predefined Custom Reports · Programme i. fully customizable system: · Pre-Configured Security Model · Pre-Configured Generic Enterprise Resource Pool · Pre-Configured Enterprise Global Settings · Pre-Configured PMBOK based Enterprise Project Template DOCUMENTS: · System Requirements Document · Project Management Quick Reference Guide TRAINING: · MS Office Project 2003 for Project Managers · MS Office Project Collaboration Features for Project Managers · EPM Administration for Project Server Administrators · Mentoring and Support to Project Community MICROSOFT PROJECT: Generic built-in Project Management process based on: · Lessons Learned · Best Scheduling Practices Predefined Custom Operational Views: Gantt Chart Financial Information Scope Change Information Milestones. TM BENEFITS OF EPM IN A BOX™ · Implementation of a Generic EPM Solution in a short period of time.co. Office and Sharepoint Portal Server are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.co.za Internet: www. CONFIGURATION SPECIFICATION LAYOUT SYSTEM: Enterprise Project Management (EPM) Pre-Configured.e.e. ° Overview Report ° Health Report ° Milestone Report ° Deadline Report ° Resource Report ° Financial Report ° Scope Change Report ° Critical Task Report Customised Security Model with the following defined Roles: · Administrator · Executive · Portfolio Manager · Programme Manager · Project Manager · Resource Manager · Team Leader · Team Member Customised Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) functionality: · Risk List · Issue List · Document Repository WHY WORK WITH FULCRUM? Fulcrum's core capability revolves around Microsoft's Enterprise Project Management Solution built on Microsoft Project Server.fulcrumgroup.Net are either registered trademarks or trademarks of SourceCode Technology Holdings (Pty) Ltd in South Africa and for other countries. EPM in a Box™ is an application of generic best practices and experiences collected from a wide range of customers in the South African market. · Powerful project portfolio analysis and predefined organisational project dimensions. · Successful team collaboration and communication with timesheets & status reporting. · Operational documentation is included. . · Bring your organisational “parts” together and get a clear “big picture “view”. · Effective resource management with a pre-configured enterprise resource pool.