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River Park off-leash news (

May 7, 2007


Stoop and Scoop Day As part of a City Hall steering committee, As part of the short-term plan, the following
Saturday, June 2 Linda and I participated in a walk-through at are expected to take place during the next
9:00am - 11:00am River Park on Sunday, April 22 with few months:
Alderman Barry Erskine and Michael Kenny,
Mark your calendars now! a City Parks representative. Following are • The fenced area at the south end of
This is our first park pick up, the results of the walk-through, which will the park will be investigated as to the
independant of any other group’s be submitted as content for a few source of the water leak. Further actions
efforts. Here’s a great chance to community newsletters. to drain the area will depend on the nature
highlight dog owners’ commitment to of the problem.
the care of the park. River Park Update • A message board will be erected at the
River Park is an important inner-city park south end of the park.
used for a variety of activities. Most users • Fencing along the escarpment will be
We haven’t had a get-together in a
agree that, in recent years, the park has been extended from the north up to the path
while. Let’s plan to go for breakfast
overused and, as a consequence, some of its leading down to Sandy Beach.
afterward. Forward your suggestions
natural features and vegetation has suffered. • The placement of garbage bins will be
for a place that can hold a large It is anticipated that a major plan for the reviewed as will the type of vehicle used
group. If I don’t hear from anyone, restoration of River Park will be spearheaded for servicing the park. The primary
we’ll probably go to the Carriage by the City, beginning either late in the fall of entrance for service vehicles will be at the
House again. Details to follow. 2007 or early in 2008. In the meantime, there south end of the park via the main path.
are no plans for any major changes regarding • The E59 outfall area will be restored and
Hope you are able to attend the the use of River Park. replanted with natural vegetation and, until
pick-up and breakfast. RSVP for this is established, the area will be fenced
both by May 28. A working group and steering committee with and off limits for all users and accessed
representatives from various user groups has only by City maintenance crews.
Read more about River Park begun to develop short-term plans for the • The temporary access road from 14A
updates on page 2 of this edition. park as a prelude to the major, long-term Street to E59 will be restored to grass
plan. The short-term plan will deal with and fenced until the grass is established.
immediate rehabilitation opportunities • Tree stumps at the north end of the
Lend Your Expertise whereas the long-term plan will focus on Park will be removed or mulched.
overall park restoration. User consultation
Do you have a skill, contacts or and input received during Open Houses will These are short-term plans address
knowledge that can further FRPS’ be major information sources contributing to increased demand on River Park, although
cause? If so, please contact the development of the long-term plan. a long-term plan is still needed.
Candice Lee at
or 287-1029. Thanks for your
consideration. Dog Heaven Gains another Member of River Park
River Park has lost another long-time routines, Ellie’s family preserved her
member of our dog circle. After celebrating dignity and mercifully let her go.
Please feel free to share this many years of love and friendship, Kate and
newsletter with friends. If at any David tearfully said goodbye to their Lab, Many of us remember Ellie as a faithful
time you no longer wish to receive Ellie, on Saturday, May 5. Unfortunately, companion, who happily shadowed Kate
communication, just let me know. Ellie had bone cancer and inevitably, the on her bike. Kate, David and Ellie’s
time came when the pain killers no longer ‘sister’, Trace, feel a deep sense of loss,
Candice Lee provided any relief. but are slowly coming around.
287-1029 (home)
703-1671 (cell) When she became unable to bear any
leesmale@telusplanet.net weight on her leg and manage daily page 1 of 2
Friends of River Park Update Caring For Your Pet
The FRPS executive committee has been busy! Here’s a list - Just For the Health of It
of what we’ve been up to:
Mosquito repellents
• pathways (asphalt surface) vs trails (natural, gravel) and Mosquitos have already been sited in the park! Last year was
how they may or may not impact off-leash use a particularly bad year for the pests, and I spent a fair amount
• composting dog feces (at River Park, at our homes - of time chasing the them away from my girls’ tender noses,
watch for upcoming workshops through Clean Calgary) so I decided to look for a mosquito repellent for the dogs. As
• suggestions for area redevelopment plan humans, we’re lucky to have many choices for mosquito
• incorporating as a society (weighing pros & cons) repellents, but our dogs aren’t so lucky. Here’s what I found
• working with City, Parks Foundation out about bug sprays:
• created a map showing recreational use for various groups
Healthy Hounds
Scoopy Doo Day 2036 34 Ave SW
• great attendance, successful overall - thanks to everyone 217-9950
• FRPS had two tables with promo items and reps in uniform Carries Flea The Scene 177ml for approximately $16. This
one seemed to work best for my dogs.
Off-leash Report
• in process of rating each area - standard criteria UFA (United Farmers of Alberta)
4635 1 Street SE
Current projects 243-4636
• City Parks rep to meet with FRPS reps about volunteer Carries Ultrashield and Supershield 975ml for approximately
efforts to remediate River Park $30. It’s primarily used as a spray for horses to protect them
• FRPS committee to meet with Southland Park’s executive from biting insects. Their website says it’s also safe for dogs.
• FRPS website development Nadina S and Sheila H swear by these products.
• Candice interviewed by CTV - Candice tried to promote
FRPS efforts to work with City and competing interest
groups, recreational area usage, off-leash as exercise/
recreation, opposition to user fees/graduated licensing, but Update - Pet Food Recall
reporter focused on pathways and details of meetings at For the most recent list of foods recalled visit the American
City Hall - will not likely air Veterinary Medical Association’s website at:
Future projects http://www.avma.org:80/aa/menufoodsrecall/products.asp.
• awareness campaign (educate users about etiquette,
importance of keeping park clean, competing interests) Pet owners who are feeding the newly recalled product to
• usage survey in 2008 their cats and have questions are asked to call Royal Canin
at 1-866-494-6844.
Do you have any feedback or suggestions for us? Contact
Candice at leesmale@telusplanet.net. Thanks to Kim for this information.

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