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Virginia Shooting Sports Association

The Bullet
The Official Publication of the Virginia Shooting Sports Association
Volume 3 Issue 1

Winter/Spring 2013

The Bullet
A quarterly publication of the Virginia Shooting Sports Association. To advertise in The Bullet, call (540) 672-5848. Find us on the Internet at: www.myvssa.org. Member articles welcomed and encouraged.

Another Successful General Assembly Session

When this years General Assembly Session began, the VSSA legislative team knew that our work would be cut out for us. With all of the talk centering around President Obamas federal gun control agenda, we knew the handful of anti-gun legislators in the House of Delegates and the State Senate would try and capitalize on the events that took place in Newtown, CT in December 2012. By the time the last day to introduce legislation rolled around, we saw bill introduced to ban socalled assault rifles, socalled high capacity magazines, close the nonexistent gun show loophole, bills to chip away at Virginias pre-emption statute, and bills to restrict carrying firearms in the state capitol. There were also a handful of pro -gun bills introduced but for the first half of the session, VSSAs attention was squarely focused on defeating all of the bad bills. Both the House and Senate helped us out by scheduling marathon committee meetings to address all of the firearms related bills. VSSA is happy to report that before crossover (the halfway point of the Session) all of the bad bills had been defeated. Having beat back all of the bad bills, VSSAs legislative team was able to turn its attention to the handful of pro-rights bills. A particularly special surprise was passage of concealed handgun permit (CHP) holder privacy. Introduced by State Senator Mark Obenshain, Senate Bill 1335 began as a will to protect the privacy of permit holders who had an active protective order. But when the bill landed in House Militia and Police, a substitute was offered that protected the personally identifiable information of all CHP holders. For the last several years, bills have been introduced to prevent incidents like occurred in 2007 when the Roanoke Times published the entire database. After the Attorney General issued an opinion that the database was not intended for that purpose, the database was no longer available for the State Police. However, newspapers could still go to their local Clerk of (cont. on page 2)

Inside this issue:

NCRR Shooting Clinic VSSA Offering Free Training to Teachers 15th Annual Crushn Clays Violent Crime Drops June Squirrel Season 2013 State Championships Rob Pincus and Appendix carry From the President 3 3 6 8 9 10


A Message from Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli

You and I understand that our rights come from our Creatornot the government. Without the ability to defend ourselves, individuals have no rights. Luckily, our Founders understood that natural rights predate government. Thats why they passed the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution to protect our right to defend ourselves and loved ones. It states a simple concept that was obvious to them: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Being an advocate for gun rights takes more than just voting the right way. It takes persistence. It takes the willingness to stand up for what is right even if its

Virginia Y.E.S. VSSA Shooters Score in Orange Blossom Regional 2013 Virginia Air Results NRA Foundation Grants

14 14

15 16




Cuccinelli (cont)
not popular. It takes leadership and guts. Others will tell you they have good voting records while representing conservative counties. I put the bills in and led from the front, all while representing Fairfax. As a State Senator from Fairfax, I proved that I was on the side of gun owners across the Commonwealth by being a consistent champion of our Second Amendment rights. During my tenure, I: Worked for the repeal of unreasonable restrictions on concealed carry permit holders and for reciprocity between states that issue concealed carry permits. Successfully advanced the bill that finally stopped counties from requiring duplicate local background checks when purchasing a firearmchecks that those counties used as nothing more than a back-door waiting period on law-abiding Virginians. Fought for and won protections for law-abiding gun owners, despite coming from some of the most anti-gun political territory in the entire Commonwealth. When I ran for Attorney General, I was endorsed by organizations including the Virginia Shooting Sports As Attorney General, I am the lawyer for each government agency. It is still true that lawyers merely advise, while clients (state agencies) decide. When I was in the private sector there were only two times that my clients did not take my recommendations. Since I got into government, I lost count of how many times state agencies didnt heed my advice. Thats exactly why Im running for governorto become the decisionmaker and your advocate for gun rights. As your governor, I promise to continue my record of defending our constitutional rights. We must maintain the progress we have made in the Commonwealth on this issue. When I lived in Fairfax, I was a member of the Arlington-Fairfax Izaak Walton League. Im an avid shooter. I always look forward to range time (especially skeet). I ask for your continued support in my bid to become Virginias next governor because I understand the philosophical basis of the Second Amendment, the practical application as a fellow sportsman, and most important I am the only person running who has been a leader in the fight to defend our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

Association, Virginia Citizens Defense League, Gun Owners of America and had an A+ rating from the National Rifle Association. Without your help, I would not be in the position I am today to defend our rights. I have continued my fight against the liberal gun-grabbers. I have led an effort among states to have a Maryland law barring law-abiding citizens from carrying outside their own homes (similar to the Heller case, but outside the home) declared unconstitutional.

General Assembly Session (continued)

the Circuit Court and get the permit holders in their localities. The Fredericksburg Freelance Star was famous for printing the names of individuals who were recently issued permits. With the passage of SB1335, they will no longer be able to do this. This was the biggest victory of the Session for Virginia gun owners. Also passed by the General Assembly and signed by the Governor were SB1363 and HB2317 which provide that residency for members of the armed forces includes both the members permanent duty post and the nearby state in which the military personnel resides for the purposes of firearms purchases. Another bill of interest to gun owners that passed and was signed by the Governor was Delegate Scott Lignamfelters HB1833 which clears up much of the confusion in the Concealed Weapon Statute in the Code of Virginia. The statute had been amended so many times that it was increasingly difficult to navigate.




NCRR NRA Sports Shooting Day Great Success By Brian Hirschler

. The NRA Sports Shooting Event held at the Norfolk County Rifle Range was a terrific success! Our staff of 42 RSOs hosted over 57 participants and all who attended mentioned how exciting the event was, and how much they have learned throughout the day. Many who never shot before left our Range and actually headed out to a gun store to make a possible purchase of a firearm or bow. was to hit clay targets and poppers. The air pistol and rifle discipline taught participants how breathe control, along with a steady trigger pull, made pellet gun/rifle shooting so precise and enjoyable. Many of the ladies who never picked up a firearm before were amazed at how much fun it was to put one in the bulls-eye. Leaving the air pistol/ rifle area, they migrated directly into the range to shoot .22 pistol and rifle. Everyone emerged from the range with grins from ear to ear. Using 410 and 20 gauge shotguns, our RSO staff showed novice shotgun shooters how much fun it Our Archery discipline did an outstanding job introducing all to archery. From the time we opened to the time we closed, archery had their hands full with people waiting to get a chance to try their skills with a bow. As our guest's left the club with their paper targets in hand, we had comment after comment about the fun they had and questions of when are we going to do this again?.Sport Shooting Day was a great opportunity for us to change peoples minds about gun control and educate participants about the different disciplines that are available. Many who had never shot a gun before experienced the enjoyment associated with shooting sports. Those who were gun shy or apprehensive about guns, left NCRR with a totally different attitude and respect for the Sport. Norfolk County Rifle Range enjoyed hosting this event for many different reasons, but the most rewarding was seeing those who once were gun shy or apprehensive about guns leave the range with a new attitude and respect for the sport of shooting. With this in mind, we encourage every gun range to hold a NRA Sports Shooting Day to educate and introduce the public to the shooting sports in a safe and enjoyable setting.

VSSA Training Team Offers Free Training to Teachers

Beginning July 1, 2013, the VSSA Training Team will offer free NRA certified pistol training to any teacher in the commonwealth of Virginia. This training meets all the requirements for a Concealed Carry of Weapons (CCW) permit in Virginia. You can come to us in Fairfax, or we can set something up with a local range. All we need is access to a range and a classroom, everything else will be provided. Contact our training team lead, Tom Ciarula at Tom-C @ Cox.net to make arrangements.




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15th Anniversary of Crushn Clays June 8th

By Steve Canale
Dont miss your chance to be part of this years Crush'n Clays set for June 8th 2013 at the Arlington-Fairfax Chapter of the IWLA in Centreville, Virginia. Over the last 14 years Crush'n Clays has raised $250,000 for St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital. Crush'n Clays is not only, the longest running shooting charity that supports the St. Jude but also, it is the longest consecutive running shooting charity event in the country. A Sponsor/Volunteer Reception will be held the evening prior to the event. Participants are provided ammunition, event t-shirts and lunch. The trap shooting event consists of 25 targets from the 16 yard line and 25 targets from the 22 yard-line. Both individuals and four person teams compete in the event. In the team competition the best three of four scores are recorded for record. All participants are eligible for individual awards using a Lewis class system. As always, the Annie Oakley is expected to draw a huge number of participants. The Annie Oakley event also has tremendous spectator appeal, pitting the skills of one shooter against another. Half of the entry fees of the event are awarded to the eventual winner of each squad and the other half foes to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. There will also be a silent auction and you can purchase VSSA merchandise at the VSSA table. Past event sponsors have included VSSA, the Arlington-Fairfax Chapter of the Izaak Walton League of America, the National Rifle Association, Bucky Sills, Dominick Casciano, Everfresh, Vienna Septic Services and all the volunteers whose tireless efforts made the event a great success. You can use your credit card to register online at: http://www.myvssa.org/content/crushn-clays. If you prefer, you can also download an entry form and mail it to VSSAs Crushn Clays, PO. Box 1258, Orange, VA, 22960.

But dont wait, this event sells out

every year and there are only a few slots left.







Violent Crime Dropped Dramatically Over 20 Years, Latest U.S Justice Department Study Confirms
By Larry Keene
The U.S. Department of Justice issued a report May 7th that provides further evidence that the use of firearms in violent crimes has dropped dramatically nationwide over the past 20 years. This trend has occurred even as firearms ownership has increased significantly. obtained it at a gun show. Instead, about 40 percent of these inmates obtained their firearms from illegal sources such as theft or through a drug deal, while 37 percent got their guns from a family member or friend. Of the firearms used in the offenses that put those inmates behind bars, rifles were employed only about 1.5 percent of the time. The new report also found that from 2007 to 2011, about 1 percent of violent crime victims, some 235,700 people, used a firearm in selfdefense. Another 103,000 used a firearm to protect their property. What does the data is this report say about the focus of gun control advocates on extending background checks to private-party firearms sales at gun shows or their fixation on banning modern sporting rifles? The short answer is that the data we continue to see in this study and others demonstrate that those approaches are unresponsive and ineffective public policy responses if the goal is to truly continue progress in crime reduction. We would hope that this report would cause gun control advocates to at least question their pursuit of ill-directed new legislation, but we will not hold our breath. Likewise, we do not expect state legislatures in Connecticut, Maryland [New Jersey] or Colorado to reverse bad lawmaking. We also will not expect the Obama administration to cite this study done by the professional civil servants of the Justice Department since it does not support their political agenda. Nor will we expect extensive news media coverage, although we were pleased to see some articles and commentary. NSSF and others will cite this report to help convince those policymakers who can be persuaded to stop and look at the data before acting or responding to emotional appeal. Our goal as a society should be to pursue policy that will truly work to further reduce the criminal misuse of firearms and to avoid making laws that work mainly to restrict and punish the law-abiding. Plato said it best: Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws. Larry Keane is senior vice president and general counsel for the National Shooting Sports Foundation. Follow him on Twitter at @lkeane. About NSSF The National Shooting Sports Foundation is the trade association for the firearms industry. Its mission is to promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports. Formed in 1961, NSSF has a membership of more than 6,000 manufacturers, distributors, firearms retailers, shooting ranges, sportsmens organizations and publishers. For more information, log on to www.nssf.org.

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics report, (see below) homicides due to firearms fell 39 percent between 1993 and 2011. The use of firearms in crimes without fatalities dropped an even more impressive 69 percent during the same period. By the numbers, firearm-related homicides dropped from 18,253 in 1993 to 11,101 in 2011. Nonfatal firearm crimes in this period declined from 1.5 million in 1993 to 467,300 in 2011. Read the full report here. Nonfatal Firearm Victimizations, 1993-2001 These findings support the earlier released FBIs Uniform Crime Report showing similar reductions in the violent crime rate. Interestingly, the new report confirmed earlier data that less than 1 percent of state prison inmates who used a firearm in their crime had

(Editors note: This article originally ran in NSSFs Bullet Points. You can subscribe to the weekly email at www.nssf.org)




June Squirrel Season Opens on Private Lands and Selected WMAs June 1-15
Now in it's seventh year, a statewide squirrel season will be available for sportsmen June 1-15, 2013, on specific VDGIF Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) as listed on the VDGIF website and on all private lands. Fox squirrels may only be harvested on all private lands in counties with an open fox squirrel season and on the following WMAs: Big Survey, Goshen, Havens, Little North Mountain, Merrimac Farm, Phelps, Rapidan, and Thompson WMAs. Hunting squirrels with dogs is now allowed during the June season. Although it may be a foreign idea to many sportsmen, a June season is biologically justified. Squirrels have two peak reproductive periods - one during February-March and another during July-August. Therefore, hunters can harvest squirrels during the June season without impacting populations.

DGIF Elk Restoration Update

ONE YEAR AGO... Elk Release in Buchanan County Made History when Virginia Department of Game & Inland Fisheries (VDGIF) biologists brought 11 elk to Virginia from southeastern Kentucky on May 18, 2012. They returned to Kentucky and brought another 7 elk to Virginia on May 24th. Sixteen of these elk had been in quarantine for disease testing since February 7th and two were calves born in quarantine. All received a clean bill of health before coming to the release area near Vansant in Buchanan County. Once in Virginia, the elk were placed in an acclimation corral to calm down before release. All adult elk wore new GPS telemetry collars so that biologists could monitor their movements following release. The Elk Restoration Project is the result of a long term partnership between VDGIF, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, and Buchanan County. receive a second round of disease testing in early May. VDGIF biologists expect to move more elk to the Buchanan County release site by the end of May. The elk already released are all alive and within 3-miles of the release site in Buchanan County. It seems as winter will never end, but already the vegetation is starting to green up at the release site. The 5 bulls will soon shed their antlers. Hopefully the adult cows are all pregnant and we will be seeing a new group of calves in two months. Another group of elk are currently in quarantine in Kentucky. VDGIF biologists are planning to transport these elk to Buchanan in late May and place in the acclimation corral. Look for more updates as they become available.

April 2013 Update: Allen Boynton, VDGIF Terrestrial Wildlife Biologist Manager for Region 3 Southwest notes that, "Preparations are well under way for moving another group of elk to Virginia next month. Selected elk now in quarantine in Kentucky will




2013 State Championships

Sponsored by: Fairfax Rod and Gun Club, Inc Location: Manassas, VA Dates: June 22 & 23, 2013 Contact: John Hollingshead, Phone: 301-385-4721, Email: FairfaxBE@gmail.com

2013 Cardinal Cup Virginia State Action Pistol Championship

Location: Bedford, VA Date: September 22, 2013 Sponsored by: Bedford Rifle & Revolver Club Inc. Contact: Alan Strawn, 540-586-2080 Email: Alan550@Yahoo.com

2013 Hunter Pistol, Smallbore Hunters Pistol, HPOS, SBHPOS. Cowboy Lever Action Small Bore and Pistol Cartridge Silhouette.
Sponsored by: Cavalier Rifle and Pistol Club Location: Montpelier, VA Date: October 12, 2013 Contact: August Kowalik, (804)740-3453 or (804)349-6343 Email: augiensusie@msn.com

Rob Pincus and the Top 5 Reasons to Carry in the Appendix Position
The "Appendix Carry" position - placing the gun just off your center line in front of your torso - has become more and more popular over the past few years. Rob Pincus, owner of I.C.E. Training Company, has even made the switch to this position and gives five reasons why he did. 1. 2. 3. Efficiency of Presentation Enhanced Retention Ease of Close Quarters Presentation 4. 5. More efficient weak-handed Presentation Comfort Learn more about why Rob now favors this position by reading his full article "Top 5 Reasons I Carry in the Appendix Position". This position isn't for everyone, but it might just be perfect for you! Find the above article at this link: http://www.imakenews.com/valhalla/ Watch the video below to see Rob demonstrate presentation from the appendix position.











From the President

By Ernie Padgette
Im told I should say something about the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut. Sorry, but I wasnt there. I dont know anyone who was there, and I dont even know anyone who lives there. I think I did drive through Newtown once, but that was over 20 years ago, and I dont remember much about passing through; although the scenery in that part of the country is truly magnificent. My grandson, Harley, asked me how anyone could possibly shoot an innocent young child. I gave him the only answer that makes any sense to me: Harley, that is the very definition of a madman. Only a madman would seek to harm little children. Harley thought for a moment and replied: Yeah, I guess he was crazy. No, Harley; he may have been insane, but he certainly knew exactly what he was doing. Insane, crazy and stupid are very different things. You need to remember that. And so do we all. No, I wasnt there. I dont think any of our members were there. I didnt harm anyone. I dont think any of our members harmed anyone. And yet, somehow, we are being blamed. How does that work? Supposedly, we are to blame because we refuse to let those among us who are wiser than we pass gun laws which would disarm us. We refuse to see that if we were all unarmed, we would somehow be safer. Well, how has that worked for us so far? If I remember correctly (Please check the facts and figures; but I dont think Im very far off.), the Gun Free School Act was passed some time around 1990. In the previous 70 or so years there had been about three (as in 3; more than 2 but less than 4.) mass shootings in schools in this country. Since passage of that act, which made sure no law-abiding citizen would be anywhere near a school with a gun, the number of mass shootings at schools has increased steadily; and we are now averaging between six and twelve such incidents a year. So how is that working out for you? And now were being told that if we simply take away certain types of firearms from all the people, we would all be safer. In September of 1994, Congress passed the so-called Assault Weapons Ban. It was allowed to expire in 2004. We are now being told we should bring back the ban on semiautomatic rifles that look like military fully automatic rifles. Starting in 1994, did school shootings decrease? Or did they increase? They increased. When the ban was allowed to expire in 2004, did it make any difference in school shootings? No. So how can bringing back that law that didnt help then (And in fact, things got a lot worse very quickly), make things any better now; when it didnt help the first time around? The killer in Newtown was 20 years old. By current law, he wasnt allowed to own any firearm. He was too young. By current law, he was disqualified from owning any firearm by his mental disorders. He was mentally incompetent. He stole the firearms he used in the shootings. He killed his own mother to get the guns he used. He took those guns into the gun-free school zone. He fired the guns in an area where it is illegal to fire any firearm. He killed people. How many laws did he violate? I have no idea; but I dont think passing one more law for him to ignore would have deterred him. On the Sunday after the shootings at Newtown, a man in San Antonio went into a restaurant to kill his girlfriend. After he shot her, most of the other people in the restaurant fled to a movie theater next door. The gunman followed. He shot a man in the parking lot and entered the theater. There, an off-duty lady policeman shot him four times and ended the problem. A good guy (gal, in this case) with a gun stopped a bad guy with a gun. One of these days, Ill assemble a 200 page list of Congressmen and Senators who advocate total gun control, but have no intention of turning over their guns. The famously antigun lady Senator who wants to ban ALL firearms, but carries a handgun in her purse which she has stated she has no intention of turning in. The other anti-gun lady Senator with the concealed carry permit. The esteemed Senator whose private bodyguards were stopped for carrying fully automatic firearms while guarding the Senator in Washington, DC! Not to mention the rabidly anti-gun actress who, with her equally rabid husband, used their private handguns to stop a burglary at their home. Or the North Carolina State Senator who shot two young men trying to break into his home. The list is too long to go into here. Suffice it to say, those who make our laws have no intention of following those laws themselves. Is this hypocrisy? No, not really. The simple fact is, hypocrisy involves claiming to believe one thing while secretly doing another. These people see no hypocrisy because they actually and honestly believe there SHOULD BE two sets of rules and laws; one set for them and one set for us. One law for the rich and powerful; another set for the common riff raff like us. Look into World History. In the days before there were firearms, werent there laws that prevented the common people from carrying swords, or bows and arrows, or even knives; but which allowed the nobility to do so freely? And didnt our forefathers found this country under the concept that the law would apply equally to all people? The simple truth is that there has never been, and will never be, a country on the face of the Earth where the rich, powerful and politically connected will not be able to own any firearm they wish. In Nazi Germany, in Soviet Russia, in modern China, the rich and powerful followed or follow one set of laws; the common people a different set. This country was supposed to be different;




From the President (cont.)

has always been different. We are about to find out if that will continue. At Newtown the very worst of human nature was on frightful display; terrible rage and an uncaring and callous disregard for those little ones we should first and always protect. But please remember: Also on display by the teachers, the school staff, and even the children themselves, was the very finest of human nature; bravery, courage and self sacrifice. Let us never forget that. What happened in Newtown was terrible; an abomination and tragedy that never should have occurred. But I didnt do it; and I refuse to be convinced I am somehow to blame. One thing I must admit: I do share one common trait with those who consider themselves to be our betters. Like them, I believe the only truly good guns are the ones which protect me and mine. And I plan to keep mine. Thanks; Ernie P. for Virginia and the program is still being constructed. It will also be a stepping stone to the national Y.E.S. program which is held for a week in Washington, D.C. with the study of the Nations Constitution, Bill of Rights, governmental workings, and "tours" of many of the areas "attractions". You can download an application at The Virginia Youth Education Summit (Y.E.S.) is set for July 12-14, 2013. Open to Virginia high school freshmen and sophomores, the event will be held in Richmond. The Y.E.S. Program is an opportunity to learn about our state government, meet some of our state legislators, and discuss current topics of political and social importance. This will be a first
https://www.myvssa.org/sites/default/file s/YES_Application_2013.pdf.

Virginia Y.E.S. Set for July 12-14, 2013

There are scholarships awards available at both the state and national levels.

VSSA Shooters Score in Orange Blossom Regional

By Mike JamisonHigh Power Rifle Chairman
With Virginia still in the grip of winter in March, the Orange Blossom Regional, shot in Palm Bay, Florida is very popular. 2013 was no exception, with temperatures in the 70s all week! VSSA usually has a team entered, and this year we won the Iron Sight Team match.

Pictured above (photo on left) are most of the people involved: From the left Jon Howell, his son Jonathan Howell, our Coach emeritus Alan Lashley (now retired in NC), Terry Sutherland the statistical officer at the match, Brad Sutherland who ran the range and also shoots with VSSA on occasion, Chris Howell and Mike Jamison, the Team Captain. Mike Schallow also shot with us to complete the team, and Mrs. Howell took the picture. Jon Howell (photo on right) was the winner of the Iron sight award for the regional. Congratulations to our High Power Rifle shooters.




Spring Air Championships

By Robert TillotsonVirginia 4H Spring Air Event Coordinator
This years 4-H Spring Air Event had a total of 184 participants from 21 clubs/ counties. Many shoot mulitple events. There were 107 BB shooters, 106 Air Pistol shooters, and 80 Air Rifle shooters. BB is the Virginia 4H Championship and the top three teams have an invitation to go to the National BB Gun Championship in Rogers, Arkansas, June 28-30, 2013. The Air Rifle was a sanctioned match through CMP, and for the first time the Air Pistol was sanctioned with USA Shooting. Results of the shoot are below: BB Team Results 1st Nottoway Regional 4H 1 2207 Coleman, Royce 462 Coleman, Walker 451 Fisher, Jordan 451 Coleman, Gillian 439 May , Montana 404 2nd Amherst 1 2172 Cox, Nathan 442 Cox, John 441 Gordon, Jeremiah 438 Gordon, Lillian 426 Dawson, Mitchell 425 3rd Appomattox 4-H 1 Goin, Megan DePalmer, Alexis Sadler, Claudia Packer, Christa Tronco, Anthony BB Individual Overall 1 Coleman, Thomas 2 Coleman, Royce 3 Stowe, Madison Air Rifle Results Individual Sporter Junior 13 & Under 1 Fees, James 2 Whitlow, Jordan 3 Hooker, Nick

608.5 564.3 449 Individual IST 1 Englund, Charlie 2 Bookmyer, Perry 3 Lee, Trey 430.8 423.6 401.1

Individual Sporter 1 Fees, Jenna 2 Fowlkes, Nathan 3 Fees, James 624.4 612 608.5

Team BS 1 Frederick C Gibson, Matthew Shoemaker, Hunter Keller, Jacob 2 Patrick C Hooker, Nick Cardwell, Shae Cox, Nathaniel 3 Trigger Time B Fees, James Pennell, Rylie Lahah, Aaron Team SJIS 1 Patrick B Stowe, Madison Whitlow, Jordan Coleman, Thomas 2 Little N. Mt. A Graves, Cody DiPaola, Taylor Bookmyer, Perry 3 Amherst Mixed Cox, John Cox, James Cox, Nathan Team IST 1 Amherst Int Standing Cox, Caleb Lee, Trey Englund, Charlie 1048 - 15 350 - 7 364 - 6 334 2 1025 - 12 371 - 9 357 - 3 297 0 1018 - 12 366 - 10 346 - 2 306 - 0

Individual Precision 1 DiPaola, Jordan 673.6 2 Hudson, Robert 669.8 3 DiPaola, Taylor 661.1
Team Sporter 1 Trigger Time A Fees, James Fees, Nisly, Brandon Vigil, Troy 2 Patrick C Whitlow, Jordan Hooker, Nick Coleman, Thomas Plaster, Andrew 3 Appomattox 4-H Gannicott, Trevor Caifano, Sam Woodall, Dustin Harris, Anna 2056 - 43 524 - 17 536 - 14 515 - 7 481 5 1891 - 17 495 - 2 449 - 3 494 - 5 453 7 1890 - 26 487 - 7 493 - 8 437 - 4 473 - 7

1059 - 23 382 - 11 380 - 9 297 3 949 - 9 338 - 5 274 - 1 337 3 935 - 5 342 - 1 311 - 1 282 - 3

2164 449 445 440 417 413 Air Pistol Results Individual - BS 1 Stowe, Madison 2 Whitlow, Jordan 3 Hooker, Nick Individual SS 1 Wright, Howard 2 Coleman, Thomas 3 Shelton, Teddy Individual SJIS 1 Pearrell, Brian 2 DiPaola, Taylor 3 Mullins, Hunter

382 380 371

1941 - 6 273 - 1 323 - 1 345 4

470 - 12 462 - 11 460 - 11

354 297 297

BB Age 10 & under Individual - Junior 1 May , Montana 2 Coleman, Colbie 3 Cox, Lidia 404 - 5 400 - 2 396 - 2

2 Frederick D 1913 - 3 Keating, Steven 288 - 0 Pearrell, Brian 321 - 2 Mullins, Bridget 304 1 3 Appomattox Standing Goin, Trevor Gannicott, Trevor Woodall, Dustin 1900 - 7 271 - 3 320 - 2 309 - 2

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Friends of NRA Grants Awarded in Virginia

A number of Virginia clubs and organizations received a total of $205,000 from the NRA Foundation this year. These grants are made possible by the numerous Friends of NRA events held each year. Fifty percent of the funds raised stay in Virginia with the other half going to national awards. Clubs and organizations receiving grants are: 4H Shooting Clubs - 34 Grants Augusta County $2000 Nottoway Region $2885 Bedford County $2400 P-Town Hot Shots $1800 Botetourt County $3200 Patriot Club $2000 Brunswick $3654 Powhatan $1800 Cedar Mountain $3494 Prince Edward $1700 Clarke County $6700 S.A.L.T. $2000 Craig County $4280 (4H Clubs cont.) Scott County Cumberland Seven Bends Fort Belvoir Skelton Center SML Freeland Southeast Center Greenville/Emporia Stony Creek Goochland VA Foundation Little Mountain VA Shooting Council Mecklenburg VA Shooting Council Montgomery Cty VA Shooting Council $4700 $4000 $1200 $3500 $3234 $2400 $3300 $1500 $2152 $4000 $4017 $4110 $4073 $2811 $4600 $1856 $878 Isaak Walton League 3 Grants Covington-Alleghany $2750 Fairfax Center $7000 Lynchburg/Amherst $2989 High School JR ROTC Shooting Teams 6 Grants Brooke Point NJROTC $6000 Cumberland JROTC $2000 Dan River JROTC $1250 Franklin County AFJROTC $2317 Geo. Washington NJROTC $1828 Wythe County AJROTC $5400 Gun Clubs 2 Grants Ridge Rifle Wo. On Target Ridge Rifle Youth Day $2759 $350

Boy Scouts of America 5 Grants Blue Ridge Mount.Council $8500 Blue Ridge Mount. Council $3500 Heart of Virginia $4000 Shenandoah Council $ 4000 Stonewall Jackson Council $3000

Miscellaneous 8 Grants Fort Lee Dusters $2260 Hunters For the Hungry $2500 NOAA WIVA $4800 NOAA WIVA $850 NOAA WIVA $7340 Northern VA QUWF FC16 $1000 Patrick Henry Plantation $3500 VMI Shooting Team $4500


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