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Easy To Use Applied Technology Integrated Solution

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an integrated hospital information system

teraMedik information system is an integrated solution that helps hospital administration process from the hospital patient registration, medical records storage, reserving to the supporting unit, the inventory of drugs / medical devices, billing system and financial statements. By using teraMedik, the hospital not only get an automated reply systems, but also benefit the business processes better and more efficient Concretely, the teraMedik users will get three main benefits:

Easy to Use
teraMedik is a solution that is easy to use and implement. Using the concept of workflow and an attractive appearance are some of the ease.

Integrated Solution
teraMedik can be used for all key processes in the hospital and healthcare industry. the benefits of using these applications will be enjoyed by the management, doctors, nurses and even customers.

Applicable Technology
Features and capabilities of the technology contained in teraMedik designed as an appropriate technology, so that the benefits can be felt by all users teramedik.

Low Cost Of Investment

Selection of assistive technologies based on open-source applications are free of charge license is a distinct advantage that the user does not need to incur additional costs to purchase another license such as database and operating system for servers. In addition, the application does not require specification teraMedik client computer that is too sophisticated for teraMedik only requires a web browser application to run it.

Proven and Free License Technology

teraMedik developed using proven technology and is widely used by large-scale applications. The use of database, web server and open-source programming language which is the right choice because it is proven and tested by many.

Technology License
Programming Language Application Interface Server Database Operating System PHP, XMl, HTML, Javascript, VB Web Browser (Firefox, IE, etc.) PostgreSQL 8.x Linux Family Open Source Freeware Open Source Open Source

Easy To Use

Simple Graphical User Interface

teraMedik comes with an attractive design and interactive display that allows users to use an application, in addition because the applications accessed using only a web browser then display applications become more simple and familiar.

Easy Maintenance
TeraMedik application is a web-based application where all processes both databases and applications run in a centralized server so that the handling of damage or just updating process is done at the server level without having to change or correct the users computer users one by one. teramedik also offers several alternative patterns of maintenance, both methods of outsourcing, cosourcing and in-house

Minimal User Training Required

With the placement of the menu based workflows (workflows) allows the user to do their own exploration without assistance from the IT, just with a little training and with the use of the manual, the user can run the application in accordance with their respective functions.

Less Paper Concept

Changing patterns of manual labor to bring the system based on the consequences of changes in user behavior in the process of day-to-day operations. On the other hand, it also brings some advantages, one of which is the use of electronic-based data to enable the hospital to be able to expedite patient care. Several processes can be replaced by a system functions include: Order process to supporting units (laboratory / radiology) Recording medical data workup of patients (patient progress notes, doctor visit records, maintenance records, operating reports, etc.) Online prescription and pharmacy module is connected directly Electronic purchasing and approval process

maintenance. It can be adapted to the needs of the hospital / clinic and the resources owned by the hospital / clinic

The right information at the right time

The hospital management can use the information generated by applications to improve efficiency, quality of service and assist the decision making process as well as analyzing hospital operations holistically and focus on sustainable business development.

However, the application does not apply the concept teraMedik 100% paperless, considering there are some medical records that must be printed and manually as needed authorization related regulatory issues.

Applied Technology

Patient Que Solutions

Patients queuing problems at points where services such as registration, cashier, clinic or dispensary is a classic problem in every hospital. How teraMedik resolve this issue: Setting time slot for the patient agreement, so that the patient arrive at the right time and not a long wait at the hospital Giving queue number automatically when the registration for direct patient list. teraMedik display is equipped with a queue of patients in each clinic. Online prescription by a doctor to help in accelerating the provision of information to the pharmacy so they can prepare the medication early. Bridge facility (KIOSK) so that patients can register themselves without having to queue in place of registration.

Mobile Access
teraMedik developed using web-based technology, thus enabling the use of mobile devices such as cell phones, PDAs, Blackberry to access some features of the application. In addition, this application also features SMS Gateway can be used as a channel of information for: 1. Patient See schedule for physician practices Registration Appointment Knowing the total temporary billing 2. Doctor View list of patient appointments View the nominal amount of practice services 3. Management View at the number of patient visits Vierw the amount of revenue daily View the level of inpatient visits

teraMedik Kiosk
The application is also equipped with media information platform as well as the place of registration and registration of the agreement. Registration ( Direct & Appointment ) Patient can see temporary bill Patients can see a list of queues Patients could see hospital facilities Patients can see a doctor CV

Integrated Solution

Easy Stock Maintenance

Given the unit pharmacy and hospital pharmacy business is a profit center inventory data management in the second unit has become very important. teraMedik really understand this, therefore it is in the process of developing a second application module always get full attention. Some reports related to inventory management of medications and medical devices especially like:
Figure 1. Application Main Page

Number of stock end of each item per department Stock movement Reminder ahead expired drugs Report the use of drugs and medical supplies Pharmacies earnings report Reports per physician prescribing All presented in a form that is easily understood and can be accessed anytime. The process of ordering goods, receiving goods from suppliers, invoicing, purchasing, up to inter-unit transfer transactions include transactions that request / ordering, delivery
Figure 2. Patient Identity

and acceptance of the drug / non drug all handled by the system so that the flow of goods movement can be traced accurately. The application is also equipped with barcode label printing facilities to facilitate the transaction process or stocktake.

Figure 3. Residential Status Patients

Figure 4. Stock room list

Integrated Solution

Electronic Medical Record

Electronic medical records are electronic repository of information about the health status and health services gained the patient throughout his life, saved so that it can serve a variety of users of legitimate record. Medical records are recorded electronically in teraMedik applications include: Social data of patients Outpatient progress notes Note doctor visit

Integrated Ordering System

Pattern ordering checks to supporting units such as laboratory and radiology done electronically so that can speed up the process and making the results of the examination order. Besides, the process of electronically also allows officers linked units in order to organize better working order (CITO or elctive) and in order data archiving and examination results. The buyer, in this case the doctor or patient can immediately know the results online through the application without having to wait for the results printed out.

nursing notes statements of operations Lab test results Results of radiological examinations Medical action data

Administration of drugs and their dosages

With a display interface that is user friendly, teraMedik provides convenience in the process of data entry and search. Besides writing data automatically track record of who and when data is inputted to help role in the search process if necessary.

ICD 10 Supported
Classification of disease coding (coding) is usually done by medical records personnel presented in the form of an easy to use and have applied standard disease classification ICD 10. Giving diseases classification codes to each patients diagnosis will generate several reports required by the Department of Health as RL2a, RL2b, RL2c, RLa 1, RL2b 1

Integrated Solution

Complete Accounting Function Flexible Doctors Fee Sharing

We realize that a doctor at the hospital was the provider as well as the customer. Doctors are primary health care providers and physicians on the other hand also as customers who are entitled to profit sharing with flexible pattern and monitored so as to create a harmonious relationship between doctors and hospitals. Finance and accounting modules teraMedik features include: Chart of Accounts and grouping by cost center Journal of automated and manual form creation journal Accounts Payable (A / P for suppliers, A / P for doctors) Recieveable account (A / R for private patient, A / R for assurance company) Settlement (Cheque / Giro, Credit Card settlement, Bank Reconciliation Statement)

Advance administration Transaction posting (Real time & Late post) fixed Asset In addition to the above features, finance & accounting module also generates several reports such as: Cashier transaction reports Overview ledger Income statement (by cost category, by cost center vs. budget) Cash flow Balance sheet (yearly, monthly) Profit and loss statement

Trial Balance (yearly, monthly, daily)

ratio analysis

Fee-sharing patterns include medical treatment, surgery involving doctors and nurses, and even visitee between physician referral. It also made the pattern of performance bonuses per physician with a particular deal. Report also available for physicians include detailed action type, amount, payment status parr.

Flexible Tariff Pattern And Charges

Teramedik supports flexible patterns of tariff pricing in addition to standard common to the hospital include: Automatic charges fees per registration / Determination biaya2 are automatically charged per registration Pricing pattern for the patient to move the class Flexible tariff rate per company / determination of the cost of treatment for patients who can berbeda2 company on part or all of the point of care while Flexible tariff discount for promotion / ease of service for the benefit of pricing and marketing campaign using current templating facility that can be set per company, per type of action, or based on a percentage calculation. Support pricing patterns Askes Fasiltias rates setup using how to download / upload the csv format so as to facilitate the process of change and or the addition of new tariff.


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