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A Howlin’ Good Time River Park off-leash news November 1, 2007 ) ) !!!!! (((((

A Howlin’ Good Time

River Park off-leash news

November 1, 2007

) ) !!!!! ((((( ) ) (((((
9 th Annual Dog and Owner
Christmas Party
Remove yourself from danger
• Leash your dog and leave the area
Everyone and their dog
Coyotes are just a
natural occurance in
the city. It’s normal
to see them in
parks, golf courses
and even in our
• Back away slowly while maintaining
eye contact
Fire pit party for dogs & humans
Saturday, December 1
6:30 - 10:45pm (gates close at
• Move toward buildings or human
• Never run – they consider this
submissive behaviour and will likely
chase you
Where: Sandy Beach Fire Pits (by the
lower parking lot)
Reduce encounters
Become better acquainted with
dogs and their owners
Bring your own everything —
snacks, beverage, companion
of choice
Sandy Beach is an on-leash
Attempts to rid them
by poisoning and
such are futile because they’re extremely
adaptable and will multiply quickly to
preserve their existence.
So it’s not surprising that there have
been a few sightings at River Park lately.
Thankfully, the long grass has been cut,
reducing the coyotes’ natural camouflage.
The north end remains uncut and this is
the area where recent sightings are
• They appear more frequently in
residential areas during in winter when
their food supplies are lower. Help
reduce encounters and keep them out
of your neighborhood by eliminating
improperly stored garbage and any
food sources from your yard.
• Help keep them away from the off-
leash park and your yard by picking
up your dog’s droppings - this eliminates
feces as a potential food source.
Clean-up Efforts
Now that darkness falls so early in the
evening, the park will likely become less
clean. Please make every attempt to pick
up extra feces and garbage until regular
clean-up days resume in spring.
These animals typically eat rabbits, mice
and squirrels, but when food sources
are low, they will also eat garbage,
compost, bird feed, pet food and even
dog feces.
Awareness and assertiveness is your best
defense. As coyotes are here to stay, we
have to learn to live with them.
For more info contact:
These animals are very smart, adaptable
and territorial. Coyotes regard small
animals as prey and large ones as
predators. In River Park, they may consider
your dog a threat. To eliminate the threat,
they may try to entice your dog away
and / or attack it.
Sustainable Resource Development
we have a mild winter, FRPS will hold a
clean-up day with very little notice. Hope
you’ll support it.
The Urban Coyote
http://www.city.mississauga.on.ca/animal control/
Wildlife in the City
Calgary Fish and Wildlife Coyote Hotline
So what should you do when you see one?
Be the aggressor
Please feel free to share this
newsletter with friends. If at any
time you no longer wish to receive
communication, just let me know.
• Maintain eye contact at all times
• Make yourself appear larger (open
your coat and hold your arms out to the
side and wave them)
Candice Lee
• Throw sticks, rocks or another object
at them
287-1029 (home)
703-1671 (cell)
• Shout using a deep voice
• Stamp your foot at them
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Friends of River Park MEMBER PROFILE

Healthy, Home-made DOG TREATS

Isn’t this a familiar sight for many of us? If you don’t know Fraser K, head on over to River Park and you can find him twice each day with his pack – Wylie, Nugget and Houston. He might even have another dog or two in his care. You see, besides his full-time job, Fraser is also a dog walker.

Home-made biscuits are a great alternative to store-bought treats for your dog and they make lovely gifts. This is an easy, afford- able recipe, using ingredients you probably have in your pantry. Got some spare time? Go ahead and spoil your furry family member.

in your pantry. Got some spare time? Go ahead and spoil your furry family member. 1/3

1/3 cup softened margarine or butter

Fraser has been on the River Park off- leash email list for a few years. He enthusiastically hopped on board the Friends of River Park team to maintain cleanliness in the park. No one is more passionate about picking up poop.


cups whole wheat flour

Thanks to Fraser for his commitment to

1/2 cup powdered skim milk 1/4 tsp garlic powder

keeping the park clean. He is a fine example of taking ownership in River Park to help preserve off-leash access for our four-legged friends.

3/4 cup room temperature water

1 beaten egg


2 1/2 tbsp vegetable flakes

1. In a large mixing bowl, cut margarine


into flour using a pastry cutter and set

aside. Add vegetable flakes (coarsely ground in a blender).


In a small bowl, combine milk powder

and garlic powder in water. Whisk in egg.


Make a well in flour mixture and

gradually stir in wet ingredients until well



Knead dough on floured surface until

dough sticks together. Roll dough 1/4 to 1/2 inch thickness. Cut out shapes and

bake 50 minutes at 325




Cool completely and store in container

with loose fittling lid.

TTTTThankhankhankhankhank YYYYYououououou



bag and offered to pick up while on their walk. We’re always grateful to gain new

support for our group. It’s so important that we take ownership to keep River Park clean. After all, we are the highest user group in the park.

Special appreciation to Lorraine W from Signal Hill Veterinary Centre who generously arranged the donation of 24 boxes and bags of dog treats. Also, thanks to 2 Friends of River Park leadership team members for donating flashlights to promote picking up feces when it’s dark outside.

Officially, 46 people signed up to support the River Park clean-up event on October 14! Fabulous weather and freshly mowed grass made the task so much easier. It’s wonderful that City of Calgary Parks people, Gary Cook and Steve Halla, got the grass mowed on the east side, just in time for the clean-up! At the end of it all, most people reported they found very little garbage and feces.

With our promotional signs, t-shirts, hats and the amount of people supporting this effort, we created quite a presence in the park. A few people who didn’t know about the clean-up, asked for a garbage

Every aspect of this event truly shows a commitment from everyone to work together to make this park a wonderful place for all users. Thank you so much.

River Park Update Enhancements

Thanks to the City for all of the work that has occured in River Park this year. Here’s

a quick update on progress:

Turn-arounds As promised, the City created gravel pads around each of the three main garbage bins to allow the large garbage trucks to move in the area without damaging the grass.

New Bins

A larger style replaced the smaller ones.

Bulletin Board It’s coming! Before installation, the City has to decide whether they’re going to erect the bulletin board using normal post holes or fill them with cement.

With Cat’s parents’ blessing, it will be placed near their daughter’s memorial site that includes the water fountain.

Poop Bag Dispensers The City plans to install them early in November. Cardel Homes will supply biodradeable bags for a year and a half. At that point, Cardel will complete their three- year contract with the City of Calgary to provide bags for dispensers in city parks.

While it’s exciting to finally get the bag dispensers, please remember to bring your own bags. The dispenser bags are meant to help people who ran out of bags or simply forgot to bring one.

Caring For Your Pet

For the Health of It

Did you know the 24-hour Animal Care Emergency Centre and Western Veterinary Specialist Centre (offering referral-only, advanced care veterinary services) are now located in the same building at 1802 10 Avenue SW? Many vet clinics across the country refer animals with acute, specific or puzzling medical situations to WVSC.

Should you ever have an emergency and need to find them quickly, they’re on the west side of 14 Street. If approaching from the south, please note you can’t turn west onto 10 Avenue. Instead, turn east on 12 Avenue, north on 13 Street and west along 11 Avenue up to 18 Street.

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