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Adobe Jenson Pro is a multiple master font, serif and open type font base on the Venetian old

style text by a French man named Nicolas Jenson. It was released in 1996. The designer of this typeface is Robert Slimbach who is on the Adobe type design team. Offsprings of this type are Berkley O.S, Californian, Centaur, Golden type and Legacy. Nicolas Jenson bases adobe Jenson Pro off of the first roman type called Cicero, Epistolae ad Brutum. Jenson was born in France in 1420. He was an engraver at one of Frances Mints and also a printer. Charles VII sent Jenson to Mainz to study the perfection of Johannes Gutenberg moveable type printing. In 1468, Jenson moved to Venice, opened his own print shop and created his own Venetian typeface for his book called Eusebiuss De Praeparatione Evangelica. Jenson also worked with Johannes de Spira who was also a printer. He had produced around 150 tiles in the print shop His interest was the spaces around the letters as well as the letter shapes. He also designed his own black letter typeface, which was used to print books and Greek style type used for quotations. His typeface was so special because the letters were round and clear. It also has strong calligraphic shapes. Jenson had ten fonts that were regular and bold weights, plus extra bolds and mediums. They were proportioned and there

was open letter spacing. The serifs give elegance to the typeface. It is also highly legible and based on humanistic scripts. Today there are many imitations of Jensons typeface, but it cannot be duplicated. Numerous type designers have reinterpreted it. This type is the base for all modern typography that is out today because there are so many other fonts that are based off of this one typeface. It is said that Adobe Jenson Pro is a humanist font because it is based on the handwriting of medieval scribes. Type designers today are influenced by Jensons example he set in about 1470.Nicolas Jenson invented a font that changed font design for all time. Lawson, Alexander . Anatomy Of A Typeface. Jaffrey, New Hampshire: David R. Godine, 1990. Book. Journal: Bell, George. "Journal of the Society of Arts." Journal of the Society of Arts XXXVIII (1890): 531. Print. Website: White, Alex W.. "Nicolas Jensons Typographic Contributions | Type Directors Club." Type Directors Club | Promoting excellence in typography for over 65 years.. N.p., n.d. Web. 2 Nov. 2011. 976t<http://tdc.org/archives/2227/>.

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