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A Howlin’ Good Time

River Park Off-leash News

November 2008 River Park Update - Website News and Survey Follow-up
Here’s an update regarding 5. Ward 8 Alderman, Brian Pincott gave
UPCOMING STUFF the management plan for no response the first time. Answering
River Park that The City of my second email, he said he had no
10th Annual River Park Calgary posted on its information that he could share. He
Christmas Gathering website on November 12. continued to say that the survey was
Saturday, Nov 29 done on behalf of Parks and had
“The planning for River Park/Sandy
7:00 - 9:00pm nothing to to with the off-leash review
Beach/Britannia Slopes combined Park
Who: Everyone with their that he’s spearheading.
Management/Design Development Plan is
leashed dog 6. Director of Bylaw Services responded
currently in the project start-up phase.
What: People and dog party immediately to my first request for
O2 Planning & Design Inc, a local
Where: Sandy Beach Fire information and said Parks conducted
Landscape Architecture, Urban Design and
Pits the survey.
Environmental Planning firm is the primary
When: Saturday, Nov 29
consultant for the project. Opportunities for
7:00 - 9:00pm Some people may have also read the
public engagement in planning for the area
Why: It’s a seasonal President’s message in the November
include a stakeholder workshop and an
opportunity to issue of the South Calgary Community
on-line web survey proposed for early
socialize and get to Association (SCCA) newsletter which
2009, with seasonal in-park user surveys
know each other said this:
in the spring and summer of 2009, and a
even better "The issue of River Park has been an
public open house, to review proposed
Other: Sandy Beach is an area of concern for many people lately.
plans, in the fall of 2009. As dates for the
on-leash area Some have noticed a small group of
various opportunities are finalized a
schedule will be posted.” volunteers performing surveys asking
Bring your companion of questions about your usage of the area. I
choice, beverage, leash, a You may recall a survey have spoken with Alderman Brian Pincott
bag or two for poop duty and was recently conducted in and he has informed me this is due to the
maybe something for your city parks, including River Off Leash report that he is tackling and is
dog to lie on. Park. People from our gathering key information via survey
group raised several research in many off leash parks in the
Hope to see you there. concerns about the way the survey was city and is not focused only on River Park.
conducted; it is felt the results will not reflect His report is expected to be completed by
the actual use in the park. the end of January and I will keep the
community informed as I know more via
Twice I contacted several City reps about it. Scanner and bi-montlhy membership
Here are the results so far: email distribution."
1. Director of Parks failed to give a
response both times. The SCCA president and I have been
2. Parks Planner failed to give a given conflicting information from
Please feel free to share response both times. Alderman Pincott. I will follow up directly
this newsletter with 3. Executive Director Federation of Calgary with the alderman.
friends. If at any time you Communities gave no response the first
no longer wish to receive time, but answered my second request It seems the director or planner can best
communication, just let for information saying she was not answer questions but for whatever
me know. aware of survey. reason, neither have responded. I remain
4. Volunteer Administrator, Natural Areas hopeful to receive a response from
Candice Lee and Wellness Ambassador asked me to someone with The City. Any information I
287-1029 (home) remove her from my inquiry list and said receive will be relayed through this
703-1671 (cell)
leesmale@telusplanet.net Parks should respond. newsletter.
Caring for Your Pet For the Health of It Products and
Plants and Pets Animal Testing
When taking precautions to safeguard Not familiar with names or the
Are you opposed to the
your home for pets, don’t forget about appearances of some of these plants?
concept of companies
the plants in your house and yard. You can watch a video on the ASPCA
performing product tests
Ingestion of even a small part of certain website at http://www.aspca.org. Dr.
Steven Hansen, veterinary toxicologist on animals? Pound Rescue has
plants can produce a wide range of
and ASPCA Senior Vice President, gathered a list of products that still
symptons and in some cases, death for
shows you examples of these plants adopt these practices. If this is
our pets.
and explains the symptoms resulting important to you, consider your choices
from ingestion. when shopping for personal care and
The American Society for Prevetion
household items.
and Cruelty to Animals (ASCPA)
posted a list of common poisonous Gum and Candy Warning
Sugar-free gum and candies containing For a wallet-sized list of animal tested
plants to animals. They include:
xylitol can be deadly for dogs. Xylitol products and more information visit the
Amaryllis Oleander
causes dogs to secrete insulin making Pound Rescue website at:
Autumn Crocus Kalanchoe www.poundrescue.com/compassion.htm.
Azalea/Rhododendron Peace Lily their blood sugar drop very quickly and
Castor Bean Pothos can lead to liver failure. Even with Thanks to Renee B from Off-leash
Chrysanthemum Sago Palm aggressive treatment, it can be difficult Calgary for providing this information.
Cyclamen Schefflera to save a dog that has ingested some.
English Ivy Tulip/Narcissus So here’s a good reason to keep gum
Lilies Yew securely stored and a great reason to Off-leash Newsletter
Marijuana dispose of gum properly.
Survey Results
With Christmas coming, note that Thanks to Sheila H and Carla R for
Poinsettia can make pets sick, but checking the authenticity of this During August and September, I
according to the ASPCA website, it is warning on snopes.com and sharing asked for feedback on A Howlin’
not considered fatal. the information with all of us. Good Time off-leash newsletter.

Here are the results:

Gripping News Monument Erected 100% read it for the River Park Update
98% read it for general off-leash news
a timely repeat article overdue acknowledgment 97% read it for pet health and wellness
Laika (c. 1954– information
Are icy conditions
November 3, 1957) 91% find information is relevant and
preventing you from
was a stray dog that helpful
walking your dog?
underwent training to 84% prefer a monthly publication
Regain your
confidence with become the first living
footwear designed for snow and ice. mammal to orbit the Congratulations to Sylvie GL. Her name
Earth and sadly, the first orbital was randomly drawn for a “pooch pack” as
“Icers” (approx. $36) from Lee Valley casualty.She was the occupant of the a thank you for completing a survey.
Tools feature a slip-on rubber sole with Soviet spacecraft Sputnik 2, paving
metal bolt-like bits on the bottom and the way for human spaceflight. Thanks to 47 people for helping to make
straps that go over your shoes. the off-leash newsletter a better
Laika died a few hours after launch communication tool. Your feedback
Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) from stress and overheating, due to a helps me to determine content and
sells shoes with spikes built into the sole malfunction in the thermal control frequency of future publications.
as well as two different styles, similar to system. The true cause of her death
the Icers. Both slip-on styles have a was not made public until decades
rubber sole; one has metal spikey bits after the flight. Training Tip
on the bottom ($34) and the other has Having trouble getting your dog to go
criss-crossed springs ($35). I have On April 11, 2008, Russian officials home after the off-leash walk? Make a
Icers, and the criss-crossed style. unveiled the overdue monument to game of it. Load up the dog in your
Laika. The small statue is near a vehicle as a fun exercise, then let them
The Lee Valley product works well on military research facility in Moscow come out to play again. Or try mixing
compacted snow and just okay on ice, that prepared Laika’s flight to space. up your post-walk routine.
while the MEC product works well on It features the little dog in her space
both. Neither of the products is a fashion harness, standing on top of a rocket. Thanks to trainer Sherri Olsen from
statement, but they’re absolutely a safe bet. source: www.wikipedia.ca COOLDog for sharing her tip with us.