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This section contains the case assignments that were discussed in recitation sections; these materials were used for 15.310 but not for 15.301. SES # TOPICS 1 Influence paper guidelines and group formation Case: Southwest Airlines 2 The three lenses CASE ASSIGNMENTS

Assignment: Using each of the three lenses, describe the differenti characteristics of Southwest Airlines. Could a competitor imitate th Should they? What would they need to do? Case: Ben and Jerry


Assignment: What attitudes did Ben instill in the organization? If yo were Chuck's advisor, what would you recommend? Case: Mary Kay Kerr, Steve. "On the Folly of Rewarding A while Hoping for B."


Assignment: What kind of behavior does the incentive system try t encourage? Would you be motivated by the system? (Try not to fo on the specifics of the product but on the incentives.)

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Ethics and decision No case assigned making Influence No case assigned


CASE ASSIGNMENTS Case: IDEO product development


Assignment: What are the key elements that have allowed IDEO to successful? Can they grow and keep the environment that they hav created? Case: Mount Everest '96


Edmondson, Amy C., Richard Bohmer, and Gary P. Pisano. "Speedin Team Learning." Harvard Business Review 79, no. 9 (2001): 125-134 Hill, L. "Managing Your Team." Harvard Business School, 1995.

Assignment: Think of the best or worst team you have ever been in Describe them. What made those teams what they were? What co you have done to improve the worst one? What have you tried to emulate from the best one? Case: Re-engineering MIT


Mehegan, David. "Re-engineering MIT: How President Charles Vest MIT Back on Track." Boston Globe Magazine, 2000. Jones, David G. "Why Should Anyone Be Led By You?" Harvard Bus Review 78, no. 5 (2000): 62-70.

Assignment: I have hired you as my leadership consultant. I am wo that people in my class do not participate enough. You have attend couple of classes and are ready to give me your suggestions. List an explain the suggestions you would give me. Case: Margaret Thatcher 10 Power

Assignment: Of the different sources of power available to Thatche pick one, explain how she uses it, and explain why you picked it for essay.


CASE ASSIGNMENTS Case: 3M profile of an innovating company



Schein, E. "Coming to a New Awareness of Organizational Culture." Sloan Management Review, Winter 1984.

Assignment: Compare the culture of your department/school with culture of MIT at large and with the 3M culture. Case: Meg Whitman at eBay 12 Bringing it all together

Assignment: What changes does Meg need to do for eBay to be ab continue to grow? Think of all the concepts we have covered. Whic ones provide her with tools to help eBay grow?